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Devstream 54 Recap



Today, we revealed the Calling All Heroes update, coming to Steam in early April! This update includes the Abyss Lord, an all-new Hero Deck, Defender Medals and more! The update page has more information.

In the second half of the stream, Phil, Elliot and Steven showed a sneak peek at something that isn't in the update but coming soon: the Strategy Revamp. The goal of the revamp is to provide a more interesting challenge on every map in the game.

Here's a recap:

  • If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive Defender Medals in every email beginning when the update goes out! Sign up here.

  • Update Release:  Early April

  • What's In The Update:

    • Hero Deck Changes:

      • Build with all of your heroes

      • Level four heroes at once

      • Quickly swap between decked heroes using hotkey (even in Combat Phase!)

      • Inspect other players’ decks

      • New UI

    • Abyss Lord:

    • Defender Medals:

      • Earnable currency

      • Used to recruit new heroes and unlock new Skill Spheres

    • First Steps of Strategy Revamp:

      • Removal of Lane Resistances

      • Higher Nightmare XP

    • Abyss Lord Skill Spheres:

      • With the Abyss Lord, we’re introducing some changes to Skill Spheres that we’ll eventually bring to the four original heroes.

      • The Abyss Lord has four Large slots.

      • All of the Abyss Lord’s Skill Spheres are designed to add powerful effects to the Abyss Lord. We want players to really think about which Skill Spheres to equip and make those choices interesting, tough and exciting.

      • His Skill Spheres are obtained through Defender Medals.

  • What We’re Working On (Not In This Update):

    • PlayStation 4 Harbinger + Carnival Update:  Early April

    • PlayStation 4 Calling All Heroes Update

    • Maps from the Original Dungeon Defenders!

      • Foundries & Forges

      • Ramparts

      • Glitterhelm Caverns

    • Strategy Revamp

      • Original Four Hero Tower Revamps:  Giving heroes the ability to work together to build a solid defense setup for the different lane types. Includes changes to their defense kits and defense balance changes.

      • Enemy Genotypes & Counters:  Right now, we have four Genotypes:  Speedy / Tank / Flying / Sniper. Each lane will spawn with a genotype, and enemies are being rebalanced and tweaked to fit each one. This enemy composition provides different tower setups to combat the individual threats. With the removal of resists, any tower can deal full damage to the enemy it’s attacking, which allows players to generate builds we didn't see coming.

      • Special Enemy Revamps:  We will be changing special enemies and they way they come out to challenge the way players have setup their defenses. They can come out as strong versions of the same enemy genotype or come out as a counter to the defense setup. Watch out for these guys.

      • Mana Increase & DU Revamp

    • Bug Fixes

      • Blackscreen Issue

      • Server Issues Related to High CPU Usage

      • Long Load Times

      • Server Connection Issues

    • And a lot more. More info soon. :)


Recommended Comments

Glitterhelm? I hoped you would bring this one back. One of our favourite.

Lane types? No way, just suggested a few days ago on the forum.

Looking forward to it. Bring it on, April.

May I also suggest new special drops for many levels. Ramparts inc gives the breaker bow but there are many other levels we don't bother with such as sewers level. Would love a reason to go back and play them all.

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Quick thought on Glitterhelm--the map is huge.  Please incorporate waypoints so players can port around the map during build phase.  Would be a nice quality-of-life implementation.

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I'm glad resistances are being removed in place of the new lane groups. Resistances made your build strategies too limited. Resistances could have worked if there were methods of stripping it, but the only option for that was a single weapon and that was very limited. While the Abyss Lord isn't quite what I thought he would be he still looks interesting. Looking forward to the upcoming changes. :)

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@Skalli quote:

Abyss Lord looks awesome, but why does he have two melee minions? Are they movable?

@iamisom quote:

    • First Steps of Strategy Revamp:

      • Removal of Lane Resistances

Why the hell would you do that? I think it is kinda a core feature with the lane resistances.

Watch the last half ish of the stream and you will see a prototype of what they want to do.


At 36 minutes that segment starts.

In response to Skalli

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Ok, so I may have missed this (or it may be a dumb question), but is this strategic lanes stuff going to be the new standard or a type of game play (like campaign, end game, etc)?

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@silent_dragonfly quote:

Ok, so I may have missed this (or it may be a dumb question), but is this strategic lanes stuff going to be the new standard or a type of game play (like campaign, end game, etc)?

The plan is to make this the new standard. :)

In response to silent_dragonfly

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