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PS4 Pre-Alpha Coming to European Players on Wednesday



You read that right -- The PS4 pre-alpha is coming to European players (and to players in Australia, Russia, New Zealand and the Middle East) on Wednesday! It'll be priced similarly to the American version of the game, but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has the final say in pricing. 

The Defender's Pack (retail of $24.99 USD) will be available on Wednesday, and the Starter Pack ($14.99 USD) and the Collector's Edition ($74.99 USD) will be available on Friday. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a discount on these packs similar to the American discounts. The American discounts are 20% off for the Starter Pack and 30% off for the Defender's Pack and the Collector's Edition.


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Why are you making people wait for the cheaper pack? i take it your just screwing impatient people

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Letting us wait a week more, Trendy telling us in a post prior to launch about the details and what do we get:

BETRAYAL by Sony and miscommunicating by Trendy! Shame on you companies! People that love and play this game are now torn between playing and having to pay more and not getting a discount while we're helping to make this the best game it can be!

I'll be furiously playing this, since i love it and love my PS4! Thanks egocentric Sony!

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@Djmilos quote:

Question: I bought the game on my US account so i can play a couple days early. I'm playing the game on my main account (EU) Am i playing on EU servers or US? are there any differences between the US/EU version?

Thanks :)

Hello Djmilos,You can play on EU servers no problem.

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@Gunzmadness quote:

Sony Rip off.

Let us w8 for days and than even higher price.

No Discount at all.

The PS+ discount has just been applied.

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@Matherios quote:

i will be able to play dd2 until release if i buy the packs?

The final game will be free, buying one of these packs will just enable you to play it from now on, when its still under development, until the final release, which is then for free, so essentially one day you get the final update and just carry on playing. Plus you get some in-game goodies which ALL CARRY OVER to the main game. Same is true for ALL your GAMING PROCESS, though there may be some wipes during alpha, according to trendy.

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Bought this game 2 days ago on ps4, and it doesn't play at all, keeps saying searching for session, any word on when it will be functional? 

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Started playing DD2 on PS4 yesterday.

The game makes a good first impression. There are some lags, even in private sessions when playing solo. And some of the menus are somewhat clumsy... some buttons cannot be reached, some overlapping. But the core of the game feels right. Keep on the good work!

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I purchased DD2 Defender's pack as soon as it came out not knowing the Collector's Edition was coming soon after it.

Is there any way for Defender's Pack purchasers to upgrade to Collector's Edition?

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i have it for pc dont play it wont buy ps4 dd2 i glady play my dd1 on my ps4 thats right i modifiled my ps4 to play dd1 it can actualy play ps3 and 2 and 1 games ass well. its all in there hardware just not unlocked.  look online how to unlock it.

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