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Loot Cave 2.0 Week & PS4 Devstream 37!



Greetings, Defenders!

Today we begin our first weeklong event -- Loot Cave 2.0! Are you ready?

Loot Cave 2.0:  9/18 - 9/25

So much more loot will be dropping, we can’t even give you a number! For this weeklong event, you’ll get higher rarity loot from special enemies and Victory Chests, and even more (more more) loot from normal enemies. This event will take place across Campaign, Free Play, and End Game game modes. (Did we say more loot from normal enemies in End Game? Yes, yes we did.)

You can find more information in this week’s Devstream, where we reveal some of our new weapon variety system and give you a sneak peek at the PS4 version of Dungeon Defenders II.

Stay tuned to the PS Blog this Monday for our next PS4 announcement!



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I may actually log on, if loot is supposed to be dropping often, in anticipation of next patch.

I like the idea of multiple projectiles, and hope they are actually viable and don't just tickle enemies, much like most attacks do right now.

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@Tristaris quote:

I may actually log on, if loot is supposed to be dropping often, in anticipation of next patch.

I like the idea of multiple projectiles, and hope they are actually viable and don't just tickle enemies, much like most attacks do right now.

If you log on and play, I'd love to hear what you think of it. Just shoot me a PM with your feedback. :)

In response to Tristaris

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For the longevity of getting people grinding, sure, this is a bit excessive... but I very much like it!  My gf on the other hand won't like this weekend event >#<

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Everything about this update is made of success and win. I CANNOT wait. Also, I was a little confused on how we can obtain DD2 on PS4, could some one explain once more?

Do we buy a pack on PC and we get the PS4 code? Or do we buy the code on PS4? Or since we have the PC version, do we get the PS4 version for free?

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I personally have not gotten a chance to play the event yet, but my defenders in arms are ecstatic about the drops. I enjoyed the original drop rate, made getting a mythic or legend that much more satisfying (I'm the type of person that farmed for a good chicken or a giraffe on a treadmill on the first one.) Although if you did want to up the drop rates of legends a bit for the standard, I would not complain. I've got hours of DD footage saved to twitch, but I don't think this is the place first self promotion.

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wow just did event for weekend 05 percent whites 1 legendary and some blue for 7 hours one legendARY wow just tried the game again after a 2 months and still screwed. was hopeing ps4 release be better but dosent look like it well gonna save my time until final fantasy 7 comes out

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While it's fun to get lots of top tier loot, the satisfaction quickly deteriorates if it is too common. I feel like it takes away from the game and doesn't leave you the fun of grinding towards the top gear.

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for the love of all the squire hearts on his clothes make the loot auto collect after every round. can not see the new mythical that drops when they are like 5 trillion items on the floor. also it is much harder to aim at defences

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In addition to more more loot... can we get the iLevels fixed on loot...

For example:

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=522672749 iPower higher though nothing about it is better...

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=522672744 A white, better than a legendary? Because health???

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=522672744 Same level green must be stronger...

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=522672701 -7 AP, -24 hero damage +5 iPower! Thumbs up!!

And these are just the ones revolving around the staff. I've seen accessories where, with the same exact stats/passives a lower grade item with a  higher level but lesser or equal stats will have a higher iPower.

If we're getting moar lootz, can it at least be easier to check at a glance if it's worth taking a closer look at. As it stands now, we can't trust iPower or the thumb indicator and have to look at each piece we pick up which gets tedious. I love the game but that parts frustrating and not fun.

PREEMPTIVE EDIT: Yes, it's been bug reported.

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Why does everyone think because Dungeon Defenders 2 is being released on PS4 they get should be able to port their heroes, transfer Gems, Items, ect. Are you kidding me? Ask yourself this question before you speak, If you bought a game on the PS4 why does that entitle you to have a free copy on the XBOX One? These are entirely different platforms. If you rather play on the PS4 and have already invested on the PC version, then you need to Invest into the PS4 version too!. Besides, why the hell would any PC gamer ever, EVER, want to choose the PS4 or any other console over the PC?

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