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Patch 6.3: Inventory Changes Pt. 1



Patch 6.3 is here! This patch contains the first of our planned Inventory 3.0 changes that Dan mentioned in his blog last week. Expect more improvements in the near future!


  • Bags can now be marked for Auto Collect!

    • At the end of the match, all items left on the ground will attempt to go into any bags marked Auto Collect.

    • Items of the highest rarity are collected first. Items within the same rarity that have the highest Item Power are then grabbed.

    • When you manually pick up an item, it goes into bags that are not marked Auto Collect until full. When those bags are full, items are sent to the Auto Collect bags.

  • Added HUD elements to display when Auto Collect bags are 70% full, 90% full and completely Full.

  • Added Auto Collect popup messages on the Matchmaking UI warning players if their bags are 70%, 90% or completely Full.

    • Added a “Do not show me again” toggle to these popups

    • Added an option on the Options menu to reset hidden popups.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements have been made to prevent an issue where players faced long loading screens before erroring while matchmaking. We're still working to fix all of our matchmaking/server issues!

  • Potentially fixed an issue with the Flameburst Tower VFX.

  • Fixed an issue with the Serenity Aura.

Known Issues

  • Network instability is our #1 technical issue focus. Our team is working to fix the lag, disconnects and loading screen issues. We’ll have more updates in future patches/hotfixes.


Recommended Comments

I'm still not gonna be happy until the ridiculous prices are lowered again.

However the Item Bag changes are certainly a good start. I'd still be looking for a way to send the items to the auto collect pocket immediately though so you can get to the items hidden behind them or simply so you can see.

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All excellent changes.  Now can you add the inventory changes everyone has been asking for for ages?  Namely stacking pet item containers, pet food, and chests?

Charging money for inventory space and then artificially using up inventory space by refusing to stack identical items seems like a cheap and rude money grab.  I'm all in favor of you guys making money, but not in such an insulting way.

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I've bought *6 bags* and still don't have search/filter/sort and this is how Inventory 3.0 starts?  

Really?  You won't lose players committed to playing the game from buying bags... 

This feels like a lame 'you supply the TIB' TBH (on top of the lack of / short stacking of things)

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@CKaz quote:

I've bought *6 bags* and still don't have search/filter/sort and this is how Inventory 3.0 starts?  Really?  You won't lose players committed to playing the game from buying bags... this feels like a very lame 'you supply the TIB' TBH.  1st - bring TIB back.

Filters and sorting are on the way! Maybe [[56071,users]] can show everyone in the Dev Log next week...

In response to CKaz

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I kind of wish i just had one big bag if i am honest, and i buy more slots with in it.

And i could set it to auto sell items of a certain rarity... a man can dream <3 

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@Alzais quote:

issue with Serenity aura? can you be a little more specific? does the slow actually work now?

The issue : when you put a lot of serenity, and if you have the sphere who give you 25% more dmg when you stand into the aura, the amount of dmg was bugged, andso you can reach very high dps, and you don't need turrets you can handle the map alone.

In response to Alzais

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Auto collect ... THANK YOU!!! :) no more E click, click E clikety click. Was driving me nuts.

Just tested it, works great :)

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REALLY ?! "Fixed an issue with the Serenity Aura." 

common u cant be serious... why dont you just say what excactly you changed??????!!! Serenity aura stacked expotentially. u first set up much as possible auras next overlapping to eachother, then u made another circle around that circle with serenity auras (without any increase in radius to get many close next ) and then u changed all your gear to max radius (karma vortex %increase for serenity aura radius) + two II monk range spheres, and you ended up in the "eye" of that serenity aura pool with like +120 000 hero power.. so ppl were able to finish the map with autoattacks...  without one single dps trap or tower.

because we all are stuck between nightmare 3 beginning and nightmare 4, you should just notice that the way its currenty is, its not possible to play. 

whats the problem to finally buff cannon ball towers and flamethrower towers to values where you are able to play the nightmare 3 maps to the end, without playing with 3 fu***ng tanks and one dpser ? why are traps superior compared to towers ? right because they are not hit and they cost less and they dont need so much space as classic towers need. FIX THAT FINALLY PLEASE

i dont have to say that i spent all my gold for the 3 spheres... + farmed a serenity aura gear because nothing else makes sense. and after 48 hours or so you end that with that pathetic comment. tell me why should ppl collect serenity aura radius gear if it doesnt stack anymore ? should i increase my radius to like 90% more radius for only 25% damage increase for the heroes which wont stand all in same location?

where do we get gold from now? should i sell my eggs before they hatch again for 250gold each? even with the gold find spheres and so on + selling all new found gear its hard to make more than 20k a day without playing excessive... and we are forced to upgrade all the gear to atleast farm the ogre which now doesnt spawn in wave 1 anymore but second wave.. and to think about finishing maps in nightmare 3 which are in a more difficult cluster than the easiest is not possible most of the time because ppl are leeching, are afking, collecting all mana but dont repair. i got like almost 550 gear and i am only able to finish like the 2nd map of nightmare 2 alone. did u ever test your patches before you bring them out or are we those ?

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@Woqini quote:

Auto collect ... THANK YOU!!! :) no more E click, click E clikety click. Was driving me nuts.

Just tested it, works great :)

Mine did NOT work so could you explain how you got yours to work please?

In response to Woqini

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The autocollect features needs rework, as it blocks bags. I completly hossed up my inventory when I first used it. At the moment it is either you run around with empty bags, used ONLY at the end to autocollect (or did you forget to tell us about an autocollect key?) or you have to run around and still manually collect. Not sure whether this really is an improvement.

Could we please get a behaviour like the TIB. I have all bags that are possible to be bought and still never enough space since I lost the TIB. This works like ... nothing at all.

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I can't launsh the game, i can start the news page but if i press "play" the DD2 emblem shows up and the game freezes. Pls Help !!!

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So I have found that if I leave every piece of loot on the ground through the whole match, it not only gets really hard to see things.. but The Auto Collect does not pick up everything..  Nor does it go to the scavenger.. Most specifically I have been loosing tons of pet food, which at this point should be a higher priority then legendaries..

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