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Snapshooter: Scariest



Our "funniest" Snapshooter contest is over! We appreciate everyone who participated! I actually chuckled and laughed out loud, Defenders. I scared my office mates. Worth it...

Here are the "funniest" Snapshooters!

Congratulations, Snapshooters! 

What's next, you ask? This time, we’re looking for the scariest screenshots!

From now until August 26th at 2 PM EDT, go on a quest for the scariest in-game screenshot you can take and submit it in this blog! We’ll pick three winners on August 27th!

To enter, take an in-game screenshot and upload it to Steam. Embed the Steam image in a comment below along with a link to the image on Steam. You may submit as many screenshots as you want, but please only submit one image per post.

The Snapshooter Contest is judged by a panel of Trendy community team employees with zero sense for good taste or art. Here is a loose guideline on how we’re judging the screenshots:

  1. G.U.T. -- Genuine, Ultimate Tummy-feeling. If the screenshot tickles something inside our abdominal food synthesizers that makes us say “wow” or “good gravy,” chances are we’ll pick it as a winner. It's going to be very difficult, because nobody actually says "good gravy" anymore. 

  2. No HUDs -- Screenshots with the Heads Up Display activated will score lower than HUDless shots. Press “H” to let the game shine. For real, Defenders. No HUDs.

  3. Originality -- Don’t steal from other players. We’re watching you. In the event that a bunch of you have the same brilliant idea, we will only consider the first one. 

  4. Tethys -- If you can incorporate , Tethys the primordial sea goddess of Ancient Greece into your photos, you’ll earn extra points. How you’re going to do this with an in-game screenshot is beyond us, but we like to be surprised. I mean, I'm not even sure how we'll count the extra points. But you'll get em... 

You must have your Steam account linked to your forum account. All screenshots must be taken by the Steam account that’s linked to the forum account. Any entry that is stolen from another player will result in the permanent removal of your forum account.



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You guys should totally link the winners on your post, or their images...I'll never go the other thread and search them by name to know what they actually did :/

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Ok, looking at the winners from last contest, it seems its 100% random who wins. Not saying mine should have won, just that there was better ones :P Guess il just not waste time on this contest then :P

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