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Weekend Event: The Legendary Raid



We’ve received intelligence that the enemy is clandestinely moving a shipment of Legendaries through Free Play. We must get our hands on these weapons, Defenders! It could be the difference between failure and total annihilation.

Our sources have confirmed that, starting right now until Monday at 11AM EDT, the drop chance for Legendaries in the Free Play, Incursion, and Onslaught game types will be doubled (this does NOT affect End Game game types). Many Wardens died to bring us this information. We must ensure their sacrifice was not in vain.

A raid behind enemy lines will be dangerous, Defenders, but we need that gear. Legendary gear will allow you to venture deeper into conflict and withstand tougher enemies.  

Success is not guaranteed, and neither is your survival. Do we have any volunteers for this mission? Step forward...



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Shame that us doing nightmare (legit I might add) still cant even get loot off of normal mobs or participate in this event.

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For those that benefit from it, have fun, shame i cant get anything, my 4 chars are past freeplay but I appreciate I am a minority and am not grumbling.

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Nice concept guys :D! loving all the events you are making at trendy! keep up the good work, HEP HEP HEP

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lol this doesnt help me in any way. I would prefer a buff to uber or a nerf to lsa. For some reason the lsa seems to go through phy and magic resist. I was doing nm 3 or 4 and my cannons do 5.8k dps. There was an orge boss that was magic resist, but my cannon couldnt out dps his orge blood. So we move an lsa over and it took it down. It took a few min but it was out dps the orge blood. The monk lsa dps was less than my cannon dps btw. ( LSA dps base was like 5k. Cannon dps base is 5.8k. It was 2 LSA vs 5 cannons.)

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These little events are really great! Adds more unique content, while this game is in Pre-Alpha I see a bright future ahead, keep it up with new and innovative things and this game will grow substantially.

-Alpha :Psquire_small.png 

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I like the approach of this event a lot better, it's not giving people something they can't get outside of the set dates. Nice job Trendy! :D

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@mokn quote:

We all got legendary chests in the same run.

It's good to help people going from free play to nm1 which is imbalanced.

Glad to hear you're having fun! As a note - when you finish freeplay, the next difficulty is Endgame Hard. If you're trying to jump from Free play to NM1, you're probably not strong enough. NM1 is for players who complete Endgame Hard.

In response to mokn

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