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  3. ok thx, i took screenshots of the two you found and tried to make a list...but if i make title [spoiler [/spoiler title 2 [spoiler [/spoiler etc (i didnt add ] to shwo the problem) it makes the mess it did in the topic....
  4. Hi guys, is it worth it to grind levels at the summit NM campaign mode even with the stucked Djins at 2 of the waves in ? Also, why am i getting 4m only exp regardless of being solo or public? Oh and 1 last question, is the max required level for all NM gear level 83?
  5. im hoping for it im sure it's possible.
  6. kinda wanna know what a transendent looks like..,
  7. What are you upgrading in you weapon?
  8. I like the Face Melter weapon, but when i up its damage, it deals like no damage to its target(s) Plz Chromies fix this weapons bug ty
  9. That worked for me. Thank you.
  10. Yes I do but I fix it by first click on a adder char and then back to squire
  11. Since the last Update I can't select my Builder Squire. Does anybody else has this issue?
  12. Yea i second that. R3 8 ball pool would just be stupid in my opinion. Also this patch seems small considering what you guys know that needed fixed or changed . I have not wanted to play for some time now because this game has become a cliche of glitching . I plan on playing once the new map is introduce and 2 new characters although i understand that may come with problems as well.
  13. Leveling, Loot, Reward, Structure, 8 ball pool and some Quality of Life Changes
  14. Found the Arcane Library one... holy cow this one was nearly impossible to see from inside.
  15. yeah i know that is what is irritating me have to either look for it or just filter the auto pick up the mythic items
  16. The circle on the ground being the same color is pretty frustrating. The mouse-over outline is the correct color though
  17. Does anyone know about if or when they plan to give mythic and above its own color on dropping in game I noticed it is the color of a legendary gear item still. any ideas?
  18. You are most welcome. Feel free to ask about anything else. There are many ways to apply each elemental combo. Mods, natural elemets, and shards give you lots of ways to be creative. Happy gaming.
  19. One of my favourite DD1 features that never made it to it's sequel, I really hope they bring this to DDA, I don't see any negatives as to why they wouldn't
  20. That and, you know, being able to join a friend's game in early waves, I couldn't even join a wave 4 game survival game, that's silly.
  21. Hi. I dont know if this has already been discussed or answered. But I would really like back the function of opening to public after starting in private like we had in DD1. Like a lot of DD players I like to build myself, i know what I place and where and how it willl work on the map. I also like doing this in my tempo without having to wait for some random semi AFK player to give me their 40 mana so i can have 80 to build a tower. If we could get the option to open to public after building, i think you would see a lot more games for people to join and a more social game. My two cents.
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  23. look at this awesomeness!!! i know not top notch but I'm happy!
  24. You're correct. Insane and nightmare campaign modes had the limited build timer so you had the same repair speed during both, but otherwise during survival it was almost instant.
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