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  3. So what this part suggests is that we should roll the game back a few months because the guys currently at floor 947 got there with the use of things that are not currently doable and thus the rest of the community doesnt have the chance to do the same? OR is the suggestion that we should roll the game back to when mastery was just released so everyone who got the easy mode mastery then has to do it back when it was hard just like the guys (and gals) who did it back then? Tbh the game changes over time, sometimes it takes out OP stuff, sometimes it makes things easier. We do have some power to guide Chromatic to what the community as a whole would like and just because I say something doesnt mean it will happen. What I am asking for is the correction of 2 mods that as you can see in videos are obviously unbalanced and very overpowered. Hail nor I were the first ones who brought it up either, Hail wanted to share this info because he knows Chromatic has been informed and wants as many people to get use out of it as possible. Lawlta also reads everything, so even if I never posted he would see this :P Last thing I would consider myself is an elitist too xD my highest floor at the time of this post is 365, Onslaught is boring to me. I wouldnt waste my time climbing that high, but I applaud those that did.
  4. Think the point is that for example floor 947 is completed but with the current mechanics and use of frostfire combination. Then a suggestion of nerfing something would have a negative affect on the rest of the community that would not have the same opportunity to reach floor 947 thus promoting elitism. We can only strive to be as knowledgable exglint... 😂 heard he taught juicebags everything.
  5. ........................ Hailminion already completed floor 947 Are you talking about with only cc defenses ?
  6. Purin

    2K HERO Contest

    Title may have been misleading. There is no stat restriction for entering.
  7. Guest

    Defender-Centric Update — NOW LIVE!

    i have a suggestion. Why wouldnt you make stacks of the same shards? so u can add them into a stack instead of having a full invetory wasted :P
  8. That would be a waste of a shard slot since Water mod is 100% Drench , same as Wm with poison it's insta poison as soon as they get hit.
  9. Hakon

    2K HERO Contest

    Will the top 5 be able to pick the events or will it be rolled randomly as well? Last time i beat a bunch of noobs in a contest i got randomly rolled with a shitty event. zzzz Obs.: What if even after removing all my items i still don't get bellow 3k stats, kouhai? Why isnt there a challenge of using less than 9k stats? That doesn't seems very fair and inclusive, kouhai. ;-;
  10. I agree. Volcanic Eruption was such a good challenge in DD1. Nothing beat the rush of having to place your builds in the right choke points. Plus the weapons you received at the end for each defender were so unique and honestly some of my favorite weapons (BF Drill and Lava Slinger specifically)
  11. Ok just to clarify everything my WM has an old Mod with both Shock and water servo and I add the water shard and yes it allows you. I haven’t tested it yet if it does more slow or shocking
  12. Each node's chance is independent of the last. If an enemy is in all 3 nodes it has a 57.8% chance that at least 1 node will drench every 0.38 seconds (at max rate) or basically every hit. With only 2 nodes hitting its a 43.75% chance every hit. Then the obvious 25% chance per hit with 1 node. Just some quick maffs for everyone
  13. Yesterday
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SuperFX/ I can almost make it to the ship! oh the memories! Wyverns go up the back of the pillar until they can clip through the wall. sneak attack??? is this good?
  15. Water Shard + SR works together BUT it’s a 25% chance, so if you have 3 Nodes you’ll have a 75% chance of shocking an enemy. Unfortunately it’s not effective as before and it cost quite a bit to setup :/
  16. Water elemental shard works with shocking rev ive tested it
  17. This hasn't happened in a while, so I decided to go ahead and do it for fun. You purchase a ticket with 1 coal. I'll be making the diamond and rolling the number on video using random.org Here is the sheet for numbers still available https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hfiKWo_QOxLhIHSjjEB5lvNBK2FsMFFP2NFIcSWaAtc/edit#gid=0 To spice things up, a magicite will be rolled between people who enter the raffle
  18. So just to clarify, as last i heard the only way to have dual water-lightning on WM was prior setups to last CG change...so are you saying that a WM, with SR already on it, can add a water shard and then once again do both elements at the same time? I have yet to see many threads here on c8 shards since they were brought back, and what special changes they have added to the game.
  19. i believe jaws was meaning mod ? and yes you can add water elemental shard to any relic
  20. i’ll bring my In n Out from California all the way there and then eat it outside their window
  21. Auction Item (and item check) https://imgur.com/a/jEKQxKe Accepted Currency Diamonds (5/10/15) Cubes Coal 8:1 Events pricing is based off the complied list by Grazhod using average pricing Auction Details Ends 7/21/19 Offers in last 24 hours extend another 24 hours each successive bid Questions : Discord - trin#0063 or on steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/trin94/ Current Offer 10 cv (Sneeze)
  22. Water elemental Shard C8 adds water to any Defense as its not a Mod.
  23. Lol, let's all get food and sit outside CG's windows and just stare in as we eat our lunch... Arby's preferred, as they need inspiration for the big crossover event.
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