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  2. Hi fellow Defenders! Since the last week or so, I've ran into some problems when attempting to end a match after wave 5 by pressing G. I wasn't opening the chests since the game autocollects its contents for me. However a few things happened after pressing G -Replay/Tavern/Town Screen didn't showed up, and I had to wait a few minutes then I got pushed to the Town. I also pressed I accidentally, and in this state, only half of the inventory screen popped up, but didn't go away (the one with the hero deck) -End screen did pop up, but got request timeout after clicking replay Also when this happens, the game "forgets" to give me the victory chest loot. It doesn't happen every single time, but like most of the time. I kinda feel it has to be server related, because my internet didn't failed on me. And I'm on PC.
  3. I could see an option for private games only where that could be implemented and you could invite like minded friends prob get all 2 of em join ;) Although a rebuild map function after victory would be pretty awesome for farming purposes .
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  5. Oct (orig. thread purpose) Beta (PC) Current Release date (PC/Switch only) PS4/Xbox (assuming 2 month lag
  6. Anyone wish we could trade xx amount of shard dust for a shard in that chaos level? Maybe 25 dust and we can choose?
  7. Hello uzar, I believe what you are saying is valid, but I thought a solution for it would be making it an option for the party leader.
  8. You can put all the reasons and math you want and in the end it takes away from the group play aspect and encourages more afk in group play which in turn takes you to the kick thread discussion.
  9. Uzar and Switchblade, it is not up to you whether or not someone's reason is valid to them, but if it is a valid reason for you. I have the same similar concerns as MrPeter. If I want to run a map 30 times, I could do this feasibly in 5 hours if I could manage my inventory during waves 1 and 2, and would not have to make another trip to the scavenger. In a tower defense/grindy game it is about min/max, and I could save 30 minutes a night (additional 3 maps) with the option (please focus on option) to manage inventory during waves. Showing some Math: Spending 5.5 hours playing DD2 on a night, I can currently do 30 maps. With inventory management, 33 maps. 33 maps > 30 maps (33-30)/30*100% = 10% increase in efficiency Below is some real word tracking that I just did on September 11th while AP resetting my alternate character. As you can see, I spent an actual 0.43 hrs managing inventory and 3.63 hrs running onslaught. I have applied a rough estimate above that could be applicable to farming Chaos VII. Inventory sort items on alt Inventory Time Plan - hrs 0.5 Actual AP 1 - Alt Reset AP 2 - started Maps completed 22 Inventory Time - Hrs 0.43 Map time actual - hrs 3.63 Committed Time actual 4.07 Time per map - mins 9.91 Also, I think implementing an auto-start feature for waves could go hand in hand with this for the true AFK'ers. This is a function in every major mobile tower defense game.
  10. Use shards off the floor and equip other builders 👌👍
  11. Umm the scavenger collects the items for you. Then after the maps you have ran you can sort out the inventory and collect items you require from said scavenger. Still no valid reason to sort out during gameplay, if your a leecher and don’t build at all there is time while said builder is building. The problem is people would abuse it and end up being kicked for not readying up in a timely fashion.
  12. Can’t be ask to argue with a arrogant guy who believes he’s perfect and everyone plays exactly like him
  13. Awesome! thanks so much my man! I had heard the Dice pet was good, but dang didn't realize it was THAT good. I'll have to get on that then. Alright now, I just gotta figure out where to go for stat sticks.
  14. Want: 1.) DD1 item stats and grind that came with it. 2.) Shops. By far my favorite economy in a game to date. Really sad how it was removed in DDE and made poorly in DD2. 3.) Monks to return to their glory. 4.) In game events that actually mean something gear wise. Do not want: 1.) Hero deck. 2.) DD2 currencies 3.) Lack of an economy so gold and gear is useless.
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  16. I should mention this is for ps4
  17. So I'm trying to do mastery, since I can pretty easily do c2 solo. I'm stuck. I don't have any defense test doesn't rely on Flame aura.. Nor can I build without walls. I got about 15 stars so far. Wanting to get to 50 for the hyper shard. Can anyone help? Gamertag is jhonnydoorknobb
  18. It is not an oversight, this a completely intentional mechanic. This was brought up way back in the day as an issue and they said its intentional because otherwise Dryad would have a hard time playing the map. Those are Berzerkers. Lady Orcs only exist in a few places including the Forest Poachers map and the Bastile Master boss. They are two different enemies.
  19. Malthius isn't too bad if you know where exactly the healing zones spawn. They heal for 800k a second and the only real threat is how much health everything has (hardest enemies have nearly 60M HP with bosses going to 300M). All you need to do is build your defenses BEFORE them and contain them as best as possible with Elemental Combos. Power Surge although the enemies are weaker, the issue here is defenses only last 25 Seconds. However, a programming oversight skipped out on World Trees. If you have a good Totem and Blockade Servos/Shards, you can make a very difficult to kill tree and then build defenses around it. In a 4 Man game, the worst HP count is roughly 200M on bosses. You get Thunderstruck for your troubles. One of the weapons (Molten Striker) is a dagger. I'd say if you want to farm Primes, you'd be better off doing maps on Prime 2 if you want that balance of reward and challenge. Otherwise, Griblok's Horde is the easiest as enemies are as strong as they are in Chaos 7
  20. It isn't as bad as you think. The only real difference outside of the Chaos 7 roster is that towers last 25 seconds instead of 35. However, due to a programming oversight, WORLD TREES ARE IMMUNE TO THE MAP'S EFFECT All you really need to do is plant a few World Trees tightly and then have 3-4 builders with at least 1 hero be able to DPS the bosses and then flood the map with Auras, Traps or Defenses behind the tree so they dont get targeted by Kobolts. When the enemy count is 50-60 enemies left or so, stop building and clean up the forces with your DPS hero as you will need the mana for the next wave. The biggest enemy threat is Snooki (Lady Orcs) as they can OHKO the Cart and Pump + do considerable damage even to Barbarians. My World Tree with a 10/10 Fortification/Hardened/Protective Downgrade that I used from my Spike Blockade had well over 13M HP, takes 47% less damage when it's life goes below 20% and when it gets destroyed beyond Rank 1, it repairs most of it's life. I also have about 600+ points in Defense Life and used C7 10/10 items. The reward for Prime 3 isn't really that good (Thunderstruck), but if you want to farm Primes, you'd be better off farming Prime 2 as all 3 of the maps are very doable and the gimmicks are easily contained by a strong SGT.
  21. Hi hey install this game on xbox and when is start it i can see "you have lost conection" after loading. My conection dont have problem. My NAT in settings is open And i signed in site
  22. Your issue with hoarding is not my issue and still not a valid reason :)
  23. I don't speak for everyone but my bags and vaults is packed with mods and Shards which makes managing difficult. Almost every end game I have to delete items in my inventory which consumes time. I personally would love the idea of managing your inventory during the wave, it's something to do when I am farming. It may sound bad being AFK but I generally do not care if someone is AFK in my game unless it's Onslaught or Prime. This is another example on how AFK is not bad: To get Pristine Tokens they expect me to play 143 games of DrakenLord Resort for 1 Perfect 10 Mod reroll, Madness!
  24. Now there are many pets that beat kobold. The one with best potential is diceses which can get 999 in all stats. But farming them can take forever. ToT and just straight up diamonds are good, which both capp at 800. Moonbase is still great, but I'm pretty sure Costal Bazard is the best armor map now. For xp TD is good but embermount volcano is quicker. Tnker lab is quicker with if I remeber correctly 70m per run.
  25. Hello BlueConfusedMage Im always farm on public because more items and sometims help new players to get good mods for just waiting on me to do the map I never waited on somebody or to stay to look at stars for 5 min when everyone is accepting to do the next wave Today i told on one of my friend( his older on the game than me) about that incident He told me that he was on a map with them one week ago but because he is so advanced on ascending probably didnt kick him because of that The funny thing was they desperate pointing on him to gave to one of them the gems and do the map He told me that their defense failed( or his cuz only one of 3 move, the rest just follow him after some second) their defense failed on wave 4.. he accepted to restart the wave and when the wave restarted they kicked him too I guess they have a problem with peoples who have more dps than them or just some kids who thing wow that s funny Still remember that 2 of them 1 month ago stayed with me on lomg farm,one of them send me an invitation but i refused cuz i was feeling that they might want me to do some longgggg onslaught lvls( to carry both) So they dont have a problem only with me from what i see
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  27. Yeah I'm not doing META. If I were to copy and paste then I would feel useless. I did not AP reset because it's a waste of time in the end. Your posts describe nice set ups. I use a primary Dryad build (I hear a lot of complaints about her, but she's working just fine) because she's devastating in corrupt form. Mod/shard combos have to be precise. Supporting towers have to be balanced perfectly. META = everyone is the same. I am not a fan of that. I took a year off and have been grinding off and on for upgrades upon my return. It's hard to stay interested with life in perpetual motion.
  28. I've been away from the game since I think around 2013, I recall Tinkerer's Lab still being fairly new when I stopped playing seriously. Basically anything the CDT have put out I have no idea. So I've been trying to figure out where to go to get the good gear. I've mainly been a solo player, and I'm trying to hit 5k-6k+ stats. I have perfect Kobolds on all my builders (all 4 tower stats capped at 600), but I hear other pets can do better, but not sure what and where and if it's actually worth the effort. I am aware of ToTs but I have a very hard time farming those as I just cannot do the mini game. And yes I have watched the videos and read the tutorials on how to do it with ease and even practiced it for a while, I struggled pretty hard with it. Mind you WW is like the only stage I've never beat, it's not worth it to me to farm diamonds. I'm also looking to farm better tower weapons. I have some that hits around the 400 mark but only on like one character, the rest are in need of upgrades. Whats the best place to go to for stat weapons and how high of stats can I expect to look for? As far as armor goes, I know Moonbase is good, I've farmed that a few times but I've only hit wave 33 (I have around 2k-3k stats chars) so I typically get one shot around that time and my build dies. I should in theory beat it if I don't die, but that hasn't happened yet. I hear that's about the best, but most of those posts are pretty old not sure if anything new that is "better" has come out. Also, I know literally nothing about accessories, what kidn of stats they can give, where the best farm for them is, or any idea what I'm looking for. This was mainly because I remember back when I played still they only gave like less than 100 stat gains but I hear they can get pretty nice these days. I assume TD NMHC campaign is still the fastest way to level. Is there anything better? Mind you I get around 30mil, idk how good that is though. I know this is kind of a lot of information I'm asking for but I've been scouring for information and it's very difficult to find information for this game anymore.
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