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  2. 1aydan

    DD1 Update Beta

    DEFENDERS, The Dungeon Defenders 1 beta is now live! This beta will be altering .cbb save files so if you wish to copy over your current save locally make a copy of your dundefheroes.dun and add .cbb to the end of it in your save folder likely located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32. HOW TO JOIN : Go to your steam client Find Dungeon Defenders 1 Right click the name Select properties Go to betas Choose the moosebetabranch from the drop down Enjoy Beta Patch Notes : New Maps
  3. First, subscribe to my hulu.
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  5. We'll be gettin a new updates and before it goes live we would like some help finding bugs and issues. We want to reward people who want to play the beta and find bugs or just have some fun with it. How to get on the Beta: Don't forget to export to open and add the .cbb to the end of your save file (DunDefHeroes.dun) on "Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32" before downloading the update Right click dungeon defenders and then click proprieties Go to betas and select "branch name" to download the beta. Link to official announcement: Event Rules: Th
  6. Last week
  7. As title states, wtb 2300+ mail app gloves. Looking to spend at least 2 fp on something 2350+ with high tdmg. It will be item checked before buying.
  8. Auction postponed due to lack of interest. Sorry Axiom
  9. 60cv (might do serious bid after the mail boots auction ends)
  10. Events accepted elf party hat/ celebration 150 celebracers 250 Npc 200 FP 600 cinnamon 50 but only one crackers 100 magicite 80 mike 300 100cv add max Rainmaker 150 Auction ends October 4th 3pm mountain time any bids made within hours of ending time will extend auction 12 hours I reserve the right to not sell if I’m unhappy with the outcome
  11. Events accepted Celebration/Elf hat 150 Celebracers 200 NPC 200 FP 600 Magicite 80 Only Accepting up to 100CV in diamonds Auction Ends 9/30 I reserve the right to not sell if I feel like the final offer is too low
  12. WTA this 170x leather dps helmet. Photos are unupped and upgraded (on open), Prices: Pointy Hats : 150 NPC: 200 Lime Pie : 250 - updated Ginger : 250 - updated Celebracers: 275 - updated FP: 600 Buyout: FP As it stands, these are the only bids that I am accepting as initial bids (you may add some of the higher-priced events, such as magicites or raw cv[max 50], but they will only be considered as an add to the above) Auction ending on 12am EST October 8 (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so maybe on 7th instead).
  13. Have you checked out the DD1 Wiki recently? Almost all of the countless edits and new pages on there since early 2020 were done solely by me. You could also join the DDRnG Discord to ask other veteran defenders.
  14. All of the new hero abilities and defenses introduced by Redux are not binded by default. To customize your active hero's ten numeric hotkeys (0-9), mouse over the action inside the Action Wheel, then press-and-hold the number key of your choice for two seconds. *Custom action hotkeys are saved per individual hero.
  15. ForeverMaster

    FUTURE DD1 Development

    Good news for the crowd oblivious to Redux's existence. Unfortunately for the long-term Redux players like myself, backporting data to Vanilla seems highly unlikely. There are major backend differences between the two, on top of all the gameplay features and changes Redux brings. For one: many preexisting weapons and pets obtained on Ascension difficulty are coded as if they were totally different items. This is why the two pet collection achievements do not count pets acquired on Ascension.
  16. Thank you for fixing whatever was wrong. I know I speak for many that it is good to be back on. We missed being able to play.
  17. hello, i am new here from india, here to share some thoughts with you all
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