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  2. So why are people saying the power creep would be an issue?
  3. Actually the payout on Mass Destruction would be pretty sub-standard. Given that gilded shards get only 4 extra upgrade levels it would go from 70% to 78%. Then given you are using a Destructive Pylon and Gilded Destruction with a Mass Destruction now you are getting a 333% bonus to defense power. With a Gilded Mass Destruction you would get a 349% bonus to defense power which is only a 4.6% increase over current. I wouldn't even consider the attempt given the lack luster results.
  4. 143 Maps of drakenfrost for the re-roll tokens would take roughly 30 hours. During that time, you should get: 3 "10" mods during gameplay 700 Pristine Motes 14.3 million gold Take that 10 million (less a few million for re-rolls) and buy an anti-orc, or healthy damage chip (level 10 mod). So, looking at it this way, every 30 hours you'll get a 10 mod of your choice, have 3 chances for 10's that might be good or bad (likely bad), and the gold to purchase a mid-level "10 Mod". Seems pretty good to me.
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  6. Back to the topic, I would think it would be awesome if they left this in. Here's the way to get a guilded Mass destruction, hyper shard if they left it: Prime 1-6 x 10 AP x 10 Performed in between each set of primes. 15 Prime maps x 10 = 150 maps 10 AP resets - assume 300 maps 150 of the maps are top tier maps, and 300 onslaught. Plus all the gold and materials so you can complete these. Chromatic, y'all could sell a lot of gems :). This would also give a lot of life to the primes. There's not materials, there's no motes. Huge investment of time with a big payout at the end. Assuming 5 hours for a set of primes, and 6 hours for each AP, looking at 110 hours of gameplay minimum. Really seems like something that could get a casual player back into DD2 if they were feeling the grind was getting to them. Also would solve the issues I've seen of people saying there is no reason to do the Primes.
  7. Im gonna have to +1 Manyu and Moose on that. That accessory set looks absolutely stunning and is unfortunatly ruined by not being able to use it with splitscreen. Id love to see that getting fixed. Either way I appreciate the dedication on the CDT to still update this game.
  8. As Moose said, this is very annoying as there was a lot of effort put into these accessories/ the cosmetic set and a lot of people were very excited for it (myself included), straight up not being able to use it is a bummer.
  9. Is there anything that can be done about the Tomb of Etheria set bonus consistently crashing your game? Using the set bonus on your primary character and activating split-screen in any way immediately hard crashes your game 100% of the time. I've seen an alarming amount of people asking why their game is crashing from normal play and it is always met with people being told about the bug followed by being told to just not use them. This really feels like a pretty poor excuse after there was a lot of time put in to making the set that everyone loves, followed by changes to the set bonus due to community feedback that everyone eventually came to agree on. I'm personally a big fan of both the accessories themselves and the new set bonus and really don't want to have to completely give up on using them since it stops me from playing the way I normally play the game. As much as I know there is supposed to be no more changes at this point, if there is anything that needs to be done at this point, this is definitely the most important thing to deal with. The game hard crashing from playing normally is a pretty huge problem that I feel really needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
  10. I couldn't get any faster than this, probably the fastest i could get with this build. I would need to dps for better times For boss wave I used Tbooster, Booster Sum, builder app, and mana bomber. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198828938024/
  11. Where da Ult++ card slinger at? Not pretty, but it's a win :P https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009954585/
  12. I don't need to use META build. I use Dryad build, always have. It's as easy for me to set up as those that use META. She's chaotic-targetting so people don't like her. She's hot. I like her. Her defenses outdamage META.
  13. Is this mean your doing meta build once dda is out because you stay true to your word?
  14. You'll be all right, NeoNeo....you'll be just fine. And remember! You quoted a post of mine that I made almost two years ago about people griping when others in the world are suffering. Don't be a hypocrite! ("oh but Lotus you're griping about META users!" no, just sad about all of the artists leaving. Toro was the 1st to use the reflect beam as a damage component, by the way.)...and raise your hand before you speak to the only non-META builder in the game....getting done with the most difficult builder in the game on a console what most cannot even do with META. It's amazing. Ya gotta stick to discord, or bore yourself to death with AP resets like so many other amazing builders who've left DD2. Lotus
  15. I do agree with the principle behind the original post. That's a ridiculous number of rerolls when considering that it will only get you one. A problem with the system from my perspective is really that it's just so bleak to contemplate. It can lead to thought patterns like "Okay, so I eventually want to get 10/10 for every mod that I use. They're just too powerful and in some cases necessary to not do that. And for others it's just a nice bit of breathing room and flexibility to play with builds and react to mutators. So 3 mods per relic...per defense that I want to potentially use or at least have available in my arsenal... Uh maybe I'll only work on the mods in the gear of one hero... 286 rerolls per mod... tokens per drakenfrost map... No, that's too many zeros. Maybe I'll just play Spider-man instead." I know I was elated to learn that I could buy specific shards with defender medals when I came back to the game after a year and change. The number of medals is kept high enough to really make you want to plan and consider it a serious purchase. Could we similarly see a system where we invest some amount of currency or material to simply increase a mod's level by 1? In this way there would be an alternative to praying that a chance on a chance eventually lands on the magic number for you after thousands of attempts. Like with the shards I can now think "Well I won't be able to buy any more specific shards until I do three or four more dailies, but at least I've made progress toward my desired build!" It's measurable and feels more controlled. The sense of knowing that you got at least something for the time invested is good. Being left wondering if it mattered at all isn't quite so good.
  16. Honestly the 1 hero per ability was worst in DD1 . DPS monk, General builder monk, tower boost monk , hero boost monk for that 1 afk character (extra controller). Wouldn't have been so bad with the ability to instantly create and use a character like DD2. Had to level each to lv 100. Also isn't so bad as you guys seem to say. Except for players trying to tackle higher onslaught you can usually get away with only 4 characters in your deck. Hell when I play c7 I use 2 characters maximum. (And even for floor 945 I usually only use 5 builders meaning 1 switch only for air lanes). Especially with hero deck , you effectively always have what you need to build in your deck with you, without even having to switch (by going in the menu or forge).
  17. I like the idea at its core. Breaking down and reusing mod components would be nice. In fact it'd be pretty sweet to just be able to use them to level up other mods instead of the incredibly nasty reroll mechanic that's currently in place. In fact I wonder if that wouldn't be a nice way to go with shard dust as well: allow it to be used for something specific and concrete like buying a specific shard or upgrading a shard's level instead of the gacha packs that just perpetuate that problem.
  18. Boomerang always comes back when thrown and some bugs you can’t just get rid off. And some clowns are just not funny.
  19. Looks good :). So happy this isn't going to be a Free-to-play game. I loathe games with microtransactions. Loved DD1, didn't like DD2 because of microtransaction (no offense). Microtransactions make games bad because everything in the game is focused around "nickle and diming" the consumer. It makes the game grindy (when it doesn't have to be) and puts up a lot of 'pay-walls' for things. So glad this game is just going to cost an x-amount of money up front :). Thank you.
  20. Escev

    [WTT] 5++ Armor

    10cv mail helmet
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  22. Here's my try at it. Thanks for doing the giveaway. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079114456/
  23. Extra HS will cause the huge power creep issue in DD2 to become much worse. I'd think they'd remove it the very first chance they can, especially if having an extra could cause issues to your account. Nothing CG has ever said on this topic leads me to believe they will even entertain a possibility of it staying. As Dani suggested - recommended to delete them, and keep extras at your own risk. Are you willing to risk your save file for this?
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