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  2. Nope water shard isn't 100% , meaning your shocking rev will build DR stacks when it procs without the electrocute
  3. same , i almost dont use wfm .it s useless for me ,dont care if wfm have water and sr mod. By the way, u can use water shard + sr mod, also works fine , right ?
  4. Hardly use it nowadays, the petrify combo is waaaaaaaay better
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi I'm wondering if I could get some clarification for my situation. I bought the $100 KS tier and 2 preorders on backerkit for my sons. Do I just get one set? Also I was wondering if the prestigous stuff only works for the platform you use it for with the cross save functionality.
  7. I think that you have a point..I thought than for you only having one tenacity you wouldnt have sr+water servo. If i was in your position i would just choose to use other mod for the time being with exp traps..The proative traps give around 25% of boost in power but is dependant of previous attacks to work before reach the peek..You need to have atleast the 9/10 and still is nothing game changing. I dont exactly think like this but others actually think that is a trash mod.
  8. Didn't realise it changed again...watching the stream now
  9. This mentions things like forum titles and in game titles, is there anywhere that specifies what they are? I know i received my Etherian Citizen title for backing with kickstarter but it looks like forum titles are mentioned 3 times and in game titles twice so are there different tiers of titles we will all have access to if we preordered the game from backerkit/kickstarter?
  10. On the 8th day of hype, CG gave to me... 8 wyvern
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened/posts/2757562 First line here.
  12. Could repair it: after reinstallation everything fine again ;)
  13. Hello, Played long time without any problems, but suddenly after normal play at next start up of xbox only the mode "solo play", no connection to online game possible. Net is ok, other games work proper. I m afraid, my account is locked or hacked? Please help me, thanx
  14. Thanks to everyone who entered! I will be home tomorrow to sort things out but hopefully I can scrounge up enough prizes for everyone :) I will contact you via steam if you arent on the discord I hope you all enjoyed trying out or replaying a lesser played map -uber
  15. Thanks for the contest. Last minute run made clutching it that much better.
  16. Thanks for the giveaway I hadn't done it before https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198049496561/
  17. this is the hardest thing ive ever done in this game typing more message so this isnt spam apparently there needs to be more message than link thank you ice https://steamcommunity.com/id/th3os/ image backup https://imgur.com/a/5FBQ252
  18. It's not that easy now is it? I'd loose my SR + water combo and will have to destroy a really good relic to move tenacity to my explosive trap relic.
  19. Hey uber, thanks for hosting another challenge for us all to give a try at! Good luck to all who entered! Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bla11/
  20. Last week
  21. And that's why I said something needs to be done for other reasons. It's not about having other options, there is an issue with the relics that currently exist creating an EXPLOIT and they need to either fix it and bring it back or disable the combo for everyone. Players are going to latch onto how they cant make it but others can and that is not a problem that is an opinion, the problem is that the combo is doing something it definitely should not be doing and needs to be looked at immediately.
  22. https://steamcommunity.com/id/scrubadumb/ https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/311954778127073282/678380714529521664/Screenshot_118.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/311954778127073282/678380727611686922/Screenshot_119.png
  23. It took me a while but i succed :) https://m.imgur.com/a/1DLyAnI https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067882965/
  24. I think your KS package had to be $50 to get the delux bonuses and at least $75 to get he prestigous. I thought anyone who spent less than 50 only got additional extras from the standard.
  25. Garz you are an unholy person making everyone break the 10th commandment :) Best of luck in your quest for the items you need !
  26. Just use 1 amp warrior build its super op afk everything but i guess you want it took out also
  27. Updated once again as I'm not going to be waiting months upon months for people to pick up their stuff.
  28. In other words i get everything, thats kind of surprising but certainly not unwelcome! Thanks :P
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