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  2. WTA mail helmet auction ends in 5 days 12/4 8am bids made hours before end will extend auction 24 hours items accepted eph/cele 150 npc 200 celebracer 250 fp 500 rainmaker 150 up to 100cv in dia As always if I’m unhappy with results I reserve right not to sell
  3. only accepting cv in the form of diamonds 5 10 15 https://imgur.com/a/5IfeorR auction ends 7th of dec
  4. Yesterday
  5. companion cube, pyro and a mk2
  6. DEFNEDERS, Game Version v2.1.0.33532 | Available on PC BUGFIXES: Fixed various crashes with abilities and runes. Fixed issue with players being able to send trade requests before a player has loaded into a map. Fixed a issue with client profile's not saving in specific cases when the host would initiate various transitions. Fixed issue with trading causing people to be flagged as a hacker incorrectly in specific cases. As such any players that have interacted with trading had their hacker flag reset, though if you still have a hacked profile you'll be r
  7. Does Jackpot stack if I use it on my 4 deck heroes? And is it worth using it to farm coins or should I use other shards because the gains are too low?
  8. Hi! I understand your problem, it's really hard sometimes. But, I found a way out of this situation. https://essaysadvisor.com/blog/useful-homework-help-websites-for-college-students/ - Here I can write an essay in a short time without even straining. Easy and fast, no problem. If anything, technical support always helps in time)
  9. I dont even know how to write wssay, pls , help me dungeons!!!
  10. Last week
  11. when does this auction end? whats current bid? Whats the total stats on the staff 2500 something is a bit vague.
  12. fp 595 npc 201 celebration eph celebracers 150.75
  13. There's lots of people still asking for this, and they've continued saying it's still being worked on. Hopefully, with the console versions and Episode 2 Part 1 finished they can focus more on it. Unfortunately, the current players are more vocal about getting new content, so features like split-screen and cross-save seem to keep getting pushed back.
  14. hello, Here's a suggestion. Would it be possible to instead of deny or click 'No Thanks' on a level 10 mod, you just not be able to skip the mod when rerolling? Like where if the mod is max level you just can't skip it.
  15. The reason why people stopped using Hob to keep water in the shower is because the are notorious at letting water in. You can use Remedial Membranes, Clear Waterproofing Membrane. You will waterproof to the shower screen so it will create like a clear tray in the base of the shower and you can make it to your existing finish; gloss, satin or matte so that it is hard to pick the membrane on the tile.
  16. Spiders are absolutely insane. Slow and and apply double damage to the target is S tier. Finding ways to work these into just about every one of my builds. Orges are a bit niche, but archers I find to be helpful if I only have a few DUs left. Haven't found use for sirens or mages yet but haven't really tried.
  17. I returned to check the new summoner out. Didn't really feel great, unfortunately. The ogre wall is too expensive, and I don't see the point. The archer priority list also feels strange. An ogre can stand there and hit 4 archers, and yet only 1 or 2 are shooting at him. I also miss the way I could click the map to quickly teleport my view to that location.
  18. I got the gold pet from The Deeper Wells after Wave 100 Survival. When I go to Inventory or Transmog with it equipped the screen behind Hero is black and it flashes non-stop. Console: Xbox One Series X
  19. A pointy hat from tavern defense
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