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  2. Hi. I play dd2 on my ps4 , recently i buy ps5 but the game is the same. The are no update
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  4. I joke a lot about needing the summoner, but to be honest, new characters would be as good, if not better. So I don't mind them not being added, even though I would still love to see them. But here is where I feel the problem lies. The Summoner was the biggest example of what made Dungeon Defenders great for me. They didn't just stop at the already interesting gameplay of boots on the ground action and tower defense, they actively chose yet another whole new genre (RTS) to add into the mix, which made the character incredibly unique to play. A whole new view and a new control me
  5. Cool! If you like something like that, then try opening the loot boxes on the DrakeMall website (leaving the link on page). I have long wanted to get a brand new PS5 and my dream has almost come true. I've already won PS4 for free and I'm not going to stop there.
  6. Welcome, if you have contacts at Hi-Rez tell them we are still waiting for Global Agenda 2.
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  8. i started in pure strategy survival and dont know what to do so i just ended up quitting intil it fixed inless its just a one time thing 2021-10-14_2-14-19_PM-5tku1qw0.mp4
  9. Yep! I definitely hope for something fresh too as it's been a while since a new hero entered the fray.
  10. Wow, that's cool. I hope it's more than a gender swap of an existing hero with no new def or skills...
  11. Welcome Andrew!! Can we make The Office jokes with your name?
  12. Welcome to the magical world that is Etheria Andrew 😁
  13. Hey Everyone! I’m Andrew Bernard, and I’ve recently joined Chromatic Games as your new Community Manager! I’ll be working with everyone here to hopefully fill Britt’s shoes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, I’m coming into a well-established and close-knit community so I’m sure the transition will be seamless. I look forward to connecting with everyone! A little about myself: I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller, and I play most every genre of game including: RPGs, Adventure, Survival, Roguelite, Co-op, and many others (Recently: Fin
  14. I actually did end up finding a solution. I made a different Steam account and family shared the game with it and launched with the new account. Now it launces just fine on every account.
  15. I have the same problem have you found the solution? i got a new PC too and it doesnt work anymore everything you said is exactly what i have going on
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  17. This piece of news is for those who don't use twitter - It's something we haven't had for nearly 3 years! We've got a new HERO coming up this month!
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  19. current offer is 50cv
  20. Accepting Diamonds, Cubes (20 max), Coal and Events If you want to bid a event send me a DM Donkeh#3355 so we can discuss a price that'd be fair for the event. I reserve the right to not sell if I'm not satisfied with the ending price. Auction will end on Monday 8:00 PM EST 10/11
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