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  2. Really hoping this becomes a thing. I'd love to be able to play on PC, then continue on switch when I'm not at home.
  3. That's great to hear! I really hope I can download it in time for my plane flight, as that is on 5 August! I'm in Australia though, so not sure exactly when/how to get the Switch edition from my Kickstarter backing. Is there any further information regarding this?
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  5. Hopefully it will be easier to beat everything in the game solo.
  6. And.....after nearly a year and a half we're back at it again with the Going Wild West update! These weapons are the ones that can be found in The Wild West region and contains the new mods mentioned at the patch notes. Lets get right to it! 1. The Wild West Region Outlaws Sniper - The main weapon of this region. This rifle is a chanced drop from victory chest from both The Wildest West or Wild Westival maps. It rolls with two unique shot types - Armor-piercing rounds and Explosive Rounds. 2. The Wildest West The weapons below only drops from victory ches
  7. Hello. Maybe this is well know but I could not find anithing though a quick search. Very simple albeit quite critical bug: Spiders completely ignore crowd control; be it slow or stun. You have an enemy that drops a web for roughly twenty years on the ground crippling defenses with more health than berserkers. You'll want to keep those away from your defenses. Right now the only solution is power. If that is intended I cannot find it worded anywhere in-game. Hope to see this fixed soon.
  8. It is a bug. I had that problem myself. They fixed it now.
  9. @ [CG] Brittani Is there an eta for split screen (on Xbox)? Thank you
  10. Last week
  11. Nah, PDT and Earthshatter is all you've really needed to grind resets since petrify was introduced.
  12. Sooo after further playing I did expedition 8 and my min onslaught level did jump to 99! Because I’m trying to reset as fast as possible and efficiently as possible I only needed to upgrade weapons manufacture and flames to c8! Now I need to hit c8 expeditions then do 99 to 120 which is significantly harder to do and takes longer as well! I’m not a fan of this because for as long as I can remember I’ve been just pushing resets till I get to 70 so I can have all the bonuses! I want to actually level up my gear and play game again. Of coarse I know I could just stop doing resets a
  13. Chaos 1 was always 3 Plain Motes with a chance for another at Victory Chest and a Chaos 1 Amp. You must have been having good RNG to get 4 every time. If you need Plain Motes, your best bet is either Chaos 3 (5 per game) or Material Convert your C8 winnings (9 Pristine Motes, Converts to 1:1)
  14. enjoy :dies laughing: its MASCOT not moscot :rofl:
  15. Not sure how long ago you messaged him, but he's been on vacation. I don't know when he left or will get back, but I think he's going to be on the stream Friday so he should be back by then.
  16. Hi team, I noticed a heavy decrease in drop rates of Motes. Is this a bug or a feature? As I couldn´t read something about that in the patch notes of the latest update (Wild West), I guess this might be a bug. Currently when farming e.g. Expedition Chaos 1 - I only get around 3 Plain Motes which is less than before the update. Has anyone else noticed that? Thanks for reading :)
  17. I love this game and play always when i am free, it's pics also available on happy birthday whatsapp status images this web...
  18. At AP 33 it changes to floor 90 up to floor 120 because completing a C8 Expedition puts you at floor 99 as your next floor to complete. You have shorter resets now because of that.
  19. Yo! In light of the recent updates coming, I decided to push resets! I’m ancient power 44 going to 45. I just beat floor 80 and now the minimum level is 120! Can I get a confirmation if this is a mistake or something cause if it isn’t, I’m out!
  20. Is the bling king pet only found in prime incursion?
  21. A buddy figured this out and helped me. Turns out, you just have to pull OFF all your gear, and then re-equip everything and it fixes itself. Hope that helps someone else too!
  22. Basically if you had for instance 25% Anti-Miniboss and Goblin and you attack Griblok with a base damage of 500. What would happen is you would get 500 x 25% x 25% and your final damage would be that. This is called multiplicative stacking. Additive means that the 2 25%s in this scenario are added together first and then your new damage is 500 x 50% The reason this change was done was because you could get an absurd about of Anti-X mods (eg. Chaos/Miniboss/Melee) and get a ridiculous damage output, especially when you do these calculations with 6 or 7 digits.
  23. I was wondering will there ever be an update for transfer accounts to other platforms or just one account linked to all so you can play it the same anywhere
  24. Hey all, just got the new update installed and it wont let me play any C8 stuff. Its power required is 7850 and my monk has 8009. I ran a couple C7s (just thinking it might be bug of sorts) but it still wouldnt let me do any C8. Anyone have any clue why by chance? Thanks in advance! (playing on PC btw)
  25. Thank you so much for this update! I'm absolutely loving it already! The Wild West theme and maps, bringing back the Festival I missed out on as "Westival" is both genius and so much appreciated! The new skin for the Gunwitch is absolutely amazing too, I really love it so much! (Almost said absolutely a 3rd time LOL!) Finally got the ideal skin for my favourite hero too! Really appreciating and enjoying some of the new additions and changes! Venomous Strikes I was hoping would get added and I'm hoping for "Electrifying/Shocking" or whatever shards in future! Also "Chilling" Shards and mor
  26. I love the new pet abilities! Some of these mods & shards sounds super exciting!! Time to poison some Spiders while throwing goats at them while also pushing them back with Etherean mine carts!
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