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  2. Except his post missed the entire point of the thread, like shooting a barn in broad daylight and missing. Do players in challenging areas use walls? No, which is what the thread is about, finding a way to make walls more part of the defense and not a complete waste of DU. This would also subsequently open up more of that hp limit that Chromatic cant use to make more content challenging for those who snoozed up the floors to 900 (and believe me it wasnt challenging at all for them until they hit that hp wall) so they would find what they want and still win rather than beat on the hp wall without ever having a chance. Things that are not an answer to this problem are: Sleeping through 500+ hours of content to get anything challenging, using walls in lower floors even though they are completely useless and will only take one hit, creating a new game. None of these solve the problem, they just ignore it. Does anyone want to be labeled as ignorant for ignoring a problem?
  3. Accepted Currency Events: any events will work. Message me on discord whitetrash#4543 if you have any questions about accepted items/prices Diamonds 5/10/15 coal 20b cubes8:1 Details End Date: 7/31/19 Bids within the last 24 hours will extend the auction an additional 24 hours If offers are too low trade will not be completed.
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  5. i agree juicebag has all the information you will need but nothing helps more than just playing the game
  6. Red + gamma+glacier demise for boots
  7. Hey looking to auction off this KK https://gyazo.com/16c67a3a98c76c9dff28062a8e2e4292 IC : https://gyazo.com/f30562dbcdad2e0ff0d66c7f137deb01 I reserve the right to cancel the auction if im not happy with the price -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Currency accepted] : Cubes Diamonds 5/10/15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Events im most intrested in] : Something blue kraken's good eye Aladdin's wish Dwarven miner mask AMAZEing Vision Mask of rng -------------------------------------------------------------------------- End Date : 30/07/2019 C/O :
  8. MODs just drop anywhere on gears/relics. MODs has very clear description, 99% of them should be self-explanatory (like anti-melee, increase % damage to melee mobs ; defense rate, increase attack rate by % ; poison servo, gives defenses poison element ; etc etc) There is no "the meta" setup, since everything is customization and tailored to fight different specific type mobs. A setup may be meta to some people, but can be useless to others, because they have different play styles, and building strategies. For example u need Piercer servo, to pierce ; Poison servo, to poison ; melee-boom, to deal explosion damage upon killing melee mobs ; anti-range servo, to better kill ranged mobs ; Fire servo, to deal double damage to Frost enemies. (the biggest meta if any, in current state, is Crowd Control, which can be achieved by combining water/storm, or poison/earth elements ; before u step into onslaught, this can be applied to every single map u do) The quickest way to pick those knowledge up, is by playing, experimenting, and watching streams/videos of players who already implement those MODs to show various examples of setup for various enemies, like Mr. Juicebag.
  9. I just spent hours going through all the stuff and gear I have. I'm sorting my inventory right now, and I have alot of shards, but no "mods" other than the one that have been put on my older gear. I have absolutelly no idea how mods works. Do they drop in maps? Is there meta setups or pretty much anything works? There seem to be mats required to upgrade things, which might be the mods themselves, where those mats/etc drops from? anywhere? Thanks alot for your time and anwser.
  10. Tutorial doesn't teach u shards/MODs, as they are part of strategy setup for customization, they only teach u control wise to place down defenses, so don't bother to try to go back is my suggestion. As far as thorough explanation of the entire system, Search Mr. Juicebag, he's got pretty much everything there is to know about DD2 in his videos. When getting to smaller stuff, do read the text-description of shards/MODs u get, as most of them are very self-explanatory. As far as progression, expedition is where u do farming, and get introduced to various mob type. I call it "the second tutorial". After expedition, when u have experimented bits of defenses, mobs, u can move on to Mastery, and Onslaught (the mode that provides challenging content as u progress further). All of those Juicebag has good videos on, if u have specific questions.
  11. So, I've stopped playing around chaos IV, I wanna give the game another try but I dont understand $hit. The game has changed so much and I have no idea what to do. The is mods, shards changed, there is so much and I habe no idea where to begin with. I've searched for a way to restart tutorials but didnt found any. I'm on ps4, if anyone has the patience to explain the game to me again, because I really don't get most of what the game have become.
  12. DDA will be available for Switch, PS4 , XB1 and PC. Atm we are not sure which storefront it will be available for PC, but they have promised whichever storefront you buy it all PC players WILL be able to play together (if your on nitro and Im on Steam we can play together). They do aim to be completely cross-play with all the platforms, but since this is something each manufacturer has to agree to eg Sony, they cannot promise this. They have indicated some sort of cloud save thing where you can take your save from one platform to another, but you will need a copy for each console. There will be some changes from the DD1 you know from Nitro eg. instanced loot, hero decks, more functions available on a UI NOT the forge.
  13. By the way, i also accept mini spider queens, with atleast 43k dmg, with + hero dmg and hero boost.
  14. Auction ends 7/26/2019, and yes, rate is negative
  15. You don't need C8 for floor 100 many people i know are well past 250 with no AP and a few c8 on some key relics. At a certain point you have to go to Floor 80 every time for reset. I would suggest going to at least floor 100 the First reset as the first 20 AP are pretty easy. After that it would be rebuild and push higher to at least 265 at which point you should have 3k min asc on next reset. OR just do all the resets at once but its to floor 80 every time. I actually did 55 to 76 yesterday in 7 casual hours with just c7 drop relics. Currently at Ap 35 with min asc of 3100 i went to floor 263 for reset.
  16. 15 cv Edit: How long does the auction last? Edit 2: I cancel my bid, reason sent in private message.
  17. Because it was just a backend fix and had nothing really relevant they wouldnt notate it on the patch notes section
  18. I’m at ascension 342, floor 63. I’m tempted to reset at around floor 70. Most maps I have to reroll a lot of times and struggle getting through. That would reset me 160 ascension over my current for approx 2000 Defense Power. So 10 resets should be easy before pushing again. I’m not sure it makes sense to upgrade my gear to C8 and use lots of resources on that to push towards floor 100.
  19. I finished the both map and i didn't find any bug My Steam Aoi TheBlue
  20. 10 By the way, Is rate 100 or -?
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