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  2. you're nor wrong, just take the example of Diablo... . I admit that i'm a little impatient. It is especially that i am not used to buying a game not finished when it is officially released when it is already going through its phase of Alpha and Beta. I don't think i'm the only one with this feeling. well i hope. Sorry to have massacred the english language I think this topic can close now.
  3. Sorry, i'm not used to forums. I quoted myself to save time. I noticed some text hidden by a white band... i don't know why. I arrived later on DD1 so didn't actually back it up on this studio's processes.
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  5. There was a buyout so this has ended thanks
  6. In previous DD, there were "soft caps" on stats, meaning a point from which addition points don't contribute as much. Stats in DD scale linearly iirc, so if the soft cap was 1000, the formula would look like this: Tower Health = 40 * Math.min(fortify, 1000) + 10 * Math.max(fortify - 1000, 0) So the wall would gain 40 HP per fortify points until you reach 1000 fortify points. After that point, the wall will only gain 10 additional HP per point over 1000. Are soft caps still a thing, and if so what are they? Thanks!
  7. I heard she left the company. Other people on discord were saying she wasn't getting very good reviews. I watched a few streams that she was on and it didn't seem like she could even play, or have a good understanding of how to play the game. Obviously that's not a good look in my opinion.
  8. Ahh yes, you are correct! That was not intuitive though lol.
  9. I pretty much agree with everything aside from maybe the switching characters mid wave, i can see it being good ( i mainly played dd2 so im more used to it anyway), but i also can see that is does add some more difficulty to the game. also-- The loot early on is pretty much useless, the stats they come with are pretty small and overall dont effect the game until you start to get into insane/nightmare, where loot starts to become more of a focus. The loot rarity is restricted in each difficulty, so your not going to see legendary gear until you get to insane i believe, or transcendent until you get to later game nightmare. Loot is also level restricted for the most part aswell, ex.. your not going to find a common chestpiece with level requirement 70, and your not going to find a transcendent piece with level requirement 50. You can create more then 4 heroes by pressing H i think, or holding f1-f4, and then right clicking a card, pressing "swap". and then youl be put in a menu where you can customize, and you will see a botton to create hero. Then when you want to switch out Monk 1 for Monk 2. you just click on the hero you want to switch in and press add hero to deck. Its not setup very well and not intuitive at all like in dd2 but you can do it. glad your liking the game :)
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  11. I've played thousands of hours of DD1 and DD2, loved both game (especially DD1) a lot, both the DLCs, etc. You can say I'm a hardcore fan of the series, and I was so happy to pick up DDA yesterday. So here's my review, in the hopes that it can encourage the devs to push more stuff to make the game even better. Keep in mind, I've only completed the campaign on medium and hardcore for now, so I can't speak for endgame stuff yet (just wait 1-2 weeks I'll get there lol). So overall the game is very good. It really brings back the DD1 feeling, something people missed since DD2. The old maps are well remastered, the new maps are great (I love them), the game is very well balanced in campaign medium. Bosses were not easy but not too hard, except that damn dragon who's hard to kill if you have no DPS and play solo. The general feeling is really like DD1 and it creates a great atmosphere. Congratulations on that. Loot Loot is a bit weird in DDA, although it is MUCH better than DD2. It's closer to loot system from DD1 where any stat can roll on almost any armor. I will say though, please mark the loot, at least the rarer ones, on the map (EDIT: Upon inspection, I can see it now, but it's very pale, probably why I didn't notice at first). The removal of negative stats is a god gift (no more great builder loot with -100 speed... hurray!), and the overall randomness (to a certain extent) of stat rolls is close from the DD1 system. As for rarity, the drop rate seems very well balanced too. In my campaign play, most of the loot were junk, I got a couple of uncommon (the green loot), and 2 rare or epic, forgot the name of the rarity in DDA, the blue loot, and only from the lava cavern (Glithersomething Cavern). Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but rarity doesn't seem to be linked with level requirement like in DD1 and seems that item power is the one that determines it. So it's closer to DD2's loot in that regard. I'd say I'd prefer DD1 system a bit more, since I still think getting mythical loot and above is ridiculous on lower difficulty. However, I have not got loot of higher rarity than blue for now, so perhaps I'm wrong and mythical and above only drops on Nightmare and above. Heroes Nothing much to say, very similar to DD1. Animations are better though. Nothing to complain about. Waiting for the DLC heroes. Hero Deck This is a weird one for me. I like the shared EXP for all heroes in the hero deck, and I like the quick switch and the removal of the hero forge. Those are great changes, more like features that were kept from DD2. However, I have not been able to create a fifth hero. Perhaps I'm just missing something (I just played for less than a day lol), but if that's really the case, then I must say I'm disappointed. If I have one DPS, I can only have 3 builders? That doesn't seem right. What are we going to do with all the DLC heroes? DD2 did this for a while to encourage coop and cooperation among people, but that goes against hardcore players. DD is about having fun for everyone, but also about hardcore gamers who farm for hours to get the best loot and have the best builds. I'd suggest going the DD2 way: you can switch hero from your hero deck during battle, and you can swap heroes from your hero deck during build phases. Like i usually have 20+ heroes, all specialized in one build. EDIT: Just found out you can create more than 4 heroes. So scrap that part. However, my point still stand for having more than 4 heroes during build phases. Menu and UI This is weakness of this game. I don't know for others, but I'm not a fan of the new icons for stats and the new names for stats. What was wrong with Tower Health, Tower Attack, etc.? I'm now having difficulties reading the loot because I'm not used to it yet. Can we at least have different color icons for hero stats and tower stats? I was really confused at first. "Power, is that hero power, or a tower stat?", stuff like that. I'm fine with the inventory UI mostly, except for the fact that it's weird to have the lock all and sell all options above the lock and sell (single item) options. Switching between pages is annoying, perhaps we could get a shortcut for that (or perhaps there's already one that I'm missing?). Also it's probably a bug, but when hitting sell all on a page that isn't the first one, it doesn't automatically returns to page 1. The hero stat menu is terrible. The function of adding points and removing them is well done, but it's downhill from there. First of all, why isn't the equipment stats added to the hero stats in that menu? I have to click on an additional button to access a different menu to see my total stats. Can't you fuse both scene? I don't know, display the full stat with the point allocation in parenthesis besides? Additional suggestions Most of the features I'm suggesting are self explanatory or require very little explanations, so I'll just put a bullet list: Minimap during battle. Add 3 toggle options when pressing tab: no map, big map overlay, minimap in a corner. Stat comparison when expecting loot on the ground. Stats that are better are already in green, but can we have stats that are lower in red, and missing stats also in red (perhaps another color of annotation so the player doesn't confuse the comparison with negative stats on the loot). Mark loot on the map, and with a color code so we know what rarity it is. Put a warning text on the screen when a strong monster spawns like ogres. Sound effect when a rare loot drops. Additional hero slots with possibility to swap heroes from hero deck in build phase (see hero deck section of this post). More hero fighting skills with the possibility to swap abilities (like we have 5 hero skills and can only have 2 at the time, so not to mess with the current inputs). Conclusion Overall, the game is great for now. I'm sure with more content it can surpass DD1. One thing though, making it close to DD1 is a good thing, as that game did some many things right, and also because a lot of people liked it. However, simply remastering DD1 is not enough. Don't be afraid to test out new stuff as long as it doesn't change the core of the game, like DD2 (but let's wander not too far from the core like DD2). For example, new hero fighting abilities that we can swap. I'm very happy with the game and wish for the best. I'll continue playing until I'm done with the endgame, and I'll post another more complete review once I'm done with the endgame, or far into it at least. In the mean time, I'm eagerly awaiting for more content. Mush
  12. Can you make it so that we can sort games by map/ difficulty/ game type? snaptube vidmate word to pdf
  13. If you actually had informed yourself you would have known that splitscreen isn't implemented.. jpg to pdf
  14. If you actually had informed yourself you would have known that splitscreen isn't implemented..
  15. Been some time since I read this dumb ass argument on the internet
  16. Hi guys, im looking to auction this boots i got. Auction will end on 21/07/2020 (21st of July) at 23:59 GMT+1), bids on last 12 hours will extend auction by ONE day. No hidden reserve. I have the right to not sell if im not satisfied with the final offer. Im taking specific armor pieces,cubes, diamonds (5/10/15) and TRACED events only. Bids with at least one event from the list below will be prioritized over raw cv bids. EVENTS ACCEPTED: -Ginger (120cv) -Pointys (100cv) -Celebracers (100cv) -First Patch (300cv) -Butterscotch (150cv) -Greater Magicite of Wind (110cv) -The Rainmaker (150cv) -Mr.Crackers (80cv) -Memoriam (50cv) ARMOR PIECES IM LOOKING FOR: -APP ++ Leather (Helmet and Gloves) -Range Aura ++ Plate (Any piece except gloves) MIGHT ACCEPT OTHER EVENTS, MESSAGE ME FOR INFO (iTzEcztazy#6875)
  17. I have also: - Uninstalled the game, uninstalled game, reinstalled Steam, then reinstalled the game. - Uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics driver.
  18. For widescreen the UI works just fine but for game play it zooms in and cuts off the top and bottom. Still perfectly playable but a little more zoomed in than I would like.
  19. Here are my thoughts on boosting: Boost aura (40DU) and buff beam (60DU) are not worth it unless they are boosted by destructive pylon. I would advise against putting destructive pylon on boost aura or buff beam. If you equip destructive pylon on the boost tower itself, it's convenient to have a single boost tower but you're missing out on a chunk of DPS. Even then, buff beam at 60DU isn't worth it a lot of the time. However, I have found that equipping unique power and unique CD mods on a buff beam gives it enough kick to make the 60DU worth it. The downside is that you only get one. But at 60DU a pop, you typically can't afford more than one anyway. It's definitely not part of my cookie cutter build, but rather an onslaught build where different lanes need differing amounts of attention. Overall, be cognizant of the DU you spend boosting vs the DU you spend placing towers. Two flame auras + buff beam will drastically underperform compared to just summoning 4 flame auras. However, If you have 4 earthshatters and 2 skyguards that cover two different lanes, a buff beam would do a ton better than just adding another earthshatter. Radiant power not only applies to DPS towers, but also applies to boost aura and buff beams. If you use both a boost aura and buff beam in a build, you get even more of a damage increase. Destructive pylon works best on inexpensive towers. Examples include proton beam, serpents coil, snaking sands, or LSA. I personally use proton beam for trap/aura/node builds, and serpents coil for tower builds (e.g. PDT, earthshatter, skyguard, etc).
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