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  2. Sorry i didnt mention that but yes i accept events
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  4. Can confirm this happened to me as well, it did get fixed by putting a strength aura stacked on it however this shouldn't be nessesary for none lightning mobs.
  5. Are you not going to accept event?
  6. Yes , I agree with you Outlook error 0x800CCC0E
  7. So I've been playing DD:A beta quite a lot yesterday. I love the gameplay and the content and I couldn't be more hyped about the game. I only have some feedback on the HUD. HUD The monster count looks pretty basic. Not a problem but it doesn't fit the DD:A theme When upgrading/repairing/selling towers I can barely tell which one I'm upgrading (when f.e. I stacked monk auras). It would be nice if you would see like in DD1 an icon of the tower you're hovering over and selecting. Lets talk about the map (I do think this is subject to change since this might not be developed yet). So I dislike how the enemies are just red dots and not an icon of the face of the enemy. Also towers/traps/auras are some crystals on the map, it would be nice if there will be icons of the towers itself on the map. PERSONAL PREFERENCE: It would be nice if there is some sort of a text or small popup that shows you when you have unspent level points for stats. UI When you hover over an item it would be great to see your current item of that sort equipped so you could see what is better, what is worse and what doesn't make a big difference. Because maybe the PowerLevel is higher however has stats you don't want, like dps stats for a tower hero. It would be nice if there is a bit more of a Dungeon Defenders theme in the inventory. For your level points. Put the hero level up page and defence level up page under each other. So it is clean on one page. Yet again I just wanna say gameplay wise I really enjoy the game, both solo and playing with friend/online. These are just some things I'd like to see uppon release (or even a next beta). Feel free to post your opinion based on this thread or your experience with DD:A HUD/UI. EDIT Statement from Chromatic Games about the HUD for the beta: "We’re going to be adding various improvements to the HUD. Currently we have it setup for beta to be functional. There’s a ton of work that we’ve done not in the Beta, but expect improvements on launch."
  8. This is a beta about 2-3 months away from release. You should check the kickstarter update on the kickstarter website where they wrote which features are not in the beta and which will in the release. I am not sure what you mean about the change in building since it is similar to DD1. You can change the camera option with CTRL when building so you get the topdown placement instead of the spot your character is looking at.
  9. You should keep in mind that the beta is around 2-3 months away from release. Things like auto-sell dropped items will probably be implemented however they don't even have the gold currency in the game yet. So there is no way of them to convert items on the ground to gold (they could delete them on the ground if a new wave starts, but not nessesary). So this is a beta so a lot of the features aren't here yet, keep that in mind. I do like the topics you're pointing out. I have the same feelings about most of them.
  10. Ya there is go to customize and pick a map and set it on solo
  11. Is there any way to play the game solo at the moment? Yesterday i could only play for a short time and could not find a way where i don't get randomly put in some already running map. Did i overlook something or is it just not possible?
  12. The size of the chest changes on loot quality in it ;)
  13. Neato. I'm not super intrested in them but I have a buddy who is. Could you give your xboxlive gamertag?
  14. At the beginning of the build phase, players are given their mana automatically, though I'm not sure if the amount each player gets is lowered the more players you have. As for the loot you'd used to find in them, at the end of each round there is now a chest for every player near the crystal you can open to get loot. If you don't remember to open the chest, and the round starts, the chest will open itself and the contents will spill onto the floor. This is a huge pain on survival mode because the loot is trash until like the 15th+ wave, and loot no longer disappears after the round, so the spawn ends up littered with trash items. So you can either collect all of them or dig through the trash to get the good items once they start spawning.
  15. I know this is only a beta, but seriously. Gameplay sucks. Where's the in-game forge? Building is slower because of a change in how to place traps. This was marketed as a return to the DD1 style. Instead it feels like DD2. Epic fail. Uninstalled. I hope the actual release is fixed. Not impressed.
  16. It’s in the tower description. It’s a big. I noticed the same thing
  17. Yeah but "keep it simple" doesn't mean it needs to look so out of place. DD2's UI was simplistic but still fit in with the aesthetic and style of the game really well. It was also far more appropriately portioned at least IMO. Yeah, and I struggle to believe I'd be able to actually read anything on the UI properly while in splitscreen from the distance away most people are when playing on a console. I certainly wouldn't be able to decipher something like whether a tower is t1 or 2 or 3 from a glance.
  18. Steam: (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198060490807)
  19. +1. It's not fun at all being unable to upgrade anything past wave 8. Especially when soloing
  20. Can confirm that the frame rate is very unstable. I notice the instability happens around 60+ Monsters out of the gate or leaving item's on the ground wave through wave. Computer Specs i7-8750H 16 GB ddr4 GTX 1070 Windows 10 I also have 10gb upload and 100gb download with 21 Latency according to google's speed test.
  21. i have a full set of mistymire items pre patch to give a away if anyone wants them? i have the other to classes but im lazy to posted them if anyone wants them drop you gt
  22. At this point it I am thinking it’s more my internet than my pc, because I get pretty smooth animation for about a minute at a time and then the music gets choppy and the frame locks in place for a few seconds, then get slightly better, then goes smooth again. It doesn’t seem to matter how much is going on either, it feels very random. If it is an internet issue then I am a little concerned that this same kind of thing will happen on other platforms if you’re on a slower network. I figure I should give my pc specs just in case: Windows 10 AMD FX 6300 six core 8 GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 7700
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