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  2. Your issue with hoarding is not my issue and still not a valid reason :)
  3. I don't speak for everyone but my bags and vaults is packed with mods and Shards which makes managing difficult. Almost every end game I have to delete items in my inventory which consumes time. I personally would love the idea of managing your inventory during the wave, it's something to do when I am farming. It may sound bad being AFK but I generally do not care if someone is AFK in my game unless it's Onslaught or Prime. This is another example on how AFK is not bad: To get Pristine Tokens they expect me to play 143 games of DrakenLord Resort for 1 Perfect 10 Mod reroll, Madness!
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  5. Now there are many pets that beat kobold. The one with best potential is diceses which can get 999 in all stats. But farming them can take forever. ToT and just straight up diamonds are good, which both capp at 800. Moonbase is still great, but I'm pretty sure Costal Bazard is the best armor map now. For xp TD is good but embermount volcano is quicker. Tnker lab is quicker with if I remeber correctly 70m per run.
  6. Hello BlueConfusedMage Im always farm on public because more items and sometims help new players to get good mods for just waiting on me to do the map I never waited on somebody or to stay to look at stars for 5 min when everyone is accepting to do the next wave Today i told on one of my friend( his older on the game than me) about that incident He told me that he was on a map with them one week ago but because he is so advanced on ascending probably didnt kick him because of that The funny thing was they desperate pointing on him to gave to one of them the gems and do the map He told me that their defense failed( or his cuz only one of 3 move, the rest just follow him after some second) their defense failed on wave 4.. he accepted to restart the wave and when the wave restarted they kicked him too I guess they have a problem with peoples who have more dps than them or just some kids who thing wow that s funny Still remember that 2 of them 1 month ago stayed with me on lomg farm,one of them send me an invitation but i refused cuz i was feeling that they might want me to do some longgggg onslaught lvls( to carry both) So they dont have a problem only with me from what i see
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  8. Yeah I'm not doing META. If I were to copy and paste then I would feel useless. I did not AP reset because it's a waste of time in the end. Your posts describe nice set ups. I use a primary Dryad build (I hear a lot of complaints about her, but she's working just fine) because she's devastating in corrupt form. Mod/shard combos have to be precise. Supporting towers have to be balanced perfectly. META = everyone is the same. I am not a fan of that. I took a year off and have been grinding off and on for upgrades upon my return. It's hard to stay interested with life in perpetual motion.
  9. I've been away from the game since I think around 2013, I recall Tinkerer's Lab still being fairly new when I stopped playing seriously. Basically anything the CDT have put out I have no idea. So I've been trying to figure out where to go to get the good gear. I've mainly been a solo player, and I'm trying to hit 5k-6k+ stats. I have perfect Kobolds on all my builders (all 4 tower stats capped at 600), but I hear other pets can do better, but not sure what and where and if it's actually worth the effort. I am aware of ToTs but I have a very hard time farming those as I just cannot do the mini game. And yes I have watched the videos and read the tutorials on how to do it with ease and even practiced it for a while, I struggled pretty hard with it. Mind you WW is like the only stage I've never beat, it's not worth it to me to farm diamonds. I'm also looking to farm better tower weapons. I have some that hits around the 400 mark but only on like one character, the rest are in need of upgrades. Whats the best place to go to for stat weapons and how high of stats can I expect to look for? As far as armor goes, I know Moonbase is good, I've farmed that a few times but I've only hit wave 33 (I have around 2k-3k stats chars) so I typically get one shot around that time and my build dies. I should in theory beat it if I don't die, but that hasn't happened yet. I hear that's about the best, but most of those posts are pretty old not sure if anything new that is "better" has come out. Also, I know literally nothing about accessories, what kidn of stats they can give, where the best farm for them is, or any idea what I'm looking for. This was mainly because I remember back when I played still they only gave like less than 100 stat gains but I hear they can get pretty nice these days. I assume TD NMHC campaign is still the fastest way to level. Is there anything better? Mind you I get around 30mil, idk how good that is though. I know this is kind of a lot of information I'm asking for but I've been scouring for information and it's very difficult to find information for this game anymore.
  10. Internal Alpha builds have been functional for a while now ;) In regards to the rest of the beta questions...we're still working out all of the details. About a second stage / early release stage...we will definitely have some iteration for testing sometime between the "Beta" and the release. The details/extent of this round of testing will largely depend on the first round of Beta. It could be invite only, staff only, who knows.
  11. One thing you might try is to take a look at their gear score when they join, and then when you create a game set the minimum score to join at a higher level than theirs. You also might create a second account and play with both in split screen which will block a 3 player group from joining you. Make friends and invite them to farm with you. Start private games and run solo or only invite friends. Change your region if they're not trolling multiple regions. Just playing devils advocate here, but also consider what you are doing. If they're just kicking people before the last round every time, obviously they're trolling. If on the other hand, you are running around for the full duration of the timer after each wave is complete and it's just Expeditions, you are likely getting kicked because people are tired of waiting on you... no one wants to wait an extra couple of minutes each map for content they need to do 100's of times for mats.
  12. I was trying to play as much unmeta as possible on that time to the point that was hurting me sometimes..Mystic as a hero.Only the wm of drench/stun and the fissure for some frosty lanes with no other auras like lsa,flame aura, proton beam or reflect beam which people use a lot atm. My main was sv with a pylon of a coil and using other avg/good defenses like pdt,ramster,balista,exp traps and oil geyser ..if in your own restriction is allowed to use ch8, the max c8 relic is equivalent for a 999 ap def power boost.Aside from the full frosty goblin two schedules (moby gallery and frosty lane) i wasnt getting out runned by others stuffs. All that left to me is this prime incursion that looks like will take untill october to actually start to have high risk of mobs passing from my defenses as i upped my sv to c8 max and 999 asc after i did 5 reset for the ap def pow. I believe than after they release the mass destruction will increase so much the cap for pow in a map that finally someone will reach floor 999 and with no ap i dont even know wht is the better ranked now so i cant predict anything. Would be a good thing if you or anyone try to reach a high rank by extracting the best of wht there is avaliable but just about thinking of the time taked to do it's not worthed.
  13. Thank you so much Jaws I wrote a ticket for them, wish if u blocked someone to not enter the maps with them anymore I wish they will pay for what they did to me and my friend and im 100% sure we are not the only one I wanted to talk to him but all of account have blocked message from players, so u cant talk to them I really hope that they will be banned at least 30 days :)
  14. So sorry. Very lame... This is the exact kind of behavior i was talking about on the DDA threads when talking about what system should be used for multiplayer in the new game. This is a great example of the behavior that some dismissed as "I've never seen it, so it must not happen". If you build a system that can be abused....it will. To OP - write down screen names, submit a complaint to CG, and possibly stick to private games for a bit, or try switching servers. Good luck. Too bad when bad people ruin good things. Some people just want to see the world burn. Others, are willing to carry you for hundreds of Onslaught floors and never complain once. Here's hoping you find more of the latter...
  15. Isn't like 800 + with no ascension and without double hypershards
  16. Hello, i finally took a photo of 2 players( some times 3) which are same account 2 of them and one a friend The problem is over a month at ps 4, they enter the same room as you and kick you in last round by voting They never enter alone, only both or all 3 Today they kicked me and my friend entered the map after my kick He manage to took a photo with phone and after the wave 4 he was kicked Please! Do something, they play on ps 4 and im tired of this stupid group who enter all of them and kick others You cant kick them cuz they are 2 or 3u always they press no buttom What to do?https://imgur.com/Bd5bU25
  17. Can we also allow summoner to go overlord mode after the final wave? There are items on emerald city (areas such as boss spawn spot) that if dropped on the final wave , would be impossible to retrieve. It would help on other farming maps as well.
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  19. Mass is the only good Hyper that two can actually be a benefit, it should be last. Also Thunderstruck is pure trash tier. I would love to see this because you have a long way to go since someone is already very high up with that restriction
  20. Bonnabelle

    WTA Ult+ genie

    oh lol thats a genie not a djinn(let)
  21. Only downside to explosive Traps are Cyborks who hit them outside the trigger radius (thus takes longer to kill them) :< otherwise they're awesome with either a WM or dual elemental protons.
  22. Damn, sounds like i missed all the LM meta fun!!!
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  24. Are there any legit people on xbox 360?
  25. Soloing this prime was distracting....cannon ogres. The hyper-shard for this should have been Mass Destruction and not Thunderstruck, even though Thunderstruck is nice. Daniel I'm glad you stopped climbing without AP reset. I also have no Ancient Powers can now climb and hold the record for highest no-AP-reset floor reached on all platforms. People say this, people say that...records are records and I enjoy breaking and making them
  26. Ozep

    WTA Ult+ genie

    I will not sell if I don't like the offers. Accepted C´╗┐urrency $$ Coal to Cube Ratio - 10:1 ´╗┐ Cubes Genie: http://imgbox.com/5NnGeahr Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038972179/
  27. hey looking to buy this event for 45cv
  28. Yeah, I'd love to do away with the need for trees, she just doesn't work because of that. Which is a shame, because Bees and Nimbus could still be usable were it not for the mandatory 20 DU required to also place trees. It also makes her unusable for most of Mastery. At 30 and 60 du respectively, they would be fine, but that extra 20 makes them too expensive. THAT would be the ideal way to fix the Dryad's towers, imo. The only thing the trees themselves are good for at the moment is slowing down enemies in prime power surge. Also, there was a short time during Nightmare when Lavamancer WAS the best character. Originally, volcanoes had significantly higher DPS than most other towers, and by putting 4 in your hero deck, dropping them in the middle of a map, putting up a couple fissures, and spamming eruption, you could annihilate any map even faster than pre-nerf PDTs. They wouldnt even make it out of the spawn gates. Also a short time during early protean, before they made fissures function as a proper aura, they could be stacked almost on top of each other and couldn't be stunned. They were broken as hell for a bit.
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