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  2. Fp raffle is 1/200, this staff is 1/100k
  3. Never has the old adage " a fool and their money been easy parted" been so true
  4. Yesterday
  5. Idk ult accs prices so i'll start with 50cv 🙂
  6. Zen Dragon


    Auctioning Accessory Accepted Events EPH/Celebration 150 Celebracers 250 NPC 200 Magicite 80 FP 600 Auction will be going for while until I decide when to end it. I reserve the right to not sell this if I'm not satisfied with the highest bid.
  7. 6fp 1npc 1 celebracer
  8. PlayStation 4 & 5, don’t have access to act 5 maps. Stating the game hasn’t finished downloading and installing, though it has.
  9. fp and celebracers
  10. 4 FP + 2 NPC + Love = 3800
  11. 5FP, 2npc, 1 celebracer
  12. We've seen it too with the Warden's shrooms, just flying to the ceiling of non-open maps. They have to have a reduced flying arc. And now that we're here, you can also see the annoying smoke of the Siren's projectiles too, if we can fix this it would be much appreciated.
  13. Last week
  14. Weird. Saw a Juice video and he had about 481 enemies on Wave 100 on Rifted Hardcore Survival .
  15. No it definitely goes that high on PC too (after the update). I agree that it's too high right now though, for both platforms.
  16. Hey, I'm going for a Volley Boom Apprentice build, with Exploding Volley Chip, Frostfire Remnants. I need suggestions for a good staff, that can have x5, and 4 shots/s. I'm currently using "Enlightenment", but is there any of the staffs from Prime Incursions that is best or such thing? Can anyone help with good options?
  17. Nah, Run and Gun does not count as a buff for Buff Chips. You need actual hero buff abilities such as Squire's Provoke, Countess' Call to Arms, Mercenary's Combat Preparation or Barbarian's Stances for examples to proc those.
  18. Does anyone know if the Run and Gun shard activates a buff which procs the Ability Buff Chip? I just want to know if that's a valid synergy
  19. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121595205 Zenoia
  20. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198354703821/ https://imgur.com/a/PFRi42G
  21. heres the rest https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199231247936/ https://imgur.com/a/bCCxhJy
  22. Necesito un poco de ayuda de ustedes. Quiero empezar a jugar juegos en línea. Este por ejemplo casino en vivo casinoschilenos.online/casino-en-vivo ¿Tienes alguna idea de este tipo de juegos? Si es así, no dude en actualizarme. Esperaré por tu respuesta.
  23. Se ve tan bien como siempre. Muchas gracias por compartir.
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