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  2. This is a very recycled request (meaning, every few months new players enter DD2 and make this request). DD2 is how it is. If they honor your request, Ninja, then how does Chromatic reward those who had to endure the grind over and over. The effort is taken away from the people that have put in the time and ground out the horrible Random Number Generator (RNG) system that Chromatic has in place (by the way it is not "random." It is a controlled random; major difference). Chromatic has if in place to favor purchases for impatient people. They've already screwed the long-grinders over twice in a big way... All-of-the-sudden the new people end up with better gear more quickly than those that have endured.
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  5. Let me start by saying that I love DD2, and that I see very few flaws with the game as a whole. That being said, speaking for myself and hopefully many other players, the game is very grind intensive. Currently it takes dozens of hours of play, just to get a floor or two higher in Onslaught, much less gathering materials for your next Ascension reset. Grind is good for keeping players who love the game around for the long haul, but is much less friendly for anyone to reach that end game level of play. Players end up focus grinding, running maps until they get the motes then start a new map just for motes again. Then they spend every defender medal they get buying shard packs. Most players are not at the top tier of play and have a very difficult time getting there. That begs the question of whether a slight adjustment could ease that grind? With that question, I offer an idea that could help all those areas at once. 1. Give all level 5 and above chips a slightly higher chance of dropping. Helps the economy on whole, reduces the over-inflation of chip and servo prices. 2. Increase DM and shard award for map completion, say 10-15 extra DM and 2 extra shards. - Eases the grind, ensures players want to complete maps rather than cutting them short. 3. Increase mote drop slightly, something similar to: Chaos I - 5 mote drop; with a 50% chance for a 6th mote from the chest Chaos II - 6 mote drop; 75% chance for a 7th, 50% chance for an 8th from the chest Chaos III - 7 mote drop; 75% chance for a 8th mote, 50% chance for an 9th, 5% chance for a 10th mote from the chest Chaos IV - 5 mote drop; 50% chance for a 6th mote from the chest Chaos V - 6 mote drop; 75% chance for a 7th, 50% chance for an 8th mote from the chest Chaos VI - 7 mote drop; 75% chance for a 8th, 50% chance for an 9th, 5% chance for a 10th mote from the chest Chaos VII - 7 mote drop; 25% chance for a 8th, 10% chance for an 9th, and a 5% chance for a 10th mote from the chest Chaos VIII - Leave this in its current state, as of now this is top tier play, and players should work hard to achieve this level. These slight adjustments would help ease the grind, keep new players, helps current and top tier players grind more efficiently and effectively, and are very far from making the game easy mode. I encourage both positive and negative comments as well as other ideas, hoping to establish a dialog for change. Thanks for reading and happy defending!
  6. Hello, I am trying to do a one crystal build on sky city to farm a cat. I build everything at the starting center crystal and just let the mobs come to it. My only problem is that Djinn are despawning the buff beams on the other crystals. I just have an aura stack and a buff beam upgraded on them. Is there any way I can reliably stop them from despawning things?
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  8. I could understand wanting a carry for a few floors, but really, ArchaicLotus makes a great point. Floor 36 is still at the point in which the game is easy. You can push all the way to floor 100 without paying much attention to mods, even. Slap defense rate/destruction/deadly strikes on a few auras, maybe a PDT, Earthshatter, WM, etc, throw on a few appropriate 2/10 mods (placeholders till you get the good stuff), and you'll find yourself being able to push to around floor 100 without too much difficulty. Its not until past that point that perfect mods and such start to become important. As an almost entirely self taught builder, I can confirm it's possible from personal experience.
  9. Gta, first off, you are a very honest player with a great attitude. I want to get that out upfront because you bring up a point that has been needing to be made every since Onslaught's conception; carries. You are stuck on floor 36 and are needing help to get to 500. What's the point. If you are carried to floor 129 then you will end up being one of the worst builders in the game. People who have relied on carries and the water servo/weapon's manufacturer combo have ended up being some of the worst builders in the game, and have moved on to Minecraft and Fortnite. Prestige a lot, or farm Pristine Motes to build up c8 medallions. Learn what works best for whatever rulesets and go from there. Learn by trial-and-error or you will end up not knowing how to do anything well in DD2. Anyone has any right to ask for carries. The more carries you get, the less quality you will produce. "That's not necessarily true, Lotus." 'Yes it is. Be gone, water servo/weapons manufacturer abusers.' "But it saves on DU." 'Oh you mean that you don't know how to adapt to any lane that has that applied the Headstrong rule.'(I have a post coming for all of you, so be happy).
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    I think a Destiny 2 "Gambit" type game mode could work really well for DD2. Teams setup a map in say, less than 30 seconds, and as your score grows, you can send bonus monsters across to the other team.
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  12. as the title says want to trade Traced glacier for a traced Gaia
  13. So it has come time to say goodbye to my precious waterfall and I wanted to either sell it or auction it. I think most people understand its worth and other items worth so I will spare you those. I am interested in useful events (ik waterfall is a useful event) or diamonds @ 5/10/15 or 8 coal - 1cv and any other offers. For event prices, I loosely follow this sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WvvU13X6F7mtSrugcJvOUmar_oEi2eSQC_V-VWC1IYI/htmlview If you are interested in buying and not bidding feel free to message me on discord @The Real J #6600 (I have no idea if the spaces matter or not, but I am in the ddrng discord if you want to find me in there) I will keep this forum updated as needed and thx in advance all who are interested!! :)
  14. I use mine mostly to deal with Headstrong Assassins or Drakenfrost Keep as I put an Oil and Fire sword together to do instant ignites. Although you could use a Burning STrikes shard, I have had instances where it took 20 seconds of straight up slashing to light a torch and that is like an eternity in some cases. Plus, I can run into a Drakenlord and instantly ignite him. Having Drakenlord's Soul is nice, especially if you pair it up with a Controller servo. It is also the only method of stunning a Headstrong enemy as long as they aren't also Unstoppable. The rest I put Anti-X mods to punish the most common enemies. My equipment is largely AP/Health at 3:3 ratio as the two weapons + the Hero Damage points in Ascension more than make up for having no items with Hero Damage.
  15. You also neglected to mention that it can only affect ground enemies. Kobolts and Dark Assassins are ignored, making it a bit of a detriment for Chaos 7 farming. I use the Embermounts myself with a T10 Tenacity and Flames mod and the cons you mention don't really bother me as much as one would think., but I have different concerns. For the first 2 scenarios, largely Warboars and Goblins die within range of the aura due to their slow speeds and low life pools. Every other normal monster tends to fall a little bit after with Drakin and Orcs taking the longest to fall. I feel the first two issues aren't really issues in my book and make it still worth a Servo slot and 30 DU. It's when we start adding Frosties, Chaos and the Minibosses that we begin to worry about the real issue: The 3rd point. Vanguards fall like flies but Lady Orcs, Geodes and Hex Throwers do take some time before the burns finally down them without assistance and as you said: You consume 1 target to continue the burn effect. You also run the risk of Cybork stunning them without a T10 C8 Tenacity or you get their range high enough and place them out of reach. Although Frost take double damage before Anti-X mods are applied, most ONS with these spawn in droves (which won't tag all of them) and there is another issue that hinders the aura: If a Frost Orc slows the Fissure itself, then all burn rates get reduced. As for minibosses, the real problem is if it tags a Siege Roller, which reduces the damage to 10%. Although for High Rollers you would avoid building these, there are some cases High Rollers intersects with another or a Siege Roller is the boss choice for that lane. The only possible reason to burn them would be so you can oil them if you are facing Pile Ons. As for everything else, it is still nice damage assistance, especially if you tag a Drakenlord as it saves a step for igniting them and Yetis. It is still worth the servo and 30 DU if you work around it's weaknesses. =================================== With the original topic, you can save yourself a Burning Strikes Shard if you get an Oil Chip on his blade. Any time he erupts lava in his attack combo, that does Fire damage, which inflicts instant ignites. This can be helpful when fighting Drakenlord or doing Drakenlord Keep. If you don't commit the full attack combo, you can at least apply Oil so that Controlled Burn can be tagged for damage. This opens up a shard for support things like Pumpkinator or Sundering Blow. If you are doing an AP based one, having Cataclysms and Lava Floors helps immensely.
  16. If you accumulate 10 hours of DD2 play, then the game will give you a 10/10 servo or chip item at random. This timer counts down faster the more people you play with. I don't mind the system since as I said, I host carries outside of C1 on Sundays or when I am watching the under/mid card to a promotion and the matches are boring. My issue is that people rely heavily on the aid of people like me to get going and usually end up making their late game more difficult on themselves than it should be.
  17. I can tell you any stats on any minion, just give me the number of points I should put into a stat
  18. Same here. I did nothing on combat phase too. Once I got crucial lanes upgraded when needed, it's all smooth. In fact, some lanes I leave totally un-upgraded. No idea why return of maldonis is *not* afk-able.
  19. Thanks for letting me know. Its just that I already have rather nice armor and even tho i can calculate the stat changes, I don't know how that will affect the actual Stats from my archers etc. I am debating with myself if it is worth to downgrade my Summoners dmg for a few hp. But if you don't wanna be bothered, that's totally fine ^^
  20. plate boots are upgraded, chain gloves also, it is without set bonus so you can do math for it, set bonus is 40%
  21. Would it be possible for you, to show me the plate boots and the chain gloves in open, so i can try them? I just wanna see if the "upgrade" is worth it before i buy anything here ^^ TiA
  22. While Physical copies of DDA would be amazing, and are not completely out of the question, it's not something we are putting too much thought into right now. We're more focused on the game itself for now, but who knows what could happen down the road :)
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