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  2. Our appeal team will reach out to you in the case of an unban. We do have a zero tolerance policy for situations where we have verified hacking/cheating was involved. If you have not been contacted after a few days, it is pretty safe to assume that you will not be unbanned.
  3. Hey there! Send an email over to our support team (support@chromatic.games), and they can take a look at it. No guarantees on the outcome obviously. Good luck!
  4. Hello! I was banned years ago when I was probably 13 was wondering if somehow, someway I could appease my actions of the past and be unbanned. Thank you for the consideration.
  5. So um just curious do they ever get back to you on hacker appeal forms, dont get me wrong i was in the wrong for trying to quick level cheating by modding a few stat's wont lie wanted to catch up to a friend due to deleting a high level hero but i just wanted to know how long do I have to wait for a answer, ps I had no intention of keeping that character it was used for a quick level an not cool but now i just want to know what going to happen an if i will be in the naughty corner for life
  6. Last week
  7. I'm not sure how many Switch players are playing online, and it's possible there are not many. I only play the Switch version offline, since I don't pay for the online functionality. You can try messaging [CG] Phillip on Discord to verify you aren't flagged as a hacker if you are worried. I'm not sure if there are any cheaters on the Switch version, as they tend to be PC players, so if you've seen other players I find it more likely that there's a small player pool rather than you being flagged.
  8. Base form: https://imgur.com/Hr0xJB6 Hero damage: https://imgur.com/Y2ZvGxO Reaches 108x tb. Accepting dias (5/10/15 by cap), traced events that are listed below only(ask me about any other event), ++ gear trade can be negotiated. Events: FP: Instant buyout Any pointy: 200 cv Rainmaker: 200 cv Celebracers: 180 cv Ginger: 250 cv Limepie/Butterscotch: 300 cv Cinnamon: 100 cv Rockshatter: 100 cv Magicite: 100 cv Mr. Crackers: 120 cv Gaias Last Gift: 120 cv Overload:
  9. pretty sure its a glich, tho i wrote a guide on steam on how to be ABSOLUTELY sure you lost a hypershard https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2657823731&searchtext=hypershard here, take a look at it if y want, make sure you have all mastery hypers and all prime hypers forthe eaziest time, etc etc, hope it helps
  10. Can anyone help me? Ive got DDA on Switch this week and is it normal that there are only 1-2 Players a Day online? Ive heard there should be alot of them Online but i dont see any... Did i somehow get Hacker Flagged even if i didnt join a Hackers Game? Please Help, boring to play Solo all the time
  11. Can anyone help me? Ive got DDA on Switch this week and is it normal that there are only 1-2 Players a Day online? Ive heard there should be alot of them Online but i dont see any... Did i somehow get Hacker Flagged even if i didnt join a Hackers Game? Please Help, boring to play Solo all the time
  12. Ive got DDA this week on Switch and i only see like 1-2 Peoples a Day. Is this normal or is there something wrong? Also never went into a lobby with a cheater
  13. The map selection screen has a green checkmark in the bottom right corner that indicates a maps has been completed. It's definitely possible the achievement bugged out, as I completed the "Complete all maps on Hard" and yet the Act 2 one didn't trigger. I eventually unlocked it by doing it over during one of the PTRs. For the record, Act 4 maps shouldn't be required for the "All maps" achievements. If you believe it to be bugged, you can try submitting it via the DD Discord, specifically in the #bug-report-dda room. I'd recommend including which platform you are playing on as well as
  14. I start it with a 50cv bid
  15. C8 Mastery just gives a new type hyper shard, I don't think it takes away the old Hyper Shards. Most likely you're a victim to a glitch, as there are multiple reports of players missing some of their Hyper Shards too with CG also confirming the problem. You might want to sent a ticket about it here - https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us.
  16. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198010898516 Forgive me I started eating the cake before realizing I needed to add my name. I'll link an album with an intact version. Lemon Japanese Soufflé Cheesecake I would want to get Staff of the Pumpkin King FP. On Live. https://imgur.com/a/ufniHcI Happy holidays!
  17. WTA Mail Gloves App Leather Chest similar quality = Auction over Will end Monday Night my time (6pm Aus EST) 29th Nov Likely would be Sunday night or Monday morning for most of you guys App stats when upped 50x/122x/52x Hits just under 1170 tb when upped Dias accepted 5/10/15 Events accepted Celebration/Elf hat 100 Celebracers 100 NPC 150 FP 500 Cinnamon 120 Ginger 200 Lime Pie 200 Butterscotch 300 Rainmaker 180 Magicite 100 Crackers 100 Ancient Plume 40 Ask me about
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  19. Is there a way to tell what maps you have or haven't completed towards trophy completion? I have to get the trophy to complete all maps on Insane, and I have the trophies that say I've completed all act 1-4 maps on insane. So.. am I missing something for this trophy or is it just bugged?
  20. One set of my hypershards are missing, specifically the ones from beating mastery like 2+ years ago. I see new C8 mastery was added - did they take away the shards, or am i victim to a glitch?
  21. I have resolved the issue myself by changing the compatibility mode with the help of this post.
  22. DEFENDERS, Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you, and to show our appreciation we wanted to give back in the best way we know how: with a free steaming turkey mask! Anyone who logs in from now until December 8th will get our newest transmog, the Harvest Gobbler Mask! Don’t miss out! Thanksgiving Login Event Harvest Gobbler Mask (Gobble, gobble!) From now until December 8th, all defenders who login will receive the Harvest Gobbler Mask, unlocked through the Transmog UI. Make sure to hop on to get this absurdly tantalizing turkey mask before time runs out! Nintendo
  23. Hello friends, I am encountering a problem while playing this game Dungeon Defenders on my computer. I can't play the game on full screen. Please help me friends to fix the issue.
  24. Thanks so much for the massive update!!! Quick question. Do you have any idea when the local co op will be released?
  25. They re-worked how gear works. For example, weapons and pets now only boost hero stats. Because of this, they reset all your upgrades and refunded the gold for it. Benefit of this is that you can gear your heroes to work as both towers and dps/tank. They also added Fusion gear from the Rifted enemies. You'll want to get sets of fusion armor to have fusion towers. There's also new heroes and a lot more, but stuff tests are things you'll get cosmetic wings from, so not required to farm or anything. As far as I can tell, Wisps are still the de-facto tower and Warden is DPS.
  26. Hello, I last played DDA in Nov 2020 (according to Steam). Anyway, it was just as the rift stuff came out that I took a break. I was doing pretty well, finishing Survival W25 Summit (which at the time was the hardest and best loot). Since then nothing at all. Just booted it up and want to play again. I've got all my kit still but its all reset. I've got 522 billion coins I've got 14 characters, but just the basic 4, each with multiples (tower, dps, tank etc) Would appreciate any advice on what to do to get back into the game, do I level up all my exi
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