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  2. Play on Medium with HC off, then practice just going on and off the ship over and over until you can do it without dying. It should take less than 10 minutes to master. Tips: Use the fan far away from the core. Walk off where the fan is, don't actually jump off. Keep pressing jump while you're in the air. You get a second jump after a few seconds. Keep attacking while you're in the air so you can't get stuck on enemies. The best spots to get on the ship are NE and SW. Once you learn it it's pretty fun, and it doesn't take long to learn. It's just super frustrating to try to learn it during a NMHC run, so I don't recommend doing that.
  3. That pack is more for newer players who have no heroes because it saves you a ton of DM or Gems and you get all the heroes for it. I'm willing to bet they make some new heroes because they won't want to kill their reputation forever by putting out that pack and not doing them.
  4. I regulairly buy gems when i have the dd2 shivers so ita np for me ^^ besides, been playing since the mystic got released ofc i want ez access to all thats to come :rofl: Still i know what you mean, it just applies to almost every1 else but me and some others who dont mind spending some money XD
  5. I have 2 of every hero in the game, and some 3 of them, and I've never spent a single gem on a hero. Best to save gems for things you can only buy with gems, like rare pets and skins.
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  7. How to know where to get every accessory style , thank you.
  8. makes sence, but if its like all the others then its like 2k gems if im not mistaken, then paying 3k insteaf of 2 does seem enticing if it includes any future hero interesting, i gota keep it in mind
  9. In the past, all heroes have been available through DMs, so no need to use gems on it. At a minimum, I'd wait until a hero came out, and see what they cost then.
  10. the screenshot shows the newly available all heroes bundle but what does this mean? , i fear no future heroes will come, i already own all the heroes, but still, should i buy this IF any future heroes will be released? i have this gut feeling i should just to ensure myself i get access to em, but then again, im realy affraid ill be wasting lots o money on it
  11. yup i ment relfect beam :rofl: (i should stop writing when im tired and insomniated -_-) ty for correcting me
  12. It's not out yet. Won't be until you see the hub with no winter. When it is, ensure you have EV2 in your party, as that will increase the odds of her drops. But having said that- it's still all luck based. There is no magic stage or chaos level it comes from, so just keep playing. It will likely drop when you stop looking for it. Shocking Rev seemed to be a rare drop. Barely ever saw it.
  13. I have to say that a majority of your DD2 time will be solo. While it's a multiplayer game, very often groups are either hard to find, or you end up with 1-2 people who have no idea what they are doing and are a detriment to winning. But, don't worry. You can solo basically everything in the game. As to Chaos2, C2 is all about Cyborcs, which means don't use traps, nodes or auras. You need towers that hit from a distance. Ensure each has a destruction shard from C1. Cannonball towers are good, since squire is a base hero you have access to. Use a spike blockade to keep lanes from getting overrun. You can also build def is weird places where enemies will not target them, so experiment with placing. You can also- just play more. As you keep leveling up, you get stronger and stronger. Swap out gear and relics for better versions. Don't bother leveling up these itmes yet though, as you will be swapping gear constantly until C7. Look for good MODs though, like anti-mele or power. One last tip- gear score mule. Take one hero, who you don't have to play with or not, and ensure you put every high level gear score on tgem. Gear score controls when the next chaos level opens, and C3 is much easier IMO than C2, as no annoying Cyborcs (use auras on C3). Hope that helps.
  14. I’m losing my God D*** mind waiting for a release date for PS!!!
  15. Hey ive been grinding for the new and improved stunning revelations and cant seem to find it i have been grinding chaos 7 with all four hero slots slected as ev2's and havent found it in about 4 hours
  16. Recently,I can can't login the game , it always alert "Connect to the game lost. please check the Internet and PlayStation Network connections" on PS4 Has anyone been in the same situation?
  17. Last week
  18. Yea thats what we've seen when tested. Makes sense given the wording since on multiple occasions the word "Burn" or "Burning" comes up and those need an oil source to get the bonus dmg from ignite
  19. I guess thats the idea, but is it confirmed to be that way?
  20. The new combo is Ignite and Burning Strikes "Burns" an enemy, so think of it like fire dmg over time. In order to get the Ignite you would need an Oil source to Oil an enemy so the Fire dmg over time can Ignite them to get the bonus dmg modifier.
  21. Wonderful news, I'll be sporting some clever gear skins, when is this likely to hit Xbox may I ask
  22. Got a couple questions. Working my way though chaos 2 and it's almost impossible to find a group on ps4. Is it always like this and how do you progress. 0 groups and not strong enough to solo II. I can solo chaos 1 but don't get any upgrades. Secondly, being flooded with new gear constantly. Do you redo shards and upgrade every new item every time? Groups in expedition are rare and groups in onslaught are non existing. Looked at some guides and most are based around getting a group..any tips would be appreciated
  23. Great question, because Burning Strikes could become super OP
  24. Holy guacamole, Batman. That's a pretty big commitment. How often are you guys expecting to release an Episode? I know there's constant cries for new content, but please don't rush anything and end up with something like Halo 4's Spartan Ops.
  25. Does this new debuff affects *any burning enemy*? or *just enemies who have been specifically oiled first and then lit?*
  26. Yes - elemental chaos. Forgot it was called that! Spreadfire - cannon ball tower has a chance to fire x shots in a spread dealing % damage.
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