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  2. Awesome changes! Most happy about the change where you now don't need to stay as a builder hero for your defenses to deal more damage. As someone who likes a balance of both DPS-ing and Tower Defense-combination playstyles, this is definitely a welcome change. Now I think I'm going to have some good fun with the Squire and Rogue when that time comes! Looking forward to hearing more on Episode 1! (Also yeah, as always, ecstatic to hear this too haha! - "There’s even a new update for Dungeon Defenders II being worked on.") And I definitely agree with not rushing these too, we're good w
  3. All episodic content (Episode 1 and beyond) will be on all platforms!
  4. Are the upcoming console ports expected to have the Episode 1 content as well, or is it going to be a DLC kind of thing?
  5. Based on that screenshot, it looks like the tower isn't touching the literal beam, which is how the buff works. It won't count if it's touching the beam holder - needs to be the beam. With that said, we've been in discussion about the placing mechanics, so it's something on our radar.
  6. This is.....this is EXACTLY the kind of announcement I have been hoping for, for so very long. You have COMPLETELY changed my impression of this game, and I could not be more thrilled. For the first time in a long time, I'm at a loss for words. I really can't even begin to explain the depths of my gratitude for these changes.
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  8. Dungeon Defenders : Redemption Arc incoming? This is sounding promising and raising my hopes, please don't rush it so that it can be the update that revives the game properly
  9. DEFENDERS, On the May 14th stream we continued our string of reveals. Previously we’ve shown off the new Maps (The Mill, The Outpost, The Keep, and Foundries and Forges), the new heroes (The Warden and The Rogue), some new weapons (The Woodland Set), and even the new enemy (The Lycan). Those are just some of the things being added to the game, but now it’s time to get into some of the new features coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Let’s start with a big one — GEAR! GEAR UPGRADE Gear is getting a major face lift in Episode 1, and for a lot of reasons. We’ve been taking a heav
  10. I remember in past Dungeon Defenders, looking at the beam said specifically how many towers were getting buffed. That feature needs to make a return and it needs to show up in real time while the beam is being placed so we dont have to guess. Maybe light up the towers in a different color while building the beam.... something.
  11. Last week
  12. I can do summit solo relatively easy, fused gas,ensares, DST. Willing to share the build its in the editor (not my build)... I need help w throne room 🥴. Can add me GT: mercu1es
  13. Nvm found the issue have to click the link tab for "builds" was coming up page not found. Idk how to delete post.
  14. Is there an update, just says page not found.
  15. I need help w challenges and mass throne room survival! Hmu if you are able to help w challenges Gt: mercu1es
  16. I know this will sound crazy, but they could also not add hard counter shards/mods for the special enemies we already have in the game to make them pointless to have :P
  17. Hey there and ooh boy! It's been a hot while since I made a suggestion for DD2! And now that CG is giving some love to DD2, I thought why not add some new suggestions of mine! Unlike previous suggestions of mine, these ones will be more grounded. To an extent, at least. They'll hopefully be in line with what I think its possible to be actually done and also won't be that unrealistically over the top or *possibly idiotic* too haha. (What the heck was I smoking when I was suggesting purple Cyborks and Kobolts? Hail to the blue ones!) This whole topic spawned in my mind as I was workin
  18. Earlier
  19. I'm able to edit colors on ancient characters from the before-times, so it should be possible. It's not very intuitive, but the gear in the top corner should be there for all heroes, and you have to create a new entry for each character before you can change their look.
  20. I just came back to this game after a year and a half and also seems I cannot change style to any of my old heroes. I can anyway change color of items for a new heroes in Blacksmith is it bug or is it intended to not work for older characters? As i remember old customization was available from the menu screen and it is not usable at the moment. Thx.
  21. Managed to beat Throne Room on normal mode. Used some of your strategy and changed some things. I still haven't beaten Summit yet.
  22. Thanks for this info! We're looking into the issue.
  23. As much as I disliked the Barbarian, this hero has me genuinely excited. Hopefully it doesn't outclass all the other heroes and become the only one seen during combat waves.
  24. DEFENDERS, During our dev stream last Friday, we mentioned this week would bring the biggest news yet. We weren’t joking! We’ve finally made it to the reveal of the brand new, never-before-seen hero coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in Episode One. A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the Warden, who happens to be the spiritual successor of the Dryad. Who will be joining her in Etheria? The second hero goes by… The Rogue! Now that you have a name (which some of you correctly guessed on our Twitter and Instagram posts), guess we need to tell you more about this new hero. Have we buil
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