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  2. i see more of a chameleon then a monkey lol
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  4. So I am sitting here at my desk with DDA playing but with the map open and my girlfriend ask me why does that looks like a monkey smoking a cigarette I turn around and ask her what the hell she is talking about and she points to the ancient mines map, now I can never unsee it
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  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198099038015/
  7. You guys are misunderstanding. We were afk both for an hour while in the build phase. We dont have the stats to afk promenade on nmhc survival. and Understand about the pets, but it is way too restrictive as it is now.
  8. Tell him we appreciated the doll! Now if you guys could just pull a Call of Duty move, and have it so when you activate them a special song plays in the tavern, that would be great. :D Btw, figured out what the hidden squire rooms are actually for! They are simply the inventory screen back drops: See the candelabra and bookshelf from Arcane Library in the background of the picture?
  9. Yea, I sold the darknes traps and switched to blockades to try to stop the copter ogres from all gathering at one wall (on Promenade). The literally just walk over my walls to get to this same corner. So now I'm a bit confused on what I should do...
  10. yea its not supposed to work on them, it was a bug that it was effecting them before the patch, gunna have to experiment to find new ways to fix your weak points but thats the fun of it :D I've completely altered my build style multiple times lately to try figure out the best ways to deal with nightmare and enjoyed every second of it
  11. It would need some tweaking, but I imagine a Fibonacci-style: #2 : +10% #3 : +20% #4 : +30% #5 : +50% #6 : +80% That way, if this is the Challenge for a later map where you can have 5+ lanes, needing to use the same tower a couple times isn't too excessive. And this would still help prevent placing 1,000 towers, since you'd need at least 62 of each tower, which is over +60,000,000,000,000% cost for the tower. I don't even think you'd see 20 of a single tower (which across the 16 towers would give you 320 total) since +109,460% is likely more than anyone would have after buying the 19th tower. Or, this just makes repairing much more important. If your 30 mana wall would cost 100 to rebuild, you might think twice about letting it fall. Casting rate is already mostly ignored, so having a reason to repair quick could make for some new builds.
  12. Yes I noticed it too. It kinda makes sense that ogres/dark elves don't get blinded but dark elves should at the very least still lose resistances.
  13. That... is dumb. In singleplayer DD1 you could press escape and it would pause the game. In multiplayer you could wait between waves go eat and jump right back in, I used to do it all the time with friends. Boosting will always happen, when I was a dumb little kid I didn't know how to play so my OP friends would invite me to their games where I'd get a bunch of great loot and learn to play, skipping the useless easy-hard, and somewhat useless crazy jump from insane to nightmare. You will never stop boosting. Ever heard of endless survival where you could start at wave 13/24, not get loot for those waves and then get the pet on the next wave? Everybody used to farm pets like this, build minimum defenses, win, rinse, repeat. Should there be a limit on when you could jump in to another person's game? Meh, debatable, I think that yes, otherwise people will abuse games of people who make it to 35+ in endless(when we get endless), or 24 right now, and those that work to those waves will get shafted.
  14. So, I used darkness traps to stop the ogres and assassins... until now. I was using it to help a couple weak points in my build but I'm seeing the the ogres and assassins are still attacking my walls. Not sure why this is happening. Is it an intentional nerf to the darkness trap?
  15. I wouldn't see this as a full on gamemode, maybe as a side mode like pure strategy/no towers, but I like going pewpew with my monk/app/initiate/whatever to aid my towers. I see a lot of people "complain" about having a lot of mana at the end of a run. To me that's normal. If we had no cap in DD1, i'm pretty sure we'd see similar, if not higher, numbers. Right now things are weird because ability mana has been split from tower mana. I think we will see a bunch of issues arise when the initiate/barbarian get added with their heavily mana reliant abilities. I don'T think that pointing fingers at the mana is useful right now. Does it make the loss of 1 or 2 towers trivial in survival end game? Yes, but it was still trivial in DD1 because you ended up with 5-10k mana on the floor at all times.
  16. I hate the idea someone could join on wave 14/24 and just get a pet with amazing stats after 5 minutes of no work what so ever, this is a terrible idea that will only serve to ruin the game by offering a cheap shortcut to people who want to play without playing. Restrictions are necessary. You shouldn't be able to join past wave 10 at the absolute latest, but in my opinion wave 5 would be a good point to stop people joining. This is a Tower defence, RTS, Third person shooter style game, it seems what you want is more like cookie clicker, and idler/incremental game you can leave running indefinitely in the background, im a fan of these types of games as well, but dungeon defenders is completely different to this style of game and shouldn't be even close to afkable until you reach end game gear and have reached a very high level. Though as it stands there does seem to be issues with joining games and inviting people that they are working on. That said there is a join/invite friend to game in steam, but it is only visible when you are in a game they can join i.e. tavern or before wave 3? idk the limit it is right now. You can also invite you friends by pressing ESC and in the top right corner of the screen click the + sign and select their name, im pretty sure that is linked to your stream friends list so they should all appear there.
  17. I appreciate this point of view. I do know having a AFK TD game is fun, but I'd love, personally, to see this be more interactive, to draw out more of the capabilities a TD ARPG offer. I'm not trolling at all! I've also thought about making my own game. I've taught myself coding for the last five years so I'm able to make a minimal viable product, but not with the most ease. Hmmm, maybe if the mana drop isn't as penalizing as I initally said, perhaps still requiring the cost of a 5th wall would still be appropriate. I mean, it wouldn't be too difficult to code a List<Tower> type to track what slots have been consumed and just tell the game that if wall in slot 1 is destroyed, then the 30 mana wall is now available. The downside is unless the player knows the order they built in, they don't know if they should expect to spend 30 or 300. Another way around is to create a "ghost" of the wall which is just the outline that prompts you to rebuild that unit at it's original cost. That would be best. As for mana drop rate, I think it depends on whether they want Wall 1 to cost 30 and Wall 2 to cost 70, and leave the drop rate the same. Or lower the drop rate and have Wall 2 only cost 40. A balance needs to be struck so that people aren't getting 50,000 mana which would allow them to build 1,000 towers on the map. However, your thought might actually work best if the incremental cost for each tower goes up exponentially. Having to pay 1,000 for a level 1 wall might not be worth it if you already have 8 walls up.
  18. I'm unsure if this is intentional but when Ogres begin their spit animation they go immune for about 1-1.5 seconds....they aren't in spawn, they aren't in any place where they would be immune...they will take 500k+ damage, then start their animation and be completely immune to all damage during that time until they finish...this can be significant depending on the wave you're on or how many of them are around.
  19. Except this game is about both not one or the other. So yes they should encourage more active gameplay, rather than just "tower defense". There are plenty of plain tower defense games out there so hopefully they never adopt this viewpoint. Yes you can get away with just building and afking....but you'll also never really be pushing the newer challenging content you'll always have to overgear it.
  20. Yeah....if you can afk for an hour there's a flaw in the game...it should be designed to play not to just setup and not play, kinda defeats the purpose....regardless you shouldn't be able to join past wave 5, there's no reason to allow people to boost others like that, regardless of the convoluted reasoning.
  21. Maybe I'm also in the minority, but I kinda like this idea. I could see it being a great Challenge Mode for a map as a testing ground. The increasing tower costs are particularly noteworthy. At the very least, this will help encourage using underappreciated towers. How do you see a tower being destroyed working? If it only cost 30 to build your first wall and after building 5 more the first one goes down, how much are you spending to replace it? This is where I'm out. I think raising the cost of towers will already be handling this.
  22. This afternoon I was doing the promenade with my friend on survival nmhc. Because I hadn't slept much last night we agreed that I would take a nap at wave 15. I went afk for an hour, and so did he. When I came back, my husband had turned off the pc :D So now there was no way for me to rejoin the match. So many times I want to play this game with my friend, but we are not on a set schedule. Life happens, and timings are off. Why cant my friends join me when Im at i.e. wave 16? It's some made up limitation that only hurts the player experience. Please remove it and let people play together just like in dd1. Also, several times there are issues with inviting friends to join game. We need a steam "join friend's game" function like in other steam games, and the invite function needs to be more reliable. At the moment, often the invite doesnt register and my friends dont get the invite (even if the game is at wave 1 or in tavern). I need to restart my game to make it work.
  23. I was almost able to read halfway before I wasn't able to read anymore ... Hope you are trolling and not serious :) If serious, get out there and make your own game!
  24. id say most likely not meaning definetly in no way
  25. All I got’s to say is I’m here for the tower defense and not so must the action part if I wanted that I would be playing doom eternal….
  26. Post Type: Suggestion Expectation: For DD3, or perhaps a DDA game mode a year from now Hypothesis: What if DU was removed entirely? If the game is balanced correctly, I would think that AFK Builders would reduce in number, the game would be easier to balance, and the game would overall increase in activity. The Theory: I was thinking a lot about why DDA feels as boring to me as DD1 and DDE. They play the same; you build, you run a wave, you collect mana, repeat. Within three waves you have built everything and you now simply; run wave, collect mana, repair / upgrade, repeat. Your tower stats don't need to be the best for you to typically come up with a "good enough" build that will get you better gear. An example, I ran Ancient Mines until I could fully AFK through Wave 25 Solo, now I'm simply running Promenade with my new Mines gear. Sure I'll fail at wave 10 now, but soon I'll be pushing 15, then 18, then 21, then I'll be running fully AFK Promenade. So, what's the problem? I'm bored. I prefer building over DPS play (I'd posit at least 50% of the player base do), and I would love to find a way to keep the builder in the middle of the action. Enter: Removing DU. I suspect, with the proper balancing of mana drops, increased enemy difficulty, re-imagining the cost-benefit of tower costs vs upgrading an existing tower, and allowing players to build as much or little as they desire would culminate in a pretty interactive experience. Also, it could potentially allow for more co-op builds (rather than one builder and one to three DPS players). The Issues: Now I know people would immediately say, "This won't work, it wouldn't upend the entire game as it currently stands!" I am not asking for a restructuring of the foundation of the game (I've done that already, and people know how I feel about the flawed designs already). However, this could be a simple game mode to add in DDA that would allow some testing into it. Let me dive into what the issues would be in implementing this. Cost Benefit of Building More vs Upgrading There would need to be an adjustment in the cost of building towers. Perhaps, having an increased cost per tower built (of the same type) would be a good starting point. Blockades cost 30 mana. What if the second blockade built cost 40? The third 50? The fourth 70? You can see that suddenly there is a benefit to building Apprentice and Squire walls (perhaps my squire walls are awesome and I need my friends App walls, therefore more Co-op building). Let's say we have 10 Harpoon Towers on the map already. The 11th would cost maybe 400 mana. Or, we could upgrade four of the existing harpoons from level 1 to level 2. Or maybe we'd decide we want to utilize the 400 mana by building three Cannonball Towers? Crazy Numbers of Towers? Yes, you could say that if every map you just built five of every tower rather than upgrading would get crazy, but I think the key to the balancing would be the exponential increase in tower damage per upgrade vs the exponential increase in enemy health. In other words, why build 10 Harpoons when 2 Harpoons at max level will do the DPS of 20 Harpoons? Yes, it only covers two lanes, but you now have souped up towers vs 10 paper mache towers dealing half the DPS across the map. (Disclaimer: This suggestion is going to attempt to solve the balancing issues it would create, these are simply high level, 10,000 ft views of what might help the balancing). More Difficult Enemies I think the first few waves could be similar to the scaling we see now. However, with the scaling of upgrades you'd have to see an exponential scale of the enemies as well or else this would be too easy. Mana Drops Currently, people are ending NMHC with anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 mana. This would need to be adjusted down quite a bit. It wouldn't necessarily be difficult to adjust. If a typical survival drops 80,000 mana, scale it back to 20,000. See how far that will get players when their eleventh tower of a kind costs 500 (2.5% of total mana) to build. The Benefits: I think, practically, this is hard to pull off. However, the benefits of getting it right seem worth it. Difficulty Spikes The difference between Wave 20 and Wave 21 in any map right now seems negligible. At some point my maxed out towers will fail, and I will be sitting on 10,000+ mana that was useless to me. As a pure-builder (no DPS used), my modus operandi is like other builders; set auto-loot, AFK as much as possible, and after we fail simply equip the best gear we collected and try again. If a balance could be struck between the available mana and a significant increase in enemy difficulty, then builders would be forced to participate every wave, even during combat phases. DPS heroes could collect mana and the builders could be actively working on building and upgrading.... basically making the tough calls on what the build needs to survive the next wave. New Metas and Build Philosophies Probably the most exciting part of this would be the dichotomy presented in building more vs upgrading. Some builders will likely choose a balance of each, but maybe some players will want to upgrade early and then slowly add more towers. Or maybe a player will add more upfront towers, then upgrade them evenly. Either way, I suspect that people will have a "base build" that they start with, then they upgrade that build once or twice, then they add to that build, then finish off upgrading everything.
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