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  2. I just recently decided to cook with the ceramic Dutch oven from skilletdirector.com and I'll tell you that I did pretty well (you can look at the photo) and I'm even proud that I was able to cook it. I don't even know how many I invested in this business ...
  3. If this happened again just completely log out unplug wait awhile then log back in you should be ok
  4. Yes it happens just log out is ps4 wait a while then go back should be ok
  5. ya but do hotfix and dont wait 2 months to fix the summit siren bug. and so you have more small bug what make the game better if you fix it.
  6. I will be auctioning these boots until Oct 31, 11:59pm PDT Bids in last 12 hours will extend bidding time by 24 hours I reserve the rights to not sell the piece if price does not satisfy me Accepting up to 10 cubes, 5cv worth of coal 1:8, and events. Black Magick - 30cv Celebracers - 160cv Final Patch - 450cv Gaia's last gift - 70cv Greater magitite of wind - 150cv Lumen - 35cv Mr. Crackers - 100cv NPC - 100cv Rainmaker - 250cv Salem - 25cv Waterfall - 45cv I am also accepting other events that are not listed here. Traced, of course. My Discord is Cliffhanger#1617 message me for any questions Steam: edmundleung12309 (also DD1 name) https://imgur.com/JnclMd2
  7. This is probably how it's going to go. Big patch -> some small hotfixes the following two weeks -> long silence ( > 2 months) -> big patch/DLC/ -> hotfixes and so on
  8. 31 cubes + 40 cv in dias
  9. I completely agree, I´m a fan since DD1, and even backed DDA on KS, but how they are handling DDA right now, if nothing changes I´ll probably not buy DD3 at all and advise anyone against preordering it. I hope it´ll get better soon. They are more Trendy Ent. than Chromatic Games atm.
  10. 31 Cubes + a 10 cv diamond
  11. Every time I join any map I have all my items at level 1. why is this happening? thanks,
  12. Every time I join a map all my items are in level 1. is anybody el having same issue? It takes several reloads to have some luck to join a map with all the correct level in my gear. thanks,
  13. Selling for: Diamonds / cubes / events (hopefully a gaia's somewhere in there) Auction ends 10/29/20 @ 12 PST IC: https://imgur.com/a/1d4Amjc
  14. In fact, this is a difficult question, because I do not buy anything on Healtoplanet Canada because I just don’t get my hands on it. I have wanted to buy protein here for a long time, but so far I have Total War pre-workout REDCON1 which is just great in its field and I don't need it yet, but when I run out of this I plan to buy it here and maybe I'll write a comparison on your forum)
  15. It's not my first post on the subject, or even the first recent post on the subject in the forums. However, it's been weeks. Not weeks since we had news, weeks since a dev made a single post or reaction in the forums. Apart from Philips single response on 7th regarding a ruined Kickstarter reward, their last update was on how they were working on a bigger patch to fix the issues of 1.1 and wanted to get all of them out at once. That was back in mid September. I dont really have to convince anyone who frequents these forums on how the situation is currently bad. It's quite obvious. Despite CG repeatedly stating and promising that they want to and need to do better in communicating with their community, nothing really changes. The issues with current communication strategy? I suppose we should take the weekly streams as the information source and main community interaction from devs. I dont want to bash the streams as I like them as a supplementary idea, something that lets community engage with devs in real time, get less official updates and chats on the state of the game and what's going on. The issues with using this as your MAIN AVENUE of communication are numerous enough that it's a horrible idea. The biggest one is that for those of us who dont want to spend an hour watching a stream with a possibility of interesting info about the current state of the game, dont have a way to get the recaps on it quickly. If I personally dont enjoy the dev stream, I dont want to spend an hour weekly watching it, especially as there's no guarantee I can learn anything from it. If you want to use this as main source of communication, USE WRITTEN RECAPS. Something that can be glanced over in a minute or two, containing the most condensed and important info. Second, the dev stream happens at a scheduled time. If I dont happen to be able to participate at that time, it means there's no avenue for me to interact or pose questions, and I'm stuck watching a recording. I'd rather just not, to be honest. Other avenues for information? Facebook seems mostly deadend, there's little activity and it's not a forum suited for actual discussion, just short exchanges, with information being quite hard to find. Discord is, ofcourse, excellent, if you're active and you have an active dev team and community. Again, the problem is you have to be invested, constantly following and on top of it, while also having to go through a lot of not relevant stuff. Not really a good thing if you just want, say, weekly updates on what's going on with the game, what the team is working on and what's coming in the horizon. What does that leave us? Well, for example, the forums and news posts. If you cant afford to or dont have the resources to actively participate in the forums, just write a short recap on what you're working on with the game and why. Maybe what the challenges are and what time frame you're looking at. Be transparent, honest and communicate. The reason you're seeing an increasingly hostile, frustrated and angry fan-base is because you're really not giving us ANYTHING to work with. Almost two months with no updates on the state of the game? Last miniscule bug-fix patch on Sept. 18 and complete radio-silence since then? This is how a game and a company gets run into the ground. It's not just bad dev-work, it's bad business.
  16. I will start with 60cv then. Plus some pats for your good work to the nation. Pat pat.
  17. @Vhoori Yea, that is a job posting on Chromatic's website that I shared. Valthejean was just quoting me. 100% legit link and job posting. Also, didn't realize they fired their last Community Manager. That is a bummer. Ummmm, micro transactions for cosmetic things isn't a bad idea. Plus, it was the same mentality that they ripped off from League of Legends. DD2 was supposed to be a MOBA just like League of Legends, then at the last second they fired their Co-Founder, Jeremy, and changed back to the Tower Defense genre. Also, the set equipment is the same as in DD1.
  18. ....huh? I was quoting a previous comment. What on earth are you talking about?
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