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  2. Didn't mean to confuse, i changed the title, sorry about that!
  3. I thought this was a new video from them not just someone reading their post to us.
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  5. I created another video regarding the latest update from Chromatic Games, This is a forum post they made and not an actual game update, I hope this video is better than the last! Here are the times for everything discussed: 0:18 = The BETA has been EXTENDED into Janurary! 01:16 = A new update is being worked on for the Beta? 02:03 = A new survey is being released, complete it and have a chance to win a Prestigious Pack! 02:32 = DDA is not a simple port or remake! 02:58 = Issues with Pre-Ordering and packs have different rewards?! 03:44 = Anyone who backed with BackerKit should watch 04:04 = Anyone who backed with KickStarter should watch 05:08 = New FAQ section! The Forum post i am referring to can be found here: The FAQ Section can be found here:
  6. actually i had dd1 when it first came out and played through all the dlc's and i solo'd everything. it was hard but it definitely did not require others. in fact the first time i killed each boss from the original campaign i did so with only towers and no dps hero. there are very creative ways to play the game and i would not want to see that removed at all. for example i solo'd the goblin mech in the throne room for the first time by setting up a bunch of bowling ball towers to litter the ground where he walked from the sides. then i took that squire ( a builder ) and used sword block to try and keep him in place. it's one of my favorite memories and when he finally died he was all the way down to the walls by the crystal because even with sword blocking he would move forward a little every attack. also by the time i was done playing dd1 i had all the heros leveld up to 100 with ultimate gear. and frankly with or without the hero deck i will level all the heros. but if i cant swap heros to make my own builds and try stuff out the game loses all appeal to me. trying out awful builds that fail hysterically is part of the fun for me. i cant even count how many hours i spent OUTSIDE the game using ddplanner just to figure out ways to clear some things.
  7. oh i actually meant in game hahaha but yea itd be nice with forums too
  8. Not to mention they are trying to move over all the KS pledges into the new store so people can opt to upgrade them to phoenix pet and skins.
  9. Can we get a list of what the skill and boost does for each class and if it's actually usefull? Also does the monk tower boost stack with the boost from a mage guardian?
  10. Considering how small of a company they are and the fact they're likely in at least semi-crunch during the leadup to launch yeah, I wouldn't expect a response quickly at all. Especially during the holiday period. I'd expect mid-January somewhere.
  11. Yeah, it's a little ridiculous. I don't expect any forum changes until post-release, but it'd be nice.
  12. I heard if you turn on caps and it won't filter anything but have not tested that.
  13. the bad word filter is awful constantly filtering our things that are not even close. can you add in a toggle in the options menu somewhere to turn it off please. i know its a small thing but i dont want my communication hindered =)
  14. no i dont believe we should be hacking for the beta lol.
  15. all you can do it wait and email they don't seem to answer fast at all
  16. but should we also be attempting to hack the game? I'd be more than happy to see what could be done hack-wise, but unless CG explicitly asks for it, it's unwelcome. Plus, they've already said the save data in the beta is not how it will be done at launch, so giving feedback of hacks wouldn't be relevant.
  17. Emailed them twice over the past 2-3 weeks and still no response. Been wanting to try and get my kickstarter pledge cancellation reversed if possible but switched to 2 pc copies instead of 1 xbox and 1 pc.
  18. while i have not read the TOS i must assume that it is the same as basically all other games. people can be banned for any or no reason whatsoever at the sole discretion of chromatic games. while that logic is not typically invoked and most companies have specific reasons for dishing out bans, they never actually need a reason as far as i know. either way abusing a bug even if it is within the game should get the ban hammer in my opinion. however i would also add that during the beta, it is kinda our job as beta testers to not only find bugs but recreate them (which is not the same as abusing them). personally i recreate them multiple times if possible but that is only to give CG a better understanding of what is happening. this guy however was not doing that and he should probably be removed from the beta and warned about the consequences if he continues that type of play and attitude after launch. my 2 coppers
  19. I’m not sure what I’m missing but In the pirate monk outfit in order for a player is to simply like dd2 in Facebook in the the dd2 title screen so I simply followed it but did not received the custom or the outfit does any body have this problem? Or can anyone tell me what I’m missing? I’m on ps4 thanks
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  21. To answer the other question my rock was my 3rd insane and was from wave 15
  22. I'll go higher, but I need to talk events with casper
  23. OK so I found someone who was able to recreate this by hacking the local save file and upping the stats on auras to insane levels using the old DD1 tool. They have said the local save file is only for beta and at launch the file will be server side at least for gear...this proves they need to get all of those save file pieces on the server. As I don't know anyone who wants to deal with this BS again. It has also been posted in the proper reporting place. The person I found who hunted down which exploit was being used said he was able to recreate it in under 10min.
  24. I bid 100cv just to keep the auction from ending, Is two lumen good?
  25. Really glad we're going to have a community manager again! Looking forward to that! :) And that's a pretty dope looking sword there! It's giving me the Protean vibes.....
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