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  2. That's awesome thank you for the heads up Philip!
  3. If you don't have a active hero and you do survival and you Max your towers. There is nothing left to do. So you go watch Netflix and pres g and every 5 wave you rep. Or let same one jione whom do it for you
  4. I agree with squire towers. I want my machine gun harpoons from DD1!
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  6. I have the same problem, can u tell me how I can change the Language?
  7. ultimate lurker. join 2012 first post 2020 Watched them pack up some shirt on the dev_juice stream :)
  8. We recently received all the products we need to start on those. So the physical goods are slowly getting packaged and sent out in small batches, this process is being done manually a couple people from our studio so it will take some time to get through all the orders.
  9. Thanks. I know the discord server. I joined couple days ago!
  10. Hey team, so I haven't been able to see any word on those physical items to be shipped to us from the Kickstarter bundle. I was wondering what the progress is on those and if anyone has any info or anything cause I don't know if it has just been me in the dark. Any help is appreciated I'm really looking forward to that poster ^^;
  11. Let's find a good home for these folks. Or a bad home. Just some sort of home. Better than living on the cold, hard streets of my item box. There is NO hidden reserve. Most events are given above market price values. You can reach me through Discord at Bonjourno#7447. A: Leading Bid: 30cv - ASAPferocity B: Leading Bid: 15cv - Gyvexx C: Leading Bid: D: Leading Bid: E: Leading Bid: F: Leading Bid: 1cv - ssg08rush G: Leading Bid: 5cv - Victorgt298 Reaches 700 damage and 605 rate. Auction Rules: This auction will be ending on Saturday 18th July at 11:00 PM EST. Bids in the last 12 hours will extend the auction for that particular item by 12 hours to prevent sniping. You can divide up event CV to go towards multiple items. For events valued 100cv and above, I may also make up for extra CV leftover with change from me, depending if I have enough CV. Message me on Discord in cases with leftover CV for bids with events. Example: A: 40cv part 1 Pointy Hat B: 80cv part 2 Pointy Hat (30cv) + 50cv diamonds F: 50cv part 3 Pointy Hat As discussed over Discord, 40 CV leftover will be paid by you. Accepted Currency (Events must be traced): Up to 5cv in coal at 8:1 Cubes up to 5cv Diamonds (5/10/15) Small Diamonds (1cv for below defined triple cap / 5cv triple cap of rate, damage, & range / 10cv quad cap) Up to 5cv for non-triple Up to 10cv total Ancient Plume - 50cv Black Magick - 30cv Butterscotch - 200cv Celebracers - 160cv Cinnamon - 120cv Cracker - 100cv Devil's Pool Skimmer - 35cv FPC - 450cv Gaia's Last Gift : 70cv Ginger - 140cv Greater Magicite of Wind - 150cv Lumen - 35cv Maelstrom - 20cv Mask of Legends - 50cv Memoriam - 50cv Ocean - 50cv Pointy Hats - 160cv Rainmaker - 300cv Rockshatter - 120cv Salem - 25cv Waterfall - 45cv **Any other events at above market price (Discord message me) IC: https://i.imgur.com/u3qC6KO.png
  12. Nice to meet you too. A lot of us hang out at the DDrng discord if you'd like to join that server. https://discord.gg/FE4cRCs (https://steamcommunity.com/app/65800/discussions/0/1743355067113382667/)
  13. I'm the kind of player that will purposely lower stats just to test the limits of a build. I don't mind having to actively repair and upgrade. I just don't like using DPS characters because they can bolster non-optimal defences.
  14. The old type of builds in DD1 NMHC had a meta, but as the Op says it would be great to have some variety with the original 4. Currently the feeling of massacre just seems wrong. Squire harps and bowling balls really need some love. Even if the Ev comes with the buff beam, buffed crap is still crap.
  15. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. Dungeon Defenders was my first game on steam 6 years ago. I played it for a while and I just decided to go back to the game to finish it! My name is Helen. Nice to meet you all.
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