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  2. @ Chromaticgames Would it really have not been possible to make an arrangement with Nintendo where everyone who kickstarted the game and claims their key for xbox/ps4 would get a code to access a beta build of some sort that only the kickstarters can play. There are only 11 343 backers (yeah some got multiple game keys) and let's be real, what % of those are gonna play on consoles? I'd say at most 35-40% will claim their keys on xbox/ps4. I doubt it would have hurt them to have 4-5k players across xbox/ps4 play DDA. I feel like they could still advertise it as Switch consoles timed exclusive if it's not even on the xbox/ps4 stores until the timed exclusive is over. I understand if the timed exclusive is more than 2 months that you guys would want to focus on PC/Switch. But if the timed exclusive is something like a month, you would have to have a working xbox/ps4 build by the time the game is out on PC/Switch right? You could have let the backers who are gonna redeem their keys on xbox/ps4 play that early version at least.
  3. The tier I opted for was the $40 one. But thanks for the heads up.
  4. I am not sure which tier you backed, but if it helps all that has been given to us backers so far are 2012 collection key for DD1, golden costumes for original heroes in DD2 and the gunwitch codes. They are still dealing with the DD1 keys I believe so if your tier includes this be patient as for the golden costumes they should of been given at the same time as the gunwitch ones.
  5. Hello I don't believe I've received any of my backer rewards apart from the gunwich Digital content and was wondering if any of the team could look into it for me.
  6. Yeah well hopefully that is not the case, we can only hope 🤪
  7. I'm pretty jumpy right now. Having an urge to express my feelings ASAP. I'll admit I haven't even read everything yet. You're saying lootboxes as a bad thing right? I'd take cosmetics only lootboxes over being told you're getting something for paying and after paying you're now actually having to wait longer than everyone else for it. I'm a bit confused with your opinion, skins lootboxes are nickle and diming us but offering skins and titles for 100s of $ on the kickstarter isn't? I'm not sure how they're not nickle and diming us right now. I thought the PS3 version was much behind the pc version. Thought it wouldn't take too long to get to the same point again on PC :p. Anyway it's not the purpose of the cross-save now.
  8. Oh I definitely would insist on cross saves. Like the PS3 version where the game was essentially ended for online play. It would of been a blessing to be able to transfer to the PC and keep everything I had obtained. Although I regret publishing an encryption code which in essence brought down the PS3 into a shambles..
  9. This was the point I was making if you look at the following sentence, nobody complained because we knew in advance but if we only found out about this well after the end of the Kickstarter, plus we didnt actually get any clear information about the deal. Perhaps I should of worded it better and for that I appologise. The whole point of my post was to try to highlight the main problem with how CG communicate their decisions and how that leads to us being frustrated rather than just attacking the decision itself.
  10. Everyone knew from the start, before kickstarting, that the beta would be PC.. They didn't change anything at some point. I'm not sure why you're giving that example. If they had clearly stated during the kickstarter that the release on consoles would be timed exclusive on switch, no one would have asked for refunds because it didn't come out on xbox or ps4 right away. Also at the same time if they had given us an explanation as to why this would be the case, no one would feel lied to. I would have felt disappointed then rather than angry now.
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  12. The only benefit I want is a guarantee that there will be almost no lag ever. I'm pretty skeptical about DD on consoles after DD2 on PS4. Now that I can't stupidly buy the game day 1 regardless anymore, I'm most likely going to ask for a refund and watch a lot of switch gameplay to see how things are there. Edit : Also, I really wouldn't mind much at all if the game didn't have cross-saves. Now anyone with access to the game on PC or switch will be ahead of us. Yeah it's not a competitive game in any way. But I was looking forward to grinding the hell out of the game and try to be one of the strongest early on.
  13. Although this goal was met i wonder if the amount they have had to refund so far with the delivery charge thing actually put us under that goal? Maybe they underestimated the costs and time involved to develop for all 4 platforms (quite possible with having no experience of developing for the Switch)? This is the problem we have no idea really why there is a timed exclusive so we are left to draw our own conclusions which is worse than if they could be more open with us.
  14. The best way to handle any timed exclusivity is honesty, understanding, clarity and a little bit of bribery. Okay so the last ones a little toungue in cheek, but what I mean is for the devs to be clear about how helpful the money is. Let us know what it goes towards and how it benefits the game and therefore us. HOW does it improve the game? How important was this deal? Was it desperation or pure benefit? Will we see more stretchgoals reached? What sort of length is the exclusivity anyway? People will be more understanding if they know exactly how they will benefit. Noone really cares about the delay in release (I mean it sucks but we understand) as we know it means not rushing out an unfinished product and benefits us. But nothing is mentioned on how much this timed exclusivity helps. You needed a kickstarter, and you probably hugley benefit from this deal. So it is worth us remembering that this could be a really good source of backing. But Chromatic has to let us in on what that means to the game. Question for the people who want a refund. Would it matter if Chromatic said that this deal alone will add new levels, characters or content for free and ensures they can do things they would not have been able to before? How against it are you if you knew the benefits directly? Because as it stands, it could just mean a company milking as much money from a product, regardless of how it hurts the backers, and not putting a single penny back in. Now I don't believe that is the case at all, but others may. Which is why the devs need to be more clear and pretty soonish now the deal is revealed.
  15. I thought one of the kickstarter goal we met was to have the game release on all consoles at launch? Edit: From checking at the current Stretch goal, no, but I remember them changing them up at one point during the kickstarter. At least I'm pretty sure before I ended up backing they "proudly" announced the game would launch on xbox and ps4 as well. I really don't get care about exclusive rewards. I still can't even put my Defense council title on the forums. I donated to get in the council and then also bought a pack to get early access on PS4 and was extremely disappointed with the performances. I'm just gonna ask for a refund and see how the end-game runs on Switch. No point throwing away my money anymore since I can just wait and see how the game is since I won't be able to play for a while.
  16. I understand how some players might be upset with it being a timed exclusive for the Switch and not being able to play on PS4 or Xbox one upon full release. I wonder if we could please try to put ourselves in the devs shoes for a minute. Perhaps as part of the help Nintendo provided them they were more or less forced into this, maybe they would not even be able to release on Switch at all? I have bought 5 keys out of which are 3 console keys none for Switch so over half of my keys cannot be used for some time. The beta only being on PC didnt seem to cause people to mass refund or be very negative towards CG so why are we getting this response with the timed exclusive? My feelings is that things like this and the delivery charge fiasco was we didnt have the information before we invested and even then we were not informed in a timely fashion. The main issue is the way we are given this information and that there is still a lack of actual information like how long is this timed exclusive for? if it is say only a week is that still a problem for people here? I can certainly understand if the timed exclusive is for 6 months how that would be unreasonable. Can we please get clarification on why and for how long this timed exclusive will last. And to the community can we please be more understanding that CG is not like EA, Blizzard etc they have a limited budget and more dependant on whatever funding and help they get than any AAA company. Would you prefer the addition of lootboxes to ensure all platforms release at the same time or unplayable mess for the Switch or can we accept that the devs are trying to meet expectations without nickle and diming us. There is clearly blame on both sides CG for their poor communication and the community for how they respond to the decisions made by CG.
  17. You should be happy in my opinion they have a huge company like Nintendo onboard. If you have to wait a little longer so be it... the long term prospects of a larger user base means more content and lastsbility. The more players the better right ? lets face if you ask for your money to be returned you are still going to buy the game, No ? Plus you will not have that swanky gear. Cutting your nose off to spite your face springs to mind. However while I will be swanning around with my gear from the Kickstarter.
  18. -- Also I didnt add this but I think there should be a treasure goblin. I know when im playing the Hero in my group i dont feel like i have alot of worth, i mainly am used for when ogres coming if ogres are a problem but eventually the towers can handle everything and im not really needed. So if there was a treasure goblin by chance it would give me adrenaline to want to kill him so i can have worth to my team that i just got them a huge reward. But i want that treasure goblin to be hard to kill i dont want him to be a treasure goblin like from diablo where you could easily kill it, i want that goblin to kite me around the map like im his B**** so i actually feel the accomplishment of killing it. Maybe he even drops a side portal you can go in and you now attack old ones armys while they are trying to come through the protals / doors for a brief moment increasing your loot even futher like some gimli and aragon helms deep bridge type shit? maybe you even copy diablo alittle bit and have different types of treasure goblins like how they have the "greed" goblin maybe that would be for huge amounts of mana "currency".
  19. PUT ME ON THE DEV TEAM Everything From DD1 Literally, If the game is supposed to be technically a remaster I do not want anything missing. The Devs even said they plan on bringing the soul back so they better keep that goddamn soul by not removing anything. I will touch on some things I believe need touch ups and or things to add. -- I have to start with this ladies and gentleman. KEEP ALL THAT BULLSHIT FROM DD2 IN DD2 THAT SHIT IS AIDS. there is not a single piece of that game that made me say wow this is really a great game! The only AND I MEAN LITERALLY THE ONLY thing i would be okay with is the new barbarian with his abilities do not get me started on how much i love that new hero. (dryad is neeeeet too) -- Equipment. I love the fact of sets but I feel there should be a further clarification of what those sets offer. Everyone knows there are your Hero Hero's and your Tower Hero's when you're playing this game especially starting off you cant do both literally (The OG's Know you gotta spend those goddamn points on certain stats first SQUIRE MOVEMENT SPEED). Back to my point maybe we create sets for certain maps. Say we make a map where the Hero is now the eternia crystal and you do not use towers, but those maps drop hero specific loot. And for tower sets we create more tower oriented maps. But we still keep the normal maps where it can drop the best of both worlds if youre playing with your boys, but if you're someone playing solo and need certain stats for a hero you can easily go and get it instead of farming a map by yourself with 6 different hero's in hopes for that piece that can take you to the next level. -- Loot Filter Please, There was something like this in DD1 where you could specify which loot you wanted and above, but that was only for your map. If you choose a loot filter for example like godly. you shouldnt be able to physically see "bobs torn kilt" covering the item you actually want. -- Enemies? I would enjoy less assassins? or none? I may be a pussy butttttt having those things run full speed over my towers to one shot me because i am playing my "tower hero" on a hardcore map where i am no longer in the game and then to watch them attack my towers from behind is just redic sometimes. Later game i know it gets better but early game its rough. SHARKS??? every time a shark pushs a wall i feel like my nut is punched get rid of them. Spiders- i understand them gotta have diverse monsters that make the game hard, but literally the best way to counter those things are summoners archers but if you dont have summoner its really hard to stop those things especially on larger maps. -- Stats I enjoy the stats of DD1 spending hundreds of points into a stat feels so good pouring all my love into something, But movement speed should have a all around base and be removed. Pets should not be used for stats in my opinion they should be used more for their abilities or what they can do for your hero. and please add a question mark you can click on that tells you what the pet does not having to google it. -- NOW THIS Will be my biggest add to the game I am a huge fan of the game "Path Of Exile" so i thought it would be cool if they added "Maps". Now i know it would be difficult to create random generated tower defense maps. But hear me out because i think this would be a great add to the game. There are maps that are easier to farm and easier to gear up out of and certain maps you just do not wanna touch because they are not worth your time or you do not like them so much. But with this map system Say you were farming "Alchemical labratory" and you ended up getting a "Torn Gardens Map", lets say for example this map increased Old Ones Army Hp by 22% and increased rare drops by 11%. Now when you get out of that map you have the choice of keep farming it or playing that new map you just received because now you have a "Map" that you can go do that could possibly give you more loot even if its a map you personally hate but you are more likely to play that map because of the increases. Instead of farming the best and fastest map constantly till you get that end game gear. -- Tower Priority please give us an option to change wether our towers attack the last unit the first unit the strongest unit etc forgot about this had to sneak it in. -- Hero Changes Squire - Seriously? 3 Walls? I only ever remember using the barricade wall never really used the bouncer end game nor the spinning blade wall i just need a good wall with high health and defense. So I figured maybe we give him a unit? i understand the summoner is a unit based character but why just make it only him? What if we give the squire a unit thats like a tank where he looks like the training dummies in the tavern but with legs? maybe some underwear on his bottom? ;) and with units you can make them have a pathing / patroling indicator so he doesnt stand there getting shot at by archers and wizards doing nothing, but he also doesnt move so far your towers are no longer in range to help him. also what if the squire had a tower that was a keg? it would produce beer mugs that you can drink for a heal if needed? Barbarian - I love this hero but i feel the DD2 hero is a pure upgrade. All his stances were bogus in DD1 and had to huge of draw backs, thunder stance i never really used it hurt way to much. Turtle stance was good for tanking ogres, tornado stance literally lowered your DPS and the attack speed bonus didnt make up for it so i found it useless, and the lifesteal was fine if you didnt need as much Resistance as you possibly could get especially with the cap. Hawk stance is fine i have no issue with that, the leap should be more like DD2 where you can choose where you would like to leap to. and honestly just remove the 3 blade swing idk when you would ever in your life hit that button. Series EV - Have any of you guys played dexters laboratory on cartoon network when you were younger? there was a game where there was a battery and mirrors and you had to bounce the beam around to the charger? yeah i think her proton beam should be like that she should set up and battery and have to bounce the beam with mirrors through the lane, and have it so the beam has a bigger width range so you do not have to create 6 of them per lane. and maybe she also gets a unit? but maybe that unit is a repair bot that walks around repairing towers that are damaged. Summoner - difference between Orc and Ogre were HUGE, literally the ogre dominated the orc but the ogre didnt have enough width to hold a choke. The goblins would walk right past him to the crystal so you would be forced to use the orcs to make a "wall" losing out on using the ogre in general. Maybe we can combat this by making "walls" have some form of taunt to where the minions dont just walk past them. The assassins are useless i loved watching them fight but they would just go out and get themselves killed, and if you have a map with ledges they just triple back flip no scope into the abyss, there goes your 3 star. Spiders were great but i wish they had a mechanic where they cant attack with melee but just sit back shooting webs kinda like a catapult only tower like the watermelon from plants vs zombies. Huntress - You either get caught with the Trapper Or the Gunner, and if you're a trapper weapons are useless to you. So i had a thought you ever play that rachet and clank game? and there were sometimes you could play clank? well what if you got a weapon that shot clanks? and those clanks would go and repair your traps instead of you going out and getting yourself killed when your traps are on their last life. And obviously the stats on the gun would increases your clanks, like their life or how many you could shoot out how fast they can repair etc. Apprentice - Get rid of the 1 defense wall and maybe make a arcane rune he can put under the tower that buffs the tower maybe makes it more resistant or tankier, but hes supposed to be paired with the squire in my opinion so having him with a wall seems pointless especially if you have to wait for the enemies to attack it for their element to get taken off because at that point if you used his wall what use is the squire other then blocking the ogre when he comes. Monk - Rage aura seems uesless to me i never feel like i NEED it on the field at any point in time. Maybe change it to the minions take more damage but they also do more damage? seems fitting a double edged sword. I think the monk needs changes but i honestly cannot figure out what i would do with him. I wanted to make a entirely new hero like a "bard" that buffs like he does and thats what he would be used for but then i dont know what i would replace the monks abilities with maybe a avatar mode where he can control all 4 elements. :O Thats all I have For Now
  20. Yeah, I would have to agree with this too. I do find it weird that other sites breaks the news first rather than the dev. It's their own game.
  21. To be honest, I wasn't hyped for the game for several reasons. The only thing that's piqued my interest was the new region and map teased in Kickstarter. But this wallpaper/art is some seriously awesome fuel that is starting to make me like this game more! And gotta say, the first time I've laid my eyes on the Alchemical map here, I really love it! The visuals is just amazing! It gives me a good dungeon-y vibe! Demon Lord's pretty dope too! Great stuffs, Starting to look forward despite the delay.
  22. The exclusivity hurt the consumers but the publisher get a lot of money from it. I'll always buy thing at a discounted price but for DDA I was ready to put 75 dollars. I refunded after the delivery cost fiasco but I would also have refunded if they announced an exclusivity. And it's nice of them to accept to refund the backers, you can see in the Kickstarter comment that there are ready to refund after the exclusivity deal. If Nintendo think DDA is a good exclusive I'm sure EPIC think the same and want the exclusivity. CG said the game will release on many store on PC but never said at the same time. Hope I'm wrong. And yes the "joke" in the news about never releasing on Xbox and PlayStation is bad, you want people to laugh about it but I'm sure no Xbox or Playstation players laughed. Stop making jokes. Every news, streams etc you say bad/stupid joke. That's why I don't watch the stream anymore, your are not funny. Anyways thanks for still accepting refund. And props to you for delaying the game, I said you needed more time and you took it. BTW the console release was a flex goal to release at the same time. Doubt they will work on more flex goals
  23. At least the PC version release at the same time. I'm sorry for Xbox and PlayStation. Now let's hope they won't do the same thing for PC store.
  24. The delay isn't a big deal to me, but I recoiled a bit at the whole timed exclusive thing. I'm not about to demand a refund, but I do feel slighted, more because I had to find out from outside sources like IGN, and then from Chromatic Games almost as an afterthought. I'd really like it if the dev team here was just a bit more open with us.
  25. There's a section on the forums for asking questions like that, titled "players helping players", but yes, 1.8m is far too much. A stack of c7 amps is about 500k at most.
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