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  2. I've got something even meatier for you to try after work. 🙂
  3. Wow, that's a pretty big, meaty update. Gonnna give it a try after work today.
  4. And still no news about it this week. I guess they didn't say WHEN this week they'd have info on it.
  5. Big D, what on EARTH are you talking about?! What is an elemental relic?! I'm glad you asked!! Instead of elemental mods, assign the relics we pick up with elemental attributes...and add wind as an element. Further, instead of a flame aura, we just have an Aura. Instead of Poison Dart Tower, we just have a Dart Tower. Instead of an Earthshatter Tower, we just have a Shatter Tower, etc. This way we can use our defenses however we want! We can even have Physical relics drop for physical dmg. Similarly, we can have elemental weapons. Each weapon that drops will have a chance to drop
  6. Today
  7. Whoahohoho...damn, this update brought in a lot more than I expected! A new difficulty for Mastery?! That's something I'd never expected to see at this point but holy hell, it did. Currently updating right now, can't wait to sink my teeth into this meaty update!
  8. All Anti Mods Changed scaling to additive. someone explain better? I could not understand...
  9. DEFENDERS, As promised, we’re excited to show you all the latest additions and changes for Dungeon Defenders II in the Going Wild West Update! You’ll see some new maps, new challenges, new projectiles (have we mentioned GOATS?), NEW ENEMIES AND A NEW BOSS, and lots of other extra wild features. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer.... Read about all the changes Defenders will see in this update. New Maps - The Wild West Region If you watched our Friday Funday on July 16th you’d already know that we’ve introduced two new maps to the War Table - The Wildest West and Wild Westival!
  10. Negative it is a bug, that will be fixed in the next patch hopefully
  11. You can message [CG] Phillip on Discord if you believe you were wrongfully flagged.
  12. Hi I know this should be done through the bug reporting tool, but can I heckers remember my password or the email address I used. Anyways, for some reason I'm unable to put an anti-support mod onto a relic that has an anti-ranged. Is this intentional?
  13. Yesterday
  14. My steam friend tried to join my game today and it said he was a hacker and after that I got tagged as a hacker too. When the ''A hacker has joined your session!'' message popped up I pressed esc because I thought that he couldn't join my game. After that I left the game straight away. He wasn't tagged as a hacker yesterday. I told him about it and he was surprised. I told him about me getting tagged as a hacker after he tried to join my game and he told me that he played with some random guy that had 20k points for skilling on 2 characters. I have never hacked in any game and I think it's unf
  15. it seems that here on the forum there is only player helping player, if it wasn't for the update, I would say that this game is abandoned... answering your question: it happened here too, but I don't use a second controller, I use an app as a controller. so sometimes when I'm going to try to enter the second account by pressing start, from that same message. how did I solve this?: - Restart your Xbox or game and try to open it again. - Before turning on the second control or app, enter the two accounts you want to use using the main control (switch accounts).these were the two ways I
  16. Last week
  17. Well yeah, the freezing hazard is what made it unique. My point was the map was buggy as hell. There were times where that Dragon end up freezing or appearing when it shouldn't and it can single handedly cost you the game if you didn't have multiple players, which removing the beast fixed. Even without it there, LSAs would sometimes target the torches and not enemies (which is a bit of a problem when that lane is active and the LSA flat out doesn't hit an enemy or you have a Trap/Aura/Tower with splash and it would consume a target to hit something pointless) and freezing mechanics were all wa
  18. dragonless dfk isnt the issue for as far as i know, they copuldve just as easily removed the map from os in the first place.... no imo they shouldve fixed the braziers and added an extra functionality, like when a brazier is activated it should undo the yeti freeze and other slow effects, but also make enemies unable to be slowed by the frost bite tower or frozen by proton beams or water + ice or icefall shard, etc etc, point is they should make the braziers like a utility but a hinderance i realy hope they add dfk to the map pool in onslaught... then i can just reroll till i get godf, dsk,
  19. DEFENDERS, As we approach our release of Episode 1, The Lycan’s Keep, we’ve got another round of changes and additions for you all to take a swing at trying to break and give us your valuable feedback (click here to find out how to get in). Let’s get into it! DISCLOSURE This is a PTR build. That means that things are going to be in a rough state, not finished, maybe a bit buggy, etc. It’s by no means a perfect representation of the game, or final in any means. Please take this into consideration when providing feedback. We’ve spent a lot of time working hard on getting this massi
  20. The "real" reason because DFK gets removed from os could be that there is no dragon anymore, since update 2 months ago and there is nothing special about it anymore, I personally liked dfk in onslaught since you have the opportunity to light up the torches.
  21. Also please dont post the same thing under multiple sections
  22. Thought I'd post here letting those who aren't on Twitter or Discord know that this update may be delayed to sometime next week due to unexpected major issues popping up resulting in CG needing to work on those a little longer.
  23. Unfortunately, CG encountered some hurdles which results in the update being delayed to sometime next week.
  24. flop or top what think about the new c8 update / and came it tomorrow ?
  25. coming tomorrow ?
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