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  2. An idea came to me that could make DD into the BEST MMO EVER PUBLISHED. If there was a DD MMO in which you could level your characters, raid dungeons (while building with 9 people alongside you), world quests and all of those cool MMO features I believe it would be really popular. I asked a couple of people and they all said they would play the heck out of it. Does anyone agree that this would be a revolutionary MMO game?
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  4. It not really finding the gear to get your stats that high as finding the rock to get your stats that high
  5. Builds aside though, finding the gear to get your stats that high is the hardest thing ever it seems.
  6. I do find that explosive traps matched with gas traps are far more effective in AOE than any mage build ive tried. and the thunderstrike trap for ogre lanes. I'm still experimenting though...
  7. ive definitely beaten each map with a wide variety of builds and tower mixes to try everything out. i think the variety is fine but as fluffy said a couple posts earlier "if you rearrange all my points i might need a completely different build." this rings very true. ive even beaten the maps with ONLY lightning auras for damage but the monk pumped hard into tower damage (about 425ish) but it required a much different build than normal. i recommend you just try out different builds with your stats adjusted and find what playstyle you prefer.
  8. It also depends on where you put your points as some defences scale better, and some need a certain stat to work well. Example base enrage isn't that special...but an enrage with 400 tower power in the beta pretty much suicides the dynamite guys and pulls up the parking break on everyone else. Totally different outcomes based on how many points you have in specifically tower power. At the same time it has so much health you don't need much in tower health to use it. On the flip str drain needs tower health and doesn't matter near as much on tower power. So just with those 2 as an example where your stats are makes a diffference on which one is or isn't very effective.
  9. Neoneo

    Scourge pet

    Hi just wondering how much this pet worth?
  10. I like a more mixed build using traps as well and less focus on towers. There isnt just one build that works, it depends on playstyle and what you want your hero to do. If you know enough where each defence has an advantage over another you can come up with a mixture that works even having just one hero build can work currently. We will have to adapt builds for nightmare and with higher tiered loot some defences may become allot more useful than in the Beta. We cannot be sure that tower balance will remain as is for launch either. Perhaps on launch once we have got to massacre we can be allot more certain what the meta is and how flexible builds can be.
  11. I really dig the idea of the unique enemies coming in from the portals. That could really spice up that mechanic. Though yeah, I wouldn't agree those being in the current Onslaught as it could be a bit much. But they could be great for Prime Incursions since it needs some beefing-up. Perhaps Prime Incursion could have a higher difficulty beyond Prime 6 where instead of the format of each Prime being harder that the last, we have "Prime Nightmare" - all incursions under that difficulty with portals as twists. On the note of blandness, I kinda view it from the point of the incursion not really having that much mini-game aspect maps to begin with. Maps like Spectral Assault, Bling King, Power Surge, the Demon's Lair, Bastille Master and Dawn of the Blood Moon/Betsy for example were great because it has unique mechanics. (Though some I agree were pretty easy because due to the enemy level intentionally weren't that hard to meet our gear level.) Maps like Forest Poachers, Griblok's Horde or Wyvern Enthusiast and even Revenge of the Yeti were quite similar to your regular expeditions except a little beefed up. The rest were kinda in-between these two types. But it probably too late to change anything about the fundamentals by now except adding new twist/difficulties. Oh, sorry there. I wasn't meaning on the Chaos 8 stats. That was alright. I was meaning more on the mods actually (Kinda accidentally included shot types too on that paragraph too so you can forget I mentioned that.) I find it weird that the Prime weapons rolls mods like those from the seaworthy or prestigious weapons since it makes the said set of weapons less unique. The way i see it, there are two types of weapons: Standard - rolls with regular stats, mods and shot types and Unique - have unique shot types, mods or other properties only found in those weapons. So with the new weapons with "fan-favorites" stuffs and mods, they are now a new type - an amalgamation of standard and some aspect of unique which personally to me is very weird. (On another note, this gives me some food for thought - I just remembered the locked elemental mods on weapon like Kobold Klenser or Dream Protector which may be something that I have to recategorize there since I put them in the unique section on the wiki. Because while the mods are locked, they are still standard elemental mods that can roll on any and all standard weapons.) Of course, no worries there, To each his own. I did disagree with the idea on transmog once as the idea of weapon skins did not sit well with me for a loot based game. But as long as the weapon used for transmog are still loot that you have to acquire, that would be ok. I did think of another alternative in the case of CG decide to not add transmog, and that would be buffing some of the incursion weapons to the point of usability. Weapons like the bling king or tsunami doesn't have the level of power to be something actually special for something that's supposed to be special. While I'd prefer transmog, I'd also would love making a unique weapon awesome which is the way they should be. So either way would be great. Oh no, I wasn't talking about Stugis the Falconer from Forest Poachers. The Lady Orc were actual units like the Vanguards or Dark Mages etc. They were in campaign and the removed onslaught V1 before they vanished. I'm not sure about it but I heard that they used to be able to climb over blockades before that ability was removed. Perhaps her new power could be a boost aura support type enemy where she radiates an invisible intimidation aura that boost enemy speed and damage. Her third tier would increase the resistance to both physical and magical damage. Speaking of Onslaught, I have been quite curious that not all of the enemy was added into Onslaught. To me it was a enemy mash-up type of gamemode. So the absence of The Forest Poachers, mini Gribloks and Quiblys or the Spooky Mini-bosses or even Maldonis himself was quite odd when there's the Wyvern Enthusiast or Dreadbones Horde's around since most of both groups were just the regular monsters in different outfits. I'm sorry, I don't really get the part of "9 months max of expansions". No comments on the defenses though, I'll leave it to others if you don't mind. Anyway, thanks for bringing this thread! Haven't been discussing stuff like this in quite while. I sure do enjoyed it. :)
  12. Thank you for that very annoying but funny Event :) https://imgur.com/a/SqckkkI https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198893340068/
  13. this was the most fun in dd i had in a while, thanks for the giveaway - hope to see something like that again at some point 28/28: https://imgur.com/a/gbCzwl8 (enjoy colorless DD) Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BillyHerringtonPepeH ~Billy
  14. This was harrddddd https://steamcommunity.com/id/ruffer/ https://imgur.com/a/ez3tw61 Thanks for the runs community team :D
  15. And we are already proving there are differernt working builds in beta. I have been using exclusivly Monk and mage and fully carry beginners through wave25 with no problem. I typically use 1 of 5 combinations depending on enemy traffic and how many du per lane I have. Keep in mind with all 5 of them I use apprentice shields there are no squire shields in any of my current builds on any maps. I have a squire waller but don't use him due to his walls costing 3DU enrage + strength drain + fireball enrage + MM + fireball (no drain due to DU limit) enrage + strength drain + lighting aura + fireball enrage + lighting aura +fireball +MM enrage + strength drain + lighting aura + fireball + MM Also where the above poster has low speed towers here are my tower stats for both my builders I like having speed be fairly fast. mage towers 174/376/247/200 monk auras 147/398/225/203 The reason I posted the stats is because where you put your stats and the ratio has a huge effect on how effective different towers or auras are. If you rearrage all my points I might need a completely different build.
  16. So far with the 4 maps available to us i have 1 strategy for all of them altered according to the map. Block all chokepoints with spike blockades, the spire with 100% of stats into defence HP and nothing else. Strength drain aura in each lane, monk stats pointed towards 50% defence range and 50% defence HP Flame towers with stats focused 80% defence dmg, 10% defence hp and 10% attack rate lastly the fourth character is apprentice for player DPS, approx 80% into atk, 20% into HP, ive found my main weapon to be more effective than the abilities/skills so i only use left and right click abilities, its OP tbh. aside from slight alterations with that strategy depending on the map, i may include enrage auras and slow auras as well, i tend to also build 1 area weaker than the rest, and i will actively fight to defend it (my char is easily worth 4 or 5 towers) so i only need to focus on 1 area and leave the rest to my towers. So i completely get what you mean when you say it feels like theres only 1 way to build, but in fairness, we havent seen the other maps yet, and we havent played the last 2 difficulties and i believe there will be other game modes when its released as well and all these things may mean my strategy will fail later on so i havent posted about it myself yet, honestly this beta is a very small testing grounds and there is a lot missing to give very in depth feedback. I plan on making a post with all my thoughts after i clock 100 hours played after the release, thats when feedback will be most useful IMO.
  17. I am looking to buy a twr damage capping weapon with high rate. we can work out a price in cv.
  18. Thanks for this. Was very fun looking around. I've only done 20 of them so far but I've gotten some of the hard ones down so I think I might finish all of 'em in the coming days. imgur: https://imgur.com/a/GL13GEt steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/t_boltsniper
  19. Last week
  20. lmao. Not sure how to edit this thread. I'll repost with a completed OP.
  21. I'd like to see more specialization in characters to make players to use them for the defensive waves. As of right now we use the Knight to build tanky defenses towers, Mage for DPS towers, Monk Utility/DPS auras, and the only munchkin pick is Archer for high DPS from hero. What I'm saying is this feels like the only way to play the game with efficiency. I'd love to see more specialization from DD2 with indepth character skills possibly to create a character that can shine in more than one way. Variety. Here's some of my ridiculous suggestions: Knight: *
  22. Definetely more challenging than it looks at first glance, ty to sesar and ruffer for doing them with me! imgur: https://imgur.com/a/xKKl0Al steam profile: https://steampowered.com/profiles/76561198417716162
  23. The portal is really a good mechanic that could be used but maybe only in onslaught of the game modes avaliable now.They could use like they were made as a lane that drop from the sky or maybe as a spawn portal to switch/or better "clone" the enemies from one lane to the other making one lane having enemies from the other lane..I personally think than wouldnt be too impressive if they just send generic enemies as a extra but instead they need to create specific mobs to appear from there or would be too gimmick after a while.Other think is to just appear on random maps or in LT and drakenfrost would be too much to handle in some ocasions. I can put my finger on why but prime incursion for me was too bland.Only spectral assault was hard and mainly because of the map design.Changing the schedules would help but is needed something different to be more replayable. Changing the "prime" stats of ch8 max i dont agree.Is the only think that is good about them or is enough incentive to try to play to catch them.Otherwise just use your own old weapon. (I'm not a cosmetic guy so probably this opinion is a lot about it) Weapon transmorf i see as a good idea but is not for me xd.At least for you or anyone would means to have a look of a weapon without the worry of farm which is awesome for who wants..In the end for me is a feature that allows a bunch of fake looking weapons and the game is not in a outstanding state to be priority.If its easy to implement would be good. About enemies i have only the lady orc to comment.Lady orc i think is a boss from forest poacher incursion.To bring back is good but only if it has a purpose.There is a lot of boss in this game already so if they release in onslaught they need to give some ability to distinguish her. Those expansions were very good to the game.It feels like a different game and i think that is apreciated by everyone.I think than should be around 9 months max of expansions.My worry if its too little for the time schedule.. I write on the first post than if they implement the two initial ideas i would ocasionally play onslaught but maybe i could work around if they at least buffed the tower range.For ex if they buffed the base tower ranges to like 20-25% sand viper would be the 2° best defense in the game and very close to reflect beam which is the best for me, ballista would have a extra slot for her good spec shards ,cannon would have other slot to compensate the pierce servo need and so on for other towers. The main problem of this game is balance that hurt variety..This is a easy fix but is always ignored which is sad and frustrating imo.
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    Item Check Thread

    If you want me to IC it, you'll have to send me an uncensored picture of the item privately
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