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  2. was slightly anoyed at the gold lost but prominade savival even with auto loot legendarys dros a good million gold per round after 18 ish
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  4. Fixes: Swapping heroes and placing a defense skips the tower rotation step of defense placement.
  5. CRTL + Mouse scroll wheel is rotating towers for me
  6. Mage still does 500k dps with pet and random gear. May need to actually build a dps character now. I think the nerf was good.
  7. While playing a map or in the tavern cause i don't have the rotating option in the tavern but i do have it in the maps.
  8. I have noticed that the enemy icons on the doors aren't completely accurate. For example it says that green goblins are gonna spawn but instead they're yellow. After that wave the goblin icon does show the right one until the red ones start spawning. Same for the other enemies. Also when i played the ancient mines on insane on the last wave it showed the icon for a red ogre but a yellow one spawned instead.
  9. After the patch today, I noticed that when I go to place a tower I don't get the rotate option and the tower automatically gets placed in whichever direction I am facing. I preferred the way it was before and do not want to use ctrl + scroll because it's too imprecise. I'm not sure if this is now an option in the settings or what, however my audio settings were also reset so I'll have to give it a look next time I log in.
  10. Interesting I did see that in your screen shot, I just misunderstood what you meant. I've had people join my lobby and their profile pic will be blank, but I'm still able to boot them. Hopefully they get this bug fixed.
  11. No matter the case, the state cat is in is still a blessing to progression; even post nerf. This is a more than fair change to the game, plus with DD's history things will get better as you scale into late game.
  12. I suspect we just won't see crazy high rolled giraffes until NM+ That being said, a good rolled Mista Mine just destroys Giraffes in terms of raw stats at times. The only thing the Giraffe has on it, is it's consistently giving a wide array of stats.
  13. if you get a lvl 60 purple weapon and max its damage you will not have a problem killing ogres.
  14. Campaign or survival? I just finished all 25 waves on survival a bit ago without any issues on insane.
  15. As title said, I mean i want to push 999 floor. As far as I know, 954 is the same difficulty as 964,974,984,994, if there is a way to pass 954, that means they will pass 964,974.even 994 .we just need a good team,then reroll some times.Then, they will rush to 999. of course i was on 948 floor, i still need a party to pass 949 like 954 if i dont reset. i believe there are several players who reach 999 floor in furture.
  16. The ogre on the last wave of the Ancient mines seems to one shot most defenses and players even on medium difficulty.
  17. sorry but no i still have 114 million thank goodness...i woulda been really mad if i lost all that gold lol. maybe ill upgrade some gear now instead of waiting for better pieces. thanks for the warning connor
  18. So with the latest patch, when I launched the game my money was reset to 0. Wouldn't be a huge issue but I've spent the last 2 days playing survival trying to save up money for gear upgrades, and the 48m I had saved up is all time wasted. Luckily my gear and levels weren't affected, but still annoying nonetheless. Has anyone else had similar issues? I understand the game is in EA so bugs are expected, but I've not heard of anyone else having this problem.
  19. Of course it won't. Why would it be? The summit in DDA has the same place as it did in DD1. I wouldn't expect a new map coming out years from now to be easier than one that's out now.
  20. i have no problems standing toe to toe with ogres still. my tavern dummy dps is still 500k which is definitely plenty edit: also that's on a TOWER apprentice. fully upgraded weapon/cat but all tower stats otherwise
  21. Other than the nostalgic feeling of getting yourself a Geoffery on a treadmill! The Giraffe on the treadmill has some great base stats for towers across the board (even hero stats too). It is a good feat to roll high ones.
  22. How can you not kill ogres? Maybe you can't kill them as fast as you could with the cat pre-patch but that's why we have towers as well. I'm not as geared as I'd like to be and I haven't upgraded any items yet either but my deadly strike towers are doing 89k damage a shot. No issues doing all 25 waves on survival and to make it even easier, dropping a monk tower buff when an ogre shows up? Easy peasy. Can't rely on just having a pet that was so obviously powerful. Change your builds, don't rely on just hero dps, and you'll have no problems.
  23. Another Bug/issue I found was that when In "Session Browser" every game, regardless of the name will start with "Player's_game" where "Player" equals the name of the steam account. For instance, when creating a lobby you rename to "Come Join", it will get renamed to "Lunar's_game_Come_Join". Doesn't affect gameplay or anything but I think that's not how it was supposed to be. If it was supposed to be this way, then ignore this. Also another issue but I wouldn't be surprised if that's actually a feature instead, would be that when using Monk's "Tower Boost" ability, auras won't get a damage buff. Now regarding monk, I noticed that the ability icos are reversed(check attached files) About the stuck kobolds issue, I confirmed that difficulty or map doesn't matter, they WILL get blinded by the Eternia Crystal shiny glow and will get stuck on them. I don't know if anyone noticed but archers are experts when it comes to 360 non scope. On one moment they target the roadblock and on the other they turn around no animation or anything and just shoot at you if you get too close. For last, and, you might as well ignore this since the culprit might be my CPU, when FPS drop from 60 to 30 or below dropped mana moves in slow motion, I mean, I actually have to go on top of them since they are practically still. Everything else(time/enemies/projectiles) is moving normally.
  24. So I have my level 60 Giraffe... Why should I be excited? :/
  25. Yesterday
  26. Pet points can only be reset BEFORE you purchase the upgrade. Once the gold is spend, the upgrade is PERMANENT. I advise to look at the potential value before buying the upgrade, once upgraded there is no going back. Same rule will apply to all gear.
  27. This is what's irked me with the new update. I've lost millions into pets and gear that's now essentially useless because of the nerfs.
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