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  2. I know I play quite a few Friends only games, i.e. for me that's private. Just because I like to do stuff solo and get the build I want to use down pat before building publics. I do play publics when i just want to play and not build.
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  4. Legacy mode has been removed. Now to answer the "where are all those people" question, this is something I have been wondering myselft. Lets say there are 60 public games that are all completely full, that's 240 people, leaving over 300 people playing with friends only. I think that this number is a bit too high to be realistic. It is possible, but weird considering the "social" aspect of dungeon defenders.
  5. they all playing in legacy mode ?
  6. i've never ssen more than 50 games myself, but if you look at your steam charts you can see that there are still an average of 600 players everyday. It is lower than the ~1k around when survival came out, but it's not the worst that the game has seen.
  7. I log on the game like 1 months ago and there was like 100+ games up and i log yesterday and there was like 3 games up , people got bored of the game ? because is quite boring there not a lot more people playing DDA :(
  8. If you're asking how someone could make a DLC for an unfinished game, just look at Ark:Survival Evolved, it got multiple DLCs and a side-game and it's still not finished.
  9. Yay it works now after 4 days xD
  10. It's not a dlc it's was made at the same time as survival and survival is base game and still they miss a lot of base game. Like mix mode so the game is strong not at it full and how can you make a dlc for a game it's only 90% done it's still early access they only don't call so no more
  11. Ya agree it's the problem. It's now motlre are you lucky what riren you get or do you have to start over
  12. Hello Lawta and Chromatic Team, I remember a little while back there were talk of DD3, but all talk has gone silent. Is that still in the works? Or has that been put in the dead file? I ask because many of us that used to love DD and never wanted to play DD2 has grown to adore DD2. I didn't want to go backward, but forward in the style of change it has achieved. I would readily jump on the funding Kickstarter, and would readily buy the game. I know hoping is premature, but hope is hope, right? If I can look forward in the evolution of my favorite Heroes in future upcoming games from Chromatic please let me know. I've been loyal since the beginning and have no plans to stop anytime soon. Thanks Team
  13. fire and oil upstairs for the new beginners, until you figure out Burning Strikes, or Oil Flask. One side fire, other side is oil.
  14. I don't think that the EV counts as the free DLC that was promised, they might push the summoner as that free DLC and avoid these issues.
  15. I would love to have the summoner again, with his own DU. They already told that you will have to buy the DLCs, what they can do is sell it like a bundle, if you buy the dlc you get the maps and the summoner, otherwise you dont have neither of them. Or make a way to unlock it.
  16. Remember that the Summoner could not fight. This was a major factor to why they originally used MU instead of DU, as it was an entirely defence oriented build and pointless otherwise. Same reason they gave summoner two pets, though that I could have lived without. A good fighter on the ground was always better than the minions in my books.
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  18. I think the issue is not the siren, but the fact that it's random and you cannot strategize around it.
  19. Pls remove the sire from the boss battle at wave 25. It's just to random it's just no fun whit it
  20. Oh go please no. I would hate to have a repeat of DD1 where it was "Buy summoner or never do late game content." If they add the summoner back they need to do something different because it boiled down to do you want to have twice as many towers or not?
  21. I think that getting stuff that makes you go, "oh shit, I can be powerful later" is actually a good thing. This, however doesn't deny the fact that the grind from 83-90 is kinda there to tell you "I know you wanna do massacre right now, but we've decided that you really need to master AFK leveling in prom.
  22. Hey at least they fixed some obscure matchmaking issues after 2 weeks of nothing today /s in case it wasn't obvious
  23. Last week
  24. You also probably toke advantage of early dragon exp glitch. Leveling characters who can clearly complete content that they cant equip the reward is the issue.r Either way i dont understand why ican complete something and get rewards i cant use for like another 6 hours of gameplay. Id understand if they had trading in the game.
  25. Su litterally invakidates anything that isnt designed around it. That would mean all current difficulties would be invalidated. Id rather the summoner have unique sunmons that cost du then essentially being a dps increase to every map.
  26. So I enjoyed this game and have played it a lot (260+ hours) but I'm starting to reach a breaking point with how many annoying bugs there are that have been in forever that make the game so unenjoyable. The worst part is they definitely know about them and they're such small simple bugs that would take no time at all to fix. It just seems no one cares. And with how many there are, even though individually they're small, they compound to something extremely annoying and imo gamebreaking. I'm talking about bugs like on Summit where the Siren gets stuck in one lane and makes the entire lane permanently resistant to an element making an already awful rng mechanic significantly worse. Or also on Summit, the enemies on the side lanes just randomly running up the side straight to the cores instead of following the path that is intended for them. You could try to argue this is intended but it clearly isn't as the path marker doesn't show it. I'd rather have less DU and have the map actually work right than have to account for it. Then there's archers and mages aggroing the core halfway across the map as soon as they get line of sight making EV reflects a necessity on some maps. And then the classic bug of Ogres walking over barricades. Bugs like this just ruin the game when there are so many of them. Instead of losing a map because I don't have the stats or my build was just bad, I'll just lose because I didn't account for some random bug that shouldn't even exist. It's annoying to lose when my build would work if the game actually worked correctly. I say it's gamebreaking because it removes a lot of the fun of strategically planning a build or learning what you did wrong. The main issues are figuring out what specific ways you need to place towers to work around the bugs. It also limits build variety because there's just certain things that should work on paper but don't actually because of the bugs. Are there any plans to actually fix any of this? They've been in the game for so long and are such simple fixes that it seems like they're taking the lazy way out and just leaving them in as intended "challenges". It's disheartening and I'm starting to feel like I should just quit while I'm ahead
  27. So I just got an email for a code for the crystalline squire, not gonna lie I'm pretty peeved that instead of finishing the game and getting it to the console peeps, they instead are devoting energy and resources to DLC for the game that some of the backers haven't even received yet. I've also been looking for a way to submit for a refund, but I'm beginning to think I'm just out my backer amount. Do let me know if you end up with any luck getting your money back.
  28. Defenders, We heard some of you were having difficulties playing with friends and with matchmaking. We wanted to get this small hotfix out to alleviate some of the reported issues we have seen. We're still working on getting a larger patch out, but we wanted to help y'all connect in-game in the meantime. BUGFIXES BUGFIX: Fixed various matchmaking issues. Known Issues: There’s an issue where Shadows are causing massive FPS loss on even the best hardware out there that we are investigating. Recommended you change the shadows setting to low for the time being while in your Tavern. Changing the setting while in gameplay may cause an unwanted crash. Social Defenders To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms: Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info! For Etheria! Chromatic Games
  29. That's good that they at least have some legacy save files saved somewhere in case this happened. I do remember voicing my concern about their "1 month" deadline to choose either your legacy file or EA file to continue with. I still think they should have allowed some sort of merge of the two to occur, but whatever. It's not like I play this game anymore.
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