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Apprentice Hero Showcase

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Were kicking off our weekly Hero Showcase series with the Apprentice. Watch the video to see how his new abilities fare in the tournament. But what about co-op? Well, youll have to wait for a future trip to the Archives to learn more about the towers hes learned to conjure since he defeated the Old Ones. Spoiler: Some of the abilities in this video might appear in the co-op mode, too. Hint, hint.

Speaking of our co-op mode, were looking for feedback. Want to make the tower defense mode brilliant? Please take our first co-op survey! We are going to release weekly surveys to get feedback while were working on the co-op mode. Be sure to leave your email address at the end of the survey for your chance to win a DD2 beta code!

Oh, and if you want to see anything again just click on one of the icons in the video to relive a previous section.

What do you think of the competitive mode in action? Keep in mind everythings beta, so all feedback is good feedback. The most constructive comments will receive a DD2 beta code! Forum winners will be chosen on Monday, May 13, and survey winners will be chosen on May 15.
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