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Meet the Apprentice

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Thanks to you, the DD2 information flood has begun. We reached 9,000 followers on Twitter, and if youve been paying attention, you know what that means -- were revealing our first hero, the Apprentice! You can check out his hero page here. These pages double as the tutorials for each hero in the beta, so youre really getting a sneak peak at beta information. Were revealing the next hero at 40,000 Facebook likes. Who would you like to see next, a new hero or an old one?

You can find the sexy Apprentice wallpaper in the Media section.

In the competitive section of the hero page, you can see the Apprentices abilities and Hero Spell. Hero Spells are additional abilities that have long cooldown times, comparable to Ultimate abilities. In the beta, Hero Spells are unlocked when you reach Hero Level 10. Every hero has one spell to unlock. Once unlocked, they can be used with any hero.

You might notice on the hero page that the co-op button is greyed out and the showcase has a large coming soon image. All in due time. When that button lights up, youll learn about the Apprentices stats, towers and abilities for the cooperative mode. Well be releasing the video when its ready.


Why are we revealing heroes this way? Are we just farming for Facebook likes and Twitter followers? The answer is yes, very much so! Unfortunately, youre the ones getting the loot. Were told we can trade these stats for food and shelter.

But seriously, instead of releasing information on an ambiguous marketing timeline, we think it makes more sense for you to know when information is coming and for the information to release as our community grows. More people will be talking about the game, and hopefully, more people will be playing the game on day one. If youre in the beta and are having trouble finding a game, this strategy will help once we open the beta code floodgates.

Want to see another hero? Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and tell your friends!
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