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Pre-Beta Update — Beta's Right Around The Corner!




October flew by, and November is here, which means we’ve got a slew of new things to show off and talk about! The Dungeon Defenders: Awakened PC beta is coming this month, with news on when it’s being released very soon. We’re currently working with our excellent PR partners on getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in front of as many Defenders as possible, so bare with us as we prepare to make this beta an explosive success!

While we’ve been working incredibly hard, today we want to show off the Huntress’s traps, some of the new gorgeous UIs, never before seen maps, and an update as to how as a studio we’ve been working on the game. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Huntress Traps

We wanted to make sure that the Huntress’s traps conveyed that they were put together by an elf, using materials that are available to a being from the woodlands. There’s a lot of VFX and power that we’re going to be adding to these traps, but for now we’re going to show you what you’ll see as your creating a literal minefield for the hordes that are coming!

Poison Gas Trap


Proximity Mine Trap


Inferno Trap


Darkness Trap


Etherial Spike Trap



User Interface Facelift

One thing that we promised with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened was providing a cleaner User Interface, something that is definitely wanting when playing the original Dungeon Defenders. Our approach is to make things read well so that you’re able to discern the information you want, get your gear and character setup the way you want fast and efficiently, so you’re back in the fray and doing what you do best — defending Etheria!

The inventory in Dungeon Defenders has always been a big part of the gameplay, and we’ve made it look aesthetically pleasing, while also providing a ton of functionality. We’ll start off with showing the item box:


One thing you’ll notice is that there are Nintendo Switch inputs at the bottom. One of the biggest goals we had with the UIs for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, was to make sure that it played well with a gamepad first. If it plays well with gamepad, then we can easily make it play well with mouse and keyboard.

You’ll also notice that there is a filter tab in the top right. This filter is going to allow players to filter gear with multiple options! Filtering is something that players have wanted for a while, and we’re bringing it in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Here’s a tentative list of what you can expect to be able to filter by:

  • Quality (Common, uncommon, rare, epic, etc.)

  • Equipment (Weapons, Helmets, Chests, Gloves, Boots, Pets, Brooches, Masks, Bracers, and Shields)

  • Armor Type (Leather, Mail, Chain, etc.)

  • and More!

Another important aspect of the game is being able to inspect a piece of equipment that you’ve received, compare it with a piece that you’ve got equipped, and decide if it’s an upgrade or not. Those were our goals with gear tooltips and comparison:



When making these tooltips, we made sure that we included the “worst case” scenario for when you receive an item. By that, we focused on what the absolute biggest an item tooltip would be, and this is the result. There’s a ton of information that we need to convey, and so we made sure to push things to their absolute limits in order to provide a clean and easy to read UI. It’s worth mentioning that the white circles and squares are where our icons are going to be going to represent each stat (they’re currently made, just need some slight adjustments).

We also are adjusting the names of stats so that they are able to be understood. These images are work-in-progress still, but these names are something we’ll be looking for feedback throughout our beta process. 

All of it together, here’s what you can expect to see when playing solo:


There’s still some iteration we’re going to be making (and currently are), but we’re very proud of where the UI currently is and can’t wait for you to be able to use it to its full potential!

There are a couple things that aren’t being shown here, but we want to give context to:

  • Abilities:  This will be where a hero’s abilities and towers are explained.

  • Runes:  This is the level up stat allocation area. Your stat updates are reflected in the character stats pane.

  • Character stats: This is currently getting polished , but will appear where the current item tooltip is in the above screenshot.

A lot of these pieces are coming together for beta. They have functionally been in our test builds as engineer art.

New Map? New Map!

Half of the maps in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened campaign have never been played before, and they help bring an all new epic feel! Two of our new maps are desert based maps, the ruins of a civilization that has long been gone. One of those maps, is tentatively called “Tornado Valley”, opening up to a giant ruined city:





The next map is a follow up to Tornado Valley, that we’re tentatively calling “Tornado Lowlands”. That’s most definitely a developer name, as there’s nothing low about this map. Be careful not to fall:




Studio Work

As a studio, we are churning through a ton of work. Recently our communication has not been as frequent as we’ve wanted and we’re progressing towards making it better. We’re currently expanding our workforce to help with this, but also are going to be working with our partners, including a PR firm, that will be getting updates and information out across our social channels, and into the hands of various game news outlet to really help Dungeon Defenders: Awakened blow up!

There are multiple goals that we have with Beta. First is to deliver on a promise to our backers, we want to be good on our word and you deserve to see what your support has created. Second, you’ll be providing really value feedback, both in terms of gameplay, but also from the metrics that we’ll be reading on the back end. Last, it’s a great milestone for us to achieve that really helps bring the game together and empower us as a studio to keep working hard.

After the beta, we are going to continue work on the game, up to the release in February. This means polishing systems, balancing gameplay, fixing bugs, and a lot more. The amount and quality of work that we’ve done in such a short time (a little over 8 months) is something that we’re incredibly proud of, and we use that pride to push us in these remaining months. What you’ll see in the beta does not mean it is final, and there’s going to be a ton of time put into making DD:A the best it can be!

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team is having a blast working on DD:A, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


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Recommended Comments

Love the traps!
I can't wait to play the new maps, and probably fall to my doom a few times.

Looking forward to the game, though a little more communication would be nice :)

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Guest Moldy


Huntress traps looking spicy! I wonder what boost could be 🤔

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i do not hope thats the final hud for inventory, doesnt look cozy and fun to look at. its just minimalistic and boring

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Guest Blixfast


6 hours ago, Guest Moldy said:

Huntress traps looking spicy! I wonder what boost could be 🤔

Bro this game is not a rework of DD2 stop think about that, huntress will not have boost towers! 

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6 hours ago, nastyniick said:

i do not hope thats the final hud for inventory, doesnt look cozy and fun to look at. its just minimalistic and boring

Ya, not a huge fan of the fortnite copy and paste inventory screen. Hopefully, they can give it more of a customized dungeon defenders color scheme or something at the least. But as long as the performance is good, I guess I can put up with it.

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if there are mods on gear you need to be able to sort/filter on mods. (ie show me all gloves with defense rate on them)


Edited by Blixer

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8 hours ago, danimaltastic said:

Ya, not a huge fan of the fortnite copy and paste inventory screen. Hopefully, they can give it more of a customized dungeon defenders color scheme or something at the least. But as long as the performance is good, I guess I can put up with it.

True, but its also the details.. the details are important, need the old dd1 feeling back, wont be very satisfying looking at fortnite as u said

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Guest sass


That UI looks way too... minimalist.
Dare I say Fortnite-y.

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I find myself agreeing with a lot of other people on the UI. Being fair, it does it's job very well and I think should be in the game, but there should be options for what UI the players want (I have no idea how hard this would be to code, but I don't think it would be too difficult). If it looks like that for a beta, then that is perfectly fine, but some more customisation options would be highly appreciated.

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I kinda have a positive and a negative feedback for this. 

Postives - 

Definitely looking forward to playing on Tornado Valley, looks pretty gorgeous there! And the Huntress's strategy of turning a place in a minefield has really intrigued me!

Negatives - 

I have already saw a bunch of defenders already mentioning it, and I have to agree with them. The UI is just too dang plain. The way I see it, it does not fulfill the feeling of playing in a fantasy medieval game. Those stuffs comes with cool borders and designs. I thought DD2's UI was already pretty plain, this just takes it to whole new level of plainness.

While I have not played DD1 and based of the images I've seen, one of the main aspect of DD1 that I really love was the UI design, it totally fulfills the feeling of being in a fantasy game. Same with DD2's Nightmare days' UI design. Both are just amazing compared to DDA's current one.

 Image result for dungeon Defenders 2 UI


Edited by Paloverde zfogshooterz
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My biggest concern on UI in general is lack of information that I had seen in DD2. There were many times where friends and I would wonder "How will this affect my character?" or "What does this mean/do?" while playing DD2 and we'd frankly have no way of knowing without consulting an external source and even then still find nothing about it. There is a lot of assumption in DD2 that the player can understand the icons next to the numbers. For the longest time, I had no idea that the gear with the number meant "Gear Score" and and I have played me a many WoW and other MMOs, where "LFG H Underbog GS 540" or what have you.

I think tooltips should be considered for all aspects of the UI. Hovering over something should spell out how it's going to make my character better or worse. Just to pick at the screenshots shown here. As a new player, how will I know what "BOOST" or "D RATE" or "FORTIFY" means? It's green, so I guess it's better to have more, but that's all I can figure out without more information.. Based on the screenshot, I want less of the red stat? Or does it mean it's worse than what I'm using?

Allowing the player to understand these things within the game can greatly improve the UI in my opinion.


Thanks for reading!

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Guest Callum Hooson


On 11/2/2019 at 9:26 PM, nastyniick said:

i do not hope thats the final hud for inventory, doesnt look cozy and fun to look at. its just minimalistic and boring

I agree it looks like destiny they could do a better job with this 

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Guest Fish61324


Looks good :). So happy this isn't going to be a Free-to-play game. I loathe games with microtransactions. Loved DD1, didn't like DD2 because of microtransaction (no offense). Microtransactions make games bad because everything in the game is focused around "nickle and diming" the consumer. It makes the game grindy (when it doesn't have to be) and puts up a lot of 'pay-walls' for things. So glad this game is just going to cost an x-amount of money up front :). Thank you.

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