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Post-Drakenfrost Check-In With Lawlta

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Greetings Defenders,

We’ve been hard at work since our latest update and we’re ready to share some of what you can expect to see in our next update! We wanted to take a step back and focus on some more player-centric changes, and we’ve got a pretty hefty list of things we’re accomplishing. There’s still a lot of work for us to do, and while we’re not ready to show anything off yet, it’s the perfect time to talk about some of the things you can expect to see coming to Dungeon Defenders II!

Shard Acquisition

Shards are such an integral part to Dungeon Defenders II when it comes to empowering your towers with great strength to take out the waves of enemies constantly thrown at you. Currently there is a lot of RNG regarding which shards you get, and to help cut down the randomness, farming lower tiered content is the easiest way to go.

We don’t want that. We want you playing content you find engaging, while being able to acquire the Shards you want. The exact details cannot be spilled out here, but we’re working on concrete ways to get the specific Shards you want.

Chaos VIII Shards

They’ve been gone for a while, and the game has changed quite a bit since they were removed. We have taken a pass at them so that they fit into the current game and are something you want to get. You’ll be able to get them after a certain point in Onslaught, similar to when you start receiving Chaos VIII Ampoules.

New Weapons

There’s a lot of epic weapons that we’re going to be making available, some that have been available previously, and some you've never seen before. Players love to make their characters look unique, and while costumes, flairs, and accessories help accomplish this, weapons also play a big part in making your heroes look awesome!

Elemental Addition

We know a lot of you really enjoyed harnessing the powers of the elements, and we promised to add to this system. In the next update, Poison Mods will be added. While we’re not talking interactions yet, we wanted to let you know that we’re expanding on the list of powers you can combo to break apart your enemies!

Other Greatness

There’s still a decent amount to talk about, and we promise to get word out on things as soon as we can. This next month is going to be a crazy ride for all of our Defenders and we cannot wait to share with you what our 2019 is going to look like! We'll be doing at least one other update over the next month, and then go through our usual release of dev streams and previews. We’re wanting to really take our time with everything we're conjuring up and give attention to a lot of things that we believe you’ll enjoy.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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Hoping the upcoming info to be announced is about AP resets #askednoneofthecommunityever

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I gotta say I’m a big grind gamer ever since my first first final fantasy on NES, always striving to level up and enhance gear. I fell in love with this game . Great graphics, and awesome creativity combinations. Game crashes on ps4 more than I’d like but I could live with that..... for now 😈. 

I was going to renew my sub to square Enix for the new patch on Final Fantasy XIV but your game has me hooked for a while, striving to push my onslaught, getting “Automation” for that sexy 100% Tenacity, and becoming a max prestige. I just have to say kudos. 

And THANK YOU FOR THE NEWS ON THE SHARDS. You know how hard it is to farm “Destruction, Defense Rate, and Deadly Strike” Shards to guild? Lol. 

Ohhh and I don’t normally offer insight like this but I thought of a cool Shard. “High Maintenance” (Increases range at which you can repair and upgrade towers by x-amount) strictly for the lazy afk farming of course lmao.

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Also, one more thing, to get more players you should look into contacting GamerLink to get on their platform and broaden your base. 

Not to mention it would make finding onslaught and mastery squads easier and much easier to post LTB and selling gear easier as well. 

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The Shard improvements sound interesting and I can't wait to see how they will work in my Etherian Economics guide.  This will definitely be helpful when I have to do my mote grind sessions.

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Yesterday I opened around 300 (one complete monthly gem mine and thousands of defender medals) c4 shards and got 4 defense rate :((((((((

That's really bad RNG... So thanks for the upcoming changes

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Hi, nice to see details of the next update. 

For me the biggest improvements would be from stackable shards, like the last post and many others are craving for. Even with max storage its still inventory management each round. Some shards are so rare I can not bring myself to dust them. 

Another, discussed a lot also, are Assassins. They are so annoying that they take away from the fun factor. No challenge, just annoying. 

They should spawn from the gates and try to latch on to the players without teleporting. They could physically dodge out of the way from defences to have some challenge but at least they would require more strategy than what we do now. 

The game is great fun when they are not around and I suspect many new players uninstall when reaching Choas 5. I think I would have if I had not played from the Alpha and enjoyed DD1 so much.

Please consider another look. 

Very happy otherwise, thanks for the game.

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Any plans on bringing back some of the locked flair in defender packs?

There are tonnes of one off flair from events years back that no one I've ever seen has like the sack head for the monk which was some exclusive from Halloween years ago which looks cool.

We have lots if defender packs but half the custom flair is unobtainable so people get fed up getting dupes or 15 varieties of beards. 

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- você poderia criar algo que oficialize essa lista aqui, eu nunca posso ter a sua certeza sobre qual é o monstro de sua categoria até hoje ...


- cacos empilháveis? a mere dream...

- to improve the connection? there are days that I brake, freeze, fall from the serve, at least seven times in a row before being able to play a smooth game. ( "your Brazilian internet is a !@#$"... explain me then why not the same happens when I play Fallout 76 and State of decay 2 ... )

and regardless of anything, I would like to thank you for your work, to say that I spend gems, since the game is free, so I try to instill your work.

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@Exglint quote:

With some weapons coming back would those who have them get theirs updated? Since they have some incorrections about them. I know the quick answer most will think is "If they bring them back just farm a new one" which could be done but the older ones will have double max stats, something hard to get even with rerolls. On top of that, those holding these old items are long time players, I think we deserve some reward for being supportive for so long (For once). Furthermore, they hold value beyond a new drop for me because they were the things that I used so long ago which cant be replaced.

Unless you bring in something even more broken than what I have now and also used back in the day, looking at my old Watchful Eye which I still have, I would like the old items restored to a state in which they are usable.

So, because you've played awhile, you should be gifted perfect items that others will have to grind/reroll to get?
I'm sure you wouldn't actually use these weapons though.  I mean, you're only asking because they have "sentimental" value to you....

Can't blame you for asking, but man that looks selfish.

In response to Exglint

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Guest Genetic


Please make dd2 on ps4 less laggy as it makes the game less enjoyable.I know it’s not a big deal but it would bring lots of new players to the game and make it a better game overall.Thanks and kudos for the update

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