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The Drakenlord Arrives — Patch 4.3 is now live on ALL platforms!

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The Heroes of Etheria have arrived at Drakenfrost Keep and explored its grounds. Throughout their exploration they unlocked a hidden chamber shrouded in runes around a mage who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep an ancient evil at bay. The seal has been broken, and the Drakenlord lives again! Held at bay for many years, kept alive only by fables, this menacing evil seeks to take back his keep, raise a dragon army, and set out to conquer the lands of Etheria. It is up to you, Defender, to send this juggernaut back to the underworld.

Greeting Defenders,

We unleashed a beast in Patch 4.3, which is now out on ALL platforms! The Drakenlord has come to terrorize the citizens of Etheria, we took a pass at some additional Mod Reroll quality of life, bug fixes, and more. Let’s get into it!

The Drakenlord


Soaring through the skies of Etheria, the Drakenlord is trying to take back his domain, Drakenfrost Keep. He’s a new boss type that will require you to create unique strategies to take him down, unlike any other boss you’ve fought so far! With his arrival, he may appear in other maps as well. He is now ready to fight you in Expeditions!

Drakenfrost Keep is also now a map that appears in Onslaught. Starting at Floor 39, Drakenfrost Keep appears every 10 floors as a capstone floor (similar to The Lost Temple). This means at Floors 34, 44, 54, 64, etc., you have to defend the Lost Temple, and on Floors 39, 49, 59, 69, etc., you conquer Drakenfrost Keep.

The Drakenlord provides new rewards every week! There are a slew of new weapons AND Mods for you to obtain by slaying him and protecting Etheria.

A costume for the Squire is now available on the Emporium, where you can BECOME the Drakenlord. We’re excited to see how you handle what he has in store for you, and the great rewards that await you.

Mod Reroll

We’ve been all about adding Mod quality of life changes, and here’s another one. Previously we doubled 10/10 drop chances, then last week we ensured that you run into a 10/10 after actively playing for ~10 hours, AND we added a new Mod Reroll material (that can be stored in the Material Vault).

A lot of people have enjoyed these adds, but we thought we’d take it a step further. Mod Rerolls allow you to target specific Mods into becoming 10/10. Some players target farm lower tiers to try and get better luck on a 10/10 dropping for a specific lower Mod (*cough* Tenacity *cough*). We want you all playing content you find engaging, so now Mod Rerolls after a while will guarantee a 10/10 roll. The amount of time is greatly impacted by the ability to buy this material from other players. This change means you can keep climbing or playing content you want, and are guaranteed to eventually get a 10/10 of the Mod you want.

Diminishing Returns

There were a few issues with Diminishing Returns upon release. Most of these problems were related to towers/abilities that could apply a stun more than once a second (i.e. Weapon Manufacturer and Protons). These towers were causing a large spike in diminishing returns that was not intended. On top of that, because of the fast attack rate the drop off of diminishing returns was halted.

Three major issues caused this, Stuns reapplying themselves and adjusting their initial duration each time. This caused initial stuns to a lot last less than intended, which was fixed in today’s update. Second, all Crowd Controls (CC) were adding to the same tenacity pool instead of separated by type (for instance, stuns and slows). This was causing a much higher overall tenacity than expected, which was also fixed in today’s update. The final issue, which we are still working on, is related to how the tenacity fall off is calculated. This is causing some enemies that start at a higher base tenacity when playing with four players to have enemies be nearly immune to CC after their first stun. This is not intended and we are actively looking into a fix to allow players to use theirs stuns as intended.


This is a feature that we are testing on PC/Steam. There’s a lot of information that we’re going to be gathering with this specific feature, so we want to communicate that there may be times where it’s not working correctly, and it may require game restarts to get it functioning correctly, but will not affect your gameplay specifically.

Communities provide a way for you to gather with up to 30 like-minded Defenders and talk across games and lobbies, invite to party, and more! You can be in up to 5 communities at any time, and are able to create communities whenever you want. Here are some of the functionalities that Communities offer:

  • Give them a unique name (don’t worry, the name filter is working)

  • Give them a three or four letter acronym of your choice.

  • By using “/c1”, “/c2”, “/c3”, “/c4”, and “/c5” you can quickly chat in each of your communities. (You can also use /<insert acronym here> to chat with them as well).

  • Invite players to join your parties in the Town or Private Tavern.

  • Use different ranks (Owner, Officer, and then regular members).

  • Invite and recommend users to join a Community.

There’s a lot more functionality and we’re looking at ways to add more and improve the current setups. We’re looking forward to your constructive feedback and will be doing everything we can to make these Communities great.

Hero Changes

Abyss Lord

  • Towers

    • Skeletal Orc

      • The DU cost is now 30, was previously 35.


  • Towers

    • World Tree

      • The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25.


  • Towers

    • Fissure of Embermount

      • The overlap is now 35% of the max range, was previously 50% (for reference, flame aura overlap is 50%).


  • Towers

    • Training Dummy

      • The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a small group of player’s pets had invalid stats tied to them.

  • Fixed an issue where Boom chips were functioning incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue for PS4 users getting kicked to the main menu, and having to restart the game to continue.

  • Fixed an issue with inspecting items on the ground while playing splitscreen for PS4 and Xbox.

  • Fixed an issue when inspecting defenses, it showed the stats of other defenses.

  • Adjusted billboard focus size to make them easier to read.

  • Destructive Pylon and Destruction interaction match the Destructive Pylon tooltip and no longer stack.

  • Fixed an issue when going through incursions and getting put against Malthius.

  • Updated drenching strikes to be affected by electrocute for the correct duration

  • Fixed an issue with pathing in lanes that had translucent objects.

  • Fixed an issue where water chip was sometimes not drenching enemies.

  • Adjusted Vampiric Empowerment to show the correct stat boost on the individual tower inspect screen in the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue where restarting Drakenfrost Keep produced one less core alive.

  • The Haunting Shard now shoots ghosts on secondary attacks.

  • Fixed an issue with Ogres teleporting on the far east lane of The Lost Temple.

  • Fixed an issue with non-leader members of a party get a bad error message when matchmaking.

  • Changed the schedules on Drakenfrost Keep on Chaos VI and VII in Expeditions.

  • Boom mods should now work on everything they’re equipped to.

  • Fixed a framerate drop on Xbox when interacting with enemy schedule billboard.

  • Fixed an issue on PS4 where the menu level music played during the video intro.

  • Fixed an issue on comparing/inspecting items in the inventory if they are not equippable for the current selected hero.

  • Removed an Auto Sort checkbox on the Tinkering UI.

  • Tweaked the VFX for the Accumulator Servo to show the AoE effect.

  • Fixed an issue on Sacrificial Warden adventure when using a controller/gamepad.

  • Fixed an issue for a very small subset of users that caused an issue when coming back from a long break that had them temporarily stuck on Greystone Plaza.

  • Adjusted how Diminishing Return buffs were calculated with different types of debuffs.

  • Adjusted the difficulty of Forest Crossroads, Liferoot Forest, and Betsy during the campaign to be easier.

  • Added elemental effects to weapons dropped during the New User Experience.

  • Adjusted the pickup radius for Primary Reroll and Mod Reroll materials.

  • Fixed an issue on gamepads/controllers with focus while rerolling Mods/Primary stats.

Known Issues

  • Some sources of fire damage from Shards/Mods are not lighting torches correctly on Drakenfrost Keep.

  • If you are not able to use Communities, restart the game to get back into them.

  • Consecutive Win Bonus and Replay From Wave can fail, currently getting a fix ready.

  • Replaying from Wave on Drakenfrost Keep and winning can result in not receiving the special Frost weapons.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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Recommended Comments

Thanks, Trendy!  I’m looking forward to picking fissures back up. And I’m happy to give the above blockades a chance due to their reduced costs.  

Time to go slay the Drakenfrost!

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dear trendy, im still getting the bugg that i cant see the tooltip in game of enemy players defences.

hope that this would be fixed also.

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Overall, nice to see a patch so quickly that addresses some issues and adds even more content! (Plus further decreases wall costs).


Did you check how FoE actually built at 35% compared to Flame Aura's 50% overlap? I'm running max gambit and 5% from Ancient Power on these (no item) and there's very little difference between the two EDIT omg I didn't know the MOD that MODS for filth! Sorry Trendy peeps

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Exactly how long is “eventually” when rerolling items? Judging by the fact that you said it is greatly affected by being able to buy rerolls feom other players, I would imagine it is a ridiculous amount that will be extremely difficult to obtain from farming alone

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One way you can fix the Diminishing Returns problem on Wpn Manus is make it so they do an elemental damage type so you cannot override them with Water or make it so Drench only applies by chance. You can basically now Shock-lock enemies thanks to that and Shocking Revelation.

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I'm sorry Trendy but I have to go.  I wish it had not come to this but you've left me no choice.  Reskin on old maps is fine.  Even the inception of mobs into the game that could disable or cripple defenses was tolerable.  Continually implementing systems and drastically changing how things work about once a year I guess is ok....to a degree.  Moving forward with a game changing mechanic even though you know it doesn't work as intended (diminishing returns on stuns) was borderline.  But I regret to say that after 3400+hours I've finally had it.  You have found yet another way to sell the idea that disabling defenses is an amazing thing to offer through the dragon encounter in Drakenfrost.  I'll be the one to say it...we're sick of finding workarounds to make the cornerstone of the game (towers, traps and auras) work.   My combat phase has evolved into running around making sure defenses aren't borked and frozen into a game losing state instead of slaying masses of mobs.  Bummer.

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I think u guys are focusing too much on high level stuff me and my friends really enjoyed just playing the campaign and having a good time leveling up this game is way more advanced and I need to learn it but for the time being I truly think there is a community that wants more campaign levels and a simpler part to it 

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I'm sorry but the error CE-34878-0 that causes the play the green screen in Floor still continues as it is possible that the monsters are seen, the temporador of mobs does not decrease, it sticks the screen for some time and one cannot pass level only by this error. Please correct it in the PS4. The game takes me for this mistake. 

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Guest Tanjaddaniel


It seems to look more interesting but gets confused always when I was playing the game. Also, its creates an error due to which my router stop working, could anyopne provide me help by giving me the  Belkin Router Support Number

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On 1/11/2019 at 2:09 AM, alanperkere007 said:

The game patch that has been released is really very helpful as the new patches including lots of bugs which hampers the gameplay. You can check for bug reports and essaydune.com tutorials which may help you to know about the errors.

I tried the new patch on PS4 and it's practically freezing all the time. In maps and transitions as well. Also: is it possible to relight every brazier in case the only fire combo working comprises 2 mutually exclusive pickups?

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Well, I like this game. I have just played it and I can't stop. It's really an interesting game. You can try gta 5 cheats when you have time

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