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Protean Shift Patch 3.2 Preview

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Greetings Defenders,

We’ve been hard at work ever since Professor Proteus made his glorious arrival in Etheria! The feedback from all of you has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate it. There’s more coming in our next update, but there’s also more coming next week with Protean Shift Patch 3.2!

There are some nice quality of life features that are coming with next week’s patch, let’s get into it!

Multiplayer Incentives

Defenders love playing together, there is strength in numbers after all. When playing together, enemies get stronger, but there’s not any increased reward for that increased risk. Well not anymore! We have been testing and looking for ways to reward players without trivializing content. With this patch, when grouping with other Defenders, you will receive additional gear from the victory chest. This scales per player added to the session, meaning the more Defenders you play with, the more gear you receive. The more gear you receive, the higher the chance at getting perfect mods!

Material Vault

In Protean Shift, we introduced a good chunk of crafting materials for Defenders to have more control over their gear. There’s a ton of new materials and one bit of feedback that we’ve received quite often, is about storing these spoils of combat.

Enter the Material Vault! The Material Vault is a new vault that will be available to players that want to be able to store extra crafting materials. This special vault allows you to hold 999 of every crafting material, and you will be able to automatically use them when interacting with items. Want to pump up the strength of your gear, but you put the materials in your Material Vault? You can now do it on the fly!

On the Horizon

There’s a giant “wave” of stuff coming to Etheria in our next update that is sure to knock your socks off. Related to multiplayer incentives, we’re going to be providing Defenders greater control over the parties they start, something many of you have asked for is on it’s way. We can’t get into a ton of the stuff coming just yet, but give Elandrian’s Check-In a visit to get an idea for what’s coming!

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

As always, we’re going to be squishing a lot of bugs, increasing performance, and increasing stability. Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

We have much more on the way and will be spilling some beans in the coming weeks!

For Etheria,

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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Recommended Comments

First? Is the Material Bag free or what is the cost going to be on it?

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Please consider making the cap of the material vault 9999 instead of 999. The moment the patch will go live, I instantly will have filled up Plain and Shiny Motes to 999 (don't get me started on Pristine Motes :) ), and then additional stacks will still be lingering around in my inventory bags. What's the point of a material vault, when there are still extra stacks across your inventory? I feel like 9999, is a nice amount to really hold a good number of materials. 999 is just too fast filled up.

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Being able to stack shards into 99 stacks would be also great and I am really looking for that (and probably not the only one). This change would help mostly new players as they now start with only 1 bag and 1 vault which is extremely limiting.  

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@Jaws_420 quote:

Sounds like a great patch. 

The relief for the inventory, as to materials, is extremely welcomed. I am sad that shards for gilding are not addressed yet as to the same issue, but this is a great step in the right direction. The fact that you also do not have to pull the materials out of the vault to use them is big time and an awesome change. I wish that the rest of the things in the vault behaved the same (i.e. gilding, equipping, etc.). Maybe another time. 

I am happy to see some forms of multiplayer incentives coming down. This one is not my top pick, but it is a good reason to join up. The bigger piece to me is that the interface to see matches is going to get some love. It will be a huge change to be able to find matches way easier. I hope some of the multiplayer mechanics (i.e. kicking) also get some revisions to go along with this. I bet we see a lot more teams playing as a result. Maybe even....god forbid, help on Mastery or Incursions. YES! 

I am excited for this patch, and even more so for the next update you all keep teasing us about. THANK YOU for all of the hard work that goes into this game. And Jose    (JK).  DD2 is moving in the right direction for many of us, and i cannot wait to see what TE brings to the table next.  Sharkman_insane.png

Same here about the multiplayer incentives. This is what I am hoping for since start of EA. ^^ Fingers crossed.

Thanks to Lawlta for clarifying - I also thought this was coming with the next patch... although this great impact is more suitable for a update. ^^

In response to Jaws_420

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More loot doesn't automatically make things better. Realistically, if there isn't a significant bump to the quality of loot I don't see this being a meaningful incentive. 

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What you have to fix with urgency is the game automatically close on the 3/3 map. if the player had to leave the map 2/3 could continue from where it stopped. the user can not be punished for a game error.

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@ufolouco quote:

What you have to fix with urgency is the game automatically close on the 3/3 map. if the player had to leave the map 2/3 could continue from where it stopped. the user can not be punished for a game error.

It really is frustrating. I agree that it is necessary to save the map. Better than this, save the maps and waves, is frustrating lose in the wave 5 and restart in the wave 1. Another alternative is to decrease the number of maps or maintain the map standard from floor 1 instead of 3 maps on all floors after defeating floor 60. Example: floor 61 (1 map), floor 62 (2 maps), floor 63 (3 maps), 64 (1), 65 (2), 66(3)... and so onIn response to ufolouco

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