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The Sky City Bank Now Available!



A red spaceship has arrived in Etheria!  Dragonfall guards have questioned a small robot that says his name is “Protobot.” After a brief examination, Protobot hands a mysterious letter to the guards. Let’s open it and see what it says:

Greetings Defenders!

I thought everyone could benefit from one of my more recent discoveries that I’ve made in my research, my new Shrink-o-matizing technology!  It really was just a simple matter of combining a crystal core with the matter quantizing array. This allows all sorts of items and materials to be stored at a much smaller size than before! This is only one of the many new item transmorphications that I plan on making.

I do hope that Protobot is in good health and did not damage anything upon his arrival. He’s had some slight malfunctions in his navigational subroutines recently, but his Shrink-o-matizer is in perfect condition! You can trust your items to be protected and stored properly upon the Vault Ship.

I can’t wait to arrive in Dragonfall to share all of my latest research with all of you. I simply was held up making some last minute adjustments to my latest creation, the Robo-witch Prime!  Or was it Mecha-witch? Gunda-witch? Don’t worry, I’ll figure out what I’m calling it and head right over! I can’t wait to share all my latest findings with everyone! The Old Ones won’t know what hit them!


Professor Sebastian Proteus

Patch 2.4 crash landed into the Dragonfall Marketplace today and is now live! This patch brings a highly requested feature in the form of a shiny spaceship — The Sky City Bank! With the bank’s arrival come some tremendous improvements to load times, optimizations, and bug fixes. Let’s get into it!

Sky City Bank


The Sky City Bank is now available! This futuristic bank is located directly behind the Emporium in Town, or next to the training dummies in your Private Tavern. The bank is used to store items that you want to hold onto, but don’t necessarily need on your journeys throughout Etheria.

For starters, every player gets at least one Bank Vault for free right when they login. This means if you only have the default inventory space, you now have that same default inventory space AND a Bank Vault upon logging in!

For people that purchased the old Inventory Packs or the Bag Booster Pack are going to notice a shift in their inventory. Bags obtained through those packs that go over eight Inventory Bags become Bank Vaults with this patch. Previously it confused players when they saw other players with ten or eleven bags, when they could only have eight. Because of this, we are standardizing inventory bags.

The change looks like this:

Pre-Patch 2.4

8-11 Possible Maximum Inventory Bags

0 Bank Vaults

Post-Patch 2.4

8 Possible Maximum Inventory Bags
12 Bank Vaults

FREE Sky City Bundle


To celebrate the Sky City Bank’s arrival, we are offering a FREE bundle that you can redeem from the in-game shop for 0 Gems. This bundle awards:

  • One additional Bank Vault!

  • Shutter Shades Flair!

By redeeming the free bundle, you are able to start off Patch 2.4 with at least two free Bank Vaults! This bundle is available for two weeks, so grab it while it’s here!

Stack Splitting

This patch brings the ability to split stackable items into different stacks and amounts. For instance, if there’s a stack of 99 pet food in your inventory, you can now break it down into two or more stacks of whatever size you choose. Want to keep some items on you, but store the rest of the stack in the bank? Now you can do that! Stacks on stacks on stacks.


Transfer All

Now that the Sky City Bank is open for business, moving items quickly to the bank is a must. You can now move an entire bag full of items with one button press. The “Transfer All” button moves all non-locked items in the bag you currently have selected into the Bank Vault that you have selected. You can move Locked Items as well, they are just done individually. “Transfer All” also automatically stacks any stackable items so you don’t have to!

Load Time Improvements

Patch 2.4 contains an emphasis on inventories. Our Lead Programmer looked into ways our inventories could be better to really add some “oomph” to this patch. After investigating how profiles saved, loaded, and handled inventories, we made a lot of improvements when loading into any part of the game! Some players are going to notice drastic load time decreases, while others may notice slightly quicker loads.

General Changes


  • When at the Hatchery, eggs can be hatched directly. No more drag and dropping or incubating!


  • Tower Inspect UI updated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (PC already has this).

  • Zapper Kobold Flier now has a red outline.

  • Made Lavamancer Weapon drops larger, something hot now looks cooler.

  • Mana Node received some visual improvements.

  • Slight tweaks to some of the Barbarian’s Accessories.

  • Minor adjustments to the Barbarian’s whirlwind.

  • Blacksmith’s shop no longer has a confirmation pop-up for purchases.

  • War Table Cybork info now includes that they disable nodes.

  • Bug reporting page received updated buttons.


  • New audio cue for Wave Complete!

  • Betsy fight sequence in Dragonfall Bazaar received updated sound cues.

  • Added and improved on Berserker Orcs during the Glitterhelm matinee.

Hero Changes


  • Corrupt Form

    • When building a tower in Corrupt Form, towers now gain the Corrupt benefits when placed.

  • Slime Pit Tower

    • No longer slow enemies that are immune to slow. Berserker orcs aren’t afraid of slimes!



  • Inspiration

    • Can no longer be equipped to the Abyss Lord or EV2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where EV2’s Proton Charge could produce higher than intended damage while gaining zero heat.

  • Fixed an issue with the Barbarian’s Leap preventing resource decay.

  • Fixed an issue where the Flamethrower Tower’s VFX did not get larger when defense range was increased.

  • Fixed an issue where Auto-Equip Relics did not work on the first press.

  • Fixed an issue where Chaos 3 Shard Packs were not on the Emporium.

  • Fixed an issue when comparing equipment on the Squire.

  • Fixed an issue where the Barbarian could get out of bounds in The Throne Room.

  • Fixed an issue where the Sub-Cores are on the incorrect sides in The Throne Room.

  • Adjusted the Dryad Starfall resource cost so it no longer overlaps.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed parties to play the tutorial maps (we are looking into letting parties into these maps down the road).

  • Fixed an issue that caused an infinite loading screen. Please let us know if you experience them after this update.

  • Removed the ability to auto-equip when in the Portal.

  • Fixed a bug where multiple towers could be placed simultaneously. May look into adding a stable version of this down the road.

  • Fixed an issue where several weapons were not consistently dropping in the world without their vfx visible.

  • Fixed an issue where the Lavamancer VFX would appear on some maps when using the Barbarian Leap.

  • Fixed an issue where the champion crowns were not properly rotated on hero cards.

  • Updated an issue where golden eggs would show up as a regular egg in several places.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing the last item in the list from the Blacksmith or Relic Hunter shop using a controller causes the list to lose focus.

  • Fixed an issue where several items in the blacksmith shop were displaying improperly.

  • Fixed an issue where item comparison was not working for equipped items.

  • Removed references to the shards being equipped on the sell all message.

  • Equippable is now spelled correctly in the shard folder when you have no shards available for the gear slot. Stay in school kids.

  • Removed a reference to the old pet bag when trying to hatch an egg with a full inventory.

  • Fixed a visual issue where a large number of shards displayed the current upgrade level is in the wrong location on the tooltip.

  • Quest Complete pop-up will now say Daily Mission completed when completing a Daily Mission.

  • Attempting to equip a shard to an invalid tower slot throws either unknown error, or no error. Now has a valid error string.

  • Fixed an issue on XB1 where sub-core icons were not being removed after losing a sub-core.

The Sky City Bank is the first arrival for something much larger coming to Etheria. Over the next couple months we are going to be actively discussing the new features coming with our next expansive update. For more information sources as we post updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (doing so also gets you the Pirate Monk and Academy Apprentice skins for free):

We’re still tinkering away to get some gigantic changes to Dungeon Defenders II that we think you’re really going to enjoy. More information coming soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Recommended Comments

So im still getting the infinite load screen glitch, where should i post that to? Also still getting crashes on startup.

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and again 

after this update a bugfix update came

but wat did they fix?

wo knos becouse everyone is unorganized :/

it pains me to see a patchnote forum part filled whit preshard update posts and resent updates in the same tab

and when im trying to find the pach update i have to im seacrhing troug halfway the tabs

please i beg you to make it that you can sort the forum by POST date not by date the last platyer posted someting but by the time the creator posted the forum

for now im just going to scavenge watever infomation i can get by playing... witch takes long hours of hours of hours and so many hours to discover a small amount of the fixes...

away from that the sky city bank is a nice addition

can finaly empty 4 bags full of shards xD

now i hope to uncover the fix update thta they brought out some days lates (now)

also also that mini robot is so super adorable  :D ^_^

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Hi, thanks for the poison fix.

Will you do something about the Onslaught ?
You know some people have a job and can't play for more than 1h30 continiously to your game.
Would be very much appreciated if you give us the possibility to save everytime we win a "round map".
And we go back to your game and we select a floor, that your suggest us to continue where we saved before?
A lot of friends stoped playing your mode  because of this.
Not because it's hard, because of the time, especially when you have dc from playverse bug or an enemy who pass through the defense even so there was no one passing through and we insta lose because that enemy kinda "spawn" at the core...

In my opinion , your game is broken in the actual state, i still don't get why did you do this non urgent patch for bags/vault...

Hoping you will do something about this.
I guess i'll go uninstall your game soon since i only do some random c7 maps for daily quest then dc.
No fun there


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I am so glad that The Sky City Bank is available now. Thanks for such a nice news.  You may order an assignment from  hypothesis writing service and have a lot of free time for playing fames. 


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