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Sarcophagus Opened, Secret Tome Discovered!

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The discovery of a secret tome could lead to new power! During a recon mission, Etherian Army scouts discovered a glowing sarcophagus within an ancient catacomb. The container exploded revealing the source of the light -- the Isomicon, the fabled tome of an ancient race of warriors. According to the Gran Ma’ster, the Isomicon reveals long-lost secrets to battle the Old Ones.

Producing the power within these secrets is incredibly difficult, and only the Gran Ma’ster has the expertise to create such power. With such demanding requirements, she’s creating challenges to find Defenders who are worthy to wield it. She says more information will come next week!


This discovery comes at an uneasy time in Etheria. Over the past few weeks, Mananode has appeared throughout the realm. The Council Elders say such events have occurred in the past, and they’re usually an omen of change. In response, scouts were sent to find what may be causing this increased appearance. Their search led to finding the now accessible catacombs, but the mystery of Mananode remains. Why have they appeared? Did they lead us to the Isomicon? If this is all tied together remains uncertain. We’ll report more information as we receive it.
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Recommended Comments

(1) The Isomicon reveals long-lost secrets to battle the Old Ones = new game content (maps + mobs)

(2) Gran Ma’ster’s creating challenges =  a chalange ? to be a chalange it must be for Ch7 + players ... if everybody can do it ... it's not a chalange... or who knows, maybe you ghet fixed Defence DPS without concerning your shards.

(3)Mananode has appeared throughout the realm = i haven't payed actively over the past week ... has anyone droped this "Mananode" ?

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So...maybe a new hero based on the Gran Master? I mean she does strike a remarkable resemblance to "The Prisoner" Moba hero they had created.

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waw i knew it

but now it is realy susspicious

im REALY THINKING that the new update will be an new hero from ancient times XD



ancient warriors

it is sooooo clear XD

those 3 words just already make this susspicious

and yet becouse of that tome i also think that the new hero (if a new hero will be added) will use an tome as its hero weapon (or maybe a spear if the tome is only there to explain the history of the ancient warriors)

but his are only what i think :D XD

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Urg it says "create challenges for defenders to use the new power"... why do ppl think its a new hero???

Its clearly the 1st part of the new end game content, nothing to do about a new hero.

It might be new game modes like DD1's challenges or an extension of the campaign (seriously TE you need to extend the campaign).

One assumption for the rewards would be to unlock new abilities in the ascension skill list, something more unique than just : here another golden item like the other 500 you already have.

Another thought would be to be able to pass the normal limit of gear, ascension levels or even go higher than level 50 (I doubt the last one but we never know).

Clearly the "rewards" don't seem to be the regular thing we always get.

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Will the sarcophagus have secret coding to make certain enemies more fun/ less limiting to play against?

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