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Patch 1.0.3 Available Now!

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Greetings Defenders,

Patch 1.0.3 is available now on all platforms! Login now to get your FREE Beat the Heat Bundle, which is available from the in-game shop. The free bundle will disappear on August 10th, so don’t miss out!

FREE Beat the Heat Bundle & Double Gold Weekend Events

Login for the next two weeks and get free, exclusive items! You’ll find your free bundle at the in-game Shop (accessible through the Shop menu on the Pause screen). These items are only available until August 10th!

  • A free 4,000 Defender Medal gift!

  • An exclusive Purrville the Helicatter pet!

  • An exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!

  • An exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!

  • An exclusive shirtless beach Squire accessory!

  • An exclusive Squire beach shorts accessory!

Plus we’re doing TWO Double Gold Weekend events! The first event begins this weekend!

  • July 28th to July 31st:  Double Gold Weekend Event

  • August 4th to August 7th:  Double Gold Weekend Event

Once you redeem the bundle, you'll find your medals in your Inventory as an item. WARNING:  Make sure you have fewer than 8,000 Medals before redeeming or you will not get the full 4,000 Medal gift!

To find your accessories after redeeming the bundle, go to the Costume Shop, go to the Wardrobe, select the Squire, choose his Default costume, and you'll find his new accessories in the appropriate slots!

Loot Drop Updates

After reviewing player feedback and diving into the data, we agree that item progress, especially in Chaos 4-7, was too slow. There were too many items spawning that only gave very small increases in power. This was making it take far too long to beef up all your characters, and the problem grew worse as you played in the later Chaos difficulties.

So with this patch, in all Chaos difficulties (but especially in Chaos 4-7), items now drop with larger power increases than before, and we’ve increased the chances of finding items with larger power increases. Not only that, but we’ve added in the occasional chance for a ‘super drop,’ which gives you a chance at items that are substantially more powerful. There’s still a good bit of randomness in the system, so don’t expect to get loads of high-powered legendaries dumped on you in your first game. But there are now far more opportunities for ‘big wins’ than there were before, and we hope players really feel it!

While we don’t consider this a blanket ‘fix’ to all the known item issues the community has highlighted, we do consider it a great step in the right direction. More changes coming soon!

Four More Chaos VII Trials Maps

We’ve added four maps to the Chaos VII Trials rotation! These maps are:

  • Little-Horn Valley

  • Assault on Throne Room

  • Buried Bastille

  • The Dead Road

You’ll encounter 8 total maps when you tackle the C7 Trials. More Trials improvements to come!


Wall Collision & Range Indicator Updates

We’ve increased the collision size on our blockades!

  • The Spike Blockade collision volume is 37% larger on the X axis and 20% larger on the Y axis.

  • The Volcano's square collision volume is 37% larger.

  • The Training Dummy's square collision volume is 18% larger.

  • The Arcane Barrier's collision volume is 66% larger on the X axis.

  • The Maw of the Earth Drake's collision volume is 25% larger on the X axis.

  • The Viper's Fangs collision volume is 11% larger on both the X and Y Axis.

  • The Colossus' collision volume is 33% larger on its Y Axis.

In addition to this, we’ve added new range indicators on blockades to help you seal your lanes.


Trap Range Indicator Updates

All traps now display two ground decals during placement and inspection modes:  one decal displaying the trigger radius, and another decal displaying the damage range! 


Minimap Improvements

The minimap now displays damage states for defenses. On top of the flashing when they get hit, towers will change colors from green, to yellow, to flashing red when below predefined health thresholds. Defenses that have been destroyed will also show up on the minimap with a blinking icon for 3 seconds for a better at-a-glance view of your moment-to-moment action.

Optimization Improvements

This patch includes several optimization improvements to the game, which should improve framerate on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions. We’re exploring more optimization changes to improve framerate, particularly on the console versions. Stay tuned for more information!

Xbox One Crash Fixes

This patch includes more Xbox One crash fixes!

Inventory Improvements

We’ve added a number of Inventory improvements in Patch 1.0.3:

  • Items can now be moved into bags with Auto Sort active.

  • Added a Hero Level/Ascension experience bar to the Inventory.

  • More Shards have unique icons now! This will help you find the Shard you’re looking for.

  • The Inventory now highlights any new item that the player didn't previously own until the player focuses on the new item. This includes auto-equipped items, items that have been manually picked up by the player, and bundled items like Shards.

  • Items selected in your Inventory will now highlight any valid slots on the left side Hero Manager screen, making it easier to determine which items can be equipped where.

  • The number of weapons a hero can equip is now accurate, which means only the Squire has two weapon slots now!

Disable Controller Vibration Option

For those who don’t like to play with your controller shaking like an earthquake, we’ve added the option to disable controller vibration!

Game Browser Gamepad UI Changes

We’ve made several usability changes to the Game Browser UI to make it easier to join and create games on gamepads!

  • When using a gamepad, the Join Game, Create Game and Refresh List options are now permanent keybinds on the Game Browser rather than physical UI buttons you have to navigate to. This should make joining and creating games MUCH easier.

  • On gamepad, individual game information will now update on highlight rather than on interact.

Xbox One Vsync Option

We’ve added a Vsync option for the Xbox One version in this patch!

Controller Deadzone Updates

Thanks to a wonderful Reddit post, we’ve updated our controller joystick deadzones. In case you don’t know, deadzones relate to how far you have to move the joystick from its central resting place before the game registers movement. A large deadzone means you have to push the joystick really far to the edge before movement begins; a small deadzone means very little joystick movement is needed. The result of these changes should improve overall joystick movement and give you more useful deadzone options.

  • Added Deadzone option to PC

  • Deadzones are now circles instead of squares

  • Updated the Deadzone slider to provide more useful deadzone options

Defense Balance Updates

Explosive Trap

While this trap has always had high damage potential, both its trigger and effect ranges limited its practical usage. We've made some quality-of-life improvements to the defense along with a slight power increase.

  • Trigger Range increase 150 -> 225 (+50%)

  • Base Effect Range increased 200 -> 300 (+50%)

  • Defense Power ratio increase 4.5 -> 5.5 (+22%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Cannonball Tower

Our stalwart Cannonball Tower now has slightly more reach, slightly faster firing, and slightly more punch.

  • Range increased 2000 -> 2,500 (+25%)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 3.0s -> 2.5s (17% Faster)

  • Defense Power ratio increased 9.5 -> 11.5 (+21%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Harpy's Perch

While the Harpy has good range and attack speeds, it needs a lot more punch to be competitive.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 1.9 -> 4.5 (+136%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power changes

Angry Nimbus

Angry Nimbus is now a much longer-range defense, more akin to an Earthshatter, with a wide radius. We've made it cheaper to be easier to deploy. It doesn't have as much raw DPS as other single-target defenses, but its immense range / radius should give it placement options that higher-DPS defenses can't use.

  • Range increased 2,500 -> 4,000 (+60%)

  • DU Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 47.5 -> 40 (-16%)


Oby's one of our most-fun defenses, but with an extremely high cost coupled with a primary attack that only deals damage to 1 target very slowly, it was pigeonholed into a very narrow role. We've radically rebalanced the Obelisk by making it cheaper, faster, and at upgraded tiers, apply its cool effects more frequently.

  • Cost decreased 100 -> 40 (60% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 4.0s -> 3.0s (33% Faster)

  • Attack Rate maximum improved from 2.0s max -> 0.75s max

  • Duration of CC effects slightly reduced (to counterbalance the defense having a much faster rate of fire)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 50 -> 27.5 (-45%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated (uses custom critical damage scaling equal to Defense Power ratio)


Range has been increased for the Ballista, along with a slight rate-of-fire increase.

  • Range 2500 -> 3000 (+20%)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 5.0s -> 4.0s (20% Faster)

Earthshatter Tower

Earthy's undergone a major facelift, drastically reducing its cost and improving its rate-of-fire. Its per-hit damage has come down slightly, but given that it was overkilling many smaller enemies by large values, these net changes should help reduce its massive overkilling problem.

  • Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 4.0s -> 3.0s (25% Faster)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 31 -> 25 (-20%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Sand Viper

Sand Viper was pretty flexible, but it lacked enough punch to be worth it (Split Vipers aside). We've improved it to keep it competitive in its base form with other defenses.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 4.0 -> 5.5 (37.5%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Lightning Strikes Aura

The Lightning Strikes Aura received a bit more of a serious redesign. We have a lot of high-cost, high single-target damage defenses already. We're changing the LSA to have much lower cost, giving it more flexibility of placement, rather than focusing on massive damage per hit.

  • Cost decreased 40 -> 20 (50% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 5.0s -> 4.0s (20% Faster)

  • Attack Rate maximum improved 2.0s max -> 1.0s max

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 21 -> 13 (-39%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Hornet's Nest

  • Now properly scales with Defense Speed!

  • Defense Power increased from 1.6 -> 2.8

  • Attack Rate decreased from 0.6 base to 1.2 base

  • Maximum Attack Rate updated to 0.3


Blaze Balloon

The Blaze Balloon has a strong overall damage output, but a high cost that makes it difficult to slot. We've pulled down the cost significantly to make it easier to work into existing builds.

  • Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 22.5 -> 17.5 (-22%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Poison Dart Tower

When we updated the PDT's targeting, it went from being a 'mostly' single-target tower to a multi-target death machine, and our balance did not really sync well with that functional change. We've revised its balance to bring it down closer to other multi-target defenses like the Flame Aura, while still giving it some punch against single enemies.

  • Dart Defense Power ratio increased 1 -> 1.25 (+25%)

  • Poison Defense Power ratio decreased 4 -> 2 (-50%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated (uses custom critical damage scaling of 3.0)


Serpent's Coil

While the impact of Serpent's Coil is small, we want Mystic players to leverage it and have boosted its power to make it a relatively safe choice.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 3.0 -> 4.5 (+50%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Skeletal Archers

Archers were decent, but they weren’t quite strong enough to compete with some of our stronger defenses. We've given the twins some more 'muscle' behind their bows, as much as skeletons can use muscle...

  • Defense Power ratio increased 9.0 -> 11.5 (+27%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Weapon Manufacturer

Well, apparently the weapon manufacture was mostly manufacturing auras, but very few weapons. We've reduced the overall damage output of its auras in the hopes that it still sees some use, but leans more heavily on the weapon aspect and a little less on the aura aspect.

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 4 -> 3.25 (-19%)

  • Fixed a bug where the node increase Shard effect would remain on built WMs after removing the Shard from the relic

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Other Balance Changes

Tiny Ogres (Campaign)

  • Tiny Ogres (Campaign) now have the same rough health/dps as a T3 Drakin

Abyss Stone

Abyss Stone has been refactored. We've enabled proper Criticals and drastically increased the damage-per-hit but reduced its duration. The net result is roughly the same total damage, but with much higher damage-per-second. Additionally, Abyss Stones no longer interfere with the placement of future Abyss Stones.

  • Ability Power ratio increased 6.0 -> 11.0

  • Criticals properly enabled (uses default 15x ratio and proper Hero Crit Chance)

  • Duration decreased 8s -> 6s

  • Attack Rate slowed 0.5s -> 1.0s

Knight of the Abyss

KoA has been almost exclusively the go-to ability for the Abyss Lord, even after our last round of changes, and we're trying to breakup his combat gameplay a bit more by reducing his reliance purely on KoA for both damage and stuns by making this change alongside the Abyss Stone refactor.

  • Ability Power ratio slightly decreased 21.5 -> 20.0

Shatter Combo/Frosty Proton Node

We’ve also finally made some updates to the Shatter combo effect. While we’re super happy to see players using Frosty Proton Node to setup this combo, we felt that the potential damage output of the Shatter effect was a bit too strong. We really didn’t want to nerf Frosty Proton Node, and there was certainly no call to nerf the Cannonball Tower, Earthshatter Tower, etc., so we went with a reduction to the Shatter effect itself. Shatter will still obliterate weaker enemies like Goblins, but after this patch, it will no longer be a guaranteed kill on tougher enemies like Drakin and Berserkers. We’ve also fixed it so it can now damage minibosses / special enemies, instead of just consuming the Freeze and having no effect.

Geode Prime Special Enemy

Geode Prime now has been updated to be a correct special miniboss.

  • Health and Tenacity increased substantially

  • Size and Collision increased as well

  • Loot fixed to have the same loot drops/chances as other specials/minibosses

Other Changes

  • Betsy weapons have been added to the Wayfarer shop.

  • Monk’s Pole Smash can be activated in mid-air.

  • When the Inventory is full and auto-collect is set to pick up items, those items are now sent to the Scavenger.

  • A text announcement will now display when opening an individual Shard Pack letting you know what Shard you received.

  • Updated the Xbox One and PS4 Options menu UI.

  • Increased the placement range of EV2’s nodes.

  • Volume will now update in real-time when adjusting the sliders in the Options menu.

  • Ground lane wisps will now only appear in Campaign Normal.

  • Updated Explosive Trap VFX and scaled them up a bit.

  • Updated melee impact VFX for Squire and Monk.

  • Buff Beam description updated to mention Defense Crit Damage effect.

  • Increased Summary Screen timer to 90 seconds.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an item duping bug. All duped gear has been removed. Thanks for reporting this, Defenders! You da real MVPs.

  • Made multiple changes to reduce the likelihood of seeing an infinite loading screen.

  • Added a possible solution for inventory data getting wiped.

  • Fixed a memory leak related to defenses.

  • Relics will now properly drop while playing as the Gunwitch.

  • The Zapper special enemy will appear in Chaos VII Trials once again! Mwahahaha!

  • Fixed a stuck Siege Roller spawning issue in the Ramparts.

  • Fixed a bug where the Invert Y Axis option wasn’t working properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice, Gunwitch and Lavamancer auto-collect options weren’t working properly.

  • Fixed a bug where loot could drop without stats if it dropped while loading into a map.

  • Fixed a bug where Abyss Stones couldn’t be placed in the same spot as a previous Stone.

  • Fixed a bug where Slime Pits and Hornet's Nests would occasionally ignore enemies within range.

  • Fixed multiple bugs where Shards weren’t dealing the correct damage type (Ability Power vs. Hero Damage, etc.)

  • Slime Pit Slimes no longer try to attack flying enemies.

  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor set itself to the upper-left corner instead of centered on screen when entering into menus.

  • Fixed a bug where interacting with an item before the tooltip of the item loaded caused the tooltip to never unload.

  • The Use Key context icon no longer appears enabled and usable on the open Lockbox UI when you don't have a key.

  • Fixed a bug where the victory hero waving animations didn’t always play.

  • Fixed a bug where the reticle didn’t correctly change colors for players, NPCs and objectives.

  • Fixed a camera issue with the Seamstress.

  • Fixed animation flickering issues with the Initiate’s Chi Stomp.

  • The Monthly Mission pets from the DM shop are now display their proper meshes when viewed in the Petrinarian UI.

  • Incursion weapons that drop in maps now have the correct level requirements.

  • Fixed a bug where the Gunwitch's weapon wasn’t now properly displaying to other players.

  • Fixed an issue where some cutscenes weren’t rendering properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice’s right-click animation wouldn’t play in mid-air.

  • Fixed the name of the Glaive of Storms in the Wayfarer shop.

  • Fixed a bug where purchasing a premium egg and then incubating it right afterward would cause a temp/placeholder icon to appear in Hatchery UI.

  • Fixed a bug where Inventory Tooltips for Weapons, Gear and Pets in the top Inventory rows would get cut off in the comparison view.

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to bind ` or Tab would break all functionality on the controls screen.

  • Fixed several visual bugs and collision issues on the Hot Springs map.

  • Fixed a bug where the controller users couldn’t scroll the Summary Screen on 4:3 resolutions.

  • Fixed a bug where the Haunting Shard VFX was off center of weapon. Now spawns from center of player.

  • Fixed a bug where the Siege Roller would get stuck when killing a blockade with a node nearby.

  • Fixed a bug where the Call of the Kobold Shard VFX was not deactivating properly.

  • Fixed a bug on PC where changing the Graphics Quality Preset option using a gamepad caused it to stick there.

  • Removed some non-obscene phrases from the profanity filter.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Lockbox UI.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Initiate’s Defense Boost aura where the VFX would remain after the ability was finished.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Empowered Beam projectile.

  • Fixed a bug where Hero Crit DMG and Elemental DMG sorting wasn’t accessible by gamepad.

  • Fixed a bug where the hatchery UI would become unusable if a player incubated a Defender Medal egg but closed the UI without actually hatching it.

  • Fixed a VFX bug with EV2’s Proton Charge ability.

  • Bag Inventory warning no longer overlaps Quest UI.

  • The Level Up popup no longer overlaps with the Build Phase/Combat Phase/Wave Complete popups.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad World Tree’s “Damage Taken” stat wasn’t accurately displaying.

  • PS4 - The Reset to Defaults popup in the Options menu no longer gets cut off with split-screen active.

  • Fixed a bug where the Lavamancer’s right-click could move players into spawn points.

  • Fixed a bug where a Weapon Manufacturer node could be placed inside a Flame Aura by inspecting the aura.

  • Fixed a typo in the Sandstorm Warrior tooltip to accurately reflect its damage.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Blaze Balloon while using the Corrupted Tower Skin set.

  • Fixed a bug where hotswapping heroes would cause the hero to die.

  • Automeow & G4-T0 are now able to roll their unique pet abilities again.

  • Fixed a bug where the Inspiring Strikes Shard could trigger from defense attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where certain special enemies weren’t spawning on the Forest Poachers Incursion.

  • Fixed a bug where the Overwhelming Buster weapon Shard could be equipped to non-weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where the Charged Shot weapon Shard could be equipped to non-weapons and incompatible weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes keybindings couldn’t be rebound.

  • Fixed a bug where the top bar UI currency element would disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice marks wouldn’t clear properly if the Apprentice is hotswapped to another hero,

  • Fixed a bug where the Fiery Brimstone Shard would appear to be equippable for non-Tomes.

  • Fixed a bug where Harbinger Shards were dealing more damage to Siege Rollers than intended.

  • Fixed a bug where Inspect Defense could not be used on EV2 defenses in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bug where volume options when opening certain menus.

  • Fixed a bug where the Skeletal Ramster would not hit targets close to it while under the effects of Direct Command.

  • Fixed a bug where Shards in the World Tree would not get reapplied if the Tree was rebuilt after being destroyed.

  • Fixed a bug where using Pole Smash on larger enemies that can’t get knocked up would still let the Skyguard attack them.

  • Fixed an inventory icon VFX issue.

  • Fixed a bug with flying enemy icons on the minimap.

  • Fixed a bug with shop item tooltips not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Ascension button would sometimes not be active when opening the Inventory.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad was able to use abilities during transformation.

  • Fixed a bug where using the Dryad’s Starfall immediately after transforming would cause the ability to malfunction.

  • Fixed a bug where enemies would occasionally spawn under the map on Greystone Plaza.

  • Fixed a bug where the Skeletal Orc blockade would incorrectly accept Direct Command before fully spawning in.

  • Fixed a projectile firing issue with single-shot Polearms where the projectiles weren’t going towards enemies properly.

  • Fixed a VFX problem with Legendary weapons on the Shard Equip screen.

  • Fixed a VFX problem with the Flamethrower tower.

  • Fixed a bug where enemies were able to walk up walls and around light posts on Little-Horn Valley.

  • Fixed a bug where the Harbinger’s ranged attack wasn’t properly damaging certain defenses.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad could get visually stuck in corrupt form when hotswapping.

  • Fixed a VFX issue at the Costume Shop.

  • Fixed a bug where the Split Vipers Shard could also grant the Constrictor Shard bonus without having the Constrictor Shard equipped.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the “New” icon on maps after unlocking them.

  • Fixed a bug where the Fissure defense would remain “busy” if the wave ends while recharging.

  • Fixed an issue with enemies getting stuck in spawners on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed a text issue with the Fissure of Embermount.

  • Fixed various text issues with the Heroes Marketplace.

  • Fixed various text issues with the Emporium.

  • Fixed a bug where one of the Buried Bastille cores did not have the correct health value.

  • Fixed a bug where the Campaign boss timers were appearing in Chaos Trials.

  • Fixed a bug where the gamepad controls would sometimes appear on the Game Browser while using mouse/keyboard.

  • Fixed a bug where the full size of the buttons on the Summary Screen were not fully interactable.

  • Fixed a bug where players using gamepads would be unable to join Public Games on the War Table if the auto-collect message would appear.

  • Fixed a bug where players could get trapped inside the falling ships on the Betsy map.

  • Fixed an issue where the flying lane icons would not appear on the Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursion.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Ghastly Halberd.

  • Fixed an issue with the taunt VFX from Shards.

  • Fixed a VFX issue on the Create Hero screen.

Known Issues

  • The Minimum Ascension Filter does not work when using the Continue function. This is something we’re going to fix in our upcoming patches.

  • (PC) The controller will not work if you turn on the controller while on the Main Menu after a fresh boot of the game. Rebooting the game or waiting until you reach the Tavern or Town to turn on the controller will get around this issue.

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@kwiest quote:

If anyone has troubles with the bundle just ask me 

Made A New Thread for anyone who needs help!

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link to new thread/forum: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147421/helping-players-with-the-newest-patch?scrollTo=147421

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Hello Trendy could you please update so that when we set our Towers we can adjust the camera angles as well? It's really hard to set towers at a certain angle and not be able to rotate the Camera as well. I believe this is possible on PC but NOT on console as far as i know, i play on XB1. Thanks! Love the game btw & Updates!

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