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Patch 1.0.3 Preview & Free Items!

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Greetings Defenders,

It’s been a busy few weeks! We were absolutely blown away by the launch reception. As more players dove into the game, we scrambled to put out the server fires. You may have noticed several patches and maintenance updates since launch, which we’re pleased to report have greatly improved our server stability. On the Xbox One side, these server issues also caused several crashing issues -- most of which were fixed in last week’s patch! There’s still work to do, but things are looking brighter by the day.

Alongside Xbox One and server fixes, our team is working on Patch 1.0.3! This patch contains loot tweaks, balance changes, optimization updates, quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes based on the feedback we’ve seen since launch. It also includes a little something special for sticking with us through the launch madness! We’re still finalizing and testing the patch, so we don’t have a release date for Patch 1.0.3 yet. We’ll have a release date for you soon!

Here’s what’s coming in the patch:

FREE Beat the Heat Bundle & Weekend Events

In Patch 1.0.3, we’re giving away some exclusive gifts for hanging with us through our launch kinks. These items will only be available for a limited time once the patch comes out:

  • A free 4,000 Defender Medal gift

  • A free, exclusive Purrville the Helicatter pet!

  • A free, exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!

  • A free, exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!

  • A free, exclusive shirtless beach Squire accessory!

  • A free, exclusive Squire beach shorts accessory!

  • And our eternal gratitude, which is the most priceless gift of all. Literally. It has absolutely no real-world value. Damn you, society!

Plus we’re doing TWO Double Gold Weekend events when the patch comes out! Keep your eyes peeled for more details on these free items!

Xbox One Crash Fixes

This patch will include more Xbox One crash fixes. It’s also our goal to release another hotfix before this patch releases with even more crash fixes!

Loot Drop Updates

After reviewing player feedback and diving into the data, we agree that item progress, especially in Chaos 4-7, is too slow. There are too many items spawning that only give very small increases in power. This is making it take far too long to beef up all your characters, and the problem gets worse as you play in the later Chaos difficulties.

So with this patch, in all Chaos difficulties (but especially in Chaos 4-7), items will drop with larger power increases than before, and we’re increasing the chance of finding items with larger power increases. Not only that, but we’re adding in the occasional chance for a ‘super drop,’ which gives you a chance at items that are substantially more powerful. There’s still a good bit of randomness in the system, so don’t expect to get loads of high-powered legendaries dumped on you in your first game. But there are now far more opportunities for ‘big wins’ than there were before, and we hope players really feel it!

While we don’t consider this a blanket ‘fix’ to all the known item issues the community has highlighted, we do consider it a great step in the right direction. More changes coming soon!

Four More Chaos VII Trials Maps

We’re adding four maps to the Chaos VII Trials rotation! These maps are:

  • Little-Horn Valley

  • Assault on Throne Room

  • Buried Bastille

  • The Dead Road

You’ll encounter 8 total maps when you tackle the C7 Trials. More Trials improvements to come!

Wall Collision & Range Indicator Updates

We’re increasing the collision size on our blockades!

  • The Spike Blockade collision volume is 37% larger on the X axis and 20% larger on the Y axis.

  • The Volcano's square collision volume is 37% larger.

  • The Training Dummy's square collision volume is 18% larger.

  • The Arcane Barrier's collision volume is 66% larger on the X axis.

  • The Maw of the Earth Drake's collision volume is 25% larger on the X axis.

  • The Viper's Fangs collision volume is 11% larger on both the X and Y Axis.

  • The Colossus' collision volume is 33% larger on its Y Axis.

In addition to this, we’ve added new range indicators on blockades to help you seal your lanes.

Trap Range Indicator Updates

All traps now display two ground decals during placement and inspection modes:  one decal displaying the trigger radius, and another decal displaying the damage range!

Minimap Improvements

The minimap now displays damage states for defenses. On top of the flashing when they get hit, towers will change colors from green, to yellow, to flashing red when below predefined health thresholds. Defenses that have been destroyed will also show up on the minimap with a blinking icon for 3 seconds for a better at-a-glance view of your moment-to-moment action.

Balance Updates

We’re making numerous balance updates to specific defenses with this patch, with a special focus on a few of our less frequently used defenses.

Most of our fixed-target towers (Cannonball Tower, Harpy’s Perch, Earthshatter Tower, etc.) will see a substantial increase in their overall DPS. This is a straight stat boost to these towers, trying to make them competitive with defense that can hit many targets. We want to see these towers leveraged more, especially in Chaos difficulties where projectile towers are expected to shine.

Defenses with extremely slow ATK Rates (Earthshatter, Lightning Strikes Aura, etc.) will see some improvements in their ATK Rate. While we’re not expecting every defense to hit as fast as the Flame Aura, the slow ATK Rates on these defenses has lead to a lot of ‘overkill’ damage and general targeting failures. These defenses will fire faster by roughly a second or so than they are currently, with corresponding adjustments to Defense Power and Crit Damage ratios.

Next up, many of our defenses with very high DU/Mana costs will see their base costs come down. Defenses like the Blaze Balloon have proven hard to use, despite their relatively high DPS outputs, and we want to get them back into regular usage. This change is intended to be more of a usability improvement and not a straight stat buff, so we’re accompanying these changes with corresponding reductions to their Defense Power and Crit Damage ratios when appropriate.

There’s a few bug fixes going in that will affect balance as well. Swapping shards to temporarily increase the max nodes on some of EV2’s defenses has been eliminated; you must leave the shard on the defense or the extra nodes are removed. We’ve also fixed a terrible bug with Hornet’s Nest that was crippling its DPS, and it should result in it being quite a powerful defense again!

We’ve also finally made some updates to the Shatter combo effect. While we’re super happy to see players using Frosty Proton Node to setup this combo, we felt that the potential damage output of the Shatter effect was a bit too strong. We really didn’t want to nerf Frosty Proton Node, and, there was certainly no call to nerf the Cannonball Tower, Earthshatter Tower, etc., so we went with a reduction to the Shatter effect itself. Shatter will still obliterate weaker enemies like Goblins, but after this patch it will no longer be a guaranteed kill on tougher enemies like Drakin and Berserkers. We’ve also fixed it so it can now damage minibosses / special enemies, instead of just consuming the Freeze and having no effect.

And while the reign of the Weapon Manufacturer (and to a lesser extent, the Poison Dart Tower) has been interesting, it’s proven to be too much of a ‘one stop shop’ solution to many Chaos difficulties. As such, we’re making some adjustments to reduce its dominance, with the hopes of seeing diversity increase with these changes plus our numerous defense buffs.

We hope these changes will improve diversity and flexibility amongst builders in all Chaos difficulties! Fans of the Mystic and the Obelisk will want to take special note, as it’s undergoing some pretty radical balance updates with this patch. (It’s basically hit by every one of our core changes listed above!)

Optimization Improvements

This patch includes several optimization improvements to the game, which should improve framerate across all three platforms but particularly on the PS4 and Xbox One versions. We’re exploring more optimization changes to improve framerate on the console versions. Stay tuned for more information!

Inventory UI & Shard Icon Tweaks

We’re adding a number of Inventory UI improvements in Patch 1.0.3:

  • More Shards have unique icons now! This will help you find the Shard you’re looking for.

  • The Experience/Ascension bar is now permanently located on the Inventory screen

  • The Inventory now highlights any new item that the player didn't previously own until the player focuses on the new item. This includes auto-equipped items, items that have been manually picked up by the player, and bundled items like Shards.

  • Items selected in your Inventory will now highlight any valid slots on the left side Hero Manager screen, making it easier to determine which items can be equipped where.

  • The number of weapons a hero can equip is now accurate, which means only the Squire has two weapon slots now!

Disable Controller Vibration Option

For those who don’t like to play with your controller shaking like an earthquake, we’re adding the option to disable controller vibration!

Game Browser UI Changes

We’re making several usability changes to the Game Browser UI to make it easier to join and create games on controllers!

Xbox One Vsync Option

We’re adding a Vsync option for the Xbox One version in this patch!

Controller Deadzone Updates

Thanks to a wonderful Reddit post, we’re exploring updates to our controller joystick deadzones. In case you don’t know, deadzones relate to how far you have to move the joystick from its central resting place before the game registers movement. A large deadzone means you have to push the joystick really far to the edge before movement begins; a small deadzone means very little joystick movement is needed. The result of these changes should improve overall joystick movement and give you more useful deadzone options. This is a stretch goal for the patch, so if it doesn’t come out in this patch, it’ll come out in the patches following.

Bug Fixes

Finally, this patch will contain a number of bug fixes, including a fix for the auto-collect options not working properly.

Thanks for your support, Defenders, and stay tuned for more information on Patch 1.0.3 and the FREE Beat the Heat bundle!

The Trendy Team

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Recommended Comments

PDT? I'm not using PDTs since there are geodes in all chaos tiers through 5 to 7, which is stupid. You suppose to not have them in CH 5, cuz you suppose to do ch 5 using projectiles, but no. It is so "fun" to see PDTs suiside themselves upont reflect damage during the wave 4, when you are too busy to notice a geode, cuz you're hitting a boss at that moment.

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@Ekhi quote:

I really dislike how people are saying that they don't think it is fair for WM to get nerfed, just because you spent real world money doesn't mean changes aren't going to happen in a game with an active community. When things are over powered they get nerfed, and when things are under powered they get buffed regardless of money spent. That's just the way it works. in addition it isn't even required to buy EV2 with real money, you could have grinded it out like the countless other players who did.  

people are just going to go to the next strongest tower. then over time, they will nerf that too. it's messed up in a way. people spent real money to buy a character because they are good, and now the character will no longer be fun to use since it wont be strong anymore.

In response to Ekhi

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We’re increasing the collision size on our blockades!

The Dryad World Tree is not listed in the Blockades that are getting some love.  Has it been forgotten or left out intentionally Along with the Abyss Lords Skeletal Orc?

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As happy as I am about receiving more maps in the C7 rotation, there's still the issue of core exp. Maps with sub-cores provide more exp than maps without them, meaning maps like Buried Bastille yield less exp, even if there are more cores to protect. More cores should equal more exp!

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Yeah , look like an awesome update , hope it come soon ^^

Also thx for the bundle of free item too , you're cool :D

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The patch preview looks great to me, thanks for posting them.

Shatter will still obliterate weaker enemies like Goblins, but after this patch it will no longer be a guaranteed kill on tougher enemies like Drakin and Berserkers. We’ve also fixed it so it can now damage minibosses / special enemies, instead of just consuming the Freeze and having no effect.

Will this be some kind of improved critical hit if it does not kill the enemy or default damage?

Are there any plans to implement further combos/elements/whatever at a later time? I see those combos as a lot of fun. Not only by means of gameplay but also visually.

The Inventory now highlights any new item that the player didn't previously own until the player focuses on the new item. This includes auto-equipped items, items that have been manually picked up by the player, and bundled items like Shards.

Thanks a lot. This will truly help organizing the loot. The only thing: Please add a button like 'mark as viewed' or something like that. I know this from others games... wile it is very conveniently to instantly see what's new, you sometimes don't want to browse all of it (maybe because you're looking for a special rarity only).

Are there any plans to change the loot drops for gunwitch? I do LOVE this character but it is really bothersome not to be able to use her for finding relics for the builders. This basically makes her obsolete since we're playing to find loot.

Will there ever be a possibility to fully delete Ascension Points in case players want to restart from scratch?

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@Immortal-D quote:

I've taken the liberty of cutting out the important parts for everyone to read.  You're welcome.

@iamisom quote:
  • A free, exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!

  • A free, exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!

Don't forget the beach shorts :-D

In response to Immortal-D

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Only for Xbox or PS4 too? We have on ps4 lags and crashes too. I got so big lags then i was worried if my ps4 will not start burn.

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the patch preview looks pretty nice, some decent lil changes though some tower changes you've left undetailed which could lead to you screwing the defenses over, so you should seriously proceed with caution.

As for all the lil comments like "we wish to see tower variety" "wm reigns supreme" "not enough love to other towers" You guys do realize all of that is because Hard-Counter mobs (vangaurds, EMP Orcs, and Geodes) are the sole reason right? Doesnt matter what you do to your towers what-so-ever, long as those mobs remain hard-counters, you will NEVER see tower variety, EVER. Seriously trendy, stop being so blind and stubborn, you're hard-counters are a bad idea and they dont work. They need to be tweaked or replaced.

Or, give us a Defense mode back, where there is no hard-counter mobs, or we can choose to click a check box to include them if we want, whatever, just, give us a defense mode back that we can be free of those stupid pathetic cannon-fodder of hard-counters. Do that or change the hard-counters and you will see variety, lots of it.

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Can you pretty please fix Windowed mode? Right now only Full Screen and Full Screen Windowed mode works, and when trying to set it to just regular Windowed mode nothing happens at all (won't change ti Windowed mode).

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Awesome, simply awesome

Just change geode to absorb instead of reflect and all would be perfect.

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Thanks for adding more maps in c7 BUT why pick the most annoying ones for c7 other than maybe dead road??? These maps were not a good choice. There are many maps not used at all or only used once in other tiers that might of been better to add like liferoot forest or gates of dragonfall. I sometimes think the devs are just trolling us :P.

The fix to stop hotswapping node shard on ev2 was needed so no complaints there. My issue is what actual nerf is being done to the dps of the WM and that of PDT??  I dont even see why the PDT needs a nerf I dont think I have seen any post asking for a nerf post trials update anywhere.

The main advantage of WM is the ability to lay it down and never upgrade or repair it after. This is what makes it a go to in allot of builds it then frees up mana for other towers. All that could be done is make it lower at base and have health and be able to be upgraded/repaired in my opinion. 

I see no real need to lower its dps since once you upgrade a flame aura it will outperform a weapon manufacturer node plus cover more area. and you can use 3 flame auras for 90du but a wm with 3 nodes costs 120 du. I think the devs misunderstood the reason behind so many wm builds and assumed it was simply OP.

The hard counter mobs that exist in trials just make many other towers just too difficult to utilise in comparison. They should look again at hard counter mobs and make them more soft counter for a start to increase variety, if they want people to use other towers then they have to at least make them a viable option first. If only a few towers can be used  effectively then its simple logic that they would see only those towers being used.

Secondly if the game chests dropped more mana during trials and would allow players to be able to max out more than a few towers it would be worth replacing WM for other towers. You need to take a flame aura to tier at least tier 3 to be as effective as a WM node so for 3 flame auras compared to one wm with 3 nodes thats 450 Mana needed just to be as effective. When running a map only taking 5 waves that 450 mana could be better spent elsewhere.

The scaling on some towers makes them pointless to upgrade this really needs to be addressed next fissures, have especially bad upscaling for instance.

Trap gambits + deadly strikes should increase trigger radius to reflect the damage radius at the moment the trigger radius on traps is ridiculously small, but I do like the idea that we actually now see the affect the gambit+deadly strikes has.

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Let us import our PC cosmetics and Defense Council cosmetics!! :P

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Seriously why don't you buff the The Dryad World Tree also? Unbelievable that you left that out with no explanation at all, really bad of you Trendy. 

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I'll use the phrase "looks good on paper" because I know how things go ;P

I like everything I am reading ESPECIALLY THE FIX TO THE WM SHARD. I wont call it a nerf because I don't think it was working as intended, or at least I hope it wasn't. 

Three big things I wanted to see in these notes are fixes to the shard drop rates so they drop correctly and changes to the gold values for upgrading. Specifically I would have liked to see the resale value go up for items I have upgraded therefor making me more inclined to upgrade my gear instead of hording it. Last I was hoping for something about the maps rotation or the return of defense mode.

All that said I do think that every change in this patch (from what I read) is more important then those three things so good job on that. 

Finally, [[4370,users]]  will these freebies be in our mailbox upon log in? 

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When are you guys gonna fix the SOUND settings. Just listening to soundtrack gives me a headache and I can't concentrate. I woudnt mind if you guys just added a mute toggle. 

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Version:1.0StartHTML:000000258EndHTML:000004251StartFragment:000003513EndFragment:000004137StartSelection:000003513EndSelection:000004137SourceURL:https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/146917/patch-103-preview-free-items?ref=http:%2F%2Flauncher Patch 1.0.3 Preview & Free Items! — Dungeon Defenders II

I realise this is probably the wrong place for this but it would really help if shard were kept on a separate page, like the old orbs, rather than in inventory.  this could have a two fold purpose, first it's really not fun to prune shards that I've now got 10 copies of, because I'm farming gear to progress, second, you can arrange them to inform player where they drop, so If I see a 'greyed out' shard that looks fun to try  I know what difficulty I need to farm to get it rather than having to go to external sources  (with the risk of the part of the graphics subsystem crashing and killing the game on task switch)

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Want to decide which tower we should use?
Stop destroying the functions of the towers! Fix the towers that you've ruined, and the players will use them! You do not have to ruin one tower to force us to use another!
Put in a vote to see what we really want and preferably ask the level of rise to compare which audience you are reaching

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@IKE_B quote:

When are you guys gonna fix the SOUND settings. Just listening to soundtrack gives me a headache and I can't concentrate. I woudnt mind if you guys just added a mute toggle. 

You need to elaborate on what exactly is the problem here. Since there is already 3 sliders ingame, 1 for all sound, 1 for music and 1 for SFX. As of just testing them again, i personally haven't had any need to adjust, they still work completly fine to me.

In response to IKE_B

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I could see the rewards coming in through the inbox, since stuff like the packs you could buy on steam, also came through the inbox.

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I would personally think maybe a week or so would be fine for it. They still haven't exactly put a time as to when this patch will come out, so depending on when we get that information, is rather when you should think about it.

But a more official statement on the duration would be appreciated

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