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Hotfix 20.1 for PC & PS4

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Thanks for the feedback on the Spring Forward Update! Today's hotfix addresses some of the bugs you've reported since yesterday. More fixes are on the way!


  • Apprentice Tornado and Monk Pole Smash no longer have hidden cooldowns on re-applying their Knockup buffs.

    • Note that the enemies must still start falling before a knockup buff can apply! This simply eliminates a hidden delay between when they hit the ground and when they could be knocked-up again.

Bug Fixes

  • Chaos II and Chaos III have the correct enemy spawns again.

  • The Flamethrower Tower no longer fires while stunned.

  • Fixed the Power Dart Tower Damage Ascension Power tooltip text.

  • The cores in the normalized version of Forest Biome take damage again.

  • Fixed some issues with closing and opening the Costume Shop.
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there were couple comments earlier where they go? :P
to answer the guy complaining about hotfix right after big update...its because of the forest biome cores being unkillable (max chaos and slowly win it.)

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I also should have mentioned that Pole Smash does 0 damage to Witherbeasts that are either burrowing or already burrowed.

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>Zapper Boss Changes
>Has a very large radius that stuns all Defenses hit for 45s. Emoji_Goblin.png
But if he will do more than 20K damage, it will destroy the core. Or you remove the damage to the cores? you're forcing players to use only the walls and flame aura/WM/fissures/etc.

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