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Introducing Gobu Defenders II

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Over the past year, we’ve worked under the cover of darkness on a game-changing update so game-changing we’re compelled to do something special. Something extraordinary. The game is evolving. The name should evolve, too.

We’re excited to introduce the world to Gobu Defenders II!

Become a Goblin Warrior and defeat the evil Heroes standing between you and your rightful claim to the Eternia Crystals. This update introduces five new Goblin Warriors, completely new gameplay, the Commander system, and more.

Become a Goblin Warrior

Despite an average height of 4’10”, the Gobu Legion stands tall. The Legion represents all Goblins within the Old Ones’ Army, but only a select few are called upon to be Goblin Warriors. These brave few are gifted with incredible powers -- which includes the incredible power of dying fast and often!

Play as one of these brave Goblin Warriors in the update:

  • Mudgrinder, the Siege Roller Expert

  • Steampot, the Mech Engineer

  • Screechy, the Expert of Death

  • Fastrocket, Death with Wings

  • Mr. Bombs, the Demolitions Gobu

We’ll reveal the full powers of our Goblin Warriors in a future news update.

Begin the Gobu Assault

As a Goblin Warrior, it’s your job to lead the charge on the battlefields of war. Gone are the days of playing as those pathetic humans. They’re the enemy now! Beyond your incredible power of dying, your biggest strength is the size of the Gobu Legion. Your best tactic is to run in a straight line directly at their defenses. Don’t dodge. Don’t jump. Just run straight ahead until you overwhelm their defenses with your claws, your jaws and gallons of your goblin blood. And when their defenses are down, kill the Heroes, destroy the Eternia Crystals and then...the thing happens. You know, the thing. The crystal blows up, the world gets dark, and it has something to do with the Old Ones. There’s totally a strong lore basis for it. And it’s up to you to make that happen, gobu!

Become the Commander

The Gobu Legion is vast, but they need a leader. Someone cunning. Bloodthirsty. Someone willing to sacrifice as many gobu as it takes to win. They need a Commander. And they need You.

Every three months, a new Commander is selected by the community. The Commander is the ultimate authority over the Gobu Legion. Commanders decide where to attack, what resources to gather and what daily objectives to complete. As the Gobu Legion completes these orders, new bonus reward options are unlocked, and it’s up to the Commander to choose which rewards to give the Legion. Commanders also get a unique, full-size Betsy mount to display their awe-inspiring power to other players. Our first Commander is none other than dreamanime, whose dedication to the Gobu Legion is second-to-none.

We’re very excited about this next step. If you want to talk about the next evolution of our game, @Kaoelol has set up the Gobu Defenders II subreddit and Gobu Defenders II Discord!

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This is the best day of our life gobu!

Emoji_Kobalt.pngEmoji_Huntress.pngEmoji_Goblin.png We are finaly accepted and can overthrow  work together with the defenders!!! Gobu

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this is a Real thing i have a beta key :B

5h7ap-3P6y8-a2p4r-il6f5-1o2ol | s

:B btw nice one TE

i think [[94093,users]] its on orgasm right now?

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BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! This is awesome!!!!!

If only this could really be a thing.... lol LOVE IT!!!

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Aprils fool. :D

You should make it more subtle next year. You know. make it believable. ;)

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You understand this will be exactly like the ton ton sleeping bag? it might be a joke, but people want this! 

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Steampot the Mech Engineer is what I have long dreamed about! Thank you for finally making this a reality Emoji_Goblin.png

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guess noone will be the Mudgrinder, the Siege Roller Expert as we will get stuck in spawn the time 

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It's not a good April Fools joke if we're only pissed it isn't a thing. Just saying.

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is this for real or just a joke if it is for real then how does it work are other players controlling the boss goblins in my game or is it a reverse role map where u play a goblin killing cup heroes

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