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Dev Log 94 – The New Year

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Welcome to 2017, Defenders! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. For the first time in nearly six years at Trendy, I took a month off to focus on my mental health. Apparently going 110% all the time isn't healthy. Weird.

While I was slacking off, the team went into hyper-overdrive before the break. Blacksmith and a few others worked through the holidays to help us conquer our ambitions. I firmly believe this update will turn some heads in the community. I believe it'll also achieve world peace, but setting reasonable expectations is my resolution this year, so I'll settle for turning water into wine.

I was hoping to share more specifics this week, but those details need some extra time in the oven. But there are some questions about the update I can answer now:

Q: What's the goal of the update?
A:  The goal is endgame! This won't be the final version of our endgame, but it lays down a foundation we can expand upon in future updates. It also aims to improve loot, build customization and a lot more.

Q: What is this update called?
A: We're having fierce internal debate, but you should leave your suggestions in the comments below. We've used community names in the past! (Wipeageddon came from someone in our Twitch chats.)

Q: When is the update coming out?
A: We don't have a date just yet because we want to give ourselves iteration time. We also want to get player feedback in as early as possible, so we can iterate off of that, too.

Q: How can I give feedback on these changes?
A: The best way for you to give feedback is to join the Remote Playtesting Group. The RPG is a group of volunteer community members who get to play early builds and offer feedback. Contact dani.mooretrendyent.com if you're interested. You can also keep an eye out for our update blogs in the coming weeks and leave your feedback in the comments.

Since we've returned, we've been digging into your Siege Roller feedback from the last update. We're investigating some issues with the weak spot hitbox that is making it more difficult for towers and melee heroes to deal damage to the spot. We're also discussing how many Siege Rollers spawn for solo players. I hope to have more info for you soon.

Also, it seems like this week's patch improved connection performance for a ton of players! That's freaking awesome! If you're still experiencing issues, let us know.

Most of us are too busy diving into our next update to come up for air, but a few of us breached the surface to give you a few extra treats this week:


Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Working on a massive update for Dungeon Defenders II and that comes with some new enemies. Here is a sneak peek at one of our favorite enemy designs. Let the theorycrafting begin….


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Hello, Defenders!

I've been doing some fixes to the Social Hub and Private Tavern, so you can expect some new cool things in the next update! Aside of that, I'm working on new assets for the upcoming DD2 levels!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (@Danimix1983)

Hope you all had a good start this new year! I've been so busy working on new assets, fixes, updating some levels, collisions, lots of stuff! Here's a preview of one of the new assets I've been working on this week (work-in-progress).

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

New year.  New people.  New challenges.

The Animation and Tech Animation departments are now teaming with new faces. There is a lot of fresh talent here to help us push through 2017.  

SO! To kick off the new year, I’d like to give you all a gif-t. Please enjoy these reaction .gifs that you can now use to harass us and each other on the forums. (Shhhhhhhh…  Don’t tell Isom these are from me.)

Happy New Year, Defenders!



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My Gaming Resolution This Year, Is To Spend 100$ In The PlayStation Store On Dungeon Defenders 2.  Should Be Easy. The Permafrost Pack, Burning Souls, Masquerade Pack, Inventory Pack. I Try To Show My Support To Trendy. I Did Last Year By Buying Gems, Costumes, Hero Bundles ETC. Thank U Guys For All Of Your Hard Work.

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For the patch name my suggestion would be
"Absolutly Barbaric Overhaul"
or "Barbaric Changes"958516

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@MamaTata quote:

"New Era".... title for this patch... we all agree it is the best title warrior.png

i think that will be going fine when the game Goes into another Phase

In response to MamaTata

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i like  the animations face.. thats  very cool... i want  animation face kill to  mystic and  more  heroes... that is the first step...its a  good job

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@RevoLand quote:

Patch should be called as "DEvolution" since DD evolves to something new! :D

Not to be "that guy", but devolution would imply it's getting worse. =p

In response to RevoLand

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Well, since no one else seems to mind that part about to Siege Rollers, let me summarise my opinions real quick:
First of all, sorry once more about my outburst in that previous thread. Since then I have implemented lots of new tactics in my gameplay, inlcuding the famous PDT method, and the game's difficulty did go suprisingly fast from barely/not beatable to pretty easy, even on Nightmare IV.

Don't get me wrong, this "pretty easy" still only goes for those who already have a deep understanding of the game's ins and outs, including every maps own gimmicks, and those few OP strategies, without which, let's be honest, nightmare still would be a nightmare. If a few balancing tweaks could be made here or there, so people were not be forced into using a handful of setups only, that would be great.
But I still like how the game is now, that actually using a good setup means that your towers can handle even the stronger enemy waves on their own, so when minibosses come, you can turn your attention towards them without having to fear that your defenses get taken down.

And speaking of minibosses, we're back at the Siege Rollers agains. Over the past few weeks my opinion of them changed drastically. When even Ogres are started becoming a bit less of a challenge, came the Rollers. They too can actually be taken down IF you have a good enough DPS character, but they do require quite a lot of attention. And the Monks Serenity aura. I wouldn't be anywhere without it. But boy, defeating Those bad guys sure cause a lot more dopamin to free up! So Now I think that they are good additions indeed, but a few changes could be made about them:

-To start with, like you guys mentioned in this thread, you were thinking about their numbers during solo plays. This is an important issue, and not only because I prefer playing mostly solo myself. I think for the most part 2 Siege Rollers + 1 Ogre is during final wave is a pretty good setup up and can be handled well. Even 3 Siege Rollers can be taken care of in Solo, IF (big if) your DPS is really good, but it's much harder, especially on some levels, like the very first one, Gates of Dragonfall, where all 3 lanes are pretty short, and enemies coming from either one of them reach their destination at about the same time. You can't handle that situation, when you would have to repair 3 blockades at once. But on the Terraria map 3 Rollers are pretty much child's play, since it really takes them a lot of time to get to the crystals on that map. So maybe you could limit their numbers to max 2 per round based on maps?

-Next, it is Too Easy to handle them on nightmare 3, even without constant healing from auras or other sources. Then, when you change from NM 3 to 4, their health and damage pretty much triples, which players who still want to get their first NM 4 gear can not handle. So maybe a little more linear difficulty curve could help them get into endgame more efficiently?

-Lastly, just a small thing, but please, Please make the rollers' rockets not be able to damage objectives! Towers, it's still fine, but when you're in the middle of the fifth wave, and your strategy revolves around the sub-objective not falling, and you're just beating up the rollers no problem, without it even touching your towers, but then, in the last second, just before it dies, it launches a last round of missiles meant for you, and it "accidentally" hits the sub-objective, sending it flying in that one it... Well, you can not really do anything else, you just quickly rage quit and try again later.

But besides these few things, once you get used to them, the Rollers are really cool and a nice, fresh challange in the game.

Well, I can barely wait for the new changes to finally come, but don't rush anything. I'd take quality over quantity any time. Just know that I think the changes still sound really cool, so here's hoping that they will recieve a positive welcome.

Sorry for the long post. As a good "long-poster", I'll leave here a potato

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Is there any word as to when the barbarian comes out? i have been waiting for him since the abyss lord came out be he kept losing the voteskobold.png. Which hero is next? Is it the Man and Machine?

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Guest vananh01


I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that’s at the other blogs.

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