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We're Making a Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II Crossover!

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Greetings, Defenders!

A few weeks ago, a mysterious portal opened in Etheria. Today, we’re excited to reveal the portal’s secret: It’s a Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II crossover! This isn’t a one-way crossover, either. We’re adding Terraria content into our game, and Re-Logic is adding Dungeon Defenders content into Terraria!

The mystifying portal of mystery spurred a number of wild guesses. Some of your conclusions were accurate (eerily so); some of them not so much. Our favorite was from a member of the Terraria community who thought Re-Logic was adding a flaming baked potato boss. The image of a villainous flaming potato won’t leave our head. Re-Logic, you have to add it to Terraria. YOU HAVE TO!

So what’s coming to Dungeon Defenders II and when? We’re not adding a flaming potato boss (yet), but we do have something tasty cooked up for you:


The Terraria Update

The Terraria Update is scheduled to launch on November 15th. When it arrives, it’ll include:

  • The Dryad, a new Hero Balancing Corruption and Purity

  • A Decidedly Deciduous Map

  • An Ever-Watching Boss

  • A Bloodshot Enemy

  • Weapons For Every Hero!

    • A Purrfect Sword

    • A Bow of Seismic Destruction

    • A Great White Machine Gun

    • The Eat Your Green Beams Sword

    • A Staff That Came From the Moon!

    • This Book Really Cuts Us Up

    • Santa’s Favorite Staff

    • The Party Starter

    • We Have a Bone to Pick With You Gloves

    • This Knife Really Gets Around

  • A Howling Incursion

  • An Eclectic Collector

    • A morph dwarf by the wharf.

  • All of Your Hopes and Dreams

    • As long as all of your hopes and dreams are about Terraria coming to Dungeon Defenders II

      • And as long as it’s only the select things we’re bringing from Terraria into Dungeon Defenders II

        • And as long as your name is Ricky or Taneka. Only the people named Ricky or Taneka who had the specific desires of certain Terraria elements coming into Dungeon Defenders II will have their hopes and dreams fulfilled with this update.


Reveals & Streams

What does all of that mean? We’re sure you can figure them out, but if you need some help, keep an eye on our Twitter. We hear that Re-Logic has their own secrets to reveal, too.

If you want to see the update before it comes out, mark your calendars for Friday, November 11th at 3PM EST for the Terraria Update Devstream. We’re going to show off the new Dryad hero, walk through the new map, show off the new boss, wield the new weapons and more.

This Friday at 3PM EDT, we’re going to play vanilla Terraria on our Twitch channel! Tune in to hear more about the Terraria update and for your chance to win the Dryad!

Try Out the Dryad For Free

Speaking of the Dryad, we’re excited about an experiment we’re doing in this update. When the update comes out, you can try out the Dryad for free by visiting the portal in the Heroes Marketplace! We’ve setup a custom version of the Dryad to use in the new Terraria map, so you can test out all of her defenses and abilities before plopping down your hard-earned medals or your gems. It’s something you've been asking for with our new hero releases, and we hope you enjoy the experiment. We’re going to pay attention to the data to see how successful this is.

The Second Phase to Release

The Terraria Update marks Phase 2 of our journey to release Dungeon Defenders II out of Early Access. The goal behind The Terraria Update is to get lots of exposure for our game. More people playing = the more we can develop. We’re gathering lots of great data on our early game changes from Phase 1, and with this update, we’ll have more data to look at from other kinds of new players. And, of course, it’s just really awesome for DD2 to be in one of our favorite games, and Re-Logic is just as excited to see Terraria content in a game they love. (In fact, they’re the ones who reached out to us first! They have hundreds of hours in DD2! *fanboys*)

After The Terraria Update comes Phase 3:  endgame changes. We’ll have more to share soon. Stay tuned.

The Trendy Team

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@Diltberg quote:

I hope this is for ps4 aswell 

Yes, of course. ps4 version gets everything that pc version has + some extra bugs ;)

In response to Diltberg

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More people playing = the more we can develop.

I'm tempted to use that line for my forum signature, because it's so dang representative of what "Free 2 Play" and "Early Access" gaming has done to the industry. Especially in the case of the latter, it basically means we're not just "crowd-funding" a game's initial development these days, but it's up to us to keep funding its development as well...

If I'm the only one who sees anything wrong with this, it's either because everyone reading this is under 30, or I'm apparently a bitter, cantankerous old gamer in my late-30s. I think it's bad enough that we're expected to take risks with Early Access in order to mitigate a developer's risk...

But when a video game doesn't exceed its developer's wildest expectations by becoming some huge, viral success, then it's relegated to "life support" and we're expected to keep it alive? I suppose it's not like video game companies could take risks these days (or God forbid, losses).

When developers approach game design from this mindset, they're basically telling us, "Okay, now that crowd-funding has become socially acceptable, we want you guys to become investors in this game idea. As a crowd-funding investor, you'll see none of the profits if the game becomes the next Minecraft, but it also means we won't lose as much money if the game flops. So yeah, it's win-win for us, but hey; you get to play the product, even if we never finish it. And if the game isn't a huge commercial success, we'll still let you guys keep funding its development, even though we've downsized our own team in order to start developing the next big idea!"

Sorry if I sound like a real bro, but I despise the way in which this industry has changed. I think the whole Early Access model is — 95 percent of the time — unethical. I also think it produces less innovation, because developers tend to scale back development when they realize a game isn't going to become "the next big thing" and make them hundreds of millions over their projected yearly revenue. So, what we're left with is a ton of unfinished products... It's innovation in the sense that a lot of ideas get green-lit, but not in the sense that the majority of them actually become realized.

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Guys i love your game and its growing fast, but we haven't got any new maps to speak of in a while? i was wondering if any story line maps where going to come out any time soon?

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