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Hotfix 14.1 for Steam

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Here are the notes for Hotfix 14.1 for Steam, which is scheduled for release later today:

Game Browser Change

  • Updated the Suggested Item Power for all Nightmare IV difficulties to be 700. This should hopefully solve the issue where the browser would lock players out of creating NM4 maps.


  • Gloves of Storms and Ravenhost Projectile Update

    • Gloves of Storms should now work properly on EV2, Abyss Lord, and Huntress.

    • Storm Gloves and Ravenhost Projectile now hit the correct number of targets. Previously, these could hit more targets than intended.

    • Projectile lifespan reduced from 10s to 5s.

    • Bound distance reduce to minimize excessive distance bouncing (3500 to 2500)

  • Gloves of Storms Balance Update

    • Hero Damage Ratio decreased from 150% Max to 25% Max

    • Proc Rate Max decreased from 2.5/s to 1.0/s

    • Maximum Bounces from decreased 8 to 4

    • Projectile now deals Storm damage (was Magic damage)

    • Developer Note:  The Gloves of Storms were causing damage beyond what was intended. These changes should make this piece of the set advantageous and desirable to DPS players but more balanced.

  • Sky Dragon’s Fury (Betsy Polearm)

    • Fixed a bug where the Sky Dragon’s Fury mini-aura would continue to do damage after it despawned. Duration is now 10-15 seconds.

    • Developer Note:  Our changes to the Betsy Polearm were having an unintended effect where the mini aura would remain after its expiration. This one is more of a bug fix, but since it affects balance, we added it here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Glove of Storms was not working on the Abyss Lord.

  • Fixed an issue where with some heroes the Glove of Storms projectiles were not originating from the heroes.

  • Fixed several server crashes related to joining matches.

  • Potentially Fixed an issue where items would occasionally all drop at iPWR 1.

  • Fixed an issue where the Red Spectral Knight would not get cleansed in the Spectral Knight Incursion.

  • Fixed an issue where the Storm Boot passive could appear on any item.

  • Fixed an issue where the Game Browser scroll bar would not reset back to the top when the list of games gets smaller based on filters. (It would appear as though there were no available games because the Browser would scrolled down past the list of available games.)

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