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Dev Log 76: Melee Freedom

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Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

We’re working on figuring out how this Enemy Squad thing is going to happen and how it will affect the different parts of the game. We’re also taking a look at campaign and what can we do to all the cool maps we have to cluster them to make for a more entertaining experience that just gets you to level 50 by the end, getting rid of pesky Free Play and that senseless grind.

Last week, the focus was on executing some massive balance changes to the four original heroes that will soon go back into the game. (We kinda released some of them already, but we took them back for further testing!) I’m excited to see how you all feel about all those changes! You can find a list of those changes here.

Also, that GIF above? That's the latest state of our melee combat. We're removing Root Motion, which is what causes that automatic forward movement every time you swing your weapon. The goal is to give you full movement freedom while melee attacking, so it should feel a lot closer to the way melee felt in the first Dungeon Defenders. Hoping to have it out in the next update. It'll only be available on a few Squire weapons as a test to see how this feels, so when the update comes out, check it out and let us know. If you like it, we'll extend it to the rest of the Squire's arsenal, and then to the Monk and any other potential melee heroes in the future.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Working on the next update preview blog with Phil. You’ll see it later today along with a brand-new Gun Witch trailer!

Also, that root motion melee change is the #2 most requested community change in DD2's lifetime. The #1 most requested change? The return of the server browser-esque match finding system in DD1, which is happening in the next update! I'm excited to see all of these changes that you guys and girls have been asking for come into the game. I'm hearing whispers of armor sets and endgame changes in the wind...

Final note on the new melee change:  Ice, our IT master whom some of you may remember from our old livestreams, is a staunch DD1 player. His words:  “This is a million times better. **** yes. I have freedom again!”

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

The Buried Bastille is out for PS4 and the door had barely closed before we doubled back down on the next major update coming out in a few weeks. There is a hotfix planned for Tuesday of next week that will contain all the changes from the PC hotfix that went out Wednesday PLUS some extra special love from the PS4 crash department (Matt and Javo say hi, btw).  
Live team 

side, we’re on that stabilization week bug fix grind. As you got a preview of earlier this week, there is a lot of interesting stuff coming down the pipe and we do actually plan to polish and complete these features before we release next time… unless QA gets tired, then we’re just shouting YOLO, setting that ship out to sea, and relaxing on the beach. (Just kidding.)

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are almost done with the out-of-bounds areas for the Endless Spires remake level! So this week, we are polishing a bit more of the level and adding some nice player-only paths.


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Still having fun working on the Endless Spires remake level. Now working secretly on a secret explorable area, suitable only for intrepid adventurers, but don't tell this to anyone!

By the way, hope you guys get some fun exploring the Buried Bastille level

James Reid, Software Engineer (Driscan)

I’m hunkering down into bug fixing mode. Also having a lot of meetings ranging from the UI plan for the next several months, the Lavamancer, and how to bridge the Inventory experience gap on PS4 and PC.

Work continues on the Game Browser. Brys has been doing a fantastic job there. We had a big meeting today to figure out our integration plan to get into our dev branch. We also began talking about Game Browser Phase 2.

Sorry I don’t have any pretty pictures today. I mean...I could take a screenshot of a bug report...but I don’t think that’s too fun to look at...

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Now that Buried Bastille and the Incursion are out, it is time for us to look at the next level we are sending out to you guys! Go ahead and vote in the Influence Initiative for either Molten Citadel or Frost Keep. Also, be sure throw in your own ideas about neat incursions you would like to see on these maps.

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

In the trenches with RQA and RPG testing and giving feedback on our latest hero, the Gun Witch. Really happy with the testing and feedback that helped polish The Buried Bastille Update that just went out - our playtesting and QA folks did a stellar job.

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I'm glad there's going to be a matchmaking system. It was difficult trying to find a group to play with using the communities on ps4. 

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@Tides quote:

Sadface. Was (unrelialistic probably) hoping for anything that sounded like "We're gonna take a look at the Incursions and see if we cant make up some better challenges than the current time attacks". 

Din't play since tuesday and i'm just not going to on principle before i know that future content wont follow the same path.

If you're unhappy with Incursions as they are, they are indeed searching for good Ideas for the next one, if your read the post of [[48993,users]] , and you can always collect your ideas and PM him like I did, maybe they have a use for it.

In response to Tides

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