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Devstream 59 Recap

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Did you miss Devstream 59? Here’s the recap!

Things [[14,users]] Was Supposed to Say But He Didn’t

  • The Collector’s Pack on Steam is going away on June 22nd! If you want $100 worth of gems for only $50 along with 4 exclusive costumes and an exclusive title, head on over to the Collector’s Pack page. Farewell, good friend.

3x Medal Weekends

  • Every weekend in June on PC, get 3x medals for winning matches!

  • On PS4, we’re continuing our Mission Madness event. Get a new daily every 8 hours!

  • We’re hoping to get our events in sync on both platforms starting next week, which would mean the same event for both PC and PS4 going forward.

The Buried Bastille Update

  • We’re releasing The Buried Bastille Update on June 21st for both PC and PS4, which means this is our first simultaneous update! Cue the trumpets!

  • This update includes:

    • New Map -- The Buried Bastille:  As selected by you in our Influence Vote, we’re releasing The Buried Bastille in this update! This sprawling, ancient prison is a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm Caverns. Four cores lurk in these shadows for you to protect. The Buried Bastille is the biggest map released in Dungeon Defenders II to date, so we’re eager to see how you feel about its size and complexity.

    • New Incursion -- The Bastille Master:  It’s a race against time to kill all of the enemies in The Bastille Master Incursion! Not only is time and the size of The Buried Bastille working against you, but you only have a limited number of lives, too!

    • New iPWR 750 Apprentice Weapon -- The Ghastly Halberd:  If you complete The Bastille Master Incursion, you’ll earn the new Ghastly Halberd Apprentice weapon! Using this weapon turns the Apprentice into a ghost, reducing damage taken by enemies from 35%-90%! Using the alternate fire of the weapon will spawn a variable number of halberds that will attack nearby enemies. 

    • New iPWR 750 Helmet:  This Incursion will have a chance to drop an iPWR 750 Helmet from the Victory Chest.

    • New Apprentice Elemental Variant Costume -- Guardian of the Dead:  The Apprentice is joining the Monk and the Huntress in getting an elemental variant costume of his own!

    • Improved Daily Missions: In our last update, we introduced Bonus Missions as part of our ongoing effort to increase the earn rate of Defender Medals for all players. In this update, we’re doing two things. The first is improving the Daily Missions themselves. Our Daily Missions will now be about winning a certain amount of maps (some with extra provisions, some without). No more Daily Missions like “Ignite X Enemies” or “Gain X Pet Affection Levels.” It’s all about winning and being rewarded for winning. Play how you want to play and get rewarded for it -- unless how you want to play is to lose, in which case, we’re sorry. The second thing is...

    • Temporary Change -- Increased Daily Mission Payouts:  For the next two weeks, we’re increasing the amount of Defender Medals gained to 225 - 450 Defender Medals apiece. We’re going to pay close attention to the number of people completing Dailies and how these new reward amounts are affecting the Medal earn rate for all players. So please login, play with the Daily Mission changes and let us know on the forums how you feel.

Gun Witch

  • We showed off a first look at the Gun Witch around 21 minutes into the video.

  • A full Gun Witch reveal trailer is coming next week, and the Devstream on July 1st will be about her and the other changes (including the Game Browser) coming in the update after The Buried Bastille.

Game Browser

  • We also showed off a very work-in-progress version of the Game Browser around 30 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

  • The Game Browser is a list of all of the active games happening at that time. The goal is to make it easier to find other groups of players and to give players more control over the types of experiences you want to play.

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Recommended Comments

@TheLightningAbyss quote:

Love it! Also, somewhere in the video, they said stuff about the RPG group. How do you get in that?

If you're interested, email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com!

In response to TheLightningAbyss

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@Fozzie quote:

The biggest issue we may have on this large map is if you have two or more builders and one is EV and the EV uses proton beams the lag is horrendous.

Every single time I use protons and let someone else put anything like serenity auras we get terrible lag, they remove their auras and I place mine then everyone is lag free.

Bit of a bug in a co-operative game.

@Trendy easy to reproduce

Thanks for the info. We'll look into this!

In response to Fozzie

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"The Collector’s Pack on Steam is going away on June 22nd! If you want $100 worth of gems for only $50 along with 4 exclusive costumes and an exclusive title, head on over to theCollector’s Pack page. Farewell, good friend."


I think you forgot to mention the tower skins we were promised, I mean we were sold as stated in the product description

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When's the next bag sale coming around? Is it included in the rotation of weekly deals starting every Monday?

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@Raghin quote:

When's the next bag sale coming around? Is it included in the rotation of weekly deals starting every Monday?

Funny you should ask -- this week's deal is 50% off Inventory Bags!

In response to Raghin

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I love the work you peeps are putting into this update. Can't wait to see/use the browser. Will the game browser include an overhaul of the game difficulties and new game modes? Or is it still in a testing phase?


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