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Calling All Heroes Hotfix 1 for PS4

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Here are the notes for Calling All Heroes Hotfix 1!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple crashes and improved performance in the Options menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the Skeleton Costumes were missing.

  • Improved UI layering in split-screen.

  • Improved scrolling in the costume and weapons shop.

  • Tooltips now properly display in the item enhancement screen.

  • Rerolling Daily Missions can now be canceled.

Known Issues

  • While in split-screen, going to Throne Room or Ramparts will cause the game to crash.

  • Selling items in the Inventory that have a confirmation box (i.e. items that are mythical/legendary tier or lockboxes) will send you back to the main page of the Inventory.
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Yeahhhhhh lol, I love to see a company actually take care of issues instead of pushing them off "5 stars" keep up the good work.

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9GB patch for a couple of hotfixes? Then what 3-4 weeks later another 9 GB patch?

You guys sure you're doing this with proper efficiency?

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Hello, I noticed what could be a bug at the level of the training dummy. He does not attack any more monsters when he this fact to attack. Thx for your Time.

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