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Devstream 56 Recap + Mission Madness Weekend Event

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May Mission Madness

  • Beginning this weekend, we’re hosting the May Mission Madness event!

  • Each weekend in May, get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours!

  • These weekend events will run from 6PM EDT Friday to 10AM EDT Monday.

New Influence Vote:  Choose the Next Map

  • We’re working on a series of map remakes from the original Dungeon Defenders, and we want to know which one you’d like to see first! Each map will come with a custom Incursion, a unique reward weapon/item and an iPWR 750 loot piece (similar to the Unholy Catacombs update).

  • This vote is between:

    • Crumbled Bulwark, a remake of DD1’s Ramparts!

    • The Buried Bastille, a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm!

  • Vote here!

PlayStation 4 Roadmap

  • Here’s the latest PS4 roadmap. Keep in mind that this is subject and likely to change.

  • Early June:

    • Calling All Heroes + Unholy Catacombs update release

  • June:  

    • Series EV2 + the next Mid-Milestone update release

    • At this point, it’s our goal to be caught up!

  • We appreciate everyone’s patience, and we’re super excited for the PS4 and Steam versions of the game to be on the same update cycle!

Upcoming Content

  • What We’re Releasing Next:

    • New Hero:  Series EV2 + EV2 Costume

    • New Enemy:  Siege Tank

  • What We’re Working On:

    • Game Browser (Session List)

      • A list of every active match happening in the game! Find and create the perfect match for you.

    • Strategic Revamp

      • A complete overhaul of how enemies, towers and heroes interact with each other. Our goal is to provide more strategic depth to the game. How deep? So deep. 3deep.

    • Gun Witch Hero & Costume

    • Lavamancer

    • More New Heroes

    • Dungeon Defenders Map Remakes

    • PS4 Calling All Heroes & Unholy Catacombs

  • What We’re Working On Next:

    • More weapons like the Sword of Unholy Fire

    • More Incursions like Spectral Knight

    • More enemies like the Dark Assassin

Series EV2

  • Sneak Peek: Series EV2

    • Want to help test her out? Join the Remote Playtesting Group! Email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com for more details.

    • Canisters

      • EV2’s weapon drops. We showed off five different canisters. Each canister changes EV2’s primary and secondary attack, but we only showed off the primary attacks in the stream:

      • Sword Canister

        • Shotgun Blast

      • Bow Canister

        • High Calibur Round

      • Polearm Canister

        • Wave Knock Back

      • Magic Staff Canister

        • Slow moving, piercing shot

      • Tome Canister

        • Large Area of Effect

    • 1st Ability:  Anti-Gravity Bots

      • Mini Air Defense. Launch a bot into the air and then shoot it to blow it up at opportune times. Can have multiple bots in the air at once.

      • If other bots are nearby, the explosion will blow them up, too, so you can chain them together.

      • Only EV2 can shoot them to blow them up at the moment. Still trying to decide if that should be the case in the final version.

    • 1st Defense:  Proton Beam

      • When an enemy touches the beam, it’ll take damage in ticks.

      • Unlike DD1, EV2 can connect multiple nodes together.

      • We imagine we’ll see some…*ahem*...colorful creations on the Steam screenshots section.

    • 2nd Defense:  Torpedo Beam

      • A torpedo travels from node to node, dealing AOE damage as it hits each node.

      • The more nodes it travels to, the more damage it’ll deal.


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Recommended Comments

Sounds Nice, Is there going to be any other types of weekend events? e.g. x2 legs, Uniques, NErf'd/Buff'd enemies, special drops etc

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dont Forget the Madwick Pet events him was pure RNG on his First event and the second was just Resist on onslaught but that pet looks Bad ass

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Will you be adding different types of pets like from dd1? How there was more than just attack pets but also support pets? Just kinda curious, also on about the pet abilities if more are going to come or go?

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 Do EV's pickup defenses mean she will need to have hero power and defense power stacked to be a worthwhile character?

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