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Dev Log 68: EV2 Gearing Up

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Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

The Unholy Catacombs update is here! 

This mini-release has tons of cool stuff and some new things we’ve never tried before. Usually we have a big backlog of items we bundle together into a single theme and a major patch release, but we currently have tons of long-term things in progress, (strategy revamp, Game Browser, more UI improvements, and new heroes to name just a few), so we thought it would be cooler to have a mid-milestone release with gameplay and new stuff for you to have fun with. Let us know if you like it!

If you've checked our Dev Logs over the last few months, you’ve probably spotted the Unholy Catacombs map, which is a reimagining of the classic Dungeon Defenders map, Foundries and Forges. Well, now it’s available for play with lots of variations.

  • A regular tower defense map across ALL skill levels. So if you want a new map with a different layout, this is your stop!

  • A new Spectral Knight Incursion for Nightmare I-IV. This is where coordinating with your friends becomes critical to win unless you have mad solo skillz. Steve intentionally made it hard for players who want a group challenge to tackle with their friends.

The Spectral Knight Incursion has two exclusive drops:  the Squire’s Sword of Unholy Fire and the first iPWR 750 chest piece. We showed off the Sword of Unholy Fire in our last Dev Log. It has a pulsing taunt so if you’re tough enough, you can round up enemies and drag them somewhere else without having to use your Provoke ability. Once you have a nasty stack of baddies, turn and block, and a flaming skull appears on your shield and belches unholy fire on your enemies. It’s super fun and makes the Squire a riot. The damage scales off Ability Power and can drop up to iPWR 750.

I promised Steve not to give anything away about the map. Go play!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

This week was one of those weeks where we had plenty to do but very little time to do it. The goal for the week was to get EV2 functional by Friday so that we can start playtesting her. This week was also our first mid-milestone release. I designed the Sword of Unholy Fire for the Squire with the hope that we’d finally have our first viable DPS Squire. We originally wanted to have the passive to vary the damage, range and angle of the flamethrower shield. Unfortunately our system didn’t support that and after working late one night to try and get it to work, we decided to just have it vary damage.

From there I transitioned back to working on the lovely EV2. Like I mentioned earlier, we got her functional this week and now we are playtesting and tweaking. I put a lot of time and effort into making some variations for her canisters. For example, if you are lucky you might find a Bow Canister that fires like this:


Or you might find a shotgun canister whose bullets explode after they reach their max travel distance into a wide area of damage:


I hear you like weapons that fire multiple projectiles in a spread! Well check this guy out below. He’s a rare Polearm Canister that should have your enemies PLOTTING their revenge!


(get it? Plotting? Because… it’s like a grid? Yea?)

Her Defenses and Heat mechanic are where we need to focus most of our attention going forward, but she is coming together nicely. Only a few more weeks of intense work and she should be ready for you all to play and enjoy!

While you are looking at all these cool gifs we’ve made for you, remember that her visuals are still subject to change and that involves everything from how her projectiles look to how she moves and animates.

Brian Goodsell, President of Responsibilities (bgoodsell)

Working on Series EV2 VFX. Experimenting with bouncing sparks on her base attacks.


Built some cool visuals for the weapon canister for EV2 as well.


On the backend (where I do most of my best work), I've spent time updating our VFX libraries to use a newer base material system.  This allows for more options when it comes to a particle's ability to drive and modify material properties. While redundant work, this really helps when it comes to being able to rapidly prototype VFX.

Also helped transition Series EV2 out of prototype phase. I hooked up all the backend archetypes and systems to see what we can do vs. what features are still needed that we do not have.



Currently Listening To: "Boom Boom" - jennylee

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Revamp underway! Working on feedback and making tweaks to really push the changes to be super impactful. There is some changes still to come that will make towers much more deadly to enemies of different genotypes.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are almost done with the magma level thing! Still have to polish it up a bit though.

At this point if you are a true Etherian Defender, you should know what level it is. And because In.Session asked for it, here's another picture!


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Finishing up the world building phase on the magma map! We are pushing the lighting and polishing it up a little more.

In addition I would like to mention that this level will feature a cool secret on the last wave!



Jason Yu, Associate Producer (Urfyness)

There are a number of really cool things we’re working on outside of EV2 that I wanted to share.

  • We’re bringing back the Dragolich as the May monthly quest reward. Now everyone will have an opportunity to earn one of the most sought after pets in the game.

  • The Goblin Siege Tank enemy is starting to come together. Our goal is to have it ready for playtesting by the end of the week.

  • The strategy revamp went out to the Remote Playtest Group, and we appreciate all of your feedback! Seriously, we spend hours digesting the feedback and discussing plans moving forward.

  • I was able to see the first pass UI for the session browser the other day and even though it’s not fully functional yet, this is one of my most anticipated features. No release date yet, but it’s in the works!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

More testing, more planning for testing. Thanks to the folks that applied to RPG last week. We’re almost ready to let you guys in and test out the current state of the revamp. We’re currently changing a few processes here and there. Once we’re done with the initial (there will be more!) revamp testing, we’re be moving on to EV2!

Speaking of EV2, the RQA folks having been pouring over EV2’s new frame and testing out her expanded and deadly arsenal. She might need some work, some oil changes and some other spare parts, but she’s already decidedly deadly.

Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)
Heyo!  Sorry for the late post.  This week has been busy, busy, busy for me because we're working on MONTHLY QUESTS!!!!  As promised, the PS4 Monthly for May will involve a three egg omelette du fromage (so to speak) and the PC one is all about the closed captioning I'm told...  HF2 for PS4 is targeting release next week and should contain the monthly, a fix for the scavenger, and a fix for lockbox being consumable.

From a major content update stand point, PS4 is starting to come together.  We still have a lot of UI issues to sort out, but the abyss lord is feeling really slick... also, in case you didn't figure out the image I posted last week tool tips should be a lot more readable in the near future.  

Also, we have a little surprise in store for you this weekend in the form of a triple refresh rate for daily missions.

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Recommended Comments

I dont think I will need another Dragolich, but I'll do the quest for the medals anyways.

Also, that map will be more burning once I get Blaze Balloons, Oil Harpoons and Flamethrowers done.

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This Unholy Catacombs patch is my favourite patch by far. I've missed incursions so much! Really enjoying playing on this new one and soloing it was super fun! The mechanics were pretty fun and different from the usual "here comes the boss X, don't stand in front of him and nuke before you lose the match", and the fact that it is tied to 1 particular good looking weapon and some extra high lvl slots makes it all the better.

I'm really hoping you keep delivering this type of content on a more frequent basis that the usual 3 month milestone patches.

In terms of the features showcased in this Dev Log, I have to say that I don't remember that map, maybe it came after I stopped playing DD1, but from the looks of it it was awesome.

If memory serves me right, you showed Ramparts, Spires, Glitterthingy cavern and now this one, and all seem soooo tasty! Please keep adding incursions with special mechanics with every single new map release.

PS: Dragolich! Awesome! I skipped that one from some weird reason! Glad we're getting a second chance!

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This spectral knight incursion is great stuff--fun with a group and super challenging (but doable) in solo queue.  I'd love to see future incursions take on this kind of flavor, as opposed to just an extra boss or two with a billion exploding kobolds.  Keep it up!

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@Hellscythe quote:

That layout... Is it Magus Quarters?

cant remember the name, but i know this map...all i can recall is that it had this teleporting core and you got a huntress weapon for completing this challenge :)

In response to Hellscythe

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@Strawhatluffy quote:

 Why Isn't there a ps4 section on this dev log  what happened iamisom ? plz respond

Very good question. On Facebook u guys said that there will be a caught-up "soon" after the next milestone- update.

So when will this milestone-update come? Or what do u expect when this update will come?

In response to Strawhatluffy

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Drago making a return so soon? Can it at least be a reskin and/or be a really hard monthly please?

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Another Dragolich monthly, well i guess ill finally get one, but it dose not fix the issue that Drago is superior to everything else and the fact that people will be punished by missing out on the monthly.

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I've asked and been ignored a million times but why not try again....are we ever going to get a full content update? because to date we have 0. The ps4 forums should be renamed to trendy's trash bin as we never get so much as an acknowledgment that these problems still exist. I would like to be able to finish the trick or treat challenge but oh i can't because the chests and the boss were never added. then you give us a christmas update but we never got the war cache,and again we cannot complete the challenge because it never registers that you beat the harbinger with over 80% i've done this dozens of times and everyone has said same happens to them. I am not generally a completionist but go look up my ps trophy's the only platinum i have is from DD1. 

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6 months from now people will still whine about not having op dragolich.

Rip all logic, 150% bonus damage 6 sec cd and 12 sec cooldown. 

Trendy says its balanced, rip.

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I have a suggestion for the devs.  I would like to see a progression for level completion.  I know the steam achievements haven't been updated yet.  But I would really appreciate some kind of visual cue to let us know what levels we have completed for each difficulty.  (Or let me know where to find it if it's there.) 

I imagine when the achievements get updated they will include some kind of level completion requirements and it would be nice to know visually what we have accomplished so far.  Thank you.

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