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Dev Log 66: New Enemy Rolling In

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Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

It’s official:  Gun Witch wins! She’ll join the game after the arrival of Series EV2. With every round combined, the New Hero Vote was our largest Influence Vote yet with more than 250,000 points cast. Here’s the final point tally!

  1. Gun Witch:  117,116

  2. Lavamancer:  85,381

  3. Barbarian:  52,401

Also, tune in to the Devstream tomorrow at 5PM EDT on our TrendyEnt channel! This week, we’re showing a sneak peek at Series EV2 and giving away Molten Master costumes!

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

Siege Tank kicked off today. Woot! Already rigged! Check out the cool model Jordan cranked out in like a day. (Screenshot below)


Quote of the week. “I give you tank!” - Jordan Kerbow (famous artist)

Gun Witch design done, dusted, and kicked off. John’s getting started on some of her cool gun-broom snipes and fully auto-shots, moves, polymorphs, and other aerial magic and gun-broom toting stuff. Dan and Derek are cranking on EV2 so we can play her soon. She has some cool new mechanics evolved from the original and some brand new things no other hero has. (Think 3D printer plus Big GUNs) Abe and John knocked out her animations last month. I’m so happy she has a MEGADEATH Laser. (Good band) I think we’re going to show off some of her stuff in this week’s Devstream. Phil, did I reveal too much? Crap. Sorry, got excited.

We have the scope on the next series of feature releases and improvements laid out and you’ll be jammed to know we have a kick butt design development schedule and multiple module plan from Dan and Brys for the new Game Browser! YES. You’ll be able to see matches in a list, create games with names, filter, and see details, all the stuff you need to play the kind of game you want, even multiple maps! It’ll be a few phases to do it all, but I think it will make playing DD2 much better. The War Table from last year is cool so we’re working from that as a base, but it always bugged us not knowing what games are going so we can join one!

Of course, we blend all that stuff with more heroes, cooler UIs, tons of fixes, improvements, and on-going live gameificationages. Don’t forget next release is PC+PS4 all in one!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

Another week of plenty. Working with Brys on the Game Browser matchmaking redesign. Working also on the Lavamancer design for the future, helping out with the Gun Witch and working with Collins to try and plan out a cool new thing for the DD1 maps we’ve been showing all of you. Pretty sure I’ll be going dark and focusing in on wrapping up EV2 and making sure she is ready to go, for the time being, just a bunch of theoretical design planning and miscellaneous stuff.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

I got so many hotfixes I had to put ‘em on sale just to clear space on the show floor for next milestone inventory. But seriously folks, we got PS4 hotfixes and milestone planning going on right now and PC hot-fixing and discussions about defender medals among other things happening left and right at Trendy this week. It’s going to be an exciting couple weeks in Etheria with all the things we have in store for you.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

We finally have a plan of everything that’s going into the next few releases, which is a big relief for all of production. Our major beats are the DD1 map releases along with new Heroes. We’re continually working on the strategic revamp as well as a matchmaking overhaul, but those are on a longer timeline for completion.

This past week involved herding our developers into rooms to get detailed breakdowns of the work involved for every step of the process. I’m coordinating with RQA to get playtest builds of the strategic revamp into their hands for feedback. Those are the major beats that are probably more interesting to hear about. Other non-player facing development beats this week includes managing the various feature branches so that we don’t lose work.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

New week and new level on its way! Expect a hot, very hot level with really high temperatures near the core.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

It's time for another DD1 remake level! Currently blocking out the entire level by adding basic geometry such as walls, ceilings and floors. As promised in the last Dev Log, here is a work-in-progress shot of the new level.


Chris Flores, Lead QA ([[59727,users]])

So we’ve been working on the remake of the Foundries & Forges map from DD1, getting it ready for release. Still some issues to hammer out, but it seems to be on track for release. (Not sure when that is. Or do I???)

Other than that, we’re finishing our hotfix builds as they come in and we’re getting to start up on more content for the next release. We’re also planning for all the new major update stuff including EV2. Although most of us wish we could go straight to Gun Witch!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager ([[25251,users]])

I just want to thank each of our amazing community members for helping us test, balance, tune and bughunt our last major update. The new UI and the Abyss Lord are much better thanks to your playtesting, feedback and ongoing contributions. The gates will be opening for new testers and those on the waiting list very soon.
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Recommended Comments

That enemy looks quite "TANK"y, huehuehue...

I just hope that it won't be a ground version of those goddamn copters...

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@Chillix quote:

That enemy looks quite "TANK"y, huehuehue...

I just hope that it won't be a ground version of those goddamn copters...

or sharks !,

In response to Chillix

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First to say first ^^

GJ guys ! keep that game as good as it already is and make it even better

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[[43252,users]] Did you read that??

 If we would live in the same country I'd ask you to meet and celebrate this announcement. Game browser becomes real!!!

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"Don’t forget next release is PC+PS4 all in one!"

One sentence only but it's the best i've ever read in any dev log! Looking forward for this so much...

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@Dreizehn quote:

Gutu Did you read that??

 If we would live in the same country I'd ask you to meet and celebrate this announcement. Game browser becomes real!!!

Awesome news!!!!! Indeed man..! 

In response to Dreizehn

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I hope the first 3 maps of dd1 gets into dd2, i just loved those maps :D and also the desert valley map what name it is again ive forgotten ^^

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@Etownoilerfan quote:

"Don’t forget next release is PC+PS4 all in one!"

Does this mean us PS players are catching up soon?

That's our goal. To clarify:  The "mid-milestone" release coming in April that we discussed in the Devstream is not the update Elliot is referring to in his dev log. He's referring to our milestone update (the one that will contain Series EV2). That's the one that will catch the PS4 up.

In response to Etownoilerfan

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