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Calling All Heroes Update Coming in April (Plus Dev Log 63!)

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The Calling All Heroes update is coming in April! This update includes:

  • The New Hero Deck: Major changes to the Hero Deck, including the much-requested ability to build with all of your heroes, leveling up all of your decked heroes at once, quickswapping your decked heroes at the press of a button and inspecting other players' decks!

  • New Hero, The Abyss Lord: This is just the first of many heroes coming to the game this year!

  • Defender Medals:  A new earnable currency used to recruit new heroes!

  • And more!

Learn more about the update on our new landing page!

Before the update comes out, meet the Abyss Lord!

Want to see the update in action? Tune into the Devstream on Friday at 5PM EDT! We’re going to show off the Abyss Lord and all of the new Hero Deck changes, and then we’re going to give you a sneak peek at our strategy revamp, which is scheduled to come out in a future update. Tune in live for a chance to win the Dark Arts Apprentice costume!

Dev Log 63:  Strategy Revamp Progress


Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

We’re on the home stretch! Be sure and check out the cool Abyss Lord video above and the Calling All Heroes anchor page the guys put together. It’s bug fixing mode in the studio this week as we push to the finish line. This next release is another big step towards making the game cooler and more fun. Being able to build with any hero, swap in combat, and level them all at once while melting face with the Abyss Lord is fun business. The new UI looks slick and will really allow us to move towards a cleaner cross-platform development flow over time. I’ve been sorting through a massive backlog of robust features and improvements for the game, which we’re prioritizing this week. We need to keep pushing. Our big goal, as I’ve said before, is to get that hero library built out and never stop adding to it, but at the same time there are tons of fixes, improvements, features, and more to do and we won’t forget them. EV2 is the hero up next, but who’s after her is up to you. Keep your eyes peeled for the influence vote! As a former RR 80+ Slayer in Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning (RIP) I’m going to vote for the barbarian! “Give me death!”


Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Working on the changes to lanes / enemies / and towers. This is an overhaul of the strategic depth of DD2, so we are making sure we get this as fun as possible. As you can see, this lane is comprised of Air Enemies. You can also see they are flying right over my traps and barricades. This is one example of the types of changes we want to make to ensure build variety. We're going to talk more about this on Friday's Devstream!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

First there was the great flood that shut us down for a few days. Then I got terribly sick again. Ultimately we lost a lot of time that we could have spent solving world hunger, curing cancer, but most important of all, we could have spent that time making the Abyss Lord eeeeeeeeven cooooooooooler. Have no fear! I’ve successfully constructed a time dilating device that allows us to nearly double the amount of time in a day. I call it, the Don’t Sleeper 3000 X PWN!!!!

For the past three weeks we had early builds of the Abyss Lord playable to a close circle of hardcore DD fans. (BTW if you guys want to join this super awesome cult write a comment and reach out to Dani. The initiation ceremony is not bad at all and we only require you to donate one or two organs.) These DD fans gave us a lot of feedback on the Abyss Lord, and we’ve been tweaking him and making him more and more awesome with each increment. Now I’m working on his Skill Spheres and Passives and playing with him trying to place the final, final touches before he goes off to college and you can all start playing with him. Treat him gently, he’s always been a special boy… girl… er… Cthulhu thing...

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)


Also, we’re down to finalization of the PS4 update, so we’re hoping to get the Harbinger + Carnival update out to you in early April. Keep an eye right here for more news.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

Last week, the Flood of Trendy 2016 closed the building from Tuesday all the way through Monday. A water main had ruptured in an elevator, flooding the basement overnight with 5000+ gallons of water and caused the transformer to shut down, disabling electricity throughout the building. Several Trendy guys came in Thursday to drag a generator onto the roof, snake an extension cord down into our server rooms, and power on the internal servers so we can continue development. After several hours of troubleshooting, a thunderstorm rolled into town forcing them to stop for the night. Luckily power was restored to the building on Friday, and the team rallied for the final push towards our patch release. The effort from the team has been incredible thus far, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it.

This week, we’re in finaling mode, one of my favorite times of the project. We get to solve problems and see the fruits of our labor, but by the end of it, I’m ready to get back to making features.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Lots more work on the new Hero Deck UIs. The team has been busting their butts getting all this new functionality in. This has also been a deep dive of our UI System and what it can/can’t do.  This allows us to make future UIs easier and quicker but requires a ton of upfront work and time.  Anyone who’s worked with UE3 native UIScenes will understand.  

So while the below pictures might not look like much has changed since last week, the innards are muuuuuch better.

Also, did you see that Abyss Lord video!?  That thing is the bee’s knees!



Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

At this point we have just started to work on a visual test for what might be the next Dungeon Defenders II level. All I can say this is going to be another dungeon type level. Here's a sneak peek. :)


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We loved watching you guys what the level was last week. Lots like a good number of you guessed correctly! Now, we are starting a new level.

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

Making heroes and costumes and costumes for heroes and accessories and marketing illustrations and icons and all kinds of fun things.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

We’re still full swing with the new UI testing, Defender Medals, the Monthly Mission for April, Abyss Lord, and a bunch of other stuff that creeped up. Business as usual.

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this is the summoner in disguise. go to google and watch "dungeon defenders 2 - theres a bit of dota in your dungeon. around the 1;26 mark it shows a hero named summoner who looks like a non-cthullu Abyss lord

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I love this game and I love what you Devs are doing with it... But please don't jeopardize another amazing game (Ark: Survival Evolved) over one stupid bloke who ***ed up. I dont understand fully what is going on but threatening another game that people have put so much time into and people love over one ***ing guy really pisses me off and quite frankly puts me off supporting Trendy Entertainment. I thought you were a good company, not like the big *** companies that don't give a *** about players and just want money.

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@batoutofhe11 quote:

this is the summoner in disguise. go to google and watch "dungeon defenders 2 - theres a bit of dota in your dungeon. around the 1;26 mark it shows a hero named summoner who looks like a non-cthullu Abyss lord

During the MOBA's developement Summoner was a planned character. Abyss Lord's design is a recycled asset from that MOBA.

All the characters that we can vote on (Lavamancer, Gun Witch, and Barbarian) were in the MOBA too and conveniently they were reveled officially already in different media (Lava and GunWitch were in Biscuit's vid, Barbarian was in the official DD2 trailer) so its not as big a surprise to some as some of the other things that might be out there after.

In response to batoutofhe11

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Looks like you guys finally came through with some great changes to the hero deck. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Also loving the new dungeon levels and the call backs to DD1. My outlook for this game is finally turning in a positive direction ... first time in about 6 months.


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@Alonzo quote:

Dare I ask...

Early April or late April?

Early sounds best :)

april 1st is unlikely. there was never a major patch on friday :P

In response to Alonzo

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PLease make sure all the towers have a clear and distinctive purpose.

It is really lame when certain towers (or hero abilities) are weak or useless.

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You are a special kind of ignorant to even put this out here. " I don't want to support trendy because someone broke the contract and tried to get trendy employees to leave the company." I think you need to get your mind checked to say the least.

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So it's calling all heroes...except for console heroes, who still must pay for "early access" yet get less content ,serious bugs and "may possibly" get carnival in April?

We don't feel "a little ignored" we feel like you are treating us like second rate players, and it's a bit like doing business with Verizon where awesome mailers show up touting three times the features of what existing customers are paying twice as much for, and the biggest jab is that ps store descript reads "free to play" when it hasn't been ever.

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@TMyth quote:

You are a special kind of ignorant to even put this out here. " I don't want to support trendy because someone broke the contract and tried to get trendy employees to leave the company." I think you need to get your mind checked to say the least.

No, I agree that something should be done about that guy who broke the contract and "poached the employees" but they shouldn't jeopardize another game where players have spent stupid amounts of hours playing (250+ just myself) and devs that haven't done anything to Trendy have put a lot of hard work into. It's just rude to threaten so many peoples work rather than the single bloke.

In response to TMyth

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