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Hotfix 9.3 for Steam

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Hotfix 9.3 includes loot changes based on your Loot V2 feedback! Here are the notes:

Loot Changes

  • Armor and Relics no longer generate mixed defense/hero stat combinations.

    • For example, Defense Power will always be found with Defense Health or Defense Crit Chance.

    • Similarly, Hero Damage will always be found with Ability Power, Hero Crit Chance, or Hero Health.

    • The one exception to this is Defense Health + Hero Health for Hearty Blockade builds.

  • Defense-focused passives will only generate on items that have at least one Defense stat.

    • For example, you’ll only see Tripwire or Vector Corrector on items with Defense Power, Defense Crit Damage, or Defense Health.

    • The exception to this is Build passives, which are still randomly assigned. Build passives will be addressed in a future patch.

  • Hero-focused passives will only generate on items that have at least one Hero stat.

    • Like the above, this means an item must have Hero Damage, Ability Power, Hero Crit Damage, or Hero Health to see, for example, the Channel passive.

    • The exception to this is Weapons as the Hero Damage on weapons is ignored when determining passives.

    • Elemental Damage is considered a Hero stat.

    • Build Passives are the exception here again.

  • iPWR 231+ items now require Hero Level 50 (was level 46).

  • Added Iron Core, Tripwire, Amped Up and Pyromania passives to Weapons and Tripwire passive to Relics.

    • This is to help ensure Legendary non-build weapons with Defense stats will generate with a full complement of Defense-focused passives.

    • Tripwire was added to relics to maintain parity between the basic passives amongst all heroes (it was available on weapons already, but not on relics).

War Cache Refresh and Fixes

  • The War Cache will now roll a galactic weapon based on the hero that opens the cache and not the hero that you first login with. The weapon will generate based on the iPWR and the hero class you have out. (Note:  It’s not a 100% guarantee that the galactic weapon will be for your hero class.)

  • The War Cache has been refreshed! Join the Steam Group to make these weapons become permanent drops in the game!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the targeting issues with the Frostbite Tower.

  • Fixed two server crash issues.

Note About Difficulty

  • Thanks to everyone for sharing your feedback about the current endgame difficulty. We’re going to continue to tweak difficulty balance based on player feedback and data.
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Recommended Comments

@roboticaust quote:

You think we could ever possibly get a list of all the currently available passives and what gear they can possibly roll on?  After seeing you list a few of the new additions, I'm still curious what needs to be refarmed on each hero I have.  Not necessary mind you since the community will ultimately provide, just would be exceedingly nice if you could.

There's a passives list the community is working on over at the Wiki. It's outdated now, but I think the community will have it updated in the next few days.

In response to roboticaust

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Np.  Just figured it couldn't hurt to ask for a more complete list especially since the outdated list wasn't perfect by any means even when it was relevent.  The ocd gear farmer in me just had to ask.

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why i got 3 weps from war cache yesterday, and my friend got 4 weapons yesterday, and today only 1?

how this war cache works??

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@Cpt Teemo quote:

What was wrong with Frost Tower targetting?

It wasn't properly activating its targeting. It kinda looked drunk. 

In response to Cpt Teemo

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If i have a certain armor on, like 100 tower damage.

Is it harder for me to get an armor like that ? Or do i have to unequip it to get the same one again ?

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I haven't seen any changes to the tower ranges listed here. However after the patch it seams to me, as if my cannonball towers have about 10% less range than before. At least visually, the areas shown when pressing shift are smaller than they had been.

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@Zebrahash quote:

How often does the War Cashe refresh? I have been checking all weekend an not seen anything.

Only when the next target is met. It isn't a time based thing but a community size based thing.

In response to Zebrahash

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The loot change is amazing!

Finally all loot that drops will be with proper stats.

No more useless junk items with stat combinations that no one wants.

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