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Difficulty Hotfix 1 (Patch 7.5)

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  • Campaign normal is now more “normal.” What does “normal” even mean? T-shirts and jeans? A polo? Beer by the pool? Warsong Commander giving minions with 3 or less attack charge? Check out our influence vote later today to help decide what “normal” means.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored our loading screens to their formal, non-pixelated glory. I mean, former. It’d be really cool if they were wearing a suit though, right?

  • Fixed one of the many issues with full-screen windowed mode. We wish that read “full-screen mode,” but it doesn’t. That fix is next! Stay tuned.

  • Stopped monthly missions from resetting when you join a Social Tavern.

  • Put together a plan to give everyone affected by the bug above a free Bearkira. Have a look!

  • Chopped October’s monthly mission requirements in half. IN HALF. Actually, more than half. But you get the drift.
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