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Devstream 35 + Purging Evil Weekend Event

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In this week’s Devstream, Pmasher and Blacksmith talk in detail about your feedback on Alpha and Beyond. Tune in next week for your first sneak peek at our next patch.

And remember, this weekend, the Monk finally gets his chance to shine with his own Hero Focus Weekend. From Friday to Monday, the Purging Evil Monk Weapon is dropping at 3x its normal rate and Legendaries are piling up at 2x the normal rate! Combine these items, your Skill Spheres, and other heroes to create your own unique builds and battle your way into Nightmare!

We’ve also updated our Weekend Event list. Here are the upcoming events!

Event List

  • Weekend of 9/4 - 3x Purge Evil Monk Weapon Drop Rate + 2x Legendary Drop Rate

  • Weekend of 9/11 - Hero Recap Weekend (3x Monk, Huntress, Squire and Apprentice Build Weapons) + 2x Legendary Drop Rate

This weekend the Legendary Drop rate will apply to Free Play and the Weapon Drop Rate will apply to End Game! All events run from Friday to Monday 11 AM EDT.

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@Sombrero quote:

Am I the only one having massive issues dropping any legendary at all despite the event ? Last weekend I was litterally showered with legendaries and this weekend I have none so far ...

I mean by then last saturday I had like 6 phantom phoenix already vs 0 serenity stuff this weekend. I may be unlucky but that's veeeery odd to me.

Sounds like every event so far for me where i don't get squat despite putting countless hours into it.

In response to Sombrero

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@SaraNeko quote:

Better get those legendarys while we can! 
Hut, 2, 3, 4 ~ 

Did you read this in a squeeky voice as well? 


In response to SaraNeko

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