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Hearty Harpoon Holiday Weekend Event

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Prepare your defenses this weekend. Or more notably… your harpoons and blockades! The Old One’s forces have stockpiled a plethora of our new Squire build, Hearty Harpoon, this past week and will be dropping them aplenty. Even better, the Hearty Harpoon Legendary Sword has a x3 drop rate on Free Play AND Endgame this weekend. Here are all the passives you should look out for:


  • Hearty Harpoons:  Harpoon attack rate increased by [X-Y]% of your Defense Health.

  • 'Splody Harpoons:  Harpoons detonates on each enemy hit dealing [X-Y]% of Defense Health as Damage around it.

  • Healthy Blockades:  X% of your Hero Health also applies as Defense Health to blockades.

You'll be able to stack those with these Skill Spheres to complete the build. 

  • Harpoons Oil Targets:  Harpoons deal less damage but guarantee oil enemies.
  • Harpoon Pierce Increase:  Harpoon can pierce +X extra targets
  • Harpoon Range:  Increase Harpoon range increased

Or you can mix and match, to create your own unique build! To help your chances of finding these passives, the legendary drop rate has been doubled on Free Play only  this weekend. Happy Hunting Defenders! This event will run until 11 AM EDT Monday.

Edit: There are a few known issues about this build, you can find those in the Hotfix 5.12 Patch Notes.

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Recommended Comments

Was a little bit confused when i logged in earlier this day and saw that blue stats on a ring....one word for you trendy....AWESOME!!!!

Looking forward to see this how much impact this weekend event will have on my build diversity.

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Bit bummed that endgame / nightmare is being left out again.
past 2 events have felt rather non existent to me and I'm sure many others.

It's disappointing because we could've had something nice for everyone like the madwick event again.

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why the first picture says "hero health buff your defences" instead of defence health? so where is the truth?

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For those of you who are complaining the past events Trendy did ( and maybe a hint for Trendy to be a little bit more transparanse (right pronounce in english?) with the community), let me explain a pov you all don't seem to get due to the post/threads i've seen so far on the forum.

You all know that this is still an alpha? 

You know that they need data to get to a point, where progression feels right to people and they need to test that attributes/stats on the equip? 

You all know that this isn't about the items, it's about the fun? Probably there will be another wipe (due to the fact that Trendy still says they don't to, they need to at some point in the future!)

Seems not when I read the post beneath this one and a lot of stuff on the forums right now. This game will take at least 6 Month until it release, so give Trendy some space and stop complaining about such ***ing nonsense like davros,squishy and mars did. They will test the endgame soon, but before the endgame starts, they need a leveling curve so everyone who buys/plays this game can enjoy it. It's not about giving the Hardcore Players a nice experience, it's about satisfying all players.

Right now they are collecting date like item drop rate, enemy strenght, green and blue mana drop rate, stats strength etc.

So if you want to complain (what is your right due to the fact you bought this game) do it with some niveau, for example tell them that the drop rate is ***ed up (sorry for my wording), that the stats are crap or that the Squire is bad in his current state regarding his towers!

But stop writing nonsense about some modes that will be relevant when the game drops or later this year when the stresstest it!

Thx for your hard work @ Trendy, I appreciate the hard work you're doing right now for fixing the game!

And at least, sry for my english, it's not my native tongue.

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Hi Everybody! 

The Hearty Harpoon Legendary weapon will have a tripled chance of dropping in Freeplay AND Endgame this weekend. I've edited the post to reflect that. Sorry for any confusion!

Happy Harpoon Hunting!

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I feel these events being just for 2 days on weekend isnt very friendly to casual players like myself. I may have some time to play during the week but I go out on the weekends and dont feel like grinding a specific content for this one item. It would be nice if these events lasted the whole week and the drop rate applied "EVERYWHERE"

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Pretty sure its not started yet or its bugged...

Done about 30 maps end game and no weapons dropped

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Hate this thing...
Ok.Squares now too easy and too op.
Huntress useless too(too cause with mages).
I hope you will not do this game so easy....when we'll just combinate 2 gybrid classes and win any map.
I Say this cause gybrid square can do all square's tasks and even more.
1.Tank(+with realy not bad dps).
2.Dps builder.
3.Block builder.
So....traps?What traps?Dps+ability-huntress?meh....nobody need it.

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I think this is bugged or not started yet. I've been playing for 5 hours on hard and normal freeplay and haven't had 1 legendary drop....

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Did anyone get the new sword already? My legendary drops are very, very low and my hero is not leveling XP up, I sense a bug flying around...

EDIT: XP lvling is fine. My bad.

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It started already, I had a disgusting amount of luck and actually dropped the new sword 3 times in my first run of Liferoot Free Play Hard. And I wasn't even playing on my squire.  

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So a little confused, The first one I got on end game hard had both the new effects, the new one I got (The level 50) doesn't have any new stats. I thought this new legendary sword was suppose to always have both this weekend???

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@Tank90 quote:

so what items can have what on them? Been testing it out and so far it seems hearty harpoon can only spawn on weapon and blockade cant not spawn on weapon but that one can spawn on every other item.

Sploody can only spawn on swords.

Hearty Harpoon can only spawn on Swords and Totems.

Block HP can spawn on Shields, Helmets, Chest, Boots, Gloves and Totems.

In response to Tank90

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@källström quote:

This might be the wrong place to post this, but I really feel like the approach to item builds you've taken makes the game makes it less interesting. In the dev stream you talk about this hearty harpoon build, what items you need and everything and I just assume this is how other item builds will be released - You, the devs give them a name and tell everyone how to play it. It really caps the players' creativity when you've already thought everything out even before the items are released. You can think it out though but IMO you should not announce the build and say everything about it, thats up for the players to explore and play with, test what stats are good etc. so I think you should take into account possible builds when creating items and showcase items in patches and not whole item sets where everything is carved into stone.

Also read a comment on a vod of one of your dev streams where a user wrote that it also will be more like hunting for items to "finally" get them and complete the build, instead of getting excited and get to expirement and test own builds with it.

Sorry for my english and thanks for an otherwise great game! ;)

Thanks for your feedback! With these build updates we will be showing off one, out of many, ways to create a new build with the new passives, items, and skill spheres added in each update. As we continue to add these, there will be even more builds you'll be able to create by combining different sets of items and spheres for all of your heroes.

However, since these kinds of items and builds are new to Dungeon Defenders, we think it's important to find some way to communicate that these (and other) interesting builds now exist to encourage the community to play and discover the coolest ways to use them. Based on our last devstream, what do you think would be a more exciting and effective way to do this?

In response to källström

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Thanks for the reply! I think that just showcasing the more unique items and give examples on what builds they could be used for and still leave a bit of the thinking to the players, then we'll also have more deep class build guides etc. on the forums which will bring a bit more life to it (I dont know it's current state cause I just came back from a long break) but I think that it would overall have positive effects on the community and it's social features. Then players can also explain builds to eachother instead of reading them on your blogs etc.. 

This game is meant to be played for a long time and I think testing builds and different items together will make the experience longer and more fun instead of hunting for that specific item. So I am sure letting players find the builds themselves will make the endgame more enjoyable.

But yeah, showcasing the more unique items I think and give examples for builds and give tips on what items could work well together etc.

Thanks again! :)

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Maybe this question has been asked already, but after this event ends will it be possible to still get the frost tower defense boost on regular drops? Is the event only for the 3x the likeliness of it dropping?

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