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Become the Beastmaster: Purrlin

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Defenders, our first Beastmaster Contest has come to a close, but a new contest begins now. Our next Pet: Purrlin. Go find those magical little gatos, Defenders! You have until May 13th at 11:59 PM EDT to submit your Purrlins in this thread.

There was a lot of awesome participation for the Growld contest. Thank you to everyone that participated. We understand that getting Growld in the timeframe was a little difficult, and we are adjusting the rules accordingly. Starting with this contest, we will pick the top 3 pets as winners, and their owners will all receive the “Beastmaster” title.

Without further ado, the winners of the Growld Beastmaster contest are:

Thank you to our winners for being such good sports and a huge thank you to Mapatti for making handy-dandy charts! We love data! Winners, keep an eye on your PMs early next week for your title code. 

For full contest rules, see the previous post.

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Hope i will hatch another one in 7h ^^

I wonder if affection boost dps too or it s only level.

Good regard^^

PS: My steam id is linked to my DD account by the way, anyway here it is.


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Murrrr, 122 attack rate :3 (thats a good thing right? These things can be calculated weird sometimes...)



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@Mapatti quote:

You can count the damage on level 10 using similar formula that the Growld had, but the growth is different this time:
Attack Damage = Base Damage + (Level - 1) * 2 + round( ½(Level - 1) ), where Base Damage is pets damage at level 1.

The constestants so far:

 so I have a pet with 71 damage at lvl 1 and .66s atk speed. with ur calculations does that equate to 156.5?

In response to Mapatti

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@Reeviqs quote:

How do you upload the screenshot mine aint posting?

 Idd i cant get it working either

In response to Reeviqs

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@reallycantjump quote:

I will say that I will be wee bit salty if people that got a 2-4 day head start of hatching pets win the contest. That seems kinda crappy. :/ 

 Well if it makes you feel better, I'm not one of those players who got the patch early, and I'm currently leading this particular contest

In response to reallycantjump

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Please remember to submit a link to your Steam profile along with your screenshot! 

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@~BlueStitch~ quote:

Only time i can join cus im out of computer for weeks now :( hope i win xP

 steam profile link bro

In response to ~BlueStitch~

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