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Become a Beastmaster!

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Everyone in Etheria can find a new furry (scaly or creepy) companion, but only 6 of you can become a true Beastmaster.

For the next six weeks, search high and low to find the strongest pet in each class. Whoever wins that week will be awarded the exclusive in-game title of “Beastmaster." 


This week, you’re looking for Growld! The person with the strongest Growld wins!

In order to participate, you must take a screenshot of the pet’s stats and post it in the comments along with a link to your Steam profile page. You are allowed to submit multiple entries during the course of the contest. At the end of the contest, we’ll verify who had the pet with the highest DPS. This person will be claimed the Beastmaster.

Any pet that has hatched since launch will be eligible for the contest, so keep all of the pets that you hatch -- it may help you win the next week’s contest. We’ll reveal the next contest next week!

If you win, you will not be eligible to participate in another Beastmaster contest in this series. Yes - only one of you can be the very best. I mean six. Six different of you.

This week’s contest begins now and runs until next Wednesday at 12 PM EDT. The winner will be selected and revealed at the bottom of the next contest post on Thursday.

Good luck!

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