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A Slow Month For Bugs Means...

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Luska Arco


Defenders! (ง ᗒωᗕ)ง Its time for another edition of QAs bug blog: Sluggin Those Smug Bugs Right In Their Ugly Mugs [working title]. So grab your swords and boards, your staves, your polearms, your bows and quivers! Stand tall and sound off!

I present to you my ideal vision of the Huntresss Oil Flask: Introducing the Rainbow Cat Flask.


Note: This video does not in any way represent a feature that has been added to the game.

Ahhh! ( ⌣ `ʃƪ) Its as magnificent as it is effective! Truly the most resplendent display the human eye has ever captured!

This actually isn't a bug at all but more of a messin around in the editor thing. Ive been playing a lot of Huntress lately, using her Oil Flask plus Piercing Arrow combo to coat enemies in oil and then set them ablaze with a burning DoT (Damage Over Time). So far it's my favorite combo -- especially when other fire effects, such as the Apprentices Flameburst Tower, also ignite the oil.

After using the combo so much, I started to look at the Huntress, particularly Oil Flask, and wondered what could have been.

I decided to rummage through our editor program where I found some interesting assets tucked away in a forgotten and unused directory. I was immediately inspired and asked our VFX Artist Brian Goodsell for a favor. He decided to humor me and altered the visuals like the trail that follows the airborne flask as it travels and the sounds of the impact of the flask on the enemy.

I also decided I wanted this new take on Oil Flask to be less about the debuff it provides and more like a bomb -- a pure damage ability. I decided to go into the editor and enable damage on impact. I may have made the number a bit too high from a balance perspective (its pretty much shamelessly absurd), but I regret none of my actions up to this point.

I say let the Orc hordes come. Let the Goblins and the Kobolds barrel down upon our village. Let them bear witness to my new flask. And when the last survivor staggers back to their brethren, broken and defeated, to relay what they saw -- what the defenders of Etheria are capable of -- they will let them know that we have cats!

...Or something like that.

What do you think? Was it great or were you not feline it? Let us know in the comments.

The random winner of our Using Sub-Objectives blog is UltimateJorts!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. Well pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!
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