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Improving our Defenses

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A wave of kobolds just spawned. You killed their brothers and sisters, and now they want revenge.

They sprint toward your blockades like a ravenous pack of wolves. You catch one last look of terror in their eyes before an explosion rocks your world. When the dust clears, you look for your beloved defenses. Theyre gone. Your beautiful blockade children are gone.

A new wave of kobolds appears. You have a choice: Stand and fight or rebuild your defenses. You start to rebuild. Slowly. Oh so slowly. You cant do anything else. And then you hear it. A loud, persistent scream. It starts off faint. But it gets louder. Closer. The blockade is almost complete. The top of the wall is coming into existence when BOOM. Youre blown to smithereens, and the blockade disappears.

We dont want you to ever make the choice between repairing and death again. Building defenses should add to the fun of combat, not inhibit it. With Dungeon Defenders II, we took a closer look at what was and wasnt working, and how we could better achieve one of our pillars: Tower Defense, Action, and Role-Playing working together seamlessly.


Defense Placement

In the first game, defense placement was jarring. It left heroes vulnerable during combat, and it typically involved more pre-planning than strategizing on the fly.

To stir some Action into our Tower Defense, weve revamped the way you interact with your defenses. Now:

Youre not frozen in place when building, repairing, or upgrading defenses

You can go kick some kobold butt while building defenses. Youre no longer locked into place while building, repairing or upgrading. This leaves you free to move, jump, attack and use abilities to your hearts content.

The camera stays focused on the action

You get the vantage point you need, and the camera doesnt get in your way. Unlike the first game where the camera changed all too often, now it remains in third-person as much as possible, resulting in defense placement thats immersive, intuitive, and quick.

You can adjust your position and place defenses on the fly

How many times have you tried to place a defense, but the location was just outside of the build radius? In Dungeon Defenders II, weve given you the freedom to move while the build radius is active. Say youre playing the Squire and your Apprentice teammate needs a blockade to protect one of his defenses. You can select the blockade as youre running over there. Then once you arrive, you can align it just where its needed before building it.


Defense Combos

Of course, blending works both ways. We need to pull Tower Defense into Action, too. In the original game you just ignored your defenses unless they needed to be repaired or upgraded, but in Dungeon Defenders II, were giving defenses and abilities an awareness of each other. Now youll be able to plan complex strategies to compliment your teammates with combos such as:

Apprentices Cyclone + Monks Skyguard Tower (Ability + Defense)

First, the Monk places his Skyguard Tower in a strategic location. The Skyguard Tower hits extremely hard, but it only affects airborne enemies. Thats where the Apprentice steps in, flinging enemies into the air with his Cyclone ability.

Apprentices Frostbite Tower + Squires Cannonball Tower (Defense + Defense)

For this one, the Apprentice places his Frostbite Tower in a lane. This defense freezes an enemy solid, and sets up the opportunity for shattering. The Squire is all about hitting things, so his Cannonball Tower is perfect for the job.

We have a lot more combinations planned for the game, so dont hesitate to build a defense or use an ability just to see what happens!


Defense Upgrades

If you remember our pillars, youll remember that Action and Tower Defense are only part of the equation. So wheres the Role-Playing element? Just like in the original Dungeon Defenders, youll be able to upgrade your defenses and choose your gear to compliment them. But this time, youll see your defenses progress visually. For example, check out the Squires Spike Blockade above. It goes from bland and ordinary to impressive, powerful, and very indicative of the Squires personality.

Down the line well be sharing more ways you can customize not only your defenses, but your hero, as well.


So there you have it, Defenders. Immersive placement, game-changing interactions, and distinctive ways to upgrade and affect your defenses. All of our key elements supporting each other in a big, harmonious circle of Dungeon Defenders goodness.

What do you think? Are there any changes you just cant wait to try out for yourself? Let us know in the comments and you could win a seat on the Defense Council!
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