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The Mystery of Siphon Site D

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Greetings Defenders, and welcome to our first monthly lore column!

My name is Courtney, and I, along with our Creative Directors, am in charge of Dungeon Defenders lore. This month Im excited to share the story of Siphon Site D, one of our newest maps and one that Defense Council members will get to try out very soon!


Etheria At War

When the threat of the Old Ones was but a distant memory, Etheria suffered its worst possible fate: The Eternia Crystals shattered. Foul creatures spread like a plague through the land. The Old Ones amassed such an army that even the largest cities crumbled beneath them. Etheria was in ruin.

Champions were immediately summoned to the front lines. The men and women who answered the call became the Sunderguard, and they stood toe to toe with the armies of the Old Ones. But the enemy's number was too great. Etheria was overwhelmed, and the Sunderguard had no choice but to fall back to the northern territories.


The Sunderguards Discovery

Resources were at an all-time low, and miners were forced to delve into previously unexplored sites. In a system of caves far from the larger cities, they discovered a thick slab of decorated stone. They dug further. After three days of hard labor, the slab was revealed to be only one small part of an ancient temple.

The Sunderguard was called to investigate. They descended through the labyrinth, their torches illuminating massive pillars and intricate reliefs. The sound of rushing water grew deafening, and after hours of descent, they discovered the source: An underground spring with a faint light billowing from its surface.

The Ancient Springs

Convinced the temple was built to guard the spring, the Sunderguard drew some of the water into a phial and sent it to the Magic Academy for analysis. Their hunch paid off. The spring was imbued with some sort of magic. The nature of the enchantment was unclear, but the Sunderguard was willing to take any advantage they could get. Once the site was fully excavated, they made the difficult decision to build pipes and tanks directly into the temple.


Several other sites were discovered with the same mystical springs. It was the first glimmer of hope since the war began. But the enemy was closer than the Sunderguard suspected. Drawn to the springs, they quickly overwhelmed workers. Orcs smashed through pipes. Kobolds forced devastating cave-ins. Many sites were lost in a fraction of the time it took to find them.

Siphon Site D is one of the few that remain, and one of the last hopes for recovering a key asset that could give Etheria a fighting chance.

Want to win a seat on the Defense Council? Leave a comment in the comment section below, and well choose one lucky winner!
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