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Devstream 57 Recap

Missed Friday's Devstream? Here's a recap!

Series EV2 Full Gameplay

Throughout the stream, we showed off EV2’s full defense and ability kit, as well as a look into some of her passives and Skill Spheres. Check out the Devstream archive above!


New Hero Vote: Round One

Now that Series EV2 is finishing up, the Gun Witch and Lavamancer are on their way! Only you can decide who will come next -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic.

The first round ends Friday, so go vote!


Deal of the Week

New sales begin every Monday! This week, get 50% off on the Ramster Knight Squire costume. Head to the Costume Shop to save!

May Mission Madness

Each weekend in May, get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours! There are only two weekends of the event left (May 20th - 23rd; May 27th - 30th), so be sure to take advantage of the event in order to get new heroes and Skill Spheres.

PS4 Roadmap

And finally, we’re working hard to get the PS4 version caught up with the Steam version! Here’s our most recent PS4 roadmap, which is subject and likely to change:

  • Early June:  Calling All Heroes + Unholy Catacombs update release

  • Late June:  Series EV2 + Buried Bastille update release

  • July:  All caught up!


Meet Series EV2 before she lands in Etheria on May 19th! Watch the trailer above for an overview of her defenses and abilities, and then watch our Devstream Friday at 5PM EDT to see her in action!

Series EV2 Bio

Power. To some, it comes naturally. For others, they must make it for themselves. Series EV, a childhood friend of the young heroes, left to find her creator when their power grew while hers stalled. She didn’t find her creator, but she found something even better:  his workshop. Outfitting herself with a new arm cannon, a titanium chassis and new defenses, Series EV2 will blast through anyone foolish enough to stand in her way. Let them say she’s not powerful enough now. She’s happy to prove them wrong.

Node Defenses

Series EV2 can chain multiple nodes together to make intricate beam defenses.

  • Proton Beam:  Zaps enemies and slows them down. Enemies that die within the beam disintegrate. We hear it’s quite painful.

  • Reflect Beam:  Build a reflective wall that sends enemy projectiles flying back at them. But it’s more than just a utility defense. A torpedo moves from node to node dealing explosive damage in a radius when it reaches a node -- the longer the chain, the more damage the torpedo will deliver at each node.

  • Buff Beam:  All defenses that pass through the beam gain additional Defense Speed and Defense Power.

  • Weapon Manufacturer:  Build an Atomic Launcher or a Mega Death Laser! Instead of placing nodes in a linear fashion, this defense has a central node (the weapon pickup station) and outward nodes that connect directly to the central node. The outward nodes act as mini-auras, damaging enemies and reducing their attack damage. As enemies die in these nodes, the central weapon charges. At 100%, EV2 can equip the weapon and use it to devastate foes. The pickup alternates between the Atomic Launcher and the Mega Death Laser after each full charge.


Each ability uses Heat. When the Heat Bar is full, she dispels Heat with her primary attacks.

  • Anti-Gravity Bots:  Flying buoys of death. Bots detonate when you shoot them. Any of your nearby bots caught in the explosion will also blow up, so you can cluster them and fire at one to make the whole thing go boom. Makes a great welcoming present for enemies.

  • Death From Above:  Super flying robot! EV2 leaps high into the air and leaves a holographic decoy on the ground that taunts nearby enemies. As she slowly floats back down, the decoy explodes. And it all looks really awesome.

  • Proton Charge:  With a series of twists and turns, EV2 transforms into a turret, firing a devastating beam at enemies.


Her weapons. Canisters correlate to a different weapon from another hero:  Sword, Bow, Tome, Polearm and Staff. EV2 inserts the canister into the Integrated Arm Cannon, changing both her primary and secondary attack. Each canister has a different firing pattern:

  • Sword Canister

    • Very short-range shotgun bursts

  • Bow Canister

    • Single target – high damage – long range

  • Polearm Canister

    • Spread shots – medium range

  • Staff Canister

    • Burst fire – long range

  • Tome Canister

    • Explode on impact – small AoE

Some say there are Legendary canisters that have unique firing patterns and effects...



Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

We’re on the homestretch with EV2! Look out for her trailer tomorrow! Like the Abyss Lord’s video, it’ll showcase her full kit in game.

I can’t wait to see what you do with her. Many of her defensed are node based, so the pattern makes a huge difference on the defense’s effectiveness. The aspect that’s interesting is not only are you thinking about where to put the defenses, you’re thinking about the node pattern in conjunction with your existing defenses or the defense of players with you. Check out Dan’s layout below! When you’re not laying down defenses, you’ll find there is a lot of flexibility in her canister-based shot patterns when paired with her abilities. She’s a cool hero and has a ton of different tools. The key is in the geometry. #Εὐκλείδης

My focus is the future. Planning for the next set of major features, doing vision-level design work, and getting way out in front of the coolness with improvements to the game that matter. We have some very big stuff coming this year. It’s going to be fun.

For now, know the dudes here are fixing bugs, refining details, polishing, and bringing it all together. It’s hard work, and lots of team folks in-house and on contract gave up tons of real life personal time to make sure EV2 rocks.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)


EV2 is nearly done. She’s probably our most ambitious hero to date and we’re all very excited to see what you think of her. A lot (can’t overstate this) of work went into getting her ready. Lots of stress and late hours but the team did a great job so far. Derek, Pat, John, Brian, Yao, Afshin… we all put a lot of extra hours to get her to where she is. Also Civ VI just got announced, life is beautiful.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Don’t forget:  You have until Friday to choose our next map! The vote is only 6,000 points between each other, making this one of our closest votes yet. I fully expect some last-minute point bombs to drop, so make sure you’re watching the page around 12PM EDT on Friday to ensure your choice wins. And there might be a new vote on Friday...

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)
IT’S FINALIZATION TIME! PS4 still has a little ways to go to be ready, but PC is closing in on release.

Brian Goodsell, Eternal Intern (bgoodsell)

Working on fixing a number of collision issues in maps. One of EV2’s abilities (which you’ll learn more about this week) has forced our hand in polishing some problematic collision areas in our maps, as well as fixing (and in some cases finishing) our out-of-bounds (oob) geometry.

Point being: our ceiling collisions are ready.


And you can expect to see at least 50% less broken world. An example is this building. The roof doesn't look like this currently.


In addition, Dan Haddad and myself are working closely to finish off EV2’s visual effects now that we have our towers in a fun state.

Currently listening to:  “Gangsta” by tUnE-yArDs

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Winter's not coming in our next level; it's always there. For thousands of years only true defenders have survived in these lands!.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We already made some good progress on the ice themed level but there is a lot to be done yet. Also doing some fixes to some of the campaign levels.

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

We all know witches ride brooms, but do Gun Witches ride Gun Brooms?  Who is to say?  Certainly not I.


The Gun Witch is coming along very well. I’m excited to see her in action in the near future. Right now though, we need some laser focus on EV2. She’s so close to done, and we’re getting everything finalized. It’s great to see another hero come to fruition.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

I’m in pure bug fixing mode! Doing everything I can to crank through as many bugs as possible!

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

Series EV2 is really coming together. I want to give a shout out to the team for their hard work. She is definitely the most complex heroine our team has done, and I especially love her VFX. (Good work Brian!) Also, special shout out to the RQA and RPG teams. We’ve given them a number of playtest builds with extremely short deadlines to fill out multiple long surveys so thank you for your help. And thanks to all of our fans who continue to support us as we continue to make improvements to the game.


Update:  EV2 is getting some last-minute upgrades, so she's not quite ready for the spotlight. Trailer coming later this week!

Series EV2 lands in May. Are you ready?

Keep your eyes peeled this week for the Series EV2 trailer and release date. Then, on May 13th, tune into the Devstream at 5PM EDT for her complete gameplay reveal!

Here’s what we’ve revealed so far:


Proton Beam

EV2 has two extendable node defenses. Node defenses allow you to connect point A to B to C and on and on, letting you create unique setups and patterns. We expect "Hi" will be the tamest thing we see in the Steam screenshots section...

Anyways, her first node defense is the Proton Beam, which zaps enemies as they walk through it, which we hear is quite painful. We wouldn't know. We're not dumb enough to walk in a straight line while refusing to avoid obstacles.


Torpedo Beam

Her second node defense is the Torpedo Beam! A slow-moving torpedo travels along the beam, and when it reaches a node, it'll explode. As the torpedo moves through nodes, it deals more and more damage, so long links are gonna deal more damage than short links. See what we did there?


Anti-Gravity Bots

Her anti-gravity bots are her first ability. Set these bad boys up, and then shoot 'em to make 'em explode. Any nearby bots will also blow up, so you can cluster these in Build Phase preparation and then set 'em off when the big bads start walking through.

Check out the trailer on Tuesday and the Devstream next Friday for her full gameplay reveal!


Here are the notes for Hotfix 12.2 for Steam:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a server crash. This one should solve the majority of server crashes that started happening with the Unholy Catacombs update. Thanks for submitting your reports to the Tavernkeeper, and if you’re still seeing crashes when trying to enter games, please let the Tavernkeeper know!

  • Added some quality of life changes to the Unholy Catacombs Incursion:

    • Now if all torches are lit the same color, players just need to get near them to get the buff. You no longer need to switch through one whole cycle to get a fresh buff of the same color.

    • Reduced cooldown on switching the color of the torches from 1 second to .5 second.

    • To help colorblind players and increase readability of the torches, we’ve added in-world text to describe the color of the torch.

  • Skipping the tutorial will now set the difficulty to Normal instead of Easy.



May the Fourth be with you, Defenders! Here's what we've been working on this week:

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

You have until May 13th to choose the next map! This vote is between the Crumbled Bulwark and The Buried Bastille:

Crumbled Bulwark:  A remake of DD1’s Ramparts. A full moon hangs over this fragmented castle fortress. Medium-sized map. Three cores.

The Buried Bastille:  A remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm Caverns. This underground fortress has three wings, each filled with the distinct, lingering smell of death. Large map. Four cores.

Which one would you like first? Vote here and let us know!

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

New monthlies are out and everyone should be swimming in new pets on the PS4. The PS4 Inventory Pack is still held up in Sony’s QA, so I’ve been trying to sort that out. I’m looking into the events system as well because we’d like to do more than the triple daily mission refresh, but we have to figure out how to do it efficiently first. 

If you scroll down to Mr. James Reid’s entry, you’ll see that we’re working studio wide on improving the split-screen experience by reducing the number of fullscreen takeovers. 

Other than that, we’re working on some server and client stability improvements that should be shipping this week as well.

Brian Goodsell, Random Employee (bgoodsell)

Ever make a visual effect that you could just stare at for hours? 


Made a cool visual behavior setup for one of EV2’s towers to reduce beam noise because of the way in which you can place this tower. 

Currently Listening To:  Sarah Jaffe - "Defense"

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

With the influence vote in full swing, we are ramping up on an incursion for the map that wins the vote. Gathered some good feedback from the forums about the latest incursion, and the next patch will have some quality of life adjustments to the incursion to make it more accessible. 

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Greetings Defenders!

This week I’m working on making sure our new UIs are split-screen friendly. They should be much easier to read and navigate on the PS4 and PC (when split-screen becomes available). I also updated the Summary Screen to be muuuuuch simpler with a little sizzle to it. The final touches are going in now that sound and art have gotten their hands on it.

For the rest of the week I’ll be working with Brys on the Server Browser.

And now for some pictures!





Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Testing continues on EV2 and more. Folks that haven’t been contacted yet, should hear back from me soon. We’re bringing in new playtesters in rounds, and the next round will be soon. 

Also working on hotfixes and looking at the latest DD1 community beta patch!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We just started work on a new level! Another DD1 remake! As always, the first thing we do is to define the tileset, so we did some visual tests and built up some architecture, and then Jordan came up with this visual reference callout. Simply stunning!


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

This week we are working on a new map. We are establishing the tileset for the level, which means creating the basic modular pieces such as trims, walls, grounds...

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

This week I’m spending a little bit of time polishing EV2's animations and making a few small tweaks. Most of my time, however, is focused on the hero after EV2, the Gun Witch!


I am also working on adding some animated elements to our new maps. So many skeletons hanging from the dungeon ceiling, so little time...

Chris Flores, Lead QA (likethatwhenigothere)

Still chugging away at hotfixes as they come in ( _._) . But more than that, we’re full charge ahead with testing of the current milestone. That means testing on EV2, new costumes, new skill spheres, new passives, new metrics data to track, new weapons, all while making sure all the old stuff still works. I’m getting too old for this.

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

It puts the lotion on its skin...and by lotion, I mean pixels.


Here are the notes for the second Carnival hotfix on PS4!

May Monthly Mission:  Big Hits

  • Requirements:

    • Get 2,000 Hero Ability Kills

    • Get 2,000 Environment Kills

    • Get 5,000 Hero Crits

  • Rewards:

    • Pets:

      • Dragolich

      • Scourge Dragon

      • Narwhagon

    • Title:  The Big Shot

Bug Fixes

  • The Scavenger should no longer duplicate items when he auto-collects them.

  • Fixed an issue where hitting “X” on Lockbox keys consumed them.

Major Known Issues

  • Font Size Too Small:  This is one of our top priorities to fix. We don't have anything definite for you in terms of timelines (milestone plans aren't finalized), but this is something we are actively trying to get on the schedule.

  • Jump Button Same as Pickup Button:  Same as above. A top-priority issue.

  • Maps Not Appearing on War Table:  We think this is a race condition that is exacerbated by the length of time it takes to load profiles. While we work on improving load times, we recommend making sure your profile has fully loaded and your gems have loaded in before attempting to open the War Table.

Here are the notes for Patch 12.1 on Steam!

May Monthly Mission:  Mesmerization

  • Requirements:

    • Slow 100,000 Enemies

    • Knockup or Stun 10,000 Enemies

    • Provoke 1,000 Enemies

  • Rewards:

    • Pet:  Dragolich Variant

    • 300,000 Gold

    • 2,000 Defender Medals

    • Title: Mesmerizing

Bug Fixes

  • Made a code change to hero hotswapping to improve server stability.

  • Added a 1 second Build Phase cooldown to hero hotswapping to improve server stability.

  • Removed “Brought Hero Into Combat” announcer text to improve our sanity.

  • Pet rerolls should no longer give duplicate empowerment stats.

  • Skill Spheres should now properly update if a player changes a Sphere and then swaps to another hero.

  • UI will now update to reflect recent actions -- for example, if you leave a party, the “Leave Party” button will now properly disappear.

May Mission Madness

  • Beginning this weekend, we’re hosting the May Mission Madness event!

  • Each weekend in May, get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours!

  • These weekend events will run from 6PM EDT Friday to 10AM EDT Monday.

New Influence Vote:  Choose the Next Map

  • We’re working on a series of map remakes from the original Dungeon Defenders, and we want to know which one you’d like to see first! Each map will come with a custom Incursion, a unique reward weapon/item and an iPWR 750 loot piece (similar to the Unholy Catacombs update).

  • This vote is between:

    • Crumbled Bulwark, a remake of DD1’s Ramparts!

    • The Buried Bastille, a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm!

  • Vote here!

PlayStation 4 Roadmap

  • Here’s the latest PS4 roadmap. Keep in mind that this is subject and likely to change.

  • Early June:

    • Calling All Heroes + Unholy Catacombs update release

  • June:  

    • Series EV2 + the next Mid-Milestone update release

    • At this point, it’s our goal to be caught up!

  • We appreciate everyone’s patience, and we’re super excited for the PS4 and Steam versions of the game to be on the same update cycle!

Upcoming Content

  • What We’re Releasing Next:

    • New Hero:  Series EV2 + EV2 Costume

    • New Enemy:  Siege Tank

  • What We’re Working On:

    • Game Browser (Session List)

      • A list of every active match happening in the game! Find and create the perfect match for you.

    • Strategic Revamp

      • A complete overhaul of how enemies, towers and heroes interact with each other. Our goal is to provide more strategic depth to the game. How deep? So deep. 3deep.

    • Gun Witch Hero & Costume

    • Lavamancer

    • More New Heroes

    • Dungeon Defenders Map Remakes

    • PS4 Calling All Heroes & Unholy Catacombs

  • What We’re Working On Next:

    • More weapons like the Sword of Unholy Fire

    • More Incursions like Spectral Knight

    • More enemies like the Dark Assassin

Series EV2

  • Sneak Peek: Series EV2

    • Want to help test her out? Join the Remote Playtesting Group! Email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com for more details.

    • Canisters

      • EV2’s weapon drops. We showed off five different canisters. Each canister changes EV2’s primary and secondary attack, but we only showed off the primary attacks in the stream:

      • Sword Canister

        • Shotgun Blast

      • Bow Canister

        • High Calibur Round

      • Polearm Canister

        • Wave Knock Back

      • Magic Staff Canister

        • Slow moving, piercing shot

      • Tome Canister

        • Large Area of Effect

    • 1st Ability:  Anti-Gravity Bots

      • Mini Air Defense. Launch a bot into the air and then shoot it to blow it up at opportune times. Can have multiple bots in the air at once.

      • If other bots are nearby, the explosion will blow them up, too, so you can chain them together.

      • Only EV2 can shoot them to blow them up at the moment. Still trying to decide if that should be the case in the final version.

    • 1st Defense:  Proton Beam

      • When an enemy touches the beam, it’ll take damage in ticks.

      • Unlike DD1, EV2 can connect multiple nodes together.

      • We imagine we’ll see some…*ahem*...colorful creations on the Steam screenshots section.

    • 2nd Defense:  Torpedo Beam

      • A torpedo travels from node to node, dealing AOE damage as it hits each node.

      • The more nodes it travels to, the more damage it’ll deal.



Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

The Unholy Catacombs update is here! 

This mini-release has tons of cool stuff and some new things we’ve never tried before. Usually we have a big backlog of items we bundle together into a single theme and a major patch release, but we currently have tons of long-term things in progress, (strategy revamp, Game Browser, more UI improvements, and new heroes to name just a few), so we thought it would be cooler to have a mid-milestone release with gameplay and new stuff for you to have fun with. Let us know if you like it!

If you've checked our Dev Logs over the last few months, you’ve probably spotted the Unholy Catacombs map, which is a reimagining of the classic Dungeon Defenders map, Foundries and Forges. Well, now it’s available for play with lots of variations.

  • A regular tower defense map across ALL skill levels. So if you want a new map with a different layout, this is your stop!

  • A new Spectral Knight Incursion for Nightmare I-IV. This is where coordinating with your friends becomes critical to win unless you have mad solo skillz. Steve intentionally made it hard for players who want a group challenge to tackle with their friends.

The Spectral Knight Incursion has two exclusive drops:  the Squire’s Sword of Unholy Fire and the first iPWR 750 chest piece. We showed off the Sword of Unholy Fire in our last Dev Log. It has a pulsing taunt so if you’re tough enough, you can round up enemies and drag them somewhere else without having to use your Provoke ability. Once you have a nasty stack of baddies, turn and block, and a flaming skull appears on your shield and belches unholy fire on your enemies. It’s super fun and makes the Squire a riot. The damage scales off Ability Power and can drop up to iPWR 750.

I promised Steve not to give anything away about the map. Go play!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

This week was one of those weeks where we had plenty to do but very little time to do it. The goal for the week was to get EV2 functional by Friday so that we can start playtesting her. This week was also our first mid-milestone release. I designed the Sword of Unholy Fire for the Squire with the hope that we’d finally have our first viable DPS Squire. We originally wanted to have the passive to vary the damage, range and angle of the flamethrower shield. Unfortunately our system didn’t support that and after working late one night to try and get it to work, we decided to just have it vary damage.

From there I transitioned back to working on the lovely EV2. Like I mentioned earlier, we got her functional this week and now we are playtesting and tweaking. I put a lot of time and effort into making some variations for her canisters. For example, if you are lucky you might find a Bow Canister that fires like this:


Or you might find a shotgun canister whose bullets explode after they reach their max travel distance into a wide area of damage:


I hear you like weapons that fire multiple projectiles in a spread! Well check this guy out below. He’s a rare Polearm Canister that should have your enemies PLOTTING their revenge!


(get it? Plotting? Because… it’s like a grid? Yea?)

Her Defenses and Heat mechanic are where we need to focus most of our attention going forward, but she is coming together nicely. Only a few more weeks of intense work and she should be ready for you all to play and enjoy!

While you are looking at all these cool gifs we’ve made for you, remember that her visuals are still subject to change and that involves everything from how her projectiles look to how she moves and animates.

Brian Goodsell, President of Responsibilities (bgoodsell)

Working on Series EV2 VFX. Experimenting with bouncing sparks on her base attacks.


Built some cool visuals for the weapon canister for EV2 as well.


On the backend (where I do most of my best work), I've spent time updating our VFX libraries to use a newer base material system.  This allows for more options when it comes to a particle's ability to drive and modify material properties. While redundant work, this really helps when it comes to being able to rapidly prototype VFX.

Also helped transition Series EV2 out of prototype phase. I hooked up all the backend archetypes and systems to see what we can do vs. what features are still needed that we do not have.



Currently Listening To: "Boom Boom" - jennylee

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Revamp underway! Working on feedback and making tweaks to really push the changes to be super impactful. There is some changes still to come that will make towers much more deadly to enemies of different genotypes.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are almost done with the magma level thing! Still have to polish it up a bit though.

At this point if you are a true Etherian Defender, you should know what level it is. And because In.Session asked for it, here's another picture!


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Finishing up the world building phase on the magma map! We are pushing the lighting and polishing it up a little more.

In addition I would like to mention that this level will feature a cool secret on the last wave!



Jason Yu, Associate Producer (Urfyness)

There are a number of really cool things we’re working on outside of EV2 that I wanted to share.

  • We’re bringing back the Dragolich as the May monthly quest reward. Now everyone will have an opportunity to earn one of the most sought after pets in the game.

  • The Goblin Siege Tank enemy is starting to come together. Our goal is to have it ready for playtesting by the end of the week.

  • The strategy revamp went out to the Remote Playtest Group, and we appreciate all of your feedback! Seriously, we spend hours digesting the feedback and discussing plans moving forward.

  • I was able to see the first pass UI for the session browser the other day and even though it’s not fully functional yet, this is one of my most anticipated features. No release date yet, but it’s in the works!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

More testing, more planning for testing. Thanks to the folks that applied to RPG last week. We’re almost ready to let you guys in and test out the current state of the revamp. We’re currently changing a few processes here and there. Once we’re done with the initial (there will be more!) revamp testing, we’re be moving on to EV2!

Speaking of EV2, the RQA folks having been pouring over EV2’s new frame and testing out her expanded and deadly arsenal. She might need some work, some oil changes and some other spare parts, but she’s already decidedly deadly.

Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)
Heyo!  Sorry for the late post.  This week has been busy, busy, busy for me because we're working on MONTHLY QUESTS!!!!  As promised, the PS4 Monthly for May will involve a three egg omelette du fromage (so to speak) and the PC one is all about the closed captioning I'm told...  HF2 for PS4 is targeting release next week and should contain the monthly, a fix for the scavenger, and a fix for lockbox being consumable.

From a major content update stand point, PS4 is starting to come together.  We still have a lot of UI issues to sort out, but the abyss lord is feeling really slick... also, in case you didn't figure out the image I posted last week tool tips should be a lot more readable in the near future.  

Also, we have a little surprise in store for you this weekend in the form of a triple refresh rate for daily missions.


The Unholy Catacombs update is out now! Here are the patch notes:

Mission Madness Weekend Events

  • Starting this weekend, we’re having a Mission Madness event every weekend in May! Get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours during the weekends!

  • Remember:  You can hold up to 3 Daily Missions at a time, so be sure to login and finish your dailies to take full advantage of these events.


  • New Map:  Unholy Catacombs

    • It’s the return of Foundries and Forges from Dungeon Defenders!

    • More DD1 map remakes are on the way! We hear everybody loved Sky O’ Love...

  • New Spectral Knight Incursion

    • Available only on Nightmare I-IV.

    • Complete the incursion for a chance to receive two exclusive drops:  the Squire’s Sword of Unholy Fire and the first iPWR 750 chest piece!

  • Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire)

    • Found only in the Spectral Knight Incursion. (We put this here again because we know someone, somewhere, didn’t read the bullet point above. WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, TRAVIS.)

    • Adds a friggin’ flamethrower to the Squire’s shield block.

    • Taunts nearby enemies every few seconds.

    • Drops up to iPWR 750.

    • Scales off of Ability Power.

    • Grants +10 Charisma, which doesn’t exist in our game but you’ll swear it does when you wield this sword.

  • iPWR 750 Chest Piece

    • Found only in, you guessed it, the Spectral Knight Incursion.

    • Can roll up to iPWR 750, so not every piece will be a perfect 750.

  • Guardian of the Storm Monk Elemental Variant Costume

    • Show your support and help us keep cool new stuff comin’ by splurging 4,800 gems on the Guardian of the Storm elemental variant! Thanks to all of the dedicated Defenders who help support our development. Because of you, DD2 will continue to grow and improve!

  • Other Changes:

    • Blank Hero Cards are now available for 2,000 Defender Medals.

    • All four Hero Deck Slots are available immediately.

    • Item Enhancement Levels now gives a flat rate of 2 enhancement points per upgrade level. This is retroactive so all players will have their allocated points reset. Some items will have more points now, some will have less. Be sure to reallocate your points upon entering the game.

    • If you have an unlocked costume and you create a hero with that costume selected, the created hero will now equip that costume.

    • Lockboxes with accessories for the Abyss Lord’s default costume can now drop in-game.


Hero / Melee Gameplay Update

  • Reduced the speed of enemy melee attacks

    • Slower attacks give melee heroes slightly more time to interrupt them

    • Warboar, Orc, Javelin Thrower, and Drakkin melee attacks take 0.1 - 0.2s longer to animate

    • Revised Warboar and Orc damage values to keep DPS consistent

  • Increased the frequency of hero melee attacks causing knockback (interrupt)

    • Affects Monk and Squire, all weapon stances (Light/Medium/Heavy)

    • Should generally be slightly easier to consistently lockdown opponents in melee

  • Rebalanced Hero Damage for non-Huntress Base Heroes

    • Apprentice +25% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Monk +20% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Squire +7% Hero Damage Ratio

Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential solution for the black screen issue that happens on startup (usually after the Trendy logo appears). If you’re still getting this issue, please let us know.

  • Clicking between the Inventory and the Hero Deck tabs in the Forge will no longer cause a long delay before the UI refreshes.

  • Fixed the broke-ass scrollbar in the Session List.

  • Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the...

  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies were getting stuck on Little-Horn Valley.

  • For some reason, Skyguards were shooting at the guards and core in Throne Room. Maybe they know something we don’t…

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Abyss Lord’s accessories.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Squire’s accessories.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Huntress’s accessories.

  • Forced every Trendy employee to take spelling and grammar lessons.

  • Fixed an icon issue with the Abyss Lord’s Healing Fountain.

  • Pet Boxes and Lockboxes can now be opened when accessing the Inventory through the ESC Menu. Players no longer have to access the Inventory through the Forge to open these.

  • Fixed an issue where having repair/upgrade/sell defense active while looking at an enemy that died would cause their HP bar to remain.

  • Fixed an issue where if you built multiple Colossi in a map with separate Abyss Lord heroes (say you have multiple with different gear/builds) and then tried to move each with the respective builder, you could only move the first one built from the first Abyss Lord. The other units from the other Abyss Lords will not respond.

  • When players are in a party together, there is now an icon next to their name in the Session List along with a specific text color to indicate they are party members.

  • Fixed some issues with accessory rarity in the lockboxes.

  • Abyss Lord’s right click will now spin the Squire's Training Dummy right round, baby, right round like a record, baby.

Known Issues

  • Several of the tooltips for accessories in the Costume Shop have grammar errors or incorrect “unlocked from” descriptions.

  • All unlockable objects from the Carnival Lockboxes are listed as Epic tier.

  • When cleansing a Spectral Knight in the Foundries Incursion, no sound effects will play.

  • Ranged enemies (most noticeably Javelin Throwers and Lightning Bugs) sometimes like to get hung up around corners in the Foundries map.

  • Spectral Knights will not be cleansed if the player is standing still. You must run into them to cleanse them.

  • The Skull VFX on shields applied by the Unholy Fire stat will not show up the first time you block after a transition while the sword is equipped.

  • The fire VFX from the Unholy Fire stat will display incorrectly for the first second of its effect.

  • The spawn icons for air lanes on the Foundries map on Free Play Easy go away before the wave starts.

  • Walking into the Abyss Lord’s Healing Fountain while the cleansing buff is active will temporarily cause the timer to display 0 seconds left.

  • Heroes cannot be deleted using the Escape Menu flow while in a map.

  • Loot gained from Victory Chests are not respecting the iPWR range on certain maps.


The Unholy Catacombs update comes out tomorrow on Steam! Also, every weekend in May we're going to do a Mission Madness Weekend event, starting this weekend! Get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours during the weekends! 

This update contains:

  • The Unholy Catacombs map (our remake of DD1’s Foundries & Forges)

  • Spectral Knight Incursion

  • Unique Map Drop:  Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire). Unique Legendary item that adds a flamethrower to the Squire shield block and adds a chance to oil enemies (so you can activate the Ignite combo)! This sword can roll up to iPWR 750!

  • Unique Map Drop:  iPWR 750 Chest Piece. Drops for any hero!

  • Blank Hero Cards (formerly known as “hero slots”) will be purchasable for 2,000 Defender Medals!

  • Guardian of the Storm Elemental Variant Monk Costume

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

This week, we’re about to start playtesting the Unholy Catacombs Spectral Knight Incursion. I love the idea Steve Collins has on this. He needs to finish it! We’re ready to play! I’m staring at him. Willing him to fix his Kismet bug! He’s deep in thought. He’s behind schedule. Bites nails. Must not disturb the puzzle master.

Brett is hooking up the Sword of Unholy Fire. If you missed the stream, check out the recap and watch him melt enemies with his virtual flame thrower shield effect on block.

I’m glad to see the Squire get some walking wave of destruction type fun. Burn! Now granted we want to do a big hero boost and balance pass soon to get all the heroes up to the same level of face-smash as the Abyss Lord, but the plan is to get the strategic revamp nailed first and THEN do that. Otherwise, you’re boosting stuff for the wrong matrix. Speaking of which, we had a playtest of the revamp with some folks and have tons of super useful feedback. Thanks to everyone who put serious time into this. It’s getting there. Needs more iteration and love.

There’s tons of stuff going on, I won’t steal anyone else’s thunder. Stoked about how the Gun Witch’s animations are coming along. She’s going to be a riot. EV2’s animations are getting cool refinements and jamming up too. I’m glad to see so many folks playing again. We’re going to keep trying to fix, improve, and expand the game as hard as we can. I’m working on details of features that hone in on more player-driven goals so you have longer-term reasons to destroy baddies.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

So, I designed the Sword of Unholy Fire with the idea of making a DPS Squire viable. It’s theoretically a cool idea:  Run into a group, pull them to follow you, turn around and burn them all to cinder (we love fire at Trendy). Now it is in Brett’s hands to build and make awesome. Can’t wait to see the VFX Brian makes and SFX Afshin puts together.

Other than that, lots of EV2 work. Working closely with John to refine some of her animations and I’m wrapping up a first pass at her kit. The goal is to have a rough version of her playable by Friday and have our dedicated, hardened, and veteran DD fans playing her and filling out a survey (this was super helpful for the Abyss Lord). If you’d like to join the ranks of DD’s finest, contact dani.moore[at]trendyent.com and he’ll hook you up.

I still have a good bit of design work to do; EV2 passives and skill spheres, Lavamancer 2nd draft, and 3 more heroes yet unannounced. This will be a busy few weeks.

There is a fish beside the Abyss Lord… it is a very strange fish… a very distracting fish…

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

Getting these characters a fresh paint job before shipping them out the door. Here is a preview of the Gun Witch update. Enjoy!


Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

Lots of patches. We released a PS4 hotfix on Monday cleaning up some PlayGo issues and making tickets non-selectable. Hotfix 2 for PS4 is in the pipe at the moment and will resolve the scavenger dupe problems and set up a May Monthly Mission for you all to enjoy. We’ve had two PC hotfixes this week as well and have a super exciting release we’re working on at the moment for next week (expect new content!). Also we finalized our milestone plans for PS4 and I think you all are going to be excited with where we ended off...


Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Working on the Spectral Knight Incursion for the Unholy Catacombs update. This one will play out a bit differently than previous Incursions, and I’m excited to see how people play around the new puzzle. 


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Hey Defenders! You guys are kicking ass! Again most of you were right about the level we were working on, but we won’t ruin it here. Not yet.

You'll have lots of chances in this level for pushing mobs into the hot lava but be careful to not fall with them!

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

So yea, [redacted] is coming back to DD2, and we already made some good progress.

As you can see from the pic it's not a warm and comfortable place between four walls anymore. Since it was invaded by the Old Ones, the place has turned into an inhospitable place where only true Defenders have a chance to survive and fight against the horde.


James Reid, Software Engineer (Driscan)

Greetings Defenders!

Just back from a much-needed vacation and ready to get back to making this game awesome! Before I left, I worked on adding the ability to purchase Blank Hero Cards for 2,000 Defender Medals! That should be coming out with the Unholy Catacombs update.  

Now that I’m back in the saddle I’m catching up on the plans for the rest of the milestone. Looks like I’ll be working alongside Brys to hammer out a game browser for matchmaking.  

I’m also slated to gut the most beautiful UI in the game. You guessed it…..the summary screen! I’m taking that bad boy and tossing it in the garbage. Then I’m gonna light it on fire, step on it some more, drown it, and then kick it. Once all that’s done, I’m gonna add back in some basic functionality such as returning back to the Tavern and showing some useful things such as the number of Defender Medals you earned. Consider it a Phase 1 for a better end-of-map experience.

Chris Flores, Lead QA, (likethatwhenigothere)

So these past few weeks have been extremely busy. We knew going into the initial Abyss Lord release there were still going to be a lot of lingering issues with the build. So we’ve been trying to play catch up and continue to get everything logged and hopefully fixed sooner rather than later. This also includes us going through all the stuff you guys are reporting and getting those logged as well. Personally, I’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to figure out why for no good reason at all a random Daily Mission will complete. In the meantime enjoy some free Defender Medals to help unlock the Abyss Lord. (Was my evil plan this entire time!)

The rest of the team has also been catching up on bugs and plowing through the hotfixes for both PS4 and PC as they come up. We’re just now hitting the Unholy Catacombs update full on and, we’re on the edge of getting our hands on the Strategy Revamp and…… EV2! We’re looking to get a playtest build together for the strategy revamp possibly this week and for EV2 shortly after. Contact dani.moore[at]trendyent.com if you’re interested in doing some early playtesting for EV2. Tell him I sent ya and make sure to flood his inbox! He loves e-mail!!!

As a side note, thanks to all to helped out with the focus testing on Abyss Lord before his release. A huge portion of how he came out is due in part to all the feedback and suggestions you guys reported. Internally, we have a very short timeframe to get some of this stuff QA’d and released that sometimes it leaves very little time to actually just sit back and “play” the game as most of our time is spent just trying to get stuff in a shippable state. So all this feedback is important to making sure something is actually fun. It helps a lot.


Gun Witch 2016

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Getting ready for some very important upcoming testing. We got some community love with a DD1 update about to fall into our lap, we’ve had a few runs over a very familiar map from the previous game, got our sights on a major strategic revamp, and we’re expecting some hands-on time with a very deadly android very shortly.

Hotfix 11.4 for Steam

Here are the notes for Hotfix 11.4 for Steam:

Bug Fixes:

  • Increased server stability, particularly for players in endgame.
  • Fixed an issue where some Daily Missions were not rewarding the extra salves/consumables.

Patch 11.3 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 11.3 on Steam!


  • Abyss Lord now costs 10,000 medals! Okay, so he went down to 10,000 medals over the weekend somehow, but still, now it’s official with a patch note and everything!

  • Changed the text on the Item Enhancement wheel upgrade buttons to reduce confusion over which button uses gold and which button uses medals.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a server memory leak.

  • Fixed an issue where hotswapping heroes cancelled out pet ability cooldowns.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s Abyss Stone did not count towards the April Monthly Mission.

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to change decked heroes during Combat Phase. (To clarify, you should be able to swap between your four decked heroes during Combat Phase, but you should not be able to bring in more than four heroes during Combat Phase -- that is reserved for the Build Phase.)

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to fire the Knight of the Abyss ability using the controller would make players jump instead of firing the ability.

  • All environmental traps should now activate using the Abyss Lord's secondary attack.

  • Fixed an issue where players could activate towers while on the Inventory screen and make really weird things happen.

  • Fixed an issue where an “Inventory Full” message would display when attempting to purchase the Masquerade Mage costume.

  • Fixed an issue where an Abyss Lord tome went full Babe...it’s a Tome that thinks it’s a Sword! Not anymore. We crushed that dream forever.

We've started another Reddit thread on which bugs you'd like us to fix next. Please let us know!


Here are the notes for the first Carnival hotfix on PS4!

Bug Fixes

  • Awakening weapons should now be properly dropping in game.

  • Winter lockboxes should now actually spawn from end-of-game chests, rather than just saying they will and never actually showing up.

  • The Humbug Holiday costumes should now be purchasable in the shop.  Get them while they last!

  • Admission tickets are no longer able to be “redeemed” by hitting the “X” button while hovering over them.

  • Non-equippable items should now have proper tooltips.

  • Split-screen players should now see all the pop-ups that spawn in take-over UIs and be able to open lockboxes.

Major Known Issues

  • Font Size Too Small:  This is one of our top priorities to fix. We don't have anything definite for you in terms of timelines (milestone plans aren't finalized), but this is something we are actively trying to get on the schedule.

  • Jump Button Same as Pickup Button:  Same as above. A top-priority issue.

  • Maps Not Appearing on War Table.  We think this is a race condition that is exacerbated by the length of time it takes to load profiles. While we work on improving load times, we recommend making sure your profile has fully loaded and your gems have loaded in before attempting to open the war table.


Devstream 55 Recap

Phil, Elliot and Dan reveal the first details on EV2 and talk about our new "mid-milestone" update: the Unholy Catacombs! 


    • Gun Witch officially wins the Influence Vote!

      • Soon, you'll get to pick the hero after the Gun Witch.

      • Gun Witch uses a new weapon type. Still figuring out the name, but we're calling them Gun-Brooms. If you have a name suggestion, please tell us in the comments!

    • We had our first Weekend Event:  Mission Madness! Last weekend, you could get a Daily Mission every 8 hours. If you liked it, please let us know.

    • New Enemy:  Siege Tank:  A new slow moving, long-range enemy that fires rockets at the core and at players. Crushes defenses that get in its way including traps. Has a weak spot in the back that, when a player starts to shoot it, will cause the Tank to focus on that player.

    • Abyss Lord is now 10,000 medals. If you haven't earned him yet, now's the perfect time to get him.

    • Series EV2:  Her core fantasy is based all around her gun.

    • Series EV2 Lore:

      • Matured mentally from DD1 but not physically

      • Grew apart from the four original heroes

      • Left to join the Talon Guard

      • Severely damaged, original chassis shattered

      • Sought out her creator

      • Has now returned with a new body

    • Series EV2 Node Defenses:

      • In DD1, you connected point A to point B with nodes. The length of the line determined how much DU it cost.

      • In DD2, you can connect point A to B to C and on and on.

    • Series EV2 Pickup Defenses:

      • Using defense mana, EV2 can create pickups with defense mana that give attachments to her gun. Think of these like gun pickups in arena shooters.

    • Series EV2 Arm Cannon:

      • Uses canisters based on the different weapon types in the game. When a weapon drops and it’s for EV2, it’ll turn into a canister. Each canister type changes her primary attack and secondary attack based on the weapon type, so for example a Sword Canister will give EV2 more up-close-and-personal attacks. EV2’s eyes and canister color will change depending on the canister type used.

    • “Mid-Milestone” Update Coming in April:  Unholy Catacombs Update

      • First, what is a mid-milestone update? Our major patches (like Calling All Heroes) are called milestone updates. These happen usually every 6-8 weeks. We’re experimenting with putting out a smaller update with a little bit of content in the middle of a milestone to give you something to do while you wait for the larger updates.

      • Contains:

        • The Unholy Catacombs map (our remake of DD1’s Foundries & Forges)

        • Spectral Knight Incursion

        • Unique Map Drop:  Claymore of Unholy Fire Squire Sword:  Unique Legendary item that adds a flamethrower to the Squire shield block and adds a chance to oil enemies (so you could activate the Ignite combo)! This sword has multiple variables that can roll in a wide range, including the iPWR (rolls up to 750), the cone angle, the range, the amount of damage it deals and the chance to oil. The idea is to bring back the DD1 mentality of having maps with unique drops that you can farm to find the best of the best and that there’s more than just iPWR differences between the different variations of the sword.

        • Unique Map Drop:  iPWR 750 Chest Piece. Drops for any hero.

        • Hero slots will be purchasable for 2,000 Defender Medals

        • Storm Elemental Variant Monk Costume



Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

It’s official:  Gun Witch wins! She’ll join the game after the arrival of Series EV2. With every round combined, the New Hero Vote was our largest Influence Vote yet with more than 250,000 points cast. Here’s the final point tally!

  1. Gun Witch:  117,116

  2. Lavamancer:  85,381

  3. Barbarian:  52,401

Also, tune in to the Devstream tomorrow at 5PM EDT on our TrendyEnt channel! This week, we’re showing a sneak peek at Series EV2 and giving away Molten Master costumes!

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

Siege Tank kicked off today. Woot! Already rigged! Check out the cool model Jordan cranked out in like a day. (Screenshot below)


Quote of the week. “I give you tank!” - Jordan Kerbow (famous artist)

Gun Witch design done, dusted, and kicked off. John’s getting started on some of her cool gun-broom snipes and fully auto-shots, moves, polymorphs, and other aerial magic and gun-broom toting stuff. Dan and Derek are cranking on EV2 so we can play her soon. She has some cool new mechanics evolved from the original and some brand new things no other hero has. (Think 3D printer plus Big GUNs) Abe and John knocked out her animations last month. I’m so happy she has a MEGADEATH Laser. (Good band) I think we’re going to show off some of her stuff in this week’s Devstream. Phil, did I reveal too much? Crap. Sorry, got excited.

We have the scope on the next series of feature releases and improvements laid out and you’ll be jammed to know we have a kick butt design development schedule and multiple module plan from Dan and Brys for the new Game Browser! YES. You’ll be able to see matches in a list, create games with names, filter, and see details, all the stuff you need to play the kind of game you want, even multiple maps! It’ll be a few phases to do it all, but I think it will make playing DD2 much better. The War Table from last year is cool so we’re working from that as a base, but it always bugged us not knowing what games are going so we can join one!

Of course, we blend all that stuff with more heroes, cooler UIs, tons of fixes, improvements, and on-going live gameificationages. Don’t forget next release is PC+PS4 all in one!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

Another week of plenty. Working with Brys on the Game Browser matchmaking redesign. Working also on the Lavamancer design for the future, helping out with the Gun Witch and working with Collins to try and plan out a cool new thing for the DD1 maps we’ve been showing all of you. Pretty sure I’ll be going dark and focusing in on wrapping up EV2 and making sure she is ready to go, for the time being, just a bunch of theoretical design planning and miscellaneous stuff.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

I got so many hotfixes I had to put ‘em on sale just to clear space on the show floor for next milestone inventory. But seriously folks, we got PS4 hotfixes and milestone planning going on right now and PC hot-fixing and discussions about defender medals among other things happening left and right at Trendy this week. It’s going to be an exciting couple weeks in Etheria with all the things we have in store for you.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

We finally have a plan of everything that’s going into the next few releases, which is a big relief for all of production. Our major beats are the DD1 map releases along with new Heroes. We’re continually working on the strategic revamp as well as a matchmaking overhaul, but those are on a longer timeline for completion.

This past week involved herding our developers into rooms to get detailed breakdowns of the work involved for every step of the process. I’m coordinating with RQA to get playtest builds of the strategic revamp into their hands for feedback. Those are the major beats that are probably more interesting to hear about. Other non-player facing development beats this week includes managing the various feature branches so that we don’t lose work.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

New week and new level on its way! Expect a hot, very hot level with really high temperatures near the core.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

It's time for another DD1 remake level! Currently blocking out the entire level by adding basic geometry such as walls, ceilings and floors. As promised in the last Dev Log, here is a work-in-progress shot of the new level.


Chris Flores, Lead QA ([[59727,users]])

So we’ve been working on the remake of the Foundries & Forges map from DD1, getting it ready for release. Still some issues to hammer out, but it seems to be on track for release. (Not sure when that is. Or do I???)

Other than that, we’re finishing our hotfix builds as they come in and we’re getting to start up on more content for the next release. We’re also planning for all the new major update stuff including EV2. Although most of us wish we could go straight to Gun Witch!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager ([[25251,users]])

I just want to thank each of our amazing community members for helping us test, balance, tune and bughunt our last major update. The new UI and the Abyss Lord are much better thanks to your playtesting, feedback and ongoing contributions. The gates will be opening for new testers and those on the waiting list very soon.

Patch 11.2 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 11.2 on Steam!

Bug Fixes

  • Playing/losing Nightmare Onslaught no longer causes lower difficulties to drop Nightmare iPWR.

  • Dragging heroes into the Hero Deck to replace the active hero no longer removes the active hero's passives and Skill Spheres from towers.

  • Fixed a bug where the Abyss Lord’s Skill Sphere could be purchased with gold instead of Defender Medals.

  • Fixed a bug where changing Skill Spheres and then pulling the hero out of the Hero Deck and replacing it without transitioning would not change the Skill Sphere visuals.

  • Abyss Lord can now equip the carnival masks.

  • Fixed a typo in the Boulder pet ability.

  • Fixed a bug where selecting an Onslaught reward before the "Waiting for more players" timer finished caused players to gain a reward before the start of the first round.

  • Fixed the issue where the Abyss Lord bundle cost would appear incorrect from time to time. The bundle costs 2,000 gems, not 2,500 gems.

  • Added spawn SFX to the Abyss Stone ability.

  • Added enemy impact SFX to the Skeletal Ramster’s attack.

  • Added enemy impact SFX to the Abyss Knight ability.


Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

The second round of our New Hero Vote is underway! This vote is between the Lavamancer and the Barbarian. So far, we’re on track to surpass the first vote in total points invested. Remember:  It’s about how many points a hero has after all three rounds, so it ain’t over ‘til it’s over! Go vote!

Also:  All of our new heroes will be 12,000 Medals for two weeks only. After two weeks, the Defender Medal cost will go down to 10,000 Medals. :D

P.S.  Next Devstream is on April 15th!


Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

Abyss Lord! One down another 100 to go! I’m super proud of the team for shipping our first new hero! This is a huge accomplishment, especially after having to streamline the studio, the nasty water flood, plus getting PS4 caught up to the Dragonfall Carnival. We did not really get started until February 16th or so. This is our first stab at the UI Hero Deck improvements since we pitched it on December 20th. Like anything new, it’ll take lots of refinement and constant improvement to get perfect, but it’s a great start and a lot dev team members worked very, very, very, hard on their piece of the big thing to make it cool.

We have unsung heroes in house and remote who don’t always appear here in our dev logs. QA testers, artists, programmers, our one IT dude, Ice (he calls it a department) all of which are either making awesome new stuff or fixing/tracking down complicated issues that would make Einstein’s nose blow a gasket. General Patton once said, "The soldier is the army." It’s true. Here’s a shout out to ALL the Dungeon Defenders II dev team members here for winning this first battle. I’m proud of ya.

I’m stoked so many of you are using hero swapping in combat in cool ways and loving what I’m seeing on streams. Remember, this is a live game. We have a mega-ton of more things to do, fix up, improve, add, and refine. We’re just really getting started. Please keep the feedback coming. Feedback does not have to be happy-happy joy-joy, but feedback driven by a passion for FUN gaming is super motivating for us. We may be a small studio, but we really want the game to be cool for you. That’s why we do this job to be honest.

We’re honing in on the details coming for the next milestone. EV2 is already animated! I just finished playing the Unholy Catacombs map (Foundries & Forges) in Steve’s playtest, and I love the layout and limited visibility. We have plans for a nasty tank, a cool new over-the-top monk costume, a new thematic weapon, more UI updates and improvements, the strategic refactor (This is a BIG one!), the next hero, skill spheres coolification, enchantment awesominjectioness. TONS of stuff! We’re making sure to stage stuff out and want to do so we can get a release to you guys really soon. We know it was a long one since the Dragonfall Carnival, so know that we agree.

We’re watching the New Hero Influence votes like a hawk. Don’t forget that’s a multi-round thing so every vote along the way adds towards the final tally. Long one from me. Check out ‏Elandrian’s picture he drew. Mad Skillz.


Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

Patches and hotfixes… patches and hotfixes…  I’ve been trying to stay out in front of issues on the Carnival Update for PS4. We have a hotfix coming out early next week that should fix some of the most egregious issues. Other than that we’re just starting in on MS22 planning and development.

PC side, the Live Team is doing its thing and squashing bugs and patching problems. Expect more in the coming weeks!

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Aw snap! Carnival going down on PS4 and Abyss Lord Shenanigans on PC. Tons of cool things incoming.  It’s really awesome to see everyone having fun experimenting with new builds with their new-found resistance freedom.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

So finally we are gladly to say that Glitterhelm remake level is coming to its end this week! (In terms of world building.) We’re ensuring it comes with a bunch of skulls, bones, cobwebs and more nightmarish stuff! Also we have some really cool plans for the next two levels. Really excited about them!



Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Like Daniel said, we are almost done with the Glitterhelm level. Just adding now some nice touches!

Hopefully next week we’ll share with you some pics of what could be the next level!

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

Glad to see people having fun with the Abyss Lord. Now on to the next one.


Greetings, Defenders!

Close your eyes. Now open them. Now close them again. Good. If you’re still reading this, you’re either not following instructions or you have special eyelids we’d like to extract for science.

The Calling All Heroes update for Steam is one of the largest updates we’ve done. We’ve created the first of our new heroes, programmed a new system for earning those heroes, revamped the way you interact with heroes and the Hero Deck, tore out and rebuilt our UIs -- we’ve touched a lot of our core infrastructure in a short amount of time. Because of that, there may be a few more bugs in this one. Please report any vile vermin you see in our Bug Reporting form.

But most importantly, we just want you to have fun playing this update. Now that you can build with all of your heroes, we’re hoping to see some truly creative map builds. We can’t wait for you to unlock the Abyss Lord to command your minions. And leveling your whole deck at the same time means it’s easier than ever to build your army.

If you like this update, keep your special eyelids locked right here because there’s so much more on the way. (Did someone say server browser?) We’re all just so damn excited to make the game better, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

The Trendy Team


New Hero: The Abyss Lord

  • The Abyss Lord is the first of our new heroes! Experience safe-for-work tentacle action today:

    • Watch the trailer to learn about his Defenses, Abilities and playstyle.

    • Earn the Abyss Lord with Defender Medals or purchase him with gems!

      • It’s our goal to make it rewarding for free players to earn our heroes. We’re going to pay close attention to our data and player feedback to make sure this feels oh-so-good.

    • The Abyss Lord uses a new weapon type:  Tomes.

    • The Abyss Lord comes with one free Hero Slot (now called Hero Cards).

  • Skill Spheres

    • The Abyss Lord uses a new approach to Skill Spheres that, if you enjoy it, we’ll bring it to the four original heroes and to future heroes.

    • The Abyss Lord has four Large Slots.

    • His Skill Spheres are focused on interesting gameplay additions rather than purely stat increases. (For example:  Adding “Drenched” to the Skeletal Ramster’s attacks, which opens up new combo possibilities.)

    • His Spheres are purchased with Defender Medals at the Skill Sphere Shop.

New Hero Deck

  • Build With All Your Heroes

    • Bring a 5th, 6th, 7th hero and more to the battlefield during the Build Phase! All of your towers will persist, but only your heroes in your deck earn and share experience and loot.

  • Level All Your Decked Heroes at the Same Time

    • All four heroes in your hero deck now gain experience simultaneously. When your active hero gains 100 XP, the rest of the heroes in your deck will also gain 100 XP!

  • Quickswap Heroes (Even in Combat Phase)

    • Now the heroes in your deck are just a button press away during the Build or Combat Phase. Swapping during the Combat Phase incurs a short cooldown.

    • Default Keybinding is F1 - F4.

  • Quick Inspect Other Players’ Decks

    • Defeating the Old Ones is a lot easier when you can work together with your teammates. Use our new quick inspect UI to quickly glance at what gear and heroes other players are using.

Defender Medals

  • Defender Medals are a new earnable currency used to recruit heroes and purchase Skill Spheres.

  • Earn Defender Medals by completing Daily/Monthly Missions and playing maps. Victory grants more Defender Medals than defeat, and you’ll earn more Medals by playing on harder difficulties.

  • The Treasure Pirate now uses Defender Medals, and she has a new inventory of items sold for Defender Medals! Some of the additions include Pet Affection Boosters and Item Upgrade Boosters.

    • The War Recruiter has come out of retirement to sell items for Wyvern Tokens and is located near the Treasure Pirate. He’s also got a few new items to help you use your remaining Wyvern Tokens.

  • In a future patch, Hero Cards will be unlockable with Defender Medals!

New UIs

  • This is the first of our new UI Revamp. We’re updating all of our UIs to a cleaner style, and we’ll be addressing some functionality issues as we go through this revamp. Please excuse our dust in the meantime as we transition our UX over the coming months. This pass focuses on the Hero Deck UI and the Escape Menu UI.

  • New Hero Deck UIs

    • Quickly inspect other players and their gear at a glance. Detail inspect coming soon!

    • New hero cards display your current iPWR, title, name, hero and costume.

  • New Escape Menu

    • Now you can easily see who is in your party and who is your friend through the new session list browser!

  • The new Hero Details page is a new flow for viewing information about a hero and creating one! Check this page out regularly for hints into which heroes we are working on next!

    • Hotkey to open this menu is CTRL + K.

  • Note:  Due to a last-minute issue, we had to disable controller support for the UI. Expect an update in the future.

New Steam Group Weapon:  The Blaster-Caster

  • Thanks to you, the Steam Group is now at 200,000(!) members, which means the Apprentice’s Blaster-Caster is now a random drop in the game!

  • At 250,000 members, you’ll unlock the final Awakening Weapon:  the Monk’s Crystalline Twin-Blade! Join the group!

Daily and Monthly Mission Updates

  • Daily Missions rewards have been refactored. Missions will now generally reward Defender Medals and Gold, but they also have a new, better set of consumable rewards as well. (Item Upgrade Boosters and Pet Affection Boosters can be earned from Daily Missions if you’re lucky!)

  • We’ve cut a lot of the crappy Daily Missions. You’re welcome.

  • Monthly Missions now reward Defender Medals.

April Monthly Mission: “Big Hits”

  • Requirements:

    • Defeat 2000 enemies with abilities

    • Defeat 2000 enemies with the environment

    • Land 5000 random critical hero hits

  • Rewards:

    • 2000 Defender Medals

    • 300,000 Gold

    • 5 Super Item Upgrade Boosters

    • Title: The Big Shot

Additional Feature Notes

  • We’ve removed Lane Resistances as the first step in our Strategy Revamp. Learn more about our upcoming Strategy Revamp.

  • Shellium Shards are being phased out. Evolution recipies no longer require Shellium Shards. Eggs will now rot into common reagents.

  • We also simplified evolution recipes a bit, so only one tier of reagent per evolution is required.

  • You can now use Defender Medals to upgrade your gear at the Enhancement Wheel in addition to using gold.

  • Added a hotkey for the What’s New screen (Default:  F5).

  • The Carnival has packed up and left Dragonfall. It will be back someday!

  • Updated the costume shop with all of the Carnival costumes.

    • Mage of Shadows (Apprentice): 800

    • Masquerade Mage (Apprentice): 800

    • Galaxy Apprentice: 1200

    • Knight of Shadows (Squire): 800

    • Strongman Squire: 800

    • Galaxy Squire: 1200

    • Huntress of the Shadows: 800

    • Moxie Rouge (Huntress): 800

    • Galaxy Huntress: 1200

    • Monk of Shadows: 800

    • Zen Juggler (Monk): 800

    • Galaxy Monk: 1200


  • Heroes gain much more HP from the Hero Health stat. We rebalanced the amount of ‘free’ Hero Health heroes gained per level to balance this, but Items and SAS points provide substantially more HP.

  • Nightmare difficulties now give as much experience as End Game difficulties.

  • Harbinger’s Warship gives much less Defender Medals than other maps. We’re posting this now so you guys don’t have to spend time finding out!

  • Loot will now drop more evenly for all of your heroes in your Hero Deck, rather than the currently active hero.

Bug Fixes

  • Severely reduced the amount of matchmaking failures and queue errors. Fixing matchmaking/server/performance issues are high on our priority list. More changes to come soon.

  • Made a change to significantly improve the issue where Green Mana on the ground would disappear if a player opened a Mana Node.

    • Now the game destroys tokens in this order:  Ability Mana, Gold Drops, Defense Mana (oldest first for each respective type).

    • So if you keep killing enemies and don't pick anything up, you'll eventually end up with the floor filled with Defense Mana (because it destroyed the other types first).

  • Fixed an issue where players joining an Onslaught match after a reward had been selected did not have a G up or reward selector before first wave.

  • Fixed an issue where some maps would always award XP for keeping the subobjective standing even after losing them.

  • Run ‘N’ Gun Sphere is now currently listed under the Huntress, not the Squire.

  • Elemental Chaos Trap now has the same placement radius as the Explosive Trap.

  • Fixed an issue where the Frostbite Tower’s chill effect was unintendedly reducing enemy Attack Rate.

  • iPWR 231+ gear now correctly requires Hero Level 50. We swear this is the last time we’ll have to re-fix this.

  • Fixed the text tooltips on a number of consumables and pet reroll consumables.

  • Guard swing and impact sounds now play at reasonable volume levels in the taverns.

  • Players can no longer press G to start the wave before the Tutorial loads.

  • Flying Kobolds no longer getting stuck in the Country Home Lane Spawn location on Forest Ambush.

  • The lane wisps no longer remain during Combat Phase on Temple of the Necrotic.

  • The lightning VFX for Katkarot's Elder tier form no longer stretches and attaches to the hero's body while moving.

  • On Temple of the Necrotic, some of the barriers at the beginning of the enemy lanes now have collision.

  • Towers and Pets no longer continue attacking dead Betsy.

  • Fixed the issue where ominous scorched black areas and black cracks appeared as players loaded into the Tutorial.

  • The quest system will now inform the player if a quest/mission reward has been placed into the Scavenger.

  • G4TO Snowball pet ability projectile now properly fires.

  • The Spooky 2015 Challenges now remain locked forever.

  • The cannonball for the Uber Cannonball towers rolls across the floor instead of slides.

  • In the Heroes Marketplace, the Training Dummies in the shadows no longer have shadows.

  • Purchasing an item from the Blacksmith’s Shop or the Relics Shop no longer opens and focuses the last bag in the inventory.

  • On the Dead Road, the green lava pool near the Cemetery spawner no longer deals damage on the inner part of the ledge.

  • Fixed an error message that was erroneously telling players that another player had logged in using their login data when that was not the case.

  • Speaking to any NPC in the Tavern will no longer make Training Dummies invincible.

  • Players should now be able to easily open End Game Chests on both Ramparts and Ramparts Siege.

  • Deleted old trap switch in Little-Horn Valley.

  • The shadows on items placed onto the Enhancement Wheel in the Outdoor are no longer too dark, jagged and positioned incorrectly.

  • Instantly doing damage to the Harbinger when he lands no longer keeps the cannons up. Cannons now stow properly during Build Phase.

  • Fixed the redeem success message for the Mailbox Claim button.

  • Fixed an issue where Little-Horn Valley’s minimap contained extra, unused spawn points.

  • Fixed a clipping issue in Temple of the Necrotic.

  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Strikes Aura wasn’t properly draining if the targeted enemy died upon firing.

  • Fixed an issue where the F6 Help Overlay displayed debug text in the pet ability description.

  • Poisonous Stacks I Skill Sphere was using the Blaze Balloon skill sphere image. Now uses Poison Dart Tower image.

  • Fixed an issue where the default bindings for the Issue Ping and Pet Ability actions were not shown in the Options menu.

Known Issues

  • After leaving a game session and joining back, your name will not appear in the session list -- just your iPWR.

  • With empty deck slots in your Hero Deck, the incorrect card can be displayed in those slots after inspecting the deck of other players.

  • The  Abyss Lord’s Tomes do not display properly in the NPC shops.

  • The game can crash when selecting Options from the Title Screen.

  • Party Leaders are able to kick themselves out of a map in Private Games.

  • When using a controller, some of the Upgrade/Sell/Repair text and or icons can overlap when examining a tower.

  • The description for the Underworld Bonespine Hood accessory for the Abyss Lord is cut off.

  • The Orc Blockade and Colossus towers can be upgraded early for T2 and above.

  • The health values for the Orc Blockade and Colossus shown in the Inspect Defense window are not accurate.

  • Depending on the game resolution, the green highlight outline around NPCs does not display correctly.

  • The damage numbers for the Abyss Lord’s fully charged secondary attack display before the projectile actually impacts.

  • When deleting a hero in the Forge, the delete window does not automatically go away after deleting a hero. (Click to close atm)

  • When clicking between different pets in the Petrinarian UI, the pet ability on pets will sometimes not display. (It’s there. Just a UI issue.)

  • The “Ready Up” message does not go away after starting combat phase in Onslaught mode.

  • Heroes are not facing the correct direction when opening up the Costume Store.

  • Some text is overlapping in the currency bar at the bottom of the new UIs.

  • Sometimes currency totals do not load when loading into the game. Simply transition to a new map.

  • The Abyss Lord’s Abyss Stone ability does not count toward the new Monthly Mission.

  • The options on the Session List do not refresh after the associate event has occurred. For example, if you leave a party the leave party button will still display until you leave the UI and come back.

  • Occasionally the “Create” button will be displayed for the Apprentice when creating a new hero for a new user. Can be correctly by toggling to a different hero and then going back to the Apprentice.

  • The Masquerade Mage costume currently cannot be purchased. Players will receive an Inventory full message instead.

  • The F5 Hotkey will open, but not close, the What’s New message. Currently must use the ESC button to close the message.

  • The incorrect mesh appears on the Item Enhancement wheel when using an XP booster.


The PS4 Carnival update includes The Harbinger Awakens update, the Dragonfall Carnival update and all Steam patches up to Patch 10.10 from March 25th! We're also hard at work on the PS4 Calling All Heroes update, and we can't wait to get that into your hands. Stay tuned for more information.

Note:  The new monthly mission includes Pet Affection Boosters, an Admission Pass, XP, gold and a new title. It's our plan to modify May's monthly mission to reward the Narwhagon, the Scourge Dragon and the Dragolich.


New Boss: The Harbinger

  • Fight The Harbinger aboard his fancy-shmancy airship. If you can defeat him, you’ll earn loot you can only get from the big man himself. If you can’t, don’t worry, buddy. It just wasn’t meant to be. There are other boss fish in the evil sea.

  • This is where we would describe the fight, but honestly, you should just log in and play.

  • Also, his name is not Carl. This angers him greatly.

One New Map, Two Redone Maps

  • Airship Battle -- The Harbinger’s personal vessel of death and destruction. Powered by unadulterated malice and eco-friendly wind power.

  • Besieged versions of Throne Room and The Ramparts have been added to Campaign, Free Play and End Game. These maps introduce the story of The Harbinger.

New Cinematics

  • The next chapter of the story. These cinematics take place on the three maps in this update.

Two Awakening Weapons

  • Added the Squire’s Crystalline Saber and the Huntress’s Bow-Blaster from the Steam Group rewards! These can randomly drop in any map.

Loot V2

  • Note:  Loot V2 will require a slight refarm due to the Passive changes. This should only take a few hours based on the feedback we received from our Steam players.

  • Less trash, more treasure. We’ve spent a great amount of time increasing the usefulness of loot drops and condensing the amount of loot that drops. The result is that you should find upgrades more often, feel like more of your items contribute to your build and spend much less time managing your inventory.

  • Items generate with combinations of useful base stats much more frequently. For example, items with Defense Health/Defense Power or Hero Damage/Hero Health are more common.

  • Item passive generation is no longer random. It uses a weighted system based on the stats present on the item.

    • Combat/Hero-focused passives (like extra Sword Beam damage or lifesteal) appear on items with Hero Damage, Ability Power, Hero Crit Damage, and Hero Health much more frequently.

    • Builder/Defense-focused passives (like extra defense range or speed) appear on items with Defense Power, Defense Crit Damage, and Defense Health much more frequently.

  • The amount of loot that drops has been decreased, but the ratio of high-rarity items to low-rarity items has been increased, particularly as you move through the game.

  • Based on player feedback, armor items appear more frequently than before.

  • We’ve done a significant update to the current pool of passives, from removing some passives, to refactoring existing ones, to even adding a few new ones. Our goal with these changes is to increase the number of useful and desireable passives while pulling out some of the less liked passives. This should help improve the general quality of items, by ensuring that stats are generally paired with more appropriate passives for their role.

  • Several Passives now appear on more item slots in smaller amounts:

    • Superconductor (Ability Cost)

    • Channel (Mana Regen)

    • Tripwire (Explosive Trap Damage)

    • Pyromania (Flameburst Damage)

    • Vector Corrector (Defense Range)

    • Radiance (Aura Range)

    • Amped Up (Lightning Aura Rate)

    • Power Pole (Pole Smash Damage)

    • Full Hearts (Sword Beam Damage)

  • Passives Updated / Replaced:

    • Jackpot - Random chance to quadruple gold earned from any source; replaces Leprechaun (Double Gold), Pickpocket (Gold From Hero Kills), and Mercantile (Gold From Defense Kills) on future items.

    • Construction (Build Rate) updated to encompass both Construction and Service Call (Repair/Upgrade Rate) effects; Service Call will no longer drop.

    • Finglonger (Defense Interact Range) has been removed.

    • Experience-increasing passives have been disabled from all future items.

    • Mana Bomb Cooldown is now Mana Bomb Damage.

  • New Basic Passives Added:

    • Iron Core - Increases Cannonball and Heavy Cannonball Damage

    • Shrapnel - Increases Concussive Shots and Sticky Nades Damage

    • Starlight Burst - Increases Arcane Volley Damage

  • Several Passives rebalanced to scale to much higher values at higher iPWRs:

    • Retribution (Damaged Reflect)

    • Conflagrate (Damaged Fire)

    • Regeneration (Health Regen)

    • Life Leech (Hit Heal)

    • Heavy Toe

  • Removed Magic Resistance and Physical Resistance as secondary base stat options from Armor items.

  • Lockboxes appear less frequently.

  • Pet consumables and eggs appear slightly less frequently.

  • Slightly increased the total odds a weapon will drop with a Defense stat over a Hero stat.

    • Increased the weight of Defense Power moderately.

    • Increased the weight of Defense Crit Damage slightly.

Heroes Marketplace (Influence Vote Addition)

  • Thanks to your Influence Vote, we’ve added the Heroes Marketplace to the game! The Heroes Marketplace was built with expansion in mind. Find all of your favorite vendors plus a few extra additions in this sunny place of respite and socialization.

  • Functionally, the Heroes Marketplace replaces the Social Tavern.

Dragonfall Carnival

  • Experience the madness and wonder of the Dragonfall Carnival! But act fast, because the Carnival won’t be around forever! The Dragonfall Carnival includes:

    • Dragonfall Carnival Map

    • Bling Wheel

    • Wheel Tickets

    • Carnival Prize Wheel

The Dragonfall Carnival Map

  • Access the Carnival map through the Heroes Marketplace. This map contains new enemy variants, special prizes and more! You can play the map with or without an Admission Pass, but you can only get the items on the Bling Wheel if you have a Pass.

Bling Wheel

  • If you entered the Dragonfall Carnival map with an Admission Pass, you’ll get to spin the Bling Wheel for 1 of 16 unique prizes! The Bling Wheel does not give out duplicates, so each Pass is guaranteed to give you a new item from the Bling Wheel. Prizes include:

    • 7 Premium Golden Pets

    • 4 Shadow Costumes

    • 4 Galaxy Costumes

    • A bundle of 5 Lockbox Keys

    • And once you get all 16 items, you’ll receive the Grand Prize: The Carnival Costumes!

Wheel Tickets

  • While the Carnival is in town, play on any map in the game to receive Carnival Prize Wheel Tickets! These red Tickets can be used on the Carnival Prize Wheel in the Heroes Marketplace!

Carnival Prize Wheel

  • The Carnival Prize Wheel is found in the Heroes Marketplace and will disappear once the Carnival is over. Collect tickets by playing the game and spin the wheel! The Carnival Prize Wheel introduces some new features to Etheria:

    • Item Consumables

    • Jackpot Containers

End Game Unlocked at Level 40

  • End Game, non-Nightmare playlists now unlocks at level 40 (this includes End Game Incursion and End Game Onslaught). This should help address the tedious level 38-50 grind.

  • End Game Nightmare playlists still unlock at level 50.

Four New Build Weapons + 1 Build Shield

  • Defeat the Harbinger to get these new build weapons and a new build shield!

  • The four weapons have the chance to drop with either a Defense Build Passive or a Hero Build Passive. Find them all!

New Costumes and Premium Pet

  • The Awakening Costume Pack

    • Dark Disciple Squire

    • Galactic Assassin Huntress:  Includes new jetpack VFX

    • Dark Shawl Monk:  Includes new spawn VFX

    • Arcanatrooper Apprentice:  Includes idle stream breath VFX

    • G4-T0 Pet:  Four custom faces, new animation set, new “Radial Blast” ability

  • Humbug Holiday Costumes

    • Nymph of Yesteryear Huntress

    • Mournful Moorley Monk

    • Lord of Winter’s Bounty Squire

    • Reaper of Future Winters Apprentice

  • Guardian of Fire Huntress Costume

  • Ebonfire Warlord Squire Costume

Winter Lockboxes

  • The Winter Lockboxes contain exclusive winter accessories for all four heroes and have the chance to drop the Humbug Holiday Costumes!

  • The event ends with the next content update.

NPC Shop Update

  • Updated the Blacksmith (Armor & Weapons) and the Relic Hunter (Relics) shops to have more useful gear for your heroes.

  • Shops will now roll gear for your heroes based on their average Item Power up to a certain Item Power range.

  • Shops will now roll 12 items.

New Challenges & Quests

  • New challenges have been added for The Harbinger. Complete all of these challenges to earn two new titles!

  • Added three new quests during the Campaign stretch for the new Harbinger content.

Costume/Premium Pet/Inventory Sales

  • Added in the ability to put items on sale in the Costume Shop, Pet Shop, and the Inventory.

Tutorial Revamp

  • We’ve streamlined the tutorial to play out a bit snappier and help players jump into the game a bit quicker.

Item Consumables

  • We have two special jackpot containers that have loads of prizes: the Carnival Prize Wheel Mega Jackpot and the Mega Pet Jackpot.

    • Consumable Buffs: Activate a stat buff from your Inventory. These consumables last 10 minutes and increase that particular stat by 10%.

    • Popcorn Machines: Place an interactable popcorn machine in the world. Use the machine to gain health regen, ability mana regen and 10% to both Hero and Defense Critical Chance. Don’t miss out!

    • Costume Masks: Activate to gain a Carnival-themed mask for 10 minutes.

    • Fireworks: What better way to capture the spirit of amusement than to create your own personal fireworks display! Use to place a short duration fireworks. Celebrate during the Carnival with us!

Jackpot Containers

  • We have two special jackpot containers that have loads of prizes: the Carnival Prize Wheel Mega Jackpot and the Mega Pet Jackpot.

    • Mega Jackpot: These rare Jackpots come from the Carnival Wheel and contain 1 of every consumable item available during the Carnival.

    • Mega Pet Jackpot: Another rare reward for the Carnival Prize Wheel, these Jackpot containers have 1 of every pet consumable in the game. Ramp up your pets with pet food, reroll items, and evolution material from these rewards.


  • There are two new lockboxes available for a limited time while the Dragonfall Carnival is in town:

    • Carnival Lockbox: Exclusive festive accessories for the Carnival Costumes!

      • Zebra Crossbody Accessory

      • Leg Day Leggings Accessory

      • Madam Grandiose Plumes Accessory

      • Stylish Black Stilettos Accessory

      • Seriously Funny Mask Accessory

      • Heavy Mottle Accessory

      • Corny Sapphire Accessory

      • Thalian Spaulders Accessory

    • Wondrous Lockbox: Unlock for a chance at these Costumes and Accessories!

      • Sweet Dreams Squire Costume

      • Goblin Infiltrator Huntress Costume

      • Academy Apprentice Costume

      • Tiguar Monk Costume

      • Eternity Marking Accessory

      • Guardian Trouser Accessory

      • Knight's Pauldron Accessory

      • Short Shorts Accessory

      • Leather Two Piece Accessory

      • Battle Vest Accessory

      • Red Elegant Robes Accessory

      • Adept Wizard's Scarf Accessory

Item Stacking Updates

  • Pet food now stacks (up to 10)

  • Lockbox keys now stack (up to 5)

Buff Bar

  • Added a new UI element to display active buff effects and temporary items currently equipped. This element also displays the amount of time left on the buff/item.

Additional Feature Notes

  • Individual tower range is now shown while inspecting a defense.

  • Pings are now on a 5-second cooldown.

  • Added toggle in the Options menu to disable already-viewed skippable cutscenes.

  • When players leave a tavern, their towers are now automatically sold.

  • In order to matchmake across regions, you must change your region on the Main Menu. Invites will no longer automatically change regions as that was causing server issues.


Onslaught Loot Update

  • Onslaught loot ramps up in Item Power much more quickly.

    • Pre-Nightmare IV Onslaught maps ramp to maximum iPWR loot in 3 or 4 rounds (down from 13).

    • Nightmare IV Onslaught maps ramp to maximum iPWR loot in 7 rounds (down from 13).

End Game and Incursion Experience

  • End Game, Non-Nightmare, Difficulties now provide experience.

  • Heroes in the level 40-50 range should focus their levelling experience on End Game Hard and End Game Insane difficulties.

Item Power Progression and Difficulty Updates

  • We wanted to make some slight tweaks to the overall difficulty to ensure that players smoothly progressed from one difficulty to the next with iPWR progressing smoothly alongside them. This has a resulted in a small increase in difficulty in some parts of the game. We also refactored our iPWR recommendations in many parts of the game, to better reflect what we think is the ‘target’ iPWR for those difficulties.

    • Increased difficulty in Free Play hard slightly.

    • Increased difficulty in End Game Normal and Hard significantly.

    • Increased difficulty in End Game Insane moderately.

    • Increasing difficulty in Nightmare 1-3 modes slightly.

    • Increasing difficulty in Nightmare 4 incursions slightly.

  • We’ve also gone through and tried to take a serious look at iPWR progression, all the way from Campaign end to Nightmare IV. We’ve updated our iPWR recommendations for a lot of content to reflect what we think is a reasonable challenge. We hope this makes it much clearer as to which maps you should tackle next with the gear available on your heroes.   

  • Nightmare IV difficulty reduced for 1-, 2- and 3-player matches. This change affects Nightmare End Game and Nightmare Incursions.

Enemy Stat Updates

  • Increased Enemy Health and Damage Growth rates by 12.5%

    • Enemies overall will see very little change at lower levels and slightly more stats at very high levels.

  • Rebalanced some of the Introduction Enemies to be a bit easier (and one a bit harder!).

Heavy Cannonball Tower

  • We’ve upgraded the damage output and accuracy of the Heavy Cannonball Tower to be more competitive with other towers.

    • Defense Power Ratio increased 1.9 -> 2.4.

    • Projectile speed increased 2,250 -> 3,500

Lightning Strikes Aura

  • The LSA was lagging behind other defenses, so we’ve increased its damage output to try and bring it back into a competitive state.

    • Defense Power Ratio increased 5.2 -> 7.

Towering Poison Health Update

  • Increased Defense Health bonus of Towering Poison passive.

  • 80% Increase -> 130% Increase (Max).

  • Minimum values increased to maintain parity with new maxes, which should retroactively buff all existing Towering Poison items.

Hearty Blockade (Spike Blockade)

  • Hearty Blockade now increases Defense Health based on Defense Health (was based on Hero Health); old items should receive the updated passive.

  • Shields now have an exception to generate with Hearty Blockade.

  • Increasing Hearty Blockade per-piece maximum to 20%-25% to achieve comparatively same maximum health as before this update.

    • Existing items will update to a comparatively useful new value.

  • You can read more about these changes in Brett’s thread.

Additional Balance Notes

  • Adjusted mortar-style shot DPS to be closer to other weapon behaviors for Huntress/Apprentice.

  • Wyverns that Betsy summons during her fight were previously overly aggressive and overly leveled. The level of those wyverns has been reduced. The keeper of those wyverns has been warned to not let it happen again.

  • Changed Gatodouken/Rock Throw to not use homing so they can freely knockback enemies

  • Pet debuffs that can stack now have their damage potential capped. Note:  There’s a bug where some pet abilities can only stack if the pets involved are of different evolution tiers. We’re looking into this.

  • Increased the drop rates on the Ramparts Incursion weapons.

  • Heroes using weapons with splash damage were gaining the full Critical Damage bonus for every target hit, even if the initial hit only did 1 damage due to falloff. Crit Damage is now a % bonus so it proportionately scales all Hero Damage. The splash damage from crits now also falls off the further away an enemy is from the point of impact.

Bug Fixes   

  • Fixed multiple game crashes.

  • Fixed multiple server crashes.

  • Fixed a bug where pets were going to the Scavenger and getting sold when the pet bag was full.

  • Fixed the REALLY LOUD CINEMATICS. Cinematic volume is now controlled by the Master Volume slider.

  • Fixed an issue where ranged enemies were clogging lanes.

  • Added a tentative fix for minibosses (like Ogres) getting stuck in spawners.

  • Zen Monument now decreases time between healing ticks as intended.

  • Fixed multiple geometry holes where enemies said farewell to life before you could do it for them.

  • Fixed an issue where players were having issues inviting players into Private/Group Taverns.

  • Fixed an issue where Pet Ability Rerolls were not dropping from Pet Reroll Boxes.

  • Fixed an issue where rerolled pet stats were not updating in the Stable.

  • Fixed an issue where players would lose premium items they received right before a disconnect or server crash.

  • Fixed an issue where Poison Tips was unintendedly buffing player towers and causing server stability issues.

  • Fixed an issue where the Pet Evolution popup was displaying inaccurate pet stat growth.

  • The Defense Preview (when a defense is selected but not yet placed) will now display a defense’s true range, taking into account any Skill Spheres, passives or stat points that affect range.

  • Fixed missing loot events on some special/intro enemies (Kobold Flier, Explodinator).

  • Fixed an issue where comparing fast and slow weapons were showing reverse for minus and plus.

  • Victory Smell now decreases time between burn rate ticks as intended.

  • Fixed an issue with Poison Tip and Sandstorm pet abilities that was causing server crashes and unintended instant boss killing.

  • Fixed a bug where “Transaction Error” popped up after pressing Play on the Main Menu.

  • Item Enhancement should now always give stat points when upgrading gear.

  • The Apprentice’s Range Skill Spheres now give the proper 10% increase to Flamethrower Towers.

  • Fixed an issue where gold was being gained on a Wave One loss.

  • Fixed an issue where the Frostbite Tower would rapidly machinegun the frost beam if the tower was blocked by an object but detected enemies behind it.

  • Fixed an issue where the incubation timers on eggs could be anywhere between 3 - 15 seconds longer than they were supposed to be.

  • The Spooky Bow had a generic name before. Its new name is Bow o’Lantern. Like every major life change, it needs some positive reinforcement to boost its confidence. Jump in and give it company.

  • The Monk’s onslaught polearm will now correctly spawn a Kobold Flier.

  • Fixed a bug where pets would gain pet affection if you lost a wave. You will need to win the wave to gain affection.

  • Fixed an issue where the Challenge Complete notifications were not always appearing.

  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Health Small Skill Sphere was giving the actual health of the stat value and not being scaled by the hero modifiers.

  • Fixed an issue where some towers placed near Betsy’s nest would become invincible.

  • Fixed creeper species pet ability “Gravebolt” so the lifesteal does % damage.

  • Fixed frost element pet ability “Frost Shards” homing and projectile speed for consistent hits.

  • Fixed earth element pet ability “Stalagmite” to now do damage to bosses even though knockup is negated.

  • Region Select dropdown font for "US East (Northern Virginia) NEAREST" wouldn't fit on the widget.

  • Fixed the special enemy’s pathfinding issue in the Spooky maps.

  • Like quitting an addiction, Reviving Skeletons no longer count as a kill each time they “die.” It only counts on their last death.

  • Fixed an issue where Skeleton Goblins and Melee Goblins couldn’t hit the cores in Throne Room, Ramparts and both Spooky maps.

  • Apprentice Cooldown Spheres now give the correct % when combined or equipped in certain combinations.

  • Towers can no longer be placed inside the wall near the Crashed Balcony enemy spawner on Ramparts.

  • Fixed a draw distance issue in the Tavern.

  • The Onslaught build phase timers between waves will now appear for solo Onslaught matches.

  • Fixed an issue with transparency around the edges of billboards.

  • Fixed a graphics bug in the Costume Shop.

  • Playlists/difficulties that you have not unlocked are now distinctly locked.

  • Fixed weird "robot" audio issue with king clapping during victory state.

  • Skeletons should drop mana in Onslaught again.

  • Fixed an issue where Private Tavern player kicking wouldn’t work.

  • Fixed a collision issue on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed an issue where Elemental Stats were not generating on all weapons.

  • Fixed an issue where the egg cores didn’t have collision during the end game countdown.

  • Fixed an area without collision on The Wyvern Den.

  • Tweaked inventory coding to help decrease load times.

  • Adjusted the timing on the Too Many Matchmaking Requests error so players won’t run into it as often.

  • Possible fix for the Harbinger being instantly killed by the Apprentice Barrier explosion when they are stacked where he spawns in Phase 4.

  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Mission/Quest popup would display twice upon entering the Tavern.

  • Fixed an issue where Liferoot Forest did not have a Daily Bonus icon.

  • Fixed an issue where equipping a pet while in the Stables and evolving it would display higher than intended numbers of the Pet Evolved UI.

  • Fixed an issue where the Onslaught Currency reward was displaying as a Bow Icon.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes quests that require the player to talk to an NPC wouldn’t complete.

  • Fixed an issue where Timothy, Jimothy, and Gregory did not look appropriately affectionate toward Wyverns.

  • Enemies can no longer attack the Ramparts Cannon from the Crashed Balcony lane. They have been told to just go ahead and move on to more important targets like the castle doors.

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect key binding for interacting with objects is shown on the contextual text when targeting objects.

  • Fixed an issue where premium-currency-purchased costume accessories were not automatically unlocked on purchase -- the player still had to click “Get” in order to unlock them.

  • Fixed an issue where Witherbeasts were not being killed when Harbinger dies or when the Harbinger goes into the next build phase.

  • Fixed an issue with quotes.

  • Fixed an issue where The Harbinger’s Voidreaver Sword would appear with red and green emissives on its elemental drops.

  • Resolved an issue in Greystone Plaza where enemies fell to their death in the central spawn.

  • Fixed an issue where the Skill Spheres shop did not have Skill Spheres displayed until a filter was selected.

  • Fixed an issue where “Max Tier” did not display on towers built in the tavern after hitting the maximum upgrade level.

  • Fixed a tower building issue in Greystone Plaza.

  • Fixed a stuck enemy issues on Siphon Site D Onslaught.

  • Fixed an issue where the Squire’s Pin Cushion challenges were not unlocking.

  • Fixed an icon issue with the Spooky Monk Polearm.

  • Fixed an issue where the Map Selection screen displayed the Daily Quest Icon.

  • Fixed an issue where in the Petrinarian UI, the evolution preview box appeared grey.

  • Fixed an issue where Autumeow's eyes did not update after final evolution until transition or unequip/reequip.

  • Fixed an issue with the Tavernkeep’s dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue with the Enchantress’s dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue with egg collision on Liferoot Forest.

  • Fixed a collision issue on Throne Room.

  • Fixed an issue where pets were flickering at the Petrinarian.


Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Our New Hero Influence Vote has begun! Which hero will you choose to join the fight -- the Gun Witch, the Lavamancer, or the Barbarian? Earn Influence Points by logging into the game and logging into the official website every day, and then cast those Points to make your voice heard. The hero with the most points at the end of our three-round tournament will be our next hero!

The first round is Gun Witch vs. Lavamancer. Learn more about these heroes, and then cast your vote!

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

Just like last week, we’re in bug fixing mode for the Calling All Heroes release! This has been a tough but fun one. Less people, flooding basements, a new UI, a new Hero, strategy revamp behind the scenes in a separate branch, PS4 meets PC in the face, not to mention tons of creeping death flu junk that’s been going around. Lots of folks have really been cranking to make sure we get things solid. Some dudes have been up to two and three a.m. non-stop for weeks on end and will probably collapse seventeen seconds after this baby goes live. Nevertheless, we’re almost done! Share the word of DD2 on social media, call back your friends, and get ready to play, we’re getting close! A fun influence vote is now live and it’s Gun Witch vs Lavamancer. Get your votes ready. Loving Glitterhelm. Check images below. Every time I see the art progress by the Diaz brothers on that map with its classic three-prong layout, I keep having DAOC’s Darkness Falls flashbacks. Hmm. Now there’s a mean image isn’t it? Abyss Lord dropping Knight of the Abyss + (3) Abyss Stone + Colossus + Direct Command on top of a full warband, lawl.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

The PS4 team is finishing everything up. I’m excited to announce that we’re heading into FQA on Sunday, and if everything works out, the Harbinger + Carnival PS4 update will be out next week! In the Americas we’ll be releasing the inventory pack simultaneously with the milestone so you can get your hoard on. Unfortunately, though, it’s going to be a week or two till it comes out in Europe due to differences in the requirements the store teams place on releases.  

In other good news, I spent some time with the Calling All Heroes PS4 build this week, and it’s looking pretty good already. We don’t have any set timelines yet, but I’m excited for what we might be able to work on this time around now that we’re not inheriting as much merge debt. Hop on the forums and let me know what you think the #1 issue to resolve on PS4 is at the moment (other than “catching up to PC”).

Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

For the past few Dev Logs, it feels like I’ve been only saying one thing:  “Working On the Abyss Lord!” This is now finally coming to an end and pretty soon he will be in your loving hands. He is ridiculously powerful and hopefully a lot of fun to play. I’ve been working on fixing several bugs with him, some last-minute tweaks and moving on to the next three heroes. I’m currently making some final edits to EV2’s design and working on the first few drafts of the next few heroes starting with the Lavamancer and helping with the Gun Witch.

We are also beginning some early exploration on bringing the first four heroes to the coolness and effectiveness level of the soon to be released Abyss Lord. For all you Squire, Huntress, Monk, and Apprentice fans out there, there may be some changes inline a while after the launch of the Abyss Lord.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

As you know, we're working on DD1 remake levels and now it's the time for the well-known Glitterhelm! This one is damn huge -- probably the biggest map to date. The direction we have with these remakes is to keep a very similar gameplay layout but with a different visual approach, something new and fresh! So don't expect lava in Glitterhelm -- expect something dark and cold! Here are some work-in-progress shots:



Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Working on the biggest level so far...yea, you’re absolutely right, it’s Glitterhelm! It's been a long time since our Heroes had the last battle at Glitterhelm, and like everything, time does not stand still and some things have changed over time, so expect a new looking and fresh Glitterhelm cavern!

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

I’m incredibly proud of all that we’ve done for this patch, but like all things game dev, we’d still be working on this patch if we could. Last week, I said that wrapping up the patch was one of my favorite times in game dev and that still hold true. There’s something gratifying about seeing the game improve during these periods that gets me every time.

This week, we’re continuing to hammer out the last of the issues. Planning for the next milestone is now in full swing. We’ve got a rough outline to start, and we’re now doing the estimations.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer ([[48993,users]])

We were able to give a sneak peek into the tower / enemy overhaul that we are working towards. As you can see, our goal is to provide that strategic layer that our current lineup and tower sets don’t provide -- as well as provide that freedom to experiment with tower strengths and weakness to get a variety of builds per map depending on what’s coming down the lanes.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Been plowing through these UIs. We’ve laid a substantial foundation for future work. These new UIs are really starting to flow nicely. I hope you’ll see the grand vision of where we are going once this thing goes live. There are some kinks still in the system, but we’re ironing them out as fast as we can. DD2 will feel like a completely different game once we get all the UIs switched over to this new vision.   

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

Touching up the next few heroes for their big releases.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

[Chris wasn’t able to fill out the Dev Log because he must remain constantly vigilant for new bugs. [[10523,hashtags]]]


Devstream 54 Recap

Today, we revealed the Calling All Heroes update, coming to Steam in early April! This update includes the Abyss Lord, an all-new Hero Deck, Defender Medals and more! The update page has more information.

In the second half of the stream, Phil, Elliot and Steven showed a sneak peek at something that isn't in the update but coming soon: the Strategy Revamp. The goal of the revamp is to provide a more interesting challenge on every map in the game.

Here's a recap:

  • If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive Defender Medals in every email beginning when the update goes out! Sign up here.

  • Update Release:  Early April

  • What's In The Update:

    • Hero Deck Changes:

      • Build with all of your heroes

      • Level four heroes at once

      • Quickly swap between decked heroes using hotkey (even in Combat Phase!)

      • Inspect other players’ decks

      • New UI

    • Abyss Lord:

    • Defender Medals:

      • Earnable currency

      • Used to recruit new heroes and unlock new Skill Spheres

    • First Steps of Strategy Revamp:

      • Removal of Lane Resistances

      • Higher Nightmare XP

    • Abyss Lord Skill Spheres:

      • With the Abyss Lord, we’re introducing some changes to Skill Spheres that we’ll eventually bring to the four original heroes.

      • The Abyss Lord has four Large slots.

      • All of the Abyss Lord’s Skill Spheres are designed to add powerful effects to the Abyss Lord. We want players to really think about which Skill Spheres to equip and make those choices interesting, tough and exciting.

      • His Skill Spheres are obtained through Defender Medals.

  • What We’re Working On (Not In This Update):

    • PlayStation 4 Harbinger + Carnival Update:  Early April

    • PlayStation 4 Calling All Heroes Update

    • Maps from the Original Dungeon Defenders!

      • Foundries & Forges

      • Ramparts

      • Glitterhelm Caverns

    • Strategy Revamp

      • Original Four Hero Tower Revamps:  Giving heroes the ability to work together to build a solid defense setup for the different lane types. Includes changes to their defense kits and defense balance changes.

      • Enemy Genotypes & Counters:  Right now, we have four Genotypes:  Speedy / Tank / Flying / Sniper. Each lane will spawn with a genotype, and enemies are being rebalanced and tweaked to fit each one. This enemy composition provides different tower setups to combat the individual threats. With the removal of resists, any tower can deal full damage to the enemy it’s attacking, which allows players to generate builds we didn't see coming.

      • Special Enemy Revamps:  We will be changing special enemies and they way they come out to challenge the way players have setup their defenses. They can come out as strong versions of the same enemy genotype or come out as a counter to the defense setup. Watch out for these guys.

      • Mana Increase & DU Revamp

    • Bug Fixes

      • Blackscreen Issue

      • Server Issues Related to High CPU Usage

      • Long Load Times

      • Server Connection Issues

    • And a lot more. More info soon. :)



The Calling All Heroes update is coming in April! This update includes:

  • The New Hero Deck: Major changes to the Hero Deck, including the much-requested ability to build with all of your heroes, leveling up all of your decked heroes at once, quickswapping your decked heroes at the press of a button and inspecting other players' decks!

  • New Hero, The Abyss Lord: This is just the first of many heroes coming to the game this year!

  • Defender Medals:  A new earnable currency used to recruit new heroes!

  • And more!

Learn more about the update on our new landing page!

Before the update comes out, meet the Abyss Lord!

Want to see the update in action? Tune into the Devstream on Friday at 5PM EDT! We’re going to show off the Abyss Lord and all of the new Hero Deck changes, and then we’re going to give you a sneak peek at our strategy revamp, which is scheduled to come out in a future update. Tune in live for a chance to win the Dark Arts Apprentice costume!

Dev Log 63:  Strategy Revamp Progress


Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

We’re on the home stretch! Be sure and check out the cool Abyss Lord video above and the Calling All Heroes anchor page the guys put together. It’s bug fixing mode in the studio this week as we push to the finish line. This next release is another big step towards making the game cooler and more fun. Being able to build with any hero, swap in combat, and level them all at once while melting face with the Abyss Lord is fun business. The new UI looks slick and will really allow us to move towards a cleaner cross-platform development flow over time. I’ve been sorting through a massive backlog of robust features and improvements for the game, which we’re prioritizing this week. We need to keep pushing. Our big goal, as I’ve said before, is to get that hero library built out and never stop adding to it, but at the same time there are tons of fixes, improvements, features, and more to do and we won’t forget them. EV2 is the hero up next, but who’s after her is up to you. Keep your eyes peeled for the influence vote! As a former RR 80+ Slayer in Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning (RIP) I’m going to vote for the barbarian! “Give me death!”


Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Working on the changes to lanes / enemies / and towers. This is an overhaul of the strategic depth of DD2, so we are making sure we get this as fun as possible. As you can see, this lane is comprised of Air Enemies. You can also see they are flying right over my traps and barricades. This is one example of the types of changes we want to make to ensure build variety. We're going to talk more about this on Friday's Devstream!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

First there was the great flood that shut us down for a few days. Then I got terribly sick again. Ultimately we lost a lot of time that we could have spent solving world hunger, curing cancer, but most important of all, we could have spent that time making the Abyss Lord eeeeeeeeven cooooooooooler. Have no fear! I’ve successfully constructed a time dilating device that allows us to nearly double the amount of time in a day. I call it, the Don’t Sleeper 3000 X PWN!!!!

For the past three weeks we had early builds of the Abyss Lord playable to a close circle of hardcore DD fans. (BTW if you guys want to join this super awesome cult write a comment and reach out to Dani. The initiation ceremony is not bad at all and we only require you to donate one or two organs.) These DD fans gave us a lot of feedback on the Abyss Lord, and we’ve been tweaking him and making him more and more awesome with each increment. Now I’m working on his Skill Spheres and Passives and playing with him trying to place the final, final touches before he goes off to college and you can all start playing with him. Treat him gently, he’s always been a special boy… girl… er… Cthulhu thing...

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)


Also, we’re down to finalization of the PS4 update, so we’re hoping to get the Harbinger + Carnival update out to you in early April. Keep an eye right here for more news.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

Last week, the Flood of Trendy 2016 closed the building from Tuesday all the way through Monday. A water main had ruptured in an elevator, flooding the basement overnight with 5000+ gallons of water and caused the transformer to shut down, disabling electricity throughout the building. Several Trendy guys came in Thursday to drag a generator onto the roof, snake an extension cord down into our server rooms, and power on the internal servers so we can continue development. After several hours of troubleshooting, a thunderstorm rolled into town forcing them to stop for the night. Luckily power was restored to the building on Friday, and the team rallied for the final push towards our patch release. The effort from the team has been incredible thus far, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of it.

This week, we’re in finaling mode, one of my favorite times of the project. We get to solve problems and see the fruits of our labor, but by the end of it, I’m ready to get back to making features.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Lots more work on the new Hero Deck UIs. The team has been busting their butts getting all this new functionality in. This has also been a deep dive of our UI System and what it can/can’t do.  This allows us to make future UIs easier and quicker but requires a ton of upfront work and time.  Anyone who’s worked with UE3 native UIScenes will understand.  

So while the below pictures might not look like much has changed since last week, the innards are muuuuuch better.

Also, did you see that Abyss Lord video!?  That thing is the bee’s knees!



Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

At this point we have just started to work on a visual test for what might be the next Dungeon Defenders II level. All I can say this is going to be another dungeon type level. Here's a sneak peek. :)


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We loved watching you guys what the level was last week. Lots like a good number of you guessed correctly! Now, we are starting a new level.

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

Making heroes and costumes and costumes for heroes and accessories and marketing illustrations and icons and all kinds of fun things.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

We’re still full swing with the new UI testing, Defender Medals, the Monthly Mission for April, Abyss Lord, and a bunch of other stuff that creeped up. Business as usual.

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