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Hotfix 2.1

  • Fixed an issue where some players were experiencing unplayable lag.
  • Incursions: Now drops level 25 Legendary items.
  • Incursions: Added a high chance to gain Legendary items on waves 4 and 5.
  • Incursions: Added a small chance for Legendary items from waves 1-3.
  • Incursions: Removed Worn and Sturdy tier loot from Incursion drop tables.
  • Incursions: Removed Powerful tier loot from wave 5 drop tables.
  • 25++: Removed Worn and Sturdy tier loot.
  • 25++: Added a small percent chance at gaining a legendary on waves 4 and 5.
  • 25++: Increased Epic and Mythical drop chance.
  • 25+: Removed Worn tier loot.
  • 25+: Added a small chance at a legendary on waves 4 and 5.
  • Special enemies have a higher chance at dropping weapons and relics on 25+, 25++ and Incursions -- 1/3 chance at armor, 1/3 chance at a weapon, 1/3 chance at a relic.
  • Special enemies have a higher chance at higher item power loot relative to drops from regular enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where extra magic and physical special stats were substantially higher than intended.
  • Removed global announcement spam from the Social Tavern.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ogre was spawning under the map in Throne Room 25++.

Co-op Confidential -- Overworld


We saw your posts in our forums. We read your comments on YouTube. You want more information on the cooperative tower defense campaign.

We’re more than happy to oblige.

Every Monday, we’re going to slowly unveil bits and pieces of what we’re working on internally for co-op. Sometimes we’ll show returning elements from the first game; sometimes we’ll show off something new for DD2. This week, we want to show you a brand-new feature for DD2 co-op: the overworld.


In Dungeon Defenders II, levels will be accessed through an explorable overworld. Think of it like this: Do you remember playing Super Mario 64? In that game, the overworld map -- Peach’s Castle -- was a level unto itself. You could explore the castle on a hunt to find portals to new worlds. There were secrets to be found and challenges to complete.

Now imagine exploring Peach’s Castle with 23 other players. That’s what we’re going for.

In our game, there won’t be a random desert world located in the basement. Our overworld acts as the foundation for the levels and for the story. Everything should feel natural and logical.

You’ll discover challenge missions sprinkled throughout the overworld. For example, you might run into an NPC who starts ranting about enemies falling from the sky, which will take you to a certain... familiar challenge.

In Dungeon Defenders, the structure of the game was three levels and then a level with a boss fight. In Dungeon Defenders II, the first area the team completed currently has four levels and then a level with a boss fight.


Why are we making an overworld map? We noticed that, in Dungeon Defenders, players spent a ton of time in the tavern. The tavern was a multi-faceted area. It was a war room for strategy discussion and rule creation. It was a social hub for events. It was a community marketplace for item selling and trading. But it was cramped, and the space itself wasn’t that interesting outside of collectible trophies. We wanted to take the social experience of the tavern and set it in an area that encouraged and rewarded exploration.

We’ll have far more information on this as we get closer to the end of the year. For now, we’ll just leave you with the images in this post for you to pour over.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback in the Comments section!

Tune in next Monday for the first information on DD2 enemies.

Raising the Ruins


In addition to sweeping gameplay changes from the MOBA, Dungeon Defenders II has also changed artistically in the past year. Our focus on a mobile release has diminished, and this has given us the opportunity to explore a greatly increased technical budget. Through this change weve experienced fun, artistic freedoms that just werent possible before.

The team has been cranking away on one of our most recent areas, currently referred to as The Ruins. Were clever like that. Normally when creating a new map, the game designers supply the art team with a written description of the area, then the magic-wielding concept artists turn words into a fully realized image! If this were 1692 Salem, theyd probably have to go into hiding. Fortunately, progressive as our modern society is, they are generally encouraged in their conjuring arts.

In the case of The Ruins, circumstances worked out a little differently. The area had already made its way through level design before enough concept paintings were completed to inform what the map should really be.


Above is the early map layout for The Ruins. I was asked to take what was in this layout and be as creative as I could in representing what the player might see when it got into their hands. Because more technical elements had already been established, there was immediately an extra level of limitation to work with while still trying to maintain the creative flair. As I said though, I had the conceptual conjuring arts at my beck and call, and I began the arduous ritual of calling them forth. Three hours later, I got off of Facebook and started work!


We were already exploring Greystone Plaza and Siphon Site D by this point so I wanted to make sure The Ruins really had its own voice. Theres nothing worse than a game where every level looks the same as the next. The Ruins needed to have a heavy air of abandoned mystery. Players should get the sense that something happened here a long time ago and theres a chance it may happen again. That, along with some lighting cues and a few prop sketches, was what I had to go on as I jumped into painting.


For me, it's important to consider what the other production departments here at Trendy will be focusing on while we build the map. I try to think about how level design will have certain expectations concerning the pathing. I consider interesting things the world builders might be inspired to try as they deco the game space, and what kind of assets and visual storytelling might inspire our lore writers as they continue to explore how the world functions. Above all else though, I want to create something that will bring the entire Dungeon Defenders II team together. Something that will put us on the same page so that we can more easily unite toward the same goal: Creating a great experience for the player.


For the most part, The Ruins concept did end up supplying inspiration for all of these departments! It got people talking about the area, which in turn led to a lot of cool new lore ideas. Eagerly (and with the concept as our road map), we started building the area. We ran into challenges pretty quickly, though. With new visual inspiration came new ideas, and those new ideas weren't going to work without some changes to what the level designers had previously explored, as well as changes to our understanding of Dungeon Defenders II maps up to that point. Challenges are good, though! They push teams to solve problems and grow together. If the team is up for the work, they usually end up making a better product.


Immediately the art wizards gathered and, with wands (styluses) in hand, set about solving these new problems. We grabbed screenshots of the original map layout, pulled them into the magical dimension of Photoshop, and started painting over them to detail specific areas. Lighting, mood, architectural cues, and the environment's topography quickly came together to create a map that was more believably alive. I guess you could think of the process as a form of necromancy...If you like.


The team has learned a lot working on this area and its made us a stronger unit overall. Id love to show off the full map at this point, but a screenshot will have to do. There are still changes and tweaks happening in the maps so a full video reveal of the area isnt planned until later.

We want to make the best Dungeon Defenders II we can. We want to be proud of our game, and more importantly we want YOU to be proud of it. Youre the reason this game even had a chance at being made, and were excited to get this continued experience into your hands. Keep your eyes popped for our upcoming reveals and let us know what you think of The Ruins so far! What would YOU add/subtract based on the screenshot? Let us know in the comments and you could win a seat on the Defense Council.




Greetings, Defenders!

Our next patch for Dungeon Defenders II, Alpha & Beyond, is coming out this September! This patch will begin our Alpha phase of development. Since almost every Early Access developer (and platform) uses different terminology, here’s our definitions:

Phases of Development for Dungeon Defenders II:

  • Pre-Alpha- This is where we develop the core features of the game. Public releases are often far apart and most work is focused on the initial creation of core features and gameplay systems. (Note: This is the state of the game since our release in Early Access)

  • Alpha- In this phase we rapidly iterate on and improve the core feature set of the game. Feature work is still ongoing in this phase, but we will also be focusing on bug fixing and balancing on a near weekly basis.

  • Open Alpha - This is the same phase as Alpha, but open to everyone. There will be no full wipes once we reach this stage. If there are balance or other issues we will deal with them in similar methods to other online games.

  • Open Beta - At this point, core feature work is mostly complete. We will be fully operating the game as a live product. Most of our time will be spent creating new content (levels, bosses, events, items) and continuing to balance the game.

  • Free to Play- Release! Here we consider the game has enough content to be “released.” From here on we will be making new content, creating post-release features, and more!

The PlayStation 4 version of the game will be following a similar roadmap once released, just a few steps behind the PC version. We may be using slightly different terminology though, due to the platform. We’ll have more details on the PlayStation 4 soon!

In the meantime, catch a sneak peak of the Alpha & Beyond patch in our last Devstream here. And tune in to our next DevStream, this Friday at 5 PM EDT for our full reveal.


Patch 19.5 is live now on PC and PS4! This patch contains changes to Shard drops, balance, UI and more. 

Here are the full patch notes:

Shard Changes

According to our recent survey, Shard drops were the #1 biggest frustration from the Trials update. Our biggest focus for this patch was to improve Shard farming time speed and improve your ability to specifically target farm the Shards you want.

  • Each Shard Pack now contains unique Shards. For example, Shards A, B and C can only be found in Chaos I Shard Packs, while Shards D, E and F can only be found in Chaos III Shard Packs.

    • This also means that Standard Shards will no longer drop from within Chaos Shard Packs!

  • Each victory in Trials will guarantee at least 1 Chaos Shard Pack from that given difficulty. For example, when you beat Chaos II Trials, you will be guaranteed a Chaos II Shard Pack.

  • Before, Shard Packs had a chance to give you 1 Shard from a pool of up to 120(!) different Shards. In the patch, we’re reducing the Shard pool per pack from ~120 to somewhere between 25-35 Shards per pack, which will increase the chances of getting the Shard you want when you open a pack.

    • Some Shards have moved around. Be sure to check out DD2Tools, our official Wiki or the Interactive Shards Sheet for details on where Shards drop now!

    • Some Shards have been disabled from dropping, but don’t worry, most of them will return with the new Chaos tiers, which will come out very soon!

  • Standard Shard Packs and Chaos 1-4 Shard Packs are now available for purchase at the Gran’Masta and War Recruiter shops.

  • Victory Chests will now drop 2 Shard Packs guaranteed every time.

    • When you win, you’ll receive one Shard Pack from that difficulty and one Shard Pack from any previous difficulty (for example, if you beat Chaos III Trials, you’ll receive 1 Chaos III Shard Pack and 1 Chaos II, Chaos I or Standard Shard Pack).

By making Shard Packs drop unique Shards, increasing drop chances within a pack, guaranteeing Shard Packs per difficulty, giving you 2 Shard Packs guaranteed on every victory and adding a Shard bonus for consecutive wins (more details below), it’ll be much faster to get the Shards you want. Again, if you want to know the new Shard drop locations, check out our Wiki and on our community-made webtools (like Czokalapik’s DD2Tools and Pandynator and xlogisticsx’s Interactive Shard Sheet).

Trials Consecutive Win Shard Bonus

This patch adds the first pass on our Trials consecutive win bonus, which gives bonus rewards for winning consecutive random maps in Trials. This patch adds the Shard consecutive bonus; in future patches, it’s our goal to add XP and Gold bonuses, too.

  • Once you win 3 consecutive random maps in a row in Trials, you’ll activate the Shard consecutive bonus. On your 4th consecutive victory onward, you’ll earn an extra Shard Pack for as long as the streak continues.

  • This extra Shard Pack is a guaranteed Shard Pack from that difficulty.

    • That means once you activate the win bonus, you’ll get 3 Shards guaranteed every victory (2 Shard Packs of that difficulty, 1 Shard Pack from previous difficulties) until the streak is broken.

Sort Shards By Name

Another pain point brought up in the survey was the frustration of trying to find the Shard you want within your Inventory. A popular suggestion (both in the survey and in the community) was a Shard filter that sorts Shards alphabetically by name, and we were able to get it in for this patch! We’re investigating more Shard filtering options and possible Shard icon improvements for future updates.

  • Added the “Name” filter in the All Bags -> Shards section, which sorts Shards alphabetically.

Hero Management UI Changes

Something we’ve heard from players with a high number of heroes is that it’s difficult to navigate to certain heroes in the new Hero Management UI. These changes are aimed at alleviating that frustration.

  • Added a Quick Select option. Quick Select displays up to 18 heroes per page. Select a hero to go to that hero’s position in the Rolodex. More improvements to the Quick Select feature will come in future patches!

  • You can now interact with any visible hero card in the Rolodex. Previously, you needed to use the arrows to navigate through the hero cards. (FYI:  You can also use the Middle Mouse Wheel on PC to scroll through your hero cards.)

Bag Quick Scrolling

On the PC version, we’ve added hotkeys that will cycle left and right through your bags! This should make moving items from one bag to another much faster, especially for those of you who don’t have a Middle Mouse Wheel.

  • Q and E will scroll between left and right between bags on PC.

  • Reminder:  The Middle Mouse Wheel can also scroll through bags, too!

Return to Tavern No Longer Forces Everyone Back to Tavern

If one person selects Return to Tavern, that person will leave. Not you. You will Continue, baby. And you’ll keep Continuing as long as you want to Continue.

New Weekend Event Support

This patch includes the ability to do Weekend Gold and Weekend XP events! Perhaps you’ll see them soon...


New Title:  Discord Defender

We’ve added a new title that you can earn by being active on our Discord server!  

Defense Balance Changes

With this patch, we’ve taken a serious look at the viability of all defenses as well as how several of our specific defense stats scale, and we made some fundamental changes as a result. We hope these changes will make many defenses, at least when it comes to raw DPS and utility, viable in later Chaos difficulties. You can read an expanded explanation of these changes in our Patch 19.5 Preview blog.

  • Defense Power scalars have been refactored on all defenses. Every defense receives more damage bonuses from Defense Power.

  • Defense tier upgrades now increase Defense Power and Defense Crit Damage much more significantly on low-DU defenses than high-DU defenses.

    • As a rule, high-DU defenses are still more efficient at Tier 5 than low-DU defenses, but this makes the gap smaller and removes much of the penalty of using 20 DU defenses like Explosive Trap.

  • Defense Crit Cap increased from 30% -> 33%.

    • Note:  Hero Ascension Powers no longer break the Defense Crit Cap.

  • Defense Crit Damage scalars on most defenses are set to 500% that of the Defense Power scalar.

    • Exceptions apply to certain unusual defenses, like Poison Dart Tower and Obelisk.

  • Defense Crit Damage Cap increased to hopefully unreachable levels.

  • Defense Speed has been refactored to apply consistent benefits across all defenses.

  • Attack Rate caps have been refactored. Primarily damage-dealing defenses have rate caps of 4x faster than base Attack Rate. Primarily utility defenses have a rate cap of 2x faster than base Attack Rate.

    • We’ll keep an eye on this. We would ideally have similar rates on all defenses, but certain utility defenses become nearly unstoppable (by themselves) at very high attack rates.

  • Defense Rate shard no longer breaks the Attack Rate cap on a defense.

  • Default Attack Rate of some very-slow defenses has been slightly increased to reduce overkill damage inefficiencies on Goblins and other weak targets.

    • Lightning Strikes Aura and Earthshatter are the primary beneficiaries.

  • All defense-based stuns, slows, and similar utility effects, including those provided through shards, have had their durations updated to account for the changes in Defense Speed and Attack Rates.

    • In many cases, this means that the duration of these effects are slightly lower, as the defense can apply them more frequently at higher defense speeds.

    • Ascension Powers and Shards that increase the duration or power of stuns, slows, and other utility effects have also been rebalanced for the same reasons.

  • Defense Range Gambit Ascension Powers have been refactored and standardized across defenses.

    • All many-target defenses (like the Flame Aura and the Flamethrower) may now gain up to a 25% increase in range from these powers.

    • All fixed-target defenses (like the Hornet’s Nest and the Cannonball Tower) may now gain up to a 50% increase in range from these powers.

    • We will keep an eye on these values and adjust accordingly, but we want fixed-target defenses to receive larger benefits from range upgrades than many-target defenses.

  • Fissure of Embermount now benefits from Defense Speed.

  • Gunwitch Sniper Roost tower has double the default crit chance.

  • Snaking Sands now benefits from Defense Speed and no longer has a hidden 12s cooldown.

  • Sand Viper’s Defense Power scalar heavily revised. Should now be much more competitive with other fixed-target towers.

  • Obelisk’s Smite and Fire mechanics have been heavily revised.

    • Smite Damage and Rate are now displayed on Inspect.

    • Smite rate now properly scales with Defense Speed and no longer has hidden cooldowns.

    • Additional Obelisk buffs (Shield, Transmog, Bubble) now apply more frequently thanks to Defense Speed scaling.

    • Fire (from maximum appeasement) stats are now more clearly labelled on Inspect.

    • A chunk of the Obelisk’s damage output has been moved from Fire to Smite. While we like the mechanic of rewarding players for playing combat Mystics, we did not want the Fire effect to be so vital to the defense that the defense was useless outside of it. We’ll keep a close eye on this balance going forward and try to ensure its viability in a non-Fire spam role.

  • Lightning Strikes Aura health no longer breaks during tier upgrades, and the health has been reduced to sane values.

  • Reflect Beam description clarified to explain the Torpedo effect better.

  • All effects that modify the slow % of a defense or ability are now multiplicative, rather than additive.

    • Tier upgrades, Ascension Power upgrades, and shard upgrades that improve slows are now multiplicative, rather than additive. This means that a 10% improvement on a base 65% Slow will only reduce the Slow to 58.5%.

    • This was a necessary step to fix some defenses in achieving negative slows on enemies, as well as giving us more room to improve slows with additional shards / powers.

    • This affects the Oil Geyser, Proton Node, Frostbite Tower, and the Dryad’s Powder Toss ability.

  • Frostbite Tower's chill/slow effect has been rebalanced across all Ascension Powers/shards/upgrades (no more moonwalking…)

    • Through Ascension Powers/shards/tier upgrades, the maximum slow the Frostbite Tower can achieve is around 50% now, rather than being -15%...

  • Mystic’s Serpent’s Coil has been heavily improved.

    • Benefits from Mystic’s defense Ascension Powers.

    • Benefits from Defense Speed stat.

    • While it still cannot be upgraded, it is a very efficient 20 DU defense now.

  • Poison Dart Tower’s projectiles deal basic damage again. We will be revising this defense’s mechanics again once technical upgrades allow us to handle the Crit Damage issues more gracefully.

  • Frosty Power shard no longer stacks with itself.

    • We felt the power of this shard was strong enough on its own that allowing it to stack, especially in conjunction with a specific other shard, was giving too much bang-for-the-buck.

  • Colossal Fissure scaling stat changed to Ability Power and now deals damage properly.

Hero Balance Changes

  • Increased default mana regeneration on the Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, and Squire from 2 MP/s to 3 MP/s.

  • Abyss Stone damage increased by 10%, but Abyss Knight damaged decreased by 10%.

    • Abyss Lord's primary damage ability is intended to be his Abyss Stone, but we've noticed the trend is to spam Abyss Knight more so when it comes down to brass tax.

    • As a result, we're moving some of his damage dealing power from Abyss Knight to Abyss Stone to separate the functions of these two abilities a little more.

  • Fixed several Abyss Lord and EV2 ability descriptions incorrectly specifying they scaled from stats they did not scale from. Abilities scale from Ability Power.

  • Molten Brimstone Tome now has proper gameplay values, scales entirely from Ability Power, and functions more usefully at shard level 1.

  • Power of Storms shard has been refactored completely.

    • Shard description updated to state the new effect. When triggered, it increases mana regeneration by 20 MP/s for 3s but has a 10s cooldown (at max level).

  • Shards that deal damage directly now have proper, unique Crit Damage scalars.

    • Crit Damage from these shard attacks can no longer reach infinite values…

Campaign Balance Changes

  • Enemy levels in Campaign have been increased to account for the increases in overall defense damage.

  • Hero level 1 stats slightly increased to account for slight increase to enemy levels in campaign

    • Except EV2. Her level 1 stats were slightly decreased, because for some reason they were way, way, way higher than everyone else’s….

  • Certain intro enemies had their HP reduced in the campaign (Lady Orc, Wyvern, etc.)

Chaos Balance Changes

  • Enemy levels in Chaos have been increased slightly to account for the increases in overall defense damage.

    • We paid specific attention to enemies that are generally not affected by defenses (Witherbeast, Siege Rollers, etc.) and re-weighted their stats accordingly. They can still be slain in a timely fashion only by heroes.

  • In combination with the above changes, we’ve reduced the Chaos 1 enemy level by 10%. The result of this along with our defense balance changes should result in a smoother entry into Chaos 1. We’ll continue to monitor both player feedback and our internal data to see how players are progressing into Chaos 1.

Stuck Special Enemy Fixes

One of the biggest bugs we wanted to fix was the Stuck Special Enemy bug where Siege Rollers and other Special Enemies were getting stuck in their spawners. Our world builders have gone through the maps reported to us and changed geometry within the spawners that were causing trouble. If you see a stuck Special Enemy after this patch, please report it to our bug site!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when replaying The Wyvern’s Den.

  • Fixed a duplicating bug in the Inventory.

  • Slow improvements now show as benefits rather than negatives on all inspect and Ascension Power interfaces.

  • Mana Bomb no longer causes the Flamethrower to stop attacking.

  • Flamethrowers will now attack the Demon Lord.

  • Fixed Shield Geodes touching Cores and setting them to 3K health.

  • Shield Geodes moving over EV nodes will no longer create a Shield on the nodes.

  • Frosty Bind Shard now properly improves slow speed.

  • Howling Feast Shard now functions properly.

  • Withering Fountain Shard now functions properly.

  • Lateral Blast Shard now properly deals damage.

  • Mega Rock Shard now properly deals damage.

  • Rain of Oil Shard ignite now properly deals damage.

  • Defense Crit Damage and Destruction Shards now work on EV2’s Buff Beam.

  • Weapon Manufacturer now updates if you equip gear after it’s built.

  • Monk Skyguard Slow Ascension Power now properly caps at 20.

  • Lightning Touch Shard, Water Elemental Shard, and Shattering Torpedo Shard now deal proper bonus damage.

    • These shards had bugs that would sometimes cause them to deal considerably more or less amounts of extra damage. The damage stated on the shard description is now their actual bonus damage and should show properly as damage numbers.

  • Fixed an issue where the Flamethrower would try to target enemies outside of its range.

  • Fixed a bug where the Pumpkinator Shard was applying to defenses of the hero who equips it.

  • Fixed an Inventory tooltip issue that would display items with the wrong item type information.

  • Rain of Oil Shard description clarified.

  • Bots of Oil Shard description clarified.

  • Updated EV2 Shard descriptions.

  • Updated several Shard descriptions that used incorrect stat names.

  • Shard and Shard Pack tooltips now display their sell price.

  • Mystic’s Defense Crit Chance Ascension Power now displays the proper number.

  • When EV2 nodes are stunned, all nodes display the stun VFX.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ascension Point displays would overlap.

  • Updated The Dead Road boss schedule to spawn from Wave 2 onwards.

  • Fixed goofy Monk weapon holding in certain situations.

  • Fixed VFX on the Quake Shard.

  • Harbinger Squad challenges updated to be completed on Campaign Hard instead of Nightmare II.

  • Fixed a sub-objective naming issue on Forgotten Ruins.

  • Gold Ingots now look like Gold Ingots instead of weird Gold Crystals.

  • Campaign Relics no longer have a chance to generate with Defense Range.

  • Fixed lighting issues on several maps.

  • Fixed collision issues on several maps.

  • Fixed several typo issues.

  • Fixed an issue where some costumes were displaying incorrect names and descriptions.

  • PS4 - Fixed a cursor clone issue in the Inventory.

  • PS4 - Mailbox UI no longer becomes unresponsive after closing the soft keyboard.


PS4 Defenders,

Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming December 1st! It contains pretty much everything you could want while defending Etheria -- a new leveling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and oh so much more.

It will also include a full wipe, which means your heroes, items and progress will enter the Void, never to return. (Any premium purchases will be refunded, so you’ll have all of your gems back!)

Since we’re going to miss your heroes, too, we decided to go the extra mile and put together some EXCLUSIVE items for your hard work:

Corrupted Welp

Everyone who has leveled up at least one hero to level 25 will be awarded a unique, custom pet. To obtain this award, you must complete this challenge by 11:59PM EST on November 30th. The pet will be given to you in the Loot & Survive update on December 1st.

4 Survivor Hero Costumes

Everyone who has leveled up at least one of each hero class to level 25 will get a unique hero costume for that class. That means if you level up your Huntress to 25, you’ll get the Huntress Survivor Costume, but you’ll have to level up a Squire, Apprentice and Monk to 25 to get their respective costumes. To obtain these awards, you must complete this challenge by 11:59PM EST on November 30th. The costumes will be given to you in the Loot & Survive update on December 1st.

Free Gems for Earned Wyvern Token

And finally, we’ll be giving everyone free gems for earning Wyvern Tokens in the game to date. Earned means that you have gained them, so this counts for any tokens that you spent on Uber Spheres and Lockbox Keys. We will be awarding the following amount of gems based on the amount of Wyvern Tokens you’ve earned by, you guessed it, 11:59PM EST on November 30th:

Wyvern Tokens Earned

Gems Rewarded

20 - 39


40 - 79


80 - 119


120 +


Thanks for helping us refine Dungeon Defenders II on the PS4! Together, we’re going to make the best Action Tower Defense game ever.

The Trendy Team

Dungeon Defenders II PvP beta registration is now open. Go to www.playverse.com now to sign-up! Registration is limited, so get in while you can.

Once you're registered, download the bootstrapper to get started. Both Windows and Mac clients are available. If you get in, make sure to post your feedback and issues in the Beta Forums here. You must be logged into the forums via your playverse account to access the beta forums.

Keep in mind, the beta is still under NDA and some parts are very rough around the edges. We look forward to hearing your thoughts (in the beta forums).

Greetings, Defenders!

Close your eyes. Now open them. Now close them again. Good. If you’re still reading this, you’re either not following instructions or you have special eyelids we’d like to extract for science.

The Calling All Heroes update for Steam is one of the largest updates we’ve done. We’ve created the first of our new heroes, programmed a new system for earning those heroes, revamped the way you interact with heroes and the Hero Deck, tore out and rebuilt our UIs -- we’ve touched a lot of our core infrastructure in a short amount of time. Because of that, there may be a few more bugs in this one. Please report any vile vermin you see in our Bug Reporting form.

But most importantly, we just want you to have fun playing this update. Now that you can build with all of your heroes, we’re hoping to see some truly creative map builds. We can’t wait for you to unlock the Abyss Lord to command your minions. And leveling your whole deck at the same time means it’s easier than ever to build your army.

If you like this update, keep your special eyelids locked right here because there’s so much more on the way. (Did someone say server browser?) We’re all just so damn excited to make the game better, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

The Trendy Team


New Hero: The Abyss Lord

  • The Abyss Lord is the first of our new heroes! Experience safe-for-work tentacle action today:

    • Watch the trailer to learn about his Defenses, Abilities and playstyle.

    • Earn the Abyss Lord with Defender Medals or purchase him with gems!

      • It’s our goal to make it rewarding for free players to earn our heroes. We’re going to pay close attention to our data and player feedback to make sure this feels oh-so-good.

    • The Abyss Lord uses a new weapon type:  Tomes.

    • The Abyss Lord comes with one free Hero Slot (now called Hero Cards).

  • Skill Spheres

    • The Abyss Lord uses a new approach to Skill Spheres that, if you enjoy it, we’ll bring it to the four original heroes and to future heroes.

    • The Abyss Lord has four Large Slots.

    • His Skill Spheres are focused on interesting gameplay additions rather than purely stat increases. (For example:  Adding “Drenched” to the Skeletal Ramster’s attacks, which opens up new combo possibilities.)

    • His Spheres are purchased with Defender Medals at the Skill Sphere Shop.

New Hero Deck

  • Build With All Your Heroes

    • Bring a 5th, 6th, 7th hero and more to the battlefield during the Build Phase! All of your towers will persist, but only your heroes in your deck earn and share experience and loot.

  • Level All Your Decked Heroes at the Same Time

    • All four heroes in your hero deck now gain experience simultaneously. When your active hero gains 100 XP, the rest of the heroes in your deck will also gain 100 XP!

  • Quickswap Heroes (Even in Combat Phase)

    • Now the heroes in your deck are just a button press away during the Build or Combat Phase. Swapping during the Combat Phase incurs a short cooldown.

    • Default Keybinding is F1 - F4.

  • Quick Inspect Other Players’ Decks

    • Defeating the Old Ones is a lot easier when you can work together with your teammates. Use our new quick inspect UI to quickly glance at what gear and heroes other players are using.

Defender Medals

  • Defender Medals are a new earnable currency used to recruit heroes and purchase Skill Spheres.

  • Earn Defender Medals by completing Daily/Monthly Missions and playing maps. Victory grants more Defender Medals than defeat, and you’ll earn more Medals by playing on harder difficulties.

  • The Treasure Pirate now uses Defender Medals, and she has a new inventory of items sold for Defender Medals! Some of the additions include Pet Affection Boosters and Item Upgrade Boosters.

    • The War Recruiter has come out of retirement to sell items for Wyvern Tokens and is located near the Treasure Pirate. He’s also got a few new items to help you use your remaining Wyvern Tokens.

  • In a future patch, Hero Cards will be unlockable with Defender Medals!

New UIs

  • This is the first of our new UI Revamp. We’re updating all of our UIs to a cleaner style, and we’ll be addressing some functionality issues as we go through this revamp. Please excuse our dust in the meantime as we transition our UX over the coming months. This pass focuses on the Hero Deck UI and the Escape Menu UI.

  • New Hero Deck UIs

    • Quickly inspect other players and their gear at a glance. Detail inspect coming soon!

    • New hero cards display your current iPWR, title, name, hero and costume.

  • New Escape Menu

    • Now you can easily see who is in your party and who is your friend through the new session list browser!

  • The new Hero Details page is a new flow for viewing information about a hero and creating one! Check this page out regularly for hints into which heroes we are working on next!

    • Hotkey to open this menu is CTRL + K.

  • Note:  Due to a last-minute issue, we had to disable controller support for the UI. Expect an update in the future.

New Steam Group Weapon:  The Blaster-Caster

  • Thanks to you, the Steam Group is now at 200,000(!) members, which means the Apprentice’s Blaster-Caster is now a random drop in the game!

  • At 250,000 members, you’ll unlock the final Awakening Weapon:  the Monk’s Crystalline Twin-Blade! Join the group!

Daily and Monthly Mission Updates

  • Daily Missions rewards have been refactored. Missions will now generally reward Defender Medals and Gold, but they also have a new, better set of consumable rewards as well. (Item Upgrade Boosters and Pet Affection Boosters can be earned from Daily Missions if you’re lucky!)

  • We’ve cut a lot of the crappy Daily Missions. You’re welcome.

  • Monthly Missions now reward Defender Medals.

April Monthly Mission: “Big Hits”

  • Requirements:

    • Defeat 2000 enemies with abilities

    • Defeat 2000 enemies with the environment

    • Land 5000 random critical hero hits

  • Rewards:

    • 2000 Defender Medals

    • 300,000 Gold

    • 5 Super Item Upgrade Boosters

    • Title: The Big Shot

Additional Feature Notes

  • We’ve removed Lane Resistances as the first step in our Strategy Revamp. Learn more about our upcoming Strategy Revamp.

  • Shellium Shards are being phased out. Evolution recipies no longer require Shellium Shards. Eggs will now rot into common reagents.

  • We also simplified evolution recipes a bit, so only one tier of reagent per evolution is required.

  • You can now use Defender Medals to upgrade your gear at the Enhancement Wheel in addition to using gold.

  • Added a hotkey for the What’s New screen (Default:  F5).

  • The Carnival has packed up and left Dragonfall. It will be back someday!

  • Updated the costume shop with all of the Carnival costumes.

    • Mage of Shadows (Apprentice): 800

    • Masquerade Mage (Apprentice): 800

    • Galaxy Apprentice: 1200

    • Knight of Shadows (Squire): 800

    • Strongman Squire: 800

    • Galaxy Squire: 1200

    • Huntress of the Shadows: 800

    • Moxie Rouge (Huntress): 800

    • Galaxy Huntress: 1200

    • Monk of Shadows: 800

    • Zen Juggler (Monk): 800

    • Galaxy Monk: 1200


  • Heroes gain much more HP from the Hero Health stat. We rebalanced the amount of ‘free’ Hero Health heroes gained per level to balance this, but Items and SAS points provide substantially more HP.

  • Nightmare difficulties now give as much experience as End Game difficulties.

  • Harbinger’s Warship gives much less Defender Medals than other maps. We’re posting this now so you guys don’t have to spend time finding out!

  • Loot will now drop more evenly for all of your heroes in your Hero Deck, rather than the currently active hero.

Bug Fixes

  • Severely reduced the amount of matchmaking failures and queue errors. Fixing matchmaking/server/performance issues are high on our priority list. More changes to come soon.

  • Made a change to significantly improve the issue where Green Mana on the ground would disappear if a player opened a Mana Node.

    • Now the game destroys tokens in this order:  Ability Mana, Gold Drops, Defense Mana (oldest first for each respective type).

    • So if you keep killing enemies and don't pick anything up, you'll eventually end up with the floor filled with Defense Mana (because it destroyed the other types first).

  • Fixed an issue where players joining an Onslaught match after a reward had been selected did not have a G up or reward selector before first wave.

  • Fixed an issue where some maps would always award XP for keeping the subobjective standing even after losing them.

  • Run ‘N’ Gun Sphere is now currently listed under the Huntress, not the Squire.

  • Elemental Chaos Trap now has the same placement radius as the Explosive Trap.

  • Fixed an issue where the Frostbite Tower’s chill effect was unintendedly reducing enemy Attack Rate.

  • iPWR 231+ gear now correctly requires Hero Level 50. We swear this is the last time we’ll have to re-fix this.

  • Fixed the text tooltips on a number of consumables and pet reroll consumables.

  • Guard swing and impact sounds now play at reasonable volume levels in the taverns.

  • Players can no longer press G to start the wave before the Tutorial loads.

  • Flying Kobolds no longer getting stuck in the Country Home Lane Spawn location on Forest Ambush.

  • The lane wisps no longer remain during Combat Phase on Temple of the Necrotic.

  • The lightning VFX for Katkarot's Elder tier form no longer stretches and attaches to the hero's body while moving.

  • On Temple of the Necrotic, some of the barriers at the beginning of the enemy lanes now have collision.

  • Towers and Pets no longer continue attacking dead Betsy.

  • Fixed the issue where ominous scorched black areas and black cracks appeared as players loaded into the Tutorial.

  • The quest system will now inform the player if a quest/mission reward has been placed into the Scavenger.

  • G4TO Snowball pet ability projectile now properly fires.

  • The Spooky 2015 Challenges now remain locked forever.

  • The cannonball for the Uber Cannonball towers rolls across the floor instead of slides.

  • In the Heroes Marketplace, the Training Dummies in the shadows no longer have shadows.

  • Purchasing an item from the Blacksmith’s Shop or the Relics Shop no longer opens and focuses the last bag in the inventory.

  • On the Dead Road, the green lava pool near the Cemetery spawner no longer deals damage on the inner part of the ledge.

  • Fixed an error message that was erroneously telling players that another player had logged in using their login data when that was not the case.

  • Speaking to any NPC in the Tavern will no longer make Training Dummies invincible.

  • Players should now be able to easily open End Game Chests on both Ramparts and Ramparts Siege.

  • Deleted old trap switch in Little-Horn Valley.

  • The shadows on items placed onto the Enhancement Wheel in the Outdoor are no longer too dark, jagged and positioned incorrectly.

  • Instantly doing damage to the Harbinger when he lands no longer keeps the cannons up. Cannons now stow properly during Build Phase.

  • Fixed the redeem success message for the Mailbox Claim button.

  • Fixed an issue where Little-Horn Valley’s minimap contained extra, unused spawn points.

  • Fixed a clipping issue in Temple of the Necrotic.

  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Strikes Aura wasn’t properly draining if the targeted enemy died upon firing.

  • Fixed an issue where the F6 Help Overlay displayed debug text in the pet ability description.

  • Poisonous Stacks I Skill Sphere was using the Blaze Balloon skill sphere image. Now uses Poison Dart Tower image.

  • Fixed an issue where the default bindings for the Issue Ping and Pet Ability actions were not shown in the Options menu.

Known Issues

  • After leaving a game session and joining back, your name will not appear in the session list -- just your iPWR.

  • With empty deck slots in your Hero Deck, the incorrect card can be displayed in those slots after inspecting the deck of other players.

  • The  Abyss Lord’s Tomes do not display properly in the NPC shops.

  • The game can crash when selecting Options from the Title Screen.

  • Party Leaders are able to kick themselves out of a map in Private Games.

  • When using a controller, some of the Upgrade/Sell/Repair text and or icons can overlap when examining a tower.

  • The description for the Underworld Bonespine Hood accessory for the Abyss Lord is cut off.

  • The Orc Blockade and Colossus towers can be upgraded early for T2 and above.

  • The health values for the Orc Blockade and Colossus shown in the Inspect Defense window are not accurate.

  • Depending on the game resolution, the green highlight outline around NPCs does not display correctly.

  • The damage numbers for the Abyss Lord’s fully charged secondary attack display before the projectile actually impacts.

  • When deleting a hero in the Forge, the delete window does not automatically go away after deleting a hero. (Click to close atm)

  • When clicking between different pets in the Petrinarian UI, the pet ability on pets will sometimes not display. (It’s there. Just a UI issue.)

  • The “Ready Up” message does not go away after starting combat phase in Onslaught mode.

  • Heroes are not facing the correct direction when opening up the Costume Store.

  • Some text is overlapping in the currency bar at the bottom of the new UIs.

  • Sometimes currency totals do not load when loading into the game. Simply transition to a new map.

  • The Abyss Lord’s Abyss Stone ability does not count toward the new Monthly Mission.

  • The options on the Session List do not refresh after the associate event has occurred. For example, if you leave a party the leave party button will still display until you leave the UI and come back.

  • Occasionally the “Create” button will be displayed for the Apprentice when creating a new hero for a new user. Can be correctly by toggling to a different hero and then going back to the Apprentice.

  • The Masquerade Mage costume currently cannot be purchased. Players will receive an Inventory full message instead.

  • The F5 Hotkey will open, but not close, the What’s New message. Currently must use the ESC button to close the message.

  • The incorrect mesh appears on the Item Enhancement wheel when using an XP booster.


Sad News

Greetings Defenders,

Today is an incredibly sad day at Trendy. Roughly 20% of our Trendy family were laid off. We’re working with an outplacement team to make sure that everyone is taken care of, and we’re providing financial assistance and extended benefits to those affected. You can read more about the news here.

We’re very grateful for their hard work and dedication, which you will forever see in Dungeon Defenders II and the other projects we are working on. We hope to see them land on their feet soon. Wherever they land will be lucky to have them.

Some of you will have questions about this situation that we unfortunately cannot answer at this time. Instead, we ask you to use this thread to say goodbye and good luck to the members of Trendy who are no longer with us.


Update:  The Calling All Heroes update is coming out on Thursday, June 2nd!

The Calling All Heroes PS4 update includes our first new hero, the Abyss Lord, the Unholy Catacombs Incursion update, major changes to the Hero Deck and more! For more information, check out the Calling All Heroes and Unholy Catacombs trailers below:

Here’s the best part:  The next PS4 update will include Series EV2 + the Bling King incursion, and the PS4 update after that will sync up the PS4 and PC versions! From that point on, updates will come out around the same time for both PS4 and PC -- most likely about a week or so apart.

This update also includes some PS4-specific changes like enlarged item tooltips, reduced fullscreen takeovers in split-screen, the ability to access the Inventory/Forge anywhere on the battlefield, a number of crash fixes and more!

We’re super excited to be so close to PS4 and PC update parity. Almost there, Defenders.

See you next week.

The Trendy Team

P.S. Remember to use your Carnival passes and tickets before the Carnival disappears! If you don't use them all, don't worry:  The Carnival will be back in the future!


A new contest has begun, Defenders:  Purrpellers! Players with the highest DPS Purrpellers will win an in-game Beastmaster title! Does your Gato have what it takes? Post a screenshot of it in the comments below with a link to your Steam account. Remember, only entries with Steam accounts will be eligible to win. The deadline for entries is July 1st, 11:59 PM EDT. 

Allow me to introduce the Voodu Beastmasters:

  • nekrin
  • @Hangman's Body Count
  • @[RTOP]Dr4kos

Congratulations to our winners! Please keep an eye on your PMs for your prizes, Beastmasters!


Greetings Defenders,

It’s finally here! Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha is available now for North American PS4 players. Purchase a Starter, Defender’s or Collector’s Pack to get access to the game, and for a limited time, PlayStation Plus members can get these packs at a discount!

Some features, like Local Co-Op and controller support, will be ahead of the PC version, but other features and content will be rolling in after they are released on PC. Pre-Alpha Access will launch with Pets & Dragons content and be updated with the following PC Patches.

Pre-Alpha Access is available immediately with the purchase of any of the following packs:

Starter Pack - $14.99

  • Pre-Alpha Access

  • 2000 Gems

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Accessories

Defender’s Pack - $24.99

  • Pre-Alpha Access

  • 3000 Gems

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Accessories

  • 2 additional Hero Slots (will come in a future update)

Collector’s Pack - $74.99

  • Pre-Alpha Access

  • 10000 Gems

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Costumes

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Accessories

  • Exclusive “Dragonfall Defender” Title

  • 2 additional Hero Slots (will come in a future update)

European players will get access to the game in the coming days. We’re working with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as we speak to get this to you as fast as possible. We’ll have more information right here on the website and on our social media channels (you can find the links to these in the Navigation Bar at the top of the site).

A PlayStation®Plus account is NOT required for online multiplayer. Find out more info, please read the PS4 FAQ!



Power Up - Patch Preview

It’s time to dust off your Hero Deck and slide the Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and Monk back in! The Power Up update boosts the original four heroes, finally making them as powerful as true サイヤ人 -- err, we mean, the Abyss Lord and Series EV2. But it might be hard for them to keep up since this update also introduces the new queen of DPS, the Gun Witch!

Looking for someone with a Gun Witch? With the new Game Browser, you can see a list of every game being played, and you can create custom game names to find the players you want! The update also includes many rebalanced passives and weapons along with our very first Armor Set for you to discover. Oh, and did we mention this gear is now distributed across a variety of maps? We think it's time to go create a  “FARMING FOR 4/s Armageddon” lobby.

Our heroes are powering up this July! Stay tuned next week for the patch’s release date, but in the meantime, read on for more details about the Power Up update:

The Gun Witch

With a passion for witchcraft and a touch of gunpowder, we’re proud to present to you… the Gun Witch! Using Broom Power, a magically regenerating resource, the Gun Witch has no need for blue mana and can use all her powers at will. With abilities and witchcraft spells, the Gun Witch can fly from spot to spot, hovering in the air as she snipes enemies on the ground. Meet the Gun Witch in the video above for a full overview!


Hero Buffs

It’s time for the four main heroes to get a boost! These updates will bring the original heroes to Abyss Lord and Series EV2 power level. When the patch comes out in July, you’ll be able to check out all the nitty-gritty details in the patch notes. Here’s a preview of some of the notes: RPG PATCH NOTES.


  • We’re buffing the Apprentice to increase the damage viability of his defenses, giving him a tankier Arcane Barrier, and drastically reducing his ability cooldowns so they’re fun to use frequently.


  • We’re making the Squire a more viable melee and ability power fighter. We’ll be making both of his blockades sturdier and increase the damage of all of his defenses. We're also experimenting with removing root motion, so you can move and attack at the same time.


  • We’ve modified each of the Monk’s melee attacks to make his polearm types more unique. We’ve also boosted the damage output of his damage dealing towers and boosting ability of his Boost Aura.


  • We’ve reduced the cooldowns and increased the damage on many of the Huntress’s abilities. We gave all of her traps a substantial damage boost and modified the Poison Dart Tower so it’s more effective on the battlefield.


Game Browser

We’ve made a ton of changes to how you play maps and create games in the Power Up update! With the new Game Browser, you can now see every game being played. No more jumping blindly into a game hoping to find other players! Use the map, mode and difficulty filters to find the open games you want to play, or create your own. Entice players to join you by adding a custom name to your game. With the minimum iPWR filter, you can make sure the right people are joining your games. Based on your feedback, we’ll add more filters and settings to make sure finding and playing with other players is an enjoyable experience.

We’ve also restructured the game into three game modes: Campaign, Challenges (previously called Incursions), and Onslaught. All of these modes are unlocked from the beginning. Each mode now contains the following difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, Insane, and Nightmare I - IV. Thanks to your Influence Vote, Normal and Hard are both unlocked from the beginning, and the other difficulties unlock as your heroes’ level increases.


Passive Updates

Since we’ll be powering up the main four heroes, we also wanted to do a balance pass on many of the passives and legendary weapons in the game. In many cases we have combined passives that previously appeared on many items to a single passive that rolls on a single item. These new items will be guaranteed drops on specific maps.

Our end goal: The ability to target farm the gear you need to make your heroes awesome!


Greetings Defenders,

Cannon fodder: Its a staple of the genre. But with Dungeon Defenders II, were shaking things up a bit. Weve added several unique, specialized enemies to the Old Ones armies. This month Id like to introduce you to one of those enemies: The Lightning Bug.

The Lightning Bug is an airborne enemy. Its a tiny creature--hard to see and even harder to hit. Dont let it catch you unaware, though. It still packs quite a punch! When a Lightning Bug approaches, it begins to charge an attack. Once fully charged, it unleashes a bolt of lightning that devastates multiple targets.


Like all of our enemies, the Lightning Bug has three tiers of progression. It starts its life as a tiny flying grub and eventually becomes a fearsome wasp-like creature. Advanced tiers are faster, stronger, and harder to kill. Theyre capable of inflicting massive, widespread damage with their charge attack.

While they prefer to wreak havoc on defenses and objectives, Lightning Bugs also have an element of unpredictability. Theyve been known to focus their attention on players when provoked.


The Lightning Bug isnt ready to come out of its cocoon just yet, but there are plenty of fearsome new enemies waiting in the wings. Well share another with you next month. Until then, keep an eye on the forums as well as Facebook and Twitter for more information on when you can see them in action.

That's all for now, Defenders! What do you think of our temporary name for this little fellow? Leave a comment below with an electrifying name for our newest enemy!


Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

The Abyss Lord is entering that phase where all his functionality and visuals are in and now he goes into critical playtesting and iteration to deliver wanton destruction and goblin obliteration. That cycle is going to repeat until he’s awesome. At the same time, art is jamming on our next hero, who I’m surE you’Ve guessed who 2he is. Stay tuned for visuals. Peeking over Jordan, Robbie, Pingston, and Rusty’s shoulder over the last few days was like looking into Santa’s Bag of character awesomeness. In the studio, everyone shook out the dust and set up shop on the floor, reorganized, and refocused. The creative force is strong, but I think Jason is having scheduling aneurysms trying to keep up! “These aren’t the spreadsheets you’re looking for…”

The hardcore work now really kicks into high gear. The Hero Deck UI is in visual design and programming wiring development, the PS4 content is lining up to get the Harbinger Awakens content and the Dragonfall Carnival in the game, which is awesome as that will put us closer to our ultimate plan of developing for the game with one unified codebase and content pipeline. Early work is starting on gear sets, hero role refinements, a refactoring of character vs account leveling to remove the new hero grind and the Diaz brothers are working with Jordan on some classic inspired dungeon maps. (Finally Dungeons to defend!)

Collins is expanding the game with new map designs to challenge your DD2 skills in ways different from the traditional defend the cart multi-lane configuration. This is awesome because I’m an old-school level designer myself, and a major part of any game’s magic is the level designer’s innate application of his instincts. Although we’re pushing forward with our 2016 plans, we’re not forgetting about the things you’ve been telling us. We’re revising many aspects of the game to remove excessive complexity and convoluted systems that were awesome experiments last year, but buried the fun too deep in the mud, especially pets and how you level your heroes. We’re working towards less grind, better balance, better role definition, more fun, and more ways for your skill and smarts about how to play to shine as opposed to a single answer. Keep the faith. Gotta keep pushing. More soon.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

Working with everyone to plan out some quick prototypes for different parts of the game; hero deck, swapping heroes, ipwr, experience, leveling, hero unlocking, and so on. Getting distracted by a good bit of meetings but still also trying to wrap up the Abyss Lord and plan out future heroes in the meanwhile.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

Getting spun up on Live team process and working on keeping the hotfixes coming. We think yesterday’s hotfix could have improved some black screen behavior - if you’re seeing any change please post to this thread on the forums.  

I’m also getting the gears turning internally on the next update for the PS4. Nothing solid yet on timelines, but we’re definitely moving forward full speed this week.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Lots and lots of meetings going on. I’m currently working on cleaning up behind-the-scenes code in regards to the Hero Deck. Now that that part is finished, I’m working on UI improvements and additions regarding the Hero Deck. I thought I’d have some WIP pictures to show, but not yet.  Hopefully, next week I can show you all what I’m doing.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer ([[48993,users]])

Having some good meetings about what we can do to create some new gameplay for our maps. We’ve heard a lot of feedback about making larger and more complex maps to really push players on choosing solid points to put their towers. So looking into how we can do those things with any up-and-coming layouts we create.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

Bug fixes, can i haz them? We sure as heck keep finding them >.<

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator ([[59787,users]])

Working on lots of setup for a new hero. Lots of meetings planning lots of exciting things. Finalizing everything for the Abyss Lord.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

We are refocusing ourselves by really sitting down this week and discussing all the things we’ve been working on. Once we get a better understanding of what we want to accomplish for the next patch, we’ll start looking at what we can accomplish. We’re still working towards finalizing the Abyss Lord. We’re at the stage where he’s fully functional and undergoing initial balance tweaks which includes cooldowns, mana costs, and damage numbers. We’ll be implementing passives and skill spheres, and afterwards, we’ll do another final balance pass. Can’t wait to see what you guys think!


Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

While I wait for the Abyss Lord level whitebox to be finished & approved, I'm working on a visual test for an upcoming level. 

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

Same as above. I’m doing a visual test for a dungeon level. (It's the one at the top of the post!)

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager ([[25251,users]])

I've begun a re-organisation of the Remote Playtesting Group with the intent to allow the grow more freedom and time in terms of their playtesting sessions, and allowing us to get more chances at feedback from the group members. Hoping to start getting new testers on board in the coming weeks.


The Journey Begins Now!

The Journey Begins now! Login to Steam or PS4 to play our latest update!

The Journey Begins update is the first step on a journey to finish the game. Our next step: Improving the endgame! We’re excited to share more details on what that means over the next few weeks.

The Mystic

  • New Hero: The Mystic! Watch her hero trailer.

  • A reformed thief with a dark secret, the Mystic struggles to control the ancient Serpent God in her gauntlet. Summoning powerful strikes, the Mystic harvests the souls of her fallen enemies, appeasing the slithering deity. But without a constant stream of enemy souls, who knows what her master might do?

  • Abilities

    • Snakes?

    • Ability One - Lash Out:  The Mystic summons the Serpent God to lash out at her enemies, which deals massive poison damage.

    • Ability Two - Call to Madness:  The Mystic summons the serpent’s screech causing nearby enemies to turn on each other.

    • Snakes!?  

    • Ability Three - Dark Torment:  Hurls a dagger into a single enemy, which causes nearby Sand Viper towers to focus on the foe. Enemies defeated under Dark Torment turn to sand and get reborn as a friendly tower that hurts nearby enemies.

    • Ability Four - Serpent’s Coil: The now immortal Mystic has no need for traditional healing. With Serpent’s Coil, she hurls a dagger into the ground, and a snake wraps around it. The dagger deals damage to nearby enemies, and when the enemy dies, it turns into a healing orb that any hero can collect.


  • Defenses

    • Defense One - Snaking Sands:  When an enemy trips this sand trap, a vortex appears and slows enemies down as they sink into the ground.


    • Defense Two - Sand Viper:  The Mystic summons a slithering incantation that fires an increasingly damaging beam at an enemy. When the Mystic uses her Dark Torment ability, any nearby Sand Viper focuses its beam on the tormented foe.

    • Defense Three - Viper’s Fangs:  The Mystic’s barricade. Not only does it stop enemies in their tracks, it also fires a poison bubble that lifts enemies into the air. Pop the bubble to create poisonous rain on any poor sucker caught underneath it. 

    • AHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Defense Four - The Obelisk:  Inflicts up to five debilitating status effects on enemies across the battlefield while potentially shielding heroes. When the Mystic is fully appeased with souls, the Serpent God himself appears on the Obelisk to breathe unholy fire upon enemies.

    • Everything isss fine. Life is better now. All hail our new ssslithering overlords.

New Story and Progression

  • We have moved the awesome animated intro video from the tutorial to the game’s startup.

  • 18 maps have been tied together under one unified storyline divided into Acts.

    • We redesigned the Game Browser map list to scroll vertically. Map selection should be much clearer in the new sequence. The map order of campaign becomes the map order across the game.

  • New “Next Map” Button on Campaign

    • Want to just keep going through the Campaign without being kicked back to the Tavern or Hub? Just hit “Next Map”!

  • New Campaign Story-centric Loading Screens

    • Check out the new chunks o’ story on our awesome looking loading screens.  Then click to continue whenever you’re finished reading!

  • New Campaign Quest Line

    • New to the game?  Visit the Knight Commander to get started!

    • Start out as a Squire or Apprentice, then unlock the Huntress/Monk on the first quest!

    • If you previously completed part of the Campaign quest line, we have translated your progress into an appropriate quest in the new quest line.

  • All of the NPCs and their functionality is unlocked from day one. None of this unlocking item upgrading at level 34 business. We want you to have access to everything from day one so you can decide what you want to do and when. It’s your game; play it how you want.

  • The game modes are Campaign, Defense, Incursions, and Onslaught. Difficulty for Campaign is Normal and Hard. None of this Freeplay/End Game/Insane monkey business.

  • The Campaign now takes all the heroes in your hero deck from level 1 to 50.

    • You may find yourself gaining 2-3 levels in one map! Be wary though, because the enemies get harder too.

  • SAS points have been reset and are now awarded every five levels.

  • New Rewards from Campaign

    • The way loot drops has been changed on every Campaign level.

    • Earlier levels have slightly higher drop rates of items to help you get started.

    • We’ve added specific loot into chests throughout the game to ensure you have important pieces to be successful as things heat up.

    • Lower-tier items now have more stats on them to make them a little more helpful.

    • Pet eggs drop earlier in the game

    • At the end of Campaign, you’ll be geared for the bottom end of Nightmare I.

    • Each win rewards Gold, Exp, and DM, especially for that first play through when you’re knocking out the campaign quest for the first time.

  • Sell and repair are now available at level 1!

Early Game Enemies and Difficulty

  • Campaign Normal and Campaign Hard are both harder than what they used to be based on the feedback we’ve received from our community during Early Access.

    • Enemy spawns are punchier. You should see more enemies out at once.

    • Many Campaign maps have less waves, but less means harder.

    • Enemy health and damage are also increased.

  • We completely redid all enemy introductions. What is a tough enemy early becomes the norm later.

  • We rebalanced Defense Mana and Defense Unit budgets in the campaign revamp. Your defense placement choices and strategies are more meaningful and tougher.

Quality of Life and General Improvements

  • New Main Menu

    • We’ve completely redesigned the Main Menu with a focus on our fantastic world art and easier-to-understand navigation options.

    • We’ve added clearer social buttons, a news panel and a new ticker to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Dungeon Defenders II.

      • By adding the news panel on the Main Menu, we’ve killed it from where it used to be, which was an annoying popup that showed up when you entered the Town or Tavern for the first visit of a session.

    • Now you can continue the campaign from where you left off, straight from the Main Menu.

  • Warmup Phase Change

    • When you enter a map, we’ve reworked how the warmup phase timer works. Now you can hit “G” to end the warmup phase and kick off the first build phase.

  • Changed the size and decay of damage numbers to clean up some of the UI clutter in our game.

  • New Options Menu Features

    • We’ve added new controller options on the PS4:

      • Look Sensitivity -- Change how fast the screen scrolls when you move the targeting reticle with the right thumbstick

      • Dead Zone -- Change how far you have to push the right thumbstick to move the targeting reticle

    • Play the Tutorial as many times as you want, now located on the Options Menu. (Bigger Tutorial changes coming soon!)

    • Region Selection is now in the Options Menu; however, you can only change the setting while you are on the title screen.

  • Passives on gear have been slightly tweaked.  They now roll in different amounts on different rarities of gear.

    • Worn through Powerful have no passives.

    • Epic and Mythical have two passives.

    • Legendaries have three.

  • New Create a Hero screen

    • We even added some fancy-schmancy voice overs tell you about each hero.

  • We tweaked the “Create Game” pop-up to be a little easier to understand.

  • We greatly increased the timer at the end of matches so you can go through your loot at your own speed.

  • Music Updates

    • We’ve added a new Victory track that plays whenever you complete a match. #nostalgia

    • We’ve also added a new track for the Town!

  • PS4 - Several Options moved to the profile so they can be supported in split-screen

    • Invert Y-Axis

    • Scavenger Level (it’s a PS4 thing that will hopefully go away soon with the new inventory)

    • Show Hints

    • Coalesce Damage Numbers

    • Show Damage Numbers on Dummy

    • Show Damage Numbers

  • Cleaned up many UI messages to only show more relevant announcements.

  • You can now sort your bags by iPWR.

  • Enemy intro videos have been removed… for now.

  • The Relic Hunter and Petrinarian have new dialogue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed more issues with the coalescing damage numbers to increase game performance.

  • Fixed Poison Dart Towers being able to shoot through walls.

  • Ogres can no longer be teleported by Null Void to get stuck behind the spawns.

  • Fixed the Oiling Strikes and Chilling Strikes skill spheres not applying.

  • Fixed the Medium Experience Bonus II Skill Sphere.

  • Fixed an issue with the Explosive Guard and Shielding Guard Ubers not functioning on Squire Blockades.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer where Molten Core would cost more Molten Power when wearing a Helm of Storms.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer’s Volcano where you could teleport around while moving the Volcano to new locations.

  • Fixed an issue where Volcano would stop shooting after casting Eruption several times.

  • Fixed an issue where EV2 would have full heat at the start of a Combat Phase.

  • Fixed some issues with displaying the proper stats when inspecting towers.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t close some UI elements with the B button on controllers.

  • Fixed an issue where some enemy spawns didn’t have the correct minimap icons to show where enemies were coming from.

  • Fixed an issue with Drakin pathing on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed an issue where Betsy wouldn’t spawn if you hit G in certain areas.

  • Fixed some text issues on the Hero Creation screen

  • Fixed when “Flameburst Tower Destroyed” would spam the UI when a series of EV2 nodes would get destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue with the Gun Witch’s Ice Needle being able to cause Altar Assassins to fall into pits while invulnerable.

  • Fixed an issue with Frosty Towers trying to shoot into the ground. (More Frostbite fixes incoming.)

  • Fixed an issue where Harbinger would just walk off of his ship if a player used Lavamancer’s Submerge.

  • Fixed the Bling King randomly pausing during animations

  • Fixed the Power Surge Incursion not loading the correct music during the warm up phase.

  • Fixed an issue on Ramparts and added Ogres on Nightmare.

  • Cleaned up the collision on Arcane Barrier to have more placement options of other defenses near it.

  • Fixed some broken animations on the Huntwitch and Black Magic Ops Gunwitch skins.

  • Fixed a typo in the Abyss Lord’s Explosive Arrows passive.

  • PS4 - Fixed some issues with some player specific popups getting cut off in split screen.  Still needs more work, but a partial fix went in.

Known Issues With This Update

  • PS4 PLAYERS - DO NOT DELETE HEROES USING THE HERO DECK TAB IN THE INVENTORY SCREEN. My Heroes is the place to manage your roster on PS4. Using the Hero Deck Tab in the Inventory Screen to delete your heroes will delete the hero in your first slot EVERY TIME.

  • The Intro videos are not currently playing sound on PS4.

  • Profile options (listed in “Quality of Life and General”) will stomp main menu options.  This should not affect region selection. Also Main Menu Options Menu navigation will be a targeted area of improvement for navigation in a patch coming soon.

  • We disabled Victory Chest re-rolling for now to prevent an existing loot bug. It will return in the future!

  • Towers have decided to show solidarity with the Old Ones’ army and will not display their health bars if enemy health bars are turned off. Stand strong brothers and sisters.

  • The region setting will not display what region you’re in the options menu once you are in game if you did not open the options menu on the title screen first. (even if you didn’t change the default setting)


Devstream 53 Recap

In yesterday’s Devstream, Phil, Elliot and Josh revealed new changes coming to the Hero Deck, new gameplay changes, new Abyss Lord details and some upcoming UI changes! Here’s an overview of the stream (with timestamps courtesy of CharrLegion on YouTube):

  • New Abyss Lord Minion Reveal:  Bone Archers (7:40):

    • Long-range sniper tower that can see and attack in two directions at the same time, allowing it to cover multiple lanes. The Abyss Lord’s Direct Command will make the Bone Archer unleash a rapid-fire volley of death.

  • Abyss Lord Abilities (9:25):

    • Direct Command:

      • The Abyss Lord’s signature move. Use Direct Command on your minions to activate devastating attacks. Direct Command will make the Abyss Lord a powerful ally during Combat Phase.

    • Summon Abyss Stone:

      • Short-term, area-of-effect pulsing mine ability. Place up to three at a time down the length of a lane of stack them in an area -- your choice.

    • Knights of the Abyss:

      • The Abyss Lord summons a fallen soldier from the spirit world to stun, knockback and damage enemies in an area.

  • Hero Deck/Gameplay Changes (23:50):

    • What’s Releasing in the Update:

      • New User Interface, Hero Cards:  

        • We’re starting our UI revamp beginning with the Pause Menu and Hero Deck screens. Hero Cards will display your hero’s iPWR, name, level, title and costume. You can easily view other player’s decks, iPWR and gear. We’ve also made it easier to manage your party.

      • Shared Hero Deck Experience:  

        • All cards in your deck will gain XP together!

    • What We’re Working On:

      • Quickswap Heroes (F1 - F4):

        • Quickswap between your heroes using hotkeys! We’re excited to get this highly requested feature into the game. :)

      • Combat Phase Quickswapping:

        • We’re going to experiment with letting players quickswap between the four decked heroes during Combat Phase.

      • Strategic Revamp (Prototype):

        • Working on changes to defenses and enemies to improve the strategy of the game, beginning with removing Physical/Magical resistances and revamping towers/enemies to have more defined strengths and weaknesses. More details soon.

    • What We Will Be Working On:

      • Swap Into Deck During Build Phase:

        • We're going to experiment with letting you swap heroes in and out of your deck during Build Phase, which will let you bring more than four heroes into a match. Only heroes in your deck will gain XP, get loot and be available for Combat Phase hotswapping. We haven't figured out all of the details, but that's the overall idea.

      • Loot For All Heroes In Deck:

        • Loot will drop for heroes in your deck.

What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments below!

Dev Log 6: Jan. 14, 2015

Greetings, Defenders! While most of us are creating exciting new things for you to enjoy, some of us are preparing for PAX South 2015, which begins next Friday. Here's what we're working on this week:

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Jay and I are hard at work rebalancing heroes, enemies, and defenses. I’m also looking at Melee enemy ranges and making sure those are updated so that they don’t necessarily need to get up close and personal with a Defense to attack it. Having a lot of productive chats with Jay, Ed, Phil, and other people about how we’re going to fix our Matchmaking system and excited to reveal some of that in the future. Preparing a presentation pitch for Pets in DD2 (we are still in the very early stages of developing these guys) and preparing for the PAX South panel! 

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Lots of meetings about lighting in upcoming maps, and conversations about awesome animations for the guards asleep in the Tavern. Mapping out the narrative flow of the first few regions and solidifying some world lore. Also spending a lot of time OD-ing on coffee.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Blacksmith and I have been rebalancing heroes, defenses, and enemies. How exciting! We’re targeting problem level ranges, specific defenses, green defense mana and some combos. Our target to release these changes is this month! In addition I’m supporting Daily Missions! I’m super excited to finally get to show you guys this system. You guys spoke up with influence votes and showing you guys the fruits of that labor is hopefully coming later this month! In my free time, playing through Warlords of Draenor and jamming to Mark Ronson’s new track Uptown Funk!

Chris James, Lead Level Designer (ceejeh)

Back from eating bacon and pancakes smothered in maple syrup! The team has been working on Demos for PAX South 2015 and also a PS4 Kiosk demo level. There were a lot of design changes that were made before the break that are planned for the upcoming patch, and the level designers have been hard at work balancing each of the campaign maps. We have two maps that are going through the World Building process, and they’re looking quite excellent. We are also putting finishing touches on a map that has nothing to-do with anything Javaheri’s team is working on, I swear with my fingers crossed! Wait...

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Features and more features and … “What? Who submitted this!? What? !@#$% …. Oh! … I see… ok .. it’s fine.” Back to features.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Last minute adjustments on new end-of-match reward visual feedback, some Codex work, and working with our talented VFX team to develop some spider web FX strategies.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Testing for the next update should be in full swing this week. We also might get a jump on the PAX South demo build.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Training a pupil, lots of training in different fields, dynamic simulations, rigging, scripting, etc. Putting together the final bits for the spooky traps, subcores and main cores.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Big push on server performance, and polishing our metrics and matchmaking flow.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Working on implementing and displaying rewards for collecting Codexes. Also working on a UI for displaying Challenges. And last but not least, working on some level-up feedback enhancements.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Do you guys like armor? I hope you like armor. We’re making more armor. Armor armor armor. It won’t show up on your character, but rest assured there will be something coming that does. :) Playing Stronghold HD and wanting to put spike barricades on top of spike barricades in DD2. Alas, my Castle Defense will have to wait.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on the creepy level. At this point I've already started to deco most areas of the level, adding bushes, rocks, grass, spooky trees, big trees, small trees, medium-sized trees, tree stumps, thin trees, thick trees, did I say I’m adding trees?

Daniel Diaz, World Builder 

Polishing and doing a full collision pass on our last rocky environment level, which will feature some amazing secrets!

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Setting up our new office space. Getting a sneak peek at all the awesome balance stuff the Design team has been doing. Planning for the new year. Crafting the best weapons in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Preparing for our “Future of Tower Defense” panel at PAX South. Training I_PASS_BUTTER in the ways of community kung-fu. Setting up this week’s Devstream. In my free time, I’m leveling my Tower App (24) and Boost Monk (20) to complement my DPS Squire (25). Once the new update lands, I’m going to work on my Traptress and Ability App. I'm so ready for the update. 


Dungeon Defenders II on Steam is now in Open Alpha. You can download our game for free on Steam. Please tell your friends!

“But Trendy, what does this mean?” you cry out!

Well, our friends, it means:

  1. NO MORE full wipes. All of your heroes are secure. Unless of course, [[7280,hashtags]].

  2. Lots of new players. Welcome them in and show them the ropes!

If you’re new to the community, here’s a breakdown of some of our regularly scheduled programming:

  • Wednesday:  Dev Log. The Dev Log is a weekly blog where various members of the Trendy Team talk about what we’re working on that week. The idea is that you just tapped us on the shoulder in the studio and asked, “Hey, what’s going on?” We like being able to share things in a laid-back style, and we hope you’ll appreciate it.

  • Thursday:  Trendy Weekly Defense. Every Thursday from 5PM to 7PM EDT on the TrendyEnt Twitch channel, Community Manager iamisom plays DD2 with the community, talks about current community topics and gives away free schtuff. Think of this as our weekly Game Night with the community.

  • Friday:  Devstream. Every Friday from 5PM to 6PM EDT on the TrendyEnt Twitch channel, we host our Devstream where we’ll talk more in-depth about upcoming changes to the game or about feedback given to us during the week. This is where our biggest giveaways happen.

And finally, here are some important links to keep in mind:


Player and Enemy Paths

Pathing is one of the fundamental elements of gameplay in Dungeon Defenders II. It has a significant impact on how a level feels and plays, and the process of building these paths is an important part of any Dungeon Defenders II level. Because this is a complex topic, there's a lot I can't cover in one post, so if you want to hear more, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Planning Paths

When creating paths, I typically start with a global concept: What sort of place am I building? A sewer? A town? An interdimensional fortress? The type of setting has a big influence on how I visualize the space.


In many cases, I make a bullet list of visual or geometric components I'd like to include, such as a large pipe system traversing the map. Then I create a lane flow diagram. This is just a quick sketch of squiggly arrows leading from the spawn point to the objective. This sketch lets me experiment with various configurations until I get something interesting, like a way for lanes to cross each other vertically.

After I'm happy with the lane flow graph, I plot out how the space actually fits together. At this point I've done some work in the editor to visualize the space in three dimensions.

Creating a Solid Pathing Layout

Before I block out the geometry of a level, I run my sketches through the following checklist:

  • Each lane has to have a smooth and easily understandable flow from its spawn location to its final destination.

  • Players fighting in a lane should have a clear line of visibility to one or more separate lanes.

  • Players can move laterally between lanes with ease.

  • Lanes have vertical contrast, making it easier to understand how enemies will move.

  • Lanes flow in a monodirectional way, meaning they start far away and move toward the objective.


There are also elements I try to avoid:

  • Lanes that change between major vertical levels, as the brain sees this as two separate lanes. (Ex: Enemies spawn in a dried out riverbed and climb a huge staircase to the rooftops before pursuing the objective.)

  • Lanes that are indistinguishable from directly adjacent pathways.

  • Lanes that have limited entry points from other areas of the map.

  • Lanes that have massive reverse folds. (Ex: Hairpin turns that guide a lane away from its objective.)

Constructing the Level

Once that's done, I move on to the full construction of the geometry, after which I'll run around the space for a couple of hours and visualize the gameplay. This leads to lots of smaller changes where I double check jump distances, visibility, and movement times. I also do a pass to ensure that the spatial relationships between lanes are clear.


When I'm done, I have a space that I feel is fun to move through, even before any gameplay is put into it.

Which maps do you feel had the best pathing in DD1? Let us know what you think in the comments below for your chance to win a Defense Council seat!

Greetings, Defenders!

A few weeks ago, a mysterious portal opened in Etheria. Today, we’re excited to reveal the portal’s secret: It’s a Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II crossover! This isn’t a one-way crossover, either. We’re adding Terraria content into our game, and Re-Logic is adding Dungeon Defenders content into Terraria!

The mystifying portal of mystery spurred a number of wild guesses. Some of your conclusions were accurate (eerily so); some of them not so much. Our favorite was from a member of the Terraria community who thought Re-Logic was adding a flaming baked potato boss. The image of a villainous flaming potato won’t leave our head. Re-Logic, you have to add it to Terraria. YOU HAVE TO!

So what’s coming to Dungeon Defenders II and when? We’re not adding a flaming potato boss (yet), but we do have something tasty cooked up for you:


The Terraria Update

The Terraria Update is scheduled to launch on November 15th. When it arrives, it’ll include:

  • The Dryad, a new Hero Balancing Corruption and Purity

  • A Decidedly Deciduous Map

  • An Ever-Watching Boss

  • A Bloodshot Enemy

  • Weapons For Every Hero!

    • A Purrfect Sword

    • A Bow of Seismic Destruction

    • A Great White Machine Gun

    • The Eat Your Green Beams Sword

    • A Staff That Came From the Moon!

    • This Book Really Cuts Us Up

    • Santa’s Favorite Staff

    • The Party Starter

    • We Have a Bone to Pick With You Gloves

    • This Knife Really Gets Around

  • A Howling Incursion

  • An Eclectic Collector

    • A morph dwarf by the wharf.

  • All of Your Hopes and Dreams

    • As long as all of your hopes and dreams are about Terraria coming to Dungeon Defenders II

      • And as long as it’s only the select things we’re bringing from Terraria into Dungeon Defenders II

        • And as long as your name is Ricky or Taneka. Only the people named Ricky or Taneka who had the specific desires of certain Terraria elements coming into Dungeon Defenders II will have their hopes and dreams fulfilled with this update.


Reveals & Streams

What does all of that mean? We’re sure you can figure them out, but if you need some help, keep an eye on our Twitter. We hear that Re-Logic has their own secrets to reveal, too.

If you want to see the update before it comes out, mark your calendars for Friday, November 11th at 3PM EST for the Terraria Update Devstream. We’re going to show off the new Dryad hero, walk through the new map, show off the new boss, wield the new weapons and more.

This Friday at 3PM EDT, we’re going to play vanilla Terraria on our Twitch channel! Tune in to hear more about the Terraria update and for your chance to win the Dryad!

Try Out the Dryad For Free

Speaking of the Dryad, we’re excited about an experiment we’re doing in this update. When the update comes out, you can try out the Dryad for free by visiting the portal in the Heroes Marketplace! We’ve setup a custom version of the Dryad to use in the new Terraria map, so you can test out all of her defenses and abilities before plopping down your hard-earned medals or your gems. It’s something you've been asking for with our new hero releases, and we hope you enjoy the experiment. We’re going to pay attention to the data to see how successful this is.

The Second Phase to Release

The Terraria Update marks Phase 2 of our journey to release Dungeon Defenders II out of Early Access. The goal behind The Terraria Update is to get lots of exposure for our game. More people playing = the more we can develop. We’re gathering lots of great data on our early game changes from Phase 1, and with this update, we’ll have more data to look at from other kinds of new players. And, of course, it’s just really awesome for DD2 to be in one of our favorite games, and Re-Logic is just as excited to see Terraria content in a game they love. (In fact, they’re the ones who reached out to us first! They have hundreds of hours in DD2! *fanboys*)

After The Terraria Update comes Phase 3:  endgame changes. We’ll have more to share soon. Stay tuned.

The Trendy Team


Hotfix 5.16


  • Critical Damage Scalars on Defenses, Trap/Aura Balance Updates, Health Scalar Improvement Updates:
    • Critical Damage on all Defenses now scales with the same multiplier as the defense's Defense Power. 
    • EX: Tier 5 Flameburst Critical Damage receives the same 3.0 multiplier as it's Defense Power.
  • Increased damage on all defenses after Tier 1, but favors defenses with high Critical Damage ratios (Earthshatter, Ballista, Heavy Cannonball Tower, etc.)
  • Defense damage ratio adjustments:
    • Arcane Barrier
      • Increased health gain per upgrade ~+4% 
      • Reduced Critical Damage ratio 3.5 -> 2.0
    • Training Dummy
      • Increased health gain per upgrade ~+4%
    • Explosive Trap
      • Reduced Defense Power ratio 1.0 -> 0.925
    • Elemental Chaos Trap
      • Reduced Defense Power ratio 1.8 -> 1.65
    • Lightning Strikes Aura
      • Reduced Defense Power ratio 5.4 -> 5.0
    • Spike Blockade
      • No longer gains Defense Speed on upgrade
    • Geyser Trap
      • Increased Critical Damage ratio 0.8 -> 2.0 
      • Set maximum fire rate to 5.5 seconds

    • Poison Dart tower now stacks its poison rather than adding multiple instances of the dot. There are some known issues with this that will be resolved in a future hotfix. 
    • Fixed an issue where TIB could not sell golden eggs. 
    • Resolved an issue where Hero and Defense Critical Chance pet empowerment stats were displaying incorrectly. 
    • Hero and Defense Critical Chance is now displayed as a flat number instead of a percentage. 
    • Fixed an issue where the Splody Harpoon passive would damage your towers if you swapped heroes.

Dear PC and PS4 Defenders:

The Buried Bastille Update is coming out on June 21st! That’s right, it’s our first simultaneous release, which means PC + PS4 PARITY IS HAPPENING NEXT WEEK. From this point forward, our goal is to have the PC and PS4 releases be no more than a week apart. This is huge. We’re so excited for our PC and PS4 players to experience new content together!

So what’s in The Buried Bastille Update?

  • New Map -- The Buried Bastille:  As selected by you in our Influence Vote, we’re releasing The Buried Bastille in this update! This sprawling, ancient prison is a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm Caverns. Four cores lurk in these shadows for you to protect. The Buried Bastille is the biggest map released in Dungeon Defenders II to date, so we’re eager to see how you feel about its size and complexity.

  • New Incursion -- The Bastille Master:  It’s a race against time to kill all of the enemies in The Bastille Master Incursion! Not only is time and the size of The Buried Bastille working against you, but you only have a limited number of lives, too!

  • New iPWR 750 Apprentice Weapon -- The Ghastly Halberd:  If you complete The Bastille Master Incursion, you’ll earn the new Ghastly Halberd Apprentice weapon! Using this weapon turns the Apprentice into a ghost, reducing damage taken by enemies from 35%-90%! Using the alternate fire of the weapon will spawn a variable number of halberds that will attack nearby enemies. Halberds scale off of Hero Damage and Ability Power.

  • New iPWR 750 Helmet:  This Incursion will have a chance to drop an iPWR 750 Helmet from the Victory Chest.

  • New Apprentice Elemental Variant Costume -- Guardian of the Dead:  The Apprentice is joining the Monk and the Huntress in getting an elemental variant costume of his own!

  • Improved Daily Missions: In our last update, we introduced Bonus Missions as part of our ongoing effort to increase the earn rate of Defender Medals for all players. In this update, we’re doing two things. The first is improving the Daily Missions themselves. Our Daily Missions will now be about winning a certain amount of maps (some with extra provisions, some without). No more Daily Missions like “Ignite X Enemies” or “Gain X Pet Affection Levels.” It’s all about winning and being rewarded for winning. Play how you want to play and get rewarded for it -- unless how you want to play is to lose, in which case, we’re sorry. The second thing is...

  • Temporary Change -- Increased Daily Mission Payouts:  For the next two weeks, we’re increasing the amount of Defender Medals gained to 225 - 450 Defender Medals apiece. We’re going to pay close attention to the number of people completing Dailies and how these new reward amounts are affecting the Medal earn rate for all players. So please login, play with the Daily Mission changes and let us know on the forums how you feel.

The PS4 version of the update will also contain Series EV2 and the entirety of The Bling King Update!

Here’s what we’re working on this week:

James Reid, Software Engineer (Driscan)

Full steam ahead on the Game Browser! Still very much work-in-progress:



Daniel Haddad, Design Director (@DanielLoony)

We now have a good idea on how to make DD2 potentially more fun with the Enemy Redesign I am proposing. We are trying to figure out a plan of attack since it is not a small task and ideally we would like to involve you all along the way as we revamp our enemies to make sure we are on the right track. Until then, we want to try to make the game a little more bearable until the time comes.

This week I’m doing my best to take the first 4 heroes and buff them to be as close to the Abyss Lord and EV2 as possible. There isn’t a lot of time and support to do this task (which makes sense since we still want to revamp these heroes at some point), so all I will be doing is buffing the numbers and changing a few things to make them more viable. After that, I’ll be taking a look at the many build passives (build passives being things such as Frost Fire and Phoenix's Call on the four original heroes) and nerfing them. Why are we nerfing them? Well, since we are about to buff the first 4 heroes, their build passives do not need to be as powerful as they currently are, especially since the new heroes do not have build passives. Like we mentioned before also, we aren’t very happy with how build passives ended up and ultimately we will be moving away from things that are structured in that regard. So the end result of our changes should be that the four base heroes are near the same level as our newest heroes.

That is already a lot of work we are trying to get done this week but on top of that we are also trying to add a little “something” to DD2 for you guys to chase after and enjoy… I won’t dive into details here because we might not get around to it, but time will tell, and hopefully you will enjoy it!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Once again, you guys proved to be true Defenders! The level we're working on is, effectively, Endless Spires with a pirate theme. We’re trying to keep a similar gameplay space with some new features. Also, this time it will be easier to move around the level due to multiple player-only paths.


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are almost done with the art pass for the pirates themed level. Just need to focus now on the farther out-of-bounds areas. I think this is going to be one of the most enjoyable DD2 levels so far!


Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

What isn’t happening this week? A much needed hotfix for PS4 came out on Tuesday that should hopefully drastically improve stability on the PS4. We’re also working on finalizing the next PS4 update that will include EV2, the Bling King Incursion and the Buried Bastille Incursion as well as an update to both the Bonus Mission system, an improved Daily Mission system and all of the other changes from those updates. Right now we’re targeting to get that out next week, but with things still coming together that may change if we run into something serious.

On the live team side, it’s a similar story. The Buried Bastille Update will be coming out next week (barring anything unfortunate), and we’re working on some final improvements and polish for that release.

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