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The Isomicon reveals its first secrets! While you’ve been defending against the evil that threatens Etheria, Gran Ma’ster found a way to imbue certain shards with incredible power. These hyper shards contain a very unstable power so she is only providing them to defenders that prove their mastery of the defensive arts. At the Gran Ma’ster’s behest, the Defense Council devised a set of challenges for the heroes to overcome.

With the aid of the Abyss Lord, Gran Ma’ster continues to delve deeper into the forbidden knowledge contained within the Isomicon. There’s still much more to decrypt, but there is a growing concern from what’s been revealed — dark forces are coming, and we are NOT ready. Go forth, Defenders! Prepare yourselves, and PROTECT ETHERIA!

Greetings Defenders,

It's time to take a look at the future of Dungeon Defenders II by talking about our upcoming 1.2 Update, Ancient's Prelude. This is a monster of an update, introducing some amazing features that will push your limits. Not only are you getting some awesome new content, but you’re also getting numerous bug fixes, balance changes, quality-of-life fixes and more! Thanks for giving us feedback as we continue to evolve the game into its final form!

In Ancient’s Prelude, we are introducing Mastery, a game mode that challenges your ability as a defender and rewards you with great power. In addition to a new game mode, we’re introducing Flair! Flair is another cosmetic system that will take the look of your heroes to the next level. Shards and Flair aren’t the only rewards though.  We’ll be handing out rewards such as golden pets, Ascension levels, gold, and more!

This is only the beginning of some serious changes in the world of Etheria and we can’t wait until the Isomicon reveals more information about what’s to come. There have been whispers of an endless level of challenge on the horizon.

New Game Mode: MASTERY

The new game mode, Mastery, provides access to all Chaos maps, allowing you to choose where and how you progress. Gran Ma’ster requires you to complete up to five challenges per map, each indicated with a star on the Mastery progress bar. She’s not going to be making it easy either. In order to earn the full five stars on each map, you’ll need to complete all of the challenges together. All stars are earned one time, so once you’ve five starred a map, you have mastered the challenges presented and will have earned all the rewards it has to offer. The power contained within the Hyper Shards is unstable, so only Defenders that prove their might may equip them.

Mastery is intended to be a challenge for all levels of Defenders, both those climbing the ranks and seasoned veterans. Each challenge will bring your item level down to the appropriate level of the Chaos difficulty that you’re in, so there’s no way to just waltz right through these challenges. You’re going to fight tooth and nail to prove you’re worthy of the power that awaits you!

When conquering the Mastery game mode you’ll receive great rewards as you progress. Here’s what you can expect to earn as you decimate challenges:

  • Hyper Shards

  • Exclusive Flair

  • Golden Pets

  • Ascension levels

  • Defender Medals

  • Gold on gold on gold

To achieve absolute mastery, you will have to experiment with new builds to overcome the tasks set before you, pushing your limits as a Defender. Over the coming weeks, the Defense Council will work diligently with the Gran Ma’ster and Abyss Lord to continue deciphering additional levels of challenges and rewards for heroes capable of proving their mastery. The amount of time needed to decipher and develop each new Hyper Shard is about a week.


Exclusive to the Mastery game mode are Hyper Shards, unique shards that you’ll only be able to claim if you are able to conquer the challenges Gran Ma’ster has provided for you. Hyper shards will be reminiscent of some of your favorite shards, except cranked way up in power. Each type of these shards will only be earned one time, and don’t worry — you can’t sell them.

New Cosmetic System:  FLAIR

A new cosmetic system, Flair, was created that allows your heroes to look even more legendary! Flair can be equipped over any existing costumes or looks on a hero and there’s currently four categories of flair:

  • Head (Halos, masks, and auras)

  • Back (Wings)

  • Waist (floating objects and auras)

  • Feet (auras, fire, and other effects)

There’s more than one way to acquire this new cosmetic so you can look even more heroic on the battlefield. Flair will unlock as you collect more stars through Mastery, future game content, and available through our various store fronts. One of the packs will be available outside of the game for a particularly demonic look, but we’ll discuss later in the blog. With such a wide variety of customizable ways to mix and match flair, you’ll be sure to stick out in the Heroes Marketplace!


Golden pets are BACK!  Well… some of them. Golden pets are pets that you will receive while playing through the Mastery game mode. It’s another way to show off just how great of a defender you are to those around you. With golden pets and the new flair system, you’ll be the envy of all that see you!

Halloween in Etheria


You’ll notice that your Private Tavern and the Heroes Marketplace have been decorated to celebrate Halloween. To add to the celebration, you’ll now be able to acquire Halloween-themed seasonal flair through sales on Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network. This flair will be our first iteration of seasonal-themed flair, but it most definitely will not be our last — you have to look amazing year-round, right? With the Halloween set in particular, you’ll not only terrify your enemies on the battlefield, you’ll also be their worst nightmares!

Bug Fixes

Besides submitting terrific feedback and suggestions, you all have helped us by finding various bugs that we’ve been able to fix with this patch. Thank you for the help in getting them fixed!

Even More On The Way...

Mastery is just the tip of the iceberg for you, Defenders. While Gran provides difficult challenges and tests, they are required to attain the strength needed to protect Etheria and the citizens of Dragonfall from the darkness that lies ahead. We’ll learn more as Gran, the Defense Council, and the Abyss Lord decipher the Isomicon in the weeks to come!

We are eternally grateful for your support, Defenders, and will be providing more information on Ancient’s Prelude and sharing more knowledge of the upcoming power of the Ancients.

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


The Caster Games are almost here! Each week from May 18 to the first week of June, The Casters Guild will come together and vie for supremacy. They will battle with the Old Ones all over Etheria, trying to score as many points as possible. At the end, one winner will be chosen, earning the right to face Trendy’s Champion in a head-to-head battle for glory!

The matches will be livestreamed, and the moderators of The Casters Guild will be the referees. They will add up points, and the caster with the most points at the end of the tournament will be the winner. Each week will feature a specific hero from the game to participate in the tourney. For example: The first week will focus on the Squire, the second week will focus on the Huntress, etc. Points will be calculated on what objectives are still standing, how many times a participant dies or loses a map, and whether or not they can continue on. More specifics will be given when The Caster Games begin next week.

Casters Guild member Kiraeyl has made a video announcing the start of the Games:

Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below! In the meantime, watch The Casters Guild prepare for the Games this week!

F.A.Q. and Clarification for "The Casters Games"

As there seems to be a good deal of questions (and complaints) surrounding the idea of the “Caster Games” and about teasing a tournament going forward, I figured it would be a good idea to write out our thoughts. 

Now, on to the specifics. Let us give the synopsis again. The Casters Guild is going to compete in head-to-head competitions to get points to earn an informal title of champion, and get the opportunity to battle Trendy’s Champion. 

  1. Each competitor will start a brand new, completely unused character (at level 1) and for two hours will work through a campaign at the level of their choosing (Hard or Normal). It is a solo campaign with only the one character. Both competitors will use the same character. If you are caught switching characters or using items from another character, you will be penalized.
  2. The competitor must continue through the campaign and not use either the forge or any of the Tavern components (Enchantments, spec nodes, or the marketplace).
  3. Any armor you acquire, you must either switch to it, or put it in your bags. You cannot use the forge to switch armor between rounds.
  4. There is no limit on the time it takes to make a build, but realize that the longer it takes to build, the less time to complete the level you will have.
  5. The competitors will start at the same time and work through the campaign for two (2) hours, and time will be called by the referee when it is completed.
  6. You cannot play the same level (if completed) more than once. If you die, you must play that level until you have successfully completed it. You only will get points when the level is completed.
  7. At the end of the two hours, the points will be tallied, and the competitor with the highest point total will be declared the winner.
  8. Each competitor will be ranked based on their point totals. Each week the points will be added until the final champion is declared. (At least four weeks after the start).
  9. The Casters Guild Champion will then take on the Trendy Champion using the same criteria and format above in a 2 hour battle to determine the ultimate bragging rights.

"The Casters Games" point system:

  • 5 points for completing a level on normal mode
  • 10 points for completing a level on hard mode
  • 5 points for every sub core that stays alive in the level. (If the two hours are up mid game, you will get credit for the sub-cores staying alive, but not points for the completion of the level)
  • 2 points = Competitor with the most XP at the end of the competition
  • 2 points = Competitor with the greatest amount of gold at the end of the competition (without selling items)
  • 2 points = Competitor with the most items all items
  • 2 points = Competitor with the highest item armored. (If the competitors have the same number of the highest, then they look at the number of the next lowest. For example, both have a legendary item, the winner is the one who has more of epic items being used. As well, this is based on what they are using, and NOT what is in their inventory)
  • 2 points = competitor with the fewest deaths. (Not level defeats, but fewest deaths)
  • -10 points = playing levels out of order.
  • -20 points = using more than one character, using the forge to sell items, using the tavern items, pets, or any other enhancement.
  • The Wild Card!The viewers have a say also on who gets additional points. Each week, after the competitions have been held, there will be a poll of the participants who did not win their respective competition. The participant who wins that poll will get an additional 15 points for their ranking as a “best effort” consolation prize.

Casters Guild Schedule

Official Trendy Entertainment Streams


Weekly Defense, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT


Devstream 20, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT

The Casters Guild


Kiraeyl, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM EDT

LovinDaTacos, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT


Cboxhero, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT

Elandrian, 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM EDT


Kiraeyl, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM EDT

Djbouti_dan, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT


Kraith88, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT

PhoenixHydra, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT


VitamiinB, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT

Piggyteehee, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT

Kraith88, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT


Djbouti_dan, 2:00PM to 6:30 PM EDT

Petire50, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

oIsketchIo, 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM EDT


Djbouti_dan, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT

Elandrian, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT



Greetings Defenders,

It is time to finally announce the next expansion coming to Etheria — Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift! We’ve released information regarding this expansion and are ready to give a preview as to almost everything you can expect. The entire team has and still is working very hard to make sure this is a great experience for Defenders new and old. We’re going to cover some information posted in our DevLogs, as well as some new information, and how it all ties together. Let’s get to it!

Statistic Changes

This is our most foundational change in the update. When Protean Shift launches, you’ll notice that your gear’s stats looks much different than before. Our first change is making the damage from critical strikes scale off of the base damage for both your heroes and your towers. Critical Damage is no longer going to be a secondary stat, but is going to be a percentage increase that you can gain through Gear, Shards, and Ascension Levels. Because of the change to Critical Damage, the Critical Chance cap of 33% has been removed — the sky’s the limit now!

One of the goals of the Critical Damage change is to make damage more reliable. Critical Damage builds are still fun, but other playstyles should feel just as rewarding. Every hero and tower’s base damage has been increased to account for the changes made, making damage more consistent and allowing for even more unique builds!

Since we are changing how Critical Damage is understood, we decided to tackle another confusing area for players:  Defense Speed. This stat is now a percentage instead of being numbers that go into the thousands. The change here allows players to understand exactly how much faster their defenses attack rate will increase.


This expansion really provides the opportunity to build how you want to, and gear is a huge reason. We wanted gear to feel more unique, instead of just giving you every stat whenever you received a legendary tier of gear. Now your gear and choices can reflect the kind of Defender you want to be.

Gear now has a primary stat and a secondary stat. For heroes, the stats vary depending on the piece of gear. On helmets, gloves, chest, and boots, the primary stat is Armor, and the secondary stat pulls from Health, Ability Power, or Hero Damage. On weapons, the primary stat is Hero Damage and the secondary stat can be Armor, Health, or Ability Power. As a reminder, base hero damage for their attacks and abilities was buffed to make sure your heroes feel comparably as powerful after Protean Shift releases compared to how powerful they currently are.

For towers, it varies as well. On totems, Defense Health is the primary stat and Defense Power is the secondary stat. Inversely on Medallions, Marks, and Orbs (if you still have any), Defense Power is the primary stat and Defense Health is the secondary stat. An additional reminder, we increased defenses base stats to try and retain the power your defenses currently possess. This leads us to M.O.D.S.



Professor Proteus applied his inventive intellect to all of the gear in Etheria! Magically Offense/Defensive Subroutines (M.O.D.S. or even simpler — Mods) are what allow you to make your gear your own! Mods can do everything from normal stat increases (Defense Speed, Critical Damage, Critical Chance) to less normal bonuses like stun immunity on Defenses. They even offer new ways to combat your foes! Want to:

  • Have towers immune to Hex Thrower curses? You can do that.

  • Pierce a Shield Geodes shield? You can do that.

  • Make your traps, auras, and nodes, immune to Cyborks?! You can do that!

Mods are an additional property on gear, similar to Shards. Mods compliment Shards and also unlock in a similar fashion, based on the quality of gear, and start appearing on Uncommon quality gear:

  • Uncommon:  1 Mod slot

  • Epic:                2 Mod slots

  • Mythical:        2 Mod slots

  • Legendary:    3 Mod slots

This means that a Legendary piece of gear now has two stats, three Mods, and empowers three Shard slots, making them truly Legendary. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Over 120 Mods are here to give you the chance to defend Etheria the way you want to. Some of these Mods are the result of community feedback as a unique and engaging way of tackling challenges set before you, the Defenders of Etheria.



Mods are something Professor Proteus added to gear, and what good would Mods be if you couldn’t modify them? That’s where Tinkering comes into the mix! Tinkering is the ability to move up to three Mods at a time from one piece of gear to another piece of the same type and Chaos tier or higher. This means that Mods on Chaos VII weapons can only be moved to another Chaos VII weapon, from one Chaos III helmet to another Chaos III (or higher) helmet, and so on. Once you transfer Mods from one piece of gear to another, the original piece is destroyed in the process.

Tinkering allows you to continuously mix and match your Mods to create the build you enjoy the most. The amount of customization that Tinkering offers truly lets you play how you want. It doesn’t stop there. When combined with our new Upgrading and Evolving features, even more choices await you, even potentially choosing the look of the weapon you want!


Upgrading is a feature that many of you are well acquainted with, it’s the best way to squeeze extra power out of your gear. But this is Protean Shift, so it’s time to UPGRADE THE UPGRADE! You no longer max upgrade a piece of gear and wait for another piece of gear that’s a higher quality and/or Chaos tier to replace it. You can take that gear, and through the genius of Prof. Proteus, Advance that gear to the next tier!


Have an Uncommon piece of gear with the stats you want early on? You can now upgrade that piece to its max level and once it’s maxed, you can Advance that piece of gear into Epic quality. The same can be done to go from Epic to Mythical, and from Mythical to Legendary. This isn’t the only form of improving your gear, which is where Evolving comes in!


Evolving is icing on the gear permanence cake. Regardless of a piece of gear’s quality tier, you can choose to Evolve it to bring it through the various Chaos levels. With Evolving you can now choose to push a sword that you found in Chaos II all the way up to Chaos VII, and beyond!


Upgrading, Advancing, and Evolving applies to every piece of gear that drops — weapons, armor, and relics!



We’re adding in additional ways for both new and veteran Defenders to play! The Campaign is now different than many of you experienced in the past. After completing the Campaign, Defenders can now take on Adventures! These let you choose specific side stories to progress and prepare for the challenges that await you in Expeditions, Onslaught, Mastery, and Incursions provide.


Map choice, map choice, MAP CHOICE! Something many have wanted is now here. The Chaos Trials are finished, and Defenders can now go on Expeditions throughout various Chaos difficulties. Do you have one favorite map to play, and just want to play that one as you progress through different Chaos difficulties? Now you can!

Expeditions also provide the ability to acquire different materials needed for new systems being added, such as Evolving and Tinkering. Different types of maps drop different specific materials as you play through a map and as you complete them. You can choose to farm for a specific material on a specific map, or play random maps that offer more materials. These materials are earned as you play a map and when victory is yours!


Shard Dusting

Shards are a great way to really increase the power of the heroes you play. Some players enjoy playing only a few select hero, so it can be a real bummer if you get Shards for heroes that don’t fit your play style. Now you can take any unwanted shards and break them down into dust through Shard Dusting. You can take the Shard Dust from unwanted shards and trade them in for Chaos equivalent Shard Packs to have another try at getting the shard you want. You can use this process to help work towards getting the shards.

Gilded Shards

All our gear is getting the ability to be pushed past its limits, so it’s only fitting that Shards get the ability to as well. When you Gild Shards, you combine Shards of the same kind to unlock additional upgrade levels. This is a focus for end-game players to grab additional power in order to take on the challenges that Onslaught, and also protect their shards from being reset when attaining Ancient Power!

New Weapons!

Professor Proteus is a man of intellect, sophistication, and style. In Protean Shift every hero is receiving their own special weapons, with their own special appearances! Some of these weapons not only look legendary, but contain legendary power in the form of unique Mods. These Mods are found on the Prestigious weapons gained from attaining Ancient Power, though that’s not the only way to get them!


Player Shops and Markets

In Protean Shift, gear is no longer magically locked to each Hero Deck.  Professor Proteus has slightly alleviated the restrictions that existed previously.

All Defenders will be able to list their items for sale on their own personal Player Shops.  Most items that have not been altered in some way (think Upgraded/Evolved/etc.) will be available to post on your shop!  You will be able to browse all the Player Shops from the Player List on the Pause Menu. Feel free to shop to your heart's content!


In addition to creating your own Shop, you’ll be able to enter the new Markets.  From the War Table, you can browse lists of open Markets and choose which to join.  Markets are themed for the various types of items that can be sold, but you can still freely sell any item of your choice while you’re there.  If you don’t see a Market of the item type that you’re looking for, you can always just Quickmatch and it will automatically create one for you!

The Final Bean

We’ve been spilling the beans for a while now, and there’s one last bean that we have to spill — the release date. Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift is releasing on June 19th on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One! This release is very close to one year since we’ve released, and there’s more to come.

Want More Info On Dungeon Defenders II?

Check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

We’ve got one more Devstream to show off more stuff coming with Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift. Thank you for defending Etheria with us, there’s only more to come. Stay tuned!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team




  • Campaign normal is now more “normal.” What does “normal” even mean? T-shirts and jeans? A polo? Beer by the pool? Warsong Commander giving minions with 3 or less attack charge? Check out our influence vote later today to help decide what “normal” means.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored our loading screens to their formal, non-pixelated glory. I mean, former. It’d be really cool if they were wearing a suit though, right?

  • Fixed one of the many issues with full-screen windowed mode. We wish that read “full-screen mode,” but it doesn’t. That fix is next! Stay tuned.

  • Stopped monthly missions from resetting when you join a Social Tavern.

  • Put together a plan to give everyone affected by the bug above a free Bearkira. Have a look!

  • Chopped October’s monthly mission requirements in half. IN HALF. Actually, more than half. But you get the drift.

It’s been nearly a month since we posted the application for The Casters Guild, our new Twitch streamer program. After days of deliberation, we’re pleased to introduce the founding members of The Casters Guild!


  • Ara_Gaming
  • Cboxhero
  • Dagnom
  • djbouti_dan
  • Kiraeyl
  • Kraith88
  • LovinDaTacos
  • oISketcHIo
  • Petire50
  • Piggyteehee
  • PhoenixHydra
  • VitamiinB


  • happyguy3216
  • HPTSparky
  • Miniishadow
  • nicosemp
  • Ryster66
  • SaraNekoChu

Congratulations! To kick things off, we’re giving each streamer 4 DD2 Early Access codes and 1 Collector’s Edition code to giveaway this week! Check the times below for this week’s streaming schedule.

Official Trendy Entertainment Streams


Weekly Defense, 1:00pm EDT to 2:00pm EDT

  • Iamisom continues his conquest on Campaign Hard Mode. This week, it’s on to Little-Horn Valley and Greystone Plaza! Oh god, help us. 


Devstream 14, 5:00pm EDT to 6:00pm EDT

  • We’re showing off Spec Nodes V2, our total revamp of our Spec Nodes system. You won’t want to miss this.

The Caster’s Guild Stream Schedule

Reminder: This week, the streamers below are giving away 4 DD2 codes and 1 Collector’s Edition code!  Tune in to win!


LovinDaTacos, 3:30pm EDT to 6:00pm EDT


Dagnom, 10:00am EDT to 1:00pm EDT

Cboxhero, 5:30pm EDT to 7:30pm EDT


Kiraeyl, 7:00am EDT to 9:00am EDT

Dagnom, 12:00pm EDT to 2:00pm EDT

djbouti_dan, 7:00pm EDT to 9:00pm EDT


Kiraeyl, 7:00am EDT to 9:00am EDT

PhoenixHydra, 6:00pm EDT to 11:00pm EDT


Vitamiinb, 11:00am EDT to 1:00pm EDT

Kraith88, 6:00pm EDT to 8:00pm EDT


Ara_Gaming, 12:00pm EDT to 2:00pm EDT

Petire50, 8:00pm EDT to 10:00pm EDT


djbouti_dan, 11:00am EDT to 3:00pm EDT

Piggyteehee, 6:00pm EDT to 8:00pm EDT

Meet The Casters Guild - Streamers


Twitch:  Ara_Gaming

Twitter:  @Aradiah_Gaming

About Me:

Ara got into gaming at the age of four when a friend showed her the Warcraft I and Warcraft II RTS games. As she grew up, she tried and loved many different gaming genres, including RTS, racing, MMO, RPG, and more. To this day, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords remains her favorite game due to its combination of fun Jedi (or Sith!) combat and a deep, immersive story. While she now streams a wide variety of games, her love for the Battlefield series and recent shooter titles has made FPS one of her favorite genres.

Dungeon Defenders started for Ara as something she'd play with friends to let off steam after long hours of fleet PvP in Eve Online. The addiction didn't take long to set in, leading it to become one of her most-played games on Steam. Ara has streamed on Twitch for over a year now and is constantly motivated to share her love of games with her community. Finally, her favorite pizza is New York style thin crust margherita. Yum.


Twitch:  Cboxhero

Twitter:  @Cboxhero

About Me:

Let me welcome Cboxhero! He's been streaming for only a couple months, but he's grown quite large for that time. He streams almost everyday, and while his main focus is on League of Legends, he devoted at least an hour of each day to Dungeon Defenders II. His playing of DD2 started around the time he started streaming, so the two go hand-in-hand. He loves to stream DD2 because he's played other Dungeon Defenders before, and he feels like the DD community is one of the best. He also loves playing with fellow Dungeon Defenders lovers.

His favorite genre of game is RPG games, such as the Dark Souls series, and even MMOs. He's quickly getting into MOBAs, though. For a favorite game in those genres, Cboxhero would have to go with the first Dark Souls. It holds a special place in his heart. For the way of music, he's pretty much into anything, as you'll hear while he streams!


Twitch:  Dagnom

Twitter:  @Dagnome

About Me:

The NES was the first system that Dagnom had in his household, and it really is what got him into gaming. Nothing beat playing Mario and Duck Hunt on the same cartridge. He was only a lad when he started gaming. It quickly evolved when the SNES came out. He then started diving into the PC genre with Diablo being his first major game. As the years went by, he started expanding his taste for games (both on console and PC) and came across an arcade game on XBLA called Dungeon Defenders. 

He started streaming on Twitch for fun at the start. He knew very little about engaging his audience or even what to do. As time went on he thought, "Wouldn't it be great if someone streamed and explained what the heck was going on?" He started to tailor his streams to this principle and has enjoyed it ever since.


Twitch:  djbouti_dan

Twitter:  @djbouti_dan

About Me:

Djbouti_dan has been a gamer since he was 8 when he got his first Intellivision console, and hasn't looked back since. He has a passion for games of strategy and creativity. Some of the games he has played include Skyrim, Civilization, Hand of Fate, SimCity and Goat Simulator. He also has played console games for years to feed his personal enjoyment of first-person shooters (but usually doesn't cast those), including Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War. It is the tower defense portion of Gears of War that got him interested in Dungeon Defenders.

Dan started streaming almost 2 years ago, primarily as a Minecraft streamer, but has since looked to branch out into other games. His goal for streaming is to have fun and have a safe and friendly place for viewer ("BoutiNation") to relax and have fun, because that is what gaming has been for him.  


Twitch:  Kiraeyl

Twitter:  @Kiraeyl

About Me:

Kiraeyl got into gaming when she was very young - about 4 years old. Her first console was an Atari 2600 that her parents had owned. She has many fond memories of playing Stampede, Centipede and Haunted Mansion on her small black and white TV. Her parents got an IBM Compatible (the first family computer!), and she then moved on to play Freddy's Rescue Roundup and Alley Cat. Her favorite genre of gaming is Adventure / Role Playing. Her favorite game is League of Legends; however, she loves playing a variety of games. Kiraeyl is a member of Clan Rangers: 2nd Battalion. Kiraeyl was gifted the first Dungeon Defenders a few years ago and fell in love with it. 

When she attended PAX South this year to meet other streamers, viewers and to play games, she noticed that there was a Dungeon Defenders II coming out. As luck would have it, she sat next to the Trendy Entertainment team on the return flight after the convention and had quite a few fun conversations with the team members. Hearing that Dungeon Defenders II was coming out, Kiraeyl got very excited and decided to keep in touch with the team and the game since she had loved the first game. Kiraeyl has been streaming since 2009, first starting on justin.tv (now known as Twitch.tv) and own3d.tv (now owned by a different company). She started to consistently stream in 2013 because she enjoyed the streaming community. Kiraeyl loves to interact with her viewers and meet amazing people at conventions. She also loves playing games of any type (hello, tabletop! board games!) and likes to share that excitement with others.

Kiraeyl finds that exercising regularly and being around friends and family cheers her up. She enjoys running, Taekwondo and playing with her son. 


Twitch:  Kraith88

Twitter:  @Kraith88

About Me: 

Kraith got into gaming at a very young age, playing Mario on the Game Boy. His love of gaming only grew from there, as newer and greater systems came out. He started around the age of 5, and hasn't stopped. Kraith loves the RPG, MMO and Action genres, with MMORPGs and Action-RPGs being his current favorite due to the sad decline in story-driven RPGs lately. He feels that the newer RPGs just don't stack up to the older ones. Some of his favorite games include a majority of the Final Fantasy series, Legend of the Dragoon, Super Mario RPG: The Seven Stars, The Elder Scrolls games and Ogre Battle 64. 

Kraith’s friend, Falsedemise, got him hooked on the first Dungeon Defenders. False invited him to come and play, even going so far as to buy some of the DLC for Kraith when he purchased the game. They formed up a team as false taught him the game, and they quickly started farming the endgame. Since then, Kraith has logged between 4,000 and 5,000 hours on DD1 enjoying the game and the mechanics it offered He always enjoyed tower defense games, playing a lot of the browser TD games like Bloons. He has been streaming full-time since June 2014 because he had just gotten back from vacation in Florida after his girlfriend had broken up with him. He used streaming as a distraction to help get him over the break up and quickly fell in love with the people he met and the daily interactions it provided, so he kept at it. His ultimate dream would be to be able to do this full time, but he knows that is a long ways off. It is a rough ride, as Kraith is still learning who he is as a streamer and has not quite found his niche yet. The continued support of his viewers and moderators has helped him tremendously as he figures stuff out, makes mistakes and keeps on pushing down the road of streaming.  


Twitch:  LovinDaTacos 

Twitter:  @LovinDaTacos

About Me:

LovinDaTacos has been an avid gamer since the original days of the NES. His favorite games typically are RPGs, simulations and strategy games -- anything to challenge the mind and offer an amazing experience to those willing to work to progress.

He has been streaming since May 2014 and focuses on community and interactivity. He loves what he does and is obsessed with the amazing internet family that Twitch has become for him. 

His goal is to engage, educate and entertain those who hang out in his stream channel. He is also a big advocate of new streamers and consistently strives to help them make their mark on Twitch. His efforts were not unnoticed as he was partnered with Twitch a mere 60 days from the launch of his streaming career, a very rare thing to occur for someone without a huge community backing elsewhere on the internet.

He fell in love with Dungeon Defenders ever since he first played it on the Xbox 360. He feels that it is an amazing game with a great mix of RPG, action and co-operative game play that only gets better with time. Some of his other favorite games include Final Fantasy IX, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Evil Genius, Startopia, Battlefield 2 and the Monkey Island series.

His goal as being part of The Casters Guild is to not only help improve the exposure of the game to people who may not be aware of the great products Trendy releases but also to better connect with others who love this game as much as he does.


Twitch: oISketcHIo

Twitter: o|SketcHIo

About Me:

Jimmy started playing games when he was 4. The first game that was able to witness his greatness? Road Runner for Nintendo. Yes, the original Nintendo. Since then he became obsessed with many games. Time Splitters 2, the entire Halo and Call of Duty series. After 10 years of playing competitive games, Jimmy decided it was his turn to hang up the try-hard pants, and take a break for a bit. That's when Minecraft came in. 

He began streaming Minecraft on March 28th, 2014 and has streamed almost every day since. In September, he took the dive and quit his job in hopes of being able to become a full time streamer. So far, it's been working out wonderfully, and he is investing all of his time and effort in to building his community on Twitch.


Twitch:  Petire50

Twitter:  @EPetire 

About Me: 

Eric, a.k.a. Petire50, has been playing games since 9 years of age. The major reason he got into gaming was finding his love for Sid Meier's Civilization III. Strategy has always been his favorite genre because of how it forces him to think and come up with the best solution for a problem. DotA Allstars and Dota 2 are his favorite games with having over 3,000 hours logged on Dota 2 alone. After playing Dungeon Defenders for many hours and having many high level characters, moving to the next Dungeon Defenders was just the logical choice for him. 

Eric has been streaming since Smite dropped their NDA for their alpha. He streams mostly to share his knowledge and understanding of the games he has spent time playing. He has streamed sporadically playing games like Warcraft III: Frozen Throne to closed beta games like Nosgoth.

He enjoys upgrading computers rather than building new ones, mostly due to lack of funds, but also because he is as a computer science major and he enjoys the learning experience.


Twitch:  Piggyteehee 

Twitter:  @Piggyteehee

About Me:

Piggyteehee is currently in college and has recently started streaming to show his creative side and to get in touch with a community he really cares about. He’s found a knack for theory lore of Dungeon Defenders II and has received positive feedback from his streams. It has allowed him and his viewers a chance to enjoy DDII in a new way. 

Beyond Dungeon Defenders, he enjoys playing World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online. 


Twitch:  PhoenixHydra 

Twitter:  @PhoenixHydra 

About Me:

Starting with Atari in the early ‘80s, PhoenixHydra made the switch from console to PC in the early ‘90s. His favorite games are The Guardian Legend, Tetris Attack and Call of Duty: United Offensive. The best compliment he’s ever received was being called a hacker and said, "When people think it's not possible to do so well just because they can't do it, it's immensely satisfying and entertaining."


Twitch:  Vitamiinb 

Twitter:  @VitamiinbTv 

About Me:

Bryan was introduced into the world of gaming by his mother at the age of 3. He learned how to play games by watching her and soon grew a love for gaming. Playing games like Mario, Sonic and Donkey Kong with his mother increased his fondness for adventure games and ultimately role playing games (RPGs). Bryan was introduced to the Final Fantasy series later on by his cousin and found one of his most favorite games of the series and one of his favorite games of all time, Final Fantasy IX. After years of playing, he expanded the range of games he played. When he entered high school, he tested many genres like FPS, MMORPGs, strategy games, tower defense games, and he finally came across PC gaming. He became a variety gamer, playing games he found interesting and judging them based on his own experiences with the game.

He soon found this awesome discount on a tower defense game that was like no other he has seen -- Dungeon Defenders. It was the first TD game that really stood out to him, and it felt like Trendy Entertainment read his mind with the way he wanted to play and explore the game. After a couple years, he learned about live streaming, and Bryan started watching different streams on games he never got to play and enjoy and games that brought back so many memories like the Final Fantasy series. Upon learning of Dungeon Defenders II impending release, he quickly decided he wanted to stream the game and share his experiences, hopes and expectations of the game with everyone. He started streaming at the beginning of December 2014, and with the release date for DD2 pre-alpha right around the corner, he couldn’t have picked a better time. 

Bryan likes to have a conversation and is always trying to give advice to his friends and family in need of help. Even though he is only 21 most of his family and friends call him very mature. It’s one of the best compliments he has ever received, but he has still has a lot to learn.

Meet The Casters Guild - Moderators


Twitch:  happyguy3216 

Twitter:  @austinl19 

About Me:

Austin was 5 years old when he first started gaming. It all started with a PlayStation console being handed to him for his birthday, and his love for gaming gradually progressed over time. The first game he played was Spyro, and he was hooked ever since. His favorite genre of gaming is RPG because games like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series got him hooked into convincing NPCs to hand him all their money. His favorite game of all time is Dungeon Defenders, of course, because, "You don't soak 1000+ hours into a game for nothing!" 


Twitch:  Sparky0090 

Twitter:  @nickrudd1

About Me:

If you like something, master it. If you love something, help others master it. Gaming has always been a huge part of Nick's life. He grew up in a family full of gamers and has embraced that lifestyle fully. He continues to play with his brothers and sisters even though they live on opposite sides of the country. Even his mom is a gamer, making him come home the weekend a new Assassin's Creed game comes out so she can watch him play it. His favorite genre of gaming are role-playing games.

He loves the social aspect and sense of community and friendship that games provide and has been going to school to be a community manager because of that love. He has been apart of the DD community for well over a year and has been a avid stream watcher for a a good time longer than that. He loves every member of his family more than life itself and is very excited to be apart of a new family when he gets married next fall.


Twitch:  Miniishadow 

Twitter:  @Miniishadow 

About Me:

Jeff's mother is the reason he's addicted to video games. She showed him Mario when he was around 5 years old. His favourite genre is RPG and Adventure. He loves being able to shape a unique adventure before him. Jeff has a lot of games he loves, two of them are The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Dragon Warrior VII. His passion for playing games brings him closer to others playing the same one. Since Jeff spends a lot of his time playing Dungeon Defenders, he's met a lot of people along the way. He's been streaming for almost 2 years now and enjoys playing games with others and interacting with people from all over the world! 


Twitch:  nicosemp 

Twitter:  @nicosemp 

About Me:

Nicosemp is from Rome, Italy. Pasta, pizza (not pizza pie!) and other stereotypes. He got into gaming at the age of 6 with Ratchet & Clank for the PS2, but he quickly turned to PC gaming and started playing a fancy-looking MMORPG called Fly For Fun. Nicosemp mainly plays first- and third-person shooters, RPGs and tower defense games. His favorite game is DD2 right now, but he'll never forget both Flyff and Team Fortress 2 on which he spent his childhood. He joined the DD2 community to give his contribution to the game since he already loves it in pre-alpha! He never streamed because he's sure his 1Mbps upload speed would just laugh at him, but he's ready to help and have fun on other DD2 streams! Finally and most importantly: Is nicosemp wearing socks right now? Most likely yes.


Twitch:  Ryster66 

Twitter:  @Ryster66 

About Me:

Ryan, a.k.a. Ryster, has been playing games since he was a young boy when his mother bought him his first video game, Pokemon Blue, on the Game Boy Color. From there, he got his first console, the Nintendo 64, and his family got a desktop computer where he learned the joys of both platforms for gaming. Through his years, he has played all manners of different genres, but by far he has grown to love strategy games the most. Civilization 3-5, Anno 1602/1503, Age of Empires and RollerCoaster Tycoon are all games he loved as a kid. But as much as he is fond of strategy, his all-time favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts. These games get a lot of hate for various reasons, but there is no other game quite like those, where you can fight side by side with Mulan, swim through Atlantis or smash shadows with a giant key in Hollow Bastion.

Unlike most people in this community, Ryan did not play Dungeon Defenders or Eternity. Crazy, right? He managed to get a spot on the second Defense Council opening and from there, he wandered onto the forums and found a wonderful community eager for more members. He learned about this Twitch Moderator position, which seemed to fit him perfectly since he has been using Twitch for quite some time. Now he gets to watch an amazing game, streamed by amazing people, on an amazing website while trying to maintain his sanity from all of the Salty Kappa Copy Pasterinos out there.


Twitch:  SaraNekoChu 

Twitter:  @SaraNekoChu

About Me:

Sara started gaming when she was about 8 years old when her dad introduced her to PC gaming. She started out by playing the real-time strategy game Age of Empires, but later on she go in to MMORPG and MOBA games. Her favorite game is League of Legends. Sara got in to Dungeon Defenders through some friends and fell in love with the game. She is waiting for a better internet to start streaming. She loves cats!

If you applied and believe you’ve never been contacted regarding our decision, please contact Victoryoftheppl on the forums as soon as possible.

Note: There are a few more streamers and moderators we’re waiting to hear back from. We’ll announce them in a future post once everything has been approved!

Dear Defenders,

Theres no easy way to say this, so here goes.

As of May 30, I will no longer be working at Trendy Entertainment. (Waits for tears.) Im moving on to another opportunity -- one that will let me enjoy the mountain air and enjoy my youth while I can. (Waits for nods of approval.)

Laura and Angela will be on the community team to split my responsibilities for the time being. Were looking for another community manager to help out with the future of Trendy Entertainment. If youd like to submit your resume, you can look at the job posting and follow the directions on that page. I know there are many talented individuals in our community who would be capable of such a task, and I would be sad if not one of you tried for the position.

The wonderful community events, the passionate posts on the forums, the in-depth guides and Lets Plays -- time and time again you have uplifted my spirits and enriched my life with your presence. I mean that. I think of you as my family -- to some degree, even closer than my blood family. We have some crazy uncles and a few crazy cat ladies in our midst, but most of you are sane, rational people that I would invite to my Trendy family reunion. You, dear community members, are the sole reason I was hesitant to take the new position. I have been incredibly blessed to hang out with you every day. This has been the best job I have ever had. But some opportunities are too good, too timely, too alluring to pass up.

To my wonderful moderators, both past and present -- Alhanalem, Classic22, DarkPython, Dredd, Finally, Immortal D, Iyashii, Jetah, KanibalKittN, Naed, TitoDaddy, Victoryoftheppl -- thanks for going above and beyond to keep the forums clean. Your feedback concerning community ideas and changes have helped the community more than they could ever know. I hope that you will still be around to help Laura and Angela in the same way that you have helped me.

To the beta team members, whose names are too plentiful to list, you have been vital to the success of Dungeon Defenders and the future success of Dungeon Defenders II. Your dedication to the team and honest (sometimes brutal) feedback humbles us and makes us want to make better content. We can never thank you enough for taking a chainsaw to our DLCs and beta content and carving them into works of art. (Hanging phallus and all.)

To the community event hosts, there are absolutely no words for the time you put in to entertain the community week in and week out. Hands down, your creativity increased the longevity of our tiny $15 game tenfold. Your events remain the only reason why some members are still playing the game, and for that, we are eternally grateful. After seeing the community event map today, its great to see that a year and a half after the first events, you havent slowed down. Keep up the great work.

To the community map makers, your creations revolutionized the way Dungeon Defenders is played. From maps with dynamically evolving levels to interactive secret elements to entirely new game modes, your maps have stunned everyone here at Trendy. I sincerely hope that you continue to make maps long after this current Map Contest.

To everyone else not mentioned here, you are no less brilliant, no less wonderful than the amazing people above. I look forward to hearing from Laura and Angela about all of the wonderful things that youll do.

Im incredibly excited for the rest of the team to release Dungeon Defenders II. I cant wait to fight against you in the PvP and defend Etheria once again in the co-op. The team hasnt begun to reveal all the best secrets about the game. Im sad I wont be the one to share them with you.

If youre curious about where Im going, follow me on Twitter and youll find out very soon. Ill be sure to livestream games every now and then on my personal Twitch account.

Stay classy, Etheria. Ill miss you.




Patch 7.4 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 7.4!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a texture streaming issue that was causing the game to always crash on 32-bit systems. Unfortunately, this made loading screens blurry for all users. We have faith our 64-bit players will accept this temporary loss in loading-screen fidelity to assist our 32-bit brethren in defending some dungeons.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jump Key wasn’t working if it was rebound.

  • Fixed an issue with cutscene audio.
  • Fixed an issue where the item tooltips took fooooorever to popup while managing the inventory. Well, it took 2 seconds, but still. Way too long.

  • Homing projectiles now properly home in on targets.

  • Grabbed a dictionary to see if it was “home in” or “hone in” on targets. Apparently both are correct. [[7363,hashtags]]

  • Fixed an issue where dragging an item from one bag to another wouldn’t re-sort the bag.

  • Fixed an issue where entering Sell Mode while choosing a Bag Icon did terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things.

  • The Random Egg reward wasn’t displaying correctly on the Mission reward tooltips.

  • The Mission reward tooltips were missing when you tried to reroll that one Daily Mission for that other Daily Mission.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing other issues. Our servers now ride bicycles! Biii-cycle. Biiiiiiiii-cycle. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. Keep it going in the comments!

  • There was a grey box on the Mission reward tooltips. There is no longer a grey box on the Mission reward tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue where we didn’t say Mission reward tooltips enough. That has now been fixed.

  • Melee goblins couldn’t hit the broadside of the Dragonfall Bazaar cores. That’s not a weird diss. They literally couldn’t. Now they can.

  • Pets will now attack Betsy. Betsy fears not your puny pets and laughs at danger.

  • Fixed issue where Betsy would not properly fear player pets. Still laughs at danger -- will fix in future patch.

  • Fixed an issue where the lightning grenade pet ability wasn’t dealing damage. Now it does!
  • Fixed the issue where the in-game notification for the game going down wasn't appearing. But since it's in this patch, you wouldn't have seen it this time. It should be there next time!

Hotfix 7.2 for Steam

Here are the notes for Hotfix 7.2!


  • Auto-Collect Per Wave!

    • Auto-Collect now also runs at the beginning of Combat Phase starting on wave/round 2.

    • It leaves items on the ground once the Auto-Collect bags are full.

    • A chat message appears to let the player know how many items were picked up.

  • Pet Hatching Timer Change

    • Thanks to player feedback, pets will now always hatch after one second!

  • Pet Bag Slot Purchase

    • Players can now buy more slots for the Pet Bag! The Pet Bag size can be increased up to 80 slots.


  • Added 4 Skeleton Costumes, one for each hero! [Limited Edition]

  • Added the Grave Danger Costume Pack to the Steam store

    • Includes the above Skeleton Costumes, plus

    • Exclusive “Bone Collector” Title

    • Headless Horseman Premium Pet

    • 3000 gems (+20% bonus gems)


  • Item Enhancement was very costly at the high end. In a first step towards improving the system, the cost of enhancing items was reduced by ~66%.

  • Increased the sell value of Legendary items by 75%.

  • Pet Costs and XP:

    • Reduced the gold cost required to level up Pet Power

    • Reduced the gold cost required for Pet Rerolling

  • Increased the health of the Campaign Throne Room Ogre.

  • Multiple projectile weapon critical damage change:  Technically a bug fix, but including here in the balance section for visibility. Each projectile now gains a relative portion of Hero Critical Damage depending on how many projectiles were fired. Before, each projectile gained the full bonus of Hero Critical Damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few server crashes.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip text for the third stat on an item was too small.

  • Flying enemies in Little-Horn Valley no longer get stuck in the spawner.

  • Lane wisps in Throne Room should now have the correct resistance color.

  • Fixed an issue where other players could easily obstruct the view in the Costume Shop.

  • Fixed an issue where after rebinding the Mana Drop keys, the keys would no longer work.

  • Added a potential fix to the black tower graphics bug.

  • Fixed an issue where pet stats could reroll its Empowerment Stats to the same type.

  • Fixed an issue with the chance rate in the Dragon egg.

  • Fixed an issue where Throne Room Onslaught had incorrect lane spawner billboards.

  • Fixed an issue where all heroes would appear invisible while at the Hero Deck in the Forge.

  • Fixed an issue where players could purchase and have 2 Serenity Range Gambit Skill Spheres even though it's a Large Sphere.

  • Added missing VFX to the Tier 3 Ranged Goblin.

  • Fixed an issue where some Small Skill Spheres were showing up as IV when they were actually III.

  • Fixed an issue where, with a controller active, the keybinds for actions assigned to the keyboard all say "[No Key]" in the options menu.

  • Fixed an issue where there is no VFX in the Petrinarian for the Dragolich pet.

  • Fixed an issue with hero lighting at the Forge.

  • Fixed an issue where the Headless Horseman's attack animation does not play if he kills an enemy and then immediately attacks another.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips no longer stated which item is the currently equipped one.

  • Fixed an issue where rapidly clicking on the right-click attack with 1/second ranged weapons while holding down the primary attack will give a huge, unintended Ranged DPS Boost.

  • Fixed an issue where Attack Damage is showing as Max HP in the Inspect Defense for the Training Dummy.

  • Fixed an issue where the default Huntress bow had a grey box in the tooltip for the projectile type icon.

  • Fixed an issue where the Serenity Aura range gambit Large Sphere reduced the health of ALL auras.

  • Fixed an issue where minimizing a bag in Customize mode made the UI display incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where after unlocking an NPC via progression, that HUD text showing the unlock requirement was still shown.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Confirm Controller Support" prompt always displayed when a player made a change and clicked Apply in the Options while the controller was active.

  • Fixed an issue where the Blizzard pet ability buff was not playing sounds.

  • Fixed an issue where Defense Range Skill Spheres were not affecting Uber Defenses.

  • Fixed a bug where pet VFX would disappear in the Pet Shop UI after evolution.

  • Fixed a bug where eggs would get their stat points reset, causing the UI to display a rot timer after incubation has finished.

  • Fixed an issue with the Tier Orc icons not appearing correctly on the Mini-map.

  • Fixed an issue with one of the Squire’s medium melee attack swings playing sound too early.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Headless Horseman.

  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to purchase anything.

  • Fixed an issue with NPC unlocking after completing all of the quests.

  • Fixed a visual bug in the Pet Shop.

  • Fixed an issue where a pet wouldn’t appear after loading into a map.


New content. New balance. New focus. 

From top to bottom, Foundation: Part 1 brings a variety of changes to the core game experience. Your feedback guided us to change game progression, game balance, content, information delivery and so much more.

But this is the first step on a greater journey. Many elements in this update lay the groundwork for future expansion and improvements, so expect some rough edges on our shiny new installations. 

What’s in the update? Here’s a top-level overview of what to expect when the update arrives, which is tentatively scheduled for next week:

The Campaign March Begins

Level progression and XP grind frustrations were the biggest points of feedback we received, so addressing these points received the majority of our focus. After stewing on your feedback, we’ve decided to turn away from our level bracket progression system and move toward a Campaign Mode! In the Campaign Mode, you will move from one map to another, facing stronger and more varied enemies until you reach the ultimate showdown in the castle. Once you’ve completed this content, you’ll enter the Free Play and Incursion endgame content that’s designed to keep you challenged and engaged. Getting to this point is much faster thanks to a dramatically decreased XP curve to Level 25.

There’s still work to be done, though. Transitioning from one map to another in the Campaign requires you to click the “Continue” button on the Summary Screen; if you don’t press the button, you will be forced to leave and re-enter Campaign Mode to continue on your journey. We know we have a lot more work to do to fix matchmaking in the future, including improving party support. We’ll focus on these issues and more in our future updates. One step at a time, Defender. One step at a time.

Rebalance ALL The Things

In addition to matchmaking and grind concerns, we received a ton of feedback about critical game imbalances throughout the core experience. Foundation: Part 1 brings major balance changes to defenses, enemies, green mana, heroes and maps. The result is hopefully a smoother progression through early- and mid-game and a more challenging experience in the endgame. We look forward to your feedback on the forums about these changes, and we’ll use your posts to continue refining the game. We’ll also have the full patch notes on these changes for you to ruminate on when the update is live.

Incursions and Legendary Loot

Speaking of endgame content, Foundation: Part 1 lays the groundwork for DD2’s endgame starting with our Incursion prototypes. There are two prototypes included in this update: Chrome Enemies on Ruins and the Dark Mage Commander on Ramparts. Thanks to your Influence voting, we’ll be focusing more on Commander Incursions in the future.

In the Chrome Enemies Incursion, all enemies are covered from head to toe in chrome. This shiny affliction makes them immune to knockup and stuns. Enemies will walk over Geyser Traps, shrug off Earthshatter explosions and laugh in the face of Lightning/Geyser combos. The Dark Mage Commander Incursion stars a floating Dark Mage who looks down upon the battlefield and globally heals areas of enemies. The number of areas it can heal increases until the final wave, when it leaps down and joins the fray. This commander can spawn an incredible amount of skeletons when it’s on the field, and it’s no slouch when it comes to offensive power.

While you’re playing the Incursions, be on the lookout for new Legendary weapons that you can only find in these modes. There’s one new Legendary weapon for each hero. These weapons have unique special stats that will separate them from what you can find anywhere else. For example, you can find a Monk weapon that will detonate enemies when you land the killing blow while inside the Serenity Aura. If the explosion kills a nearby enemy that's also in the aura, that poor *** will also blow up. 

Bring A Friend...Or Twenty

Looking for players to join you on your Incursion quest? Stop by the new Social Tavern, where up to 20 players can hang out and find new partners-in-crime. If you want to get away from the buzz of the Social Tavern, just create a private game. You'll be able to progress through the whole Campaign Mode and the endgame content without seeing another soul. [[2161,hashtags]]

Daily Missions

While you’re in the Tavern, pay a visit to Archibald to receive your Daily Mission! Thanks to your Influence voting, you will be able to select between two different missions. Select your mission and then complete it for an XP and gold reward. Have an idea for a Daily Mission? Head to the Suggest a Daily Mission thread! We’d love to hear your ideas.

Challenges and Steam Achievements

Conquered the Incursions? Try completing all of our new Challenges! There are 80 Challenges for you to unlock. These Challenges bring their own XP/gold rewards, and a number of them will also unlock additional titles for you to adorn. We’ll be adding more Challenges in the future. Have an idea for a Challenge? Stop by our Suggest a Challenge thread and share your ideas!

We’ve also added 15 Steam achievements to the game, and more are on the way!

Level Up Feedback

There’s much more coming in this update, but the final highlight we’d like to share is our improvement to level up feedback. When you level up, you’ll see how your stats grow with each passing level. You’ll also see which defenses, abilities and actions (like an additional tower upgrade) you’ve unlocked. And you’ll also see how many Spec Points you’ve unlocked, along with a notification on your HUD encouraging you to spend your SP.

Foundation: Part 1 is the first step on a greater journey, and it’s all thanks to your feedback. Keep up the good work, Defenders, and together, we’ll make the best Action Tower Defense game yet.

Co-op Confidential -- Level Teaser

You might be asking, “Why didn’t we get a Co-op Confidential yesterday?” The answer is that we were in strict observance of Memorial Day. The real answer is that we were all drunk, sitting by the poolside and eating ribs. Delicious, fresh-from-the-smoker ribs. In all seriousness, we’d like to say thank you to our troops for protecting our country.

This week is a short blog as we’re going to let our teaser do the talking for us. (Also, we feel like Phil, Stu and Alan today.) Above, you can see concept art for the first level of the cooperative campaign. Isn't it pretty?

“So is that it? All we get is glimpse of the first level?” Who knows, you might see more of the levels in motion, perhaps even sooner than you might think. Also, if you look through the DD2 co-op reveal trailer, you might see a few more levels. Wink wink nudge nudge.

What do you think is going on in this first level? Where is it in Etheria? What would you like to see in a future reveal? Let us know in the comments below! Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be revealed on June 4.

Steam Early Access. Those three words inspire so much discussion. It’s no longer just the finished product that matters -- it’s how you get there that makes all the difference.

Since our Early Access launch in December 2014, we’ve released 9 major updates and 51 patches. We’ve added, removed and tweaked major systems thanks to your feedback. We’ve revealed the behind-the-scenes workings of our studio through weekly Development Logs and Devstreams. And many of you have dedicated your free time to help development in a variety of ways. It’s been an incredible experience working with you so far, and this year, we’re taking it to 11!

Here’s our big 2016 plan for Dungeon Defenders II on PC and PS4!

New Year, New Us

We’re super excited to share that Elliot Cannon is our new creative director! Elliot is a video game industry veteran with over twenty years of design leadership experience. He was one of the original designers on Unreal and Unreal Tournament, titles that launched Epic Games and the Unreal Engine as the most successful licensed game engine in the world. Elliot led multiple projects at Crytek Germany and Crytek Budapest during the development of the Crysis franchise and was the creative director behind Crysis Warhead. He has also worked as a lead designer on multiplayer titles such as Warhammer 40k – Dark Millennium Online and Steam-focused live update titles such as Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm. Prior to joining Trendy, he was the design director at id Software on Doom and an adjunct lecturer on video game design at Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall, one of the premier graduate video game education programs in the United States.

His experience brings a much-needed perspective to our team, and the impact since his arrival in early December has been incredible. Together, we’ve refocused the vision for Dungeon Defenders II, and it’s awesome.

So what’s the refocused vision for Dungeon Defenders II? Focusing on what makes our game great:  Tower Defense and Heroes. Let’s use that foundation and build upon it. Let’s improve the systems that aren’t up to par. Let’s get the PS4 and PC versions on the same update cycle. Overall, let’s finish the damn game, and then continue to build on it.

Our New Roadmap

With our refocused and reinvigorated vision, we needed a new roadmap for 2016. We’re still working out the details, but we wanted to share the big items with you right away.


Get the PS4 version in sync with the PC version.

In 2016, the PS4 and the PC will be on the same major update. It’s important that our PS4 players are right there with our PC players as we release new content and changes.

To do this, we will release the remaining updates that separate PS4 from PC in a shorter window. We’ve tentatively scheduled the next PS4 update for the beginning of February, which includes 3 major updates -- Alpha & Beyond, Ascension Part I and Ascension Part II.Then, we’re hoping to release The Harbinger Awakens update along with the current milestone together shortly after that. From this point on, the two versions will be in-sync. We’ll develop new updates for the two versions at the same time, and we’ll release the updates simultaneously.


Our first new hero... the Abyss Lord!

Make new heroes -- lots of them.

Our biggest goal for 2016 is to build a deep Hero Library. In fact, we’re working on our first new hero right now (tentatively called the Abyss Lord)!

We don’t plan to just make one or two heroes this year. We want to make lots of them. Right now, our team is doing pre-production work to get the design and play of our first hero right. We’re starting designs for more new heroes, too.Our goal is to release new heroes and expand your choices early this year, and we can’t wait to share more details with you.


Improve features. Adjust balance. Fix bugs.

Another big goal for us in 2016 is to improve what’s currently in the game. Just like our first hero, our design team is doing pre-production work right now to flesh out what changes they’d like to make to existing systems.

Our focus for early 2016 is refining the Hero Deck with a unified theme and new UI across major parts of the game. (Note:  The UI above is temporary and does not reflect any final changes to the system.) We also will be improving Matchmaking so you can play with your friends and others much easier, with greater control and cooler rewards. Our designers are knee-deep in figuring out the nitty-gritty details of the changes to these systems, and we’ll provide those details after the release of the current milestone.


Make new content.

While our designers and programmers are busy designing new heroes and changes to core features, our level designers and art team are working on some fun new content for you to play!

In our next major update in February, we’re releasing the Dragonfall Carnival. The Dragonfall Carnival contains a brand-new, limited-time event map full of madness and wonder. Don’t miss your chance to win exclusive costumes!

Along with the Carnival, we’re introducing a brand-new outdoor social hub called the Heroes Marketplace. It’s time to embrace the open air as you mingle with other players. The Heroes Marketplace gives us more flexibility in real estate expansion to include...well, you’ll just have to wait to find out.


Finally, let’s finish the damn game.

It’s our plan to leave Early Access this year. Really, Trondo? Really really. Everything we do this year will move us closer to this goal. You can expect more polish and higher production values to come on top of the new heroes, system changes, balance adjustments, bug fixes and new content that’s coming your way.

Our Progress So Far

To wrap things up, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how the game has changed since our Early Access launch. Here’s a refresher on the major changes we’ve made to the game:

February 2015 (Foundation Part 1):

  • Campaign Mode

  • Daily Missions

  • Incursions

  • Social Tavern

  • Challenges, Titles & Steam Achievements

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

March 2015 (Foundation Part 2):

  • Hard Mode

  • Player Kicking

  • Forge/Inventory Overhaul

  • Removal of Downleveling (and Associated Changes)

  • Matchmaking Improvements

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

April 2015 (Pets & Dragons):

  • Betsy, Our First Boss Fight!

  • Three New Maps

  • Three New Incursions

  • Pet System

  • Skill Sphere System

  • Costume and Accessory System

  • Daily Quest System

  • Four New NPC Shops

  • Early Access Rewards

  • Lockboxes

  • New Challenges & Titles

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

July 2015 (Loot & Survive):


  • Pets 2.0

  • Fourth Hero Deck Slot

  • Loot/Item Overhaul (including Item Power System)

  • Major Matchmaking Overhaul

  • Onslaught Mode

  • Nightmare I, II, III and IV

  • Lane Trait and Resistance System

  • Tutorial

  • NPC Dialogue Boxes

  • Daily Mission System Overhaul + New UI

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

September 2015 (Alpha & Beyond):

  • Went Into Alpha (obviously)

  • Daily Map Bonus System

  • Build System

  • Inventory 3.0

  • New Onslaught Maps

  • Enter Private Tavern From Main Menu/Move Between Taverns In-Game

  • Skill Spheres UI Update

  • Difficulty/Loot/Pet/Passive/Skill Sphere/Defense/Hero/Economy Balance Changes

October 2015 (Ascension Part I and Part II):

  • Two New Maps

  • Spooky Event 2015

  • Steam Trading Cards

  • Auto-Collect Filter System

  • Stat Points Systems (stats on level up)

  • Increased Defense Size (+ Defense Balance Changes)

  • Melee Weapon Variety System

  • Ranged Weapon Variety System

  • Partial Controller Support

  • Enemy Rollout Changes (“Support” vs. “Standard” Enemy Changes)

  • New Passives and Skill Spheres

  • New Builds

  • Skill Sphere System Update

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

December 2015 (The Harbinger Awakens):

  • New Boss:  The Harbinger

  • New Map, Two Redone Maps

  • Loot V2

  • Endgame Progression Changes

  • NPC Shop Item Generation Changes

  • Accessory Progression Changes

  • New Challenges & Quests

  • Improved Controller Support

  • War Cache + Galactic Weapons Event

  • New Builds

  • New Cinematics

  • Difficulty/Loot Progression Changes

By the way, this list doesn’t include the hundreds of bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements from our weekly patches.

2015 was a busy year, and this year is going to be even busier. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as the result. In the comments below, tell us:  What are you more excited to see in 2016?

The Trendy Team


There’s a storm coming, Defenders! 

Wizards & Blizzards (Update 1.1) arrives August 23rd on Xbox One, PC & PS4! Our focus for this update is on delivering a new gender swap hero, creating important system updates, fixing numerous bugs, bringing the Revenge of the Yetis Incursion to all platforms, and setting the stage for adding larger modes and variety to the world of Dungeon Defenders II in our next updates.

Read the blog below to learn about the update, and then be sure to tune into our Wizards & Blizzards Devstream this Friday at 3PM EDT. We’re going to showcase the update and giveaway free hero codes!


New Hero:  The Adept!

“A dedicated bookworm and talented mage, the Adept pursued the arcane arts from a young age. Unrivaled in her valley homeland, the Adept has come to Dragonfall to prove herself among the finest arcane masters and take the fight to the Old Ones on the fields of battle.”

The Adept is our next gender-swap hero! She sports two new abilities and one new defense while retaining most of the Apprentice’s kit:


New Ability:  Arcane Bubble

The Adept creates a pulsing shield that reflects all enemy projectiles and periodically stuns all enemies within. It’s particularly useful against certain enemies (*cough* Dark Assassins *cough*).


New Ability:  Arc Lightning

The Adept sends piercing bolts of devastating lightning that damage marked targets and enemies caught in-between.


New Defense:  Hailstorm Tower

The Adept’s new defense is a powerful anti-air tower! The Hailstorm Tower fires a barrage of damaging ice shards at flying enemies, which also weakens them to follow-up attacks. This defense also draws reduced aggro from enemies.

New Shards for the Adept

The Adept has her own unique Shards to discover! (Note:  These details are subject to change between now and release. Check out the patch notes next week for final information!)

  • Wither Shield:  Arcane Bubble withers enemies inside it increasing the damage they take by X%.

    • Found in the Campaign Shard Pack

  • Sanctuary: Heroes inside the Arcane Bubble shield heal X% of their health per second during the duration of the bubble.

    • Found in the Chaos 2 Shard Pack

  • Glacier:  Hailstorm Tower fires a large rock dealing X% Defense Power damage once every 5 volleys.

    • Found in the Chaos 2 Shard Pack

  • Thunderwave:  Arc Lightning deals X% Ability Power as damage to all enemies around you.

    • Found in the Chaos 3 Shard Pack

  • Arc Shielding: Arc Lightning places a shield on you that lasts 20 seconds that absorbs X% of your Ability Power. Enemies that hit the shield are damaged for a total of Y% of your Ability Power over 3 seconds.

    • Found in the Chaos 4 Shard Pack

  • Marking Bubble:  Arcane Bubble adds X marks to enemies inside it.

    • Found in the Chaos 4 Shard Pack

  • Thunderbolts and Lightning:  Increases the damage of Arc Lightning by X%.

    • Found in the Chaos 5 Shard Pack

  • Explosive Finale:  Upon completion, the Arcane Bubble explodes dealing X% Ability Power damage to all enemies in and around the bubble.

    • Found in the Chaos 6 Shard Pack

  • Icefall:  Hailstorm Tower attacks have a X% chance on hit to freeze enemies for 7 seconds.

    • Found in the Chaos 7 Shard Pack


Try the Adept for Free!

Perhaps best of all, when the update comes out, you’ll be able to try the Adept for free by visiting the Portal in the Heroes Marketplace! Once you enter the Portal, you’ll be given access to a normalized version of the Adept decked out in gear. If you like being able to try out a premium hero for free, please let us know!


Revenge of the Yeti’s Incursion on PS4 & PC

This frosty Incursion will be available on PS4 and PC in this update! Prepare to face the mighty Yeti and his abominable new minions on the Hot Springs map. Revenge of the Yetis will be available in Chaos VII, so prepare your heroes now!

Matchmaking System Updates

This update implements some major backend matchmaking updates, which we’ll be able to grow and improve the matchmaking experience upon. With this particular update, we’ve been able to improve the map-to-map flow, which makes it easier for you to stay together with a party of friends or with a group of randoms. We’ve also been able to fix the minimum Ascension Level Requirement filter, which will now stay active when you continue on to the next Trials match, and your custom game names will remain on transition. We’re also able to hide matches after they reach a certain threshold of play, so it’s less likely to join a nearly complete match. (Thanks for the feedback on that!)

There’s plenty more we want to do with this new backend system in the future (like improving the Party System), so stay tuned for more updates!

Gamepad Improvements

Continuing from our work in Patch 1.0.3, we’ve added a whole slew of new gamepad improvements! Among other changes, this includes Inventory UI quality-of-life changes, easier hero swapping, easier tower upgrading/repairing/selling and more! Check out the patch notes next week for a full list of details.

New Cosmetics Manager

This update introduces a brand-new Cosmetics UI to view and equip Cosmetics! Currently, equipping costumes and accessories is a pain. Not only do you have to go to a specific vendor to make your heroes look badass, but the current UI is a pain to navigate -- especially on gamepad.

This new UI is available directly from the “Cosmetics” tab in your Inventory, so now you can change your look on the fly! You’re also able to see all of the currently available Costumes, Accessories and Tower Skins in one location, and best of all, you can view all of them (including Tower Skins) before you make a purchase!

Bug Fixes

And finally, this update includes numerous bug fixes! Keep an eye on the patch notes for the full details.

We’ll see you in Etheria, Defenders!

The Trendy Team

Help us make DD2 better


We know we've been quiet, but we're hard at work. We need your help in making Dungeon Defenders great! All you have to do is fill out this survey!*We'll peek our heads out and say more as soon as we can.

In the meantime, here's some concept art from what we have been working on and no, the little running stick figure guy is not a hero. Sorry. Let us know what you think in the comments!
Sasha Longvue

Etheria -- Earlier today, a strange portal opened and then quickly disappeared. No injuries were reported.

According to officials from the Emergency Magical Staff, the portal's lingering trace indicates a powerful magic of unknown origins. Officials are warning citizens to avoid the area as the portal may come back.

The EMS managed to extract the memory of the portal from an eyewitness, and The Etherian Free Press has exclusive coverage of that memory in the video above. 

While the portal was open, unidentifiable leaves and branches blew through. Botanists are scratching their heads over this strange flora.

Meanwhile, local citizens are preparing for the possible return of the portal.

"I hope something dangerous is coming," said the Dragonfall Knight Commander. "You can quote me on that. I've already got one scar. I want a matching set!"

The Knight Commander is calling all heroes to prepare for a fight.

"If I sound the horn," he said, "and you lily-livered scoundrels don't answer, I'll give you a scar myself!"
Greetings Defenders, and welcome to our first monthly lore column!

My name is Courtney, and I, along with our Creative Directors, am in charge of Dungeon Defenders lore. This month Im excited to share the story of Siphon Site D, one of our newest maps and one that Defense Council members will get to try out very soon!


Etheria At War

When the threat of the Old Ones was but a distant memory, Etheria suffered its worst possible fate: The Eternia Crystals shattered. Foul creatures spread like a plague through the land. The Old Ones amassed such an army that even the largest cities crumbled beneath them. Etheria was in ruin.

Champions were immediately summoned to the front lines. The men and women who answered the call became the Sunderguard, and they stood toe to toe with the armies of the Old Ones. But the enemy's number was too great. Etheria was overwhelmed, and the Sunderguard had no choice but to fall back to the northern territories.


The Sunderguards Discovery

Resources were at an all-time low, and miners were forced to delve into previously unexplored sites. In a system of caves far from the larger cities, they discovered a thick slab of decorated stone. They dug further. After three days of hard labor, the slab was revealed to be only one small part of an ancient temple.

The Sunderguard was called to investigate. They descended through the labyrinth, their torches illuminating massive pillars and intricate reliefs. The sound of rushing water grew deafening, and after hours of descent, they discovered the source: An underground spring with a faint light billowing from its surface.

The Ancient Springs

Convinced the temple was built to guard the spring, the Sunderguard drew some of the water into a phial and sent it to the Magic Academy for analysis. Their hunch paid off. The spring was imbued with some sort of magic. The nature of the enchantment was unclear, but the Sunderguard was willing to take any advantage they could get. Once the site was fully excavated, they made the difficult decision to build pipes and tanks directly into the temple.


Several other sites were discovered with the same mystical springs. It was the first glimmer of hope since the war began. But the enemy was closer than the Sunderguard suspected. Drawn to the springs, they quickly overwhelmed workers. Orcs smashed through pipes. Kobolds forced devastating cave-ins. Many sites were lost in a fraction of the time it took to find them.

Siphon Site D is one of the few that remain, and one of the last hopes for recovering a key asset that could give Etheria a fighting chance.

Want to win a seat on the Defense Council? Leave a comment in the comment section below, and well choose one lucky winner!

Hotfix 6.1

Welcome to our first Alpha hotfix! Please keep in mind, all items obtained with the bugged Serenity Auras that have an Item Power of 341 or greater were re-rolled to 340 with this hotfix.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Serenity Aura to slow substantially more than intended. Serenity Auras no longer stack their slow effects.

  • Fixed an issue where special stats were displaying as .01 of what they should be.

  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the Nightmare accessories who should have received them. Anyone with an item that, unupgraded, was Item Power 241 and above, should now have the accessories.

  • Made a change where Ogres and Special Enemies do not drop loot on Wave 1 in End Game Nightmare. It's our current plan to remove these enemies on Wave 1 altogether in an update very soon.

  • Fixed another server crash.

  • Fixed an issue where Free Play Hard, End Game Insane, and End Game Nightmare had the rounds that would end before Betsy died.

  • Fixed an issue where the music track from Town Entrance would play behind the intro cinematic.

  • Fixed an issue where the Apprentice's charge shot did not activate traps.

  • Fixed an issue where curtains were blocking enemies from getting out of their spawn point. (We got new curtains.)

  • Fixed an issue where Incursion Ogres did not count towards Monthly Mission progress.

Known Issues

  • Players have reported on our forums that some passives are either too low or too high from what they should be. We’ll be addressing this in a hotfix next week.

  • We’ve received a lot of feedback about the Scavenger since the update released yesterday. We've made a post about the feedback on our forums and spoke about it in our Devstream.
  • We're still looking into the issue where players' Xpadder profiles are no longer working. 

Patch 8.3 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 8.3 on Steam!


  • The Spooky Event is running for another week! Because we love you.

  • Activated the November Monthly Mission!

  • Replaced the Cake pet food with Turkey Legs for the November Monthly Mission. Yep, it’s the Cake and not the Ham!


  • Skeleton Hero enemies now drop slightly less total loot. (Wait, how are they even carrying loot in the first place? Our favorite response in the comments will win a cookie!)

  • Skeleton Hero enemies have been working out and now have higher health and damage.

  • Skeleton Squire enemy worked out his legs a lot and moves as fast as the other skeleton heroes now.

  • Skeleton Huntress enemy projectiles now deal damage. It’s more of a bugfix, but it just fit here thematically. Cohesion, people. It’s all about cohesion!


  • Reduced the BLOOOOOM on the Dark Arts Apprentice Costume.

  • Returned the Title Screen to the original image.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Missions wouldn’t appear for some players. If you are still experiencing this issue after tomorrow, please, please, please let us know on the forums!

  • Fixed a case where a user could receive two daily quests from a single daily quest event.

  • Elemental Chaos, Explosive Traps and Auras once again show their health/counts in tower view.

  • Fixed an issue where comparing a fast weapon and a slow weapon displayed the difference as green text in the tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where a player could possibly reset to the previous Monthly Mission shortly after a new one began.

  • Potential fix for a bug where enemies would get stuck inside a spawner on the second Spooky map.

  • Fixed an issue where the Spooky Event Legendary Monk weapon sometimes wouldn't play the VFX on the head of the weapon.

  • Fixed an issue where the Spooky Event Legendary Monk weapon sometimes wouldn't play VFX for ghosts when attacking enemies.

Known Issues

  • The + and - for comparing fast and slow weapons is reversed. So going from a 1/s weapon to 4/s will say -3 instead of +3.


Alpha & Beyond Released

Dungeon Defenders II is growing up! Gather around as it emerges from the primordial ooze and turns into an Alpha. With a big bang, the Alpha & Beyond update adds story, a rebalanced Nightmare mode, freaking rocket boots and so much more to the Etherian universe. Okay, we couldn't figure out which "getting better" metaphor to go with, so we went with all of them.

What's beyond? We're going to rapidly iterate on and improve the core feature set of the game. New feature work will still be ongoing in Alpha (insert obligatory controller support tease here), but we will also be focusing on bug fixing and balancing on a near weekly basis. 

Want to know what’s different in Alpha & Beyond? Click here for the all-dressed-up version of the patch notes!

With this update, we get one step closer to Open Alpha when the game is open to everyone. If you’re eager to play the game before the Open Alpha and still get a good value, we’ve added a cheaper version of DD2 to Steam today!

Starter Pack (New $14.99 Version):

  • Access to Alpha (and all of the delicious Alpha ants!)

  • 2000 Gems

  • Four Steam-exclusive Hero Accessories

Defenders Pack ($24.99 Version, renamed from Dungeon Defenders II):

  • Access to Alpha (and its crunchy ant delights!)

  • 3000 Gems

  • Four Steam-exclusive Hero Accessories

  • Two Extra Hero Slots

Thank you all for your support. We can't wait to hear what you think of Alpha & Beyond!



  • Inventory sorting:  Now you can sort the items in your bag! Click the Customize button on a bag to bring up the sorting options. The current sorting options are:

    • Rarity:  Sorts items from highest rarity to lowest rarity. Items will be sorted by their iPWR within the same rarity.

    • Type:  Sorts items based on their type. For example, all helms will be grouped together and so on.

    • Hero:  Sorts items based on which hero can use them.


Hero Damage, Ability Mana Regeneration, Ability Critical Damage Revamp

  • All Heroes

    • Ability Mana Regeneration Increased 1.0 -> 2.0

    • Ability Critical Chance Max Increased 30% -> 100%

  • Mana Regeneration Spheres

    • Ability Mana Regeneration Decreased from 1.0/2.0/5.0 to 1.0/1.5/2.0

  • Apprentice

    • Damage Scalar Increased 2.0 -> 4.0

    • Secondary Attack Damage Scalar Decreased 3.0 -> 1.5

    • Secondary Attack Has 20% Falloff Per Target

    • Secondary Attack Maximum Pierced Targets Decreased 7.0 -> 5.0

    • Lightning Rod Decreased Critical Damage Scalar 2.0 -> 1.75

    • Arcane Volley Increased Critical Damage Scalar 2.0 -> 3.75

    • Mana Bomb Increased Critical Damage Scalar 3.5 -> 8.0

    • Tornado Decreased Critical Damage Scalar 1.0 -> 0.5

  • Huntress

    • Hero Damage Scalar Increased 2.4 -> 5.0

    • Hero Base Damage Decreased 200 -> 100

    • Secondary Attack Increased Damage Scalar 2.5 -> 3.0

    • Sticky Nades Increased Critical Damage Scalar 1.5 -> 5.0

    • Oil Flask Increased Critical Damage Scalar 1.25 -> 3.5

    • Piercing Shot Increased Critical Damage Scalar 3.5 -> 8.0

  • Monk

    • Hero Damage Scalar Increased  1.4 -> 2.5

    • Hero Base Damage Decreased 125 -> 70

    • Pole Smash Increased Critical Damage Scalar 2.0 -> 4.0

    • Chi Blast Increased Critical Damage Scalar 2.0 -> 4.5

  • Squire

    • Hero Damage Scalar Increased 1.4 -> 2.8

    • Hero Base Damage Decreased 125 -> 60

    • Sword Beam Increased Critical Damage Scalar 2.0 -> 4.0

    • Empowered Sword Beam Increased Critical Damage Scalar 1.25 -> 2.0

    • Seismic Slam Increased Critical Damage Scalar 0.5 -> 3.0

Other Balance Updates

  • Significantly increased Malthius’ HP in the Malthius Incursion. He now has as much HP as a Tier 3 Ogre. Beware!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where loot wouldn’t drop from Ogres/Special Enemies if the player is dead and the enemy died from the Poison Dart Tower or Blaze Balloon’s DoT.

  • Fixed an issue where updates to Skill Spheres would not appear until the player transition into a map.

  • Fixed an issue with skeleton HP in the Malthius Incursion (both Free Play and End Game).

  • Fixed an issue where the Defense Attack Rate IV and V Spheres provided the same bonus.

  • Fixed an issue where the Auto Collect “A” icon also appeared in the Bag Icons list.

  • Fixed an issue where double-click to change a Bag Icon could cause the bags to overlap each other or become smaller in size.

  • Fixed an issue where an Inventory Bag Icon would become unclickable if you changed Bag Icons.

  • Reduced bloom levels on the new current Throne Room level


Meet the Squire

Meet the Squire!


Being a hero is easy, especially if you™re...

The Squire!

After six years, the Squire finally put on some damn pants. But that™s not all that changed. Learn about his newfound abilities and fame in his hero page.


Make your desktop feel 100% more majestic with The Squire™s wallpaper. You can download the 1920x1080 wallpaper on the Media page.

How do you feel about the new-and-improved Squire? Let us know in the comments section. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on May 15.

The Buried Bastille is now live on both PC and PS4! From this point forward, our goal is to have the PC and PS4 releases be no more than a week apart!

Update:  Looks like our Hero Balance Changes for the next patch got out early! They have not been properly tested, so we're reverting them. If you wish to continue testing them before the next patch, please join our Remote Playtesting Group by emailing dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com! 

So what are these Hero Balance Changes? Here's a tentative list of the changes! Keep in mind these are subject and very likely to change as our community testers in the RPG get their hands on them.

Here are the full patch notes for The Buried Bastille:


  • New Map -- The Buried Bastille:  As selected by you in our Influence Vote, we’re releasing The Buried Bastille in this update! This sprawling, ancient prison is a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm Caverns. Four cores lurk in these shadows for you to protect. The Buried Bastille is the biggest map released in Dungeon Defenders II to date, so we’re eager to see how you feel about its size and complexity.

  • New Incursion -- The Bastille Master:  It’s a race against time to kill all of the enemies in The Bastille Master Incursion! Not only is time and the size of The Buried Bastille working against you, but you only have a limited number of lives, too!

  • Improved Daily Missions: In our last update, we introduced Bonus Missions as part of our ongoing effort to increase the earn rate of Defender Medals for all players. In this update, we’re doing two things. The first is improving the Daily Missions themselves. Our Daily Missions will now be about winning a certain amount of maps (some with extra provisions, some without). No more Daily Missions like “Ignite X Enemies” or “Gain X Pet Affection Levels.” It’s all about winning and being rewarded for winning. Play how you want to play and get rewarded for it -- unless how you want to play is to lose, in which case, we’re sorry. The second thing is...

  • Temporary Change -- Increased Daily Mission Payouts: For the next two weeks, we’re increasing the amount of Defender Medals gained to 225 - 450 Defender Medals apiece. We’re going to pay close attention to the number of people completing Dailies and how these new reward amounts are affecting the Medal earn rate for all players. So please login, play with the Daily Mission changes and let us know on the forums how you feel.

  • New iPWR 750 Apprentice Weapon -- The Ghastly Halberd:  If you complete The Bastille Master Incursion, you’ll earn the new Ghastly Halberd Apprentice weapon! Using this weapon turns the Apprentice into a ghost, reducing damage taken by enemies from 35%-90%! Using the alternate fire of the weapon will spawn a variable number of halberds that will attack nearby enemies.

  • New iPWR 750 Helmet: This Incursion will have a chance to drop an iPWR 750 Helmet from the Victory Chest.

  • New Apprentice Elemental Variant Costume -- Guardian of the Dead: The Apprentice is joining the Monk and the Huntress in getting an elemental variant costume of his own!

  • New Steam Pack:  The Hero Army Pack:  The Hero Army Pack arrives later today! Now you can complete your roster with an incredible collection of our newest playable Heroes with multiple high-end Costumes in one mega-package!

  • Other Changes:

    • Summary Screen will now display Defender Medals earned from Daily and Bonus Missions.

    • Summary Screen will now display XP gained from Daily Bonuses.

    • June 22nd is your last chance to get the Collector’s Pack on Steam!

    • When you reroll a Daily Mission, a new Daily is automatically selected for you.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would happen while inspecting another player’s Hero Deck.

  • Amped Up, Snowstorm, Curse of Weakness, Envenom and Breaker are now working properly. These were previously doing the opposite of their intended function (e.g. Amped Up was decreasing attack rate instead of increasing it).

  • Fixed a visual bug where Hearty Blockade was dropping at 0%.

  • Fixed an issue where Panic Fire was unintentionally working for the Proton Beams. (Press Your Luck works for now but will get disabled in a future patch. Please let us know how Proton Beams feel now.)

  • Bling-O-Midas enemy hit VFX should now be properly golden and not some weird muddy color.

  • Bling-O-Midas projectile VFX now properly matches the width of the bow’s cone of damage.

  • Fixed an issue where Defender Medal purchases during a round were being tallied on the Summary Screen.

  • Fixed an issue where Wyverns were getting stuck in the Dragonfall Bazaar Market Skies air lane.

  • Proton Flame Charge Skill Sphere now properly adds extra damage.

  • Fixed some issues with NPC dialogue and tutorial dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s towers would remain on the Create Hero screen.

  • Fixed more collision issues with EV2’s Death From Above ability.

  • The Bling King now idles after he destroys the Inn, peasants!

  • Fixed an issue where the Ranged Goblin’s attack trails were showing up as grey boxes.

  • Fixed an issue where some Huntress bow attacks were showing up as grey boxes.

  • When swapping accessories for the Mantis Striker costume while a canister is equipped, the new accessory will now properly conform to the color of the canister. #peerpressure

PS4-Specific Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential solution for the War Table bug where players will only see the first map.

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would go back to the top of an item category in the Inventory when the “Are you sure” confirmation box popped up.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not cancel the Level Up pop-up box.

  • Fixed an issue where locking items in the Inventory accessed from the new Esc menu caused the cursor to jump randomly.

Known Issues

  • Some weapons that were 4-shots-per-second are now appearing at 2s or 1s. We're looking into it.

  • If you're unable to place EV2's nodes, you may need to reset your keybindings.

  • Idle Flow is currently not slowing enemies.

  • (PS4) Some PS4 users will not see the correct icon for placing EV nodes (Square is the correct button to place the node). Issue will be resolved in a future update but can, for now, be resolved by reinstalling the game.

PS4 players also received the Series EV2 hero and The Bling King update!


Foundation: Part 2 is here! This update builds upon our previous Foundation patch. Watch the video and read the patch notes below for the full rundown:


Hard Mode

Hard Mode increases lane pressure through increased raw power and speed on enemies. We tuned the experience around having a full Hero Deck and maximizing your use of multiple heroes. You can access Hard Mode on each map and on each playlist from the map selection screen.

  • Enemies on Hard Mode have higher base health and increased health gains per level.
  • Enemies also gain a small increase to move speed as they increase in levels.
  • Enemies with resistances have increased resistances in Hard Mode.
  • Stats and Special Stats on Hard Mode loot are 10% better than their Normal Mode counterparts.
  • Note:  Hard Mode is meant to be an alternate progression through the game. Players who are currently maxed out will probably not struggle to complete it. There will be more content in the future to entertain endgame players. Please let us know how you feel about Hard Mode playing through it with a level 1 hero.

Player Kicking

  • Players can now remove AFK/toxic players from a match!
  • The Kick option is available on the Game Menu screen. 
  • In public games, kicking requires a majority vote. 
  • In private matches, the leader has free reign to kick players from a group.

Hero Deck Improvements + Powerleveling

  • Players no longer have to remove heroes from their deck if the hero does not meet the level requirements.
  • In a public match, players are unable to swap to heroes that are below the level requirement.
  • In a private match, players are able to swap to any hero, regardless of the level requirement. So you can now powerlevel your heroes in a private match!

Forge Updates + Select All Items

  • We’ve widened the Forge, allowing players to see more information and more bag slots at any given time.
  • Players are now able to select entire bags at a time, including the Temporary Item Box, which should make selling items much faster.
  • Updated bag sizes for standard (16 slots) and premium (32 slots) bags. Players will be able to purchase an additional 7th bag slot (up from 6).
  • New visual feedback on inventory icons makes it easier to see item rarities, selected items for selling, equippable/unequippable items and items that are currently selected for Item Enhancement.

New Legendary Weapons

  • Four new Legendary Weapons, one for each hero! Plus, a new Legendary Shield for the Squire!
  • The four previous gold Legendary Weapons received a makeover. All previously earned items should be updated to the new look.

New Enemy Death Animations

  • Enemies now die in hilarious new ways!



  • Increased base damage to 175 from 125.
  • Increased Hero Damage scale to 2 from 1 per attack.

Arcane Volley

  • Increased base damage to 250.
  • Increased ability point scale to 3.01.
  • Increased projectile speed.
  • Increased Mana cost to 35 from 25.


  • Increased base damage to 400.
  • Increased ability point scale to 1.34.

Mana Bomb

  • Increased base damage to 960.
  • Increased ability point scale to 7.6.


  • Increased base damage to 200 from 175.
  • Increased Hero Damage growth per level to 2 from 1.6.
  • Increased Hero Damage Scale to 2.4 from 1.8.

Concussive Shots

  • Increased base damage to 400.
  • Increased damage value per ability point to 2.97.
  • Increased stun duration to 3.1 seconds.

Oil Flask

  • Increased oil flask oiled duration to 10.2 seconds.
  • Increased ability point scale to 7.42.
  • Increased base damage of the initial hit to 500.
  • Increased burning base damage to 100.
  • Increased burning damage to 2.1 per ability point.
  • Increased burning duration to 6.1

Piercing Shot

  • Increased base damage to 900.
  • Increased ability point scale to 10.1.
  • Increased projectile speed.
  • Reduced Mana cost to 75 from 100.


  • Reduced base damage to 125 from 150. (More info)
  • Reduced Hero Damage growth per level to 1 from 2.


We tweaked the Skyguard scalars, increased its range and added some utility. These changes will encourage players to seek out new combos from the tower and make it the dominant Defense against Airborne enemies.

  • Skyguard Tower applies a slow effect on hit.
  • Increased Skyguard attack rate.
  • Increased Skyguard gains from defense speed. Base attack rate is now 1.95 up from 2.43.
  • Reduced damage scalars per tier
  1. Tier 1: 1.5x DP
  2. Tier 2: 3x DP
  3. Tier 3: 4.5x DP
  4. Tier 4: 6x DP
  5. Tier 5: 7.5x DP
  • Increased base range to 35m.

Pole Smash

  • Increased base damage to 375.
  • Increased ability point scale to 5.41
  • Increased attack range to 550.

Chi Blast

  • Increased base damage to 425.
  • Increased ability point scale to 3.77.
  • Increased attack range to 550.

Heroic Wave

  • Reduced buff duration base to 8.1 seconds.
  • Reduced buff duration scalar to 0.003 seconds per ability point.
  • Reduced healing per cast to 1.01 per ability point.


  • Reduced base damage to 125 from 150. (More info)
  • Reduced Hero Damage growth per level to 1 from 2.

Seismic Slam

  • Increased stun duration to 3.6 seconds.
  • Increased ability point scale to 5.24.
  • Increased base damage to 600.

Sword Beam

  • Increased base damage to 400.
  • Increased ability point scale to 4.01


It was possible in certain circumstances to have 100% uptime for Provoke. We're OK with that, we just thought it was too easy to build, and it trivialized a fair bit of content. We’ve scaled down its uptime to bring it in line with other abilities. 

  • Reduced based taunt duration to 8.1 seconds.
  • Reduced duration gain per point of ability power to 0.004.

Bug Fixes

  • Remember that Incursion crash? Just like The American Dream, it’s dead.
  • The Item Enhancement Wheel animations can be skipped. No more hourlong upgrading sessions!
  • Fixed issue where Special Enemies and mini-bosses were killed instantaneously with the frozen + shatter combo. RIP Frogres. 
  • You can no longer be a jerk and build towers on the spawn points for all taverns.
  • The game will no longer crash when dragging an icon over a bag at the Change Bag Icon screen. 
  • Clicking “Show Equippable” while attempting to change the bag icon will no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed the crash where looking at an icon for 10 seconds would crash the game.
  • We made that last one up, but the first two icon crashes were totally real.
  • Challenge categories are now unlocked in real-time instead of Hammer Time.
  • If a player loads in and meets requirements to have a Challenge unlocked, it will be unlocked. If a player loads in and fails the requirements, the player will be asked to hang head in shame.
  • Increased the elusiveness of the Secret Meeting space.
  • Increased player aggression by mentioning Secret Meetings without revealing its secrets.
  • Players can no longer use towers to escape certain maps or gain access to inaccessible areas. You. Yes, you. Stop doing that.
  • Moved a bench that was hindering melee combat by a few inches. Every inch counts, amirite?
  • Fixed a special case where the Witherbeast’s debuff would augment the Boost Aura to make towers invincible. But it was cool while it lasted.
  • The Lightning Aura attack rate special stat is now working properly. Somewhere in the world, Monk Master Junbao is smiling.
  • Readjusted the Balloon Unlock Long-Lasting Splash-n-Harm Incineration Trigger in the Blaze Balloon. It now activates properly if enemies are standing in the activation radius when the trap resets.
  • We greased up the Low River Path spawn point in Nimbus Reach, making enemies less likely to get stuck and considerably more delicious when cooked.
  • Despite how hilarious it was to see Wyverns fly into a window in Throne Room, losing a sub-objective will now open the proper air lane.
  • To cater to millennials’ need for instant gratification, changing the premium bag icons now displays the new icon immediately.
  • Players can no longer place towers in inappropriate areas on certain maps. You know which ones. Wink.
  • There were a few maps that had issues with players and towers either clipping through or floating on certain locations in the level. If you can properly guess which ones we fixed, we’ll give you a cookie.
  • Updated and addressed issues on multiple maps, but probably not the one you wanted us to fix.
  • The War Recruiter lost weight. Good for him.
  • Fixed green arrow appearing when entering tower sell mode on Dragonfall Sewers for fear of copyright infringement.
  • Fixed Wyverns getting stuck in spawner. Somewhere. We forget.
  • Fixed several issues relating to meshes and VFX, but this time, it’s definitely the one you wanted us to fix.
  • Tightened up the environment traps on multiple levels, including Level Three.
  • Fixed Ogres getting stuck in lane spawners (25++). We mean it this time.
  • Fixed the Squire. He may no longer bear children.
  • Fixed the Squire not getting the damage or speed buff when using Provoke. Isom gained +5 Happy Points because of this, which is a stat we made up, but don’t tell him because he gets these instead of a paycheck.
  • Fixed Wyvern intro video now plays. English skills reduced as a result.
  • Enemy death rate increased by 100% by fixing enemy spawns on certain maps. 
  • Fixed players dragging items into the wrong slot by yelling at them and making them feel bad.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with Malthius and increased his capacity to love.
  • Fixed a number of improper text with stats.
  • Removed all mentions of the numbers sblevin and schfifty. Apparently, these aren’t real numbers.
  • Fixed issues with the UI for the Tavernkeep Bug Reporting Form while appreciating the irony.
  • Ranged Goblins no longer slightly favor targeting heroes over defenses and cores. Lucky you.
  • Fixed an issue where a destroyed sub-objective was not spawning enemies.
  • Fixed character defense names displayed in the character tab of the Forge.
  • Fixed tooltip appearing behind player name on Forge.
  • Fixed Electrocute combo not giving both teammates the stat points for combo.
  • Modified War Table and War Recruiter billboards.
  • Fixed all loot being shown as downleveled.
  • Resolved lane wisps not appearing in some maps/lanes.
  • Fixed location of downleveling arrow on equipment tooltips.
  • Adjusted, updated and fixed issues with all minimaps.
  • Updated the content in the Forge in all maps to accommodate the Forge UI widening.
  • Fixed Kobold, Flying Kobold, Skeleton, Orc and Witherbug death animations.
  • Fixed crash after multiple “Fail to Join Session” events.
  • Drakin projectiles now spread again.
  • Fixed a bug with the extra magic armor special stat.
  • Fixed a bug with the Summary Screen stats bar.
  • Fixed rare case where players could upgrade an item with the same item.
  • Fixed Item Enhancement UI where reset points button is not properly positioned on certain resolutions.
  • Material effects now show on all character models of the same type.
  • Loot profiles are correctly set for the first 2 campaign maps.
  • Fixed the orange currently set title not extending the full width of the textbox in the titles section of the collections tab.
  • Inventory UI animation fixed.
  • Fixed Item Enhancement stats going off the screen.

Known Issues

  • Spamming the Left Mouse Button during the Item Enhancement process will keep the process from completing. Be gentle.
  • The Upgrade button on the Item Enhancement appears greyed out even though it’s active. Go nuts.
  • Players with premium bags will have the last two items in each premium bag appear in the TIB. This will happen one time with the new inventory update.
  • AI is lacking proper motor skills and intelligence. 
  • There is a rare graphical bug where Chrome Enemies will appear completely black.
  • Spike Blockades do not show their correct health on the Inspect Defense tooltip when boosted by the Boost Aura.
  • The new Squire shield with the red banner on the front does not correctly attach to the hero. 
  • The Speedy Kobold’s death animation does not animate. 


We've teamed up with NVIDIA® to giveaway a newly unveiled NVIDIA® SHIELD™ tablet and five NVIDIA® SHIELD™ portables! Plus, we have five GeForce GTX 760 graphics cards to sweeten the pot. To enter, all you need to do is sign up for the contest on our Facebook page by clicking here!

One grand-prize winner will receive an NVIDIA® SHIELD™ tablet, an NVIDIA® SHIELD™ portable, a GeForce GTX 760 graphics card, a DDE mousepad signed by the dev team, a DD2 T-shirt and a NVIDIA® SHIELD™ controller -- an $800 value! Four runners-up will receive an NVIDIA® SHIELD™, a GeForce GTX 760 graphics card, a DDE mousepad and a DD2 T-shirt!

That’s not all. Everyone who enters the contest will receive a code for an exclusive in-game Squire “NVIDIA® Shield” for Dungeon Defenders Eternity!



For your chance to win, click here!

For the full contest rules, click here!

Good luck!


The Power Up update is now live on PC & PS4! This update includes the Gun Witch, buffs to the four original heroes, the new Game Browser and much more!


  • New Hero:  The Gun Witch!

    • As selected by you in our Influence Vote, the Gun Witch is here!

    • Using Broom Power, a magically regenerating resource, the Gun Witch has no need for blue mana and can use all of her powers at will. With abilities and witchcraft spells, the Gun Witch can fly from spot to spot, hovering in the air as she snipes enemies on the ground.

    • The Gun Witch Bundle includes the Black Magic Ops costume!

  • Game Browser

    • We’ve made a ton of changes to how you play maps and create games in the Power Up update. With the new Game Browser, you can now see every game being played. No more jumping blindly into a game hoping to find other players! Use the map, mode and difficulty filters to find the open games you want to play, or create your own. Entice players to join you by adding a custom name to your game. With the minimum iPWR filter, you can make sure the right people are joining your games.

    • To play a Private Game, select the map, mode and difficulty, and then select Create Game. On this new popup, you can choose to create a Public or Private Game.

    • The Game Browser replaces the old War Table flythrough screen, which should free up some memory.

    • This is a first pass on the Game Browser. We’ll add more filters and settings based on your feedback, and we’ll clean up some of the rough edges on the UI in a future update.

  • Reorganization of Campaign and Incursions

    • We’ve restructured the game into three game modes: Defense (previously called Campaign), Challenges (previously called Incursions), and Onslaught. All of these modes are unlocked from the beginning. Each mode now contains the following difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, Insane, and Nightmare I - IV. Thanks to your Influence Vote, Normal and Hard are both unlocked from the beginning, and the other difficulties unlock as your heroes’ level increases.

    • More reorganizations to come with our upcoming Strategy Revamp changes!

  • First Armor Set:  Armor of Storms

    • We’ve added our first armor set to the game! Armor sets can be worn by any hero. Each piece in a set has a unique Legendary Passive centered around a particular theme. This set is themed around lightning and storms.

    • This set is catered towards DPS heroes.

    • Gloves of the Storms:  

      • Smites of Lightning:  Attacks spawn a projectile that upon colliding with a target deals X% of your Hero Damage stat as damage and bounces up to Y times

    • Helm of the Storms:

      • Lightning Mana:  Increases your mana capacity by X with a Y% chance on hit to regen mana at a high rate for Z seconds

    • Chest of the Storms:

      • Taser Suit:  X% chance on taking damage to stun the enemy that hit you for Y seconds

    • Boots of the Storms:

      • Lightning Boots:  Increases movement speed by X. Upon landing, you deal Lightning Damage in an area around you dealing Y% of your Hero Damage stat as damage.

    • Each piece is located in the Victory Chest on different maps, so find them all!

    • We’ll be paying close attention to your feedback about this set, so please try it out and let us know what you think!

  • Unique Legendary Loot Update

    • In this update, we’re spreading out our unique legendary loot so almost every map has something unique to farm. Just like the recent Incursion weapons, these are guaranteed drops every time you win the map. Here’s a teaser of where you’ll find some of these items, but we’ll leave it to you to discover where the other items live:

      • Dragonfall Bazaar:  Toxic Shock Bow

      • Forgotten Ruins: Charge of the Harbinger Sword (DPS)

      • Liferoot Forest Incursion:  Armageddon Staff

      • Ramparts Incursion:  Purge Evil Polearm

  • Daily Mission Updates

    • Based on your feedback, we’ve made the following changes to Daily Missions:

    • Reduced the number of maps required to complete the Daily Missions from 5 to 3 and 3 to 2. Dailies are faster to complete now.

    • Reduced the likelihood of seeing Daily Missions that require you to win on maps in a certain area and increased the chance of seeing general “Win X Maps” Dailies.

    • Adjusted the number of Defender Medals given for Daily Missions so that completing Daily Missions that require you to win on maps in a certain area are more rewarding than the general Dailies.

  • Melee Update

    • In an experiment, we’re removing root motion (automatically moving forward while swinging) on the Medium Squire swords! It’s our goal that this change will give you more freedom and player control while melee attacking. Please try this out and let us know what you think. If you like it, we’ll apply it to the other Squire weapons and then to other melee heroes.


A big balance focus of this update was bringing the four original heroes up to the level of our newest heroes! We’ll be paying attention to game data and your feedback for more tweaks and changes.

As part of our hero buffs, we're updating some of our old passives to a new system, removing some passives and combining others into a single passive on a single item. As a result, we will be rerolling a number of passives. If the passive is getting updated to a new system, the value will be rerolled to either a higher or lower number than what you currently have. If the passive is being removed, it will be rerolled into another passive of a similar type (so if it’s a defense passive, it’ll be rolled to another defense passive). The end result should be that the four original heroes are on par with the new heroes, giving you more defense setup variety. From there, we’re working on changes in future updates to make the game more challenging and rewarding!



  • Pole Smash

    • Buffed damage significantly

    • Removed cooldown

    • Reduced to mana cost to 25

    • Falloff damage removed

    • Scales off of Ability Power

  • Chi Blast

    • Buffed damage significantly

    • Removed cooldown

    • Increased mana cost to 50

    • Falloff damage removed

  • Heroic Presence

    • Increased damage buff

    • Increased Heal Strength

    • Increased mana cost to 100

    • Cooldown is now 10 seconds

  • Shielding Wave

    • Buffed the Shield Strength to 2000% of your AP

    • Mana cost is 100

    • Cooldown is now 10 seconds


  • Lightning Aura

    • Increased Damage

  • Lightning Strikes Aura

    • Increased Damage

  • Boost Aura

    • Increased the amount of DP given to defenses by 25%

  • Sky Guard Tower

    • Damage increased slightly


  • Monk Harbinger Weapon

    • Pole Smash Fist (Passive)

      • Cooldown reduction removed

      • The two fists now roll their damage independently

        • First fist between X

        • Second fist between Y

      • Rebalanced stats to be more viable

    • Lightning Strikes Passive

      • Chance to proc is now variable

      • Damage from first fist is now variable

      • Area damage from smaller fists is now variable

      • Rebalanced to be more viable

  • Serenity Aura Range Passive

    • Only appears on gloves now

    • Value increased slightly since it’s only on gloves now.

  • Serenity Aura Slow Passive (Idle Flow)

    • Increased intensity of the slow

  • Betsy Weapon Passive

    • Slight change to do a chance on hit that secondary attacks will spawn a lightning area, dealing a portion of your Hero Damage stat as storm damage for a randomized amount of seconds.



  • Magic Missile

    • Increased damage

    • Increased max number of marked targets to 8

    • Removed cooldown

    • Reduced mana cost to 25

  • Tornado

    • Increased damage

    • Increased knockup duration

    • Reduced cooldown to 2 seconds

    • Max targets you can hit is now 10

  • Lightning Rod

    • Massively increased damage

    • Stun duration is now 18 seconds

    • Cooldown is now 10 seconds

  • Mana Bomb

    • Increased damage

    • Cooldown is now 10 seconds


  • Arcane Barrier

    • Buffed Arcane Barrier Health

  • Flameburst Tower

    • Increased Damage

    • Reduced AoE damage fallof

  • Earthshatter Tower

    • Earthshatter Tower is now single target and heavy damage.


  • Balanced the Halberd primary fire.

  • Slightly reduced firing rates on all staves and increased damage of attacks. Don’t worry:   There are still fast-firing staves.

  • Buffed secondary attack damage on staves.

  • Apprentice Harbinger Weapon

    • Arcane Barrier Passive

      • Removed health bonus given since base health of the Barrier was boosted

      • Increased damage effects

      • Increased DoT duration to 8 seconds

      • DoT damage scales separately from meteor damage

    • Mana Bomb Passive

      • Buffed to be more viable

      • The three passive values roll separately now (Shield Strength, DoT Damage, and Meteor Damage)

  • Frost Fire and Frosty Power

    • Frost Fire removed and replaced with Frosty Power

    • Frosty Power only appears on weapons now and replaces the Frost Fire passive

    • Increased amount of power gained to account for the loss of Frost Fire



  • Sword Beam

    • Increased damage

    • Increased VFX for 100% more WOW factor. Isom lervs Serd Berm.

    • Increased collision size to match new graphics

    • Scales with Ability Power

    • Reduced mana cost to 25

    • Removed falloff damage

    • Removed cooldown

    • Deals magic damage

  • Empowered Sword Beam

    • Increased damage

    • Increased VFX for 100% more WOW factor.

    • Increased collision size to match new graphics

    • Scales with Ability Power

    • Reduced mana cost to 25

    • Removed falloff damage

    • Removed cooldown

    • Deals magic damage

  • Provoke

    • Increased damage boost

    • Removed cooldown

    • Reduced mana cost to 50

  • Seismic Slam

    • Increased damage

    • Deals Earth damage now

    • Increased stun duration

    • Increased damage to enemies that are on the outside of the ability

    • Increased mana cost to 100

    • Cooldown is now 10 seconds

  • Block

    • Increased block strength from 40% to 65%, 90% with sphere.

  • Attacks

    • The Squire decided to focus a little more on arm day and some attacks in his combo chain have added knockback effects

    • We removed root motion from Medium Squire weapons. Try it out and tell us how it feels.


  • Spike Blockade

    • Increased health

    • Increased damage by 125%

  • Cannonball Tower

    • Increased damage by 40%

  • Heavy Cannonball Tower

    • Significantly increased damage

    • Reduced projectile speed

  • Training Dummy

    • Massively increased health

    • Increased damage by 100%

  • Ballista

    • Increased damage by 30%


  • Squire Harbinger Weapon

    • Provoke Passive

      • Increased DoT damage

      • Increased Seismic Slam

    • Training Dummy

      • Increased damage

      • Removed health bonus given since base health of the Dummy was boosted

      • Chance to roll the proc chance

  • Hearty Harpoon Passive

    • Now rolls only on Totems

  • Explodey Harpoon

    • Now scales with Defense Power and values adjusted slightly to give it a little girth.

  • Betsy Weapon Passive

    • Now deals a % of your Hero Damage stat as Damage instead



  • Concussive Shots

    • Increased damage

    • Damage scales with Ability Power

    • Reduced mana cost to 25

    • Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds

  • Sticky Nades

    • Damage increased substantially

    • Damage now scales with Ability Power

    • Mana cost set to 50

    • Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds

  • Oil Flask

    • Slightly increased damage

    • Increased the ignited oil damage and it now scales with AP

    • Increased oil duration by 4 seconds

    • Mana cost set to 50

    • Removed cooldown

  • Piercing Shot

    • Increased damage substantially

    • Damage now scales with Ability Power

    • Mana cost set to 100

    • Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds


  • Explosive Trap

    • Damage increased by 35%

  • Elemental Chaos Trap

    • Damage increased by 400%

  • Geyser Trap

    • Increased damage

    • Decreased attack rate

  • Blaze Balloon

    • Damage increased by 45%

    • DoT tick rate reduced slightly

  • Poison Dart Tower

    • Increased damage substantially

    • DoT applies quicker to targets

    • Changes targets after hitting

    • Increased the amount of love that iamisom gives this defense


  • Slightly reduced firing rates on all bows and increased damage of attacks. Don’t worry:   There are still fast-firing bows.

  • Huntress Harbinger Weapon

    • Concussive Shots Passive

      • Increased damage

      • The initial spikes and spike AoE scale separately with damage

    • Geyser Shard Passive

      • Increased damage

      • Can roll its damage and chance to proc separately.

  • Phoenix Call Passive

    • Phoenix Damage and Luck have been combined into Phoenix Call.

    • Values increased to accommodate for this change

    • Phoenix’s collision increased by 50% for more whammity wozzle.

    • Phoenix Damage and Phoenix Luck no longer appear on items

  • Poison Dart Passives

    • Towering Poison and Speedy Darts have been removed.

    • Explosive Poison has been reworked

      • Poison Dart Tower now does more damage. When a poisoned target dies, it detonates dealing a percentage of your Defense Power Stat as damage to enemies within a given radius.

Other Balance Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the Nullify and Harden passives were increasing resistances more than what was stated. They should now be accurate.

  • The Abyss Lord’s Colossus and Skeletal Orc towers’ Critical Damage now scales with each upgrade, maxing out at 3.0.

  • Series EV2 Heat Dissipation updated

    • Sword/Staff canisters that were using bursts updated to have more-balanced Heat/second dissipation

    • Mega'Manus Projector Heat Dissipation decreased 42 H/s -> 18 H/s

    • Mcdooger's Heat Dissipation increased 10 H/s -> 15 H/s

  • Skill Sphere Changes

    • Chilling and Oiling Strikes have had their slows increased.

    • Oil Harpoon (Squire) no longer reduces Ballista damage.

    • Cooldown Reduction has a minimum proc time of once per second.

General Bug Fixes

  • In order to fix the Series EV2 node placement bug, we’ve reset the Options/Keybindings.

  • Fixed a server crash that would happen if a player switches heroes quickly and continuously.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to get stuck in the Tutorial.

  • Fixed a bug where costume accessories in the Costume Shop could not be previewed before purchase.

  • Heroes will now properly resume auto-attacking after using abilities.

  • DPS and Attack Rate numbers on the Abyss Lord’s Skeletal Ramster should be more accurate now.

  • Fixed a bug where party leaders in a Private Game could kick themselves from a match.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting items for sale in the Inventory and closing the Inventory without selling those items would break the Inventory UI when reopening it.

  • Fixed a bug where new players would see the original heroes locked until the player moved through the heroes on the Create Hero screen.

  • Fixed an issue where Victory Chests would float in the air on The Buried Bastille.

  • Run N’Gun Skill Sphere now properly increases movement speed.

  • Chilling Strikes Skill Sphere now properly works on the Abyss Lord.

  • Abyss Fountain of Speed Skill Sphere now properly increases movement speed.

  • Fixed a bug where melee heroes could attack while in the Inventory.

  • Fixed an NPC dialogue box that was referring to Monthly Missions instead of Bonus Missions.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Abyss Lord’s defenses in The Buried Bastille.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would get stuck on ledges on The Ramparts.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with Series EV2’s shadow in The Buried Bastille.

  • Correctly stylized “War Table” on the interact icon.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Abyss Lord’s Tomes in the Blacksmith shop.

  • Fixed missing SFX issue on The Bling King Incursion.

  • Fixed a Lightning Bug projectile VFX issue.

PS4-Specific Bug Fixes

  • When a splitscreen player has the My Deck window open, the Blacksmith, Relic and Skill Sphere shops will now update the relic/weapon meshes and the window will now scroll.

  • When purchasing an accessory in the Costume Shop, the selection cursor no longer automatically moves to a different accessory, breaking UI navigation with the D-pad.

  • Turned down cutscene video volume and fixed an issue where cutscene volume was not responding to the volume sliders in the Options menu.

  • Fixed an issue where if a splitscreen playerhad an AFK timeout, both players would return to the Main Menu.

  • Fixed an issue where a splitscreen player could AFK timeout while the host player was in a menu.

  • Fixed an issue where, when a splitscreen player leveled up, the other player’s controls were locked until the Level Up window was closed.

  • Fixed an issue where, when in splitscreen, the Create Hero page was resized to where some info was off-screen.

  • Fixed an issue where heroes in the Costume Shop could not be rotated with the controller.

  • Fixed an issue where the L1 and R1 button icons did not appear in the Create Hero screen for switching characters.

  • Fixed an issue where pet stats were displaying as higher than intended during the Evolution screen.

  • Fixed an issue where if a splitscreen player tried to join after the Victory/Defeat cutscene, the splitscreen player was permanently unable to request to join again and the screen remained split.

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect egg name would display in the Transform Pets UI when purchasing a premium egg.


Known Issues

  • We’re still investigating the crashes that are being reported to us. We’ve dramatically decreased the amount of crashing, but there’s still work to be done!

  • Players can sometimes fall through the tavern/marketplace floor. If you restart the game, this should fix the problem.

  • The projectile spawned from the Gloves of the Storms passive does not work on the Abyss Lord and will not fire correctly when used with EV2 or the Huntress. Fix will be deployed in next update/patch.

  • Trying to join a game via the Game Browser when it’s already going can cause players to be not able to matchmake. Returning to the title screen and back will fix this. Fix incoming.

  • The Game Browser can sometimes take an extended period of time to remove a no longer valid session from the session list.

  • On occasion, loot data for a map will not load so all loot dropped will be of iPower 1. This can also affect Victory Chest. We’re currently investigating.

  • The Taser Suit passive will display with a radius stat of 0 but the passive functions properly.

  • PS4 - Splitscreen players (secondary) cannot navigate the Inspect Deck UI with the D-pad.

  • PS4 - In splitscreen, if the primary player is invited to a party the 2nd player does not join the party as well.

  • PS4 - The Splitscreen HUD can display on menus intended to take over the full UI.

  • PS4 - In splitscreen, the “Joining Game” notification does not display when a 3rd party member selects a map to play.

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