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Patch 7.6 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 7.6!

Free Gem Offer

  • As thanks for being patient while we work through our Open Alpha growing pains, we’re giving everyone 100 free gems! In order to receive the gems, you’ll need to login to the game between now and Tuesday, Oct. 27th.


  • Item icons in the Inventory now have colored frames depending on its rarity. For example, Legendary icons now have orange frames. Hipster icons have black, bold frames. [[7869,hashtags]] [[7870,hashtags]]

  • You can create characters in the group tavern now.

Bug Fixes

  • Put in a potential fix for the issue where the matchmaking service was doing wonky things when we hit a high number of concurrent users. We wanted to get this fix in before the weekend, so the speed at which we needed to get this in has a side effect. We are dividing our matchmaking into three different regions:  Oceanic, United States and Europe. For a short period of time, players will not be able to change regions or matchmake with a friend who is in a different region. Tentatively next week, we plan on releasing a way to change regions manually, and shortly after that, a way to change regions dynamically based on a friend invite (this work is in-progress now).

  • Fixed an issue where Bearkira’s slowing effect wasn’t wearing off on some enemies.

Known Issues

  • You won’t be able to skip the introductory cutscene on the first viewing. If it shows up again, you’ll be able to skip it.

  • Fugazi is still on indefinite hiatus. Not a known issue with the patch. Just a known issue with life.


Power Up - Patch Preview

It’s time to dust off your Hero Deck and slide the Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and Monk back in! The Power Up update boosts the original four heroes, finally making them as powerful as true サイヤ人 -- err, we mean, the Abyss Lord and Series EV2. But it might be hard for them to keep up since this update also introduces the new queen of DPS, the Gun Witch!

Looking for someone with a Gun Witch? With the new Game Browser, you can see a list of every game being played, and you can create custom game names to find the players you want! The update also includes many rebalanced passives and weapons along with our very first Armor Set for you to discover. Oh, and did we mention this gear is now distributed across a variety of maps? We think it's time to go create a  “FARMING FOR 4/s Armageddon” lobby.

Our heroes are powering up this July! Stay tuned next week for the patch’s release date, but in the meantime, read on for more details about the Power Up update:

The Gun Witch

With a passion for witchcraft and a touch of gunpowder, we’re proud to present to you… the Gun Witch! Using Broom Power, a magically regenerating resource, the Gun Witch has no need for blue mana and can use all her powers at will. With abilities and witchcraft spells, the Gun Witch can fly from spot to spot, hovering in the air as she snipes enemies on the ground. Meet the Gun Witch in the video above for a full overview!


Hero Buffs

It’s time for the four main heroes to get a boost! These updates will bring the original heroes to Abyss Lord and Series EV2 power level. When the patch comes out in July, you’ll be able to check out all the nitty-gritty details in the patch notes. Here’s a preview of some of the notes: RPG PATCH NOTES.


  • We’re buffing the Apprentice to increase the damage viability of his defenses, giving him a tankier Arcane Barrier, and drastically reducing his ability cooldowns so they’re fun to use frequently.


  • We’re making the Squire a more viable melee and ability power fighter. We’ll be making both of his blockades sturdier and increase the damage of all of his defenses. We're also experimenting with removing root motion, so you can move and attack at the same time.


  • We’ve modified each of the Monk’s melee attacks to make his polearm types more unique. We’ve also boosted the damage output of his damage dealing towers and boosting ability of his Boost Aura.


  • We’ve reduced the cooldowns and increased the damage on many of the Huntress’s abilities. We gave all of her traps a substantial damage boost and modified the Poison Dart Tower so it’s more effective on the battlefield.


Game Browser

We’ve made a ton of changes to how you play maps and create games in the Power Up update! With the new Game Browser, you can now see every game being played. No more jumping blindly into a game hoping to find other players! Use the map, mode and difficulty filters to find the open games you want to play, or create your own. Entice players to join you by adding a custom name to your game. With the minimum iPWR filter, you can make sure the right people are joining your games. Based on your feedback, we’ll add more filters and settings to make sure finding and playing with other players is an enjoyable experience.

We’ve also restructured the game into three game modes: Campaign, Challenges (previously called Incursions), and Onslaught. All of these modes are unlocked from the beginning. Each mode now contains the following difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, Insane, and Nightmare I - IV. Thanks to your Influence Vote, Normal and Hard are both unlocked from the beginning, and the other difficulties unlock as your heroes’ level increases.


Passive Updates

Since we’ll be powering up the main four heroes, we also wanted to do a balance pass on many of the passives and legendary weapons in the game. In many cases we have combined passives that previously appeared on many items to a single passive that rolls on a single item. These new items will be guaranteed drops on specific maps.

Our end goal: The ability to target farm the gear you need to make your heroes awesome!

Sasha Longvue

Etheria -- Earlier today, a strange portal opened and then quickly disappeared. No injuries were reported.

According to officials from the Emergency Magical Staff, the portal's lingering trace indicates a powerful magic of unknown origins. Officials are warning citizens to avoid the area as the portal may come back.

The EMS managed to extract the memory of the portal from an eyewitness, and The Etherian Free Press has exclusive coverage of that memory in the video above. 

While the portal was open, unidentifiable leaves and branches blew through. Botanists are scratching their heads over this strange flora.

Meanwhile, local citizens are preparing for the possible return of the portal.

"I hope something dangerous is coming," said the Dragonfall Knight Commander. "You can quote me on that. I've already got one scar. I want a matching set!"

The Knight Commander is calling all heroes to prepare for a fight.

"If I sound the horn," he said, "and you lily-livered scoundrels don't answer, I'll give you a scar myself!"

The final Beastmaster contest of the season is upon us, Defenders. Flickerwicks! The players with the highest DPS Flickerwicks will win an in game Beastmaster title! Bring us all of your cute little Creepers! Post a screenshot of it in the comments below with a link to your Steam account. Remember, only entries with screenshots and Steam accounts will be eligible to win. The deadline for entries is July 16th, 11:59 PM EDT. 

Now that the final contest has begun, allow me to introduce the Purrpeller Beastmasters:

Congratulations, Beastmasters! Thank you all for your participation! Keep an eye on your PMs for your prizes!


At Trendy, our goal is to push tower defense to its limits. From random loot to persistent hero progression, weve taken the reins of hybrid tower defense and rode that beautiful stallion into the nectarine sunset. But where do we go from here?

After a strenuous design meeting, the future of tower defense was clear.

Kart racing.


As spotted by thebamboobear, we're hard at work on Dungeon Defenders Super Kart, the next DLC for Dungeon Defenders. DDSK blends the action-RPG/tower defense gameplay you love with the hilarious hijinks of kart racing.

Tower building dynamically changes the way you play. Use Spike Blockades to block off that annoying shortcut your brother uses. Place a Deadly Striker Tower at the end of a ramp to zap airborne foes. The possibilities are endless.


Like most of our DLC, this expansive step forward in tower defense is free for two weeks. Download it during the free window, and it will be yours forever.

Let us know what you think about this new DLC in the comments section!



Greetings Defenders,

It is time to finally announce the next expansion coming to Etheria — Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift! We’ve released information regarding this expansion and are ready to give a preview as to almost everything you can expect. The entire team has and still is working very hard to make sure this is a great experience for Defenders new and old. We’re going to cover some information posted in our DevLogs, as well as some new information, and how it all ties together. Let’s get to it!

Statistic Changes

This is our most foundational change in the update. When Protean Shift launches, you’ll notice that your gear’s stats looks much different than before. Our first change is making the damage from critical strikes scale off of the base damage for both your heroes and your towers. Critical Damage is no longer going to be a secondary stat, but is going to be a percentage increase that you can gain through Gear, Shards, and Ascension Levels. Because of the change to Critical Damage, the Critical Chance cap of 33% has been removed — the sky’s the limit now!

One of the goals of the Critical Damage change is to make damage more reliable. Critical Damage builds are still fun, but other playstyles should feel just as rewarding. Every hero and tower’s base damage has been increased to account for the changes made, making damage more consistent and allowing for even more unique builds!

Since we are changing how Critical Damage is understood, we decided to tackle another confusing area for players:  Defense Speed. This stat is now a percentage instead of being numbers that go into the thousands. The change here allows players to understand exactly how much faster their defenses attack rate will increase.


This expansion really provides the opportunity to build how you want to, and gear is a huge reason. We wanted gear to feel more unique, instead of just giving you every stat whenever you received a legendary tier of gear. Now your gear and choices can reflect the kind of Defender you want to be.

Gear now has a primary stat and a secondary stat. For heroes, the stats vary depending on the piece of gear. On helmets, gloves, chest, and boots, the primary stat is Armor, and the secondary stat pulls from Health, Ability Power, or Hero Damage. On weapons, the primary stat is Hero Damage and the secondary stat can be Armor, Health, or Ability Power. As a reminder, base hero damage for their attacks and abilities was buffed to make sure your heroes feel comparably as powerful after Protean Shift releases compared to how powerful they currently are.

For towers, it varies as well. On totems, Defense Health is the primary stat and Defense Power is the secondary stat. Inversely on Medallions, Marks, and Orbs (if you still have any), Defense Power is the primary stat and Defense Health is the secondary stat. An additional reminder, we increased defenses base stats to try and retain the power your defenses currently possess. This leads us to M.O.D.S.



Professor Proteus applied his inventive intellect to all of the gear in Etheria! Magically Offense/Defensive Subroutines (M.O.D.S. or even simpler — Mods) are what allow you to make your gear your own! Mods can do everything from normal stat increases (Defense Speed, Critical Damage, Critical Chance) to less normal bonuses like stun immunity on Defenses. They even offer new ways to combat your foes! Want to:

  • Have towers immune to Hex Thrower curses? You can do that.

  • Pierce a Shield Geodes shield? You can do that.

  • Make your traps, auras, and nodes, immune to Cyborks?! You can do that!

Mods are an additional property on gear, similar to Shards. Mods compliment Shards and also unlock in a similar fashion, based on the quality of gear, and start appearing on Uncommon quality gear:

  • Uncommon:  1 Mod slot

  • Epic:                2 Mod slots

  • Mythical:        2 Mod slots

  • Legendary:    3 Mod slots

This means that a Legendary piece of gear now has two stats, three Mods, and empowers three Shard slots, making them truly Legendary. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Over 120 Mods are here to give you the chance to defend Etheria the way you want to. Some of these Mods are the result of community feedback as a unique and engaging way of tackling challenges set before you, the Defenders of Etheria.



Mods are something Professor Proteus added to gear, and what good would Mods be if you couldn’t modify them? That’s where Tinkering comes into the mix! Tinkering is the ability to move up to three Mods at a time from one piece of gear to another piece of the same type and Chaos tier or higher. This means that Mods on Chaos VII weapons can only be moved to another Chaos VII weapon, from one Chaos III helmet to another Chaos III (or higher) helmet, and so on. Once you transfer Mods from one piece of gear to another, the original piece is destroyed in the process.

Tinkering allows you to continuously mix and match your Mods to create the build you enjoy the most. The amount of customization that Tinkering offers truly lets you play how you want. It doesn’t stop there. When combined with our new Upgrading and Evolving features, even more choices await you, even potentially choosing the look of the weapon you want!


Upgrading is a feature that many of you are well acquainted with, it’s the best way to squeeze extra power out of your gear. But this is Protean Shift, so it’s time to UPGRADE THE UPGRADE! You no longer max upgrade a piece of gear and wait for another piece of gear that’s a higher quality and/or Chaos tier to replace it. You can take that gear, and through the genius of Prof. Proteus, Advance that gear to the next tier!


Have an Uncommon piece of gear with the stats you want early on? You can now upgrade that piece to its max level and once it’s maxed, you can Advance that piece of gear into Epic quality. The same can be done to go from Epic to Mythical, and from Mythical to Legendary. This isn’t the only form of improving your gear, which is where Evolving comes in!


Evolving is icing on the gear permanence cake. Regardless of a piece of gear’s quality tier, you can choose to Evolve it to bring it through the various Chaos levels. With Evolving you can now choose to push a sword that you found in Chaos II all the way up to Chaos VII, and beyond!


Upgrading, Advancing, and Evolving applies to every piece of gear that drops — weapons, armor, and relics!



We’re adding in additional ways for both new and veteran Defenders to play! The Campaign is now different than many of you experienced in the past. After completing the Campaign, Defenders can now take on Adventures! These let you choose specific side stories to progress and prepare for the challenges that await you in Expeditions, Onslaught, Mastery, and Incursions provide.


Map choice, map choice, MAP CHOICE! Something many have wanted is now here. The Chaos Trials are finished, and Defenders can now go on Expeditions throughout various Chaos difficulties. Do you have one favorite map to play, and just want to play that one as you progress through different Chaos difficulties? Now you can!

Expeditions also provide the ability to acquire different materials needed for new systems being added, such as Evolving and Tinkering. Different types of maps drop different specific materials as you play through a map and as you complete them. You can choose to farm for a specific material on a specific map, or play random maps that offer more materials. These materials are earned as you play a map and when victory is yours!


Shard Dusting

Shards are a great way to really increase the power of the heroes you play. Some players enjoy playing only a few select hero, so it can be a real bummer if you get Shards for heroes that don’t fit your play style. Now you can take any unwanted shards and break them down into dust through Shard Dusting. You can take the Shard Dust from unwanted shards and trade them in for Chaos equivalent Shard Packs to have another try at getting the shard you want. You can use this process to help work towards getting the shards.

Gilded Shards

All our gear is getting the ability to be pushed past its limits, so it’s only fitting that Shards get the ability to as well. When you Gild Shards, you combine Shards of the same kind to unlock additional upgrade levels. This is a focus for end-game players to grab additional power in order to take on the challenges that Onslaught, and also protect their shards from being reset when attaining Ancient Power!

New Weapons!

Professor Proteus is a man of intellect, sophistication, and style. In Protean Shift every hero is receiving their own special weapons, with their own special appearances! Some of these weapons not only look legendary, but contain legendary power in the form of unique Mods. These Mods are found on the Prestigious weapons gained from attaining Ancient Power, though that’s not the only way to get them!


Player Shops and Markets

In Protean Shift, gear is no longer magically locked to each Hero Deck.  Professor Proteus has slightly alleviated the restrictions that existed previously.

All Defenders will be able to list their items for sale on their own personal Player Shops.  Most items that have not been altered in some way (think Upgraded/Evolved/etc.) will be available to post on your shop!  You will be able to browse all the Player Shops from the Player List on the Pause Menu. Feel free to shop to your heart's content!


In addition to creating your own Shop, you’ll be able to enter the new Markets.  From the War Table, you can browse lists of open Markets and choose which to join.  Markets are themed for the various types of items that can be sold, but you can still freely sell any item of your choice while you’re there.  If you don’t see a Market of the item type that you’re looking for, you can always just Quickmatch and it will automatically create one for you!

The Final Bean

We’ve been spilling the beans for a while now, and there’s one last bean that we have to spill — the release date. Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift is releasing on June 19th on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One! This release is very close to one year since we’ve released, and there’s more to come.

Want More Info On Dungeon Defenders II?

Check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

We’ve got one more Devstream to show off more stuff coming with Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift. Thank you for defending Etheria with us, there’s only more to come. Stay tuned!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Hero survey


Will you be my hero?

For some reason I always imagine Enrique Iglesias' singing that to me whenever I have to chose which hero to play with. It doesn't help that I only know that one line from the song. One day I'll look up the rest of the song, but in the mean time I'll be here working hard to make Dungeon Defenders 2 even better with your help! We would like to know all about how you chose to play the heroes. Who do you bring out before the battle begins? Who is always brought out to face the waves of enemies? Take this Hero Survey and let us know!

The Journey Begins Now!

The Journey Begins now! Login to Steam or PS4 to play our latest update!

The Journey Begins update is the first step on a journey to finish the game. Our next step: Improving the endgame! We’re excited to share more details on what that means over the next few weeks.

The Mystic

  • New Hero: The Mystic! Watch her hero trailer.

  • A reformed thief with a dark secret, the Mystic struggles to control the ancient Serpent God in her gauntlet. Summoning powerful strikes, the Mystic harvests the souls of her fallen enemies, appeasing the slithering deity. But without a constant stream of enemy souls, who knows what her master might do?

  • Abilities

    • Snakes?

    • Ability One - Lash Out:  The Mystic summons the Serpent God to lash out at her enemies, which deals massive poison damage.

    • Ability Two - Call to Madness:  The Mystic summons the serpent’s screech causing nearby enemies to turn on each other.

    • Snakes!?  

    • Ability Three - Dark Torment:  Hurls a dagger into a single enemy, which causes nearby Sand Viper towers to focus on the foe. Enemies defeated under Dark Torment turn to sand and get reborn as a friendly tower that hurts nearby enemies.

    • Ability Four - Serpent’s Coil: The now immortal Mystic has no need for traditional healing. With Serpent’s Coil, she hurls a dagger into the ground, and a snake wraps around it. The dagger deals damage to nearby enemies, and when the enemy dies, it turns into a healing orb that any hero can collect.


  • Defenses

    • Defense One - Snaking Sands:  When an enemy trips this sand trap, a vortex appears and slows enemies down as they sink into the ground.


    • Defense Two - Sand Viper:  The Mystic summons a slithering incantation that fires an increasingly damaging beam at an enemy. When the Mystic uses her Dark Torment ability, any nearby Sand Viper focuses its beam on the tormented foe.

    • Defense Three - Viper’s Fangs:  The Mystic’s barricade. Not only does it stop enemies in their tracks, it also fires a poison bubble that lifts enemies into the air. Pop the bubble to create poisonous rain on any poor sucker caught underneath it. 

    • AHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Defense Four - The Obelisk:  Inflicts up to five debilitating status effects on enemies across the battlefield while potentially shielding heroes. When the Mystic is fully appeased with souls, the Serpent God himself appears on the Obelisk to breathe unholy fire upon enemies.

    • Everything isss fine. Life is better now. All hail our new ssslithering overlords.

New Story and Progression

  • We have moved the awesome animated intro video from the tutorial to the game’s startup.

  • 18 maps have been tied together under one unified storyline divided into Acts.

    • We redesigned the Game Browser map list to scroll vertically. Map selection should be much clearer in the new sequence. The map order of campaign becomes the map order across the game.

  • New “Next Map” Button on Campaign

    • Want to just keep going through the Campaign without being kicked back to the Tavern or Hub? Just hit “Next Map”!

  • New Campaign Story-centric Loading Screens

    • Check out the new chunks o’ story on our awesome looking loading screens.  Then click to continue whenever you’re finished reading!

  • New Campaign Quest Line

    • New to the game?  Visit the Knight Commander to get started!

    • Start out as a Squire or Apprentice, then unlock the Huntress/Monk on the first quest!

    • If you previously completed part of the Campaign quest line, we have translated your progress into an appropriate quest in the new quest line.

  • All of the NPCs and their functionality is unlocked from day one. None of this unlocking item upgrading at level 34 business. We want you to have access to everything from day one so you can decide what you want to do and when. It’s your game; play it how you want.

  • The game modes are Campaign, Defense, Incursions, and Onslaught. Difficulty for Campaign is Normal and Hard. None of this Freeplay/End Game/Insane monkey business.

  • The Campaign now takes all the heroes in your hero deck from level 1 to 50.

    • You may find yourself gaining 2-3 levels in one map! Be wary though, because the enemies get harder too.

  • SAS points have been reset and are now awarded every five levels.

  • New Rewards from Campaign

    • The way loot drops has been changed on every Campaign level.

    • Earlier levels have slightly higher drop rates of items to help you get started.

    • We’ve added specific loot into chests throughout the game to ensure you have important pieces to be successful as things heat up.

    • Lower-tier items now have more stats on them to make them a little more helpful.

    • Pet eggs drop earlier in the game

    • At the end of Campaign, you’ll be geared for the bottom end of Nightmare I.

    • Each win rewards Gold, Exp, and DM, especially for that first play through when you’re knocking out the campaign quest for the first time.

  • Sell and repair are now available at level 1!

Early Game Enemies and Difficulty

  • Campaign Normal and Campaign Hard are both harder than what they used to be based on the feedback we’ve received from our community during Early Access.

    • Enemy spawns are punchier. You should see more enemies out at once.

    • Many Campaign maps have less waves, but less means harder.

    • Enemy health and damage are also increased.

  • We completely redid all enemy introductions. What is a tough enemy early becomes the norm later.

  • We rebalanced Defense Mana and Defense Unit budgets in the campaign revamp. Your defense placement choices and strategies are more meaningful and tougher.

Quality of Life and General Improvements

  • New Main Menu

    • We’ve completely redesigned the Main Menu with a focus on our fantastic world art and easier-to-understand navigation options.

    • We’ve added clearer social buttons, a news panel and a new ticker to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Dungeon Defenders II.

      • By adding the news panel on the Main Menu, we’ve killed it from where it used to be, which was an annoying popup that showed up when you entered the Town or Tavern for the first visit of a session.

    • Now you can continue the campaign from where you left off, straight from the Main Menu.

  • Warmup Phase Change

    • When you enter a map, we’ve reworked how the warmup phase timer works. Now you can hit “G” to end the warmup phase and kick off the first build phase.

  • Changed the size and decay of damage numbers to clean up some of the UI clutter in our game.

  • New Options Menu Features

    • We’ve added new controller options on the PS4:

      • Look Sensitivity -- Change how fast the screen scrolls when you move the targeting reticle with the right thumbstick

      • Dead Zone -- Change how far you have to push the right thumbstick to move the targeting reticle

    • Play the Tutorial as many times as you want, now located on the Options Menu. (Bigger Tutorial changes coming soon!)

    • Region Selection is now in the Options Menu; however, you can only change the setting while you are on the title screen.

  • Passives on gear have been slightly tweaked.  They now roll in different amounts on different rarities of gear.

    • Worn through Powerful have no passives.

    • Epic and Mythical have two passives.

    • Legendaries have three.

  • New Create a Hero screen

    • We even added some fancy-schmancy voice overs tell you about each hero.

  • We tweaked the “Create Game” pop-up to be a little easier to understand.

  • We greatly increased the timer at the end of matches so you can go through your loot at your own speed.

  • Music Updates

    • We’ve added a new Victory track that plays whenever you complete a match. #nostalgia

    • We’ve also added a new track for the Town!

  • PS4 - Several Options moved to the profile so they can be supported in split-screen

    • Invert Y-Axis

    • Scavenger Level (it’s a PS4 thing that will hopefully go away soon with the new inventory)

    • Show Hints

    • Coalesce Damage Numbers

    • Show Damage Numbers on Dummy

    • Show Damage Numbers

  • Cleaned up many UI messages to only show more relevant announcements.

  • You can now sort your bags by iPWR.

  • Enemy intro videos have been removed… for now.

  • The Relic Hunter and Petrinarian have new dialogue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed more issues with the coalescing damage numbers to increase game performance.

  • Fixed Poison Dart Towers being able to shoot through walls.

  • Ogres can no longer be teleported by Null Void to get stuck behind the spawns.

  • Fixed the Oiling Strikes and Chilling Strikes skill spheres not applying.

  • Fixed the Medium Experience Bonus II Skill Sphere.

  • Fixed an issue with the Explosive Guard and Shielding Guard Ubers not functioning on Squire Blockades.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer where Molten Core would cost more Molten Power when wearing a Helm of Storms.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer’s Volcano where you could teleport around while moving the Volcano to new locations.

  • Fixed an issue where Volcano would stop shooting after casting Eruption several times.

  • Fixed an issue where EV2 would have full heat at the start of a Combat Phase.

  • Fixed some issues with displaying the proper stats when inspecting towers.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t close some UI elements with the B button on controllers.

  • Fixed an issue where some enemy spawns didn’t have the correct minimap icons to show where enemies were coming from.

  • Fixed an issue with Drakin pathing on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed an issue where Betsy wouldn’t spawn if you hit G in certain areas.

  • Fixed some text issues on the Hero Creation screen

  • Fixed when “Flameburst Tower Destroyed” would spam the UI when a series of EV2 nodes would get destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue with the Gun Witch’s Ice Needle being able to cause Altar Assassins to fall into pits while invulnerable.

  • Fixed an issue with Frosty Towers trying to shoot into the ground. (More Frostbite fixes incoming.)

  • Fixed an issue where Harbinger would just walk off of his ship if a player used Lavamancer’s Submerge.

  • Fixed the Bling King randomly pausing during animations

  • Fixed the Power Surge Incursion not loading the correct music during the warm up phase.

  • Fixed an issue on Ramparts and added Ogres on Nightmare.

  • Cleaned up the collision on Arcane Barrier to have more placement options of other defenses near it.

  • Fixed some broken animations on the Huntwitch and Black Magic Ops Gunwitch skins.

  • Fixed a typo in the Abyss Lord’s Explosive Arrows passive.

  • PS4 - Fixed some issues with some player specific popups getting cut off in split screen.  Still needs more work, but a partial fix went in.

Known Issues With This Update

  • PS4 PLAYERS - DO NOT DELETE HEROES USING THE HERO DECK TAB IN THE INVENTORY SCREEN. My Heroes is the place to manage your roster on PS4. Using the Hero Deck Tab in the Inventory Screen to delete your heroes will delete the hero in your first slot EVERY TIME.

  • The Intro videos are not currently playing sound on PS4.

  • Profile options (listed in “Quality of Life and General”) will stomp main menu options.  This should not affect region selection. Also Main Menu Options Menu navigation will be a targeted area of improvement for navigation in a patch coming soon.

  • We disabled Victory Chest re-rolling for now to prevent an existing loot bug. It will return in the future!

  • Towers have decided to show solidarity with the Old Ones’ army and will not display their health bars if enemy health bars are turned off. Stand strong brothers and sisters.

  • The region setting will not display what region you’re in the options menu once you are in game if you did not open the options menu on the title screen first. (even if you didn’t change the default setting)


The Heroes of Etheria have arrived at Drakenfrost Keep and explored its grounds. Throughout their exploration they unlocked a hidden chamber shrouded in runes around a mage who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep an ancient evil at bay. The seal has been broken, and the Drakenlord lives again! Held at bay for many years, kept alive only by fables, this menacing evil seeks to take back his keep, raise a dragon army, and set out to conquer the lands of Etheria. It is up to you, Defender, to send this juggernaut back to the underworld.

Greeting Defenders,

We unleashed a beast in Patch 4.3, which is now out on ALL platforms! The Drakenlord has come to terrorize the citizens of Etheria, we took a pass at some additional Mod Reroll quality of life, bug fixes, and more. Let’s get into it!

The Drakenlord


Soaring through the skies of Etheria, the Drakenlord is trying to take back his domain, Drakenfrost Keep. He’s a new boss type that will require you to create unique strategies to take him down, unlike any other boss you’ve fought so far! With his arrival, he may appear in other maps as well. He is now ready to fight you in Expeditions!

Drakenfrost Keep is also now a map that appears in Onslaught. Starting at Floor 39, Drakenfrost Keep appears every 10 floors as a capstone floor (similar to The Lost Temple). This means at Floors 34, 44, 54, 64, etc., you have to defend the Lost Temple, and on Floors 39, 49, 59, 69, etc., you conquer Drakenfrost Keep.

The Drakenlord provides new rewards every week! There are a slew of new weapons AND Mods for you to obtain by slaying him and protecting Etheria.

A costume for the Squire is now available on the Emporium, where you can BECOME the Drakenlord. We’re excited to see how you handle what he has in store for you, and the great rewards that await you.

Mod Reroll

We’ve been all about adding Mod quality of life changes, and here’s another one. Previously we doubled 10/10 drop chances, then last week we ensured that you run into a 10/10 after actively playing for ~10 hours, AND we added a new Mod Reroll material (that can be stored in the Material Vault).

A lot of people have enjoyed these adds, but we thought we’d take it a step further. Mod Rerolls allow you to target specific Mods into becoming 10/10. Some players target farm lower tiers to try and get better luck on a 10/10 dropping for a specific lower Mod (*cough* Tenacity *cough*). We want you all playing content you find engaging, so now Mod Rerolls after a while will guarantee a 10/10 roll. The amount of time is greatly impacted by the ability to buy this material from other players. This change means you can keep climbing or playing content you want, and are guaranteed to eventually get a 10/10 of the Mod you want.

Diminishing Returns

There were a few issues with Diminishing Returns upon release. Most of these problems were related to towers/abilities that could apply a stun more than once a second (i.e. Weapon Manufacturer and Protons). These towers were causing a large spike in diminishing returns that was not intended. On top of that, because of the fast attack rate the drop off of diminishing returns was halted.

Three major issues caused this, Stuns reapplying themselves and adjusting their initial duration each time. This caused initial stuns to a lot last less than intended, which was fixed in today’s update. Second, all Crowd Controls (CC) were adding to the same tenacity pool instead of separated by type (for instance, stuns and slows). This was causing a much higher overall tenacity than expected, which was also fixed in today’s update. The final issue, which we are still working on, is related to how the tenacity fall off is calculated. This is causing some enemies that start at a higher base tenacity when playing with four players to have enemies be nearly immune to CC after their first stun. This is not intended and we are actively looking into a fix to allow players to use theirs stuns as intended.


This is a feature that we are testing on PC/Steam. There’s a lot of information that we’re going to be gathering with this specific feature, so we want to communicate that there may be times where it’s not working correctly, and it may require game restarts to get it functioning correctly, but will not affect your gameplay specifically.

Communities provide a way for you to gather with up to 30 like-minded Defenders and talk across games and lobbies, invite to party, and more! You can be in up to 5 communities at any time, and are able to create communities whenever you want. Here are some of the functionalities that Communities offer:

  • Give them a unique name (don’t worry, the name filter is working)

  • Give them a three or four letter acronym of your choice.

  • By using “/c1”, “/c2”, “/c3”, “/c4”, and “/c5” you can quickly chat in each of your communities. (You can also use /<insert acronym here> to chat with them as well).

  • Invite players to join your parties in the Town or Private Tavern.

  • Use different ranks (Owner, Officer, and then regular members).

  • Invite and recommend users to join a Community.

There’s a lot more functionality and we’re looking at ways to add more and improve the current setups. We’re looking forward to your constructive feedback and will be doing everything we can to make these Communities great.

Hero Changes

Abyss Lord

  • Towers

    • Skeletal Orc

      • The DU cost is now 30, was previously 35.


  • Towers

    • World Tree

      • The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25.


  • Towers

    • Fissure of Embermount

      • The overlap is now 35% of the max range, was previously 50% (for reference, flame aura overlap is 50%).


  • Towers

    • Training Dummy

      • The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a small group of player’s pets had invalid stats tied to them.

  • Fixed an issue where Boom chips were functioning incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue for PS4 users getting kicked to the main menu, and having to restart the game to continue.

  • Fixed an issue with inspecting items on the ground while playing splitscreen for PS4 and Xbox.

  • Fixed an issue when inspecting defenses, it showed the stats of other defenses.

  • Adjusted billboard focus size to make them easier to read.

  • Destructive Pylon and Destruction interaction match the Destructive Pylon tooltip and no longer stack.

  • Fixed an issue when going through incursions and getting put against Malthius.

  • Updated drenching strikes to be affected by electrocute for the correct duration

  • Fixed an issue with pathing in lanes that had translucent objects.

  • Fixed an issue where water chip was sometimes not drenching enemies.

  • Adjusted Vampiric Empowerment to show the correct stat boost on the individual tower inspect screen in the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue where restarting Drakenfrost Keep produced one less core alive.

  • The Haunting Shard now shoots ghosts on secondary attacks.

  • Fixed an issue with Ogres teleporting on the far east lane of The Lost Temple.

  • Fixed an issue with non-leader members of a party get a bad error message when matchmaking.

  • Changed the schedules on Drakenfrost Keep on Chaos VI and VII in Expeditions.

  • Boom mods should now work on everything they’re equipped to.

  • Fixed a framerate drop on Xbox when interacting with enemy schedule billboard.

  • Fixed an issue on PS4 where the menu level music played during the video intro.

  • Fixed an issue on comparing/inspecting items in the inventory if they are not equippable for the current selected hero.

  • Removed an Auto Sort checkbox on the Tinkering UI.

  • Tweaked the VFX for the Accumulator Servo to show the AoE effect.

  • Fixed an issue on Sacrificial Warden adventure when using a controller/gamepad.

  • Fixed an issue for a very small subset of users that caused an issue when coming back from a long break that had them temporarily stuck on Greystone Plaza.

  • Adjusted how Diminishing Return buffs were calculated with different types of debuffs.

  • Adjusted the difficulty of Forest Crossroads, Liferoot Forest, and Betsy during the campaign to be easier.

  • Added elemental effects to weapons dropped during the New User Experience.

  • Adjusted the pickup radius for Primary Reroll and Mod Reroll materials.

  • Fixed an issue on gamepads/controllers with focus while rerolling Mods/Primary stats.

Known Issues

  • Some sources of fire damage from Shards/Mods are not lighting torches correctly on Drakenfrost Keep.

  • If you are not able to use Communities, restart the game to get back into them.

  • Consecutive Win Bonus and Replay From Wave can fail, currently getting a fix ready.

  • Replaying from Wave on Drakenfrost Keep and winning can result in not receiving the special Frost weapons.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team



We have an exciting new announcement. After some conversation with Valve, we are happy to let everyone know that Dungeon Defenders II will be coming to Steam. Well have a lot more delicious details (and an official announcement for fans who dont check our site everyday) in the near future so stay tuned.

As for the competitive closed beta, we are hard at work taking everyones feedback and implementing it. Some of changes already made include several bug fixes, more UI capabilities, and adjusted camera angles. There will be even more coming in the future weeks. If you didnt get to sign up when we opened registrations last Friday, dont fret. Well be sending out another batch of beta codes via email soon! Remember, once you play jump on the beta forums and let us know what you think!

So... what Steam features do you want to see most in Dungeon Defenders II? Sound off in the comments below. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen June 13.


Patch 19.5 is live now on PC and PS4! This patch contains changes to Shard drops, balance, UI and more. 

Here are the full patch notes:

Shard Changes

According to our recent survey, Shard drops were the #1 biggest frustration from the Trials update. Our biggest focus for this patch was to improve Shard farming time speed and improve your ability to specifically target farm the Shards you want.

  • Each Shard Pack now contains unique Shards. For example, Shards A, B and C can only be found in Chaos I Shard Packs, while Shards D, E and F can only be found in Chaos III Shard Packs.

    • This also means that Standard Shards will no longer drop from within Chaos Shard Packs!

  • Each victory in Trials will guarantee at least 1 Chaos Shard Pack from that given difficulty. For example, when you beat Chaos II Trials, you will be guaranteed a Chaos II Shard Pack.

  • Before, Shard Packs had a chance to give you 1 Shard from a pool of up to 120(!) different Shards. In the patch, we’re reducing the Shard pool per pack from ~120 to somewhere between 25-35 Shards per pack, which will increase the chances of getting the Shard you want when you open a pack.

    • Some Shards have moved around. Be sure to check out DD2Tools, our official Wiki or the Interactive Shards Sheet for details on where Shards drop now!

    • Some Shards have been disabled from dropping, but don’t worry, most of them will return with the new Chaos tiers, which will come out very soon!

  • Standard Shard Packs and Chaos 1-4 Shard Packs are now available for purchase at the Gran’Masta and War Recruiter shops.

  • Victory Chests will now drop 2 Shard Packs guaranteed every time.

    • When you win, you’ll receive one Shard Pack from that difficulty and one Shard Pack from any previous difficulty (for example, if you beat Chaos III Trials, you’ll receive 1 Chaos III Shard Pack and 1 Chaos II, Chaos I or Standard Shard Pack).

By making Shard Packs drop unique Shards, increasing drop chances within a pack, guaranteeing Shard Packs per difficulty, giving you 2 Shard Packs guaranteed on every victory and adding a Shard bonus for consecutive wins (more details below), it’ll be much faster to get the Shards you want. Again, if you want to know the new Shard drop locations, check out our Wiki and on our community-made webtools (like Czokalapik’s DD2Tools and Pandynator and xlogisticsx’s Interactive Shard Sheet).

Trials Consecutive Win Shard Bonus

This patch adds the first pass on our Trials consecutive win bonus, which gives bonus rewards for winning consecutive random maps in Trials. This patch adds the Shard consecutive bonus; in future patches, it’s our goal to add XP and Gold bonuses, too.

  • Once you win 3 consecutive random maps in a row in Trials, you’ll activate the Shard consecutive bonus. On your 4th consecutive victory onward, you’ll earn an extra Shard Pack for as long as the streak continues.

  • This extra Shard Pack is a guaranteed Shard Pack from that difficulty.

    • That means once you activate the win bonus, you’ll get 3 Shards guaranteed every victory (2 Shard Packs of that difficulty, 1 Shard Pack from previous difficulties) until the streak is broken.

Sort Shards By Name

Another pain point brought up in the survey was the frustration of trying to find the Shard you want within your Inventory. A popular suggestion (both in the survey and in the community) was a Shard filter that sorts Shards alphabetically by name, and we were able to get it in for this patch! We’re investigating more Shard filtering options and possible Shard icon improvements for future updates.

  • Added the “Name” filter in the All Bags -> Shards section, which sorts Shards alphabetically.

Hero Management UI Changes

Something we’ve heard from players with a high number of heroes is that it’s difficult to navigate to certain heroes in the new Hero Management UI. These changes are aimed at alleviating that frustration.

  • Added a Quick Select option. Quick Select displays up to 18 heroes per page. Select a hero to go to that hero’s position in the Rolodex. More improvements to the Quick Select feature will come in future patches!

  • You can now interact with any visible hero card in the Rolodex. Previously, you needed to use the arrows to navigate through the hero cards. (FYI:  You can also use the Middle Mouse Wheel on PC to scroll through your hero cards.)

Bag Quick Scrolling

On the PC version, we’ve added hotkeys that will cycle left and right through your bags! This should make moving items from one bag to another much faster, especially for those of you who don’t have a Middle Mouse Wheel.

  • Q and E will scroll between left and right between bags on PC.

  • Reminder:  The Middle Mouse Wheel can also scroll through bags, too!

Return to Tavern No Longer Forces Everyone Back to Tavern

If one person selects Return to Tavern, that person will leave. Not you. You will Continue, baby. And you’ll keep Continuing as long as you want to Continue.

New Weekend Event Support

This patch includes the ability to do Weekend Gold and Weekend XP events! Perhaps you’ll see them soon...


New Title:  Discord Defender

We’ve added a new title that you can earn by being active on our Discord server!  

Defense Balance Changes

With this patch, we’ve taken a serious look at the viability of all defenses as well as how several of our specific defense stats scale, and we made some fundamental changes as a result. We hope these changes will make many defenses, at least when it comes to raw DPS and utility, viable in later Chaos difficulties. You can read an expanded explanation of these changes in our Patch 19.5 Preview blog.

  • Defense Power scalars have been refactored on all defenses. Every defense receives more damage bonuses from Defense Power.

  • Defense tier upgrades now increase Defense Power and Defense Crit Damage much more significantly on low-DU defenses than high-DU defenses.

    • As a rule, high-DU defenses are still more efficient at Tier 5 than low-DU defenses, but this makes the gap smaller and removes much of the penalty of using 20 DU defenses like Explosive Trap.

  • Defense Crit Cap increased from 30% -> 33%.

    • Note:  Hero Ascension Powers no longer break the Defense Crit Cap.

  • Defense Crit Damage scalars on most defenses are set to 500% that of the Defense Power scalar.

    • Exceptions apply to certain unusual defenses, like Poison Dart Tower and Obelisk.

  • Defense Crit Damage Cap increased to hopefully unreachable levels.

  • Defense Speed has been refactored to apply consistent benefits across all defenses.

  • Attack Rate caps have been refactored. Primarily damage-dealing defenses have rate caps of 4x faster than base Attack Rate. Primarily utility defenses have a rate cap of 2x faster than base Attack Rate.

    • We’ll keep an eye on this. We would ideally have similar rates on all defenses, but certain utility defenses become nearly unstoppable (by themselves) at very high attack rates.

  • Defense Rate shard no longer breaks the Attack Rate cap on a defense.

  • Default Attack Rate of some very-slow defenses has been slightly increased to reduce overkill damage inefficiencies on Goblins and other weak targets.

    • Lightning Strikes Aura and Earthshatter are the primary beneficiaries.

  • All defense-based stuns, slows, and similar utility effects, including those provided through shards, have had their durations updated to account for the changes in Defense Speed and Attack Rates.

    • In many cases, this means that the duration of these effects are slightly lower, as the defense can apply them more frequently at higher defense speeds.

    • Ascension Powers and Shards that increase the duration or power of stuns, slows, and other utility effects have also been rebalanced for the same reasons.

  • Defense Range Gambit Ascension Powers have been refactored and standardized across defenses.

    • All many-target defenses (like the Flame Aura and the Flamethrower) may now gain up to a 25% increase in range from these powers.

    • All fixed-target defenses (like the Hornet’s Nest and the Cannonball Tower) may now gain up to a 50% increase in range from these powers.

    • We will keep an eye on these values and adjust accordingly, but we want fixed-target defenses to receive larger benefits from range upgrades than many-target defenses.

  • Fissure of Embermount now benefits from Defense Speed.

  • Gunwitch Sniper Roost tower has double the default crit chance.

  • Snaking Sands now benefits from Defense Speed and no longer has a hidden 12s cooldown.

  • Sand Viper’s Defense Power scalar heavily revised. Should now be much more competitive with other fixed-target towers.

  • Obelisk’s Smite and Fire mechanics have been heavily revised.

    • Smite Damage and Rate are now displayed on Inspect.

    • Smite rate now properly scales with Defense Speed and no longer has hidden cooldowns.

    • Additional Obelisk buffs (Shield, Transmog, Bubble) now apply more frequently thanks to Defense Speed scaling.

    • Fire (from maximum appeasement) stats are now more clearly labelled on Inspect.

    • A chunk of the Obelisk’s damage output has been moved from Fire to Smite. While we like the mechanic of rewarding players for playing combat Mystics, we did not want the Fire effect to be so vital to the defense that the defense was useless outside of it. We’ll keep a close eye on this balance going forward and try to ensure its viability in a non-Fire spam role.

  • Lightning Strikes Aura health no longer breaks during tier upgrades, and the health has been reduced to sane values.

  • Reflect Beam description clarified to explain the Torpedo effect better.

  • All effects that modify the slow % of a defense or ability are now multiplicative, rather than additive.

    • Tier upgrades, Ascension Power upgrades, and shard upgrades that improve slows are now multiplicative, rather than additive. This means that a 10% improvement on a base 65% Slow will only reduce the Slow to 58.5%.

    • This was a necessary step to fix some defenses in achieving negative slows on enemies, as well as giving us more room to improve slows with additional shards / powers.

    • This affects the Oil Geyser, Proton Node, Frostbite Tower, and the Dryad’s Powder Toss ability.

  • Frostbite Tower's chill/slow effect has been rebalanced across all Ascension Powers/shards/upgrades (no more moonwalking…)

    • Through Ascension Powers/shards/tier upgrades, the maximum slow the Frostbite Tower can achieve is around 50% now, rather than being -15%...

  • Mystic’s Serpent’s Coil has been heavily improved.

    • Benefits from Mystic’s defense Ascension Powers.

    • Benefits from Defense Speed stat.

    • While it still cannot be upgraded, it is a very efficient 20 DU defense now.

  • Poison Dart Tower’s projectiles deal basic damage again. We will be revising this defense’s mechanics again once technical upgrades allow us to handle the Crit Damage issues more gracefully.

  • Frosty Power shard no longer stacks with itself.

    • We felt the power of this shard was strong enough on its own that allowing it to stack, especially in conjunction with a specific other shard, was giving too much bang-for-the-buck.

  • Colossal Fissure scaling stat changed to Ability Power and now deals damage properly.

Hero Balance Changes

  • Increased default mana regeneration on the Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, and Squire from 2 MP/s to 3 MP/s.

  • Abyss Stone damage increased by 10%, but Abyss Knight damaged decreased by 10%.

    • Abyss Lord's primary damage ability is intended to be his Abyss Stone, but we've noticed the trend is to spam Abyss Knight more so when it comes down to brass tax.

    • As a result, we're moving some of his damage dealing power from Abyss Knight to Abyss Stone to separate the functions of these two abilities a little more.

  • Fixed several Abyss Lord and EV2 ability descriptions incorrectly specifying they scaled from stats they did not scale from. Abilities scale from Ability Power.

  • Molten Brimstone Tome now has proper gameplay values, scales entirely from Ability Power, and functions more usefully at shard level 1.

  • Power of Storms shard has been refactored completely.

    • Shard description updated to state the new effect. When triggered, it increases mana regeneration by 20 MP/s for 3s but has a 10s cooldown (at max level).

  • Shards that deal damage directly now have proper, unique Crit Damage scalars.

    • Crit Damage from these shard attacks can no longer reach infinite values…

Campaign Balance Changes

  • Enemy levels in Campaign have been increased to account for the increases in overall defense damage.

  • Hero level 1 stats slightly increased to account for slight increase to enemy levels in campaign

    • Except EV2. Her level 1 stats were slightly decreased, because for some reason they were way, way, way higher than everyone else’s….

  • Certain intro enemies had their HP reduced in the campaign (Lady Orc, Wyvern, etc.)

Chaos Balance Changes

  • Enemy levels in Chaos have been increased slightly to account for the increases in overall defense damage.

    • We paid specific attention to enemies that are generally not affected by defenses (Witherbeast, Siege Rollers, etc.) and re-weighted their stats accordingly. They can still be slain in a timely fashion only by heroes.

  • In combination with the above changes, we’ve reduced the Chaos 1 enemy level by 10%. The result of this along with our defense balance changes should result in a smoother entry into Chaos 1. We’ll continue to monitor both player feedback and our internal data to see how players are progressing into Chaos 1.

Stuck Special Enemy Fixes

One of the biggest bugs we wanted to fix was the Stuck Special Enemy bug where Siege Rollers and other Special Enemies were getting stuck in their spawners. Our world builders have gone through the maps reported to us and changed geometry within the spawners that were causing trouble. If you see a stuck Special Enemy after this patch, please report it to our bug site!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when replaying The Wyvern’s Den.

  • Fixed a duplicating bug in the Inventory.

  • Slow improvements now show as benefits rather than negatives on all inspect and Ascension Power interfaces.

  • Mana Bomb no longer causes the Flamethrower to stop attacking.

  • Flamethrowers will now attack the Demon Lord.

  • Fixed Shield Geodes touching Cores and setting them to 3K health.

  • Shield Geodes moving over EV nodes will no longer create a Shield on the nodes.

  • Frosty Bind Shard now properly improves slow speed.

  • Howling Feast Shard now functions properly.

  • Withering Fountain Shard now functions properly.

  • Lateral Blast Shard now properly deals damage.

  • Mega Rock Shard now properly deals damage.

  • Rain of Oil Shard ignite now properly deals damage.

  • Defense Crit Damage and Destruction Shards now work on EV2’s Buff Beam.

  • Weapon Manufacturer now updates if you equip gear after it’s built.

  • Monk Skyguard Slow Ascension Power now properly caps at 20.

  • Lightning Touch Shard, Water Elemental Shard, and Shattering Torpedo Shard now deal proper bonus damage.

    • These shards had bugs that would sometimes cause them to deal considerably more or less amounts of extra damage. The damage stated on the shard description is now their actual bonus damage and should show properly as damage numbers.

  • Fixed an issue where the Flamethrower would try to target enemies outside of its range.

  • Fixed a bug where the Pumpkinator Shard was applying to defenses of the hero who equips it.

  • Fixed an Inventory tooltip issue that would display items with the wrong item type information.

  • Rain of Oil Shard description clarified.

  • Bots of Oil Shard description clarified.

  • Updated EV2 Shard descriptions.

  • Updated several Shard descriptions that used incorrect stat names.

  • Shard and Shard Pack tooltips now display their sell price.

  • Mystic’s Defense Crit Chance Ascension Power now displays the proper number.

  • When EV2 nodes are stunned, all nodes display the stun VFX.

  • Fixed an issue where the Ascension Point displays would overlap.

  • Updated The Dead Road boss schedule to spawn from Wave 2 onwards.

  • Fixed goofy Monk weapon holding in certain situations.

  • Fixed VFX on the Quake Shard.

  • Harbinger Squad challenges updated to be completed on Campaign Hard instead of Nightmare II.

  • Fixed a sub-objective naming issue on Forgotten Ruins.

  • Gold Ingots now look like Gold Ingots instead of weird Gold Crystals.

  • Campaign Relics no longer have a chance to generate with Defense Range.

  • Fixed lighting issues on several maps.

  • Fixed collision issues on several maps.

  • Fixed several typo issues.

  • Fixed an issue where some costumes were displaying incorrect names and descriptions.

  • PS4 - Fixed a cursor clone issue in the Inventory.

  • PS4 - Mailbox UI no longer becomes unresponsive after closing the soft keyboard.


Greetings Defenders,

The Barbarian’s Wrath, Update 2.3, is available now on PC and PlayStation 4, with the Xbox One update coming soon! This update heralds the arrival of the Barbarian, a pure damage hero powerhouse; huge changes to item progression and gearing; shard changes to get you out of the inventory and into the battle; and updates to many important systems. Grab your axes, it’s time to slash through some barbaric patch notes!



“Hailing from the mountains of Etheria, the Barbarian is a notorious warrior king that can wield the powers of Wrath and Fury to crush his enemies. Becoming an unstoppable flurry of muscle and steel, the Barbarian can hurl himself into battle becoming a whirlwind of death. His foes tremble at the mighty shouts of this tremendous warrior leaping in to crush his enemies.”

The Barbarian is the first hero to have two unique resources: Wrath and Fury. Wrath is gained whenever the Barbarian deals damage, and Fury is gained whenever damage is received. In order to put out the most damage you are going to be in the fray constantly. Stance dancing and balancing your Wrath and Fury are your keys to being an unstoppable force!

The Barbarian is a hero with only damage abilities — four abilities and four stances that modify his play style:


Furious Slash

  • A mid ranged Fury resource spender that pierces enemies but does not trigger weapon shard activation abilities.

Staggering Shout

  • A mid ranged frontal cone debuff ability whose effects are modified by the Barbarian’s primary active stance.


  • A powerful persistent AOE damage ability that gains different abilities based on the primary active stance.

Hawk Strike

  • A high damage short ranged attack that consumes all the Barbarian’s Wrath resource when used.


Tornado Stance

  • Increases movement speed, attack rate, and jump height, but primary attacks deal less damage. With Tornado Stance active, Staggering Shout and Whirlwind will slow.

Turtle Stance

  • Reduces attack speed and less mobility, but takes less damage and become immune to crowd control. Staggering Shout gains a stun and Whirlwind withers enemies.

Siphon Stance

  • Turned damage dealt with primary attacks into self-healing. Siphon Stance causes Staggering Shout to apply a lifesteal debuff to affected enemies, converting Whirlwind damage dealt into self-healing.

Lightning Stance

  • Gain bonus storm damage to primary attacks and chain storm damage every third attack. Each hit causes self-inflicting damage. Staggering Shout causes enemies to take more damage and Whirlwind gains chain storm damage.

Along with the Barbarian are a lot of visual additions. There are the four material effect costumes and the terrifying Blood Reaver costume with five additional accessories, twenty-seven different axes, and custom enemy death animations for smaller enemies. Send them gobus flying!

Limited-Time:  Barbarian Complete Pack and Barbarian Cosmetic Pack

We have included a new type of package that includes his Blood Reaver Costume, as well as all of the Costumes and Accessories that are available normally through Defender Packs. This pack is located on the Feature section of the in-game shop!

And if you've already purchased the Barbarian and/or Blood Reaver Costume separately, you can purchase the Barbarian Cosmetic Pack and get his Accessories and Costumes that are normally only available in Defender Packs.

These packs do not include the new flair added with this update.

Loot Revamp

Item Progression

Items and upgrades produced a lot of issues for players as they progress through Onslaught and Chaos Trials. With this update, we took a good hard look at items and progression. Players wanting to progress the fastest used a system called “muling” to have a steadier stream of gear upgrades drop. Now, mules are a thing of the past! Every piece of equipment that drops is now based off of the highest gear score you’ve seen drop. Not picked up, not equipped, but dropped. All of this is tracked behind the scenes, taking all of the spreadsheet calculating and muling away, so you can get into the action sooner!

Gear Score


We mentioned above that gear is tracked off of the highest gear score item you’ve seen drop. Gear score is a new take on a previous system used to display an item’s power — iPwr. This system previously did not reflect the strength of an item correctly, causing items that may not be upgrades to have a higher iPwr than equipped items. This affected item progression and the general flow of how players were intended to progress.

Hero and Champion Score


Hero and Champion Score are additional ways to help measure the strength of your heroes’ gear! Hero Score is the average of all the gear equipped to any specific hero, and is shown on your hero cards as shown above. Champion Score is the highest Hero Score among all of your heroes, indicated with a crown above your hero cards (and a smaller one on the hero with the highest Hero Score). These scores are used to let you know when you’re ready for growing challenges you encounter as you progress. To better smooth out progression, different Chaos Trials are unlocked once you reach the appropriate Champion Score.

Auto-Equip Gear and Shards


There is a lot to learn in Dungeon Defenders II in order to become the greatest Defender of Etheria! While gear maketh the Defender, it can be a lot to manage when learning the intricacies of every hero and enemy. To help through this process, we’ve created an Auto-Equip feature for both gear and Shards. Both buttons (located below your relics) have you confirm if you want to use this feature, and if confirmed, equips the highest Gear Score for every slot. For relics, it will discern between a blockade and towers, focusing on equipping Totems for blockades and Medallions/Marks for all other towers.

If you wish to only Auto-Equip the highest gear score per slot, you will be able to select the slot and “Auto-Equip Slot”. On PC this is bound to "U" by default; on PlayStation 4 by pressing “”; and on Xbox One by pressing “”.



Previously, Shards were placed into Shard Slots located on equipment. This system caused Defenders to spend more time in their inventory, moving shards around any time they received an upgrade or wanted to change their build than we liked. When progressing for the first time, or after gaining Ancient Power, this meant a lot of time spent managing your inventory.

In this update, Shard Slots are now equipped on equipment slots directly to your heroes! This means as you receive upgrades, you equip them and your shards stay put. You can still equip up to three shards per slot. However, all three slots will be active only if you have the appropriate tier equipped. Slot activation follows the same conventions it previously did, with Uncommon activating the first slot, Epic activating the first and second slots, and Mythical and Legendary activating all three.

In this update, shards that are on equipment already equipped to your heroes are automatically migrated to those heroes. You login and continue playing without having to manage the shards they were previously wearing. However, shards slotted into equipment that is in your inventory will be removed from the gear. If your inventory is full, the shard(s) are placed into Shards of Containment and sent to the Scavenger.

Incursion Weapons


Incursion weapons are very unique items in the game as they each contain unique passives that previously took up a Shard slot. With this Shard change, we wanted to make sure that Incursion weapons were still something players wanted to acquire. Now, all Incursion weapons will retain their passives AND have three Shard slots. We took a balance pass at these weapons as well, which we’ve included below.

What Happens To Stored Shards?

For users that do not have enough inventory space to hold all of the shards that was previously attached to gear, we've created the Shard of Containment. This Shard is a tool used to segue Defenders into our new Shard system while reducing stress of losing items many of you have farmed. Any shards previously in equipment that cannot fit in your full inventory with the Shard migration are placed into a Shard of Containment and sent to the Scavenger.

The Shard of Containment holds up to 16 shards before another one is created. These are located on the Scavenger and NEVER expire. Shards will be grouped by their upgrade level, bundling the highest Shards together, and the lowest Shards together. This makes it easier to decide which Shard of Containment to open in order to get all of your most used shards.

In order to use a Shard of Containment, you must have the amount of inventory slots open equal to the number of Shards located within the Shard of Containment. If you have 8 Shards, in order to open a Shard of Containment you’ll need 8 inventory slots.

Shards of Containment are a tool we’re using as we bring in our new Shard equipping system. There are more inventory management changes coming down the road!

New User Experience


There’s a lot for new Defenders to learn in order to properly defend Etheria, and it is not an easy undertaking! This update introduces a New User Experience to help acclimate new players understand the basics of the game without getting bogged down on reading tons of details and instructions.

There are a myriad of changes that go along with this:

  • New floating instructional text!

  • Tutorial level replaced with new animated interactions with Betsy!

  • Huntress available immediately

  • Ascension UI locked until 50

Mananode Changes

Green mana allocation is now completely different! Mananode chests are a thing of the past, here’s what you see now:

  • Green mana is now automatically distributed by Mananode itself at the beginning of the Build Phase!

  • There is no longer a green mana cap. There is a green mana bar that goes to 2000 green mana. If you go above this amount, the bar starts to fill again!

  • Mana and gold collection radiuses are TRIPLED during the build phase. No more pesky out of reach mana!

These changes are an additional measure to allow Defenders to do the things they enjoy the most:  building and fighting!

General Changes

  • When you create a hero, you can now choose to create them at your highest hero’s level or at level 1.

  • On gamepads, hitting Right Button + D-Pad Down will open the Inventory.

  • The D-Pad can now be used on gamepads to navigate the left side of the inventory.

  • Added East and West descriptors to subcores for Throne Room maps.

  • Added new Loading Screen text:

    • “Mastery provides some of the toughest challenges in all of Etheria but rewards you with powerful Hyper Shards, golden pets, flair, and more!”

    • “The stars you earn across different Chaos difficulties in Mastery pool together.  Tackle maps in any order that you want to unlock rewards!”

    • “Defender Packs contain costumes, accessories, exclusive flair, and much more!  Earn them by achieving victory on your current highest Onslaught floor!”

    • “Feeling lucky?  Rerolling Defender Packs gives you another chance at earning rare rewards!”

    • “Beating Incursions allows you to purchase exotic weapons from the Wayfarer.”

    • “Got eggs?  Visit the Stable Boy in the Town HUB or Tavern to hatch new pets!”

    • “Pet eggs that expire in your inventory will turn into resources that you can use to evolve your pets.”

    • “Get your style on!  You can access the Cosmetics Manager from the Inventory.”

    • “Climbing higher in Onslaught and earning Ascension Levels allows you to unlock your Ancient Power!”

    • “Need a boost?  You can spend gold and Defender Medals to upgrade equipment and shards!”

Defender Packs

We’ve added a slew of new costumes and flair to our Defender Packs:

Flair (crowns):

  • Ebonfire Blaze

  • Winner’s Crown

Flair (Wings):

  • Gilded Honorwings

  • Earth Drake Wings

  • Great Eagle Wings

  • Hive Strike Wings

  • Gargoyle Wings

Flair (Sets):

  • Bonemancer Set:  Bonemancer Crown and Bonemancer Wings

  • Bramblewood Set:  Bramblewood Crown and Bramblewood Wings


  • Gilded Chrome EV2

  • Rosen Chrome EV2

  • Amethysium Chrome EV2

  • Verdanite Chrome EV2

  • Carbide Chrome EV2

Incursion Weapons

Incursion Weapons maintain their previous effects as passives with the new Shard changes. With maintaining these passives, we took a balance pass to adjust some slightly overpowered passives, while buffing underperforming passives.

Molten Tome

  • Now deals:

    • 1000% (previously 950%) Ability Power per Meteor.

    • 850% (previously 650%)  Ability Power per Lava Fissure.

    • 200% (remains the same) Ability Power burning over 5 seconds.

Haunted Halberd

  • Summons up to 5 (previously 3) Halberds that deal 250% (previously 150%) Ability Power.

North Pole

  • Secondary Projectiles now deal 350% (previously 1000%) Hero Damage.


  • Now hits up to 4 targets dealing 75% (previously 135%) Hero Damage.

Glaive of the Storms

  • Storm deals 1000% (previously 1500%) Ability Power as Storm Damage.

  • Bolts deal 350% (previously 500%) Ability Power as Storm Damage.

All Incursion Weapons not listed here will have their max upgraded shard values applied to their new passives. For instance, Terra Blade’s passive will pierce up to 3 targets dealing 100% Hero Damage.

Hero Updates



  • Furious Slash: Mid-range attack that pierces enemies.

    • Cost:  5 Fury

    • Cooldown:  2 seconds

  • Tornado Stance: Hit faster, move faster, jump higher, but deal less damage.

    • Cost: 6 Fury per second.

    • Cooldown:  None.

  • Turtle Stance:  Take less damage, become crowd-control immune, but move slower.

    • Cost:  6 Fury per second.

    • Cooldown:  None.

  • Siphon Stance:  Gain Health Points while attacking.

    • Cost:  6 Fury per second.

    • Cooldown:  None.

  • Lightning Stance:  Attacks gain additional lightning damage, but self-inflict damage.

    • Cost:  10 Wrath per second.

    • Cooldown:  None.

  • Staggering Shout: Debuff enemies in a frontal cone.

    • Cost:  15 Wrath.

    • Cooldown:  5 seconds.

  • Whirlwind:  Deal Area of Effect damage to enemies within melee range.

    • Cost:  26 Wrath per second.

    • Cooldown:  None

  • Hawk Strike:  Deal massive damage in a small area. The more Wrath consumed, the higher the damage.

    • Cost:  All Wrath.

    • Cooldown:  10 seconds.


  • Zephyr’s Warpath:  Increase movement speed in Whirlwind by 5%-105%.

    • Found in Campaign.

    • Equipment Slot:  Boots

  • Full Shell Ahead: Increases movement speed while in Turtle Stance by 25-525.

    • Found in Chaos I.

    • Equipment Slot:  Boots.

  • Turtle Power:  Increase Damage Protection while in Turtle Stance by 1%-21%.

    • Found in Chaos II.

    • Equipment Slot:  Chest.

    • Cowabunga!

  • Echoing Shout:  Increases the duration of Staggering Shout debuffs by 0.5s-4.5s.

    • Found in Chaos III.

    • Equpment Slot:  Helmet.

  • Draining Strikes:  Increase the healing from Siphon Stance by 5%-25%.

    • Found in Chaos IV

    • Equipment Slot:  Helmet.

  • Maelstrom:  While Lightning Stance is active, the Barbarian's attacks have a 5%-25% chance to drench enemies, stunning them for 1.5s-3.5s.

    • Found in Chaos V.

    • Equipment Slot:  Weapons.

  • Talon Strike:  Hawk Strike now stuns for 2s-4.5.

    • Found in Chaos V.

    • Equipment Slot:  Weapons.

  • Boiling Blood: Causes the Barbarian to take 20%-2% of his Max Health as damage, every 5s during combat phase gaining Fury.

    • Found in Chaos VI.

    • Equipment Slot:  Chest.

  • Shellshock: While Turtle Stance is active the Barbarian's attacks wither enemies hit for 3-13 seconds reducing their damage to 75%-35%.

    • Found in Chaos VI.

    • Equipment Slot:  Weapons.

  • Ride the Lightning:  Increase the damage bonus of Lightning Stance by 1%-21%.

    • Found in Chaos VII.

    • Equipment Slot:  Gloves.

  • Wreckless:  The Barbarian deals up to 0.5%-20.5% bonus damage based upon current Wrath.

    • Found in Chaos VII.

    • Equipment Slot:  Gloves.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted Dark Arts Apprentice green clouds effect.

  • Fixed issues causing floors to appear black.

  • Fixed an issue causing crashes when opening extremely large numbers of Defender Packs.

  • Adjusted the material on the Yesteryear Nymph costume.

  • Fixed an issue on Nimbus Reach with the Victory Chest always being Powerful (green).

  • Fixed an issue on Dead Road in death areas where character models would fall through the map.

  • Fixed an issue with Direct Command not castable on multiple Skeletal Orc towers.

  • Fixed an issue where Slime Pits were not dealing damage to enemies affected by the Power Block mutator.

  • “To HUB” now says “To Town”.

  • Fixed an issue being able to play as a deleted hero.

  • Fixed an issue where Haunting Shard was not showing the correct VFX.

  • Fixed an issue when using a controller that would lock NPC/Object interactions.

  • Fixed an issue when multiple cores are active and one dies, it would show a dead core with 75% health value.

  • Fixed a split screen issue where core health bars were not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a frame drop issue when inspecting a billboard and then looking away from it.

  • Fixed an issue with Betsy’s Curse zones disappearing when switching heroes.

  • Fixed an issue with The Abyss Lord’s primary attack SFX.

  • Fixed a split screen issue where health bars for Player 1 were appearing much larger than intended.

Known Issues

  • Inputs were reset for all platforms.

  • Sometimes you have to hit “Auto-Equip Relic” a few times before it works.

  • When using the All Bags option in the inventory and sorting items by Weapons, it will cause all items in the inventory to disappear. Purely a visual issues and toggling inventory bags will refresh the inventory screen and they will reappear.

  • Occasionally the Auto Equip function doesn't prioritize the highest gear score items first.

  • Occasionally players will get stuck on a black screen when trying to load into the Outdoor HUB. Restarting the game will fix it (or if you know where the menu options are in the escape menu you can click the Leave game button which will still work if you can find it).

  • Occasionally when booting up the game with the controller already active, the navigation focus will be on one of the social media links to the side instead of the main menu options.

  • The keybindings that appear throughout the tutorial maps don't show the correct button icons with custom keybindings set.

  • The icons of the towers on the mini-maps of the tutorial maps are different colors.

  • Some of the weapon firing rates did not carry over correctly.



The Isomicon reveals its first secrets! While you’ve been defending against the evil that threatens Etheria, Gran Ma’ster found a way to imbue certain shards with incredible power. These hyper shards contain a very unstable power so she is only providing them to defenders that prove their mastery of the defensive arts. At the Gran Ma’ster’s behest, the Defense Council devised a set of challenges for the heroes to overcome.

With the aid of the Abyss Lord, Gran Ma’ster continues to delve deeper into the forbidden knowledge contained within the Isomicon. There’s still much more to decrypt, but there is a growing concern from what’s been revealed — dark forces are coming, and we are NOT ready. Go forth, Defenders! Prepare yourselves, and PROTECT ETHERIA!

Greetings Defenders,

It's time to take a look at the future of Dungeon Defenders II by talking about our upcoming 1.2 Update, Ancient's Prelude. This is a monster of an update, introducing some amazing features that will push your limits. Not only are you getting some awesome new content, but you’re also getting numerous bug fixes, balance changes, quality-of-life fixes and more! Thanks for giving us feedback as we continue to evolve the game into its final form!

In Ancient’s Prelude, we are introducing Mastery, a game mode that challenges your ability as a defender and rewards you with great power. In addition to a new game mode, we’re introducing Flair! Flair is another cosmetic system that will take the look of your heroes to the next level. Shards and Flair aren’t the only rewards though.  We’ll be handing out rewards such as golden pets, Ascension levels, gold, and more!

This is only the beginning of some serious changes in the world of Etheria and we can’t wait until the Isomicon reveals more information about what’s to come. There have been whispers of an endless level of challenge on the horizon.

New Game Mode: MASTERY

The new game mode, Mastery, provides access to all Chaos maps, allowing you to choose where and how you progress. Gran Ma’ster requires you to complete up to five challenges per map, each indicated with a star on the Mastery progress bar. She’s not going to be making it easy either. In order to earn the full five stars on each map, you’ll need to complete all of the challenges together. All stars are earned one time, so once you’ve five starred a map, you have mastered the challenges presented and will have earned all the rewards it has to offer. The power contained within the Hyper Shards is unstable, so only Defenders that prove their might may equip them.

Mastery is intended to be a challenge for all levels of Defenders, both those climbing the ranks and seasoned veterans. Each challenge will bring your item level down to the appropriate level of the Chaos difficulty that you’re in, so there’s no way to just waltz right through these challenges. You’re going to fight tooth and nail to prove you’re worthy of the power that awaits you!

When conquering the Mastery game mode you’ll receive great rewards as you progress. Here’s what you can expect to earn as you decimate challenges:

  • Hyper Shards

  • Exclusive Flair

  • Golden Pets

  • Ascension levels

  • Defender Medals

  • Gold on gold on gold

To achieve absolute mastery, you will have to experiment with new builds to overcome the tasks set before you, pushing your limits as a Defender. Over the coming weeks, the Defense Council will work diligently with the Gran Ma’ster and Abyss Lord to continue deciphering additional levels of challenges and rewards for heroes capable of proving their mastery. The amount of time needed to decipher and develop each new Hyper Shard is about a week.


Exclusive to the Mastery game mode are Hyper Shards, unique shards that you’ll only be able to claim if you are able to conquer the challenges Gran Ma’ster has provided for you. Hyper shards will be reminiscent of some of your favorite shards, except cranked way up in power. Each type of these shards will only be earned one time, and don’t worry — you can’t sell them.

New Cosmetic System:  FLAIR

A new cosmetic system, Flair, was created that allows your heroes to look even more legendary! Flair can be equipped over any existing costumes or looks on a hero and there’s currently four categories of flair:

  • Head (Halos, masks, and auras)

  • Back (Wings)

  • Waist (floating objects and auras)

  • Feet (auras, fire, and other effects)

There’s more than one way to acquire this new cosmetic so you can look even more heroic on the battlefield. Flair will unlock as you collect more stars through Mastery, future game content, and available through our various store fronts. One of the packs will be available outside of the game for a particularly demonic look, but we’ll discuss later in the blog. With such a wide variety of customizable ways to mix and match flair, you’ll be sure to stick out in the Heroes Marketplace!


Golden pets are BACK!  Well… some of them. Golden pets are pets that you will receive while playing through the Mastery game mode. It’s another way to show off just how great of a defender you are to those around you. With golden pets and the new flair system, you’ll be the envy of all that see you!

Halloween in Etheria


You’ll notice that your Private Tavern and the Heroes Marketplace have been decorated to celebrate Halloween. To add to the celebration, you’ll now be able to acquire Halloween-themed seasonal flair through sales on Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network. This flair will be our first iteration of seasonal-themed flair, but it most definitely will not be our last — you have to look amazing year-round, right? With the Halloween set in particular, you’ll not only terrify your enemies on the battlefield, you’ll also be their worst nightmares!

Bug Fixes

Besides submitting terrific feedback and suggestions, you all have helped us by finding various bugs that we’ve been able to fix with this patch. Thank you for the help in getting them fixed!

Even More On The Way...

Mastery is just the tip of the iceberg for you, Defenders. While Gran provides difficult challenges and tests, they are required to attain the strength needed to protect Etheria and the citizens of Dragonfall from the darkness that lies ahead. We’ll learn more as Gran, the Defense Council, and the Abyss Lord decipher the Isomicon in the weeks to come!

We are eternally grateful for your support, Defenders, and will be providing more information on Ancient’s Prelude and sharing more knowledge of the upcoming power of the Ancients.

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Regarding the Website

Dear Defenders,

As many of you are aware, there was an outage of the Dungeon Defenders Community Site from 11/14 to 11/25. While we have been able to recover from the outage, unfortunately there has been data loss suffered. This was data corruption, not a data breach. No information was compromised to any outside parties. We’ve been working closely with our website partners, Duxter, to determine what happened.

What Happened:

  • There was a website outage from 11/14 to 11/25.
  • We were able to restore a forum backup from 10/14.
  • We were able to reassociate Defense Council forum access with information from our payment processors and Steam.

What This Means For You:

  • If you created a Community account before 10/14, simply login! You will have to relink your Steam account and remake any changes to your account since then. If you created an account before 10/14 and are having trouble logging in, please reset your password.
  • If you created a Community account after 10/14 you will have to recreate it.
  • Anyone who recreates an account or logs in to the site for the next two weeks will automatically receive +500 forum posts to their account's forum post count. In the future, we will also be rewarding all pre-existing members and users who register over this time a code for an exclusive in-game title (help us create that here!)

How to Regain Access to the Defense Council:

  • Please use the email address you purchased to recreate your Community account. This will automatically reassociate access for most of you.
  • Relink your Steam Account to your profile. If your profile is set to public and DD2 is in your recently played games you will receive access.
  • If all else fails email support[at]trendyent.com with your account name, Steam ID, and purchase confirmation and we’ll get you relinked up right away! 

We’re terribly sorry for this inconvenience. Community is our life at Trendy and we find this loss of data unacceptable. We have been working closely with Duxter to discover why this happened and to ensure it never happens again. For those of you interested, I’ve included very detailed information of what happened below and the steps we have taken to ensure it never happens again:

Root Cause Analysis:

  • There was systematic filesystem level data corruption on the primary database server.
  • This scrambled data was replicated to the secondary database server and into offsite backups.
  • This data corruption was not detected until the system outage.

Future Prevention:

  • We’ve created multiple offsite backup locations to store forum data.
  • These data snapshots are now taken several times per day.
  • Full backups are retained indefinitely on different storage media.
  • Backups are tested for data integrity and verified through successful restores in a staging environment.

If you have any outstanding issues, please send an email to support[at]trendyent.com or send me a private message. We’ll help you as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, I’ll be working closely with all of you to help rebuild what was lost. If you lost a guide, suggestion, feedback thread or a sticky thread and do not have a local copy, please email josh.isom[at]trendyent[dot]com, and I will work with you to rewrite it. If you would like to help the community with the rebuilding process, reach out to those who lost something and give a helping hand. We’ve created a thread here for players to offer their support. 


Greetings Defenders,

Trials: The Endgame Update is now available on PC and PS4! Check out the Trials Update Page for an overview of the changes.

This update represents our shared vision of the core Dungeon Defenders II gameplay experience. It’s the culmination of two years of new features, bug fixes and conversations with you about where the game should go. As a result, this update is MASSIVE. But it’s also not the end. From here, we’ll continue to expand our endgame with more Chaos tiers, more Shards, more maps, and … well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

On a personal note:  We hope you love this update as much as we loved making it. Many of us gave up our holiday breaks, our nights, and our weekends to make this update a reality. This game is built by the seemingly endless passions of our small team, and with your support, our game will keep growing and growing.

Features and Changes

Chaos Difficulty and the Trials

  • Nightmare is over. Now is the time of CHAOS!

  • This update scratches the surface with five tiers of Chaos, but don’t get too comfortable because we have more Chaos tiers in store. (queue maniacal laugh track)

  • As you descend through the tiers, new threats will appear and combine to lay waste to your heroes and defenses. Following us on social media may or may not give you some indication of what’s to come. (SHAMELESS CROSS PROMOTION!)

  • Chaos is unpredictable and can only be thwarted through conquering the Trials.

  • In the Trials, the Knight Commander assigns you to a defense commensurate with your power. Survive enough Trials at a specific difficulty, and you will accumulate the experience, gear, and resources needed for the Knight Commander to deploy you on even more dangerous fronts.

  • If certain Trials prove to be too much initially, you can perfect your strategies by practicing on any map at any difficulty. Remember, though, that the Trials are the only path to glory, gear, and gold (among other valuables).

Shards:  A New Way to Build Your Hero

  • Goodbye Passives and Skill Spheres; hello Shards!

  • Shards are upgradeable artifacts that slot into your Defense Relics, Armor, and Weapons.

  • Shards give you extra buffs, bonuses and sometimes even new functionality!

  • Most Shards can be moved between gear. No more leaving your Passives behind when you find an upgrade!

  • Defense Relics can hold up to 3 Shards and can only equip Defense Shards.

  • Armor and Weapons can hold up to 2 Shards and can only equip Hero Shards.

  • Shards drop in Victory Chests.

  • Shards can be upgraded directly from the all-new Inventory to further augment your dominance on the battlefield.

  • When Veteran Defenders first login, they’ll find themselves ahead of the game with a complementary bundle of Shards we’re giving all Defenders as a thank you for their patience and support while we polished this update to be something truly special. You’ll also find that all the Skill Spheres you’ve previously purchased have been replaced by a bounty of gold! (Trust us, you’ll need it.)

Ascension:  Go Beyond Level 50!

  • How far past 50? Your imagination is your only limit in Ascension. That and the code that comprises the system...

  • With this update, heroes at the level cap will generate account-wide Ascension XP that accrues towards Ascension Points.

  • Ascension Points are invested on a per-hero basis in Ascension Powers that bestow additional bonuses and augmentations.

  • Some Ascension Powers are universal for all heroes; some are unique to each hero.

  • Harder challenges award greater sums of Ascension XP.

  • Multiple Level 50 heroes in your Hero Deck will not grant additional XP.

Defense Relics, Defense Speed & Defense Range

  • Now you can build powerful defenses AND be a fearsome combatant at the same time!

  • All Relics are now Defense Relics and will roll with up to three Defense stats. Armor and Weapons will roll with up to two Hero stats.

  • Heroes can now customize each of their defenses’ strengths individually by attaching a Defense Relic to them.

  • Defense Speed is back as a stat!

  • Defense Range is now available as Shards and as Ascension Powers.

  • Two new Relics are available:  Orbs and Marks. Orbs are for Defense Speed builds, and Marks are for Defense Crit Power builds.

Five New Enemies

  • The Siege Roller was just the beginning. Whatever horrors Chaos brings, rest assured that they will push you to experiment, adapt, and overcome. You will need to achieve perfect hero/defense unity to best what awaits you in the Trials.

New Inventory

  • Everyone (and we mean everyone) is getting a brand-new inventory UI!

  • We’ve streamlined the loot management process by putting more stuff in fewer bags, consolidating item management to a single UI, and bringing hero and item management under one roof.

  • Additionally, we expanded the item sorting and management options to empower you to interact with, compare, and save/sell loot more easily, efficiently, and expediently.

  • Added the ability to lock items on PC and made Locking do what it should have done in the first place on PS4 (oops).

Loot System Upgrades

  • Loot generation has been revamped, reworked and revised. The new system will help you find more upgrades more often.

  • iPWR has been removed. We hope that players will enjoy the new feeling of focusing on our new item systems and stats. Items still generate with stat ranges in each difficulty tier, and some stats reach a maximum cap in each difficulty. Want higher stats? Crank up the difficulty!

  • Now you can enhance your loot (and Shards) without leaving your Inventory (or putting on pants)!

    • Also, no more silly “put 5 pieces of loot in” nonsense. Just upgrade with Gold or Defender Medals!

Hero Changes

Every Ability and Defense has been completely rebalanced, and these changes are more fundamental than just a numbers update. Each Defense now has its own stats, and many have undergone changes that alter their fundamentals so the entire defensive playing field is very different.

Rather than provide a before-and-after stat difference (which would be a bit misleading and very messy due to every defense being modified in several ways), below is a summarized list of the major changes to each hero’s defensive kit. This will include information such as changes to defense lineup, changes to defense roles, and other major high level changes to gameplay.

All Heroes

  • Adjusted all Hero Damage, Critical Damage and Ability Power scaling.

  • Adjusted all Defensive Stat scaling across all Defenses.

  • Blockade towers aggro levels are now equalized. Abyss Lord’s Colossus has a slightly higher aggro value.

  • All normal tower aggro levels reduced to Flamethrower levels. Traps and Auras remain unchanged.

  • 2-Spread and 4-Spread firing solution weapons are disabled from spawning. The only firing solutions are Single, Triple, Penta, Burst Shot, and Scatter Shot.

  • Improved handling when in the air on all Heroes to closer match the Gunwitch.

  • Balanced all Hero swing information to closer match the Squire swings (results in a substantial Monk melee DPS increase).

  • Charge attacks now deal more damage.

Abyss Lord

  • Direct Command now scales with Ability Power instead of Defense Power. (Except Skeletal Orc)

  • Revised basic attack values to improve DPS slightly.

  • Removed AoE effect from secondary attacks.


  • Flameburst Tower has been replaced by Flamethrower Tower.

  • Arcane Barrier now maintains collision when in its deactivated state.

  • Arcane Barrier DU cost increased from 20 to 30.

  • Earthshatter DU cost increased from 50 to 80.

  • Apprentice Flameburst Tower Challenge/Achievement now relies on Flamethrower Tower.


  • Revised core stats to match new melee hero scaling.

  • Revised melee combo multipliers.

  • Reworked Blessing to provide damage reduction instead of an armor buff and updated the description.

  • Revised slow and damage values on Powder Toss.

  • Adjusted Starfall’s damage and Corruption cost.

  • Moss Hornet’s Nest spawns an additional hornet and gains additional Hornet movement speed in Corrupt Form.

  • Slime Pit’s oil applied by Corruption can now be ignited.


  • Anti Gravity Bots, Death From Above and Proton Charge now only scale with Ability Power.

  • Proton Charge heat consumption doubled.

  • Rebalanced heat dissipation values of certain Canister types to be more viable.

  • Reduced secondary attack charge time to better match the audio and VFX.

  • Mortar weapon types now properly do AoE damage.

  • Cleaned up Weapon Manufacturer inspection tooltip.

  • Reduced Reflect Beam DU from 60 to 30 for two nodes, with an additional 10 per node.


  • Removed Hero Damage scaling on abilities.

  • Increased/added Ability Power scaling on abilities.

  • Twice the Price activation cost increased from 60 to 80.

  • Book Drop Broom Power cost increased from 30 to 40.

  • Broom Storm cost increased from 50 to 60.


  • Oil Flask duration reduced.

  • Increased Blaze Balloon DU from 50 to 80.  (Remember that we changed all defense scalars all over the place!)


  • Hero Health refactored to be slightly closer to Squire.

  • Damage resistance decreased slightly to fall in line with other melee heroes.

  • Balanced all Ability costs.

  • Removed innate resource generation.

  • Inflame no longer makes you take more damage while activated.

  • Oil Geyser can now properly combo with fire effects to ignite enemies.

  • Added a Fissure of Embermount 30 DU Cost.

  • Reduced Maw of the Earth Drake DU Cost from 80 to 60.


  • Added double jump.

  • Lightning Aura is now Flame Aura.

  • Serenity Aura has been removed and has had some effects combined with Boost Aura.  Boost Aura now can equip all Serenity Aura shards but does not heal heroes standing within.

  • Lightning Strikes Aura has been added as a base tower at 40 DU.

  • New weapons spawned for Monk will come with one of the new firing solutions (does not affect pre-existing weapons).

  • Lightning Aura Challenge/Achievement now relies on Lightning Strikes Aura.


  • Revised core stats and base health to match new melee hero scaling.

  • All secondary attack firing solutions provide more consistent DPS.

  • Reduced Dark Torment’s DoT and Tower duration.

  • All ability costs revised and Serpent’s Coil now costs 20 DU.

  • Increased arc on Viper’s Fangs and updated decal to show new size.


  • Adjusted ability, hero damage scaling, and base stats to match new melee hero scaling.

  • Reduced mana cost of Sword Beam from 25 to 20.

  • Balanced Light and Heavy damage multipliers to closer match Medium.

  • Increased Training Dummy DU from 20 to 30.

Enemy Changes

Siege Rollers

  • We’re reducing the maximum number of Siege Roller spawns. This applies to both solo and multiplayer matches.

  • Siege Roller rockets can no longer damage the core. The Siege Roller must hit the core with the roller to hurt it.

  • Siege Roller can now be stunned with diminishing returns based on the number of players.

  • The hitbox on the weak point is being adjusted so that melee heroes and certain defenses can hit it more easily.


  • Ogre melee range reduced. This change makes Ogres slightly harder to kite and less likely to miss defenses placed on slopes.

  • Ogre punches are slightly quicker.

Special Enemies

  • Special enemies’ HP / Damage increased substantially to match closer to Ogre category. All special enemies should now present a threat (even Griblok).

  • Tenacity has been rebalanced for them as well. Most enemies have 50% Tenacity. Some have less (Gnash, Lady Orc Berserker). Some have more (Griblok, Tuskar, generic melee meatbags).

Other Changes

  • Rebalanced Campaign to account for all of these changes. We made it slightly harder overall based on your feedback.

  • Updated the Campaign Quest rewards to reflect our new loot changes.

  • Crit chances now display as percentages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all of the Passive and Skill Sphere bugs by removing Passives and Skill Spheres from the game.

  • Fixed all of the old Inventory bugs. Now there are new Inventory bugs to discover! Yay!

  • Fixed all of the Onslaught bugs by...removing Onslaught from the game. We’re seeing a trend here…

  • Honestly, there are so many community-reported bugs that we fixed in this update by virtue of our system changes.

  • Melee goblins now hit towers and cores much more reliably. Be scared. Be very scared.

  • Demon Eye and Eye of Cthulu no longer get knocked back and fall through the world when using knockback or knockup abilities / towers.

  • No longer can G up before the chests show up on Harbinger’s Warship.

  • Fixed a bug where the Lavamancer was able to get stuck on Gates of Dragonfall while submerged.

  • The Create Hero voiceover volume is now properly controlled by the Volume settings in the Options menu.

  • Player names in the Session List will no longer stay at "999" (the default data).

  • Slime Pits no longer glow like the sun in bright areas. Tower base and top are now unlit meaning their lighting will look more even across the board.

  • Fixed collision issues in Dragonfall Sewers.

  • Fixed collision issues in the Ramparts.

  • Okay, we fixed collision issues on all of the maps.

Quick Hits: What Happened To…?

The Skill Sphere System

  • We converted most of our old Skill Spheres into Shards.

  • Some Skill Spheres were turned into Ascension Powers.

  • Some Skill Spheres were removed from the game.

  • Those who’ve purchased Skill Spheres with either Gold or Defender Medals received a Gold refund. Our goal is to make sure that your choice to invest in your hero’s power is translated over into this new system -- you’ll need all the Gold you can get to upgrade your Shards and your Loot.

    • All gold and Defender Medals spent on Spheres will be reimbursed based on a calculated conversion ratio.

    • For this compensation only, every Campaign quest completed will give players 2 Standard Shards per quest. Players who have completed all Campaign quests prior to this update will receive a maximum of 36 Standard Shards.

The Passives System

  • Passive have been changed into Shard Slots on gear.

  • Many of the bonuses previously offered by Passives can now be found in Shards.

  • Others can be found as Ascension Powers.

  • A select few item-specific passives in this update (those on the Terraria weapons) have turned into special LOCKED shards that come with the weapon and cannot be removed.

  • Some Passive effects were lost along the way (the flu hit really hard this year) and will possibly be added in at a later date.  Others were removed or reworked.

The Stat Allocation System

  • The previous Stat Allocation System is retired.

  • You will be able to find many similar options in the Ascension system and level them to the MAX.

Nightmare Difficulty

  • It’s gone to make room for better things.

My Inventory

  • Bags were consolidated to fit more items in fewer bags.

  • Converting to this system has been constructed to ensure that you will receive the same if not more item slots when you log in for the first time.

My Current Gear

  • Most Passives turned into Shard Slots; some weapons kept their unique passive as a locked Shard.

  • Relics are now used for Defense stats. Weapons & Armor are now used for Hero stats.

  • Medallions and Totems will retain their primary stats and gain a random secondary and tertiary stat. Rings will be rerolled into different Relics with different defense stats and will no longer exist in the game.

  • All Weapons & Armor have been rerolled with new hero stats.

  • Loot XP Boosters and Wyvern Tokens are now gone.

Terraria Weapons and Wayfarer

  • We didn't want players to immediately shortcut to owning Chaos V weapons with Souls when the update launched, so for now, you can only buy the Campaign and Chaos I versions of the Terraria weapons. We're still finalizing our plan on how players can acquire later Chaos versions of the Terraria weapons.

Guaranteed Drops

  • The only guarantee in Chaos is your doom!!!

  • We might re-visit these in the future.


  • Will remain in game as a fun way to earn Defender Medals.

  • For the time being they will only be at Campaign Hard difficulty.

    • Will these be updated? Only the shadow knows… and Jason because he sets the schedule.


  • Onslaught is finally taking the rest we’ve been talking about. In the future, we have plans for an Onslaught revamp or for a new system to take its place. It shall be reborn!


  • Daily Map Bonuses have been removed.

  • The My Heroes UI on the Pause Screen has been removed.

  • The Forge now links to the new Inventory interface.

  • Titles and Collections have been moved to the Pause Screen.

Known Issues

  • Keybinds may have been reset due to changes.

  • Controller is not supported on all user interfaces. We’re working on it!

  • Some Incursion weapons and their respective passives/Shards have been removed in this patch and will be re-introduced at a later date.

  • Volcano tower does not get increased attack speed from Eruption anymore.

  • Ramster Gambit Talent only gives 3 range per talent point (should be higher).

  • Tooltips display improperly in the Scavenger UI.

  • Frostbite Slow Talent displays as negative (harmful) on Inspect.

  • The inspect tooltip of the Frostbite Tower says the slow gets worse as you upgrade it more. This is visual only as the slow does get stronger as you upgrade.

  • Whenever the Cybork stuns a chain of EV nodes, only 1 node in the chain will have the stun VFX.

  • The arc that the arcane volley projectiles take to their target is a lot higher than intended.

  • If you’re having continued odd game problems, validate the integrity of the game cache via Steam.

  • PS4: The Equip/Unequip context icon doesn't update after you equip or unequip a pet in the Petrinarian UI.

  • PS4: Various navigation issues on the PS4 costume shop.

  • Magic and physical resists have been removed from the game, but they are still on pets. Please reroll them using your millions of saved pet reroll items.

  • Worm Scarf is the best shard in the game and is totally not broken right now.


Greetings, Defenders!

My name is Darrell Rodriguez, and I am the new CEO of Trendy Entertainment. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry for the vast majority of my career, where I have been privileged to work with some of the foremost creative and tech leaders around at companies such as Disney, EA, LucasArts, and now Trendy Entertainment.

I am here to empower the developers at Trendy to achieve their amazing vision, technology, and creativity. I am here so we can continue to build games you will love and create technology that will empower other independent developers to take their games to a place they could not have otherwise gone. Like everyone at Trendy, I am a big believer in collaborating with you, our community. So I’m also here to build systems to empower, to better listen to you and to make your input a reality in the games we make.

I, like you, have been captivated by Dungeon Defenders’ unique gameplay and pledge to bring more of that to you in the future. Both in the form of Dungeon Defenders II, whose evolving art style and gameplay continue to impress me every day, and other (more secret) projects for Dungeon Defenders lovers. I ask for your patience and trust as I help guide your beloved Dungeon Defenders. I am human, and like us all, may stumble. But through listening and learning from you all, I am confident we will work together to make Dungeon Defenders future as bright as possible.

As an independent developer, funding is tight and decisions need to be made that enable survival and empower developers to make games you will play and love. So to start, I have a question for you. The Kickstarter concept of voting with your wallet to fund products you would like to see built has been popular for many independent studios so far. What are your thoughts on using this concept, not to fund a game, but to grow and expand one? For example, would you chip in with other players to help create new features or content for everyone to play as opposed to just buying content for yourself?

The random winners of our Wyvern blog are Baxter and Beorn424!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!


Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

The Abyss Lord is entering that phase where all his functionality and visuals are in and now he goes into critical playtesting and iteration to deliver wanton destruction and goblin obliteration. That cycle is going to repeat until he’s awesome. At the same time, art is jamming on our next hero, who I’m surE you’Ve guessed who 2he is. Stay tuned for visuals. Peeking over Jordan, Robbie, Pingston, and Rusty’s shoulder over the last few days was like looking into Santa’s Bag of character awesomeness. In the studio, everyone shook out the dust and set up shop on the floor, reorganized, and refocused. The creative force is strong, but I think Jason is having scheduling aneurysms trying to keep up! “These aren’t the spreadsheets you’re looking for…”

The hardcore work now really kicks into high gear. The Hero Deck UI is in visual design and programming wiring development, the PS4 content is lining up to get the Harbinger Awakens content and the Dragonfall Carnival in the game, which is awesome as that will put us closer to our ultimate plan of developing for the game with one unified codebase and content pipeline. Early work is starting on gear sets, hero role refinements, a refactoring of character vs account leveling to remove the new hero grind and the Diaz brothers are working with Jordan on some classic inspired dungeon maps. (Finally Dungeons to defend!)

Collins is expanding the game with new map designs to challenge your DD2 skills in ways different from the traditional defend the cart multi-lane configuration. This is awesome because I’m an old-school level designer myself, and a major part of any game’s magic is the level designer’s innate application of his instincts. Although we’re pushing forward with our 2016 plans, we’re not forgetting about the things you’ve been telling us. We’re revising many aspects of the game to remove excessive complexity and convoluted systems that were awesome experiments last year, but buried the fun too deep in the mud, especially pets and how you level your heroes. We’re working towards less grind, better balance, better role definition, more fun, and more ways for your skill and smarts about how to play to shine as opposed to a single answer. Keep the faith. Gotta keep pushing. More soon.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

Working with everyone to plan out some quick prototypes for different parts of the game; hero deck, swapping heroes, ipwr, experience, leveling, hero unlocking, and so on. Getting distracted by a good bit of meetings but still also trying to wrap up the Abyss Lord and plan out future heroes in the meanwhile.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

Getting spun up on Live team process and working on keeping the hotfixes coming. We think yesterday’s hotfix could have improved some black screen behavior - if you’re seeing any change please post to this thread on the forums.  

I’m also getting the gears turning internally on the next update for the PS4. Nothing solid yet on timelines, but we’re definitely moving forward full speed this week.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Lots and lots of meetings going on. I’m currently working on cleaning up behind-the-scenes code in regards to the Hero Deck. Now that that part is finished, I’m working on UI improvements and additions regarding the Hero Deck. I thought I’d have some WIP pictures to show, but not yet.  Hopefully, next week I can show you all what I’m doing.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer ([[48993,users]])

Having some good meetings about what we can do to create some new gameplay for our maps. We’ve heard a lot of feedback about making larger and more complex maps to really push players on choosing solid points to put their towers. So looking into how we can do those things with any up-and-coming layouts we create.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

Bug fixes, can i haz them? We sure as heck keep finding them >.<

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator ([[59787,users]])

Working on lots of setup for a new hero. Lots of meetings planning lots of exciting things. Finalizing everything for the Abyss Lord.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

We are refocusing ourselves by really sitting down this week and discussing all the things we’ve been working on. Once we get a better understanding of what we want to accomplish for the next patch, we’ll start looking at what we can accomplish. We’re still working towards finalizing the Abyss Lord. We’re at the stage where he’s fully functional and undergoing initial balance tweaks which includes cooldowns, mana costs, and damage numbers. We’ll be implementing passives and skill spheres, and afterwards, we’ll do another final balance pass. Can’t wait to see what you guys think!


Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

While I wait for the Abyss Lord level whitebox to be finished & approved, I'm working on a visual test for an upcoming level. 

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

Same as above. I’m doing a visual test for a dungeon level. (It's the one at the top of the post!)

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager ([[25251,users]])

I've begun a re-organisation of the Remote Playtesting Group with the intent to allow the grow more freedom and time in terms of their playtesting sessions, and allowing us to get more chances at feedback from the group members. Hoping to start getting new testers on board in the coming weeks.


PS4 Defenders,

Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming December 1st! It contains pretty much everything you could want while defending Etheria -- a new leveling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and oh so much more.

It will also include a full wipe, which means your heroes, items and progress will enter the Void, never to return. (Any premium purchases will be refunded, so you’ll have all of your gems back!)

Since we’re going to miss your heroes, too, we decided to go the extra mile and put together some EXCLUSIVE items for your hard work:

Corrupted Welp

Everyone who has leveled up at least one hero to level 25 will be awarded a unique, custom pet. To obtain this award, you must complete this challenge by 11:59PM EST on November 30th. The pet will be given to you in the Loot & Survive update on December 1st.

4 Survivor Hero Costumes

Everyone who has leveled up at least one of each hero class to level 25 will get a unique hero costume for that class. That means if you level up your Huntress to 25, you’ll get the Huntress Survivor Costume, but you’ll have to level up a Squire, Apprentice and Monk to 25 to get their respective costumes. To obtain these awards, you must complete this challenge by 11:59PM EST on November 30th. The costumes will be given to you in the Loot & Survive update on December 1st.

Free Gems for Earned Wyvern Token

And finally, we’ll be giving everyone free gems for earning Wyvern Tokens in the game to date. Earned means that you have gained them, so this counts for any tokens that you spent on Uber Spheres and Lockbox Keys. We will be awarding the following amount of gems based on the amount of Wyvern Tokens you’ve earned by, you guessed it, 11:59PM EST on November 30th:

Wyvern Tokens Earned

Gems Rewarded

20 - 39


40 - 79


80 - 119


120 +


Thanks for helping us refine Dungeon Defenders II on the PS4! Together, we’re going to make the best Action Tower Defense game ever.

The Trendy Team


In our first-ever Influence Report, we talk about some of your biggest topics so far. We'll talk about more topics in future videos! Keep your feedback coming! Plus, read our new Dev Log after the jump.

Here's what we're working on this week:

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Recovering from the Game Awards and PSX. Taking a look at the community feedback since EA release and reassessing some of the aesthetic decisions we’ve made. Thinking of some of the next steps steps to take with codexes, environmental easter eggs, and other small narrative elements. 

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

We’re testing improvements to the long-term health of our progression and combat balance. We have lots of plans to make the leveling, itemization and end-game experiences super engaging. I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got up our sleeve! Here’s a hint: expect leveling from 1 to 25 to be a much better experience very, very soon. 

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Catching up a bit after PSX and the Game Awards. Prioritizing milestone tasks and working alongside our talented VFX team to art up one of our newer creepy maps in production.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Now that the hotfix is released, we’re continuing to look into the issues being reported by the community and helping to resolve those issues. Also, we have some lingering issue that have been sitting on the shelf for a bit now so we’ll go back to those and try to figure the out. Finally, we’re doing another sweep over the Special Stats as some of them are still causing issues or need some balancing tweaks.

Some of the issues we’re looking at right now (as in right now right now):

  • Players loading into a Black Tavern with no collision. We now have 100% repro for it and a fix will be in the works soon.
  • Much like you guys, we are also eagerly awaiting a fix for the Inventory bug in which it appears as if items are disappearing from the inventory when swapping out equipment. We know what’s causing it and just waiting for a fix to come down the pipeline.
  • We are actively investigating the numerous crash reports involving the game crashing after pressing Play on the launcher. These are machine specific-crashes so our programmers are working out ways to get better crash reports to help narrow this down. Stay tuned!

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Working on new traps and subcores for the spooky maps… eight-legged freaks and stuff.

Eduardo Lev Guerra, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Trying to solve the most commonly reported crashes, and starting work on some cool new matchmaking functionality.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Sadly cannot rest after PSX! Making sure the new map’s trap design is communicated and vision clear as it goes into art, and making sure that the newly announced (You did know that, right?) PS4 version is humming along.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on a new level, currently creating the large pieces such as grounds and walls and making sure that these pieces are close to the original blockout.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

At home recovering from post PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards flu. Approving all sorts of awesome stuff our community and marketing teams are creating for you guys these next few weeks.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

The feedback. Oh god, the feedback! We’ve gathered up every single Steam forum post, official forum post, Tweet, Facebook comment, review, article and article comment since we dropped the Steam Early Access version (and the PS4 announcement!) on Friday. Phew! My brain hurts. 

There’s so much ridiculously amazing feedback, and we’re diving in to tackle the biggest points of feedback. Brad and Daniel mentioned a few of the biggest points in the video above. We’ll talk about more points in our developer livestreams (every Friday at 5 PM EST on our Twitch channel) and in future Influence Report videos!



When it comes to loot in Dungeon Defenders II, there is simply so much I could talk about. I honestly felt a bit overwhelmed when I was asked to write this blog. But there is one thing that stands out. Something a little special…

Stat Progression vs. Visual Progression

The earliest versions of armor in Dungeon Defenders were purely stat-based, with no cosmetic benefit. When we first approached loot design in Dungeon Defenders II, we wanted to find a way to balance this. To do so, we developed the following philosophy:

Players should never have to make a choice between the best stats and the coolest looking gear. They should have access to both! From a gameplay perspective, armor should give players stats that allow them to progress heroes, abilities, and defenses to fit their playstyle. But aesthetically, that armor also needs to feel satisfying; to become more and more awesome as you progress within the game.

To accommodate this we decided to separate the two concepts. Instead of being stuck with a set of gear you hate just for the benefit of good stats, you now have the complete freedom to mold and shape your heroes’ look as you see fit.

So how do you improve your character’s stats? To keep the visual progression separate from the stat progression, there will be two types of armor in Dungeon Defenders II:

  1. Armor that provides visual progression: This allows you to change the way your hero looks based on your playstyle. (Lots of exciting things I can’t talk about just yet!)
  2. Armor that provides stat boosts: Stat pieces that drop in the world and can be equipped. We call these pieces Relics!


Relics: Applying Stats to Cosmetic Pieces

Relics are powerful, enchanted artifacts that drop from enemies and chests. At this time, there are three main Relic classifications: Tomes, Medallions, and Totems. Tomes represent intellect and magical affinity, Medallions represent courage and strength, and Totems represent fortitude.

Each hero will have four Relic slots: Boots, Hands, Chest and Head. Additionally, heroes are restricted in which Relics they can equip based on their role. For example, the Squire can only equip Totems and Medallions in any of the four slots. We’re currently testing Relics with this distribution in the Council build.

When a Relic is dropped in the world it will have four main components:

  1. Relic Type: This can be a Talisman, Tome, or Totem.
  2. Who Can Equip It: The item info will display which heroes can equip the relic.
  3. Where It Can Be Slotted: This is indicated by corresponding visuals.
  4. And all of the other things you've come to expect from loot: Stats, tiers, etc.


Speaking of tiers, you’ll be pleased to know that Dungeon Defenders II will have 6 tiers of loot! From worst to best, the new tiers are:

  1. Worn
  2. Sturdy
  3. Powerful
  4. Epic
  5. Mythical
  6. And the much coveted Legendary!

This is only one small part of a very large, complex, and rewarding system that is loot in Dungeon Defenders II. I look forward to sharing even more exciting loot news with you in the future, but until then, leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the Relic system so far.

The random winner of our Conceptual Level Design blog is Olot!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!


The discovery of a secret tome could lead to new power! During a recon mission, Etherian Army scouts discovered a glowing sarcophagus within an ancient catacomb. The container exploded revealing the source of the light -- the Isomicon, the fabled tome of an ancient race of warriors. According to the Gran Ma’ster, the Isomicon reveals long-lost secrets to battle the Old Ones.

Producing the power within these secrets is incredibly difficult, and only the Gran Ma’ster has the expertise to create such power. With such demanding requirements, she’s creating challenges to find Defenders who are worthy to wield it. She says more information will come next week!


This discovery comes at an uneasy time in Etheria. Over the past few weeks, Mananode has appeared throughout the realm. The Council Elders say such events have occurred in the past, and they’re usually an omen of change. In response, scouts were sent to find what may be causing this increased appearance. Their search led to finding the now accessible catacombs, but the mystery of Mananode remains. Why have they appeared? Did they lead us to the Isomicon? If this is all tied together remains uncertain. We’ll report more information as we receive it.
[CG] HiggsBosonic


Nat “Higgsbosonic” here, wanted to bring you an update regarding our next patch!

1.1 Patch Update

The Update 1.1 patch is going to be released in August. We’ve seen a few comments regarding the patch arriving in July and that it has been delayed. This post is the first official statement regarding the patch and its timeline. This is a standard content patch and not a paid DLC.

There are only two places for official announcements: the news posts on our website, and the Chromatic Games Dev streams (at twitch.tv/chromatic_games). Anything outside of that should not be considered official information, even if it comes from an official dev.

We know you are eagerly awaiting this patch and we're working at full capacity (without crunch) to bring you high-quality patches and content for DD:A. We care about our team and do everything we can to take care of them as we continue to make DD:A the game greater and greater with each update. We do not want to rush out patches or content. We are ruthlessly testing and incorporating the community during the entire process. Every week our RQA team and Ethereal Calvary which are all community members playtest our latest build and provide feedback. They help us find bugs and the fun! We thank all those who dedicate their time to us now, and in the future.

So what’s in it? 
There has already been a lot of information shared with the community about what is going to be in the patch in terms of features. I wanted to gather all of that in one place, confirm its existence and provide a few shiny screenshots. Please note, not everything included in Update 1.1 is listed on this post.

Massacre Survival 
Yes, it is on its way, we’ve been spending an immense amount of time to make sure this game mode feels right. Provide a challenge, proper progression curve, and rewarding loot. This is just the beginning of the late game and we hope you enjoy the challenge!


Skyward Challenges

Two new challenges await you! Take towards the sky as you tackle these new adventures in Tornado Valley and Promenade. Invade airships, defeat the ship captain, and dodge deadly mortar barrage; or play capture the flag against Copters of both the goblin and Ogre variety, meanwhile, there are missiles set to stun kill.



An old robot-friend has found her way into DD:A. Series EV is a beloved hero from the franchise, we wanted to bring her to DD:A along with her reflect and buff beams ^^. Something a little extra to help deal with the challenges that await in Massacre Survival and beyond.
*Hero name subject to change ;)


  •         Decoy
  •         Proton Charge

    Defenses (All the Beams):

  •         Proton beam
  •         Physical beam
  •         Reflect beam
  •         Shock beam
  •         Buff beam

Dual Weapon Equip:
Gain stats from both weapons
Only one weapon can be used at a time
Huntress and Apprentice weapons only

Check out some EV-A Gameplay over at JuiceBags Youtube channel!

Series EV.png



Oh, inventory management, where do I begin… Well, there was once a dev named Philtermancer, he was a wise engineer, privy to the plight of inventory management time sinks that plagued the community. His trusty friends Sir Sean “Shoryu” Ryan the UX wizard and Magister Mario “Luvcraft” Machado UI Art master devised a most wonderful solution. In Update 1.1 you are bestowed the blessed bag filters, making your adventures in Etheria easier, the end. 

Inventory Filter Bags:


New additional filters:



Fancy new tooltips:



There are additional features and changes coming your way in our 1.1 patch as well as hundreds of bug fixes.

Come say hello and chat about the upcoming content in our Discord!


Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms:

Keep an eye out for more info!
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games



Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Our New Hero Influence Vote has begun! Which hero will you choose to join the fight -- the Gun Witch, the Lavamancer, or the Barbarian? Earn Influence Points by logging into the game and logging into the official website every day, and then cast those Points to make your voice heard. The hero with the most points at the end of our three-round tournament will be our next hero!

The first round is Gun Witch vs. Lavamancer. Learn more about these heroes, and then cast your vote!

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

Just like last week, we’re in bug fixing mode for the Calling All Heroes release! This has been a tough but fun one. Less people, flooding basements, a new UI, a new Hero, strategy revamp behind the scenes in a separate branch, PS4 meets PC in the face, not to mention tons of creeping death flu junk that’s been going around. Lots of folks have really been cranking to make sure we get things solid. Some dudes have been up to two and three a.m. non-stop for weeks on end and will probably collapse seventeen seconds after this baby goes live. Nevertheless, we’re almost done! Share the word of DD2 on social media, call back your friends, and get ready to play, we’re getting close! A fun influence vote is now live and it’s Gun Witch vs Lavamancer. Get your votes ready. Loving Glitterhelm. Check images below. Every time I see the art progress by the Diaz brothers on that map with its classic three-prong layout, I keep having DAOC’s Darkness Falls flashbacks. Hmm. Now there’s a mean image isn’t it? Abyss Lord dropping Knight of the Abyss + (3) Abyss Stone + Colossus + Direct Command on top of a full warband, lawl.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer ([[77554,users]])

The PS4 team is finishing everything up. I’m excited to announce that we’re heading into FQA on Sunday, and if everything works out, the Harbinger + Carnival PS4 update will be out next week! In the Americas we’ll be releasing the inventory pack simultaneously with the milestone so you can get your hoard on. Unfortunately, though, it’s going to be a week or two till it comes out in Europe due to differences in the requirements the store teams place on releases.  

In other good news, I spent some time with the Calling All Heroes PS4 build this week, and it’s looking pretty good already. We don’t have any set timelines yet, but I’m excited for what we might be able to work on this time around now that we’re not inheriting as much merge debt. Hop on the forums and let me know what you think the #1 issue to resolve on PS4 is at the moment (other than “catching up to PC”).

Daniel Haddad, Design Director ([[48971,users]])

For the past few Dev Logs, it feels like I’ve been only saying one thing:  “Working On the Abyss Lord!” This is now finally coming to an end and pretty soon he will be in your loving hands. He is ridiculously powerful and hopefully a lot of fun to play. I’ve been working on fixing several bugs with him, some last-minute tweaks and moving on to the next three heroes. I’m currently making some final edits to EV2’s design and working on the first few drafts of the next few heroes starting with the Lavamancer and helping with the Gun Witch.

We are also beginning some early exploration on bringing the first four heroes to the coolness and effectiveness level of the soon to be released Abyss Lord. For all you Squire, Huntress, Monk, and Apprentice fans out there, there may be some changes inline a while after the launch of the Abyss Lord.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

As you know, we're working on DD1 remake levels and now it's the time for the well-known Glitterhelm! This one is damn huge -- probably the biggest map to date. The direction we have with these remakes is to keep a very similar gameplay layout but with a different visual approach, something new and fresh! So don't expect lava in Glitterhelm -- expect something dark and cold! Here are some work-in-progress shots:



Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Working on the biggest level so far...yea, you’re absolutely right, it’s Glitterhelm! It's been a long time since our Heroes had the last battle at Glitterhelm, and like everything, time does not stand still and some things have changed over time, so expect a new looking and fresh Glitterhelm cavern!

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

I’m incredibly proud of all that we’ve done for this patch, but like all things game dev, we’d still be working on this patch if we could. Last week, I said that wrapping up the patch was one of my favorite times in game dev and that still hold true. There’s something gratifying about seeing the game improve during these periods that gets me every time.

This week, we’re continuing to hammer out the last of the issues. Planning for the next milestone is now in full swing. We’ve got a rough outline to start, and we’re now doing the estimations.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer ([[48993,users]])

We were able to give a sneak peek into the tower / enemy overhaul that we are working towards. As you can see, our goal is to provide that strategic layer that our current lineup and tower sets don’t provide -- as well as provide that freedom to experiment with tower strengths and weakness to get a variety of builds per map depending on what’s coming down the lanes.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Been plowing through these UIs. We’ve laid a substantial foundation for future work. These new UIs are really starting to flow nicely. I hope you’ll see the grand vision of where we are going once this thing goes live. There are some kinks still in the system, but we’re ironing them out as fast as we can. DD2 will feel like a completely different game once we get all the UIs switched over to this new vision.   

Dan Pingston, Character Artist

Touching up the next few heroes for their big releases.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

[Chris wasn’t able to fill out the Dev Log because he must remain constantly vigilant for new bugs. [[10523,hashtags]]]


A Bold New World


Recently, we overhauled our visual effects style in DD2. Our old VFX style used the soft shapes and smooth gradients from the first Dungeon Defenders, but it didn't match what the game was currently achieving in its art style. DD2 uses bold colors and hard shapes, especially in the way we design and build our worlds. Our amazing 2D Animator Alexey Mescherin was already using a more hard-edged and bold color style in his animated flipbooks, so we needed our basic particles and accent components to match that same style and feel. Our goal was to emphasize very simple shapes, simple gradients if any, and bold colors in our VFX.


We went through our library of VFX assets and picked out the textures that no longer adhered to the visual style we wanted to achieve. I selected a group of textures that used soft shapes and gradients to experiment with. I brought these into Photoshop and played with ways to turn these textures into the hard-edged and bold look we wanted. I tried to find the basic shapes and elements of each texture to break them down to these core elements. I also made them uneven and nonuniform to bring more interest to the textures.


Then I compared the old and new textures side-by-side with a slight blur added to make sure they still had a reasonable enough similarity between the two. Because we were replacing the old textures with these new ones, we didn’t want to completely change the intent and feel of the VFX.

We didn’t change every soft shape and gradient, though. There are some visual effects that we kept in the old, softer style. For example, we kept certain types of smoke and fog -- volumetric fog, candle smoke and distance fog/smoke -- in the old style for places that are more ambient and less volatile.


Adjusting to this new style of VFX has been a major hit internally at Trendy, and we are continuing to move forward with it. The hard edges add a very nice banding to our VFX that really push the cartoony stylized feel we want to achieve with DD2. We hope you all enjoy this new approach with our VFX as much as we do!

How do you feel about the bold new VFX style? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner next Friday. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join!

Also, there's still time to enter the giveaway on the Javelin Thrower Boogie blog!
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