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On July 19th, the Power Surge update releases on Steam and PlayStation 4! Tune into the Devstream Friday at 5PM EDT to see the update in action!

The Power Surge update includes:

  • The Power Surge Challenge

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon 

    • Ride the lightning with the Glaive of the Storms! The alternate attack lifts the Monk into the air and lets him ride in style on his own personal cloud. With the power of the cloud, the Monk can synergize and maximize his damage output for peak fiscal performance.

    • Uhh, we mean, become a lightning god! His cloud corvette drenches enemies that walk underneath it and periodically strikes them with lightning.

    • The main attack unleashes a powerful lightning attack!

  • Mark 3 Costume for Series EV2

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Balance Changes

    • This update brings additional balance changes, including an Earthshatter buff, Skeletal Ramster buff, Skeletal Archer nerf and a Poison Dart Tower nerf.

  • And more!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

I had something pretty cool planned for this week’s Dev Log but then I forgot what it was… I’m focused on getting the Monk’s new legendary weapon ready and doing some balance changes to the Ramster, Archers, and the Poison Dart Tower. After that, I’ll be working on the Lavamancer primarily. Also working on the enemy changes and future hero balance whenever I can. The enemy changes are going to take awhile to complete, but I’ll have more to show you soon.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

This week I'm having some great fun working on the new level, a wild west themed one this time!

At this moment we are currently world building the city, which means creating all the big stuff like the buildings, walkways, terrain and the small props such as windows and doors. We are trying to have a lot of player-only paths for this level so expect to be able to walk along rooftops, jump from one roof to another and snipe enemies from there!


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Hey, Defenders! It's time to show you some details about the new level we're cooking now. This remake level will make DD2 feel like a western! You'll be able to enter into some buildings and explore around.

And here are some pics of stuff I've been working on:





What remake from DD1 do you think we’re bring back for building a western level? Not an easy question. (Hint: is not Aquanos.)

James Reid, Software Engineer (Driscan)

Working on fixing some bugs as well as iterating on the Game Browser. Phase 2 of the Game Browser is shaping up nicely! Can’t wait to get it into your hands!

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Glad to see everyone Vroom Broom’in around! Challenge work continues on Molten Citadel, and I haven’t forgotten about secrets…


Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Xenogenics posted a great thread on the forums about the state of the Official DD2 Wiki. In short, the wiki is wildly out of date and difficult to update. People are resorting to Google Docs to share information, which is just ridiculous.

So Ice and I are strapping up and diving in to fix the wiki. Our goal is to update the wiki with the most accurate information possible, make it easier for you to create edits and give you the tools to help keep it updated.


Hotfix 5.9 and 5.10

Hotfix 5.10

Just a quick hotfix this morning!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where previously rotten eggs were not turning into Shellium Shards as intended.

Hotfix 5.9

Good morning! Here are the notes for Hotfix 5.9!


  • Removed Item Power requirements for public matches

  • Turned off Item Power downleveling.

  • Free Play Experience Change:  Increased experience earned on all maps in Free Play mode on all difficulties (also includes Onslaught and Incursion modes)

  • Increased portion of the experience earned for keeping subobjectives alive.

  • Reduced Campaign Wyvern Den experience from 60,000 -> 35,000

  • Reduced Free Play Easy and Campaign Easy Physical/Magical Resist to 5%

  • Reduced Free Play Normal and Campaign Normal Physical/Magical Resist to 15%

  • Reduced Free Play Hard Physical/Magical Resist to 35%

  • Adjusted Free Play Easy and Normal difficulty ramp.

  • Free Play now has more core health.

  • Nightmare Wyvern Den now has Tier 3 Ogres

  • Drop Rates adjusted for Free Play to focus moderately more loot drops from Special Enemies and Victory Chests

  • Drop Rates adjusted for End Game to mostly drop loot from Special Enemies and Victory Chests

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some of the issues where a new Daily Mission would not be given to players. If you’re still seeing this, please let us know!

  • Rotten eggs now give Shellium Shards. Once you let an egg rot after this hotfix, all of your previously earned rotten eggs will turn into Shellium Shards, too!

  • Fixed an issue that may have been causing the Steam Authentication error.

  • Fixed an issue where the Tower Siege and Tower Conquest Daily Missions were not updating.

  • In certain resolutions the Create Hero menu does not extend the full height of the window has been fixed.

  • '!' should now actually appear over the Colonel's head during the "Speak to the Colonel" quest.

  • Fixed an issue where the stat comparison tooltips for items on the Item Enhancment Wheel would go offscreen.

  • The tooltips for the Skill Spheres in the Shop should no longer go off screen once you start scrolling down the list of spheres.

  • Skeleton Orcs and Goblins spawned in Onslaught Mode as part of the "Undead" round theme now properly drop Mana Crystals. This does not happen with Skeletons spawned by Dark Mages.

  • Updating Incursion-win tracking stats to count both Free Play and End-Game Incursions


  • Added 4 Daily Mission theme icons (Gold, Token, Egg, XP).


  • Added support so users will get a "Wait for Transaction” message while waiting for Steam/playverse callbacks.

Note:  It appears a temporary version of our currency purchasing screen has snuck its way into the build. It's not pretty, and it's missing all our final art, but if for some reason you're out of all those gems we gave you-- feel free to use it and let us know what you think!

This screen also snuck out with non-final pricing packages , so enjoy the deals! We’ll be updating this screen with the proper art and pricing next week. At that point in time, the gem packages will be:

$4.99 – 500 gems

$9.99 – 1100 gems (10% bonus)

$19.99 – 2300 gems (15% bonus) 

$49.99 – 6000 gems (20% bonus)

$99.99- 12500 gems (25% bonus)



Greetings Defenders,

Patch 1.0.3 is available now on all platforms! Login now to get your FREE Beat the Heat Bundle, which is available from the in-game shop. The free bundle will disappear on August 10th, so don’t miss out!

FREE Beat the Heat Bundle & Double Gold Weekend Events

Login for the next two weeks and get free, exclusive items! You’ll find your free bundle at the in-game Shop (accessible through the Shop menu on the Pause screen). These items are only available until August 10th!

  • A free 4,000 Defender Medal gift!

  • An exclusive Purrville the Helicatter pet!

  • An exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!

  • An exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!

  • An exclusive shirtless beach Squire accessory!

  • An exclusive Squire beach shorts accessory!

Plus we’re doing TWO Double Gold Weekend events! The first event begins this weekend!

  • July 28th to July 31st:  Double Gold Weekend Event

  • August 4th to August 7th:  Double Gold Weekend Event

Once you redeem the bundle, you'll find your medals in your Inventory as an item. WARNING:  Make sure you have fewer than 8,000 Medals before redeeming or you will not get the full 4,000 Medal gift!

To find your accessories after redeeming the bundle, go to the Costume Shop, go to the Wardrobe, select the Squire, choose his Default costume, and you'll find his new accessories in the appropriate slots!

Loot Drop Updates

After reviewing player feedback and diving into the data, we agree that item progress, especially in Chaos 4-7, was too slow. There were too many items spawning that only gave very small increases in power. This was making it take far too long to beef up all your characters, and the problem grew worse as you played in the later Chaos difficulties.

So with this patch, in all Chaos difficulties (but especially in Chaos 4-7), items now drop with larger power increases than before, and we’ve increased the chances of finding items with larger power increases. Not only that, but we’ve added in the occasional chance for a ‘super drop,’ which gives you a chance at items that are substantially more powerful. There’s still a good bit of randomness in the system, so don’t expect to get loads of high-powered legendaries dumped on you in your first game. But there are now far more opportunities for ‘big wins’ than there were before, and we hope players really feel it!

While we don’t consider this a blanket ‘fix’ to all the known item issues the community has highlighted, we do consider it a great step in the right direction. More changes coming soon!

Four More Chaos VII Trials Maps

We’ve added four maps to the Chaos VII Trials rotation! These maps are:

  • Little-Horn Valley

  • Assault on Throne Room

  • Buried Bastille

  • The Dead Road

You’ll encounter 8 total maps when you tackle the C7 Trials. More Trials improvements to come!


Wall Collision & Range Indicator Updates

We’ve increased the collision size on our blockades!

  • The Spike Blockade collision volume is 37% larger on the X axis and 20% larger on the Y axis.

  • The Volcano's square collision volume is 37% larger.

  • The Training Dummy's square collision volume is 18% larger.

  • The Arcane Barrier's collision volume is 66% larger on the X axis.

  • The Maw of the Earth Drake's collision volume is 25% larger on the X axis.

  • The Viper's Fangs collision volume is 11% larger on both the X and Y Axis.

  • The Colossus' collision volume is 33% larger on its Y Axis.

In addition to this, we’ve added new range indicators on blockades to help you seal your lanes.


Trap Range Indicator Updates

All traps now display two ground decals during placement and inspection modes:  one decal displaying the trigger radius, and another decal displaying the damage range! 


Minimap Improvements

The minimap now displays damage states for defenses. On top of the flashing when they get hit, towers will change colors from green, to yellow, to flashing red when below predefined health thresholds. Defenses that have been destroyed will also show up on the minimap with a blinking icon for 3 seconds for a better at-a-glance view of your moment-to-moment action.

Optimization Improvements

This patch includes several optimization improvements to the game, which should improve framerate on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions. We’re exploring more optimization changes to improve framerate, particularly on the console versions. Stay tuned for more information!

Xbox One Crash Fixes

This patch includes more Xbox One crash fixes!

Inventory Improvements

We’ve added a number of Inventory improvements in Patch 1.0.3:

  • Items can now be moved into bags with Auto Sort active.

  • Added a Hero Level/Ascension experience bar to the Inventory.

  • More Shards have unique icons now! This will help you find the Shard you’re looking for.

  • The Inventory now highlights any new item that the player didn't previously own until the player focuses on the new item. This includes auto-equipped items, items that have been manually picked up by the player, and bundled items like Shards.

  • Items selected in your Inventory will now highlight any valid slots on the left side Hero Manager screen, making it easier to determine which items can be equipped where.

  • The number of weapons a hero can equip is now accurate, which means only the Squire has two weapon slots now!

Disable Controller Vibration Option

For those who don’t like to play with your controller shaking like an earthquake, we’ve added the option to disable controller vibration!

Game Browser Gamepad UI Changes

We’ve made several usability changes to the Game Browser UI to make it easier to join and create games on gamepads!

  • When using a gamepad, the Join Game, Create Game and Refresh List options are now permanent keybinds on the Game Browser rather than physical UI buttons you have to navigate to. This should make joining and creating games MUCH easier.

  • On gamepad, individual game information will now update on highlight rather than on interact.

Xbox One Vsync Option

We’ve added a Vsync option for the Xbox One version in this patch!

Controller Deadzone Updates

Thanks to a wonderful Reddit post, we’ve updated our controller joystick deadzones. In case you don’t know, deadzones relate to how far you have to move the joystick from its central resting place before the game registers movement. A large deadzone means you have to push the joystick really far to the edge before movement begins; a small deadzone means very little joystick movement is needed. The result of these changes should improve overall joystick movement and give you more useful deadzone options.

  • Added Deadzone option to PC

  • Deadzones are now circles instead of squares

  • Updated the Deadzone slider to provide more useful deadzone options

Defense Balance Updates

Explosive Trap

While this trap has always had high damage potential, both its trigger and effect ranges limited its practical usage. We've made some quality-of-life improvements to the defense along with a slight power increase.

  • Trigger Range increase 150 -> 225 (+50%)

  • Base Effect Range increased 200 -> 300 (+50%)

  • Defense Power ratio increase 4.5 -> 5.5 (+22%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Cannonball Tower

Our stalwart Cannonball Tower now has slightly more reach, slightly faster firing, and slightly more punch.

  • Range increased 2000 -> 2,500 (+25%)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 3.0s -> 2.5s (17% Faster)

  • Defense Power ratio increased 9.5 -> 11.5 (+21%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Harpy's Perch

While the Harpy has good range and attack speeds, it needs a lot more punch to be competitive.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 1.9 -> 4.5 (+136%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power changes

Angry Nimbus

Angry Nimbus is now a much longer-range defense, more akin to an Earthshatter, with a wide radius. We've made it cheaper to be easier to deploy. It doesn't have as much raw DPS as other single-target defenses, but its immense range / radius should give it placement options that higher-DPS defenses can't use.

  • Range increased 2,500 -> 4,000 (+60%)

  • DU Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 47.5 -> 40 (-16%)


Oby's one of our most-fun defenses, but with an extremely high cost coupled with a primary attack that only deals damage to 1 target very slowly, it was pigeonholed into a very narrow role. We've radically rebalanced the Obelisk by making it cheaper, faster, and at upgraded tiers, apply its cool effects more frequently.

  • Cost decreased 100 -> 40 (60% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 4.0s -> 3.0s (33% Faster)

  • Attack Rate maximum improved from 2.0s max -> 0.75s max

  • Duration of CC effects slightly reduced (to counterbalance the defense having a much faster rate of fire)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 50 -> 27.5 (-45%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated (uses custom critical damage scaling equal to Defense Power ratio)


Range has been increased for the Ballista, along with a slight rate-of-fire increase.

  • Range 2500 -> 3000 (+20%)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 5.0s -> 4.0s (20% Faster)

Earthshatter Tower

Earthy's undergone a major facelift, drastically reducing its cost and improving its rate-of-fire. Its per-hit damage has come down slightly, but given that it was overkilling many smaller enemies by large values, these net changes should help reduce its massive overkilling problem.

  • Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 4.0s -> 3.0s (25% Faster)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 31 -> 25 (-20%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Sand Viper

Sand Viper was pretty flexible, but it lacked enough punch to be worth it (Split Vipers aside). We've improved it to keep it competitive in its base form with other defenses.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 4.0 -> 5.5 (37.5%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Lightning Strikes Aura

The Lightning Strikes Aura received a bit more of a serious redesign. We have a lot of high-cost, high single-target damage defenses already. We're changing the LSA to have much lower cost, giving it more flexibility of placement, rather than focusing on massive damage per hit.

  • Cost decreased 40 -> 20 (50% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 5.0s -> 4.0s (20% Faster)

  • Attack Rate maximum improved 2.0s max -> 1.0s max

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 21 -> 13 (-39%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Hornet's Nest

  • Now properly scales with Defense Speed!

  • Defense Power increased from 1.6 -> 2.8

  • Attack Rate decreased from 0.6 base to 1.2 base

  • Maximum Attack Rate updated to 0.3


Blaze Balloon

The Blaze Balloon has a strong overall damage output, but a high cost that makes it difficult to slot. We've pulled down the cost significantly to make it easier to work into existing builds.

  • Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 22.5 -> 17.5 (-22%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Poison Dart Tower

When we updated the PDT's targeting, it went from being a 'mostly' single-target tower to a multi-target death machine, and our balance did not really sync well with that functional change. We've revised its balance to bring it down closer to other multi-target defenses like the Flame Aura, while still giving it some punch against single enemies.

  • Dart Defense Power ratio increased 1 -> 1.25 (+25%)

  • Poison Defense Power ratio decreased 4 -> 2 (-50%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated (uses custom critical damage scaling of 3.0)


Serpent's Coil

While the impact of Serpent's Coil is small, we want Mystic players to leverage it and have boosted its power to make it a relatively safe choice.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 3.0 -> 4.5 (+50%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Skeletal Archers

Archers were decent, but they weren’t quite strong enough to compete with some of our stronger defenses. We've given the twins some more 'muscle' behind their bows, as much as skeletons can use muscle...

  • Defense Power ratio increased 9.0 -> 11.5 (+27%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Weapon Manufacturer

Well, apparently the weapon manufacture was mostly manufacturing auras, but very few weapons. We've reduced the overall damage output of its auras in the hopes that it still sees some use, but leans more heavily on the weapon aspect and a little less on the aura aspect.

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 4 -> 3.25 (-19%)

  • Fixed a bug where the node increase Shard effect would remain on built WMs after removing the Shard from the relic

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Other Balance Changes

Tiny Ogres (Campaign)

  • Tiny Ogres (Campaign) now have the same rough health/dps as a T3 Drakin

Abyss Stone

Abyss Stone has been refactored. We've enabled proper Criticals and drastically increased the damage-per-hit but reduced its duration. The net result is roughly the same total damage, but with much higher damage-per-second. Additionally, Abyss Stones no longer interfere with the placement of future Abyss Stones.

  • Ability Power ratio increased 6.0 -> 11.0

  • Criticals properly enabled (uses default 15x ratio and proper Hero Crit Chance)

  • Duration decreased 8s -> 6s

  • Attack Rate slowed 0.5s -> 1.0s

Knight of the Abyss

KoA has been almost exclusively the go-to ability for the Abyss Lord, even after our last round of changes, and we're trying to breakup his combat gameplay a bit more by reducing his reliance purely on KoA for both damage and stuns by making this change alongside the Abyss Stone refactor.

  • Ability Power ratio slightly decreased 21.5 -> 20.0

Shatter Combo/Frosty Proton Node

We’ve also finally made some updates to the Shatter combo effect. While we’re super happy to see players using Frosty Proton Node to setup this combo, we felt that the potential damage output of the Shatter effect was a bit too strong. We really didn’t want to nerf Frosty Proton Node, and there was certainly no call to nerf the Cannonball Tower, Earthshatter Tower, etc., so we went with a reduction to the Shatter effect itself. Shatter will still obliterate weaker enemies like Goblins, but after this patch, it will no longer be a guaranteed kill on tougher enemies like Drakin and Berserkers. We’ve also fixed it so it can now damage minibosses / special enemies, instead of just consuming the Freeze and having no effect.

Geode Prime Special Enemy

Geode Prime now has been updated to be a correct special miniboss.

  • Health and Tenacity increased substantially

  • Size and Collision increased as well

  • Loot fixed to have the same loot drops/chances as other specials/minibosses

Other Changes

  • Betsy weapons have been added to the Wayfarer shop.

  • Monk’s Pole Smash can be activated in mid-air.

  • When the Inventory is full and auto-collect is set to pick up items, those items are now sent to the Scavenger.

  • A text announcement will now display when opening an individual Shard Pack letting you know what Shard you received.

  • Updated the Xbox One and PS4 Options menu UI.

  • Increased the placement range of EV2’s nodes.

  • Volume will now update in real-time when adjusting the sliders in the Options menu.

  • Ground lane wisps will now only appear in Campaign Normal.

  • Updated Explosive Trap VFX and scaled them up a bit.

  • Updated melee impact VFX for Squire and Monk.

  • Buff Beam description updated to mention Defense Crit Damage effect.

  • Increased Summary Screen timer to 90 seconds.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an item duping bug. All duped gear has been removed. Thanks for reporting this, Defenders! You da real MVPs.

  • Made multiple changes to reduce the likelihood of seeing an infinite loading screen.

  • Added a possible solution for inventory data getting wiped.

  • Fixed a memory leak related to defenses.

  • Relics will now properly drop while playing as the Gunwitch.

  • The Zapper special enemy will appear in Chaos VII Trials once again! Mwahahaha!

  • Fixed a stuck Siege Roller spawning issue in the Ramparts.

  • Fixed a bug where the Invert Y Axis option wasn’t working properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice, Gunwitch and Lavamancer auto-collect options weren’t working properly.

  • Fixed a bug where loot could drop without stats if it dropped while loading into a map.

  • Fixed a bug where Abyss Stones couldn’t be placed in the same spot as a previous Stone.

  • Fixed a bug where Slime Pits and Hornet's Nests would occasionally ignore enemies within range.

  • Fixed multiple bugs where Shards weren’t dealing the correct damage type (Ability Power vs. Hero Damage, etc.)

  • Slime Pit Slimes no longer try to attack flying enemies.

  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor set itself to the upper-left corner instead of centered on screen when entering into menus.

  • Fixed a bug where interacting with an item before the tooltip of the item loaded caused the tooltip to never unload.

  • The Use Key context icon no longer appears enabled and usable on the open Lockbox UI when you don't have a key.

  • Fixed a bug where the victory hero waving animations didn’t always play.

  • Fixed a bug where the reticle didn’t correctly change colors for players, NPCs and objectives.

  • Fixed a camera issue with the Seamstress.

  • Fixed animation flickering issues with the Initiate’s Chi Stomp.

  • The Monthly Mission pets from the DM shop are now display their proper meshes when viewed in the Petrinarian UI.

  • Incursion weapons that drop in maps now have the correct level requirements.

  • Fixed a bug where the Gunwitch's weapon wasn’t now properly displaying to other players.

  • Fixed an issue where some cutscenes weren’t rendering properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice’s right-click animation wouldn’t play in mid-air.

  • Fixed the name of the Glaive of Storms in the Wayfarer shop.

  • Fixed a bug where purchasing a premium egg and then incubating it right afterward would cause a temp/placeholder icon to appear in Hatchery UI.

  • Fixed a bug where Inventory Tooltips for Weapons, Gear and Pets in the top Inventory rows would get cut off in the comparison view.

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to bind ` or Tab would break all functionality on the controls screen.

  • Fixed several visual bugs and collision issues on the Hot Springs map.

  • Fixed a bug where the controller users couldn’t scroll the Summary Screen on 4:3 resolutions.

  • Fixed a bug where the Haunting Shard VFX was off center of weapon. Now spawns from center of player.

  • Fixed a bug where the Siege Roller would get stuck when killing a blockade with a node nearby.

  • Fixed a bug where the Call of the Kobold Shard VFX was not deactivating properly.

  • Fixed a bug on PC where changing the Graphics Quality Preset option using a gamepad caused it to stick there.

  • Removed some non-obscene phrases from the profanity filter.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Lockbox UI.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Initiate’s Defense Boost aura where the VFX would remain after the ability was finished.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Empowered Beam projectile.

  • Fixed a bug where Hero Crit DMG and Elemental DMG sorting wasn’t accessible by gamepad.

  • Fixed a bug where the hatchery UI would become unusable if a player incubated a Defender Medal egg but closed the UI without actually hatching it.

  • Fixed a VFX bug with EV2’s Proton Charge ability.

  • Bag Inventory warning no longer overlaps Quest UI.

  • The Level Up popup no longer overlaps with the Build Phase/Combat Phase/Wave Complete popups.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad World Tree’s “Damage Taken” stat wasn’t accurately displaying.

  • PS4 - The Reset to Defaults popup in the Options menu no longer gets cut off with split-screen active.

  • Fixed a bug where the Lavamancer’s right-click could move players into spawn points.

  • Fixed a bug where a Weapon Manufacturer node could be placed inside a Flame Aura by inspecting the aura.

  • Fixed a typo in the Sandstorm Warrior tooltip to accurately reflect its damage.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Blaze Balloon while using the Corrupted Tower Skin set.

  • Fixed a bug where hotswapping heroes would cause the hero to die.

  • Automeow & G4-T0 are now able to roll their unique pet abilities again.

  • Fixed a bug where the Inspiring Strikes Shard could trigger from defense attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where certain special enemies weren’t spawning on the Forest Poachers Incursion.

  • Fixed a bug where the Overwhelming Buster weapon Shard could be equipped to non-weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where the Charged Shot weapon Shard could be equipped to non-weapons and incompatible weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes keybindings couldn’t be rebound.

  • Fixed a bug where the top bar UI currency element would disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice marks wouldn’t clear properly if the Apprentice is hotswapped to another hero,

  • Fixed a bug where the Fiery Brimstone Shard would appear to be equippable for non-Tomes.

  • Fixed a bug where Harbinger Shards were dealing more damage to Siege Rollers than intended.

  • Fixed a bug where Inspect Defense could not be used on EV2 defenses in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bug where volume options when opening certain menus.

  • Fixed a bug where the Skeletal Ramster would not hit targets close to it while under the effects of Direct Command.

  • Fixed a bug where Shards in the World Tree would not get reapplied if the Tree was rebuilt after being destroyed.

  • Fixed a bug where using Pole Smash on larger enemies that can’t get knocked up would still let the Skyguard attack them.

  • Fixed an inventory icon VFX issue.

  • Fixed a bug with flying enemy icons on the minimap.

  • Fixed a bug with shop item tooltips not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Ascension button would sometimes not be active when opening the Inventory.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad was able to use abilities during transformation.

  • Fixed a bug where using the Dryad’s Starfall immediately after transforming would cause the ability to malfunction.

  • Fixed a bug where enemies would occasionally spawn under the map on Greystone Plaza.

  • Fixed a bug where the Skeletal Orc blockade would incorrectly accept Direct Command before fully spawning in.

  • Fixed a projectile firing issue with single-shot Polearms where the projectiles weren’t going towards enemies properly.

  • Fixed a VFX problem with Legendary weapons on the Shard Equip screen.

  • Fixed a VFX problem with the Flamethrower tower.

  • Fixed a bug where enemies were able to walk up walls and around light posts on Little-Horn Valley.

  • Fixed a bug where the Harbinger’s ranged attack wasn’t properly damaging certain defenses.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad could get visually stuck in corrupt form when hotswapping.

  • Fixed a VFX issue at the Costume Shop.

  • Fixed a bug where the Split Vipers Shard could also grant the Constrictor Shard bonus without having the Constrictor Shard equipped.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the “New” icon on maps after unlocking them.

  • Fixed a bug where the Fissure defense would remain “busy” if the wave ends while recharging.

  • Fixed an issue with enemies getting stuck in spawners on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed a text issue with the Fissure of Embermount.

  • Fixed various text issues with the Heroes Marketplace.

  • Fixed various text issues with the Emporium.

  • Fixed a bug where one of the Buried Bastille cores did not have the correct health value.

  • Fixed a bug where the Campaign boss timers were appearing in Chaos Trials.

  • Fixed a bug where the gamepad controls would sometimes appear on the Game Browser while using mouse/keyboard.

  • Fixed a bug where the full size of the buttons on the Summary Screen were not fully interactable.

  • Fixed a bug where players using gamepads would be unable to join Public Games on the War Table if the auto-collect message would appear.

  • Fixed a bug where players could get trapped inside the falling ships on the Betsy map.

  • Fixed an issue where the flying lane icons would not appear on the Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursion.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Ghastly Halberd.

  • Fixed an issue with the taunt VFX from Shards.

  • Fixed a VFX issue on the Create Hero screen.

Known Issues

  • The Minimum Ascension Filter does not work when using the Continue function. This is something we’re going to fix in our upcoming patches.

  • (PC) The controller will not work if you turn on the controller while on the Main Menu after a fresh boot of the game. Rebooting the game or waiting until you reach the Tavern or Town to turn on the controller will get around this issue.


Ascension Patch Notes

One week until Open Alpha. One week until you can run around and tell your friends about that cool game you’ve been playing. And once you stop telling them about Rocket League, could you maybe throw in the good word about Dungeon Defenders II being available for anyone to download for free, yeah? That’d be awesome.

All jokes aside, until that beautiful moment comes next week on October 13th, here’s an update full of delicious new features and balance! There are some things in this update that are experimental. You can find these things with our super-subtle EXPERIMENTAL marking. There’s also some things in this update that are AWESOME. We didn’t tag those, but we should have.

Also remember, this patch comes in two parts! Part II [AWESOME] will be releasing October 27th and launch with two new Spooky maps, Incursions, new minibosses, new build items and other awesomeness.


New Stat Points System!

  • This is an early-game system to improve investment, choice and progression for early-game players. We’ll be looking into ways of improving the system for endgame players in a future update.

  • When you level up, you’ll get points to invest into stats! The stat screen opens up whenever you level up. Clicking the plus button next to a stat adds 1 point, shift-click adds 5 points and ctrl-click adds 50 points!

  • Clicking feels good, right?

  • Added Defense Speed and Defense Range as stats you can invest in when you level up.

  • You can respec your stats for a flat gold cost.

  • You can close the window and choose to invest your stat points at a later time.

EXPERIMENTAL:  Larger Blockades, Ranged Towers and Auras

  • Blockades and Towers take up more space. Size increased by about 30-40%. Collision increases vary between 10-20%.

  • The defense footprint was increased by about 3x what it used to be, cutting the amount of defenses you can place alongside one another by about half in a 2-3 blockade lane. Damage was increased as a result (you can find these changes in the Balance section).

  • Adding a note to make sure you saw that damage was increased with those changes. [[7012,hashtags]]

  • Auras are just visually bigger. Kappa.

  • Traps were not affected by these changes (trap changes were reverted based on playtest feedback).

Melee Weapon Modifications for Squire & Monk

  • Newly dropped melee weapons can now roll as 3 stances - light, medium, and heavy.  Some weapons can roll as an either/or (ex. Light or Medium)

  • Each stance has a different ground attack pattern. The monk still has his same Chi shot, though. He’s been studying kung fu films -- not ninja anime about becoming a hokage or anything.

  • There are now random rolls for attack speed on most melee weapons in the game. Two medium swords may not have the same attack rate. Two heavy polearms may have wildly different attack rates.  

  • Air attacks are unaffected by stance.

  • New tooltip added to compare melee weapons.

Ranged Weapon Modifications for Apprentice & Huntress

  • Newly dropped ranged weapons now have vastly different behaviors!

    • Burst Fire - multiple shots per click, straight line.

      • For those sweet MLG noscopez.

    • Spread Fire - multiple shots per click, spread fire.

      • Can vary wildly.

      • Landing the entire spread will deal higher damage than normal, but harder to headshot.

    • Shotgun Fire - a LOT of shots in a click, low distance, low accuracy.

      • We don’t need to tell you how to use this. Go look up Evil Dead clips or something.

    • Homing Fire - Will gravitate towards your crosshair. Never miss a flying kobold suiciding on your core again!

    • Arc Fire - Rains death over an arc. Some may have Area of Effect impacts.

    • Not new, but slow firing single shot weapons now deal a LOT of damage...

  • Certain legendary weapons have unique behaviors. Find them!

  • Fixed attack rates will now roll on new weapons. We’ve balanced it such that you can find the weapon you want and succeed more than likely. So take that 40 projectiles a second weapon and go have fun, or the 1 projectile rifle and be precise for big damage.

New Passives and Skill Spheres

  • PDT Health (Passive):  X% extra Poison Dart Tower health based on your Defense Health stat.

  • PDT Speed (Passive):  Increases the Defense Speed of the Poison Dart Tower by +X.

  • PDT Explode (Passive):  When a target affected by the Poison Dart Tower’s poison dies, it explodes, dealing X% of your Defense Health as damage in an area around it. Also adds a stack of the PDT poison to targets hit by the explosion.

  • PDT Range (Sphere):  Poison Dart Tower’s range is increased by X%.

  • PDT Stack Increase (Sphere):  The Poison Dart Tower’s poison can stack X more times on a target.

Partial Controller Support

  • Partial Controller (Gamepad) support is in!

  • Use Controller must be manually enabled with the new checkbox at the Options -> Controls screen (scroll down and look right).

  • For the time being, enabling Use Controller will reset your keybinds. There’s a warning for this, and a future update will remove this limitation.

  • Note that many screens still do not support the Controller (yet). You’ll still have to keep your mouse handy for the cursor!

  • Future updates will allow for alternate control schemes and changing of stick sensitivity.

Daily Mission Changes

  • Daily Missions are now introduced after Dragonfall Sewers in the campaign. Some new, introduction-type missions accompany this earlier introduction, at least until you have a hero high enough to tackle the core daily mission set.

  • Added a new quest where the Knight Commander introduces missions between Dragonfall Sewers and Forgotten Ruins.

  • Monthly missions are still introduced in their old place after players complete the campaign.


Little-Horn Valley Updates

  • Little-Horn Valley has received an overhaul!

  • Realizing having 3 entrances to the pub is bad for security, they’ve removed one on the lower level. No bouncers’ jobs were compromised in the process.

  • A couple of the neighbors have renovated and are allowing you to build towers on their new lawn space. This means new defense opportunities! Just don’t stomp on the grass with your heavy toes, people.

  • Spring cleaning happened to the primary overpass, so tipsy patrons can now see through the level a little clearer/not like they’re drunk.

New Costume:  Valhalla Knight!

  • 1200 Gems

  • 3 Mythic Accessories

  • 3 custom animations:

    • New Heal Animation

    • New Spawn-In Animation

    • New Death Animation

New Premium Pet:  The Headless Horseman!

  • 400 Gems

  • He comes with 1 “Fiery Pumpkin Head,” 1 “Shiny Axe” and 1 “Evil Laugh”...can you handle the spookiness?

  • Can come with the unique ability skin: Tormented Thoughts

  • What is “Tormented Thoughts” one might ask?

    • Fire your fiery pumpkin head at your foes causing them to panic and move faster while taking damage over time, if you kill your target within the DoT, they will explode doing AoE damage to nearby foes!

New Monthly Quest for October! Teddy Bear Nightmare!

  • Conditions

    • Kill 75 Skeleton Special Enemies!

      • Kill events for monthly quests are now shared across the party meaning no more last hitting for credit.

      • Triggers on all people in match when either Plaguing Hulk or Skeleton are killed.

    • Find 75 Legendary Items!

    • Win 25 Incursions!

  • Rewards

    • Monthly Pet: Bearkira

    • 40 Wyvern Tokens

    • 30,000 Gold

    • Hero Title: “The Awakened”


  • Added tooltips to Daily Missions, Monthly Missions and Quests so you can now see how much of a reward you’ll receive!

  • Made changes to damage numbers. Damage numbers are now more readable since they linger longer and the magic damage color has changed to a more bright purple rather than a dark purple because dark purple was very difficult to read.

  • Rearranged interaction icons to sit to the right of the reticle

  • Increased interaction icon display time for towers to 2 seconds while in Combat Phase

  • The Eggs you’re protecting in Liferoot Forest and during the Betsy fight have changed slightly.  Foreshadowing?!

  • Lightning Rod Uber has been renamed to “Concentrated Cyclone Uber.”

  • Swapped currency and premium currency positions on the UI; expanded the Add Currency button to say “Add.”

  • Implemented Alienware FX lights support.

  • Removed the “Take Damage” section of the tutorial level.  We’re pretty sure you’ll figure that out.

  • Made improvements on camera fade-in/fade-out when objects get between the hero and the camera.


Enemy Rollouts

After reading many fantastic threads about enemy rollouts, we have made some updates to the way enemies will come down the lane. We updated the lanes so that players will be letting towers do a bulk of the work while players are taking down specific support enemies. To do this, we divided our enemies into different groups.

  • Standard Group

    • The standard group will be composed of Goblins (Melee and Bomb Lobbers), T1 Orcs, as well as T1 Warboars. These guys are going to be present in just about every lane. However, they should be taken down quite easily with a decent tower setup.

  • Support Group

    • These guys are gunna be the ones you as the player will need to take down. We have updated their minimap icons so they stand out and let players know where they need to go. Sometimes there will be more than one lane that has some of these support enemies in them, so player movement is going to be really the key to victory. The support group is made up of:

      • Kobolds

      • Witherbeasts

      • Lady Orcs

      • Javelin Throwers

      • Drakin

      • Dark Mages

  • Air Group

    • The air group remains the same enemies as before. Players will have more time to take down air enemies as well due to not needing to hold off an entire lane of Drakins.

Enemy Balance Changes

  • The health of most melee enemies has been noticeably reduced. This includes Goblins, Warboars, and Orcs. Bomb Goblins too, even though they’re not melee.

  • Meanwhile, Kobolds have gained both health and damage. Get ready for the era of boom-shaka-laka!

  • Dark Mages and Witherbeasts, annoyed at the Kobold, have been working out and have gained some health as well.

Small Skill Spheres

With the new Stat Points System in place, we’ve made changes to the Small Skill Spheres. The goal here is to make Small Spheres about specific specialization on a tower. For right now, we’re starting off with Defense Range. We also left in some of the old quest sphere rewards for funsies. Here is the new list:

  • Defense Crit Damage I

  • Defense Crit Damage II

  • Defense Crit Damage III

  • Hero Crit Damage I

  • Hero Crit Damage II

  • Hero Crit Damage III

  • Defense Crit Chance I

  • Defense Crit Chance II

  • Hero Crit Chance I

  • Hero Crit Chance II

  • Defense Power I

  • Hero Damage I

  • Defense Health III

  • Hero Health III

  • Hero Damage V

  • Defense Health V

  • Defense Power V

  • Defense Attack Rate V

  • Cannonball Range I

  • Heavy Cannonball Range I

  • Heavy Cannonball Range II

  • Harpoon Range I

  • Harpoon Range II

  • Flameburst Range I

  • Flamethrower Range I

  • Flamethrower Range II

  • Earthshatter Tower Range I

  • Earthshatter Tower Range II

  • Frostbite Tower Range I

  • Frostbite Tower Range II

  • Lightning Aura Range I

  • Serenity Aura Range I

  • Lightning Strikes Aura Range I

  • Lightning Strikes Aura Range II

  • Boost Aura Range I

  • Skyguard Tower Range I

  • Explosive Trap Damage Range I

  • Blaze Balloon Damage Range I

  • Poison Dart Tower Range I

  • Elemental Chaos Trap Range I

Defense Balance Changes

  • Defenses that fire projectiles have had their damage substantially increased to accommodate for larger size. In addition to this base increase due to the size changes, we’ve also made the following additional base damage increases:

    • Flamethrower Tower base damage increased substantially

    • Cannonball Tower base damage increased substantially

    • Earthshatter Tower base damage increased substantially

    • Poison Dart Tower poison damage increased drastically

    • Heavy Cannonball Tower damage increased substantially

    • Ballista base damage increased substantially

  • Arcane Barrier health brought up to match base Spike Blockade.

  • Training Dummy:

    • Damage is now based off of Defense Health rather than Defense Power

    • Health values adjusted ever so slightly

    • Range is doubled

    • Mesh/Collision increased in size but not height so 3 dummies can cover what 2 blockades cover

    • [[5924,hashtags]]

  • Increased the Heavy Cannonball Tower's projectile movement speed by 50%

  • Note:  We will be taking another pass at trap/aura balance in the future. This update mainly focused on ranged tower balance.

Defense Range Changes

Players can now increase Defense Range by investing in Defense Range using the Stat Point System and equipping Small Skill Spheres that increase a specific defense’s range. All towers should have a larger max range than before through these changes.

Hero Balance Changes

  • Hero base health, base damage, and base ability power was reduced as now the majority of your progression should come from SAS points. You should hit a higher max than before this system, but this is still a work-in-progress.

  • Hero Health Stat Point System scaling varies based on the hero. Melee heroes scale substantially better than ranged heroes.

  • Apprentice's Mana Bomb damage mitigation buffed - when you are channeling you now only take 10% damage instead of the old 30%.

  • Reduced mark increase from Apprentice’s Arcane Mark Skill Spheres from 2.0 / 5.0 -> 1.0 / 2.0.

General Balance Changes

  • Removed resistances from miniboss lanes in Onslaught and Incursions

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance on high-end machines based on community feedback by defaulting bSmoothFrameRate to false. Be smooth, framerate. Be smooth.

  • Potentially fixed a server crash.

  • Fixed an issue with nervousness for next week’s Open Alpha by purchasing a gigantic bottle of...of root beer. Yeah, root beer. Totally clams the nerves.

  • We meant calms the nerves, but clams sounds so much cooler.

  • Fixed an issue where pet stats can reroll their current stat value as both options.

  • Fixed an issue where the timing of Ogre spawns was causing infinite waves in Incursions. Because Incursions are hard enough, amirite?

  • Fixed an issue where, while playing in Windowed Mode, the Steam Overlay would not resize correctly if the user maximized or minimized the window.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy kill events weren’t triggered when a player’s pet killed the enemy.

  • Clammed down the map music on Campaign Gates so it no longer plays behind the introduction cutscene.

  • Fixed an issue where Betsy would immediately fly away after one egg volley attack from her nest. She will now stick around for a bit and attack any players in her vicinity. After a number of attacks from her nest, she will fly off to do her next air attack.

  • Fixed an issue where the Incubate button would incorrectly disappear.

  • Fixed a collision issue with a tree on Forgotten Ruins.

  • Fixed a bug where Daily Missions were not filtering in correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dragonfall Tourist Daily Mission was causing the Victory Chest to generate more gold than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where wave completed experience was not sometimes given to the hero.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s gem total wouldn’t update after purchasing an item with gems.

  • Fixed an issue with collision near the subobjective area in Forgotten Ruins that was stopping enemy pathing.

  • Fixed an issue with a spawn point in Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed a bug where the Daily Mission icons would move when the progression was updated. Now it's perfectly aligned.

  • Implemented a potential fix for the dark towers bug.

  • Fixed an issue where the pet evolution popup would display the wrong color.

  • Implemented a potential fix for a Blaze Balloon decal issue.

  • Fixed an issue where the Monk’s Onslaught polearm was missing its stats on the tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t click on the purchase button for the first item under the Featured section without first clicking on a different item.

  • Fixed an issue where some Squire Shields had a graybox texture within the tooltip.

  • Fixed bugs with incorrect Skill Spheres being rewarded from a Gran’Masta quest.

  • Fixed an issue with an Oil Flask decal.

  • Fixed an issue where objects wouldn’t fade in properly.

  • Fixed an issue where intro matinees were not adhering to custom audio settings.

  • Fixed an issue where the Forge icon was rendering incorrectly on the minimap.

  • Fixed an issue where Orcs were not appearing properly on the minimap.

  • Fixed a texture issue in the Social Tavern.

  • Fixed a bug where the Purge Evil updated passive was referencing the old passive.

  • Fixed an issue where the pet egg given for the “Visit the Stable Boy” quest would go to the Scavenger and be automatically destroyed 30 minutes later.


Birds chirping. Breeze blowing. Leaves growing. Springtime is here!

At least, that’s what we’ve heard. For us, this Spring means staying indoors and getting Dungeon Defenders II ready to leave Early Access (which we’ll talk about in more detail in the near future). We’re tying up loose ends, fixing the biggest issues, squashing the biggest bugs, and polishing the most visible areas. The Spring Forward Update is the beginning of this process, and you’ll see more improvements in our regular patches after the update lands.

So when will the Spring Forward Update come out? How about next Tuesday, April 18th? Does that work for you? Cool. We’ll put that down in our calendars then -- April 18th:  Make Great Spring for Glorious Playerbase Nation. Done!

Here’s what’s in the update:

Two New Chaos Tiers

We told you the next Chaos tiers would happen soon! This update adds Chaos VI and VII, and with it comes two new enemies, better loot, and most of the Shards that were disabled in Patch 19.5. 

So what fearsome new enemies are we adding now?


Hex Throwers

With their mighty javelins, Hex Throwers curse your defenses from long range! You’ll first encounter these Olympic rejects in Chaos VI.



Keep your eyes on the skies! These flying EMP Kobolds disable your defenses when they explode! You’ll first encounter what is sure to be everyone’s favorite enemy in Chaos VII.

Beyond these new Chaos tiers, we’re continuing to investigate changes to our loot system, difficulty balance and economy. Look for improvements in the coming weeks!

Tower Skins Are Coming

Finally! This was by far the biggest system we needed before our Early Access exit since many of you purchased a certain Collector’s Pack a long time ago and have been patiently waiting on certain Tower Skins. This update includes 8 sets of Tower Skins available for purchase and the Collector’s Pack Tower Skins given to owners of the pack and to our Defense Council members.


Tower Skins

Tower Skins come in Sets, and each Set includes 4 Tower Skins -- one for every defense in a hero’s kit! The first sets are for the Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice, and Tower Skins for the other heroes are coming soon! 

We've added a new Cosmetics tab in the Inventory, and this is where you'll equip Tower Skins (and eventually Costumes). In this tab, you can individually select which skin you want on which defense -- so if you want the Corrupted Poison Dart Tower Skin and the Defense Council Blaze Balloon on the same Huntress, go for it!


Defense Council/Collector’s Pack Tower Skins

On the Store Page, we said we were going to make 4 Tower Skins for the Collector’s Pack -- one tower skin apiece for the four original heroes. Well, we’re giving you 16 Tower Skins -- that’s a skin for every Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice defense! If you own the Collector’s Pack or if you’re a Defense Council member, you’ll find these Tower Skins when you login after the update comes out. Thanks for the support!

PC Controller Support

Speaking of support, in this update, we’re adding near-total PC controller support! Controllers will natively work for every command and every in-game menu except for the Options menu, which we’re hoping to get setup very soon!

Bag Auto Sorting

In this update, we’re adding an Auto Sort option to bags! When you select Auto Sort, items in the bag will re-organize by type (Weapons, Armor, Consumables, etc.), and within that type sorting, items will organize by rarity (for example:  Legendary Weapons, Mythical Weapons, Legendary Armor, Mythical Armor, Consumables, etc.) While this option is on, items will automatically sort based on these rules. If you wish to move items around in the bag, you’ll need to turn off the Auto Sort function.

Breaking the Assassin Cycle of Silence

Let me speak! In this update, we’re adding a 5-second protection between Assassin attacks while playing and a 10-second protection from Assassins after respawning. No more permanent chain-silencing!

Open Trials Matches on the Game Browser

Now you can view every open public Trials match on the Game Browser! This is perfect for finding the map to begin your win streak.


New Town Marketplace

Our world artists really went to town on the marketplace! *badumtish* But seriously, it’s amazing. New out-of-bounds scenery. New buildings. New skybox. It’s just one of those polish areas our world artists wanted to get in before we left Early Access!

The Emporium

Another feature we’ve been putting off is a unified shop, and as we’re approaching our exit from Early Access, now is the time to add it in! From this one single shop, you can find almost all of our in-game purchases. The Emporium is also available anywhere via the Pause Menu.

Crit Update

After Patch 19.5 came out, a lot of you told us that crits were OPOP. We believe you! We’re looking into it, and we think we’re zeroing in on the reasons why. We should have some changes for this in the update. Thanks for the feedback!

Bug Fixes

No update would be complete without bug fixes! This update fixes, among other things, a long-standing firing issue with the Skyguard that made itself more visible in Patch 19.5. The Skyguard was firing at 60% of its expected fire rate, but now this baby is singing. We also hear Slime Pits are affected by Defense Speed now! The full bug fix list will be available next Tuesday.



We have an exciting new announcement. After some conversation with Valve, we are happy to let everyone know that Dungeon Defenders II will be coming to Steam. Well have a lot more delicious details (and an official announcement for fans who dont check our site everyday) in the near future so stay tuned.

As for the competitive closed beta, we are hard at work taking everyones feedback and implementing it. Some of changes already made include several bug fixes, more UI capabilities, and adjusted camera angles. There will be even more coming in the future weeks. If you didnt get to sign up when we opened registrations last Friday, dont fret. Well be sending out another batch of beta codes via email soon! Remember, once you play jump on the beta forums and let us know what you think!

So... what Steam features do you want to see most in Dungeon Defenders II? Sound off in the comments below. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen June 13.



Patch 19.4 is available now on PC & PS4! Thanks again for all of your feedback so far, and we'll continue to make adjustments to the game in our forthcoming patches. 

Here are the full patch notes for 19.4:

Chaos Enemy Spawn Changes

Here's our Chaos philosophy: For each Chaos tier, we want to introduce enemies that counter certain defenses and strategies. Based on that, we want to reward you for recognizing and countering that threat. Each Chaos tier should have its own counters and strategies, and the build variety should be in the ways that you can counter them. Not everything should be effective, but there should be enough things that are effective to keep things interesting. Before this patch, the combination of Chaos enemy spawns muddied the enemy and defense counterplay. There were so many types of defense counters happening that there was a very narrow set of counters you could use, especially in Chaos IV and V. These changes are aimed at expanding the viable set of defenses per-Chaos.

Chaos II

Cyborks are an anti-trap/aura/node enemy. If you’re attempting to take down Cyborks with these defenses, you’re going to have a hard time. If you’re building around the Cyborks, we want to reward you for that behaviour. We don’t want to spawn enemies that also counter the defenses you would use to destroy Cyborks, so in Chaos II, there are no longer any Vanguards from the previous Chaos (Chaos I).Vanguards are replaced in the rollouts with standard enemies. We adjusted some of the support enemies (Dark Mages, Kobolds, Witherbeasts, etc.) in the same manner of reinforcing the Cyborks.

  • Removed Vanguards from Chaos II

  • New Chaos II Enemy List:  Cyborks

Chaos III

Chaos III is all about the Shield Geode and blocking projectiles, so having Cyborks show up in this Chaos impairs your ability to counter the Geode. Again, we don't want to punish players for countering the Chaos enemy theme; however, Vanguards support the Shield Geode theme of projectile blocking, so you will still see them in Chaos III.

  • Removed Cyborks from Chaos III

  • New Chaos III Enemy List:  Shield Geodes, Vanguards

Chaos IV

This Chaos is centered around the Berserker Orcs. Berserkers are all about being fast and dealing high damage upon reaching defenses, so using things like stuns and knockups to slow them down are your main counter for this threat. Cyborks counter most of those kinds of effects, so you won't see Cyborks in this Chaos tier anymore.

  • Removed Cyborks from Chaos IV

  • New Chaos IV Enemy List:  Berserker Orcs, Shield Geodes, Vanguards

Chaos V

Chaos V is all about Dark Assassins. We want players to work together to get those pesky Assassins off, or if you’re solo, we want your defenses to have a clear line of sight on them to prevent them from teleporting and healing. So having Shield Geodes and Vanguards disrupts that, so you won’t see them in Chaos V anymore.

  • Removed Shield Geodes and Vanguards from Chaos V

  • New Chaos V Enemy List:  Dark Assassins, Cyborks, Berserker Orcs

Once you try out these changes, let us know how they feel. We’ll continue to make tweaks to the experience based on what we’re hearing!

Siege Roller No Longer Destroys Traps, Auras and Nodes

Rejoice! The Siege Roller caused players to never build certain defenses out of a certain crushing fear, and we figured that with our Chaos enemies providing enough counterplay, we can remove this.

There's also a bug where more Siege Rollers are spawning than intended. We're looking into a fix for the near future.

Item Comparison Change

Now you can more easily compare two pieces of loot in your Inventory, even when the items are equipped. Pick up an item and hover over another item to compare those two items directly against each other. More Inventory UI changes coming soon! (Note:  For now, the default Relic comparison popup is disabled.)

Multiplayer Enemy Scaling Reduction

It looks like the multiplayer enemy scalar was dramatically increasing the difficulty in multiplayer matches, so we’ve reduced the multiplayer enemy health and damage scalar from 35% to 25% per player. For multiplayer scaling, our goal is not to punish you for your playing with your friends. Our long-term goal for MP scaling is to increase enemy stats for each player added to ensure the content isn't trivialized and to increase the rewards you get per player added to encourage MP games. For the time being, we have reduced the enemy stat scaling per player added until we can make those changes.

Thanks for the feedback on this issue, and we’ll continue to make adjustments!

Campaign Changes

We’ve been monitoring progression from Campaign into the Chaos difficulties, and we’ve found we agree with player sentiment that the initial ‘jump’ is a bit too awkward to make. The goal with these changes is to make breaking into Chaos a bit more sensical and easy, by providing more Chaos-ready loot in the final few Campaign maps. We'll continue to monitor this and make adjustments as needed.

Secondly, we wanted to put an end to players blitz-farming Harbinger’s Warship as a way to get easy XP. While this wasn’t much of an issue for players at the appropriate difficulty, players with very high-end gear could clear the map much quicker than desired. As a result, this map now provides much better Campaign loot, but provides no experience after the first clear.

  • Assault on the Throne Room can now drop the highest power items in the campaign, the same as Harbinger’s Warship.

  • Harbinger’s Warship only provides experience on the first clear, and subsequent clears provide almost no experience.

  • The Harbinger himself drops over double the number of items (on average), making killing him far more rewarding for players gearing up for Chaos 1.

Construction Shard Update

We love the Construction shard, but we felt the repair rate bonus was starting to trivialize some encounters. A number of strategies started to evolve around repair-stalling enemies at blockades rather than building defenses to counter enemies earlier in-lane. We want to ensure that Construction remains a valuable shard, but as we move forward, we very much want to see key enemies engaged prior to reaching the blockades. As a result, Construction has lost some of its punch, although it remains a significant time saver when it comes to repairing blockades.

    • Base bonus decreased from +125% to +25%

    • Max bonus decreased from +205% to +75%

Ghastly Halberd and Lunar Portal Revisions

The summoned halberds came out of the gates a bit too high on the DPS. (That’s putting it mildly. Turns out it was the best weapon/shard in the game, for like, forever.)  As such, Ghastly Halberd underwent major revisions to bring its power down enough that you might actually find upgrades that will replace it in later difficulties. Coincidentally, since everyone was blinded by the Ghastly Halberd’s total OP’ness, we also noticed Lunar Portal had similar issues (to a lesser extent), so this has received minor revisions.
  • Ghastly Halberd

    • Max Summons 5 -> 3

    • Halberd Damage scalar decreased 350% -> 150%

    • Halberd Attack Rate decreased by 50% (attacks only 2x per second now)

  • Lunar Portal

    • Max Summons 5 -> 3

    • Portal Damage scalar decreased 350% -> 300% (attacks 1x per second)

  • Descriptions of both of these effects now documents their damage, attacks-per-second, and lifespans.

Bug Fixes

  • Dark Assassins were unintentionally being instakilled by shattering and other instakill effects. (Next on our list is looking into the Frostbite fast-freezing bug.)

  • Worm Scarf now properly reduces damage taken, instead of increasing damage taken. We had thought that dying faster was going to provide an advantage on some maps, but it turns out we were horribly, horribly wrong, and we should have realized that players generally don’t want to die faster by equipping expensive shards. ;)

  • Goblin melee units had somehow starting equipping themselves with Armor-ignoring cleavers. We’ve discovered their treachery, and have forced them to start using their normal cleavers once again.

  • Gunwitch’s hands have become quite frostbitten, and she will no longer sometimes double-fire Ice Needle as she warms them up.

  • Enlightenment, a mythical Apprentice Magic Staff, is now equippable again, and will once-again generate as a random mythical weapon skin.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad came back to life with 1 health if she died in Corrupt Form.

  • Fixed collision issues on Unholy Catacombs.

  • (PS4) Fixed a bug where the Victory Screen wasn’t fully visible while in split-screen

  • (PS4) Fixed a bug where, while in split-screen, picking up or equipping an item would make it appear twice in the Inventory.

Known Issues

  • We’re taking a deep dive into the stuck Siege Roller spawns that are being reported to us. If you see a stuck Siege Roller, please report the map, lane name, wave and difficulty on our Siege Roller reporting thread.

  • EV - Shield Geodes moving over EV nodes cause the nodes to create a visual Shield.

  • Looks like a set of Vanguards and two Shield Geodes manage to sneak their way into Chaos 5. We'll nuke them.

  • We’re also investigating changes to our loot system, Shard drops, gold gain and more. Keep the feedback coming! <3
Each week, were revealing more information on our cooperative tower defense campaign mode. Today, were lifting the curtain off of a design change in DD2 enemies -- enemy variants.

Currently in the game, every enemy has two additional variants. These extra variants will behave differently from the original enemy type.

For example, lets look at the Kobold.


You remember the Kobold -- small, terrified, suicidal. Once he lights the stick of dynamite on his back, hell run toward something and explode. With that in mind, variants of the kobold could be a kobold that moves slower because the bomb on his back is enormous! Because of this larger explosive, this Kobold variant would explode in a bigger radius than a normal Kobold. Another variant could be a kobold on rollerskates who is twice as fast as a regular kobold but carries smaller sticks of dynamite and thus does less damage.

All three of the kobolds are the same enemy in essence, but the fact that they behave in different ways causes the player to have to strategize against these new challenges. The towers that you would use to defeat normal Kobolds might not be as effective against the rollerskate variants, so you and your friends will have to choose your towers wisely.


Have an idea for a DD1 enemy variant? Let us know in the comments. Our favorite enemy variant ideas will get a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on Friday by Skott.

Next week, well take our first look at DD2 levels.

In our first-ever Influence Report, we talk about some of your biggest topics so far. We'll talk about more topics in future videos! Keep your feedback coming! Plus, read our new Dev Log after the jump.

Here's what we're working on this week:

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Recovering from the Game Awards and PSX. Taking a look at the community feedback since EA release and reassessing some of the aesthetic decisions we’ve made. Thinking of some of the next steps steps to take with codexes, environmental easter eggs, and other small narrative elements. 

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

We’re testing improvements to the long-term health of our progression and combat balance. We have lots of plans to make the leveling, itemization and end-game experiences super engaging. I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got up our sleeve! Here’s a hint: expect leveling from 1 to 25 to be a much better experience very, very soon. 

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Catching up a bit after PSX and the Game Awards. Prioritizing milestone tasks and working alongside our talented VFX team to art up one of our newer creepy maps in production.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Now that the hotfix is released, we’re continuing to look into the issues being reported by the community and helping to resolve those issues. Also, we have some lingering issue that have been sitting on the shelf for a bit now so we’ll go back to those and try to figure the out. Finally, we’re doing another sweep over the Special Stats as some of them are still causing issues or need some balancing tweaks.

Some of the issues we’re looking at right now (as in right now right now):

  • Players loading into a Black Tavern with no collision. We now have 100% repro for it and a fix will be in the works soon.
  • Much like you guys, we are also eagerly awaiting a fix for the Inventory bug in which it appears as if items are disappearing from the inventory when swapping out equipment. We know what’s causing it and just waiting for a fix to come down the pipeline.
  • We are actively investigating the numerous crash reports involving the game crashing after pressing Play on the launcher. These are machine specific-crashes so our programmers are working out ways to get better crash reports to help narrow this down. Stay tuned!

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Working on new traps and subcores for the spooky maps… eight-legged freaks and stuff.

Eduardo Lev Guerra, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Trying to solve the most commonly reported crashes, and starting work on some cool new matchmaking functionality.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Sadly cannot rest after PSX! Making sure the new map’s trap design is communicated and vision clear as it goes into art, and making sure that the newly announced (You did know that, right?) PS4 version is humming along.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on a new level, currently creating the large pieces such as grounds and walls and making sure that these pieces are close to the original blockout.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

At home recovering from post PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards flu. Approving all sorts of awesome stuff our community and marketing teams are creating for you guys these next few weeks.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

The feedback. Oh god, the feedback! We’ve gathered up every single Steam forum post, official forum post, Tweet, Facebook comment, review, article and article comment since we dropped the Steam Early Access version (and the PS4 announcement!) on Friday. Phew! My brain hurts. 

There’s so much ridiculously amazing feedback, and we’re diving in to tackle the biggest points of feedback. Brad and Daniel mentioned a few of the biggest points in the video above. We’ll talk about more points in our developer livestreams (every Friday at 5 PM EST on our Twitch channel) and in future Influence Report videos!


The Spring Forward Update is available now on PC & PS4!

We’re getting ready to leave Early Access (which we’ll talk about in more detail in the near future). We’re tying up loose ends, fixing the biggest issues, squashing the biggest bugs, and polishing the most visible areas. The Spring Forward Update is the beginning of this process, and you’ll see more improvements in our regular patches after the update lands.

Here’s what’s in the update!

Features & Changes

Two New Chaos Tiers
This update adds Chaos VI and VII, and with it comes two new enemies, better loot, new Shards and the return of many Shards that were unavailable since Patch 19.5!

New Enemy:  Hex Throwers

With their mighty javelins, Hex Throwers curse your defenses from long range! You’ll first encounter these Olympic rejects in Chaos VI.

New Enemy:  Kobolts

Keep your eyes on the skies! These flying EMP Kobolds disable your defenses when they explode! You’ll first encounter what is sure to be everyone’s new favorite enemy in Chaos VII.

Weekend Event:  Free Ascension Resets!
To celebrate the release of the new Chaos difficulties, we are removing the cost of Ascension Point Resets this weekend!  Tweak, test and get turnt* to your heart’s content while you hone your new builds. This event will run from Friday afternoon to Monday morning EDT.

*Trendy Entertainment is not responsible for any turnt-related injuries.

Tower Skins

Finally! This was by far the biggest system we needed before our Early Access exit since many of you purchased a certain Collector’s Pack a long time ago and have been patiently waiting on certain Tower Skins. This update includes 8 sets of Tower Skins available for purchase and the Collector’s Pack Tower Skins given to owners of the pack and to our Defense Council members.

  • Tower Skins come in Sets, and each Set includes 4 Tower Skins -- one for every defense in a hero’s kit! The first sets are for the Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice, and you can find these Tower Skins available for purchase in the new Emporium shop (available in the Heroes Marketplace or via the Pause Menu). Tower Skins for the other heroes are coming soon!

  • We've added a new Cosmetics tab in the Inventory, and this is where you'll equip Tower Skins (and eventually Costumes). In this tab, you can individually select which skin you want on which defense -- so if you want the Corrupted Poison Dart Tower Skin and the Defense Council Blaze Balloon on the same Huntress, go for it!

Defense Council/Collector’s Pack Tower Skins

On the Store Page, we said we were going to make 4 Tower Skins for the Collector’s Pack -- one tower skin apiece for the four original heroes. Well, we’re giving you 16 Tower Skins -- that’s a skin for every Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice defense! If you own the Collector’s Pack or if you’re a Defense Council member, you’ll find these Tower Skins when you login. Thanks for the support!

PC Controller Support

We’ve added near-total PC controller support! Controllers will natively work for every command and every in-game menu except for the Options menu, which we’re hoping to get setup very soon!

Bag Auto Sorting

In this update, we’ve added an Auto Sort option to bags! When you select Auto Sort, items in the bag will re-organize by type (Weapons, Armor, Consumables, etc.), and within that type sorting, items will organize by rarity (for example:  Legendary Weapons, Mythical Weapons, Legendary Armor, Mythical Armor, Consumables, etc.) While this option is on, items will automatically sort based on these rules. If you wish to move items around in the bag, you’ll need to turn off the Auto Sort function.

Defense Against the Dark Assassins

We’ve added a 5-second protection between Assassin attacks while playing and a 10-second protection from Assassins after respawning. No more permanent chain-silencing!

Open Trials Matches on the Game Browser

Now you can view every open public Trials match on the Game Browser! This is perfect for finding the map to begin your win streak.

New Town Marketplace

Our world artists really went to town on the marketplace! *badumtish* But seriously, it’s amazing. New out-of-bounds scenery. New buildings. New skybox. It’s just one of those polish areas our world artists wanted to get in before we left Early Access!

The Emporium

Another feature we’ve been putting off is a unified shop, and as we’re approaching our exit from Early Access, now is the time to add it in! From this one single shop, you can find almost all of our in-game purchases. The Emporium is also available anywhere via the Pause Menu.

Other Changes

  • Added a kill timer for Ogres and Siege Rollers that get stuck in the spawners.

  • Removed the Victory Chest cutscene at the end of a match.

  • Removed teleporting to Victory Chest at the end of a match.

  • Added a new Victory splash and new victory hero animations at the end of a match.

  • Selecting “To Tavern” at the end of a private match will take you back to the Tavern rather than the Town.

  • Items picked up manually will now follow your auto-collect filtering rules.

  • Added Forest Biome as a Forest map for Daily Missions.

  • Changed Item Interact keybind on PC to Ctrl + Left-Click.

  • We have removed Practice maps for the time being to reduce confusion while we work towards improving the overall endgame experience.

  • Removed the Forge now that all of the Forge UI is accessible via the Pause Menu.

  • Changed anything that said “Slow X%” to “Slow to X%.”

  • Added the War Recruiter (DM Shard Shop) to the Tavern. (He was previously only in the Heroes Marketplace.)

  • Betterfied the left side of the inspect tooltip. All numbers should now truncate properly and shortened numbers now show an additional decimal place.

  • Accessory upgrades can now be purchased and equipped from the Costume Shop.

  • Betsy Cluster Nades Shard is now a Weapon-slot Shard.

  • Updated various UIs to the new UI format.


Buried Bastille Map

  • Increased Buried Bastille’s starting mana to 2400 and DU limit to 2000.

    • Buried Bastille was consistently coming in as one of the hardest maps to complete in Chaos Trials. As a result, we’ve increased the starting mana and DU to allow for more defenses and to minimize the amount of hero intervention needed in distant lanes.

Skyguard Tower

  • Fixed the Skyguard’s rotation time to always exceed its firing time. This allows the Skyguard to fire as quickly as intended by its Attack Rate.

Defense Crit Damage

  • Adjusted the Defense Crit Damage Ascension Power per-point value to +20, matching the value used by the Hero Crit Damage Ascension Power.    

    • This update should have rolled out with Patch 19.5, but we missed it. Previously, this power had inflated per-point values to make it more useful. With the rebalance to Defense Crit Damage scalars in every defense, this power should have been updated to provide the same benefits as the Hero version.

Poison Dart Tower

  • Poison Dart Tower Damage Ascension Power now correctly increases Defense Power, rather than raw damage, making this power useful.

Slime Pit

  • Slime Pits now scale with Defense Speed, which means faster-attacking Slime Pits that scale much better in Chaos Trials!

  • Alos increased base scaling from Defense Power and Defense Crit Damage.

Skeletal Orc

  • Reduced the Orc Skeleton Direct Command’s damage bonus from Ability Power from 12 to 9.

    • This Direct Command has proven quite excellent at smashing single targets, and even after this update, the potential damage output is still quite monstrous with the correct shards.

Sandstorm Warrior Shard

  • The Sandstorm Warrior’s buff no longer stacks with itself.

    • Unfortunately, the stacking effect of this Shard was never intended and was caused by a technical issue. This is actually a bug fix, but since it has an impact on certain strategies, we’ve documented it here in the balance section.


Heavy Cannonball Shard

  • Greatly increased the damage of the Heavy Cannonball Shard, but reduced the duration of the stun and slightly reduced the proc rate.

    • During our last update, we modified many Shards that added stun, slow, and other utility effects to defenses. Unfortunately, we missed the Heavy Cannonball shard in that update. As such, we've gone back and updated it, bringing it more in-line with our other defense proc shards. The stun duration has come down a good bit, but it has been accompanied by a substantial increase in damage to help ensure it remains competitive against other Shards.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to all of the players submitting bugs on our Bug Reporting Site! As we get closer to our exit from Early Access, it’s vital that everyone is reporting bugs to the site and upvoting the bugs you feel are the highest priority to fix. Together, we’re going to fix as many bugs as possible! Let’s do this.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while opening and closing the Scavenger’s...shop? Is it a shop? He’s just fishing around in his jacket and giving you back your loot. That reminds us:  Wash that loot off. Thoroughly. You’ve been warned.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s secondary attack could fire faster than intended. This attack now has a proper absolute maximum attack rate like other ranged attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dark Torment damage over time effect did not appear.

  • Enemies should get stuck less often in the Echoing Tunnel on Dragonfall Sewers.

  • Fixed a bug where Cyborks were not properly affecting the Fissure of Embermount.

  • All decked heroes should now heal to maximum health when entering Build Phase.

  • Taser Suit Shard now works on Assassins that are bound to the player.

  • Life Leech Shard now works on the Abyss Lord’s primary and secondary attacks.

  • Sundering Blows Shard works properly now.

  • Abyss Fountain Heal Ascension Power now works properly.

  • Power of Embermount Shard properly works, it does.

  • ‘ey, you remember the Fire for Effect Shard? We hear it’s working now. And properly, too! Crazy, right?

  • Betsy Cluster Nades Shard. Work? Properly? Now? Yes. A thousand times yes.

  • Fixed a bug on the Water Elemental Shard where it was doing 30% additional damage of your Defense Power rather than 30% additional damage of the defense itself. In most cases, this was resulting in lower damage than intended.

  • Oil Geyser Slow Ascension Power wasn’t giving any additional benefit after 15 points; it does now.

  • The Trials Victory screen no longer erroneously tells players to Replay Map when there is no “Replay Map” button.

  • Fissure of Embermount now displays on the minimap.

  • Fissure of Embermount’s upgrade tier now displays above it.

  • Fixed a bug where the Angry Nimbus base Defense Speed was a teensy tiny bit higher than intended. Does not impact gameplay, just makes his stats less mildly infuriating to look at.

  • Several shards with stacking effects have had their descriptions clarified to reflect that they stack off any attack rather than only primary attacks.

  • Changed the description of the Overwhelm Shard to match the effects. This Shard procs off of both primary and secondary attacks (the old description only said primary attacks). Added a 3 second delay between procs to prevent issues with certain secondary attacks.

  • Unequipping Shards from an item while your Inventory is full will now tell you they were sent to the Scavenger.

  • Snipe Critical Power Shard no longer incorrectly increases the Critical Damage of primary attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where Flying Kobolds will always dive bomb Abyss Stones. They are now wise to the tricksy Abby.

  • Fixed an issue where Tomes could generate with elemental damage stats even though they weren’t being applied. This fix only affects Tomes generated going forward and will not reroll previously generated Tomes.

  • The Mystic’s Appeasement buffs now work properly again.

  • Fixed a bug where the Confuse effect in the Forest Biome was set to 60s rather than the intended 5s. Players were exploiting this to perma-cc the whole map.

  • Power Bolts Shard can now be equipped on non-Legendary Relics.

  • Fixed a bug where an area would become unbuildable if you kicked a player who’s in the middle of building a defense there.

  • Adjusted some spawners to properly block towers in the Assault on Throne Room.

  • Betsy’s name splash no longer stays on the screen after she comes down on wave 5.

  • The icon of the Monk's Chi Blast no longer shows up near the Scavenger.

  • Items are now successfully removed from the Blacksmith/Relic NPC shops when purchased.

  • Fixed the Fire Mushroom buff stacking issue.

  • Updated Earthshatter to correctly deal single-target damage on all attacks.

  • Shards that increase stats for defenses will now update the Inventory screen stat display for your current hero (fix for the other decked heroes coming soon).

  • Fissure of Embermount now plays upgrade SFX when upgraded.

  • Fixed some incorrect names and descriptions for maps on the Any Map section of the War Table.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies were walking through sub-objective lanes too soon before the lane fully opened on Greystone Plaza.

  • Fixed an issue with the Orb display in the Relic shops.

  • Gran Ma'ster and War Recruiter Shard Packs now use the right Shard Pack mesh (previously they all used the Chaos 1 Mesh).

  • Fixed minimap icon issue for the air lanes in Little-Horn Valley.

  • Galactic Weapons no longer drop 100% from Throne Room in any Chaos difficulty.

  • Fixed an issue where Shards were using the wrong tooltips when in the Scavenger’s dirty little hands.

  • There is now a visual indicator for activating Pet Abilities when using gamepad.

  • Fixed a bug where opening a consumable box with a full Inventory would send those items to the Scavenger; now there’s a pop-up telling you that your Inventory is full.

  • Fixed an inspect tooltip issue with the Hornet's Nest.

  • Minor update to the description text for Lightning Strikes Aura to indicate that it does Storm damage.

  • Tier 1-3 Abyss Lord Tomes now have names and should persist between map loads.   

  • Fixed a bug where the titles of certain consumables were not wrapping. This was most obvious with unidentified Shards.

  • Fixed a UI issue with the Session List.

  • Fixed typos in several Shard descriptions.

  • Fixed the descriptions for Dawn of the Blood Moon and Buried Bastille.

Known Issues

  • (PC/PS4)  Navigation of the Costume Shop with the controller has issues.

  • In some cases, the Emporium UI might get stuck. Hit ESC or Back on your controller to exit out as a workaround right now.

  • Ascension - Movement Speed power doesn't change the hero movement speed value on the left side of the inventory. Just a visual thing.

  • Heroes for Hire Board - All hero images link to the Dryad in the Create Hero screen.

  • If the user has more than 8 inventory bags, then the price of the "max out bags" bundle will go negative. (Nothing bad happens from it.)

  • Controller Input: With the controller active, if you cancel a purchase from an NPC shop the cursor moves to the top of the list instead of staying where it is.

  • The Costume Shop will not close correctly (leaving the character stuck) when you access it via the Emporium and close it by selecting the yellow "X" close button. Just open the shop again, and you’ll be ok.

  • Shards - Annoyance Shard effect stays in last location the equipped hero was present.

  • Haunting Shard - Gains stacks from secondary attacks, but does not shoot the ghosts.

  • Sandstorm Warrior - Bubble showing the buff does not last the full duration of the upgraded Shard.

  • The hatch button doesn't pop up when the egg is ready to hatch. Closing the UI or leaving/re-entering the tavern or marketplace should cause this UI to refresh properly.

  • On the PS4, opening the Emporium shop via the Colonel NPC and then selecting Browse All will cause the Emporium shop to not close correctly when you exit the Costume Shop/Create Hero screen. If you experience Emporium shop problems, transitioning to another map or pressing the circle button twice in the Emporium shop will correct the issue (fix incoming later this week).

Regarding the Website

Dear Defenders,

As many of you are aware, there was an outage of the Dungeon Defenders Community Site from 11/14 to 11/25. While we have been able to recover from the outage, unfortunately there has been data loss suffered. This was data corruption, not a data breach. No information was compromised to any outside parties. We’ve been working closely with our website partners, Duxter, to determine what happened.

What Happened:

  • There was a website outage from 11/14 to 11/25.
  • We were able to restore a forum backup from 10/14.
  • We were able to reassociate Defense Council forum access with information from our payment processors and Steam.

What This Means For You:

  • If you created a Community account before 10/14, simply login! You will have to relink your Steam account and remake any changes to your account since then. If you created an account before 10/14 and are having trouble logging in, please reset your password.
  • If you created a Community account after 10/14 you will have to recreate it.
  • Anyone who recreates an account or logs in to the site for the next two weeks will automatically receive +500 forum posts to their account's forum post count. In the future, we will also be rewarding all pre-existing members and users who register over this time a code for an exclusive in-game title (help us create that here!)

How to Regain Access to the Defense Council:

  • Please use the email address you purchased to recreate your Community account. This will automatically reassociate access for most of you.
  • Relink your Steam Account to your profile. If your profile is set to public and DD2 is in your recently played games you will receive access.
  • If all else fails email support[at]trendyent.com with your account name, Steam ID, and purchase confirmation and we’ll get you relinked up right away! 

We’re terribly sorry for this inconvenience. Community is our life at Trendy and we find this loss of data unacceptable. We have been working closely with Duxter to discover why this happened and to ensure it never happens again. For those of you interested, I’ve included very detailed information of what happened below and the steps we have taken to ensure it never happens again:

Root Cause Analysis:

  • There was systematic filesystem level data corruption on the primary database server.
  • This scrambled data was replicated to the secondary database server and into offsite backups.
  • This data corruption was not detected until the system outage.

Future Prevention:

  • We’ve created multiple offsite backup locations to store forum data.
  • These data snapshots are now taken several times per day.
  • Full backups are retained indefinitely on different storage media.
  • Backups are tested for data integrity and verified through successful restores in a staging environment.

If you have any outstanding issues, please send an email to support[at]trendyent.com or send me a private message. We’ll help you as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, I’ll be working closely with all of you to help rebuild what was lost. If you lost a guide, suggestion, feedback thread or a sticky thread and do not have a local copy, please email josh.isom[at]trendyent[dot]com, and I will work with you to rewrite it. If you would like to help the community with the rebuilding process, reach out to those who lost something and give a helping hand. We’ve created a thread here for players to offer their support. 


The Power Surge update is live now on PC and PS4! Here are the patch notes:


  • New Challenge:  Power Surge!

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon

    • Guaranteed drop from the Power Surge Challenge.

    • Walking Tempest - 40% increased movement speed.  Basic attacks deal [20-40%] Hero Damage as Magical Storm Damage.

    • Storm Rider - Glide on a Storm Cloud for [15-35] seconds drenching enemies under you. Every 2 seconds, the Storm Cloud strikes targets for [1000-2000%] of your Ability Power as Magical Storm Damage. While gliding, primary attacks are ranged lightning bolts that deal [250-450%] of your Ability Power as Magical Storm Damage.

  • iPWR 750 Boots:  

    • Complete the Power Surge challenge for your chance to get iPWR 750 Boots from the Victory chest!

  • Game Browser UI Updates

    • Updated the filters to reduce confusion on Public vs. Private Game creation. Public vs. Private Game creation is handled on the Create Game screen.

    • The Create Game button will always remain active. If a player is unable to create a game, clicking the button will inform the player of what hasn’t been selected yet in order to create a game.

    • Daily Bonus icon should now appear for Challenges in the Game Browser.

    • Increased the size of map icons to improve map readability.

    • Docked the buttons to fix aspect ratio issues where the buttons would appear in odd locations.

  • New EV2 Costume:  Mark 3

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Other Changes

    • Increased the AFK timer to improve Maximum Pooping Efficiency.

    • Changed the Inspect Defense tooltip to factor in critical hits.

    • Improved party invites to stop nefarious players from spamlocking players in the Heroes Marketplace.

    • Level and difficulty should now show up on the Pause screen in every map, mode and difficulty.

    • Added links to Hero Videos on the Create Hero screen. These are only available if you have not unlocked the hero.


  • Huntress Poison Dart Tower

    • Poison Dart Tower Skill Sphere Change

      • Changed Poison Dart Tower’s “Poison Stacks” sphere to “Poisonous Fangs,” which improves poison damage by 30%.

    • Viper’s Bite Rebalance

      • Viper’s Bite now rolls between [50 - 80] instead of [110 - 150] of Defense Power as damage in an AoE radius

      • Range reduced from [1500 - 2000] to [700 - 1500]

  • Abyss Lord Skeletal Archer

    • Damage Buff

      • Archers damage has been increased from 3.85x your Defense Power to 4x

    • Angle Buff

      • Angle increased from 120 to 165

    • Speed Rebalance

      • Rate of fire decreased from 1.67/s to 2.2/s

    • Range Rebalance

      • Base range reduced from 4000 to 3250

    • Targeting Rebalance

      • Archers used to pull less aggro than Flamethrowers. They are now equivalent to Flamethrowers.

    • Upgrade Damage Strength Rebalance

      • The amount of damage upgrade per upgrade level has been rebalanced.

        • For example: Tier 2: 1.65 is now 1.5 and Tier 5: 3.6 is now 3.0

    • Explosive Arrow Rebalance

      • The passive roll range has been reduced from [185-325] to [85-200]

  • Abyss Lord Skeletal Ramster

    • The Ramster is meant to be ridiculously good at one thing, massive AoE burst. His weakness is… pretty much everything else.

    • Damage Buff

      • Increased Defense Power gain from 3.0 to 3.2

    • DU Buff

      • Ramster is cheaper now at 50 DU instead of 60

    • Attack Rate Rebalance

      • Rate of fire decreased from 1.87/s to 2.5/s

  • Apprentice Earthshatter

    • Upgrade Damage Buffed

      • T2: 1.4 to 1.5

      • T3: 1.8 to 2

      • T4: 2.2 to 2.5

      • T5: 2.6 to 3.0

    • Range Buff

      • Range increased from 3600 to 4000

      • No longer gains range from upgrades

    • Defense Power Scaling Buff

      • Damage scaling increased from 15 to 22

  • Squire Ballista

    • Defense Power Scaling Buff

      • Increased DP scaling from 9.5 to 12

    • Defense Units Rebalance

      • DU increased from 50 to 60

  • Series EV2 Proton Beam and Reflect Beams

    • Crit Damage Scaling Rebalance

      • Reduced the base crit damage from 245 to 70

  • Lucky Salves Rebalance

    • Lucky Salves now increase crit chance by 25% (additive) instead of multiplying current crit chance by 6x. This affects Defense and Hero salves.

Bug Fixes

  • The Frosty Power staff (Chilling Touch) drops again on the Forest Poachers Challenge. HUZZAH!

  • Fixed an issue when a player would get a 5002 error when attempting to transition to a map with a party and all subsequent attempts to matchmake would result in errors.

  • Fixed an issue where if matchmaking times out after player has elected to return to Tavern from the Defeat/Victory window, the player would be unable to close the window or access the Options menu normally.

  • Fixed a bug where attack rate was not properly scaling with Attack Speed SAS points. Previously, putting 1 point into Attack Speed would set it to max. Now players must max out the Attack Speed stat to achieve max value. The maximum value has not been changed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s Orc Blockades and Colossus health would show up differently in tooltips and their HP bar.

  • Fixed a discrepancy between the tooltip health value and the actual health value of the Colossus and Orc Blockades. They were off by 150 points.

  • Fixed an issue where the leader of a party who initiates the decision to move to another match/tavern would receive the stay together/stay behind party prompt.

  • Filters should function correctly for Challenges now.

  • The Squire will no longer display his default shield graphic under the newly equipped one.

  • Adjusted the Huntress’s Bling Bow primary fire splash AoE graphic to more accurately match the size of the AoE. It’s now a little smaller.

  • Added some jumping sound effects to the Black Magic Ops costume.

  • Fixed some animation issues with jumping and using abilities on the Gun Witch.

  • Reduced the volume on electric buffs by about 40%.

  • Increased volume of the Broomnado ability SFX.

  • Increased collision on Dragonfall Sewers mana nodes.

  • Fixed an issue with the Storm Gloves projectile when equipped on EV2 or Huntress.

  • Repositioned the Ghastly Halberd on the Item Enhancement wheel.

  • Fixed an issue where the VFX balls that spawn when the player is interacting with towers did not remain static when the Ghastly Halberd is equipped.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue when you would jump and cast an ability with the same button press for target ground abilities.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue where the split screen player could not navigate the Inspect Deck UI.

  • PS4 - Fixed some UI issues with opening and closing the Playstation menu while the Hero Information screen was open and the Hero Deck and Session List were layered on top.

  • PS4 - Fixed texture quality streaming for the UI.

Loot & Survive is our largest update yet. Many of the changes in this update come from the feedback you’ve given us. When you load up the game, expect to see more content, more green mana, better solo play balance and so, so much more. How much more? Scroll down through this monster list of changes!

We hope you enjoy this update. Because of the sheer size of this update, expect to find many bugs and balance issues. This is not the final state of the game, but it is a large step for mankind. People will look back on this moment and note it as a true changing point for humanity. Tears will be shed. Babies will be named after us and not just because most of us have very common names. Oh, no.


Wipe Rewards

    • Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and Monk Survivor Costumes have been added to the game. You will find these in your Mailbox for each hero class you had at level 25 before the Wipe.

    • The Corrupted Welp has been added to the game. You will find him in your Mailbox if you levelled a hero to 25 before the Wipe.

    • Gems have been added to your Mailbox, based on how many Wyvern Tokens you earned before the Wipe:

      • 20-39 Tokens = 150 Gems

      • 40-79 Tokens = 300 Gems

      • 80-119 Tokens = 500 Gems

      • 120+ Tokens = 1,200 Gems

  • If you do not receive your rewards, please go to this form and fill it out. Under the “Support Type,” select “Wipeageddon Rewards.” In the description, please mention what you were supposed to receive. We will be looking at your account information to verify your request.

The Wipe

  • As per our last Influence Vote, all progress has been reset. When you start the game, you will be immediately launched into our new tutorial. As soon as you unlock the Tavern, you will find all your Early Access, Wipe and other Rewards in your mailbox. Good luck defending!



Pets 2.0. Expect more from your awesome, scary and cute companions!

  • Added pet tiers!  Unlock new tiers by evolving your pet.

    • Hatchlings

      • Each pet begins its life as a hatchling. Never, ever shake a hatchling.

    • Fledgling

      • What? Hatchling is evolving! Your beautiful pet gains increased stats and an active ability when evolving to a Fledgling.

    • Veteran

      • Veteran pets gain increased stats and, where appropriate, a visual evolution.

      • Visual evolution is only available on Token and premium pets.

    • Elder

      • The current maximum evolution for pets. Elder pets have the maximum stats available.

      • Also, pets at this stage will call you only when they need something and will blame all of their problems on you.

  • Added Pet Rarities.  

    • The base stats of a pet are determined by its Rarity.

    • There are four pet rarities:  Powerful, Epic, Mythical and Legendary. Each pet has a set rarity, except for premium pets which can spawn at any rarity.

    • When transforming an egg to a premium egg, it will roll at the same rarity with the same stats as it would have with a standard egg, only this time your pet will look dope.

  • Added new evolution reagents and containers.

    • Evolution Containers can be collected from Victory Chests and in Onslaught mode.

    • Open containers to collect evolution reagents.

    • Each pet has a specific evolution recipe and specific required evolution reagents.

    • Max out your pet’s Power and Affection Levels to evolve your pet to the next tier.

    • When pets rot, they are now transformed into a unique material that you can use to evolve your pets! Pet cannibalization complete. You win Twitch.

  • Added new Pet Reroll Items.

    • Reroll Containers can be collected from Victory Chests, enemy kills, and in Onslaught mode.

    • Reroll items are consumed on the Reroll menu to replace one pet stat or ability with another.

  • Added new premium pets!

    • Get Katkarot, Shinobi Kitty and Table Flip Demon by collecting a Gato or Creeper egg and transforming them into a premium egg! These premium pets will roll at the same rarity with the same stats as it would have with a standard egg, only this time your pet will look dope.

    • For those of you asking for premium pets to be more powerful than normal pets… um… just no.

  • Added new monthly pet rewards starting with Thunder-O! You can find him on your Missions screen.

    • Monthly pet rewards have a unique ability and guaranteed rarity.

    • Abilities for monthly pets grow in power as they evolve.

  • Changed Feed to Powerup for clarity.

    • Players powerup their pets by feeding them pet food and buying base pet food.

    • Powering up your pet increases its stats. Premium and Standard pets both powerup the same way. (Even though Katkarot should require way more food.)

  • Added help strings to the Hatchery (where players turn eggs into pets) and Stable (where players equip, power up, evolve, and reroll pets). Sometimes we do want to help.

  • New Pet Abilities

    • Added 25 new pet abilities! These abilities are unlocked when you evolve your pet into a Fledgling. Activate these abilities using the default X keybind.

    • Some abilities are unique to their species (Creeper, Dragon, Gato)

    • There is an elemental ability pool in which all pets can also pull from.

    • Exciting new abilities such as the following:

      • Curse Aura: Boost your speed and curse enemies while you are near them.

      • Blizzard: Summon a blizzard that slows enemies while dealing damage.

      • Fire Pillar: Create a pillar of fire that deals fire damage to every enemy it touches.

    • The rest of the abilities you will need to discover for yourself!

War Table

We completely updated the War Table! You no longer need to switch taverns to change what you want to play. All Game Modes are available from the War Table no matter where you are. Also it’s about a million times prettier. Thank you art team.

  • Match Type:  Quick Match and Private.

    • Quick Match will match the player and party to others looking to complete the same content.

    • Private:  No change in functionality.

  • Game Mode:

    • We’ve released new game modes! Complete the Campaign, then progress through Free Play to increase your Item Power. Once you’ve reached level 50, you can enter our end game content in the End Game game modes.

  • Difficulty

    • Introduced 4 new Difficulties for end game:  Nightmare I, Nightmare II, Nightmare III, Nightmare IV.

    • Each difficulty has a different Item Power reward. Complete harder difficulties for better rewards. Are you up to the challenge? Butter isn’t.

  • Map Selection

    • New: Select any Map

    • Selecting the Any Map button will queue the player for any available map for the Game Mode and Difficulty.

  • Queueing

    • Players will now see a countdown when using Quick Match. After the countdown has elapsed, the map will launch.

    • Players can hit K during the countdown to leave the queue.

    • Countdown timers are disabled for private matches.

  • Minimum Party Counts

    • When queueing for these maps, the server will wait until enough players are matchmaking to that map.

    • Instead of a countdown, players will see the time elapsed, until a full party is formed.

    • Players can exit this queue at any time.

Onslaught Mode and Onslaught Loot

  • You’ve been waiting, and now it’s go time! Onslaught is a survival mode where players pick a reward at the beginning of the match and play to their heart’s desire. (Or until that one Javelin Thrower pierces your heart. I mean, core.)

  • Onslaught plays out over a series of rounds and waves. There are three waves to every round. At the beginning of a round, you’ll have an unlimited Build Phase. Between each wave in a round, you’ll have a time-limited Build Phase.

    • The rounds are themed to specific enemies. So look out for the Spooky Skeletons and Kobold Rushes.

    • The rounds will also have secondary traits that will change per round. These are  buffs to the enemies during the round that will keep you on your toes. These will change with the themes and be different each round. This means round 1 could be speedy goblin hordes. But this also means you could have a healthy Dark Mage round at some point.  *Shudders*

  • Once you unlock your first Onslaught map, you will be able to start playing for that sweet new item you’ve been wanting. Want an awesome new weapon? Select the weapon reward category and start running through Onslaught. You’ll get your selected category round at the end of each round. Keep your wits about you though, as Onslaught will be no cakewalk. How far can you get?

  • There are unique pet and weapon rewards you can only find in Onslaught mode. But we’re not going to tell you what they are, because that’d ruin the fun.

Additional Difficulties

  • Campaign - Easy, Normal

    • Campaign will only support Easy and Normal. Players that are new to the game will play through the Easy difficulty. Easy allows players to get used to the game mechanics while still presenting some challenge. Normal Campaign is for those who are somewhat familiar with Dungeon Defenders. While still explaining the mechanics of the game, you can expect a moderate challenge while playing Campaign Normal. Normal Campaign can be completed with 1 hero type.

  • Freeplay - Easy, Normal, Hard

    • Free Play Easy - This is what you graduate into after completing Campaign Easy. This will be content cruising and allow you to experience Dungeon Defenders 2 at a non-threatening pace. As this will be easy, you won’t see huge leaps in Item Power as you progress. You can expect to play this content with one hero type.

    • Free Play Normal - This is what you will graduate into after completing the Campaign on Normal. This is a standard challenge for those who are confident with the game’s mechanics. To go along with this challenge, you will see a bump in Item Power as you progress. This will be where players will start to want to play with different heroes. While it isn’t required, different hero types will definitely make things easier.

    • Free Play Hard - Now we’re talking. Free Play Hard will be a considerate challenge to those who are well-versed in the game’s mechanics. Those who are willing to tackle Free Play Hard will need to know how to combat the resistances, they will need the right gear, and they will need to have some solid builds. Good luck.

  • End Game - Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare I - IV

    • End Game Easy - So you made it through the Campaign Easy and Free Play Easy, but you wanna see some different stuff? Move onto End Game Easy! You will be able to see some new gametypes, some incursions, and some standard maps.

    • End Game Normal - Now that you are max level, it’s time to start getting your builds together. Wanna move onto End Game Hard? It would be a good idea to start here. Look out for different special enemies, more waves, more enemies and more rewards.

    • End Game Hard - Well now, aren’t we proud of ourselves? Made it all the way to End Game Hard, did ya? Well godspeed Defenders, because things are getting to be a little crazy. The Old Ones are sending more special enemies and more Ogres at you than you’ve seen previously. Now with more waves!

    • End Game NIGHTMARE I

      • So it begins. Nightmare. They don’t call it Nightmare for nothing. Here starts the hardest challenge you will face in Dungeon Defenders II yet. The Old Ones are pretty sore you’ve made it this far and will be throwing everything they can at you. Only the most prepared and skilled heroes can make it through such daunting odds.

    • End Game NIGHTMARE II

      • I guess that difficulty wasn’t enough for you, brave Defenders. Never fear, the challenge is only increased in Nightmare II. Get higher Item Power to even think about surviving Nightmare II.

    • End Game NIGHTMARE III

      • Let the games begin. Now that you’ve conquered Nightmare II, Nightmare III presents it’s own set of challenges. Bring your gear and skills to Nightmare III and pray to make it past Wave 1.

    • End Game NIGHTMARE IV?!?!

      • What’s this? You dare challenge the Old Ones?! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be as afraid as a ‘90s middle school kid watching Are You Afraid of the Dark at night. As the hardest challenge you can attempt in DD2, you certainly will need the right Item Power and guts to face Nightmare IV.

Billboard Update

  • A new coat of paint on the billboards, in both default and detailed view.

  • Trait System - Bonus buffs and resistances are now applied to entire lanes. These are showcased on the new indicators on the billboards!

NPC Dialogue Boxes

  • NPCs can now talk! And boy, are they chatty.

  • Players can approach NPCs in Tavern for happy talk fun times.

  • Please keep in mind that Etherians are just now learning to speak and might have their text changed in a future update as they become more eloquent.


  • Tutorial Map

    • To help all your friends learn to use their green mana before hitting ‘G.’

  • Quests

    • New rewards like Skill Spheres, pet eggs, loot, stuff, and monkeys.

    • Shops are unlocked in an order that helps introduce the game bit by bit instead of everything in your face at once. And yes, this means you have to save The Keeper & The Stable Boy before hatching your cuddly friends.

Daily Missions

  • You can now stack up to three Daily Missions!

  • New UI! This will pop up the first time you enter the Tavern so you know what’s up!

  • You can also access your Daily Mission & Quest menu from the Forge by clicking on a big red exclamation mark! It pulses (a little too much)!

  • Quests are now in! The intent is to guide players through our game and introduce all the cool stuff in a more digestible manner.

  • We added a bunch of new Daily Missions, and the Daily Mission system will now unlock after completing the Campaign.

  • Monthly Missions! Cool new rewards that will update monthly!

Hero Deck

  • Added a fourth Hero Deck slot!

  • Hero Deck slots are unlocked as you progress.

  • Players can now buy more Hero Creation Slots with premium currency! Early Access players start with 6 Hero Creation Slots.

  • Heroes that are maxed out and in your Hero Deck will give an XP boost to your other Heroes!

New Ubers

  • 6 New Ubers! Like the Ubers you’re playing with for towers, these may adjust the style of which you play. They’re not meant to be direct upgrades, but situationally better for certain builds and times in combat.

  • All Heroes:

    • Chance when a defense gets hit to be shielded for a percentage of your Defense Health Stat.

    • Chance when a defense gets hit to deal damage around it based on a percentage of your Defense Power Stat.

    • You can pick one of these Ubers when you hit level 50 with your first hero or buy them from Gran’Masta.

  • Huntress:

    • Sticky Grenades

      • The Huntress’s concussive shots no longer stun but stick to surfaces now. When an enemy triggers one, the enemy takes damage based on a percentage of your Ability Power Stat. Cooldown reduced but cost increased.

  • Squire

    • Empowered Sword Beam

      • The Squire’s Sword Beam now returns back to the Squire. When it reaches the Squire, it detonates causing damage in an area around him. The more enemies the Sword Beam hits as it travels, the more damage it will deal.

  • Apprentice

    • Empowered Tornado

      • The Apprentice’s Tornado no longer hits multiple targets. The Tornado now stops on the first target hit lifting that target into the air and dealing more damage to that target. The tornado also picks another nearby enemy and does the same amount of damage to that enemy.

  • Monk:

    • Shielding Wave

      • The Monk’s healing ability no longer heals heroes but instead shields nearby defenses for a percentage of the Monk’s Defense Health stat.

  • Hero specific Ubers can be purchased with Betsy tokens.

Loot/Item Revamp

  • Items are now entirely based on the new Item Power system!

  • Based on the Tier and Item Power of an item, it calculates what the stats for that item should be.

  • You can always expect an item with higher Item Power of the same Tier to have higher numbers. You can also expect items with similar Item Power to have similar numbers.

  • Tier adds some variation on the stats on top of the Item Power system.

  • In the new system, a Legendary item of Item Power X will be equivalent to a Powerful with a higher Item Power, ensuring that you always get some upgrades.

  • Maps now have a suggested/required Item Power number

    • Suggested:  In Private Matches, you can still play a map that you do not have the suggested Item Power for, but good luck with that.

    • Required:  For public games, you cannot join a game that you do not have the required Item Power for.

  • Different maps, difficulties, and game modes now drop different Item Power ranges.

    • The Item Power range on a map is split into three buckets:

      • Common: lower end

      • Uncommon: mid range

      • Rare: higher end

    • This means that you are less likely to see an Item Power 200 item in a bucket between 150 and 200.

  • Secondary and Primary Stats on items have been reworked

    • Secondary Stats should now roll with similar numbers if you have two secondaries on an item. They will have the same number value associated with them but different stats. This was done to help you better understand and equate items to one another.

  • Passives have been rebalanced with the new Item Power & Level Cap increase - this is still a work in progress.

  • Stats on items have been reworked:

    • Defense Attack Rate has been removed as a Primary and Secondary stat that can appear on items.

    • Defense Attack Rate Skill Spheres are still in the game.

    • Four new stats were added to the game:

      • Defense Critical Damage

      • Defense Critical Chance

      • Hero Critical Damage

      • Hero Critical Chance

    • Critical Chance does not appear on items as a primary or secondary stat but can appear on Skill Spheres and passives.

    • Defenses and Heroes have a Crit Chance cap.

    • Critical Damage can now appear as a Primary or Secondary Stat.

    • Critical Damage can appear on Skill Spheres as well.

    • Critical Damage is additive rather than multiplicative.

    • Crit Explained:  Whenever you hit a target, there is a chance that you would deal critical damage to that target. The chance is based on your Crit Chance stat and the damage is based on your Crit Damage stat. Heroes, abilities and defenses have different potentials for Crit Damage. Some have a high Crit Damage potential and some have a lower Crit Damage potential.

    • We’d love to hear some feedback on the new Crit System as we intend to refine the balance in a future update.

  • Passive rebalance in the works:  We’re gradually transitioning to have defenses, abilities and passives scale based on a percentage of your state. As an example, the new Slayer Legendary Weapons will increase in effectiveness the more points you have in a specific stat. This transition allows us to better explain to all of you just how these passives work and what exactly you need to do to make it better. We feel this will result in cooler builds emerging over time. We’ve only done this on a select handful of items, defenses and abilities (read balance changes), but we’ll be transitioning the rest in a future update. Let us know how you feel about this.

  • A note on Item Power:  With the Item Power system and balance changes, the game should feel very different than it did before. Old strategies may not be as effective as more and more new strategies start to emerge. Our goal is to provide you all with as many tools as possible to be as creative as you possibly can in coming up with cool fun builds. We’re one huge step closer with this update, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Resistance Rework & Trait System

  • Certain enemies used to be classified as Physical Resistant, Magical Resistant or Neutral. We’ve done away with that system in favor of a new trait system.

  • Under the new trait system, all enemies can appear as Physically Resistant, Magically Resistant or Neutral.

  • The spawners that enemies come out from now have the potential to have:

    • One Primary Trait

    • Multiple Secondary Traits

  • Primary Traits are always resistance buffs

    • These buffs increase in intensity based on your difficulty getting as high as 75% resistant in Nightmare mode.

  • Secondary Traits are more flavorful traits that are meant to provide new challenges.

  • This update has the following traits:

    • Mighty: enemies that spawn deal +X% attack damage

    • Trollblood: enemies that spawn regenerate X health every 5 seconds

    • Grounded: enemies that spawn cannot be knocked up

    • Speedy: enemies that spawn move X% faster

    • Healthy: enemies that spawn have X% more health

    • Tenacious: enemies that spawn have X% resistance to crowd control effects

    • Chrome: you all know what this is!

  • In the future, we’ll be expanding on this trait system to add more interesting traits -- some that can even benefit the player!

  • To see what traits a spawner has, you can press Shift to read the new billboards.

  • Enemies that spawn from a spawner will have all the Traits associated with that spawner.

  • Traits start coming online gradually as you play through the Campaign and different difficulties.


  • I for inventory is now in the game! We maintained the functionality for going to the Forge so it cannot be accessed during Build Phase, nor can you access it during cutscenes.


  • The balance of the game has shifted to almost entirely pivot on Item Power. So much has changed! But we still have a LOT more changes coming in future updates! For the time being, we’d like to gather some of your feedback on some of the recent changes but keep in mind the balance is not yet final. Also thank Blacksmith and the whole rest of the team if you can! They’re killing themselves for you guys.

  • Green mana is given out more generously now! Trust us, you’ll need it.

  • All Defenses got a substantial Defense Health increase based on the type of defense they are. Towers received a good boost, and blockades received a substantial boost.

  • Adjustments have been made to solo play as well. When playing solo, you will notice only 1 or 2 high “threat” lanes. Look for this information using Left Shift and seeing where the problem enemies coming. This is where you will need to focus your attention as a hero. The other lanes will generally take care of themselves with solid tower setups.

  • Enemies now like to stick together. You will see less “globs of every enemy in the game coming down the lane” and more “We are Warboars, fear our numbers” sort of deal.

  • All enemy scalars have been redone. All enemy stats are now based around the Item Power of the content, which should make balancing and providing a fair challenge much, much easier.

  • To match the new Item Stat & Item Power system, many Defenses and Abilities have been rebalanced.

  • Reduced Electrocute stun duration from 2.5 to 1.0 seconds. Did we take it too far this time?

  • The Dark Mage is cultivating mass, bro. Increased Dark Mage mass 300 -> 400. Now he is no longer interrupted by Squire/Monk melee attacks. Just try and move him!


  • Cannonball Tower (Squire)

    • Damage increased by 28%

    • Minor adjustments to projectiles

  • Flamethrower Uber (Apprentice)

    • Its numbers were redone to make it more powerful and viable for end game play - it has reduced crit damage scaling but higher flat DPS output.

  • Heavy Cannonball Tower (Squire)

    • Damage at max range compared to Cannonball is now +30% if AoE is utilized

    • Damage at min range compared to the Cannonball is now -36% if AoE is utilized

    • This should reward players that place the Heavy Cannonball Tower effectively and punish those that do not

  • Lightning Aura (Monk)

    • Scaling for upgrades adjusted to match other defenses

    • Damage increased by about 10%

  • Lightning Strikes (Monk)

    • Adjusted scaling for upgrades to match other defenses

    • Damage reduced by about 50%

    • Has higher Crit Damage scaling

  • Explosive Trap (Huntress)

    • Damage reduced by 25%

    • Has higher Crit Damage scaling

  • Elemental Chaos Uber (Huntress)

    • Base Damage Buffed by about 18%

    • Crit Damage scaling is high

    • Found a bug with the fire proc effect not dealing any damage. Fixed the bug.

    • Fire Damage Over Time now deals 100% of your Defense Power as damage over 1 second before fading - the DoT can crit, too.

  • Napalm Balloon (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by 20%

    • Crit Damage set to moderate

    • Upgrade scaling adjusted to match other defenses

  • Poison Dart Tower (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by roughly 50%

    • Crit Damage is very low

    • Fixed some upgrade scaling issues

  • Geyser Trap (Huntress)

    • Damage increased substantially! (+400% since it is on such a long cooldown)

    • Crit Damage is very low

  • Skyguard Tower (Monk)

    • Skyguard Damage buffed by 100%

    • Crit Damage is high

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Earthshatter Tower (Apprentice)

    • Damage increased by 76%

    • Crit Damage is moderate

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Arcane Blockade (Apprentice)

    • Damage increased by 100%

    • Critical Chance high

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Training Dummy (Squire)

    • Damage reduced to 25%

    • Critical Damage is moderate

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Spike Blockade (Squire)

    • Damage increased by 55%

    • Critical Damage is moderate

  • Harpoon (Squire)

    • Base damage increased by 72%

    • Critical Damage high

    • Range increased by 10%

    • Upgrade scaling reduced to match other defenses


  • Arcane Volley (Apprentice)

    • Damage reduced by about 10%

    • Crit potential set to high

  • Tornado (Apprentice)

    • Damage reduced by 50%

    • Damage potential is still relatively high if it hits a marked target

    • Crit Damage potential is high

  • Mana Bomb (Apprentice)

    • Massive damage buff: 300% if used with Arcane Marks

    • Crit potential is moderate

  • Concussive Shots (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by over 50%

    • Crit potential is low

  • Oil Flask (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by 23%

    • Crit potential is low

  • Piercing Shot (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by 250%

    • Crit damage set to high

  • Pole Smash (Monk)

    • Damage increased by 47%

    • Crit potential is low

  • Chi Blast (Monk)

    • Damage increased

    • Crit potential is moderate

  • Sword Beam (Squire)

    • Damage doubled (almost)

    • Crit potential is high

  • Taunt (Squire)

    • Duration scaling reduced slightly

    • Damage buff increased slightly

  • Seismic Slam (Squire)

    • Damage increased by 250%

    • Crit scaling pretty low

    • Stun duration reduced to 2.5 seconds

    • Stun duration now scales with ability power (0.001% increase per point) - theoretical max is 6 seconds

  • Frostbite Tower (Apprentice)

    • Now reduces enemy attack speed by 20% but does not scale with anything

New Passives

  • Slayer passives can now be found in Onslaught Mode! *guitar riff!*

  • Slayer passives appear on hero-specific items.

    • Added tooltips for Slayer passives. Then removed them. Then put something else in and called it done. It's "functional."

  • Added Drakin Slayer passive on Legendary Shields. Killing Drakins gives charges, and blocking uses those charges to spawn fireballs. Half of the time. The other half of the time it just doesn't work... at all.

  • Dark Mage Slayer passive added on Legendary Magic Staves. With this passive, killing Dark Mages gives charges, and fully-charged secondary attacks use those charges to stun enemies.

  • Lady Orc Slayer passive added on Legendary Bows: Killing Lady Orcs gives charges, and fully-charged secondary attacks use charges to deal extra damage, you monster. Also this passive has no visual feedback. Maybe we'll add it eventually.

  • Kobold Slayer passive appears on Legendary Polearms. Killing Kobolds gives charges, and secondary attacks use charges to spawn death-dealing fireworks and something hilarious we'll let you discover for yourself.

  • Taser Suit passive can now appear in Victory Chests. You'll never want to leave home without it!

Passive Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Removed more useless passives from high-end gear! So now, XP passives can't roll on end-game gear.

  • Gave passives names for the first time. Look out for Apple, Blue and North. They're our favorites. (Don't tell Moses.)

  • Made Life Leech leech less life. Reduced heal value by ~60% and reduced max heal value at level 25 to 60.

  • Banned Dancing: Footloose (Movement Speed) values normalized and completely rebalanced. Met Kevin Bacon. Increased Movement Speed in the ~7.5 - 20% range depending on level and tier.

  • Created the ultimate pair of boots. Proud of our creation, like new parents, we slipped our toes into their soles. Words cannot describe what happened next. Sprint passive disabled and removed from boots until further inspection (and less fear).

  • Made stuff in the game better match stuff in the editor. You'd think they'd be the same, but...

  • Made Heroic Presence more heroic. Increased Heal component scaling of Heroic Wave 1.01 -> 1.5. Side effect: Shielding Wave is now dope.

  • Superconductor (Ability Cost) passive values slightly reduced. Why? Because we felt like it.

  • We broke the Radiance (Aura Range) passive. Then we fixed it. And then it broke again (all by itself, we swear!). So in anticipation of fixing it next patch, we reduced its values.

  • Disciplined the Victory Smell (Blaze Balloon Burn Rate) passive. Reduced its values to more closely match DPS increase of other defense-focused passives.

  • Vector Corrector (Defense Range) passive’s increase of projectile tower range reduced so you can find more of it!

  • In case you haven't caught on yet, passives were broken. How broken? Post-Disney Channel broken.

  • Retribution passive increased a TON. It now appears on Torso and Shield items like it always should have.

  • Black Arrow (Ballista Damage Magic) passive bonus damage doubled. Then doubled again. Then divided by four, multiplied by three point five, squared, thrown in a blender, and added to pi. After all of this we lost track of how much we increased and wrote the patch note "Black Arrow Special Stat bonus greatly increased." We also learned to hate fractions.

  • Fault Line (Earthshatter Radius) radius bonus slightly increased.


  • Various optimizations across all maps.

  • So, how about that War Table? Viewable in all of its 3D glory (no WASD camera motion, sorry to those of you spoiled by the Azeroth trailer) and you’ll be able to select maps from there or from the UI on the left. We can’t wait to expand the world further!

  • Pets!

    • There are a lot of new pets. Like, 4x the previous number.  

    • Evolution is unlocked, but to clarify, only token pets (Betsy) and premium pets will evolve visually at the moment.

    • You may see some abilities get more impressive as they change form, though.

    • Watch for the monthly and weekly reward pets to get your shot at rare content, some with enhanced visual effects. We won’t spoil which. You’ll just have to watch!

  • Premium Pets!

    • Table Flip Demon

    • Kakarot

    • Shinobi Kitty

  • New Costumes!

    • Cap’n Monk

    • Farmboy Apprentice

    • Tiguar Monk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players who were too high were unable to place towers. We mean... too high up.

  • Increased the mana crystal cap that can be present in the world. Also, we added a 2-unit mana crystal. Hey, every unit counts, amirite guys?

  • Fixed one of the issues that was causing items to be lost in the inventory. It was all Tony’s fault. [[4968,hashtags]] (We don’t even have an employee named Tony, but we’d like one so we can blame him. Are you a Tony? We’re hiring!)

  • Fixed an issue with the Token Shop UI where the items could scroll outside of the window. That's just not allowed. Geez.

  • Apprentice’s secondary attack now pops the Blaze Balloon. Upcoming updates will add “locking” and “dropping” functionality to his newfound popping feature.

  • Numerous audio issues have been fixed. We said, NUMEROUS AUDIO ISSUES HAVE BEEN FIXED.

  • Hunted down that pesky fox stealing your eggs before they hatched. Sadly, that means we can’t have that Dora crossover like we planned.

  • Fixed an issue where the Drakin could get stuck in the River High Path on Little-Horn Valley. Now to fix the million and one other places they get stuck. Sewers, we’re looking at you.

  • Fixed an issue where the bow could appear incorrectly for the Huntress when swapping Heroes. Don't worry, we haven't fully eliminated Franken-heroes yet.

  • Fixed several issues with the Costume Shop. Introduced several other ones, which are arguably way worse.

Important Known Issues

  • There are multiple issues with the pets system. Most of them can be fixed by closing and reopening the Pets UI.

  • The Quests and Daily Missions UI can pop up randomly. They just really like you.

  • Monthly Missions do not give out rewards. We’d make a joke here, but we don’t feel it’s appropriate. This will be fixed very, very soon.

  • Players can easily obstruct the cosmetic preview, causing some really hilarious situations.

  • Gold Bonus Sphere IV Skill Sphere will activate for heroes who do not have the Skill Sphere equipped. You’re welcome.

  • Special Enemies killed in two of the Liferoot Forest maps don’t contribute to the “Special Delivery” challenge. This is because they’re extra special. On the other hand, new Special Enemies don’t count at all, because they aren’t special enough.

  • BOOM HEAD-SHOT CHALLENGE DOES NOT BOOM if you use the Huntress’s secondary attack.

  • The “Use the Boost” challenge is challenged. This is becoming a pattern.

  • Stun VFX only display when they want to. Unfortunately, this is pretty much never.

  • Enemies like each other a little too much. This is causing some stuckage and clumping. Clumping is one of those words that sounds pretty dirty is you don’t know its definition. “Are you clumping in there, Bobby?”

  • Players can’t rebind the Inventory key. Why? Because the Influence Vote was “I for Inventory.” Duh.

  • Some pet abilities don’t have sounds. Others don’t have VFX. The rest are generally awesome.

  • Sometimes heroes do not stay in the equipped Hero slot when joining a map. These heroes are cowards.

  • Opening a mana node can erase mana on the map if there’s too much mana on the floor already. Proceed with caution.

  • This known issue doesn’t matter. Or maybe it did. We don’t know anymore.

  • Immediate Messages are a little too immediate. Also, this list is too long.

  • Matchmaking is not finished yet.

  • Unlock UI text for shop vendors will never disappear.

  • The Fire Cart environmental trap is just for show. Damage coming soon. Some men just want to watch the world burn without doing any real harm.

  • “Transform Egg” malfunctions on eggs that are currently incubating.

  • The prices for items in the Token Shop show up as “0” in the purchase confirmation screen.

  • Drench on weapons can become super OP.

  • The Life Leech passive can be exploited. Go figure.


  • If a player in your party swaps heroes while you have items selected for sale, their sell values will become negative. Who knows what will happen if you click sell after that. Please don’t. But if you do, videotape it. Off-screen, shaky cam, standard def.

  • Small Melee goblins from “Just Grate” can’t seem to find the core.

  • Clicking the Play button on the Title Screen while joining a friend’s game is a good way to lose a friend.

  • Tooltips don’t display on the Missions or Hero Deck screens.

  • Tier 2 Provoke Duration and Provoke Speed Spheres are listed as Tier 1. Only some of us can count.

  • The Etherian Hero challenge does not update its tracker when you complete a map.

  • Inspect Defense only half works. Skill Spheres do not apply.

  • Lots of passives are broken. Also lots of them are fixed, so that’s something.

  • Don’t press G in Onslaught Mode before you select a reward type. We warned you.

  • The “Not Enough Gems!” prompt is ugly.

  • Witherbeasts can be blindingly bright. We chose to view this as a feature, not a bug.

  • Some tooltips are showing up as red for no reason at all.

  • In a Private Tavern, you can try to create a hero, but it won’t do anything. This will be fixed when there is only one tavern.

  • Apprentice Flamethrower Uber hits further than its VFX extends. It’s hot folks.

  • There are misspelings and hippos.

  • When you “Transform” an egg, it doesn’t look cooler. It should. We made the art for it.

  • NPCs can’t read your keybinds. They just learned to talk, what do you expect?

  • Pet Evolution items do not stack correctly. At least they work now.

  • Re-rolled pet stats don’t display as whole numbers.

  • Some descriptions for the Uber Skill Spheres are too long and refuse to display.

Its that wonderful time of the year where we are all glued to our computer screens enthusiasticallyawaiting everything E3 has to offer.

This year, we thought we should do something special for our fans who wait eagerly every week to learn more about the Cooperative part of our game through our Co-op Confidential blogs. Thats why we have partnered up with our good friends at Twitch TV to bring you some exclusive first looks at our Dungeon Defenders II Cooperative mode.


After an intense battle of rock, paper, scissors, our very own Philip Asher was chosen to go to Los Angeles and share a very early, pre-alpha build of the game. Want to see new towers, a new level and a whole new take on Etheria? Tune in to Twitch TV at 12:20 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:20 p.m. Eastern time.


Whatre your thoughts? What would you like to see during the livestream? Have any questions you want to ask us regarding the game? Want us to continue this sneak peaks into the development of DD2? Let us know in the comments below. Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be chosen on June 17.

We recognize the amazing talent in the Dungeon Defenders community. Volunteer moderators, guide makers, bug squashers -- the community is thriving with people who have established and maintained our unique identity. But, we realized we weren’t reaching out to those who have a knack for entertaining. That’s why we are putting together “The Casters Guild,” a group of individuals who want to give to the community by providing live entertainment via streaming on Twitch.

So how will this work? Guild Leader Victoryoftheppl explains below:

Interested individuals may submit an application. We will review the apps and select a small number of streamers to start. These individuals will receive a day and time to stream. After a trial period of a month, those who stuck it out will be inducted into The Casters Guild. Of course, by volunteering your time, there are some benefits such as:

  • Ability to be chosen to stream NEW content before it goes live
  • Receive custom graphics for your stream
  • Stream on the Official Trendy Entertainment Twitch channel, and more!

We’re hashing out more reward details, so if there’s something you’d like to receive for being a member of the guild, please let us know on the application!

If this is something you’re interested in, please read below.

Casters Guild Requirements:

  • Age 18 and older
  • Able to join the weekly meeting on Thursday at 5PM EST/10PM GMT
  • Have decent audio and video stream quality
  • Have the ability to plan ahead and set goals
  • Have the ability to stick to a schedule and be on time 
  • Have the ability to multi-task 
  • Have accrued 50+ hours of play time on Dungeon Defenders II
  • Must not promote hacking, exploits or pirating of Dungeon Defenders II or of any product
  • Able to be respectful toward other games and developers
  • Can't use copyrighted music while streaming Dungeon Defenders II (non-copyrighted music will be made available to play during streams)

The following are things we would like those applying to have, but will not be a determining factor in the end:

  • Webcam
  • Multiple Monitors or smartphone to view chat

TrendyEnt Channel Moderator Application Requirements:

  • Age 16 and older
  • Able to join the weekly meeting on Thursday at 5PM EST/10PM GMT
  • Have the ability to interact with others in a positive manner
  • Have the ability to stick to a schedule and be on time
  • Have the ability to multi-task and listen for cues from the streamer
  • Able to be respectful toward other games and developers


To apply for The Casters Guild or TrendyEnt Channel Moderator, click here. The deadline is March 19th at 11:59PM EST.


Why the age requirement?

While we want as many people to join, we realize that those under the age of 18 have a lot more on their plate and schedule that sometimes just isn't flexible i.e. going to grade school, being liable to parents, and have certain bedtimes. 

I meet all the requirements EXCEPT for the meeting time requirement. Can I still apply?

Please still put in your application if you meet all requirements except for the meeting one. If we determine that the meeting is just not feasible for those applying, we will look at another day and time.

Why the game-time requirement?

We believe that having at least 50+ hours of game time means you have some knowledge of the game and the ability to answer questions while in stream and guide those who may need help. 

I don't think I can stream. Are there any other ways I can help?

Sure! We're looking for TrendyEnt Channel Moderators  so look above for the requirements and if you meet them, put in an application.

I've streamed a few times in the past, but I don't have that much experience with streaming. Can I still apply?

We definitely want people who will be dedicated to the stream team BUT understand that knowledge of how to stream could be a factor to why they aren't able to stream as much. Please still apply if that is the case. We'll be able to give you some pointers!

Will there be future ways to join the Casters Guild?

Yes! There definitely will be opportunities in the future to join the Casters Guild. We haven't decided on how exactly it'll work, but we'll probably do rolling applications or announce when we're accepting new applications for the guild.

Can I apply if I speak a different language?

At the moment, the Casters Guild will be English only because our current streaming community is English. But we're open to reaching out to different communities officially if the demand is there. We'd love to work with non-English streamers in some capacity.

Am I limited to streaming JUST DD content?

During your specific day and time to stream, you are limited to streaming DD content. Anything outside of that time slot is free for you to stream what you would like.

When will I receive an email if I've been accepted or not?

My goal is to send out emails Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after applications close on March 19th @ 11:59pm EST. A Tweet will be sent out from the official Trendy Entertainment Twitter when all emails have been sent.



Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming July 28th. It's a massive patch, with a new levelling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and so much more.


Because of the scope of these changes, we have to wipe some of the profile data for the game. This data will simply not exist after the update. While all of you have been voting on the kind of wipe you’d prefer for Wipeaggedon, we’ve been furiously reading your comments and opinions. We’ve noticed some confusion over the reward structure for the upcoming wipe, and decided to make some changes:

Corrupted Welp

Everyone who has leveled up at least one hero to level 25 will be awarded a unique, custom pet. To obtain this award, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.


4 Survivor Hero Costumes [updated 7/18]

Everyone who has leveled up at least one of each hero class to level 25 will get a unique hero costume for that class. To obtain these awards, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.





It’s our hope that everyone will log in post-Wipeaggeddon, ready to level up anew with their new costumes and pets!

Wyvern Token Rewards

Finally, for the past week, all of you have been using your Influence points on which kind of wipe you’d like to see -- a Full Wipe or Partial Wipe. As of the writing of this post, Full Wipe is 7000 points ahead -- but, we recognize this could change at any moment.

We’ve received a ton of feedback from the Partial Wipe camp, asking us to create a reward for the hard-earned Wyvern Tokens they’ve obtained. Well look no further! IF the Full Wipe wins, we will be awarding the following amount of gems based on the amount of Wyvern Tokens you’ve earned by 5 PM EDT, July 26th:

Wyvern Tokens Earned

Gems Rewarded

20 - 39


40 - 79


80 - 119


120 +


Thank you for all of your suggestions over the course of this Influence Vote! At Trendy, we believe that this will reward players who’ve earned Wyvern Tokens while keeping with the spirit of those voting for a “Full Wipe”.

Watch our last Devstream below for some exciting reveals about Loot & Survive -- including a sneak peek at new pets, our first premium pets, and how Wyvern Tokens will be easier to obtain. Also, tune in next Friday at 5pm EST for the complete unveiling of the Loot & Survive patch, launching July 28th!


Patch 7.6 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 7.6!

Free Gem Offer

  • As thanks for being patient while we work through our Open Alpha growing pains, we’re giving everyone 100 free gems! In order to receive the gems, you’ll need to login to the game between now and Tuesday, Oct. 27th.


  • Item icons in the Inventory now have colored frames depending on its rarity. For example, Legendary icons now have orange frames. Hipster icons have black, bold frames. [[7869,hashtags]] [[7870,hashtags]]

  • You can create characters in the group tavern now.

Bug Fixes

  • Put in a potential fix for the issue where the matchmaking service was doing wonky things when we hit a high number of concurrent users. We wanted to get this fix in before the weekend, so the speed at which we needed to get this in has a side effect. We are dividing our matchmaking into three different regions:  Oceanic, United States and Europe. For a short period of time, players will not be able to change regions or matchmake with a friend who is in a different region. Tentatively next week, we plan on releasing a way to change regions manually, and shortly after that, a way to change regions dynamically based on a friend invite (this work is in-progress now).

  • Fixed an issue where Bearkira’s slowing effect wasn’t wearing off on some enemies.

Known Issues

  • You won’t be able to skip the introductory cutscene on the first viewing. If it shows up again, you’ll be able to skip it.

  • Fugazi is still on indefinite hiatus. Not a known issue with the patch. Just a known issue with life.

Greetings Defenders,

Trials: The Endgame Update comes out February 28th!

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Trendy, and we’re finally putting the finishing touches on the update (gold accents, chandeliers, at least one marble statue of a mostly naked person, you get the idea). This update represents our shared vision of the core Dungeon Defenders II gameplay experience. It’s the culmination of two years of new features, bug fixes, and conversations with you about where the game should go. As a result, this update is MASSIVE. Here’s a preview to tide you over till the end of the month. Keep in mind that these details are subject to change between now and the update release.

New Systems and Changes

Shards:  A New Way to Build Your Hero

  • Goodbye Passives and Skill Spheres; hello Shards!

  • Shards are upgradeable artifacts that slot into your Defense Relics, Armor and Weapons.

  • Shards give you extra buffs, bonuses and sometimes even new functionality!

  • Most Shards can be moved between gear. No more leaving your Passives behind when you find an iPWR upgrade!

  • Defense Relics can hold up to 3 Shards and can only equip Defense Shards.

  • Armor and Weapons can hold up to 2 Shards and can only equip Hero Shards.

  • Shards drop in Victory Chests.

  • Shards can be upgraded straight from the all-new Inventory to further augment your dominance on the battlefield.

  • When you first log in, you’ll find yourself ahead of the game with a complementary bundle of Shards we’re giving all Defenders as a thank you for your continuing patience and support while we polish this update to be something truly special. You’ll also find that all the Skill Spheres you’ve previously purchased have been replaced by a bounty of gold! (Trust us, you’ll need it.)

Ascension:  Go Beyond Level 50!

  • How far past 50? Your imagination is your only limit in Ascension. That and the code that comprises the system...

  • With this update, heroes at the level cap will generate account-wide Ascension XP that accrues towards Ascension Points.

  • Ascension Points are invested on a per-hero basis in Ascension Powers that bestow additional bonuses and augmentations.

  • Some Ascension Powers are universal for all heroes; some are unique to each hero.

  • Harder challenges award greater sums of Ascension XP.

Defense Relics, Plus the Return of Defense Speed & Defense Range Stats!

  • Now you can build powerful defenses AND be a fearsome combatant at the same time!

  • All Relics are now Defense Relics and will roll with up to three Defense stats. Armor and Weapons will roll with up to two Hero stats.

  • Heroes can now customize each of their defenses’ strengths individually by attaching a Defense Relic to them.

  • Gobus will have nowhere to hide because Defense Range and Speed are returning as stats!

Chaos Difficulty and the Trials

  • Nightmare is over. Now is the time of CHAOS!!!

  • This update scratches the surface with five levels of Chaos, but don’t get too comfortable because we have more Chaos levels in store. (queue maniacal laugh track)

  • As you descend through the levels, new threats will appear and combine to lay waste to your heroes and defenses. Following us on social media may or may not give you some indication of what’s to come. (SHAMELESS CROSS PROMOTION!)

  • Chaos is unpredictable and can only be thwarted through conquering the Trials.

  • In the Trials, the Knight Commander assigns you a defense commensurate with your power. Survive enough Trials at a specific difficulty and you will accumulate the experience, gear, and resources needed for the Knight Commander to deploy you on even more dangerous fronts.

  • If certain Trials prove to be too much initially, you can perfect your strategies by practicing on any map at any difficulty. Remember, though, that the Trials are the only path to glory, gear, and gold (among other valuables).

Five New Enemies

  • The Siege Roller was just the beginning. Whatever horrors Chaos brings, rest assured that they will push you to experiment, adapt, and overcome. You will need to achieve perfect hero/defense unity to best what awaits you in the Trials.

New Inventory

  • Everyone (and we mean everyone) is getting a brand-new inventory UI!!

  • We’ve streamlined the loot management process by: putting more stuff in fewer bags, consolidating item management to a single UI, and bringing hero and item management under one roof.

  • Additionally, we have expanded the item sorting and management options to empower you to interact with, compare, and save/sell loot more easily, efficiently, and expediently.

  • Added the ability to lock items on PC and making Locking do what it should have done in the first place on PS4 (oops).

Item Enhancement

  • Now you can enhance your loot (and Shards) without leaving your Inventory (or putting on pants)!

  • Also, no more silly “plus 5 pieces of loot in” nonsense. Just upgrade with Gold or Defender Medals!

Siege Roller Updates (Because we listen and care deeply about you)

  • We’re reducing the maximum number of Siege Roller spawns. This applies to both solo and multiplayer matches.

  • Siege Roller rockets can no longer damage the core. The Siege Roller must hit the core with the roller to hurt it.

  • The hitbox on the weak point is being adjusted so that melee heroes and certain defenses can hit it more easily.

Balance Changes

  • The entire game has been rebalanced. No… really, we didn’t just nerf PDTs and call it a day. Dan and Brett have been doing nothing but re-balancing since New Year’s. Well… that and shards and eating and I think sleeping? Maybe?

Bug Fixes

  • Check! And the update after this will have even more.

Quick Hits: What’s Happening To…?

The Skill Sphere System

  • We converted most of our old Skill Spheres into Shards.

  • Some Skill Spheres were turned into Ascension Powers.

  • Some Skill Spheres were removed from the game.

  • Those who’ve purchased Skill Spheres with either Gold or Defender Medals will receive a Gold refund when the update comes out. Our goal is to make sure that your choice to invest in your hero’s power is translated over into this new system -- you’ll need all the Gold you can get to upgrade your Shards and your Loot. We’ll have the exact figures of how much Gold you’ll receive on release day.

The Passives System

  • Passive have been changed into Shard Slots on gear.

  • Many of the bonuses previously offered by Passives can now be found in Shards.

  • Others can be found as Ascension Powers.

  • A select few item-specific passives have turned into special LOCKED shards that come with the item and cannot be removed.

  • Some Passive effects were lost along the way (the flu hit really hard this year).

  • The exact details will be listed in the patch notes on release day.

The Stat Allocation System

  • The current Stat Allocation System is retiring.

  • You will be able to find many similar options in the Ascension system and level them to the MAX.

Nightmare Difficulty

  • It’s gone to make room for new better things.

My Inventory

  • Bags are being consolidated to fit more items in fewer bags.

  • Converting to this system has been constructed to ensure that you will receive the same if not more item slots when you log in for the first time.

My Current Gear (In case you missed it in all the previous stuff)

  • Most Passives are turning into Shard Slots; some weapons will keep their unique passive as a locked Shard.

  • Relics are now used for Defense stats. Weapons & Armor are now used for Hero stats.

  • Medallions and Totems will retain their primary stats and gain a random secondary and tertiary stat. Rings will be rerolled with defense stats.

  • Weapons & Armor with hero stats will remain the same. Weapons & Armor with defense stats will be rerolled into hero stats.

  • Loot XP boosters are going away, so use them now!


  • A handful of balance changes, otherwise the same… for now!

Terraria Weapons and Wayfarer

  • The weapons are still in the game, but the way you acquire them is something we’re still discussing.

Guaranteed Drops

  • The only guarantee in Chaos is your doom!!!


  • Will remain in game as a fun way to earn Defender Medals.

  • For the time being they will only be at Campaign Hard difficulty.

    • Will these be updated? Only the shadow knows… and Jason because he sets the schedule.

Wyvern Tokens

  • Wyvern Tokens were disabled last May, but with this update, they’ll be fully removed from the game. Spend them now!


  • Onslaught is finally taking the rest we’ve been talking about. In the future, we have plans for an Onslaught revamp or a new system to take its place. It shall be reborn!


  • We’re sorry, Billy. Grandma left us yesterday. But don’t worry, she’s having fun in nice big Vegas upstate where she can spend lots of time with other grandmothers and play slot machines all day! No, sorry, we can’t go see her. We’re not allowed back in Vegas. No I can’t explain why honey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


Dear Defenders,

We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. Your support for Dungeon Defenders II has helped it become the success it is today:

  • 1,000,000 Installs (!)

  • 11,000,000 Hours Played (!!)

  • 0 Old Ones Released (Priceless)

Give yourselves a round of applause! You’ve earned it.

Thank you for playing, and thank you for supporting our F2P model. Every dollar you spend and have spent helps us create new gameplay content for everyone, like the two Spooky maps and the Spooky Event we released yesterday. Thank you for cheering when Steam promotes our game (which we’re hoping they do with the Grave Danger Pack in the Steam Halloween Sale). Thank you for cheering when friends and strangers spend money on badass costumes. Together, we get to make the best Action Tower Defense game ever.

And we get to feed our families, which we’re sure they appreciate.

With Love,
The Trendy Team


For this issue of Co-op Confidential, we'd like to present.... the Fiend Fire Tower!

Many of you may think, 'Hey, we've seen this before! This is the new Fireball Tower!', but you'd only be half-right. The Fiend Fire Tower does shoot fireballs, but ones which bounce from minion to minion instead of fizzling out on their first foe. But want to know the really exciting secret... this tower also sets the enemies aflame!


Yes that's right, Dungeon Defenders II's co-op now has elemental effects. After causing it's initial damage, this Fiend Fire Tower will light enemies ablaze causing additional damage over time. Here's an even closer look at the (in-progress) tower:


What're your thoughts? What towers would you like to see return for the Apprentice? Have any great ideas for new ones? Want us to continue this sneak peaks into the development of DD2? Let us know in the comments below. Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be chosen on June 10th.

A wave of kobolds just spawned. You killed their brothers and sisters, and now they want revenge.

They sprint toward your blockades like a ravenous pack of wolves. You catch one last look of terror in their eyes before an explosion rocks your world. When the dust clears, you look for your beloved defenses. Theyre gone. Your beautiful blockade children are gone.

A new wave of kobolds appears. You have a choice: Stand and fight or rebuild your defenses. You start to rebuild. Slowly. Oh so slowly. You cant do anything else. And then you hear it. A loud, persistent scream. It starts off faint. But it gets louder. Closer. The blockade is almost complete. The top of the wall is coming into existence when BOOM. Youre blown to smithereens, and the blockade disappears.

We dont want you to ever make the choice between repairing and death again. Building defenses should add to the fun of combat, not inhibit it. With Dungeon Defenders II, we took a closer look at what was and wasnt working, and how we could better achieve one of our pillars: Tower Defense, Action, and Role-Playing working together seamlessly.


Defense Placement

In the first game, defense placement was jarring. It left heroes vulnerable during combat, and it typically involved more pre-planning than strategizing on the fly.

To stir some Action into our Tower Defense, weve revamped the way you interact with your defenses. Now:

Youre not frozen in place when building, repairing, or upgrading defenses

You can go kick some kobold butt while building defenses. Youre no longer locked into place while building, repairing or upgrading. This leaves you free to move, jump, attack and use abilities to your hearts content.

The camera stays focused on the action

You get the vantage point you need, and the camera doesnt get in your way. Unlike the first game where the camera changed all too often, now it remains in third-person as much as possible, resulting in defense placement thats immersive, intuitive, and quick.

You can adjust your position and place defenses on the fly

How many times have you tried to place a defense, but the location was just outside of the build radius? In Dungeon Defenders II, weve given you the freedom to move while the build radius is active. Say youre playing the Squire and your Apprentice teammate needs a blockade to protect one of his defenses. You can select the blockade as youre running over there. Then once you arrive, you can align it just where its needed before building it.


Defense Combos

Of course, blending works both ways. We need to pull Tower Defense into Action, too. In the original game you just ignored your defenses unless they needed to be repaired or upgraded, but in Dungeon Defenders II, were giving defenses and abilities an awareness of each other. Now youll be able to plan complex strategies to compliment your teammates with combos such as:

Apprentices Cyclone + Monks Skyguard Tower (Ability + Defense)

First, the Monk places his Skyguard Tower in a strategic location. The Skyguard Tower hits extremely hard, but it only affects airborne enemies. Thats where the Apprentice steps in, flinging enemies into the air with his Cyclone ability.

Apprentices Frostbite Tower + Squires Cannonball Tower (Defense + Defense)

For this one, the Apprentice places his Frostbite Tower in a lane. This defense freezes an enemy solid, and sets up the opportunity for shattering. The Squire is all about hitting things, so his Cannonball Tower is perfect for the job.

We have a lot more combinations planned for the game, so dont hesitate to build a defense or use an ability just to see what happens!


Defense Upgrades

If you remember our pillars, youll remember that Action and Tower Defense are only part of the equation. So wheres the Role-Playing element? Just like in the original Dungeon Defenders, youll be able to upgrade your defenses and choose your gear to compliment them. But this time, youll see your defenses progress visually. For example, check out the Squires Spike Blockade above. It goes from bland and ordinary to impressive, powerful, and very indicative of the Squires personality.

Down the line well be sharing more ways you can customize not only your defenses, but your hero, as well.


So there you have it, Defenders. Immersive placement, game-changing interactions, and distinctive ways to upgrade and affect your defenses. All of our key elements supporting each other in a big, harmonious circle of Dungeon Defenders goodness.

What do you think? Are there any changes you just cant wait to try out for yourself? Let us know in the comments and you could win a seat on the Defense Council!

Greetings Defenders! A lot of us just got back from Winter Break (and some of us are still filtering in). Here's what we're working on this week:

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Working closely with the design team on a big update for DD2 that introduces a sampling of Incursions (challenge modes), new weapons and special stats, new special enemies, and a large balance pass on the game. Also working with Danny on Region 2 map outline with some discussion on Region 3.

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Working on the worldmap for Region 2! Also revising some exciting new music.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

I’m currently working on multiple targets for the next patch. I’m having a great time working with engineering on Daily Missions and new level up feedback. The former is exciting because I’m getting to work directly on the Influence votes casted by YOU! The latter is exciting as it’s one of the first steps in a much larger focus on DD2’s meta. Finally, I’m spending my spare cycles working with Blacksmith and the design team on overall game balance.

Chris James, Lead Level Designer (ceejeh)

Sorry eh, I'm in Canada, eh!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (@javo)

Just returned from my holidays in Argentina. Back to features development! Bigger team, new offices, live product… booting up anew.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Working on getting more specific information from Steam crash dumps, so we can focus on fixing the most frequent crashes.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Working with my team on finalizing the environmental FX pass on 3 of our new maps, as well as finalizing a first pass on pet FX. 

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

We are currently working with the customer support team to re-organize how we handle the Customer Support tickets and the bugs reported by users. We’re in the process of revamping the in-game bug report form as well as starting QA work on the next Content Update.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Finalizing some spooky forest simulations. Testing with some programmers animation-driven embellishments. Training two new additions to the team!

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

The office move has some small things to wrap up still, and making sure everyone’s comfy and happy with their new environment is one of my top priorities. When I’m not doing that, I’m making sure everything’s in alignment for our next patch date as far as having all of the content ready.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on a new level, a creepy one ;) 

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Currently setting up my office space and making sure that my Iron Man statue is in the exact right place. Just got back from holidays, and I’m going to get back into the swing of things right after finishing setting up the marketing room!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Our team is catching up on the loads of feedback and support tickets sent to us over the holidays. For those of you waiting on a reply from our support team, help is on the way!

Speaking of our team, I’d like to introduce a new member to our community squad: I_PASS_BUTTER! He’s moved from the QA department to our team to help us out with our support and to make our community efforts more kickass. Expect to see his name ‘round these parts more often!

Finally, the community wiki team is looking for volunteers to help add new content and information to the Dungeon Defenders II Wiki. If you see something that needs more information, edit away! Want to get more involved with the wiki? Send a forum PM to Wiki Administrator Lanie on our official forums!


Meet the Prisoner

Meet the Prisoner


If age is a sign of wisdom, then there’s no one wiser in the Arena than...

The Prisoner!

On her hero page, you can learn about the dangerous situation that landed her in the slammer and the great escape that brought her to the Arena.


Turn your desktop into an Etherian Shawshank Redemption scene with the Prisoner’s wallpaper. You can download the 1920x1080 wallpaper on the Media page.

How do you feel about the Prisoner? Let us know in the comments section. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on May 17.

Greetings Defenders,

The update is coming along smoothly and lots of work is being done as we speak. We released two DevLogs over the past two weeks, and there’s one more coming, but we didn’t want to leave a week without any beans spilling, so we’re going to spill a couple today. Just as an extra note, some of the terms discussed here and any content is still subject to change. Let’s go!


Gear and stat changes affect the entire game, meaning Shards are also affected. With the upcoming update, just about every Shard is going to change as a result (get ready for probably our longest patch notes ever). They should more or less retain their same power, but because of the stat changes and base damage increase on towers, you may find some Shards way more useful than before! There’s also an additional feature being added that affects Shards, what we’re currently calling Shard Dusting.

Shard Dusting

While a lot of Shards are gaining additional strength or coming into the spotlight because of tower/gear changes, there are many different Shards in the game. Very few people utilize all the Shards that drop. Some people like playing with the base four heroes and focus on Shards for them, and some like using just the Mystic and the Lavamancer. Getting Shards for the heroes you don’t use can sometimes feel like you aren’t working towards improving your own unique build. With Shard Dusting, you can now find a utility for unwanted Shards instead of just selling them for little gold.

Taking the Shards you do not want, and deconstructing them into dust, it now allows you to acquire another chance at getting a Shard you want. For a set amount of dust, you are able to go to our Shard vendor and trade your dust for another Shard container that contains a random Shard from the appropriate Chaos tier. This a feature the community asked for, and we’re here to deliver! Getting multiples of the same Shards also has an advantage as well. We know that many of you have been hording Shards in anticipation of something new to do with them, and now you can! We're introducing Gilded Shards!

Gilded Shards

Gear is getting a major overhaul and additional features to increase its power, we wanted to give Shards some attention as well. With this next update, the Shards (both wanted and unwanted) you find are going to possess more utility than they currently do. Gilded Shards are Shards whose power pushes past the current limits. When gilding a Shard, they gain increased upgrade levels, increasing their power. That’s not the only bonus — Gilded Shards do not get reset when you attain Ancient Power, alleviating some of the currency costs that come with resetting!

Now you might be thinking, “Lawlta, how do I gild my Shards?”, and that’s a great question. Gilded Shards come from combining a specific number of the same Shard. We’re not announcing any specific numbers yet, but we want to make sure this feature feels good to use, and are getting great feedback from our RPG and RQA testers. The goal for this is to allow players who are pushing in end game Onslaught to increase the power of their favorite and/or most used shards. This is our first step towards adding more goals for end game players that have long lasting impact on their power.

New Weapon Models

Professor Proteus is a man of intellect and sophistication, but also a man of style. There are more weapon models coming for every weapon type this update, and they may be attained in a special way. Here’s a sneak peek of what our artists created:


2D Concept Art by Zack Smith

3D Models by Zack Smith

There are more weapons coming, this is just a sneak peek of the awesome ones we are introducing into this update!

An Even Further Look to the Horizon!

The beans continue to flow! The systems discussed here build upon all of the things we discussed in the previous DevLogs. Believe it or not (actually just believe it), there’s even MORE coming!

The next DevLog is going to be a summation of everything we put out so far, as well as a feature that brings together a lot of the features revealed in recent weeks. There may also be a release date in there that’s sooner than you (don’t) think. It’s going to be our last DevLog before we release the Patch Novel (calling them notes doesn’t capture just how gigantic that post is going to be).

A lot of the changes that are coming give us a lot to create additional future content. Many of the changes within this huge update, including Shard Dusting, are a result of community feedback on what Defenders want. The feedback all of you provide is incredibly important. Game development is a very arduous process, and at times can feel like we aren’t listening if the changes you want are not released very quickly. These changes (and ones coming in future updates) have a heavy community influence to them. You all are great at providing constructive feedback and it helps us make sure the additions we make are something you enjoy! :)

If you want an early look (as well as helping us polish things before release), our testing groups are just for you! There’s so much coming, and every bit helps to make this expansive update great.

Want More Info On What’s Coming?

Check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

There’s even more information coming next week. We’re really excited to share the last beans of this update, and hope you enjoy what’s coming. Stay tuned!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team

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