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The Journey Begins Now!

The Journey Begins now! Login to Steam or PS4 to play our latest update!

The Journey Begins update is the first step on a journey to finish the game. Our next step: Improving the endgame! We’re excited to share more details on what that means over the next few weeks.

The Mystic

  • New Hero: The Mystic! Watch her hero trailer.

  • A reformed thief with a dark secret, the Mystic struggles to control the ancient Serpent God in her gauntlet. Summoning powerful strikes, the Mystic harvests the souls of her fallen enemies, appeasing the slithering deity. But without a constant stream of enemy souls, who knows what her master might do?

  • Abilities

    • Snakes?

    • Ability One - Lash Out:  The Mystic summons the Serpent God to lash out at her enemies, which deals massive poison damage.

    • Ability Two - Call to Madness:  The Mystic summons the serpent’s screech causing nearby enemies to turn on each other.

    • Snakes!?  

    • Ability Three - Dark Torment:  Hurls a dagger into a single enemy, which causes nearby Sand Viper towers to focus on the foe. Enemies defeated under Dark Torment turn to sand and get reborn as a friendly tower that hurts nearby enemies.

    • Ability Four - Serpent’s Coil: The now immortal Mystic has no need for traditional healing. With Serpent’s Coil, she hurls a dagger into the ground, and a snake wraps around it. The dagger deals damage to nearby enemies, and when the enemy dies, it turns into a healing orb that any hero can collect.


  • Defenses

    • Defense One - Snaking Sands:  When an enemy trips this sand trap, a vortex appears and slows enemies down as they sink into the ground.


    • Defense Two - Sand Viper:  The Mystic summons a slithering incantation that fires an increasingly damaging beam at an enemy. When the Mystic uses her Dark Torment ability, any nearby Sand Viper focuses its beam on the tormented foe.

    • Defense Three - Viper’s Fangs:  The Mystic’s barricade. Not only does it stop enemies in their tracks, it also fires a poison bubble that lifts enemies into the air. Pop the bubble to create poisonous rain on any poor sucker caught underneath it. 

    • AHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Defense Four - The Obelisk:  Inflicts up to five debilitating status effects on enemies across the battlefield while potentially shielding heroes. When the Mystic is fully appeased with souls, the Serpent God himself appears on the Obelisk to breathe unholy fire upon enemies.

    • Everything isss fine. Life is better now. All hail our new ssslithering overlords.

New Story and Progression

  • We have moved the awesome animated intro video from the tutorial to the game’s startup.

  • 18 maps have been tied together under one unified storyline divided into Acts.

    • We redesigned the Game Browser map list to scroll vertically. Map selection should be much clearer in the new sequence. The map order of campaign becomes the map order across the game.

  • New “Next Map” Button on Campaign

    • Want to just keep going through the Campaign without being kicked back to the Tavern or Hub? Just hit “Next Map”!

  • New Campaign Story-centric Loading Screens

    • Check out the new chunks o’ story on our awesome looking loading screens.  Then click to continue whenever you’re finished reading!

  • New Campaign Quest Line

    • New to the game?  Visit the Knight Commander to get started!

    • Start out as a Squire or Apprentice, then unlock the Huntress/Monk on the first quest!

    • If you previously completed part of the Campaign quest line, we have translated your progress into an appropriate quest in the new quest line.

  • All of the NPCs and their functionality is unlocked from day one. None of this unlocking item upgrading at level 34 business. We want you to have access to everything from day one so you can decide what you want to do and when. It’s your game; play it how you want.

  • The game modes are Campaign, Defense, Incursions, and Onslaught. Difficulty for Campaign is Normal and Hard. None of this Freeplay/End Game/Insane monkey business.

  • The Campaign now takes all the heroes in your hero deck from level 1 to 50.

    • You may find yourself gaining 2-3 levels in one map! Be wary though, because the enemies get harder too.

  • SAS points have been reset and are now awarded every five levels.

  • New Rewards from Campaign

    • The way loot drops has been changed on every Campaign level.

    • Earlier levels have slightly higher drop rates of items to help you get started.

    • We’ve added specific loot into chests throughout the game to ensure you have important pieces to be successful as things heat up.

    • Lower-tier items now have more stats on them to make them a little more helpful.

    • Pet eggs drop earlier in the game

    • At the end of Campaign, you’ll be geared for the bottom end of Nightmare I.

    • Each win rewards Gold, Exp, and DM, especially for that first play through when you’re knocking out the campaign quest for the first time.

  • Sell and repair are now available at level 1!

Early Game Enemies and Difficulty

  • Campaign Normal and Campaign Hard are both harder than what they used to be based on the feedback we’ve received from our community during Early Access.

    • Enemy spawns are punchier. You should see more enemies out at once.

    • Many Campaign maps have less waves, but less means harder.

    • Enemy health and damage are also increased.

  • We completely redid all enemy introductions. What is a tough enemy early becomes the norm later.

  • We rebalanced Defense Mana and Defense Unit budgets in the campaign revamp. Your defense placement choices and strategies are more meaningful and tougher.

Quality of Life and General Improvements

  • New Main Menu

    • We’ve completely redesigned the Main Menu with a focus on our fantastic world art and easier-to-understand navigation options.

    • We’ve added clearer social buttons, a news panel and a new ticker to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Dungeon Defenders II.

      • By adding the news panel on the Main Menu, we’ve killed it from where it used to be, which was an annoying popup that showed up when you entered the Town or Tavern for the first visit of a session.

    • Now you can continue the campaign from where you left off, straight from the Main Menu.

  • Warmup Phase Change

    • When you enter a map, we’ve reworked how the warmup phase timer works. Now you can hit “G” to end the warmup phase and kick off the first build phase.

  • Changed the size and decay of damage numbers to clean up some of the UI clutter in our game.

  • New Options Menu Features

    • We’ve added new controller options on the PS4:

      • Look Sensitivity -- Change how fast the screen scrolls when you move the targeting reticle with the right thumbstick

      • Dead Zone -- Change how far you have to push the right thumbstick to move the targeting reticle

    • Play the Tutorial as many times as you want, now located on the Options Menu. (Bigger Tutorial changes coming soon!)

    • Region Selection is now in the Options Menu; however, you can only change the setting while you are on the title screen.

  • Passives on gear have been slightly tweaked.  They now roll in different amounts on different rarities of gear.

    • Worn through Powerful have no passives.

    • Epic and Mythical have two passives.

    • Legendaries have three.

  • New Create a Hero screen

    • We even added some fancy-schmancy voice overs tell you about each hero.

  • We tweaked the “Create Game” pop-up to be a little easier to understand.

  • We greatly increased the timer at the end of matches so you can go through your loot at your own speed.

  • Music Updates

    • We’ve added a new Victory track that plays whenever you complete a match. #nostalgia

    • We’ve also added a new track for the Town!

  • PS4 - Several Options moved to the profile so they can be supported in split-screen

    • Invert Y-Axis

    • Scavenger Level (it’s a PS4 thing that will hopefully go away soon with the new inventory)

    • Show Hints

    • Coalesce Damage Numbers

    • Show Damage Numbers on Dummy

    • Show Damage Numbers

  • Cleaned up many UI messages to only show more relevant announcements.

  • You can now sort your bags by iPWR.

  • Enemy intro videos have been removed… for now.

  • The Relic Hunter and Petrinarian have new dialogue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed more issues with the coalescing damage numbers to increase game performance.

  • Fixed Poison Dart Towers being able to shoot through walls.

  • Ogres can no longer be teleported by Null Void to get stuck behind the spawns.

  • Fixed the Oiling Strikes and Chilling Strikes skill spheres not applying.

  • Fixed the Medium Experience Bonus II Skill Sphere.

  • Fixed an issue with the Explosive Guard and Shielding Guard Ubers not functioning on Squire Blockades.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer where Molten Core would cost more Molten Power when wearing a Helm of Storms.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer’s Volcano where you could teleport around while moving the Volcano to new locations.

  • Fixed an issue where Volcano would stop shooting after casting Eruption several times.

  • Fixed an issue where EV2 would have full heat at the start of a Combat Phase.

  • Fixed some issues with displaying the proper stats when inspecting towers.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t close some UI elements with the B button on controllers.

  • Fixed an issue where some enemy spawns didn’t have the correct minimap icons to show where enemies were coming from.

  • Fixed an issue with Drakin pathing on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed an issue where Betsy wouldn’t spawn if you hit G in certain areas.

  • Fixed some text issues on the Hero Creation screen

  • Fixed when “Flameburst Tower Destroyed” would spam the UI when a series of EV2 nodes would get destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue with the Gun Witch’s Ice Needle being able to cause Altar Assassins to fall into pits while invulnerable.

  • Fixed an issue with Frosty Towers trying to shoot into the ground. (More Frostbite fixes incoming.)

  • Fixed an issue where Harbinger would just walk off of his ship if a player used Lavamancer’s Submerge.

  • Fixed the Bling King randomly pausing during animations

  • Fixed the Power Surge Incursion not loading the correct music during the warm up phase.

  • Fixed an issue on Ramparts and added Ogres on Nightmare.

  • Cleaned up the collision on Arcane Barrier to have more placement options of other defenses near it.

  • Fixed some broken animations on the Huntwitch and Black Magic Ops Gunwitch skins.

  • Fixed a typo in the Abyss Lord’s Explosive Arrows passive.

  • PS4 - Fixed some issues with some player specific popups getting cut off in split screen.  Still needs more work, but a partial fix went in.

Known Issues With This Update

  • PS4 PLAYERS - DO NOT DELETE HEROES USING THE HERO DECK TAB IN THE INVENTORY SCREEN. My Heroes is the place to manage your roster on PS4. Using the Hero Deck Tab in the Inventory Screen to delete your heroes will delete the hero in your first slot EVERY TIME.

  • The Intro videos are not currently playing sound on PS4.

  • Profile options (listed in “Quality of Life and General”) will stomp main menu options.  This should not affect region selection. Also Main Menu Options Menu navigation will be a targeted area of improvement for navigation in a patch coming soon.

  • We disabled Victory Chest re-rolling for now to prevent an existing loot bug. It will return in the future!

  • Towers have decided to show solidarity with the Old Ones’ army and will not display their health bars if enemy health bars are turned off. Stand strong brothers and sisters.

  • The region setting will not display what region you’re in the options menu once you are in game if you did not open the options menu on the title screen first. (even if you didn’t change the default setting)


Greetings, Defenders!

Welcome to this month's QA Bug Blog: Let's Go Bughawks! [WORKING TITLE]. When enemies aren't barreling their way to your core, they like to kick back, relax and have some fun. We were able to capture one of these rare moments, and so we present to you Etheria's hottest new dance craze: The Javelin Thrower Boogie!


This bug was a fun but albeit tough one to solve. Sometimes, we would see enemies permanently stunned with their heads hanging down or enemies that were infinitely flailing after being launched by a geyser. After spending a few hours exhausting every avenue to track it down, we were finally able to reproduce the issue. As it turned out, the enemy needed to be hit and change AI states -- for example, hurt, stun or shocked -- right as it was coming out of the shocked state. This led to the enemy being stuck forever in the shocked state, which gave us the hottest dance craze this side of Greystone Plaza!

According to Javier Barreto, DD2's lead software programmer, the problem with the bug was related to how AI states wait for the end of an animation to pop. In this case, the hurt state would wait forever for the animation to end. After being knocked back, the stun state would pop back and run a looped hurt animation, which would end up running forever. After identifying the problem at hand, the fix didn’t take too long to come through in the way of a check to prevent the stun waiting for the animation to end.

Javelin Throwers were not alone in making the new dance hit famous, as this also affected Witherbugs, Kobolds and Goblins! Here’s a smooth tune so you can groove along with the enemies in these gifs:



And there we have it, Defenders: a fun dance party featuring the Old One's Army! What do you think of the Javelin Thrower Boogie? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner next Tuesday. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join!

The random winner of the Beyond the Boundaries blog is viteros, and the winner of our Bringing Maps to Life blog is happyguy3216!

New boss. Better loot. Less grind. The Harbinger Awakens update brings this and more when it comes out Tuesday, December 15th. If you’re looking for more details, check out the update page. You can also unlock galactic weapons by joining the Steam Group!

We also showed off the update today on our Devstream. Watch the archived video here!

Dev Log 51

Our team is working full steam ahead on finishing the update. Here’s what we’re working on this week.

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Wrapping up the Harbinger with the rest of the design team and planning some cool updates for the next milestone!

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Wrapping up Harbinger stuff and doing some art exploration for the next Event!

Tim Shannon, PS4 Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

Figuring out what, if anything, we can release before winter break and catching up on what I missed while I was at PSX.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Polish, playtesting and polish!

Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer (TE_Jeff)

Squashing bugs and balancing this fight are my entire week. I truly cannot wait for y’all to start fighting this guy, he’s a beast!

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Testing and bug fixing time! Lots of Harbinger fights going on while we make sure the balance for all the difficulties are a go. Can’t wait to see everyone’s strategies on taking down the big guy.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

At war with all the bugs.


Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

Finishing last bits of cinematics and doing final renders and compositions. Doing final checkups on skins, pets, anything that moves.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)


Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

I’m very proud of what the team has done with the Harbinger. I’ve been with these guys for 4 years, but it still shocks me how much ideas and content evolve for the better during passionate development. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it.  

I hope for the next boss we have an outtakes reel though--ideas that failed, the almighty Collins Blockagon, busted playtests and recorded moments in playtest feedback that resemble Jerry Springer angst and rage at one another! But the end result is always something we look at each other and smile about.

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Work, work, work … the faster you type, the more you code, the better the quality… right? ;)

The pressure is on!

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on the Social Hub level, rebuilding some gameplay areas and creating some modular assets for slums houses!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Working on the Social Hub level, adding new explorable areas and rebuilding the inside of some buildings like the new tavern and the castle.

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

The Loot Test was an amazing success. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. The Remote Playtesting Group will be pouring over the Harbinger by the time you read this, so a big thanks to those guys as well. Regular RQA folks have been kicking ass with hotfixes and helping eliminate various bug infestations.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Super excited for The Harbinger Awakens update. Also, a new DD1 update came out yesterday! This is the first update from our Community Development Team, a passionate group of volunteer community members who are updating Ranked Mode. The update includes new towers, a new map, new loot and so much more. 



The Harbinger is preparing his invasion, and we're preparing an update worthy of this new threat. We've been hard at work on Loot V2, reducing the grind, and adding new content for you to enjoy. Find out more details on our new landing page.

The Harbinger Awakens on December 15th. We hope you enjoy the update. We've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. (Mmm, delicious!) And don't forget: Join the Steam Group to unlock new galactic weapons. 

The Trendy Team


The Heroes of Etheria have arrived at Drakenfrost Keep and explored its grounds. Throughout their exploration they unlocked a hidden chamber shrouded in runes around a mage who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep an ancient evil at bay. The seal has been broken, and the Drakenlord lives again! Held at bay for many years, kept alive only by fables, this menacing evil seeks to take back his keep, raise a dragon army, and set out to conquer the lands of Etheria. It is up to you, Defender, to send this juggernaut back to the underworld.

Greeting Defenders,

We unleashed a beast in Patch 4.3, which is now out on ALL platforms! The Drakenlord has come to terrorize the citizens of Etheria, we took a pass at some additional Mod Reroll quality of life, bug fixes, and more. Let’s get into it!

The Drakenlord


Soaring through the skies of Etheria, the Drakenlord is trying to take back his domain, Drakenfrost Keep. He’s a new boss type that will require you to create unique strategies to take him down, unlike any other boss you’ve fought so far! With his arrival, he may appear in other maps as well. He is now ready to fight you in Expeditions!

Drakenfrost Keep is also now a map that appears in Onslaught. Starting at Floor 39, Drakenfrost Keep appears every 10 floors as a capstone floor (similar to The Lost Temple). This means at Floors 34, 44, 54, 64, etc., you have to defend the Lost Temple, and on Floors 39, 49, 59, 69, etc., you conquer Drakenfrost Keep.

The Drakenlord provides new rewards every week! There are a slew of new weapons AND Mods for you to obtain by slaying him and protecting Etheria.

A costume for the Squire is now available on the Emporium, where you can BECOME the Drakenlord. We’re excited to see how you handle what he has in store for you, and the great rewards that await you.

Mod Reroll

We’ve been all about adding Mod quality of life changes, and here’s another one. Previously we doubled 10/10 drop chances, then last week we ensured that you run into a 10/10 after actively playing for ~10 hours, AND we added a new Mod Reroll material (that can be stored in the Material Vault).

A lot of people have enjoyed these adds, but we thought we’d take it a step further. Mod Rerolls allow you to target specific Mods into becoming 10/10. Some players target farm lower tiers to try and get better luck on a 10/10 dropping for a specific lower Mod (*cough* Tenacity *cough*). We want you all playing content you find engaging, so now Mod Rerolls after a while will guarantee a 10/10 roll. The amount of time is greatly impacted by the ability to buy this material from other players. This change means you can keep climbing or playing content you want, and are guaranteed to eventually get a 10/10 of the Mod you want.

Diminishing Returns

There were a few issues with Diminishing Returns upon release. Most of these problems were related to towers/abilities that could apply a stun more than once a second (i.e. Weapon Manufacturer and Protons). These towers were causing a large spike in diminishing returns that was not intended. On top of that, because of the fast attack rate the drop off of diminishing returns was halted.

Three major issues caused this, Stuns reapplying themselves and adjusting their initial duration each time. This caused initial stuns to a lot last less than intended, which was fixed in today’s update. Second, all Crowd Controls (CC) were adding to the same tenacity pool instead of separated by type (for instance, stuns and slows). This was causing a much higher overall tenacity than expected, which was also fixed in today’s update. The final issue, which we are still working on, is related to how the tenacity fall off is calculated. This is causing some enemies that start at a higher base tenacity when playing with four players to have enemies be nearly immune to CC after their first stun. This is not intended and we are actively looking into a fix to allow players to use theirs stuns as intended.


This is a feature that we are testing on PC/Steam. There’s a lot of information that we’re going to be gathering with this specific feature, so we want to communicate that there may be times where it’s not working correctly, and it may require game restarts to get it functioning correctly, but will not affect your gameplay specifically.

Communities provide a way for you to gather with up to 30 like-minded Defenders and talk across games and lobbies, invite to party, and more! You can be in up to 5 communities at any time, and are able to create communities whenever you want. Here are some of the functionalities that Communities offer:

  • Give them a unique name (don’t worry, the name filter is working)

  • Give them a three or four letter acronym of your choice.

  • By using “/c1”, “/c2”, “/c3”, “/c4”, and “/c5” you can quickly chat in each of your communities. (You can also use /<insert acronym here> to chat with them as well).

  • Invite players to join your parties in the Town or Private Tavern.

  • Use different ranks (Owner, Officer, and then regular members).

  • Invite and recommend users to join a Community.

There’s a lot more functionality and we’re looking at ways to add more and improve the current setups. We’re looking forward to your constructive feedback and will be doing everything we can to make these Communities great.

Hero Changes

Abyss Lord

  • Towers

    • Skeletal Orc

      • The DU cost is now 30, was previously 35.


  • Towers

    • World Tree

      • The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25.


  • Towers

    • Fissure of Embermount

      • The overlap is now 35% of the max range, was previously 50% (for reference, flame aura overlap is 50%).


  • Towers

    • Training Dummy

      • The DU cost is now 20, was previously 25.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a small group of player’s pets had invalid stats tied to them.

  • Fixed an issue where Boom chips were functioning incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue for PS4 users getting kicked to the main menu, and having to restart the game to continue.

  • Fixed an issue with inspecting items on the ground while playing splitscreen for PS4 and Xbox.

  • Fixed an issue when inspecting defenses, it showed the stats of other defenses.

  • Adjusted billboard focus size to make them easier to read.

  • Destructive Pylon and Destruction interaction match the Destructive Pylon tooltip and no longer stack.

  • Fixed an issue when going through incursions and getting put against Malthius.

  • Updated drenching strikes to be affected by electrocute for the correct duration

  • Fixed an issue with pathing in lanes that had translucent objects.

  • Fixed an issue where water chip was sometimes not drenching enemies.

  • Adjusted Vampiric Empowerment to show the correct stat boost on the individual tower inspect screen in the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue where restarting Drakenfrost Keep produced one less core alive.

  • The Haunting Shard now shoots ghosts on secondary attacks.

  • Fixed an issue with Ogres teleporting on the far east lane of The Lost Temple.

  • Fixed an issue with non-leader members of a party get a bad error message when matchmaking.

  • Changed the schedules on Drakenfrost Keep on Chaos VI and VII in Expeditions.

  • Boom mods should now work on everything they’re equipped to.

  • Fixed a framerate drop on Xbox when interacting with enemy schedule billboard.

  • Fixed an issue on PS4 where the menu level music played during the video intro.

  • Fixed an issue on comparing/inspecting items in the inventory if they are not equippable for the current selected hero.

  • Removed an Auto Sort checkbox on the Tinkering UI.

  • Tweaked the VFX for the Accumulator Servo to show the AoE effect.

  • Fixed an issue on Sacrificial Warden adventure when using a controller/gamepad.

  • Fixed an issue for a very small subset of users that caused an issue when coming back from a long break that had them temporarily stuck on Greystone Plaza.

  • Adjusted how Diminishing Return buffs were calculated with different types of debuffs.

  • Adjusted the difficulty of Forest Crossroads, Liferoot Forest, and Betsy during the campaign to be easier.

  • Added elemental effects to weapons dropped during the New User Experience.

  • Adjusted the pickup radius for Primary Reroll and Mod Reroll materials.

  • Fixed an issue on gamepads/controllers with focus while rerolling Mods/Primary stats.

Known Issues

  • Some sources of fire damage from Shards/Mods are not lighting torches correctly on Drakenfrost Keep.

  • If you are not able to use Communities, restart the game to get back into them.

  • Consecutive Win Bonus and Replay From Wave can fail, currently getting a fix ready.

  • Replaying from Wave on Drakenfrost Keep and winning can result in not receiving the special Frost weapons.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


The Dark Altar is live now on PC & PS4! Here are the patch notes:


New Map:  Crumbled Bulwark

  • As selected by you in our Influence Vote, our newest map is the Crumbled Bulwark!

  • Crumbled Bulwark is a remake of DD1’s Ramparts. Medium-sized map. Three cores.

New Incursion:  Altar of the Athame

  • Includes a special new Incursion Enemy:  the Altar Assassins. Complete this Incursion to receive...

New Mystic Dagger:  The Dark Ritual Blade

  • Drops from the Victory Chest in the Altar of the Athame Incursion

  • This dagger is for the Mystic, who will arrive in our next update!

New iPWR 750 Ring

  • Has a chance to drop in the Victory Chests in the Altar of the Athame Incursion

Bug Fixes

  • Added more fixes to the Daily Mission and Daily Map Bonus bugs. If you’re still not receiving your Daily Missions or Daily Map Bonuses, please let us know. (It’s possible that you won’t receive a new daily until the next refresh at 1AM EDT, so if you don’t see your Daily Mission or Daily Map bonus after this update, please wait until the refresh to see if this fixes the issue.)

  • Made a code change to damage numbers to improve client/server stabilization.

  • Fixed a keybinding error where re-binding “Activate” to a different key would break EV2 node placement on the newly bound key.

  • Added a fix for the minimap not showing up on Liferoot Forest. Let us know if it’s still not working for you.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen with the Apprentice Armageddon Staff.

  • Fixed a graphical error on the tooltip for inspecting defenses.

  • Fixed the Molten Citadel Incursion to include a Nightmare I version.

  • Fixed a bug where a very particular instance was rewarding more Defender Medals than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where an extra daily reroll was being given.

  • Fixed a bug where if a player fired Ice Needle while still rising during a double jump, the projectile misfired.

  • PS4 - Corrected text on bag purchases to be less confusing. (All bags let you rename and set custom icons.)

  • PS4 - When wearing the Black Magic Ops with split screen active, a cluster of yellow polygons off to the side of the gun arm no longer appears when jumping.


The Dark Altar

  • Altar of the Athame Incursion

    • The Altar Assassins’ dark ritual has been revealed. Stop them at all costs! Beware the shanks!

  • The Dark Ritual Blade Mystic Weapon

    • Earn a weapon for the upcoming hero, the Mystic!

  • The Don't Die Community Challenge

    • Complete the Altar of the Athame Incursion on Nightmare 4, without dying and other restrictions, for a chance to win a skin of your choice!

    • Nightmare 4, No Deaths, Incursion Only, Can Bring Friends, Can't Use EV2, Barricades ONLY.

  • Black Tea with Blacksmith

    • We had a brief discussion with Daniel Haddad about how he dove head first into the games industry and the process of creating the heroes within the game. Watch the dev stream to find out more!

What We're Working On Now

  • Campaign Revamp

    • Leveling, Loot, Reward, Structure, and some Quality of Life Changes  

    • Step one of getting the enemy changes into the game is restructuring our Campaign and laying the groundwork there.

    • While we're diving into Campaign, we're also taking a look at the new user experience and making rewards and experience more frenetic and enjoyable.

  • New Hero:  The Mystic:  We'll have more details for you in our next Devstream!

  • Upcoming End Game Changes: Check in with our DevLog posts for hints and updates about what we're working on to improve the end-game experience for players.


Greetings, Defenders!

Before any of the lush environments, gnarly villains and dashing heroes step into the third dimension, we need to make them look like something -- preferably something cool! So how do we create concepts for new additions to the game? I figured we could go back to one of our recently revealed enemies, the Javelin Thrower, and see what it took for this abomination to come into fruition. (I also want to use this blog post as an excuse to melt your eyes with tons of art.)


Design, Reference, Brainstorming

So where do we start? Usually there is a to-do list for each development milestone for things that need art -- animation poses, VFX, environment paintovers, and weapons to name a few -- but my favorites are the enemy concepts. Usually we work on those that need priority first, but most often we pick the fun things! So when we first start, we need to know the enemy’s role in the game. At this stage, a design document has already been approved by the higher-ups with the information we need. Below is just a brief excerpt from the Javelin Thrower’s doc:

Design Goals
  • Ranged, smaller version of the Orcs
  • Uses massive javelin that pierces through targets and damages them
  • Varies minion wave composition
  • Switches to melee on close range

Makes sense. After we have a clear grasp of what our goal with this guy is, we start gathering reference and spend some time thinking of our design goals. Our main job as concept artists is to solve visual problems, so in this instance we ask ourselves a few questions: What would a heavy ranged enemy look like? How do you throw a javelin? Is he intimidating, or can we inject humor? At this point my mind is already brewing with endless possibilities. I start going through the list of ideas in my head, exploring different shapes and personalities while still keeping in mind the design goals.

Our initial goal is to generate enough ideas and concepts to get people talking. Sometimes we hit the nail right on the head, and the first concept we make is the one that everyone likes. We celebrate, shake hands, and party. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. After we’ve exhausted our brain and poured our initial concepts onto digital paper, we usually gather with our Creative Director Daniel Araya, our Art Director Rusty Drake, and the rest of our art team, and pitch ideas back and forth until we are clear on what the game needs.

Form Follows Function

One of the great things about games is the amalgamation of so many talented folks coming together to illustrate a single idea. Oftentimes, if done really really well, you know what that idea is by glancing at it, without guessing or having someone explain it to you.

With the Javelin Thrower, we really wanted that to be apparent. We wanted the player to have a sense of what this character was just by looking at him. Hopefully we did our job right. In the initial concepts, everyone really latched on to the idea that his throwing arm is all he uses, so it’s ripped and huge! If this guy throws something at you, it will obliterate anything in its path. We wanted that to be the focus, so he is extremely out of shape, disfigured and malnourished in certain parts. He has basically neglected everything else… but that arm, though.


We are getting close! So at this stage, we couldn’t decide what to go with exactly in terms of personality. Should he be angry like the Orcs? Alarmed? Mysterious? Perplexed?

Ultimately, we agreed to have him be a little more fun and show more personality than his angry and intimidating Orc counterpart. B3 (see illustration above) was definitely the way to go. He seems super excited to get into the map and just throw things with wreckless abandon.


So there he is: the Javelin Thrower! He is perfect, the kind of enemy Etheria deserves -- except we are not quite done yet.


Tiers and Tears

So here is the part where we take the design and break it only to mold it again into perfection. Most enemies in Dungeon Defenders II have tiers, which means this guy goes from tough to tougher to ridiculous. Visually, one of the things we really care about when it comes to tiers is the character’s silhouette. Will you be able to tell this guy apart from the others? If so, how much will his silhouette change when he is in a higher tier? Is he still visually interesting, or is it boring?

Normally enemies need to look more aggressive and intimidating. With the Javelin Thrower, it needed to be that plus we had to maintain his essential dorkiness. There is a lot of back and forth in this stage. We move things around, try a lot of different shapes, armors, colors, and horns, lots of horns, until ultimately…


Like Brad Pitt in Troy

Bear with me here! We have a bit more time just before our deadline. Now after the design and the tiers have been approved, we need to make sure that all of our ideas are clear for everyone to be on the same page. We make a call out sheet to go over a few details and ideas we might have missed to make the 3D modelers and animators’ lives easier.

Now this little guy is ready to step into...


The Third Dimension

Our buddy Dan Pingston made sure of that, and he turned out very presentable, wouldn’t you agree? After this comes rigging, animation, materials, and finally those ones and zeroes can run through their veins. We have a ton of cool things to show you, so until the next one! Cheers!

The random winners of our previous blogs are:
  • Early Access Blog: Wyldbill
  • Early Access Blog: Ramzilla
  • Concept to Creation Blog: TehOwn
  • Concept to Creation Blog: xPi
  • A Bold New World Blog: Basston
  • A Bold New World Blog: Ratiasu

What did you think of the concept art process? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner next Friday. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!



Today we announced yesterday that tomorrow we want to pivot our goals with any future games within our studio. There’s a lot to talk about, so for now we’ll just go over the big bullet points, because who even reads these things? The text is all bold because everything is important. Our artists are too busy, so we're going to draw these things for you in MS Paint to the best of our ability, which are the peak of art. Let’s smash that like and subscribe button:

  • After our Kickstarter succeeds, we will be launching a second Kickstarter for a new Dungeon Defenders dating simulator. It is currently known as Project: Smooches, it is 9 years into development, and all the characters are mo-capped (motion captured) by Steve Buscemi in a fat suit (a true professional).

  • New company mascots, the Chromie Bois. We got all three of the good ones:

  • Our current Kickstarter has received so much support so quickly in such a short amount of time. We want to reward our players with an accelerated experience. Instead of our next project being Dungeon Defenders III, we’re going to blow away YOUR expectations by making the next installment in the Dungeon Defenders series being Dungeon Defenders VII. Here is an illustration of our new and main hero of DD7, Nimbus Conflict:
    You already love him!

  • We realize that being Chromatic Games, some people have a hard time reading our text and logo. We’ll be creating a more colorblind friendly sister studio, Monochromatic Games, with the logo being specifically black and white.

  • To provide the best Dungeon Defenders experience, we are now working on the Chromatic Launcher. This will have all your favorite Dungeon Defenders games in one place. No more pesky Steam, Epic, Uplay, Origin, MyGames, or any other launchers, you just have to use ours. Surely you don’t play other games, ours are the only ones to play.This is only available on your phone. Do you guys not have phones? We’ve got you covered.

  • cPhone One. How’s it said? Don’t worry about it. Buy the phone and use the launcher.

  • Everyone in the studio is going to legally change their last name based on the survey results taken at the beginning of this post.

  • Gator sword.

  • We’re looking to hire about 30 voice actors with no experience that can help us recreate every episode of Seinfeld in a special Dungeon Defenders VII map called “Jerry’s Apartment”. Here's the concept probably:

  • Oh cool, a gun with legs. Too bad we have a fire-breathing muscle gun. (final concept art):

  • Smell-o-vision update coming to all products once Oculus releases their new N-VR (nasal virtual reality).

  • The Apex Legends pinging system, that’s pretty cool.

  • No silly April Fool’s day posts.

There’s a lot that we’re hard at work on and are really trying to churn out to provide the best experience possible. We want you to join us on our journey and hopefully make the best Project: Smooches errrr Dungeon Defenders game possible. Follow us on our social platforms, you know the ones.

To make all of this potentially but probably not possible, but to make Dungeon Defenders: Awakened the best experience possible, check out our Kickstarter by clicking this whole paragraph. There’s less than two days left. Also there’s a secret link somewhere in this text.


Chromatic and Monochromatic Games


Last week was an amazing kick-off to The Casters Guild. Based on the plethora of comments via the stream and last week's blog post, it seems the community is excited for what the Guild can bring and the Casters are willing to provide. Check below for this week's schedule and see what the Casters will be doing in their stream!

Sound off: What were some of your favorite moments from last week's streams? Comment below!

Official Trendy Entertainment Streams


Weekly Defense, 1:00pm EDT to 2:00pm EDT

  • One more pass! Iamisom is one map away from completing his fresh Hard Mode campaign run. 


Devstream 15, 5:00pm EDT to 6:00pm EDT

  • This week, we’re revealing our Pets system! 

The Caster’s Guild Stream Schedule


Kiraeyl, 7:00am EDT to 9:00am EDT

  • Watch Kira as she focuses on areas and answers questions all Defenders would want to know such as: What does it mean to use different colored items when you upgrade?; What different strategies can you use throughout the game?; What's the possible storyline Trendy Ent. is setting for the game?; and lastly, What kind of hero builds are there?. 

LovinDaTacos, 12:30pm EDT to 6:00pm EDT

Piggyteehee, 8:00pm EDT to 10:00pm EDT

  • Piggy has decided to focus on doing some incursion 25 +++ farming to show off some of the late game.


Dagnom, 10:00am EDT to 1:00pm EDT

  • This week Dagnome will be focusing on what the new player experience is like for DD2. He will be covering things like the basic gameplay, different enemy types, item types/stats and other important facts any defender should know.

Cboxhero, 5:30pm EDT to 7:30pm EDT

  • Join Cbox as he focuses mainly on incursions. He has two level 25 heroes and he plans to put them through the wringer and getting some cool stuff out of it!


Kiraeyl, 7:00am EDT to 9:00am EDT

  • Kira continues her trek as she checks out different strategies and hero builds to use throughout the game, gives theory of the story behind Dungeon Defenders II, and lastly, what shows you what upgrading is all about!

Ara_Gaming, 12:00pm EDT to 3:00pm EDT

djbouti_dan, 7:00pm EDT to 9:00pm EDT

  • Mr. Bouti (Kappa) himself will be working on leveling and enchanting one of his main characters, and learning how to survive on the hardest levels. Whether soloing or playing with others, he’s looking for adventure and want to smash some mobs or die trying!


Dagnom, 10:00am EDT to 12:00pm EDT

  • This week Dagnome will be focusing on what the new player experience is like for DD2. He will be covering things like the basic gameplay, different enemy types, item types/stats and other important facts any defender should know.

PhoenixHydra, 6:00pm EDT to 11:00pm EDT

  • Phoenix will be leveling his alternate characters up to 25. Feel free to drop in as he’ll be accepting invites, helping viewers level their character and of course, having fun.


Vitamiinb, 11:00am EDT to 1:00pm EDT

  • This week, Vitamiinb will continue his gameplay on hard difficulty with the apprentice class while also continuing to level the character to level 25.

Piggyteehee, 3:00pm EDT to 5:00pm EDT

  • Piggy continues his incursion 25 +++ farming!

Kraith88, 6:00pm EDT to 8:00pm EDT

  • Kraith will be doing everything from endgame farming, theory crafting, and HM challenges. He’s always down to play with viewers, so make sure you join!


LovinDaTacos, 12:00pm EDT to 3:00pm EDT

Petire50, 8:00pm EDT to 10:00pm EDT

  • Watch Petire as he tries to solo ramparts incursion with less than 800 Tower power. He’ll also be gearing on max level characters.  


oISketcHIo, 1:00am EDT to 3:00am EDT

djbouti_dan, 11:00am EDT to 3:00pm EDT

  • Catch djbouti as he continues his progress of his previous and fights his way through Dungeon Defenders II hardest levels!

Elandrian, 7:00pm EDT to 9:00pm EDT

  • Elandrian will be catering his stream to regulars as well as new viewers to come and join me in playing. He’ll be most likely be running through levels with friends and randoms just for fun.


Can you believe that we’re going into the THIRD week of The Casters Guild? Holy smokes! Thanks to everyone who’s watched the streams so far, and of course, a huge thanks to The Casters Guild streamers and moderators for taking the time to provide entertainment.

We have a new Twitch team page page so you can easily track when our streamers are live. Check it out!

Sound off: What would you like to see more of during the stream? Comment below!

Official Trendy Entertainment Streams


Weekly Defense, 1:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT

  • This week, iamisom and Kraith88 finish their Campaign Hard Mode run -- for real this time! Iamisom is telling everyone who gives him last-minute work before the stream to shut their mouth and let the man stream.


Devstream 16, 5:00 pm EDT to 6:00 pm EDT

  • We’re revealing our costume and embellishment system, and we’re showing off some of the fresh threadz that are going into the next update! 

The Casters Guild Stream Schedule


Kiraeyl, 7:00 am EDT to 9:00 am EDT

  • Join Kira in discussion on strategy, teamwork, and lore as we kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer) during her morning stream!

LovinDaTacos, 12:30 pm EDT to 6:00 pm EDT

Piggyteehee, 8:00 pm EDT to 10:00 pm EDT

  • Piggyteehee will be farming some end game content and experimenting with new items and set ups.


Dagnom, 10:00 am EDT to 1:00 pm EDT

  • Dagnom will be deleting, yes DELETING his characters to give a true "new player" experience to his stream. Come join in on the educational fun!

Cboxhero, 5:30 pm EDT to 7:30 pm EDT

Elandrian, 10:00 pm EDT to 1:00 am EDT

  • Join Elandrian as he theorycrafts and tries to navigate through the harder content. He’ll be focusing on gearing his characters and testing new end-game builds.


Kiraeyl, 7:00 am EDT to 9:00 am EDT

  • Kira will continue to focus on strategy, teamwork, and lore. Respectful discussion is always welcome! Playing with viewers is welcome!

Ara_gaming, 12:00 pm EDT to 3:00 pm EDT

djibouti_dan, 7:00 pm EDT to 9:00 pm EDT


Dagnom, 10:00 am EDT to 12:00 pm EDT

  • Dagnom will be continuing his "New" journey through the game with the courage of the Tin Man from Oz, come join in the fun!

Kraith88, 2:00 pm EDT to 4:00 pm EDT

  • Kraith will be continuing his week long hard mode class challenges. Kraith will take a brand new Apprentice through the hard-mode campaign.

PhoenixHydra, 6:00 pm EDT to 11:00 pm EDT

  • PhoenixHydra will be accepting invites from viewers and farming Legendary items.


Vitamiinb, 11:00 am EDT to 1:00 pm EDT

  • Vitamiinb will be farming for legendary items, and finally getting his second Monk to level 25. He will also be playing with viewers that want to play. 

Piggyteehee, 3:00 pm EDT to 5:00 pm EDT

  • Piggyteehee will be on the legendary grind to optimize his Monk and Huntress.

Kraith88, 6:00 pm EDT to 8:00 pm EDT

  •  Kraith will continue looking for those elusive legendary items that Malthius has hidden. "Damn you, Malthius! All your loot will belong to me!"


Victoryoftheppl, 12:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT

  • Victory will be working to level up her Huntress and Apprentice as she begins to learn the in’s and out’s of the game. Any help appreciated!

Petire50, 8:00 pm EDT to 10:00 pm EDT

oISketcHIo, 1:00 am EDT to 3:00 am EDT


djibouti_dan, 11:00 am EDT to 3:00 pm EDT

Elandrian, 7:00 pm EDT to 9:00 pm EDT

  • Elandrian will be returning again to group up with friends and viewers alike. Join him this Sunday as he levels new characters and explores new builds.


The Caster Games are almost here! Each week from May 18 to the first week of June, The Casters Guild will come together and vie for supremacy. They will battle with the Old Ones all over Etheria, trying to score as many points as possible. At the end, one winner will be chosen, earning the right to face Trendy’s Champion in a head-to-head battle for glory!

The matches will be livestreamed, and the moderators of The Casters Guild will be the referees. They will add up points, and the caster with the most points at the end of the tournament will be the winner. Each week will feature a specific hero from the game to participate in the tourney. For example: The first week will focus on the Squire, the second week will focus on the Huntress, etc. Points will be calculated on what objectives are still standing, how many times a participant dies or loses a map, and whether or not they can continue on. More specifics will be given when The Caster Games begin next week.

Casters Guild member Kiraeyl has made a video announcing the start of the Games:

Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below! In the meantime, watch The Casters Guild prepare for the Games this week!

F.A.Q. and Clarification for "The Casters Games"

As there seems to be a good deal of questions (and complaints) surrounding the idea of the “Caster Games” and about teasing a tournament going forward, I figured it would be a good idea to write out our thoughts. 

Now, on to the specifics. Let us give the synopsis again. The Casters Guild is going to compete in head-to-head competitions to get points to earn an informal title of champion, and get the opportunity to battle Trendy’s Champion. 

  1. Each competitor will start a brand new, completely unused character (at level 1) and for two hours will work through a campaign at the level of their choosing (Hard or Normal). It is a solo campaign with only the one character. Both competitors will use the same character. If you are caught switching characters or using items from another character, you will be penalized.
  2. The competitor must continue through the campaign and not use either the forge or any of the Tavern components (Enchantments, spec nodes, or the marketplace).
  3. Any armor you acquire, you must either switch to it, or put it in your bags. You cannot use the forge to switch armor between rounds.
  4. There is no limit on the time it takes to make a build, but realize that the longer it takes to build, the less time to complete the level you will have.
  5. The competitors will start at the same time and work through the campaign for two (2) hours, and time will be called by the referee when it is completed.
  6. You cannot play the same level (if completed) more than once. If you die, you must play that level until you have successfully completed it. You only will get points when the level is completed.
  7. At the end of the two hours, the points will be tallied, and the competitor with the highest point total will be declared the winner.
  8. Each competitor will be ranked based on their point totals. Each week the points will be added until the final champion is declared. (At least four weeks after the start).
  9. The Casters Guild Champion will then take on the Trendy Champion using the same criteria and format above in a 2 hour battle to determine the ultimate bragging rights.

"The Casters Games" point system:

  • 5 points for completing a level on normal mode
  • 10 points for completing a level on hard mode
  • 5 points for every sub core that stays alive in the level. (If the two hours are up mid game, you will get credit for the sub-cores staying alive, but not points for the completion of the level)
  • 2 points = Competitor with the most XP at the end of the competition
  • 2 points = Competitor with the greatest amount of gold at the end of the competition (without selling items)
  • 2 points = Competitor with the most items all items
  • 2 points = Competitor with the highest item armored. (If the competitors have the same number of the highest, then they look at the number of the next lowest. For example, both have a legendary item, the winner is the one who has more of epic items being used. As well, this is based on what they are using, and NOT what is in their inventory)
  • 2 points = competitor with the fewest deaths. (Not level defeats, but fewest deaths)
  • -10 points = playing levels out of order.
  • -20 points = using more than one character, using the forge to sell items, using the tavern items, pets, or any other enhancement.
  • The Wild Card!The viewers have a say also on who gets additional points. Each week, after the competitions have been held, there will be a poll of the participants who did not win their respective competition. The participant who wins that poll will get an additional 15 points for their ranking as a “best effort” consolation prize.

Casters Guild Schedule

Official Trendy Entertainment Streams


Weekly Defense, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT


Devstream 20, 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT

The Casters Guild


Kiraeyl, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM EDT

LovinDaTacos, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT


Cboxhero, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT

Elandrian, 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM EDT


Kiraeyl, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM EDT

Djbouti_dan, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT


Kraith88, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT

PhoenixHydra, 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM EDT


VitamiinB, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT

Piggyteehee, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT

Kraith88, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT


Djbouti_dan, 2:00PM to 6:30 PM EDT

Petire50, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

oIsketchIo, 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM EDT


Djbouti_dan, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT

Elandrian, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

Greetings Defenders, and welcome to this month’s QA Column: QA Bugstravaganza![working title]
We’ve got an exciting and hilarious bug for you today!

The Apprentress and Friends

When we discovered this bug, one of my personal favorites, we’d just finished a test for the Council members. As soon as we booted up the game and prepared to start on our normal daily tasks, we spawned into the map and were met with quite possibly one of the silliest bugs we’ve ever seen:

When choosing the Apprentice, everyone was met with what could only be called a “monstrosity,” or more accurately, a fusion of the Huntress and Apprentice now lovingly known as the “Apprentress.” This model combination led to some hilarious results as you can see from the video above, with the Apprentress firing off her awesome Cyclone and Mana Bomb. The Huntress and Apprentice weren’t alone in this strange splicing treatment, however, as the “Monktress” had his/her day in the sun, too. This Monk had all of the Huntress’ abilities and, as if that wasn’t enough, had also stolen the Squire’s sword and managed to make it float beside him.

After everyone in the office had a good laugh, a fix was quickly found and our Heroes were fused no longer. Many screenshots were taken, though, so whenever someone needs a pick-me-up, this bug never disappoints.

So there you have it: This month’s best bug. Let us know what you think about our weird Hero fusions in the comments, and what you believe would be the funniest accidental combination of Heroes! Also, if you think you can create a better title than QA Bugstravaganza, we’re taking suggestions!

The Buried Bastille is now live on both PC and PS4! From this point forward, our goal is to have the PC and PS4 releases be no more than a week apart!

Update:  Looks like our Hero Balance Changes for the next patch got out early! They have not been properly tested, so we're reverting them. If you wish to continue testing them before the next patch, please join our Remote Playtesting Group by emailing dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com! 

So what are these Hero Balance Changes? Here's a tentative list of the changes! Keep in mind these are subject and very likely to change as our community testers in the RPG get their hands on them.

Here are the full patch notes for The Buried Bastille:


  • New Map -- The Buried Bastille:  As selected by you in our Influence Vote, we’re releasing The Buried Bastille in this update! This sprawling, ancient prison is a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm Caverns. Four cores lurk in these shadows for you to protect. The Buried Bastille is the biggest map released in Dungeon Defenders II to date, so we’re eager to see how you feel about its size and complexity.

  • New Incursion -- The Bastille Master:  It’s a race against time to kill all of the enemies in The Bastille Master Incursion! Not only is time and the size of The Buried Bastille working against you, but you only have a limited number of lives, too!

  • Improved Daily Missions: In our last update, we introduced Bonus Missions as part of our ongoing effort to increase the earn rate of Defender Medals for all players. In this update, we’re doing two things. The first is improving the Daily Missions themselves. Our Daily Missions will now be about winning a certain amount of maps (some with extra provisions, some without). No more Daily Missions like “Ignite X Enemies” or “Gain X Pet Affection Levels.” It’s all about winning and being rewarded for winning. Play how you want to play and get rewarded for it -- unless how you want to play is to lose, in which case, we’re sorry. The second thing is...

  • Temporary Change -- Increased Daily Mission Payouts: For the next two weeks, we’re increasing the amount of Defender Medals gained to 225 - 450 Defender Medals apiece. We’re going to pay close attention to the number of people completing Dailies and how these new reward amounts are affecting the Medal earn rate for all players. So please login, play with the Daily Mission changes and let us know on the forums how you feel.

  • New iPWR 750 Apprentice Weapon -- The Ghastly Halberd:  If you complete The Bastille Master Incursion, you’ll earn the new Ghastly Halberd Apprentice weapon! Using this weapon turns the Apprentice into a ghost, reducing damage taken by enemies from 35%-90%! Using the alternate fire of the weapon will spawn a variable number of halberds that will attack nearby enemies.

  • New iPWR 750 Helmet: This Incursion will have a chance to drop an iPWR 750 Helmet from the Victory Chest.

  • New Apprentice Elemental Variant Costume -- Guardian of the Dead: The Apprentice is joining the Monk and the Huntress in getting an elemental variant costume of his own!

  • New Steam Pack:  The Hero Army Pack:  The Hero Army Pack arrives later today! Now you can complete your roster with an incredible collection of our newest playable Heroes with multiple high-end Costumes in one mega-package!

  • Other Changes:

    • Summary Screen will now display Defender Medals earned from Daily and Bonus Missions.

    • Summary Screen will now display XP gained from Daily Bonuses.

    • June 22nd is your last chance to get the Collector’s Pack on Steam!

    • When you reroll a Daily Mission, a new Daily is automatically selected for you.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would happen while inspecting another player’s Hero Deck.

  • Amped Up, Snowstorm, Curse of Weakness, Envenom and Breaker are now working properly. These were previously doing the opposite of their intended function (e.g. Amped Up was decreasing attack rate instead of increasing it).

  • Fixed a visual bug where Hearty Blockade was dropping at 0%.

  • Fixed an issue where Panic Fire was unintentionally working for the Proton Beams. (Press Your Luck works for now but will get disabled in a future patch. Please let us know how Proton Beams feel now.)

  • Bling-O-Midas enemy hit VFX should now be properly golden and not some weird muddy color.

  • Bling-O-Midas projectile VFX now properly matches the width of the bow’s cone of damage.

  • Fixed an issue where Defender Medal purchases during a round were being tallied on the Summary Screen.

  • Fixed an issue where Wyverns were getting stuck in the Dragonfall Bazaar Market Skies air lane.

  • Proton Flame Charge Skill Sphere now properly adds extra damage.

  • Fixed some issues with NPC dialogue and tutorial dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s towers would remain on the Create Hero screen.

  • Fixed more collision issues with EV2’s Death From Above ability.

  • The Bling King now idles after he destroys the Inn, peasants!

  • Fixed an issue where the Ranged Goblin’s attack trails were showing up as grey boxes.

  • Fixed an issue where some Huntress bow attacks were showing up as grey boxes.

  • When swapping accessories for the Mantis Striker costume while a canister is equipped, the new accessory will now properly conform to the color of the canister. #peerpressure

PS4-Specific Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential solution for the War Table bug where players will only see the first map.

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would go back to the top of an item category in the Inventory when the “Are you sure” confirmation box popped up.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not cancel the Level Up pop-up box.

  • Fixed an issue where locking items in the Inventory accessed from the new Esc menu caused the cursor to jump randomly.

Known Issues

  • Some weapons that were 4-shots-per-second are now appearing at 2s or 1s. We're looking into it.

  • If you're unable to place EV2's nodes, you may need to reset your keybindings.

  • Idle Flow is currently not slowing enemies.

  • (PS4) Some PS4 users will not see the correct icon for placing EV nodes (Square is the correct button to place the node). Issue will be resolved in a future update but can, for now, be resolved by reinstalling the game.

PS4 players also received the Series EV2 hero and The Bling King update!



The Bling King Update is available now on PC!


  • The Bling King Incursion on Little-Horn Valley:  The Kobold King is extorting Little-Horn Valley, and it’s up to you to meet his demands for gold or he’ll destroy the Inn!

  • New Huntress Weapon, Bling-O-Midas: This iPWR 750 bow drops exclusively on the Bling King Incursion. This weapon slows enemies and turns them into gold!

  • iPWR 750 Gloves:  Similar to the Spectral Knight Incursion, an up-to iPWR 750 loot piece will drop from the Victory Chest!

  • Bonus Missions: As part of our effort to increase the earn rate of Medals, Monthly Missions have become Bonus Missions. Get a new Bonus Mission every week. Bonus Missions are completable in 1-2 play sessions and give more Medals per playtime than our previous Monthly Missions.

    • This week’s Bonus Mission:  Win the Bling King Incursion!

  • EV2 Medal Cost Reduction:  Series EV2 is now 10,000 medals!

  • New Abyss Lord Costume:  The Depth Lord!

  • Misc Changes:

    • Pause menu will now display the mode and difficulty of the current match.

    • Added Series EV2 bag icon for premium bags.

    • Changed the color of Series EV2's card back frame.


  • The stat increases from EV2’s Buff Beam did not improve from Tier 2 to Tier 3 and from Tier 4 to Tier 5. Rescaled each tier from:

    • Tier 1:  1 to 1

    • Tier 2:  1.1 to 1.05

    • Tier 3:  1.1 to 1.1

    • Tier 4:  1.2 to 1.15

    • Tier 5:  1.2 to 1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when leaving a map as somebody else was loading in.

  • Fixed a crash that happened when inspecting someone's deck and then clicking hero info/costume as someone else was loading into the session.

  • Improved the loading time on the session list.

  • Fixed an issue where some Ignite cases were not counting toward the Ignite Daily Mission.

  • Fixed an issue where the Arcane Resilience and Null Void bonuses to health were being applied after the tower was placed, causing the tower to be damaged when it first spawned.

  • Fixed an issue where selling EV2’s nodes while at maximum defense mana would not drop mana equal to the node cost.

  • Fixed numerous collision issues related to EV2’s Death from Above ability. (Special thanks to Lord_DaS for the thread!)

  • Shardshot passive should correctly deal damage now.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Mighty Fists and Smiting Fists passives.

  • Series EV2 can now wear the Carnival masks.

  • Tweaked the audio on EV2’s Heat Bar.

Known Issues

  • The game can crash when transitioning out of a map after inspecting another person’s Hero Deck.

  • The VFX for the Bling Bow doesn’t 100% match the width of its area of effect and the VFX of the enemies turning gold is not being properly applied to some enemies.

  • Combining Oiling Strikes sphere with the Flameburst Tower does not ignite enemies.


Greetings, Defenders!

So far we've given you quite a bit of insight into how our levels are developed visually from start to finish. There is, however, one final element that greatly contributes to the atmosphere of our beautiful maps: audio. Once our level designers have finished building and scripting a map, and our VFX artists have gone through to make sure everything is appropriately shiny, it's finally time to implement sound.

When a map is ready for sound, my first step is to generate an audio asset list for our talented sound designer, Afshin Toufighian. It is during this process that I decide which environment pieces and effects will require an audio element and which areas of the map will require their own stereo ambient sound waves.

Stereo Sounds

Unlike mono sound waves, stereo sound waves utilize both your left and right speakers to create one sound, and as such are not spatialized. This means that they don't seem to come from any one direction in particular, which makes them useful for establishing an ambient backdrop to a given area. Most indoor maps like Siphon Site D only require one stereo sound spanning the entire level. In contrast, outdoor maps like Nimbus Reach can have a variety of environmental settings that each require their own stereo sound.

With Nimbus Reach, we wanted the starting area near the main cores to sound windy and devoid of wildlife. As we imagined the player approaching the forest area towards the back of the level, we wanted the sound of wind to fade out as the sounds of wildlife faded in. Of course if the player were to approach the waterfalls and rivers on the sides of the map, we wanted the sound of rushing waters to fade in. You can see how this was achieved below.

Yep, with circles. Mystery solved.

Here you can see I've placed a stereo sound wave on each side of Nimbus Reach. The inner and outer blue circles surrounding each sound indicate its minimum and maximum attenuation, respectively. When inside the inner minimum attenuation circle, the player will hear that sound at full volume. As the player leaves the minimum attenuation circle, the sound's volume will dynamically fade out as the player approaches the maximum attenuation circle, beyond which the sound will no longer be audible. By fine tuning these attenuation values, I am able to make these stereo ambient sounds fade in and out as the player traverses the level, giving the sounds a sense of 3D placement.

Mono Sounds

After the stereo sounds are in place, it's time to start adding in mono sounds for singular environment details. Mono sound waves only utilize one speaker channel, so I set them to be spatialized. This means a player standing near the sound will hear it travel from speaker to speaker as the they turn their camera and experience a direct audible link to where the sound is coming from. In Nimbus Reach, I've implemented mono sounds for things like rustling grass, glowing plants, and single crickets chirping throughout the level.

All my single crickets, chirp your hands up.

The Big Picture

When used together, mono and stereo sound waves can create a complete and convincing soundscape for the player to experience. For example, while the water areas in Nimbus Reach do have a stereo water sound encompassing them, each individual waterfall also has a mono sound associated with it as well. These mono sounds communicate to the player's ears that each waterfall is indeed making its own sound, while the stereo sound communicates the reverberations of water sounds a player should expect to hear that close to the base of a few waterfalls. To put it simply, the stereo sounds function as my broad brushes, while the mono sounds function as my detail brushes.

The finished product can look a little messy...

It’s ART, okay?!

...but we think it sounds pretty good. You don't have to take our word for it though. Check out the video at the top of the post for a tour through Nimbus Reach and hear for yourself!

The random winners of our previous blogs are:

Enemy Tiers: Holliewood
Enemy Tiers: xFuNz
The Concept Art Process: MyGoldfish
The Concept Art Process: Alih789

What did you think of the ambient sound process? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next week. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!



Today our “SUMMONING THE DEMON LORD” Update went live on Steam Early Access. This Update opens up a TON of content. The first Challenge Maps in Act I are available to conquer, the Demon Lord himself has been summoned, and Nightmare difficulty is now available. It’s a lot of content — let’s get into it!

Nightmare Difficulty

The top difficulty in the original Dungeon Defenders makes its triumphant return. While it is not the hardest content coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, it definitely packs quite a punch. Enemies have more health, hit harder, and provide better rewards. That’s not all though — Nightmare brings four additional enemies into the fray, each with their own new mechanics to push all that Insane gear you’ve been farming to the limit. In DD:A we introduce these enemies in a more digestible fashion, so you can learn their mechanics one at a time, before having to face them all as you progress through the rest of Campaign and Survival.



Coming out of every dark nook and cranny, spiders come to disrupt carefully placed defenses. These web slingers have a knack for dropping behind your defenses, causing havoc by weakening players and towers. Watch out, here comes a spider web!

  • Abilities
    • Can spawn in unconventional locations, sometimes behind choke points or typical building locale.
    • Shoot webs that if they hit towers greatly slow their attack rate and weaken their damage. If they hit your hero, you are no longer able to use abilities and your movement and attack speed are greatly reduced, while greatly increasing the damage you take.
  • Strategies
    • Look to build defenses to protect defenses that are dealing with frontline enemies.
    • Using your damage-dealing focused hero, quickly burst them down before they start launching webs.



These land walking sharks pack quite a punch! Proving that they didn’t skip leg day, the moment they are in range of a tower, they begin to charge up before bolting forward, knocking any tower they encounter to the wayside. These foes don’t stop there — should anyone get within melee range of them, they’ll burst you down with incredibly powerful swinging giant crab claws.

  • Abilities
    • Charged dash that knocks Towers away.
      • Incredibly powerful melee attacks.
  • Strategies
    • Interrupt their dash as they are still charging it.
    • Auras and traps help make quick work of these foes.
    • Use ranged attacks to avoid their deadly flurry.



The Djinn giveth to their ally, and taketh away from you. Able to channel their magical energy into a nearby ally through their hands, they are able to greatly increase all stats to their friend left uninterrupted. However, their powers don’t stop there. Using a powerful gaze, they can phase a focused tower out of existence should they be left alone. Your wish is not your command!

  • Abilities
    • Channeled cast that buffs all stats of a targeted enemy.
      • Channeled cast that destroys towers.
        • Heavy damage to heroes.
  • Strategies
    • Dealing enough damage to a Djinn interrupts their casting, preventing them from buffing their allies, or destroying your towers.

Goblin Copter


Look, in the sky! It’s a megachicken! It’s a propeller cat! NO, it’s a Goblin Copter! Using some crafty goblin engineering, the Goblin Copter is a mechanical miracle that is able to not only make goblins airborne, but also carry an Ogre with them. They are able to break through defenses by distracting towers using bright flares they shoot to continue their journey. After dropping Ogres, they shoot homing rockets that deal high damage to players and towers alike.

  • Abilities
    • Carry Ogres through the battlefield to specific locations.
    • Shoot flares to distract towers from hitting them.
    • After dropping off their Ogre, they shoot twin homing rockets that deal high damage to heroes and towers.
    • Ogres are immune to damage while carried.
    • When destroyed, Goblin Copters crash to the ground, dealing incredibly high damage.


  • Strategies
    • Focus the Goblin Copter before it drops its Ogre.
    • If over a pit, the Ogre will fall to its demise, and you will not be hit by the crashing explosion.
    • If the Ogre falls to the ground, it will have ⅓ of its original HP.
    • Long range Harpoon or Deadly Striker Towers make quick work of these enemies, if they’re able to hit them.

These enemies are sure to shake up some surefire strategies that worked through previous difficulties. To relieve some of the punishment that these crooked cooks dish out, we’ve created a digestible way to encounter these foes throughout your adventures in Campaign. The enemies first appear in the following maps:

  • Spiders in Deeper Well (Nightmare)
  • Sharken in Ancient Mines (Nightmare)
  • Djinn in Lava Mines (Nightmare)
  • Goblin Copter in Tornado Valley (Nightmare)

As you progress, you will encounter more of these enemies in each map. Going from Campaign to Survival will not be as kind, with enemies coming at you in full force as soon as Deeper Well. Not all Nightmare enemies can spawn in every map, but when they do, it’s something that’ll haunt you in your sleep. 

After conquering the enemies that Nightmare throws at you, you’ll be rewarded with even stronger gear than before. These pieces of gear are going to first come in the form of Mythical gear, and then as you progress and claim even greater gear, Transcendent gear shall be yours! 

Arise, Demon Lord!


The Demon Lord has been summoned to provide the first boss battle in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. This pillar of calamity is brought into our realm in the Alchemical Labs through a combination of alchemy, science, and dark magic. After braving five waves of enemies, you will have 30 seconds before this demonic monstrosity bursts from his lava-bound chamber. Though his power is immense, there may be some tools that brought him into this world that can help send him back!

Hardcore Mode

Are you a bad enough dude and think you’ve got what it takes to fight some of the hardest enemies without taking a knee? Then Hardcore is right up your alley! Enabling this option for any map you go into provides great rewards with a great risk. During Hardcore, should your heroes hp bar reach zero, you will not respawn until the combat phase is over, either from your towers carrying you to victory, or from your crystal core exploding in defeat. Another twist of the knife, if you should die, all the build mana you previously had drops to zero. There’s definitely strength in numbers, so team up to help shoulder the burden!

Note: Hardcore is an option you’ll find during map select on the right side of the screen.

Act I Challenge Maps

The first of many to come, these challenge maps are an introduction into some fun content that takes maps you know and love, and adds a different spin on them.

Deeper Well: No Towers Allowed
In this challenge map, your Defense Unit amount is set to zero and you are unable to build defenses. You’ll need to bring your best damage dealing hero to deal with all the enemies that are gunning for your crystal core!

Alchemical Labs:  Raining Goblins
It’s raining gobs, hallelujah it’s raining gobs! Just like the title says, goblins come raining from the sky! Goblins continue to spawn throughout the entire map from the sky, enough to blot out the sun. You have to weather the storm, slaying all that fall upon you.

Bonus Map — Magus Quarters


A fan favorite is returning! The Magus Quarters is a hotbed of activity, quite literally. After completing Act I, you now unlock this map for additional challenges, loot, and even a new pet. There’s more coming to this map, during the 1.0 release Magus Quarters will also provide a challenge map — The Warping Core!




  • Manabomb
    • Adjusted it’s scaling so that late game it is MUCH more powerful should you put points into the ability.
  • Flameburst Tower
    • Now has proper fall off damage.
  • Lightning Tower
    • Damage has been GREATLY increased.
    • Is able to add new targets at the end of its chain.
    • Remakes the chain lightning if an enemy in the chain dies.
  • Deadly Striker Tower
    • Improved the targeting functionality.


  • Hero Boost
    • Was boosting too much, and has been reduced.
  • Tower Boost
    • Lowered the overall scaling of this ability.


  • Slice N Dice Tower
    • Damage has been GREATLY increased.





  • Overall accessories have had their scaling reduced to 25% of their previous values.
  • Armor added to shields.

Upgrade Levels

  • Updated upgrade levels for all pets, accessories, and weapons.



Pet Rock

  • Movement speed decreased to 50% of the hero’s movement speed, down from 75%.
  • Decreased the total amount of stats given.

Propeller Cat

  • Lowered the additional power this flying feline was giving.

Sell Price

  • Many pets have had their sell price adjusted.

Melee Pets

  • Attack range increased to 400 from 300.

Ranged Pets

  • Attack range increased to 700 from 400.


  • The amount a pet’s damage can be upgraded has been GREATLY increased.




  • Snot toss now has proper fall off damage.
  • Effects of the Ensnare Aura are reduced towards the Ogre.

General Changes

  • There’s a new Intro cinematic that plays when the game loads, as well as before Deeper Well on Campaign. Check it out!
  • After defeating the Demon Lord, a cinematic plays as you progress into Act II!
  • Added Offline Play support.
  • New visuals in Alchemical Labs, including some nefarious weapons floating with a protective barrier.
  • Added a Lock/Unlock All action
    • On Keyboard it is:  Ctrl+L
    • Gamepad: Hold X (face button left)
    • Or click it!
  • Added a “Click to Sell” feature
    • You can now sell items by holding the “S” key and clicking on items (if the item is unlocked)
  • Added a slew of gamepad and keyboard features in the inventory.
  • Gamepad Improvements
    • Can now scroll the stat panel with the right joystick.
    • Hitting left and right now switches pages.
    • Hitting right shoulder buttons switches you from heroes to defenses on the Hero Stats panel.
    • Added support for Map Select and Game Mode Select
  • Trap chaining has been added to the Huntress.
    • Traps of the same type that overlap with one another will now set off a chain reaction should one activate.
  • Ballista in The Ramparts is active and can be interacted with.
    • It fires a shot, but it can’t hit anything. Just a cool little thing.
  • Magus Quarters has now been added to Map Select!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when connecting to a session.
  • Fixed a crash involving the inventory while trying to matchmake or join a friend.
  • Fixed a data loss issue related to joining a friend or matchmaking taking too long.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to swap heroes while matchmaking.
  • Fixed a crash involving opening the inventory.
  • Fixed a crash if a Host had the escape menu open, and a client joined, the host would crash.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred based on rare states of your heroes.
  • Fixed a crash when a client creates a hero through the inventory during a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed an issue with the tower repair cast bar not matching the actual repair time.
  • Removed a pesky hidden flag that was outdated on The Promenade.
  • Added functionality for “unreadying” to reset the timer to infinite (if applicable).
  • Adjusted currency to 64 bit values (it’s a 4,000,000,000%+ increase).
  • Optimized content within Tornado Valley for increased performance.
  • Optimized content within Tornado Highlands for increased performance.
  • Optimized content within The Throne Room for increased performance.
  • Optimized content within The Arcane Library for increased performance.
  • Optimized all skeletal meshes for Heroes to increase performance.
  • Optimized how the Dark Elf Mage heals.
  • Optimized Dark Elf Archer model.
  • Optimized content on Lava Mines for increased performance.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a player to be buffed with an infinite duration Hero Boost.
  • Fixed an issue with Escape Menu buttons not being clickable.
  • Fixed an issue with Huntress weapons not having correct fall off damage.
  • Fixed an issue with pet projectiles not having correct fall off damage.
  • Optimized how enemy weapons are handled after defeating them, increasing performance.
  • Several tutorial tweaks.
  • Fixed the Lightning Tower beam VFX so that it properly follows enemies.
  • Improved Monk run animation.
  • Adjusted Inventory frames to always be active (no more fading)
  • Squire’s heal and lose animations received small updates.
  • Fixed verbiage used during the tutorial to be more in line with the narration.
  • Fixed a scaling issue with scrolling combat text font.
  • Corrected how lighting affected the anvil in the Tavern.
  • Fixed an issue where if everyone unreadies, the timer (if applicable) gets set back to infinity until a player readies up.
  • Updated a lot of training dummy functionality, including how damage is calculated and presented.
  • Improved cloud backup saves.
  • Fixed an issue when locking an item that locked the item selected and also the item the mouse cursor was over.
  • Fixed Apprentice falling animation to be less choppy on ledges.
  • Fixed Squire falling animation to be less choppy on ledges.
  • Fixed an issue where players would see weird spawning events when other players opened their inventory.
  • Fixed a gamepad issue when closing filters or damage numbers pop up.
  • Fixed an issue where the hero preview would not load with a weapon.
  • Added support for toggling privacy settings when creating a session.
  • Fixed an issue with the Slice n Dice tower’s SFX looping improperly.
  • Fixed sounds playing before animation on Defense Radial Menu.
  • Adjusted radial menu animations to be snappier.
  • Adjusted keybindings on various radial menus.
  • Adjusted the radial bar menu visuals to be cleaner.
  • Fixed Hero Boost and Tower Boost descriptions in the Hero Info Panel.
  • Fixed an issue with the timer not going away when entering Combat Phase.
  • Fixed an issue where item inspection only worked on the left side of the inventory.
  • Removed the ability to close the Inventory filter UI with right shoulder buttons on gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD not disappearing when restarting a map.
  • Fixed an issue where the filter UI could be opened while a context menu was open.
  • Fixed an issue with the Spiked Blockade attack SFX was not playing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lightning Tower attack SFX was not playing.
  • Fixed an issue with the SFX not playing when Heal finished.
  • Fixed a lot of music related issues.
  • Fixed an issue with the game starting fullscreen and ignoring resolution settings.
  • Fixed various issues with gamepad usage on the Escape Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lightning Tower SFX was not stopping after being destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where combat music would play over victory fanfare.
  • Fixed an issue where confirmation popups were not using the correct text.
  • Fixed an issue when swapping heroes in the inventory, resulting in incorrect camera placement.
  • Fixed an issue with the Summary Screen moving the player to the next map, regardless of win or loss.
  • Fixed an issue with the Ogre’s swing hitting players.


Known Issues

  • Item tiers will change currently through upgrades going into Nightmare gear. This is currently a visible change, and is not reflective of the final way tiers will be displayed.
  • Melee pet damage and ranged pet damage are not scaling correctly in Nightmare. All other difficulties will scale pet damage correctly.
  • Public games sometimes do not show up in the session browser.
  • If you click OK on a loot filter change and click back on options the UI won't close unless you hit the esc key.
  • If you create a hero with empty hero slots sometimes you'll just see the hero and the background. This can be bypassed by hitting the “I” key or escape depending.
  • Some accessories may change into another accessory, specifically the Sapphire Brooch, Mining Bracer, and Crusader Shield may become Monocles.
  • Very high item level gear may not show a quality tier.

What’s Next?

Our release is not too far away, so we’re going to keep plugging away to get the remaining content all polished up and ready for you to conquer. While our schedule has become tight due to the effects of COVID-19 (becoming fully remote, internet outages making remote work hard, and so many other fun hurdles), we’re still doing everything we can to get this game out to you as soon as possible. To make this easier, please, should you run into any bugs during this update, report them to us through the in-game escape menu. We’re working as quick and hard as we can, but with the vast numbers you provide, we’re able to get issues surfaced faster, leading to quick turnaround and fixes. 

Also a big shout out to our Etherian Cavalry, they were a big help in surfacing some gaps for us and overall providing a better experience going into this update!

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms:

Keep an eye out for more info!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


Dear Defenders,

We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. Your support for Dungeon Defenders II has helped it become the success it is today:

  • 1,000,000 Installs (!)

  • 11,000,000 Hours Played (!!)

  • 0 Old Ones Released (Priceless)

Give yourselves a round of applause! You’ve earned it.

Thank you for playing, and thank you for supporting our F2P model. Every dollar you spend and have spent helps us create new gameplay content for everyone, like the two Spooky maps and the Spooky Event we released yesterday. Thank you for cheering when Steam promotes our game (which we’re hoping they do with the Grave Danger Pack in the Steam Halloween Sale). Thank you for cheering when friends and strangers spend money on badass costumes. Together, we get to make the best Action Tower Defense game ever.

And we get to feed our families, which we’re sure they appreciate.

With Love,
The Trendy Team



From now until July 3rd, get 50% off the Molten Master Bundle! The Molten Master Bundle includes the Abyss Lord and the Molten Master costume. The bundle is available at the Create Hero screen in-game.

Offer is valid for both PC and PS4 players!


Dungeon Defenders II Early Access and Collector’s Edition are on sale! Head to the Steam page to grab your copy. Sale ends Saturday at 12:59PM EDT!

To celebrate our sale, let's make a [[4394,hashtags]]! Retweet this tweet to add more ingredients to the shake. Then on Friday at 5PM EDT, Multimedia Specialist Alex “Iron Stomach” Polefko is going to drink your mystery shake live on Twitch!

Have a suggestion for the [[4394,hashtags]]? Share it with us in the comments below, and we’ll pick our favorites!



Greetings Defenders,

This Friday, Dungeon Defenders II will be available on Steam Early Access! We’re excited to welcome all of our new players into the game and continue to make the best Action Tower Defense experience possible!

Steam Early Access will be available for $24.99. This will include access to Dungeon Defenders II, $30 of in-game currency and a set of 4 exclusive hero embellishments (currency and embellishments will be given to players as they are created/implemented into the game). We expect Dungeon Defenders II to remain in Early Access for at least a year. All of our Defense Councillors will also receive these new embellishments for free.

We will also have an upgrade pack available. This upgrade will be $49.99 and will include $100 additional currency, 4 exclusive Hero Skins, an exclusive title, the 4 Tower Skins our Defense Councillors are designing, and an exclusive tavern decoration (goodies will be given to players as they are created/implemented into the game). All current Co-Op pack Defense Councillors will also get these new goodies. The rest of you will be able to upgrade to this pack on Steam to get all of those in-game extras and the new ones. For an updated list of what your Defense Council packages include (we’ve added a lot!), click here.

Both of these will be 20% off for the first week Early Access is available on Steam!

We want to thank all of you for your feedback in our last survey and blog post about our Steam release. This feedback really helped us decide the pricing and awards in these new bundles. We’re excited to be able to provide new goodies for all of our new and old players, while keeping the Defense Council exclusives… exclusive. :)

We look forward to seeing you in Etheria on Friday! And remember: Tune into the The Game Awards on Friday at 9 p.m. EST for a world-premiere DD2 announcement!

Edited 12/4/14:  Clarified that some of the goodies will not be made immediately available upon purchase. They will be given to people as they are created/implemented into the game. Sorry for the confusion!


Dungeon Defenders II is available now on Steam Early Access! Get it here!

We can’t wait to dive into all of your new feedback. After you’ve played, please let us know what you think on our forums! And remember, after you’ve played, use your Influence Points to vote on the upcoming Daily Mission system here. If you didn’t catch our forum post about Influence and what it is, check it out on this thread. We’ll be posting more about this system (and possibly re-posting that thread!) to this blog as we continue development on it.

If you aren’t still busy playing Dungeon Defenders II later tonight, be sure to tune into The Game Awards tonight at 9 PM EST for a special announcement! 



The day is finally upon us, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is OUT NOW on Steam Early Access. This is a huge day for us as a studio, as it’s our first launch of a product out into the masses; it’s a huge step for Dungeon Defenders returning to its roots; and it’s a huge accomplishment thanks to your support, to get something this amazing out WITHIN A YEAR! With that said, you what we do, we get into it — let’s get into it!


Steam Early Access

This is time for us to deliver on our promise of having a release in February. This period is pivotal for us to get the game into the Defenders of Etheria’s hands and go crazy throughout the entire game. We used the 10,000+ pieces of feedback we received from our Beta, and used it to help mold the game into this Early Access state. There’s still work we’re polishing, but the state the game is in, we’re comfortable and proud to present it to you. We’ll go over a couple pieces of info we’ve gone over before, as well as discuss what to expect in this Early Access release.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, we’re on Steam right now. Click here to visit our Steam page!


Releasing into Early Access isn’t only going to be setting the game live in its early state and then providing the finished product months later. Instead, we’re going to be updating it over time, adding in features as they become polished and in a state we’re happy with. Thus, THE ROADMAP IS BORN!


As a studio, this is what we are sticking to as a studio. Should anything change, we are going to make sure that we keep all of you updated as soon as possible. We want this road map to serve as a look into where our focus is and as a promise for what we’ll deliver.

Why Early Access?

Going into Early Access on Steam allows us to get where the game is at into the hands of our players on PC. By doing so, we’re able to iterate quickly, getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened into that 100% state as soon as possible, something we’re unable to do on consoles as fast as we want to iterate. We are still going to be honoring our Nintendo Switch exclusive deal with Nintendo, with our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases coming in Q3 2020.

That said, this Early Access is not going to be like other games, or like Dungeon Defenders II. The Early Access period is going to be incredibly short, because we’re really spending this time to polish up the game and meet your expectations. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is going to be fully released during Q2 on PC and Nintendo Switch. We want Early Access to be as short as possible so that we can get Dungeon Defenders: Awakened out to all of you as the best version of the game.



Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

This will give us a chance to make sure that the game is balanced, being easy or hard in the appropriate parts of the game; animations and art assets are looking great and working properly; working out any kinks when it comes to playing with others; making sure our network tech properly connects you to others and also properly saves your gear; and of course testing our flags, checks, and reactions from our anti-hack systems on a much larger scale.

What’s In Early Access?

Shown in the Roadmap above outlines what is going to be coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, and briefly goes over what is already in. We’ll blow it apart a bit more here!

7zOvI2ssbngH5lo6kmCnC4FOGCzEHx4EpwGJvdfGEvery heroic adventure starts in a really deep well, right?


The Campaign is the progressive order maps are presented in, and on the full release will include story elements and bosses scattered throughout to help you understand what exactly is going on in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. In the Steam Early Access release, Campaign includes all 12 maps part of the whole campaign:

  • Deeper Well

  • Ancient Mines

  • Lava Mines

  • Alchemical Labs

  • Tornado Valley

  • Tornado Highlands

  • Ramparts

  • Throne Room

  • Arcane Library

  • Royal Gardens

  • The Promenade

  • The Summit

These maps are in a great state, but we are still open to feedback as you play through these maps, so please throw it our way through the in-game link seen on the Escape screen.

Alchemical Labs, Throne Room, and The Summit do not currently have their bosses implemented. As covered in the Roadmap, the Demon Lord arrives in March, the Goblin Mech charges in during April, with the Ancient Dragon approaching in the full release.


On this release, you have access to:

  • Easy

  • Medium

  • Hard

  • Insane

We’ve tested these extensively, and the progression through the campaign feels incredibly good. Our goal is to let people provide extensive feedback on these difficulties before we throw you into the terror that is Nightmare in March, which is going to push Defenders to take on some substantially harder enemies.  It doesn’t stop there though, as upon release you’ll have to survive the newest difficulty — Massacre. Both of these difficulties provide new enemies that only brave Defenders will be able to cull!



Making its triumphant return, the Survival game mode is going to be available on all difficulties and all maps provided in Early Access. Each map rewards a unique pet to join you in your adventures, while also boosting your hero in some way. There’s a lot to master through all 12 maps, we hope you’re able to survive!

While playing through Survival in Early Access, we are going to continue to optimize the maps to accommodate all the enemies that you are going to be fighting. As noted on our Road Map, there is going to be continuous updates to the game, and this include performance optimizations. If you run into frame drops or crashes, report them in feedback, as that’ll help us polish things up. For Defenders looking for a true challenge, try playing on Insane Survival Summit on very old hardware getting 1 FPS, outside in the rain, while taming lions (please don’t do this, this part is just jokes, play it normal and safely please).


There’s a lot of pets that are going to be in Steam Early Access that were not in Beta. Some pets are straight forward, boosting your stats and slapping enemies, however we brought back some revamped fan favorites *cough*Genie*cough*, and also some new pets that have never been seen before. We made sure that you have a wide variety of pets to use, trying to apply a variety of play styles to fit certain pets. There are even more coming past this, but we’re sure you’ll quickly grow to love all of these companions (the Ramster is so dang cute!).


There’s a TON of gear to earn. Going back to our roots, we wanted people to get excited for gear to hunt. Itemization feedback has been tremendous, and so we used words from Defenders old and new to curate some awesome pieces to hunt for. We brought back a lot of the systems that made Dungeon Defenders gear great to hunt. Gear rolls any and all stats that are on your hero, making it exciting to receive that one perfect piece that has all the defensive stats for your Tower Builder spec'd heroes, or well-rounded gear for any Defender who prefers a Jack of All Trades play style! Another exciting return is that weapons and pets are randomly colorized, providing unique looks to the loot you receive. White and Gold is one of the rarest combos you’ll find, so good luck!


Gear continues to get stronger as you progress through the game of course, with each difficulty providing new pieces to empower your heroes and defenses to new heights! While climbing also make sure to keep an eye on what armor you’re equipping, as gear sets are back in the game.


Through your journeys, you’ll also be receiving accessories that visually change the look of your character. This was not something part of Dungeon Defenders original release, but they are so fun to acquire and add a great level of visual customization that we couldn’t just not do them! Masks, Bracers, Brooches, and Shields (Squire Only) are some of the pieces you’ll receive that you can uncover to add another layer to empowering your character.

Cursed Gear No More!

One thing you will notice that is different from Dungeon Defenders is that there is no longer any cursed gear. This was something a vast majority felt very strong as a detractor from the game, and made getting gear feel like a potential punishment if it had the one stat you wanted, but diminished others.

Tools of the Trade

There’s a lot of tools we wanted to provide to the players. One of them was an updated Tactical Map (tac map for short). There’s a ton of upgrades we made to this feature, trying to provide as much visual clarity on what’s going on and where. There’s also brand new additions, such as in the options menu, you can now select filters for the tac map to show specific upgrades and items that you’re looking for, making it easy to survey the land quickly and go get your items before continuing on.


There’s also a lot of the HUD and UI improvements. There are seriously too many to include here, and as noted on the Roadmap, there are more coming! Comparing items in your inventory, providing clearer definitions for upgrades, revamped stat names, and so much more.

Towers are also part of the UI improvements. You can now interact with your towers to see how they are performing and what their stats are. Even a deep layer, towers show you the important stats that matter based on what they do. This means seeing what’s important in how a Spiked Blockade performed is different than seeing how an Ensnare Aura performed. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these features and make any improvements possible!

Kickstarter, BackerKit, and Preorder Rewards

Rewards are planned for our full 1.0 release. While we have already chipped away at getting these made, today is our final deadline for our backers to submit what they’d like. We recently got a ton of requests back from our initial surveying to people in appropriate tiers, so now we just need to get to work on them. Some of these things are absolutely beautiful, others are horrifying, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Early Access Note

We have an Early Access FAQ that we’ve put together. If some of your questions weren’t answered here, please give it a look and hopefully they are answered!

There’s some stuff that we are not covering in this post, but there is a ton to discover in this game. Some of it is intended, some of it may be bugaboos that need to be squashed, and some of it may be as Bob Ross put it: happy little accidents. This is a game that we’re proud to present as a culmination of developer work and extensive community feedback. We truly feel this is a game made for our GLORIOUS Defenders, and we hope you feel the same. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey so far, and we can’t wait to continue on and hope you’ll be there by our side.

What’s Next?

We’re going to keep working. As shown in the Roadmap, we’ve got some ground to cover still. We want to keep updates coming and to further enhance our transparency and direct communication with our community. We plan on having updates showcasing the work that has been done, continue introducing you to members of the team, and giving you a look at the work it took to make Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

Chromatic Weekend Wind Down, Dev Streams, and more are going to be coming as we continue development. We’re very excited for everything coming out and are excited that all of you are along for the ride!

Next week some of our team is going to be at PAX East, Booth #12074, right next to the Nintendo booth! If you’re going to be there, stop by to play, chat with the devs, and maybe leave with some sweet sweet swag! We had a crazy turn out at PAX South, loved hanging out with our glorious Defenders and the new Etherian recruits we picked up, and would love for PAX East to be Chromatic Games At PAX II: Revenge of the Hangout Boogaloo the Game, the Movie, the Game Returns.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future that our Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games

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