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Devstream 57 Recap

Missed Friday's Devstream? Here's a recap!

Series EV2 Full Gameplay

Throughout the stream, we showed off EV2’s full defense and ability kit, as well as a look into some of her passives and Skill Spheres. Check out the Devstream archive above!


New Hero Vote: Round One

Now that Series EV2 is finishing up, the Gun Witch and Lavamancer are on their way! Only you can decide who will come next -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic.

The first round ends Friday, so go vote!


Deal of the Week

New sales begin every Monday! This week, get 50% off on the Ramster Knight Squire costume. Head to the Costume Shop to save!

May Mission Madness

Each weekend in May, get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours! There are only two weekends of the event left (May 20th - 23rd; May 27th - 30th), so be sure to take advantage of the event in order to get new heroes and Skill Spheres.

PS4 Roadmap

And finally, we’re working hard to get the PS4 version caught up with the Steam version! Here’s our most recent PS4 roadmap, which is subject and likely to change:

  • Early June:  Calling All Heroes + Unholy Catacombs update release

  • Late June:  Series EV2 + Buried Bastille update release

  • July:  All caught up!


Yup, our office has been hit by the winter plague! Over the past week, scores of developers have been out sick, including myself! We’ve been trying to limit the impact, but just like the Corrupted Blood plague of old, we haven’t been that successful. kobold.png I myself have been out a few days this week and am still on the road to recovery.

Sadly, this means our Influence Report will be delayed for this week. But fear not, we have some awesome stuff coming up, and we can’t wait to be back next week with a fresh new report. In the meantime, we hope you’re all avoiding being sick yourselves, and have a terrific weekend!


You’re gonna lava the Herald of Embermount update when it erupts August 16th for PC and PS4! 

This update contains our first truly flaming hero - the Lavamancer. Lavamancer enjoys long walks on volcanic ash, magma puppies, and using his transformable magma arm  to simultaneously wound his enemies while cauterizing their wound! He’s a sweet sweet man, really. If you haven’t already, meet the Lavamancer in his official trailer below:

Want to see the Lavamancer in action? Tune into our Devstream this Friday at 5PM EDT! We're also giving away his costume to several lucky viewers!

The HoE update also heralds (see what we did there?) an option to display massive amounts of damage in a more streamlined way. With this option turned on, you’ll be able to see more of the beautiful world of Etheria as you hashtag rek AF (or whatever you kids are hashtaggin these days). See the handy GIF (that’s GIF with a hard G) below for an example!


Here’s what we’re working on this week:

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

The Lavamancer is nearly complete. There are a few concerns we’re running some tests on, but otherwise he is ready to rumble. I am now out of the engine and back in documents. Working with the Mystic team as they start building her assets and animating them. The Lavamancer looks fantastic. The team did a wonderful job bringing that volcano to life. We hope you enjoy using him.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We're giving more love to the Crumbled Bulwark level. Visuals are turning into the right direction now! Only true defenders without fear will see the light on this dark place…


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are still redoing the visuals of the Crumbled Bulwark level. At this point, it has even become more dark and gloomy...the perfect place to feature a new enemy, a really dangerous one.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

The Demon Cache has been found! Congrats on hitting the books and getting some extra loots!

As for the next map, Crumbled Bulwark. The level design team was rather unhappy with the original theme that was done on this map. It lacked the character and depth that we want to push forward with our levels. So we decided to give Crumbled Bulwark a makeover. (Keep in mind the gameplay layout will remain unchanged.) This visual update will give the map more character as well as some of the updates will allow for a much more robust Incursion that we have planned for this map.

Brian Goodsell, VFX/Technical Artist (Other titles pending)

Wrapping up the last of the extended Lavamancer VFX work for the milestone. Had some time to modify my workflow in a way that allowed me to capture more gifs.

Oil Geyser Attack/Eruption



Charge VFX


Currently Listening To: Bonobo - "Nothing Owed (live version)"

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master

Finalizing the Lavamancer means that I have been full swing on our next hero, The Mystic!  I am extremely excited for this character, and hopefully you will be too.  Here is some of what I have been up too.



Keep an eye out for this lady in the future, she will be joining our cast of heroes soon.


Devstream 61 Recap

The Land of Uhz

  • Our new guy Benny said Uhh a lot. He has been admonished for his vocal crime. 

Power Surge Update

  • The Power Surge Challenge

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon 

    • Ride the lightning with the Glaive of the Storms! The alternate attack lifts the Monk into the air and lets him ride in style on his own personal cloud. With the power of the cloud, the Monk can synergize and maximize his damage output for peak fiscal performance.

    • Uhh, we mean, become a lightning god! His cloud corvette drenches enemies that walk underneath it and periodically strikes them with lightning.

    • The main attack unleashes a powerful lightning attack!

  • Mark 3 Costume for Series EV2

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Balance Changes

    • This update brings additional balance changes, including an Earthshatter buff, Skeletal Ramster buff, Skeletal Archer nerf and a Poison Dart Tower nerf.

  • And more!

New Map Influence Vote:  Least Votes Wins!

  • In recent months, several dungeons have been defeated at the hands of the Influence Vote. It’s time for one of these losers to finally win… but we’re switching things up. For this vote, the map with the LEAST amount of votes will be the one you see next!
  • Will you choose Frost Keep or Crumbled Bulwark? Vote now!

What We're Working On Now

  • Strategy Revamp:  New Enemy Abilities and Roles:  We're giving enemies new abilities and roles to increase the difficulty of the game and to provide more interesting encounters. These changes are going to take awhile to complete. It's a big task that we're working on, and it'll need a lot of iteration time before we get them right. If you're interested in testing these changes before they go live, join the Remote Playtesting Group! Email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com if you're interested.
  • Campaign Revamp:  Leveling, Loot, Reward and Structure Changes:  Step one of getting the enemy changes into the game is restructuring our Campaign and laying the groundwork there. Part of these changes is changing the way we handle enemy spawning so that as we make squads and these new enemy changes, we can implement them into the game. While we're diving into Campaign, we're also taking a look at the new user experience and making rewards and experience more frenetic and enjoyable. After we're through with these changes, it shouldn't suck to level heroes to 50! Yay!
  • New Map:  Molten Citadel:  Our remake of Magus Quarters from the first game. It's real pretty. 
  • More DD1 Map Remakes:  Oh yeah, baby.
  • New Hero:  The Lavamancer:  We'll have more details for you in our next Devstream!
  • New Hero:  The Mystic:  You'll have to wait a bit longer for those details.

PS4 Online Update

  • In the update after the Power Surge update, multiplayer online play will only be accessible to players with an active PlayStation Plus account. If you do not have a PlayStation Plus account, you will still be able to play single player or local co-op online. When Dungeon Defenders II leaves Early Access, all players will regain access to multiplayer online play. To all of our PS4 fans, thanks for playing Dungeon Defenders II in Early Access on PS4. We're excited to continue to get your feedback as we continue to improve the game!
  • We're also working on PS4 Trophies. You should see those really soon!
[CG] Mary


Today the “Activating the Goblin Mech Update” went live for Steam Early Access! Alongside it is our release announcement trailer, which if you haven’t seen it yet, click here to check it out! Dungeon Defenders: Awakened releases May 28th on Steam, and noted later in this post are details for the other platforms. With the update coming next month, this is the final major update to Early Access, with the Steam launch having all of our 1.0 content. In this update you’ll be fighting the magically powered Goblin Mech, gain access to the Endless Spires map, and get the first look at our first arted up UIs — let’s get into it!

Activating the Goblin Mech Update

You can smell the exhaust coming from the Goblin Mech’s mechanical monstrosity, but where is the smell coming from? The only way to find out is to hop into Throne Room on Campaign and survive to the end!

The Goblin Mech Plows Through


The second boss that you’ll fight is the destructive Goblin Mech! Piloting the pinnacle of goblin engineering, he bursts into Throne Room (Campaign). You’ll need to stop him from plowing through your defenses and destroying the Crystal Cores in the middle. Find his weakness, drain the power of the mech, and stop him in his tracks!

The Goblin Mech is available for all difficulties on The Throne Room (Campaign).

UI Updates


One of the biggest focuses of this entire project has been to get UIs into a functionally better state compared to previous Dungeon Defenders games. As a lot of the UIs are wrapped up and getting their final touches on the functional side, we’re able to finally start arting them up. In this update, the first UIs to get this treatment are our Map Select UIs. There’s more to come across the entire game, but this is our first real showing at giving the UIs that Dungeon Defenders feel!

New Bonus Map — Endless Spires


Locking away some of Etheria’s most heinous criminals, the Endless Spires is going to be coming back as the bonus map for Act II. A fan favorite, Endless Spires is available to play on Campaign as well as Survival. Conquer the spires —  doing so in Survival rewards you an all new pet!

New Pet — The Monkey King

Climbing the Spires and fighting off the hordes of enemies that encroach upon the great prison rewards you with primate royalty, The Monkey King. Using his legendary bo staff, this pet attacks fast, gaining strength with each hit, all from the comfort of his floating cloud.


One of our goals regarding the development of this project is to be as transparent as possible about this project. We’ve had delays from initial releases and have tried to communicate why, ultimately being that we want Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to be a great game and set the standard when fully released as the first game for Chromatic Games. We sat down, made a road map that was realistic for the work we’re able to provide, and got to work. Everything was going smooth in development land, and then COVID-19 hit. This has been an unprecedented event, and as we’ve previously stated, our first priority was (and still is) making sure everyone of our employees was safe and healthy. This has affected development in multiple ways, and we’re doing our best to be responsive and ensure a quality game. Here’s how it’s affected multiple areas and where we’re at as a studio.

Nintendo Switch

Developing for a Nintendo platform is something new that we were excited to take on. The Nintendo Switch has a lot of awesome tech crammed into their console. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened can be a bit of a resource hog, so it’s important to make sure we do everything we can to make sure it runs smoothly, especially when playing 4 player split screen Wave 25 Survival. What happens on the Switch also sets the precedence for all of the other platforms we release on. There’s a ton of work that goes into making all of this happen.

Working in the studio with our Switch development kits allowed us to be quick with testing. One of the biggest hurdles with a game like ours is making sure that what other players are doing, including host and client connections, provides proper replication to everyone playing. You start local to make sure connections work, and slowly start playing over networks and doing larger network tests. Having to change to an entirely remote setup has caused a bit of trouble doing this. We are currently working through various solutions to emulate the process we planned to follow, but it comes at the cost of time. If we were in the studio, this would be moving along faster and we’d be in a much better position. Unfortunately that’s not where we’re at.

Ultimately this means that we’re going to have to delay our Nintendo Switch release to Q3 of this year. The above is not our only requirement, as there is a certification process that we must go through with Nintendo that takes some time to make sure it will work perfectly across their networks and platform. As a studio we believe you deserve the best experience. If we were to force something through, it would be incredibly rushed, not perform properly, and be a flawed product.

We’re going to keep working as hard as we can and keep you updated on our progress.

Pure Strategy and Challenge Maps

These were originally slated for our Activating the Goblin Mech update, but were pushed off to our release on May 28th. While we’re working on progression throughout the game, we wanted to make sure the additional mode and challenge maps (Act II introduces a brand new challenge map) provided a great experience. A lot of that is related to our Massacre work, so we held onto it for the moment so you don’t receive a lackluster experience that is going to be changed when everything is said and done. With these two changes to our schedule, the goal is consistently to not curb quality in order to meet deadlines.


  • Enemies
    • Spider
      • Increased the Spider’s web projectile speed by 50%.


General Changes

  • Maps
    • The Tavern
      • The Blacksmith has been added, but currently ignores you because you haven’t slain a dragon yet. He’s got some high standards that we’re looking to nerf in a later update.
    • Throne Room
      • Updated the carpet in Throne Room to be Blue on one side to help give a sense of which side of the map a player is on.
    • Alchemical Labs
      • Updated the nameplates on the Electric Generators that activate during the Demon Lord fight.
  • UI
    • Updated the descriptions for game modes and maps on the Map Select UI.
    • New Map Select UI with new art assets!
    • New Map Cards have been added to Map Select.
    • Fire Rate now shows for melee weapons and staves.
  • Matchmaking
  • Players are able to join their friends' private/public games after Wave 3.

  • Public games do not show on the Session Browser past Wave 3.

  • Tower Range Viewer
    • Pressing “SHIFT” will turn on Tower Range Viewer, showing the range of towers.
  • Gear
    • Added an accessory drop to every Boss victory chest in Campaign.
    • Added set bonuses to the tooltips.
  • Cinematics
    • Added several new storied cinematics in Act II.
  • Performance Optimizations
    • AI behavior / content, as well as map content has been greatly optimized and players should see a noticeable improvement in later stage gameplay.
    • More optimizations to come! 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was causing several crashes.
  • Fixed an issue when enabling FPS Limiter not saving properly.
  • Fixed an issue where pets were not able to be dropped from the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where hero footsteps were not playing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Summary Screen and Tac Map could overlap and not allow you to properly interact with the Summary Screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Primary Bindings showed in the Secondary Binding if there was not a Secondary Binding already set.
  • Fixed setup issue with several explosion VFX that were causing a noticeable stutter on lower spec machines.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting “Escape” was not cancelling inputs.
  • Fixed an issue where pets could be upgraded too high.
  • Fixed an issue where tower rate stats on older gear was not showing.
  • Fixed an issue where free pet upgrades still took gold.
  • Fixed an issue where the Huntress’s projectiles would pass through targets when moving too fast.
  • Adjusted the chat box so it now scrolls when a new message is sent.
  • Fixed an issue with damaged towers not updating properly on the Tac Map when repaired or upgraded.
  • Fixed an issue for not being able to upgrade certain stats properly, specifically Fire Rate.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking the portrait of your currently selected hero wasn’t confirming the creation for that hero.
  • Fixed an issue with upgrade arrows on items in the inventory not updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Facemelter was doing 1 damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Lightning Aura wasn’t playing it’s VFX when damaging an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Medium Difficulty completion was unlocking Insane Difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an inconsistency with aura previews and spawn sizes.

Known Issues

  • Replaying/Restarting Endless Spires causes Wyverns and Sharkens to have pathing issues.

  • Maps being randomly locked and not unlocking properly.

  • Gear quality not being reflected properly compared to the item power.

What’s Next

There’s a lot of hard work that has gone into this update, and we’re working with all our might to provide an amazing experience at the end of next month when Dungeon Defenders: Awakened FINALLY Releases! Thank you for all your support, there've been a lot of ups and downs, but through it all we’re going to have a game to you that we’re very proud of. We’re almost there!

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms:

Keep an eye out for more info!

For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


Hotfix 10.2 for Steam


Here are the notes for Hotfix 10.2 on Steam!

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where the February Monthly Mission pet affection consumable rewards were missing after the Carnival update.

Known Issues

  • The Feed x1 button for owned Pet Food does not work.
  • The Feed x10 button for owned Pet Food only feeds 1 item at a time.
  • The "A" button on the Controller is not properly interacting with objects.

Each week, were detailing a feature of our competitive mode that separates it from the rest of the genre. This week, were focusing on the modes social center -- the Town Hub.

The Town Hub is a 24-player locale where players can strategize, customize, practice and trade before jumping into a match. The Town Hub is a natural evolution of the Dungeon Defenders tavern, much like the co-op overworld we mentioned earlier this week, but on a much smaller scale.

Its also a way to find and make new friends to play with in the competitive mode. Heres how it works: After selecting PvP from the Main Menu, players will join a random Town Hub. Any friends youre partied up with will join the same hub with you. Once youre there you can level your heroes, win prizes, visit the Archives, equip gear, manage your inventory, shop and more while youre queueing for a match.


Want to see potential teammates in action or test a heros skills before the Arena? Start a duel! Dueling is a one-life, two-minute taste of the real action that takes place in the hub itself, with no separate loading time or matchmaking queue. You can even watch other players fight from a nearby outlook. Afterwards, players can invite those worthy candidates to their party and head off to the Arena together.

After a few rounds in the Arena, youll notice your backpack is heavy with loot. You can lighten the load by trading that gear with other players! Or customize it with unique dyes, names and stats! Well have more details on customization soon.

Were hoping by making the experience more social, more personable and more selective as well as giving players ways to help each other progress, we can improve the negative atmosphere often seen in MOBA communities.

How do you feel about the competitive Town Hub? Let us know in the comments below!

Join us today on our Twitch channel at 5PM EST for our Weekly Devstream! Brad and Steven will be answering your questions and revealing what we’ve got in store for you:

  • A sneak peak at the upcoming Besieged maps.

  • A reveal of our newest Harbinger build weapons and explain how they work, when to use them and why we must never, ever tell the Harbinger we have them.

  • Loot Changes: I will be playing (and dying) on the Loot Branch and Dan will explain the upcoming changes to the loot system.

  • New Holiday Tavern decorations and costumes. ‘Tis the season, people. We got Holiday Cheer coming out the yin-yang.

  • Showing off our newest pet: the Dragolich! Oh no, don’t look at it! It’s terrifying! Rawr…

  • Our Squire Boxer giveaway continues! Seriously, somebody get this guy a shirt or something. He’s making us look bad.

  • And our final, super-secret reveal...the Awakening Pack!

Greetings Defenders, and welcome to this month’s QA Column: QA Bugstravaganza![working title]
We’ve got an exciting and hilarious bug for you today!

The Apprentress and Friends

When we discovered this bug, one of my personal favorites, we’d just finished a test for the Council members. As soon as we booted up the game and prepared to start on our normal daily tasks, we spawned into the map and were met with quite possibly one of the silliest bugs we’ve ever seen:

When choosing the Apprentice, everyone was met with what could only be called a “monstrosity,” or more accurately, a fusion of the Huntress and Apprentice now lovingly known as the “Apprentress.” This model combination led to some hilarious results as you can see from the video above, with the Apprentress firing off her awesome Cyclone and Mana Bomb. The Huntress and Apprentice weren’t alone in this strange splicing treatment, however, as the “Monktress” had his/her day in the sun, too. This Monk had all of the Huntress’ abilities and, as if that wasn’t enough, had also stolen the Squire’s sword and managed to make it float beside him.

After everyone in the office had a good laugh, a fix was quickly found and our Heroes were fused no longer. Many screenshots were taken, though, so whenever someone needs a pick-me-up, this bug never disappoints.

So there you have it: This month’s best bug. Let us know what you think about our weird Hero fusions in the comments, and what you believe would be the funniest accidental combination of Heroes! Also, if you think you can create a better title than QA Bugstravaganza, we’re taking suggestions!

Before we begin, wed like to mention that there are two separate modes in Dungeon Defenders II a cooperative tower defense RPG campaign and a competitive multiplayer MOBA mode. Two separate modes. Let those words sink in. Dungeon Defenders II will still have the same amazing tower defense gameplay you loved in Dungeon Defenders. In fact, you might get some more info on that on Monday.

We faced a lot of issues with TrendyNet and DD1 at launch, and we wanted to get those issues out of the way with the competitive mode, not cooperative. Not to mention, we wanted the additional time to balance the heroes for the competitive mode and flesh-out/experiment with the gameplay of the cooperative mode.

Breathe easy, friends.

Moving on. Each week, were highlighting what separates our competitive mode from other games in the genre. This week, were focusing on our simplified consumable system.

Shop Main Screen

Our competitive mode does not have permanent items or item builds. Instead, we only use consumables. Some of these items will give you temporary boosts (like Potions) and some will give you buffs that will last until you die (like Elixirs). These items are purchased using the gold earned during the course of a match.

Why are we simplifying the item system? To decrease the length of matches and make the mode more accessible to the average RPG or tower defense fan. Other games in this genre average around 40 minutes per match. Our multiplayer mode averages around 25, which is much easier to fit in-between defending Eternia Crystals.

Below is a list of the items you can find in the shop, and what each of them do.


Potions are the simplest and least expensive consumables. They last for a set period of time and can replenish your health & mana as well as increase your attack damage, decrease incoming damage, or reduce cooldown times.


Oils are powerful consumables that can be applied to a weapon and last until death. They let you deal more damage to towers, inflict damage over time, slow enemies, leech health, and more. But watch out, once you die the funs over. Only one oil can be used at a time.


Elixers are the most expensive and most powerful consumable. Each one has multiple effects and can turn the entire tournament to your teams advantage. Like oils, elixers can only be used one at a time and last until death.


Tomes allow you to perform feats that can save you from the jaws of defeat, but last a very short amount of time. These can be used to dodge abilities, run away, or even teleport to an allied tower.


Wards are for the tacticians among you (hey defenders!). They push back the fog of war allowing you to expose enemy movement and plan your attack.

Our alchemists are always working on new concoctions, so it's possible that more of these splendid creations may be available in the future. We will just have to wait and see!

How do you feel about the consumable system? Let us know in the Comments section!
[CG] Mary


We’re a few weeks out from Steam Early Access and it’s been amazing so far! There’s a lot more that we’ve got coming up very soon — New Maps, New Pets, THE DEMON LORD, Nightmare Difficulty, Hardcore Mode, and more! We’ve been consistently patching in fixes and improvements, but this March update is going to be the first big milestone in our road map that we’re excited to get to all of you, our GLORIOUS Defenders.

To keep with our transparency and consistent communication, before that comes out, we wanted to use this time to give another look into our studio, showcasing some of the developers that are hard at work. This time, it’s PAX East themed! You’re going to be hearing from some of the courageous souls here at Chromatic who persevered through the cold, cold weather of Boston and were able to not only show off their work, but also engage with a lot of the brave Defenders (both new and old) who were able to make it out. Let’s get into it!

Some of The Team

Mary — Community Manager

We all had an amazing time at PAX East and met so many fans of the Dungeon Defender series! It was great to actually get in-person feedback from so many people. I’ve been stuck at home since PAX East due to the flu and am very much looking forward to being back in the studio. It’s hard to read all of your feedback on my tiny home laptop and I miss my big monitors! My dog is also clearly very bored just sitting at home and would like to be back to bothering the artists and trying to go under everyone’s desks in search of food.




Philip Simpson — Gameplay Engineer

Hey guys! I'm one of the gameplay engineers on the team. In regards to my history here at Chromatic, I joined the team over two years ago, right before the Dungeon Defenders II Onslaught update. I've been a huge fan of the Dungeon Defenders Series since the beginning, totaling around 500+ hours combined in both DD1 and DD2, so it's been an absolute blast to get the opportunity to work on the games. Outside of work, I'm a huge RPG fan and play a ton of them, such as Path Of Exile, Borderlands, D&D (5e Mainly). Other than that, I'm a huge fan of dogs, specifically when it comes to Corgis as people in the discord already know. 



Some of you may know, I was given the opportunity to go to PAX East to help out with the booth we had there. I can't convey enough how amazing it was to be able to interact with both new and old Dungeon Defenders fans and to show off our latest game. The amount of support this game has from its fans is mind blowing and one of the many reasons why I love being a part of this team. I really hope to be able to attend more conventions in the future to be able to meet and talk to all of you! 

My day-to-day usually involves working on various UI's. One of the things I've been working on lately has been improving and polishing our gamepad support as we approach our launch on the Nintendo Switch. On top of that I've been actively listening to community feedback about various issues and features regarding Auto Loot, Sorting and Filters, as well as lots of QoL features and overall just providing user options to customize their game to their liking. I've been very active in the community discord, so feel free to have a chat with me and let me know where we can make improvements or even just things you like!


Geoff Shreiber — Implementer and QA

Hello! My name is Geoff Shreiber ([CG] Seven if you frequent the community Discord) and I do Implementation for Dungeon Defenders Awakened! I was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, but I now live near our studio in Florida with my lovely girlfriend and our two cats. I like doing card and coin magic, I pronounce gif like "jiff," and my favorite foods include sushi and Taco Bell. That's pretty much everything there is to know about me.

Since "implementation" is somewhat vague, let me briefly describe my day-to-day at Chromatic Games. I will receive a task from a Designer or a Producer to make some feature work in the game, then I collaborate with Artists, Animators, and Engineers to make it happen. This can be as simple as a small change to some character's stats, or a multiple-day-long project comprised of multiple features and systems in the game. Some examples of stuff I am partially or entirely responsible for include the character animation system, the preview of your character in the inventory, the lava geysers on the Lava Mines map, and the tutorial.

I have been playing video games all my life. My first video game was Final Doom on the PC when I was very little, and I have been hooked ever since. I love the thrill of a good intense battle in a fighting game or a shooter, the adventure and planning of a good RPG, and the sense of pride and accomplishment after finally beating that super hard boss that you spent hours and hours preparing for! For as long as I can remember thinking about it, I've thought "I want to make these games so I can give back to this community." If one person finds the same enjoyment and excitement from the games that I work on that I have throughout the years, that's why I do what I do.

Over the years, I have played very many different games from all sorts of genres. I'll often get into a groove and play a whole lot of games from one genre back to back. At the time of typing this, that genre is Action RPGs, the latest one being Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Some of my favorite games of all time include Pillars of Eternity, Path of Exile, Warcraft 3, Quake 3, In The Groove, and Super Smash Bros. For a few years, I played Super Smash Bros. for WiiU competitively, maining Link, under the tag "7". 

I helped run our booth at PAX East from February 27th through March 1st. Being able to intermingle with the community and hear everyone's first hand accounts of their time with Dungeon Defenders Awakened was an awesome experience. It really helps motivate me to keep putting a lot of hard work and effort into the game, making every part that I work on as best as I can. Hearing everyone's feedback and criticisms of the game also helps not just me, but everyone on the team, get a better idea of what parts of our game work, and what parts don't work so well. That way, we know where we can best spend our time to make a game that the community really enjoys, and we can be proud of. Even if you weren't at PAX and don't get to tell us in person, please continue to give us feedback. We listen to it, and it helps us keep going.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about my story, and keep Defending in those Dungeons! Here’s me helping someone at PAX East that you may have seen shared on our Instagram!



What’s Next?

We are currently hard at work on fixing the patch we reverted yesterday, to make sure there aren’t any inventory or equipped item resets included in the updated patch slated for early next week. When this new patch goes live you’re getting the updated Huntress and Monk character models, along with highly requested inventory updates and additions. Our other focus is on getting the March “Summoning the Demon Lord” update ready, as well as our Switch build ready for initial submission! While we’re focusing on providing the best game possible, as a studio we’re closely watching the Covid-19 Virus and will be taking any and all precautions necessary to ensure development continues as smooth as possible.

Social Defenders

To keep up with us and get the latest news on both Dungeon Defenders and us folks here at Chromatic Games, make sure to follow us on our social media:

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games



In this week’s PvP Hero Showcase, the Historian goes in-depth with the Man and Machine. Watch the video to see how the ex-general fares in the tournament.

If you want to see anything again, just click on one of the icons in the video to see a previous section again.

What do you think of the competitive mode in action? Keep in mind everything’s beta, so all feedback is good feedback. The most constructive comments will receive a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on Monday, May 20.

New PvP Hero Showcase videos every Wednesday. Remember to come back Monday, for your first info on coop enemies.

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Kicking off the design team on the different goals for this sprint and starting work on some of my tasks (continuing loot and stat work). Also working with the design team to onboard a new designer!

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Shifting gears after Influence Week! What an exciting and creative bunch of projects! I’m super jazzed to see and hear what you players vote on. Also getting to work on mechanics that require teamwork is kinda my passion.

Jumping into this milestone, we’re working on Pet Rerolls, rerolling stats, abilities and passives, matchmaking improvements and economy balance. Now I’m off to go heckle Javier about the vortex ability…

ALSO, Abe FINALLY picked up Terraria. Playing lots of Ark with the boys and that little thing called E3. So much to do, so little time :) P.S. Go see Jurassic World. It’s GREAT!

Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Fresh off of Influence Week, I’m taking a look at the different difficulties we want to have in the game. Not only what difficulties we need, but how those differentiate from one another. E3 is this week, so excited for all the announcements (Dark Souls 3 tho). Excited to see some gameplay of Battlefront!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Back to work! Innovation Week was fun and all, but we have a game to work on (maybe I can bring my story proto in … =P)

On this week we start a new milestone. The first few days will be about planning, scoping and kicking features off. After that: back to the keyboard! I can only hope for a nice, smooth coding sprint. We should be winding down on new emergent issues (it’s not that we have solved all of them but there are less new issues appearing); this means less context switching, which translates to higher productivity thus more features and more stability!

I have to confess that knowing about all the possible issues a user can find and not being able to address it (because of time restrictions, new features being developed or simply because uploading a new build every day would negatively affect the end user experience), it's incredibly stressing... (Better keep that one quiet … don't want to stress the rest of the team.)

Thanks for all of your Influence votes!


Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

Pets and more pets! Some new skins and starting some new animation tools! Oh, and yeah… For Honor.. let me know if you get it. :D

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Tech Artist (javahawk)

I’ve got the presser on in the background. Excited to see backwards compatibility for the Xbone! Finally I can feel less like an idiot for not jumping on the PS4 bandwagon. :) In other news, recovering a bit from Influence Week and gathering my bearings again. The new milestone has kicked off, and we are anxious to begin working on some really meaningful feature updates for you all.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Starting off the new week and new milestone! Got a feeling the first few days this week will be spent running around looking for the info I need to get the QA team up-to-date on the new plans n’stuff. Once that’s done though, will starting making test plans and get the guys in the group their assignments. 

P.S. Am I the only one who still thinks this generation of consoles (PS4, Xbone, etc..) is a failure? Not a single game to get.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

So Influence Week was a blast! I was a designer for Team Jukebox and wrote up a design doc, set up all the data, and tested it in game -- not something I usually do as a producer. We were overly ambitious and put together a fully functional prototype even though we could’ve just faked it for the video, but maybe that’ll make it easier to get into the game! I was blown away by the stuff that we all came up with for Influence Week. The amount of talent at this studio is just amazing!

This week is the start of a new milestone, and in my opinion, it’s the most ambitious milestone we have to date. There’s a ton of work that we’re trying to cram into a short amount of time, but they’re all good. Can’t wait to show all of our fans what’s in store for them. 

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Recovering from Influence Week. Just watched the Microsoft E3 presentation...I want a HoloLens! Also DARK SOULS III ,yay!  

As far as work goes, getting ready to kick off our next Milestone, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m working on yet. Though, there’s a ton load of UI work that needs to get done and polished up...so in the mean time I’ll be working on that. I am in the final stages of updating our lane billboards (the things that tell you what’s coming out of them). Made it not be old and clunky, now it’s new and significantly less clunky and prettier and more readable and...and...just all around better.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

Writing this as of 2PM, so only post Microsoft’s show. I just want you guys to know and understand how much work goes into these trailers. It’s at the very least 5+ people for weeks. AAA trailers like you’re seeing are often times 3-6 months of damn near throwaway work.

So pour one out for your video game developing homies this E3, and next time you see us put out a trailer. :)

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

After working hard with an awesome team at getting the new social hub for the Influence Week, now it's time to keep working on the secret level. I'm sure you'll fall in love with the background for this level. In my opinion, it has a high chance to become the best background so far for the game.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

So after a great and passionate week working with our fantastic teammates for the social hub, I moved back to keep working on the secret level. I reaffirm what Jesus said about it. This level is really getting a lot of attention to detail in the background. Hope you enjoy the nice vistas!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Floored by Sony’s E3 announcements. Really happy with our effort for Influence Week with DD2 Planner. Getting ready to tackle upcoming content when the pipes start flowing.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Showing off Split-screen DD2 on PS4 at E3. If you’re here, come by and check it out at the Sony booth!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

I’m thrilled at the response to the Hero Deck Improvements vote. It’s great to see everyone come together to discuss what works and what doesn’t work about the Hero Deck. I’m furiously scribbling down all of the feedback on our forums. 

On that note, these are my favorite forum threads for the week:

  • In Case You're Not Sure What to Vote For: Technical Artist Clifton Poli is a freaking engine sorceror. During Influence Week, he created a dynamic weather system for the game, and it’s unbelievably beautiful. Gigazelle GIFed up some of the video for you to see in all of its glory. Check it out!

By the way, these are the top five E3 game reveals that made me giddy:

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Unravel
  • The Last Guardian
  • Halo 5: Guardians -- Warzone Multiplayer


Ready for round three?

In this weeks PvP Hero Showcase, the Huntress is in the spotlight. Watch the video to see her abilities in action.

Now that were three videos into this series, how do you feel about the PvP Hero Showcase -- good, bad or otherwise? The most constructive comments will receive a DD2 beta code. Forum winners will be chosen on May 29.

Come back every Wednesday for a new PvP Hero Showcase.


The day is finally upon us, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is OUT NOW on Steam Early Access. This is a huge day for us as a studio, as it’s our first launch of a product out into the masses; it’s a huge step for Dungeon Defenders returning to its roots; and it’s a huge accomplishment thanks to your support, to get something this amazing out WITHIN A YEAR! With that said, you what we do, we get into it — let’s get into it!


Steam Early Access

This is time for us to deliver on our promise of having a release in February. This period is pivotal for us to get the game into the Defenders of Etheria’s hands and go crazy throughout the entire game. We used the 10,000+ pieces of feedback we received from our Beta, and used it to help mold the game into this Early Access state. There’s still work we’re polishing, but the state the game is in, we’re comfortable and proud to present it to you. We’ll go over a couple pieces of info we’ve gone over before, as well as discuss what to expect in this Early Access release.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, we’re on Steam right now. Click here to visit our Steam page!


Releasing into Early Access isn’t only going to be setting the game live in its early state and then providing the finished product months later. Instead, we’re going to be updating it over time, adding in features as they become polished and in a state we’re happy with. Thus, THE ROADMAP IS BORN!


As a studio, this is what we are sticking to as a studio. Should anything change, we are going to make sure that we keep all of you updated as soon as possible. We want this road map to serve as a look into where our focus is and as a promise for what we’ll deliver.

Why Early Access?

Going into Early Access on Steam allows us to get where the game is at into the hands of our players on PC. By doing so, we’re able to iterate quickly, getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened into that 100% state as soon as possible, something we’re unable to do on consoles as fast as we want to iterate. We are still going to be honoring our Nintendo Switch exclusive deal with Nintendo, with our PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases coming in Q3 2020.

That said, this Early Access is not going to be like other games, or like Dungeon Defenders II. The Early Access period is going to be incredibly short, because we’re really spending this time to polish up the game and meet your expectations. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is going to be fully released during Q2 on PC and Nintendo Switch. We want Early Access to be as short as possible so that we can get Dungeon Defenders: Awakened out to all of you as the best version of the game.



Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

This will give us a chance to make sure that the game is balanced, being easy or hard in the appropriate parts of the game; animations and art assets are looking great and working properly; working out any kinks when it comes to playing with others; making sure our network tech properly connects you to others and also properly saves your gear; and of course testing our flags, checks, and reactions from our anti-hack systems on a much larger scale.

What’s In Early Access?

Shown in the Roadmap above outlines what is going to be coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, and briefly goes over what is already in. We’ll blow it apart a bit more here!

7zOvI2ssbngH5lo6kmCnC4FOGCzEHx4EpwGJvdfGEvery heroic adventure starts in a really deep well, right?


The Campaign is the progressive order maps are presented in, and on the full release will include story elements and bosses scattered throughout to help you understand what exactly is going on in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. In the Steam Early Access release, Campaign includes all 12 maps part of the whole campaign:

  • Deeper Well

  • Ancient Mines

  • Lava Mines

  • Alchemical Labs

  • Tornado Valley

  • Tornado Highlands

  • Ramparts

  • Throne Room

  • Arcane Library

  • Royal Gardens

  • The Promenade

  • The Summit

These maps are in a great state, but we are still open to feedback as you play through these maps, so please throw it our way through the in-game link seen on the Escape screen.

Alchemical Labs, Throne Room, and The Summit do not currently have their bosses implemented. As covered in the Roadmap, the Demon Lord arrives in March, the Goblin Mech charges in during April, with the Ancient Dragon approaching in the full release.


On this release, you have access to:

  • Easy

  • Medium

  • Hard

  • Insane

We’ve tested these extensively, and the progression through the campaign feels incredibly good. Our goal is to let people provide extensive feedback on these difficulties before we throw you into the terror that is Nightmare in March, which is going to push Defenders to take on some substantially harder enemies.  It doesn’t stop there though, as upon release you’ll have to survive the newest difficulty — Massacre. Both of these difficulties provide new enemies that only brave Defenders will be able to cull!



Making its triumphant return, the Survival game mode is going to be available on all difficulties and all maps provided in Early Access. Each map rewards a unique pet to join you in your adventures, while also boosting your hero in some way. There’s a lot to master through all 12 maps, we hope you’re able to survive!

While playing through Survival in Early Access, we are going to continue to optimize the maps to accommodate all the enemies that you are going to be fighting. As noted on our Road Map, there is going to be continuous updates to the game, and this include performance optimizations. If you run into frame drops or crashes, report them in feedback, as that’ll help us polish things up. For Defenders looking for a true challenge, try playing on Insane Survival Summit on very old hardware getting 1 FPS, outside in the rain, while taming lions (please don’t do this, this part is just jokes, play it normal and safely please).


There’s a lot of pets that are going to be in Steam Early Access that were not in Beta. Some pets are straight forward, boosting your stats and slapping enemies, however we brought back some revamped fan favorites *cough*Genie*cough*, and also some new pets that have never been seen before. We made sure that you have a wide variety of pets to use, trying to apply a variety of play styles to fit certain pets. There are even more coming past this, but we’re sure you’ll quickly grow to love all of these companions (the Ramster is so dang cute!).


There’s a TON of gear to earn. Going back to our roots, we wanted people to get excited for gear to hunt. Itemization feedback has been tremendous, and so we used words from Defenders old and new to curate some awesome pieces to hunt for. We brought back a lot of the systems that made Dungeon Defenders gear great to hunt. Gear rolls any and all stats that are on your hero, making it exciting to receive that one perfect piece that has all the defensive stats for your Tower Builder spec'd heroes, or well-rounded gear for any Defender who prefers a Jack of All Trades play style! Another exciting return is that weapons and pets are randomly colorized, providing unique looks to the loot you receive. White and Gold is one of the rarest combos you’ll find, so good luck!


Gear continues to get stronger as you progress through the game of course, with each difficulty providing new pieces to empower your heroes and defenses to new heights! While climbing also make sure to keep an eye on what armor you’re equipping, as gear sets are back in the game.


Through your journeys, you’ll also be receiving accessories that visually change the look of your character. This was not something part of Dungeon Defenders original release, but they are so fun to acquire and add a great level of visual customization that we couldn’t just not do them! Masks, Bracers, Brooches, and Shields (Squire Only) are some of the pieces you’ll receive that you can uncover to add another layer to empowering your character.

Cursed Gear No More!

One thing you will notice that is different from Dungeon Defenders is that there is no longer any cursed gear. This was something a vast majority felt very strong as a detractor from the game, and made getting gear feel like a potential punishment if it had the one stat you wanted, but diminished others.

Tools of the Trade

There’s a lot of tools we wanted to provide to the players. One of them was an updated Tactical Map (tac map for short). There’s a ton of upgrades we made to this feature, trying to provide as much visual clarity on what’s going on and where. There’s also brand new additions, such as in the options menu, you can now select filters for the tac map to show specific upgrades and items that you’re looking for, making it easy to survey the land quickly and go get your items before continuing on.


There’s also a lot of the HUD and UI improvements. There are seriously too many to include here, and as noted on the Roadmap, there are more coming! Comparing items in your inventory, providing clearer definitions for upgrades, revamped stat names, and so much more.

Towers are also part of the UI improvements. You can now interact with your towers to see how they are performing and what their stats are. Even a deep layer, towers show you the important stats that matter based on what they do. This means seeing what’s important in how a Spiked Blockade performed is different than seeing how an Ensnare Aura performed. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on these features and make any improvements possible!

Kickstarter, BackerKit, and Preorder Rewards

Rewards are planned for our full 1.0 release. While we have already chipped away at getting these made, today is our final deadline for our backers to submit what they’d like. We recently got a ton of requests back from our initial surveying to people in appropriate tiers, so now we just need to get to work on them. Some of these things are absolutely beautiful, others are horrifying, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Early Access Note

We have an Early Access FAQ that we’ve put together. If some of your questions weren’t answered here, please give it a look and hopefully they are answered!

There’s some stuff that we are not covering in this post, but there is a ton to discover in this game. Some of it is intended, some of it may be bugaboos that need to be squashed, and some of it may be as Bob Ross put it: happy little accidents. This is a game that we’re proud to present as a culmination of developer work and extensive community feedback. We truly feel this is a game made for our GLORIOUS Defenders, and we hope you feel the same. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey so far, and we can’t wait to continue on and hope you’ll be there by our side.

What’s Next?

We’re going to keep working. As shown in the Roadmap, we’ve got some ground to cover still. We want to keep updates coming and to further enhance our transparency and direct communication with our community. We plan on having updates showcasing the work that has been done, continue introducing you to members of the team, and giving you a look at the work it took to make Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

Chromatic Weekend Wind Down, Dev Streams, and more are going to be coming as we continue development. We’re very excited for everything coming out and are excited that all of you are along for the ride!

Next week some of our team is going to be at PAX East, Booth #12074, right next to the Nintendo booth! If you’re going to be there, stop by to play, chat with the devs, and maybe leave with some sweet sweet swag! We had a crazy turn out at PAX South, loved hanging out with our glorious Defenders and the new Etherian recruits we picked up, and would love for PAX East to be Chromatic Games At PAX II: Revenge of the Hangout Boogaloo the Game, the Movie, the Game Returns.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team thanks you for your support. We’re working to make Chromatic Games a studio that is able to create games current and future that our Defenders are sure to enjoy, because our games are made for YOU!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games

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