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Yup, our office has been hit by the winter plague! Over the past week, scores of developers have been out sick, including myself! We’ve been trying to limit the impact, but just like the Corrupted Blood plague of old, we haven’t been that successful. kobold.png I myself have been out a few days this week and am still on the road to recovery.

Sadly, this means our Influence Report will be delayed for this week. But fear not, we have some awesome stuff coming up, and we can’t wait to be back next week with a fresh new report. In the meantime, we hope you’re all avoiding being sick yourselves, and have a terrific weekend!


Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Working on really, really, really ambitious storyboards.

Tim Shannon, PS4 Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

The same thing I do every week Pinky -- try to get the PS4 community their money’s worth.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Working on Chat System design for future releases. Get to watch you guys play the Spooky event this week! Super excited!

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

This week is a short week for me. I’m on vacation Tuesday - Friday!! Going to Disneyland and Halloween Horror Nights and get my spooky on!

By the time you’re reading this, you’ll have had a little bit to play with the new AUTO COLLECT FILTERS! I’m aware that setting them can be kinda tricky whilst having multiple bags open, and I’ll be rectifying this as soon as I get back from vacation. I really, really, really wanted to get the feature into your hands and didn’t want a pesky little thing like using the feature cleanly get in the way. ;-p

Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer (TE_Jeff)

First off, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported our game so far. Y’all really are the best the best the best the best the best. This week I’m working on gameplay for the non-prototype version of our new boss! I’m excited to get this out and see what the community thinks, but first it needs to be made.

But enough about work, it’s the most magical time of the year and our SUPER SPOOKY event is going on RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. I can only assume that if you’re reading this, you’re a skeleton because our event scared you to death. WHICH MEANS NOW THERE’S A SPOOKY SKELETON IN YOUR CHAIR WATCH OUT.

If that last sentence didn’t scare you off, enjoy a tip:  Be ready with 4 on 6 for an even spookier Halloween.


Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Now that the Spooky Event has been released, going through some feedback on the forums about the event itself. All the feedback will directly relate to any future events we do so keep it coming! Other than that, looking into some balance for those guys around level 35 trying to get into End Game.

Also thanks for all the support! It’s great to see you guys enjoying the costumes and pets and the like. You guys are the bestestsetestestssed.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Now that the update is out, we’ll be working on upcoming bug fixes and content including even harder versions of the 2 Spooky Halloween events. We also have a backlog of user reported bugs that we’re trying to repro and get fixed for you guys. Also getting a sneak peak and future costumes. ^^

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

Everything related to the new boss. Animations, cinematics, rigs, face rigs, pets, skins, etc!

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

I’m getting married, so that’s dope! Some people get cold feet, but I just want to get this over with already! Does that mean I have warm feet? That’s kinda weird...

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

RIP Carl. It will return in a later update with a better name, appearance, and more, for those that saw the devstream. The map is in full development tilt. This includes more cinematics and more story!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Adding region swapping! …. I have to apologize first as the misleading error message happened because of an early commit / deployment; the feature was not in by the time the error message showed up. For what it’s worth … I worked overnight, too.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on the basic geo for the new Boss level. That means to create floors, walls, trims and that type of stuff.

Also, huge thanks for supporting our game!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Working on the new Boss level. Really excited about how it's progressing so far!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Real proud of both the RQA and RPG folks that did outstanding work to help us get the Halloween content to the place it should have been.

Over and over again, the DD community continues to impress with their dedication and passion.

So bug fixes, hotfixes and clean up time!

Greetings Defenders,

Patch 3.1 is now live! This is our first Protean Shift patch that brings some nice quality of life changes, balance changes, and a slew of bug fixes. Let’s get into it!


  • Shocking Revelation Mod

    • Stun duration reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second.

      • Stun was lasting way longer than the intended power of this Mod.

Quality of Life

  • Buyback has been added! It is shown as the last tab in your inventory and items are removed from buyback if you leave the session you're in.


  • Added the option to not show a warning when selling a Mythical quality of better item.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Ancient lifesteal was not healing players.

  • Fixed an issue where Tenacity was not reducing by the amount listed.

  • Fixed an issue where listing an item did not warn the player they will need to pay a tax to remove the item.

  • Fixed it so all anti-orc Mods now apply to Berserker Orcs.

  • Fixed an issue with the Quake Shard and Shielding Guard Shard showing as Campaign Shards and awarding Campaign Dust.

  • Fixed an issue where the Withering Bubble Shard was not dropping in Campaign.

  • Fixed an issue so the Initiate can use the Drain Aura Mod now.

  • Fixed an issue where Shatterquake was showing fire VFX.

  • Fixed a typo on the Lifeburn Armor Mod.

  • Fixed an issue where Seismic Flame was lasting longer than intended and updated its description for clarity.

  • Updated the Buried bastille description.

  • Fixed an issue where the Seismic Launch Chip allowed the Squire to complete the Smack Up Monk challenge.

  • Adjusted the Terrablade weapons to have full descriptions.

  • Fixed an issue where Hard Mode Campaign items could not transfer Mods to Normal Mode Campaign items.

  • Fixed an issue where some pets had way higher Crit Damage than intended.

  • Fixed an issue that occasionally when gaining Ancient Power players would not receive an Ancient Power weapon.

  • Fixed an issue with item stacking in inventories and not being able to re-stack them.

  • Fixed an issue with Chaos V glove Tinkering using a shiny chest material instead of a shiny glove material.

  • Fixed an issue with Private Tavern and Town vendors not updating their stock correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the Lash Out Ascension talent was not functioning for the poison damage.

  • Fixed an issue with consecutive win bonuses applying to special Play Shop purchases.

  • Fixed an issue with Flame Aura hitting players when the owner leaves town.

  • Fixed an issue with X-splosion Mods killing players.

  • Fixed an issue with Drain Aura damaging players.

  • Fixed an issue with Incursion Weapon Mods being replacable via Tinkering.

  • Fixed an issue with Lunar Portal and Ghastly Halberds spawning more than intended.

  • Fixed an issue with Onslaught and Ancient Power challenges not unlocking correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where Autumeow’s tail would change colors incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue with tooltips overlapping in splitscreen shops.

  • Updated the attack speed icon on Axes.

  • Removed the Death Override icon on the Protean Shield.

  • Items with zero Mods are hidden in the Reforging Quick Picker window when selecting an item to pull Mods from.

  • Fixed an issue when creating a hero that offered “select hero” instead of the option to “back”.

  • Fixed an issue with dropped equipment showing gamepad context that doesn’t work on PC.

  • Fixed an issue with the cursor going behind Mods on Wayfarer weapons.

  • Changed the description of Vial of Dragon Sweat to not say “Open to Unlock”.

  • Fixed an issue with the Abyss Lord’s Skeletal Ramsters and Skeletal Archer towers not showing their base when an elemental Mod was equipped.

  • Fixed an issue where oil traps on Ramparts slowed Berserker Orcs.

  • Fixed an issue with overlapping UIs when splitscreen players join while a fullscreen window is open.

  • Fixed an issue with protective Downgrade Servo not updating its stats when inspecting it after it gets downgraded.

  • Fixed an issue where Feed x10 was consuming 10 pieces of food even if 10 was not needed to cap the pet.

  • Fixed an issue with Flamethrower tower VFX not getting bigger with Defense Range.

  • Fixed an issue with “Create Hero” appearing unlocked if you tried to purchase a hero and did not have enough currency.

  • Fixed an issue with tower abilities not stopping when the tower is stunned.

  • Fixed an issue with Defender Packs where rerolling would leave the previous contents on the ground.

  • Fixed an issue with The Defender of Etheria achievements not unlocking on Xbox.

  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would lose navigation input on controllers.

  • Fixed an issue with the Quake Shard’s VFX appearing in the middle of players instead of at their feet.

  • Fixed an issue with Automation Shard not working on Snaking Sands, Slime Pits, Geyser Traps, and Angry Nimbus towers.

  • Fixed an issue with the falling leaf VFX on Forest Biome not triggering correctly.

  • Changed two shards to now be named “Betsy’s Zapper” and “Betsy’s Beam” to better fit the UI.

  • Implemented a sound for un-equipping gear.

  • Implemented a sound for equipping shards via Right Mouse Button.

  • Fixed an issue with placing Mods into the third slot of a Legendary/Epic that was advanced, that caused them to not function properly.

  • Adjusted Abyss Stones hit SFX location to emit from the correct position.

  • Fixed an issue with the Abyss Lord’s book landing correctly when he dies.

  • Updated the bag icons with Blue Gem Icons.

  • Fixed an issue connecting to an event server that could result in a crash.

  • Fixed the VFX for EV2 canisters.

Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

We have much more on the way and will be spilling some beans in the coming weeks!

For Etheria,

The Dungeon Defenders II Team



From now until July 3rd, get 50% off the Molten Master Bundle! The Molten Master Bundle includes the Abyss Lord and the Molten Master costume. The bundle is available at the Create Hero screen in-game.

Offer is valid for both PC and PS4 players!


One of the biggest questions we’ve heard from you since the Defense Council expansion is, “When will Early Access be available on Steam?” Today, we’re proud to announce that DD2 Early Access will be available on Steam on December 5th!

UPDATE 1: Armor and More!

Before we release Early Access on Steam, we will be releasing our first major update for DD2. This update will include a number of exciting new features, but today we wanted to highlight one important feature that our Councillors had a direct, major impact in deciding -- Armor! 

We have been debating Armor and its role in DD2 for a long time internally, and the recent Councillor feedback has helped us make our choice. With this next update, we’ll be introducing our first phase of stat-based armor. 

This will include a major revamp for how the current relic system works, as well as the beginnings of armor loot dropping in the world. While this armor will not visually change your hero, we’re still hard at work on our costumes feature that will be released in a future update. We’re really excited to share more information with you about costumes, which will not only give you choices in how you look, but will also allow your look to evolve as you progress through the game. 

A special thanks to Gutu and benjamminlaner for their threads on the subject and to everyone who spoke up there and in the survey. You all were a huge help in influencing this path, and we can’t wait to get even more feedback on everything we’re cooking up for you in this first update. We’ll have more information as we get closer to its release, which is currently slated for the end of November.

A Question For You!

And finally, we have a question for you: When we bring Early Access to Steam, should we extend the benefits of the Defense Council (forums, exclusive goodies) to the Steam audience, or should those remain something limited to our site? 


New Hero: Round 2


With Man & Machine stealing Round One in a last minute victory, there are still two more rounds to vote in until you've chosen our new Hero -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic.

Vote Here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45

Here’s how it works:

  1. Three heroes will compete in a round-robin tournament. The hero with the most Influence Points from all three rounds together will be our next hero!

  2. Every day, you’ll gain one Influence Point for logging into the game and another Influence Point for logging into the site. (2 Total Points per day.)

  3. Use your points here and on our launcher to vote for your favorite hero(es). You can spend as many points as you’d like per round!

  4. Here are the rounds and dates for voting:

  • Round 1:  Man & Machine vs. Mystic (May 14th to May 19th)
  • Round 2:  Barbarian vs. Mystic (May 20th to May 26th)
  • Round 3:  Man & Machine vs. Barbarian (May 27th to June 2nd)

This is Round 2:  Barbarian vs. Mystic.

The Barbarian. The ruthless brawler. The Barbarian is an unstoppable force that is yet to be unleashed on the Old Ones’ army. He prefers to rely on his own two hands and use his two weapons and a multitude of abilities to decimate hordes of enemies. Most heroes hide behind their walls and defenses; the Barbarian hides behind nothing.

The Mystic.The twisted sorceress. Magic has been around in Etheria for quite some time. There is however an older magic -- a darker, more chaotic magic nestled deep within Etheria.

The Mystic was once a thief, but now she carries inside her an ancient and dark serpent demigod. This demigod is the source of ancient and unimaginable magic that the Mystic wields. Most heroes have their defenses likened to their personality; the Mystic’s defenses are dark, twisted and represent the chaotic forms of the serpent god. She is a powerful ally on the battlefield, so long as she can control the fickle whims of her serpent lord.

Who will you choose?


Devstream 61 Recap

The Land of Uhz

  • Our new guy Benny said Uhh a lot. He has been admonished for his vocal crime. 

Power Surge Update

  • The Power Surge Challenge

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon 

    • Ride the lightning with the Glaive of the Storms! The alternate attack lifts the Monk into the air and lets him ride in style on his own personal cloud. With the power of the cloud, the Monk can synergize and maximize his damage output for peak fiscal performance.

    • Uhh, we mean, become a lightning god! His cloud corvette drenches enemies that walk underneath it and periodically strikes them with lightning.

    • The main attack unleashes a powerful lightning attack!

  • Mark 3 Costume for Series EV2

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Balance Changes

    • This update brings additional balance changes, including an Earthshatter buff, Skeletal Ramster buff, Skeletal Archer nerf and a Poison Dart Tower nerf.

  • And more!

New Map Influence Vote:  Least Votes Wins!

  • In recent months, several dungeons have been defeated at the hands of the Influence Vote. It’s time for one of these losers to finally win… but we’re switching things up. For this vote, the map with the LEAST amount of votes will be the one you see next!
  • Will you choose Frost Keep or Crumbled Bulwark? Vote now!

What We're Working On Now

  • Strategy Revamp:  New Enemy Abilities and Roles:  We're giving enemies new abilities and roles to increase the difficulty of the game and to provide more interesting encounters. These changes are going to take awhile to complete. It's a big task that we're working on, and it'll need a lot of iteration time before we get them right. If you're interested in testing these changes before they go live, join the Remote Playtesting Group! Email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com if you're interested.
  • Campaign Revamp:  Leveling, Loot, Reward and Structure Changes:  Step one of getting the enemy changes into the game is restructuring our Campaign and laying the groundwork there. Part of these changes is changing the way we handle enemy spawning so that as we make squads and these new enemy changes, we can implement them into the game. While we're diving into Campaign, we're also taking a look at the new user experience and making rewards and experience more frenetic and enjoyable. After we're through with these changes, it shouldn't suck to level heroes to 50! Yay!
  • New Map:  Molten Citadel:  Our remake of Magus Quarters from the first game. It's real pretty. 
  • More DD1 Map Remakes:  Oh yeah, baby.
  • New Hero:  The Lavamancer:  We'll have more details for you in our next Devstream!
  • New Hero:  The Mystic:  You'll have to wait a bit longer for those details.

PS4 Online Update

  • In the update after the Power Surge update, multiplayer online play will only be accessible to players with an active PlayStation Plus account. If you do not have a PlayStation Plus account, you will still be able to play single player or local co-op online. When Dungeon Defenders II leaves Early Access, all players will regain access to multiplayer online play. To all of our PS4 fans, thanks for playing Dungeon Defenders II in Early Access on PS4. We're excited to continue to get your feedback as we continue to improve the game!
  • We're also working on PS4 Trophies. You should see those really soon!

Today at 5PM EDT on our Twitch channel, be the first to see the Molten Citadel update! 

We're showing off the Molten Citadel map, Demon's Lair Incursion, the Lava Guardian enemy, new Abyss Lord Weapon and more. We're also giving away 10 Guardian of the Molten Citadel Squire costume codes to lucky viewers. Tune in to win!


Our last survey was super effective!

We got to know what our fans liked about our campaignmaps, what they didn't like, and why. It was great to hear from you and we want to hear more. Go take this survey and let us know what you think of the Eternia Shards campaign maps. Let us know what you think in the comments!

You can also contribute by posting your thoughts inCrzyRndm's thread: "Level design and Gameplay. What makes a map fun to play (or not)?"

Patch 8.7 for Steam

The Harbinger Awakens update comes out next Tuesday! The update includes a new boss fight, Loot V2, reduced grind and many more bug fixes! In the meantime, this patch fixes the missing pet bugs that’s been reported to us on our forums and a few other minor changes.

Don’t forget:  Join the Steam Group to unlock new galactic weapons!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where replacing an equipped item with another item will sometimes cause the item to go to the Scavenger. This issue was most noticeable with pets.

  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking to equip pets caused the Pet Bag to “be full.” This fix and the fix above should solve the issue where players were losing their pets.

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to get more green mana than intended by dropping.

  • Fixed an issue where skeleton goblins weren’t properly attacking the core on Temple of the Necrotic.

  • Changed text from 'Feed a Pet' to 'Feed any Pet.'

  • Fixed an issue where the pet evolution preview box would appear grey.

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Kicking off the design team on the different goals for this sprint and starting work on some of my tasks (continuing loot and stat work). Also working with the design team to onboard a new designer!

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Shifting gears after Influence Week! What an exciting and creative bunch of projects! I’m super jazzed to see and hear what you players vote on. Also getting to work on mechanics that require teamwork is kinda my passion.

Jumping into this milestone, we’re working on Pet Rerolls, rerolling stats, abilities and passives, matchmaking improvements and economy balance. Now I’m off to go heckle Javier about the vortex ability…

ALSO, Abe FINALLY picked up Terraria. Playing lots of Ark with the boys and that little thing called E3. So much to do, so little time :) P.S. Go see Jurassic World. It’s GREAT!

Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Fresh off of Influence Week, I’m taking a look at the different difficulties we want to have in the game. Not only what difficulties we need, but how those differentiate from one another. E3 is this week, so excited for all the announcements (Dark Souls 3 tho). Excited to see some gameplay of Battlefront!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Back to work! Innovation Week was fun and all, but we have a game to work on (maybe I can bring my story proto in … =P)

On this week we start a new milestone. The first few days will be about planning, scoping and kicking features off. After that: back to the keyboard! I can only hope for a nice, smooth coding sprint. We should be winding down on new emergent issues (it’s not that we have solved all of them but there are less new issues appearing); this means less context switching, which translates to higher productivity thus more features and more stability!

I have to confess that knowing about all the possible issues a user can find and not being able to address it (because of time restrictions, new features being developed or simply because uploading a new build every day would negatively affect the end user experience), it's incredibly stressing... (Better keep that one quiet … don't want to stress the rest of the team.)

Thanks for all of your Influence votes!


Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

Pets and more pets! Some new skins and starting some new animation tools! Oh, and yeah… For Honor.. let me know if you get it. :D

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Tech Artist (javahawk)

I’ve got the presser on in the background. Excited to see backwards compatibility for the Xbone! Finally I can feel less like an idiot for not jumping on the PS4 bandwagon. :) In other news, recovering a bit from Influence Week and gathering my bearings again. The new milestone has kicked off, and we are anxious to begin working on some really meaningful feature updates for you all.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Starting off the new week and new milestone! Got a feeling the first few days this week will be spent running around looking for the info I need to get the QA team up-to-date on the new plans n’stuff. Once that’s done though, will starting making test plans and get the guys in the group their assignments. 

P.S. Am I the only one who still thinks this generation of consoles (PS4, Xbone, etc..) is a failure? Not a single game to get.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

So Influence Week was a blast! I was a designer for Team Jukebox and wrote up a design doc, set up all the data, and tested it in game -- not something I usually do as a producer. We were overly ambitious and put together a fully functional prototype even though we could’ve just faked it for the video, but maybe that’ll make it easier to get into the game! I was blown away by the stuff that we all came up with for Influence Week. The amount of talent at this studio is just amazing!

This week is the start of a new milestone, and in my opinion, it’s the most ambitious milestone we have to date. There’s a ton of work that we’re trying to cram into a short amount of time, but they’re all good. Can’t wait to show all of our fans what’s in store for them. 

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Recovering from Influence Week. Just watched the Microsoft E3 presentation...I want a HoloLens! Also DARK SOULS III ,yay!  

As far as work goes, getting ready to kick off our next Milestone, so I’m not entirely sure what I’m working on yet. Though, there’s a ton load of UI work that needs to get done and polished up...so in the mean time I’ll be working on that. I am in the final stages of updating our lane billboards (the things that tell you what’s coming out of them). Made it not be old and clunky, now it’s new and significantly less clunky and prettier and more readable and...and...just all around better.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

Writing this as of 2PM, so only post Microsoft’s show. I just want you guys to know and understand how much work goes into these trailers. It’s at the very least 5+ people for weeks. AAA trailers like you’re seeing are often times 3-6 months of damn near throwaway work.

So pour one out for your video game developing homies this E3, and next time you see us put out a trailer. :)

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

After working hard with an awesome team at getting the new social hub for the Influence Week, now it's time to keep working on the secret level. I'm sure you'll fall in love with the background for this level. In my opinion, it has a high chance to become the best background so far for the game.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

So after a great and passionate week working with our fantastic teammates for the social hub, I moved back to keep working on the secret level. I reaffirm what Jesus said about it. This level is really getting a lot of attention to detail in the background. Hope you enjoy the nice vistas!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Floored by Sony’s E3 announcements. Really happy with our effort for Influence Week with DD2 Planner. Getting ready to tackle upcoming content when the pipes start flowing.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Showing off Split-screen DD2 on PS4 at E3. If you’re here, come by and check it out at the Sony booth!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

I’m thrilled at the response to the Hero Deck Improvements vote. It’s great to see everyone come together to discuss what works and what doesn’t work about the Hero Deck. I’m furiously scribbling down all of the feedback on our forums. 

On that note, these are my favorite forum threads for the week:

  • In Case You're Not Sure What to Vote For: Technical Artist Clifton Poli is a freaking engine sorceror. During Influence Week, he created a dynamic weather system for the game, and it’s unbelievably beautiful. Gigazelle GIFed up some of the video for you to see in all of its glory. Check it out!

By the way, these are the top five E3 game reveals that made me giddy:

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Unravel
  • The Last Guardian
  • Halo 5: Guardians -- Warzone Multiplayer


Greetings Defenders,

The response to the Defense Council has been amazing! Defense Council access is selling quickly, and the sheer quantity and quality of feedback we’ve gotten so far has been incredible! We’re buckling down in the studio now to focus on some of the feedback we’ve received and will have a blog on some of our learnings next week.

In the meantime, we want to know: What can we do to make the Defense Council even better? So far our largest requests have been:

  1. Add PayPal
  2. Add Premium Currency Rewards
  3. Add an Upgrade Option
  4. Sell Dungeon Defenders II on Steam

So, without further ado.

  1. PayPal support is here! You can purchase Defense Council access using PayPal here!
  2. We’ve added premium currency rewards to the packages! Everyone who has already purchased access will receive this retroactively. Of course, it may be a while until we implement cosmetics and premium currency into the game, since we’re focusing on gameplay first! Shoutout to Reddit users Fliksan, Jarstult, Momochichi, & MrSmeeb for making us realize the importance of bundling these with the packages sooner rather than later.
  3. We’re looking into an upgrade option and want to provide this option for you in the future.
  4. We hear you! For now, even though the Dungeon Defenders II Pre-Alpha is played on Steam, our limited access Pre-Alpha is only available from our site.



Today is a big day for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and Chromatic Games! Earlier today we were featured as part of the Nintendo Indie Showcase, which if you haven’t seen, click HERE to check it out. This is HUGE for our game and studio, helping us bring the world of Etheria to many future Defenders.

This showing also revealed something very big: A RELEASE DATE! Dungeon Defenders: Awakened releases February 2020, and there’s a lot of reasons for this, so let’s get into them by answering some questions we’re sure you have!


Why is it not releasing in October 2019?

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is meant to be a showing to our loyal fans of what we’re capable of as Chromatic Games. This isn’t a simple remaster/remake, but bringing back the soul of the original Dungeon Defenders into modern day. Building the game from the ground up is no simple feat, and we’re pulling out all the stops to really blow your socks away. Half of the maps in DD:A are new; Assets in the game are new; all of the UIs are new; and a slew of new features to make for an enjoyable experience. Releasing in October would lead to two things: an unpolished and unrefined gaming experience, or tons of crunch that can burn out developers. As a studio, we absolutely REFUSE to release DD:A as half-baked, and as a business we don’t want people working unbearable hours (we love all our employees, they already kick a ton of butt). This meant pushing our release date to accomplish our goals, and give you the game you deserve!

“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” - Shigeru Miyamoto

Why February 2020?

In short, It’s the best time for us to release the game. In long, there’s a multitude of reasons. We’re able to keep cranking out content without overworking and breaking developer souls; we can release a beta that allows us time to make iterations as they’re needed; we don’t have to compete with AAA releases that would drown our marketing efforts; it’s after the holidays, giving Defenders a chance to get back to post-holiday life-ing and get hyped for DD:A release; and we could keep going. Overall, it’s best for us as a studio and better for those of you wanting a great DD:A experience. For those of you wanting a bad DD:A experience, we apologize, but we are unable to provide that.


We’re currently going over the best time for beta and letting you sink your teeth into this meaty game. DD:A PC Beta will be available Early November 2019. This Beta allows us to monitor all the systems we’ve been working tirelessly on, and getting any fixes out before the release. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated during these testing periods, together it we get to make an AWESOME game.

Nintendo Switch Console Timed-Exclusive?

This means that we’ll be releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC right out of the gate in February 2020 at the same time. What does this mean for our PS4 and Xbox One backers? We’re going to be spending extra time polishing up the builds for your platform. The release for these platforms is not very far off from the initial release, with a concrete release date coming in the near future. Or maybe we’ll NEVER release on those platforms, MUAHAHAHA (just kidding, we love all our consoles Defenders and could never hurt you like that).

New Content?

Well I guess… So far we’ve been showing off some of the hotness coming in the forms of complete maps, concept art, and goblin animations. Everything here is still considered a work-in-progress, but everything is until the game’s released! First we want to show off our new Dungeon Defenders: Awakened logo and cover art (it’s freaking amazing).


Let’s take a look at the new Squire in 3D, with his animations in-game!

Attack 1


Attack 2

Attack 3

Blood Boil

Circular Slice



Also how about our first boss map, Alchemical Labs!

The core will be in the middle, we just wanted to show off the art!




There’s that core, get back to the middle of the room!

How about a look at your favorite homestead, a place to kick up your feet and admire your loot, THE TAVERN!

That’s Sir Bubbles himself there on the wall.


Here’s old George, on patrol. Kind of.

And last but not least, while we’re finishing up the work on his encounter, how about a look at the NEW Demon Lord?


What’s Next?

We’re going to keep working incredibly hard to get DD:A into your hands, duh! This is a giant passion project for all of us, and every day is a blast, even when we’re squashing bugs (ty QA, we love you). Regular updates are going to continue, and we’ve even brought on board some awesome help to get this info out to you! Speaking of…

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team is having a blast working on DD:A, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


Devstream 57 Recap

Missed Friday's Devstream? Here's a recap!

Series EV2 Full Gameplay

Throughout the stream, we showed off EV2’s full defense and ability kit, as well as a look into some of her passives and Skill Spheres. Check out the Devstream archive above!


New Hero Vote: Round One

Now that Series EV2 is finishing up, the Gun Witch and Lavamancer are on their way! Only you can decide who will come next -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic.

The first round ends Friday, so go vote!


Deal of the Week

New sales begin every Monday! This week, get 50% off on the Ramster Knight Squire costume. Head to the Costume Shop to save!

May Mission Madness

Each weekend in May, get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours! There are only two weekends of the event left (May 20th - 23rd; May 27th - 30th), so be sure to take advantage of the event in order to get new heroes and Skill Spheres.

PS4 Roadmap

And finally, we’re working hard to get the PS4 version caught up with the Steam version! Here’s our most recent PS4 roadmap, which is subject and likely to change:

  • Early June:  Calling All Heroes + Unholy Catacombs update release

  • Late June:  Series EV2 + Buried Bastille update release

  • July:  All caught up!


Greetings Defenders,

Our weekly livestream series is back in action! Join a variety of developers from Trendy each week as we talk about and play Dungeon Defenders II. This week, join Community Manager Josh Isom, Senior Producer Brad Logston and more as we show off the game and answer your questions! We’re also giving away signed DD2 poster packs throughout the stream! 

Today’s show will run from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EDT on our Twitch channel. We’ll see you there!




July is almost over, and we’re ready to share all the work we’ve been slaying since we last spoke! There’s a ton of information to go over since our last update for the work that we’ve been churning away for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and Dungeon Defenders II. Note - the Dungeon Defenders II info is all the way at the bottom if you want to jump to it first. Anyway - let’s get right into it!

June Recap

Last month we had a lot of really great things to share, concept art, goblin animations, beautiful maps, and a look into where each of our Chromatic departments were on the DD:A. We’ll be following the same format, but to pour through the June Update (in case you haven’t, which you most definitely should!), click here for more info.

As for June, it was really important for us to get a build put together with our awesome partners at Nintendo. We put in the time and got a really awesome build running on the Nintendo Switch! It brought some very pleasant surprises for us: the performance was good without applying optimizations, the controls felt great on gamepad, and most importantly — it was really freaking fun! For a lot of us here, it was a real moment where a lot of our work came together, something that has only bolstered our spirits.

Onto July!

There’s a ton that has gone on for July, and we still have a few days to knock out some really awesome work! We’re working with a lot of partners, doing a ton of feature work, fleshing out some story telling, and making (as always) really beautiful art. Should we break those things down into their own section for easy readability? We think so, LET THE GREAT SECTIONING BEGIN!

A Ship Full of Partners… Partnership?

We’re making sure that all of our partners are taken care of so that gamers far and wide have the opportunity to know the greatness that is DD:A, recruiting them to become glorious Defenders! We’ve been securing ways to show off to the world how awesome DD:A is, you might even see a trailer revealed towards the end of August…

Engineering Magic

There’s been rumors around the studio that our engineers have been tampering with black magic. It’s really the only explanation as to how they are getting such amazing work out. There’s been a weekly sacrifice of barbecue, though that might just be lunch. “Stop talking about barbecue, you’re making me hungry, and talk about that work” you’re probably thinking. All right, let’s do that!

Enemy AI

Something design and engineering have given a lot of careful attention is giving the best experience fighting off waves and waves of the Old Ones’ army. AI (artificial intelligence) is crucial to really selling the fantasy of combating thousands and thousands of the enemies coming your way. Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) has made this so easy to setup and create the experience we want. Another one of our big focuses is making sure we don’t make them TOO smart. We’ve watched enough Terminator, we know the dangers.

Button Mashing

We want to make sure that tirelessly pounding buttons on your respective controllers feels good and natural, so you’re not worrying about controls while defending Etheria. Based off internal feedback we received from our last update, controls are only feeling better and better. Getting around the maps, building defenses, and using abilities to fight enemies will help make DD:A be the perfect way to experience DD:A with some awesome couch co-op!

Splitting Pixels

For all platforms, we’re wanting to have a great split screen experience. When it comes to building out DD:A performance-wise, we focus on split screen Nintendo as the bottom line to hit, and then scale it up from there. This means being very smart about how things are displayed when playing with 1, 2, 3, or 4 players! Four player split screen on Switch already feels nice, giving us very promising results without even applying our optimizations to the maps and how players see enemies from afar. Seriously, it’s going to be awesome playing this arm and arm with your “defrienders” on the couch! That pun was a bit much, we apologize, but it had to be made.

Art of Warfare

There’s a lot of content that we’re currently constructing with digital pens flourishing, mouses clicking, and frames being keyed for animation. While we got our trailers working, we didn’t want to give away too much of what’s coming up, but we know you need something… Hmmm.. Hrmmm… *shuffling folders and files* A-HA! Squire towers are the answer! This is just a taste of what you can expect from towers in DD:A.

The Bowling Ball Tower

This tower is a staple in Dungeon Defenders, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it in DD:A, with cannonball bouncing everywhere (it was pretty OP before our first pass). This tower looks amazing in our internal builds, but here’s a sneak peek



The Ballista

Complete with concept artist notes, this bad boy can slay over 33 GPS (goblins per second). We showed a bit of our tech off in our Kickstarter trailer regarding this turret, where it carries and pins some of the enemies it hits to wall. It’s ruthless!


The Spiked Blockade

This is one beefy blockade! Metal, wood, spikes, gems, it’ll be surprising for enemies to take this thing down as they’ll be in awe at looking at the masterful craftsmanship this tower exuberates!


The Slice N’ Dice Tower

Don’t let it’s idle state fool you, not being careful around this tower leave more than just paper cuts, you might need to be glued back together! It gets hit, it spins. It gets hit more, it spins faster. You get it.



The Bouncer Blockade

It just looks like something you don’t want to touch. If it had a spirit animal, it’d be a porcupine. You get too close to it, it shoots out it’s spikes at about 1750.6 EYPS (Etherian Yalms Per Second), knocking back some of the strongest foes you’ll fight. We thought about calling it the “ouch spikey stabby tower”, but it just didn’t flow very well.


In-game they look and feel amazing to use. There are more that we’re going to keep throwing your way, so get hyped!

Designing Defenders

Designing games is super easy, especially something as simple as Dungeon Defenders, a Cooperative Action Roleplaying Tower Defense (not a mouthful at all). Oh wait, it’s exactly the opposite (take that, idea guys)! Our designers might be using some of that black magic the engineers are conjuring, because they are making great strides through what would seem impossible. Let’s start talking about the walk design’s been walkin’!

Inspector of Defenses

One thing that was a big improvement was tower inspection in Dungeon Defenders II. It provided a lot of valuable insights and experience (alongside a ton of feedback) to really make defense inspection in DD:A the next step in a super useful feature. On a per tower basis, you will be provided the most important information first. You’ll see the stats that matter for your towers, as well as what the towers area of influence is, making it easier to create perfect builds to efficiently cover and fend off the hordes that await you.

QOL (Quoogle Oogle Loogle?)

There’s a ton of Quality of Life coming with DD:A, and we’ve got an update on the work we’ve done so far. As for quoogle oogle loogle, we’re not sure how that affects the game, probably not at all… Probably?

Lane Wisps

This is something that really helped new Defenders in Dungeon Defenders II. It really helps give an understanding of where threats are on a map, something very important on a first, second, and third visit to any given map. Lane wisps, for the uninitiated, show the paths that enemies are going to be taking as they spawn and march towards your core (why are they doing that in DD:A anyways?). However, we’re very aware of the thoughts on this feature (*cough* feedback *cough*), so we’re currently looking at ways to make this dependent on the difficulty. 

Replay From Wave

An amazing feature to get through some of the most challenging content in Dungeon Defenders II, Replay From Wave allows you to learn from your mistakes, and not lose all the sweet progression made while taking on some of the toughest enemies. This feature gives you another chance at losing a wave, like winding time back a wave, and understanding where things may have gone wrong, helping learn as you progress. As for where it’s usable, we’re still mulling over, but it is part of an awesome feature you’ll see in DD:A.

Ping System

Sometimes typing in chat, in the heat of battle, is not the best way to communicate. Our focus is to have an easy to use ping system that let’s your fellow Defenders know where enemies need to be slayed, towers need to be built, or areas with too much danger. Your teammates can’t hear your screams for help, so this helps soothe those vocal cords.

Gear of War

Gear is probably the lowest priority in DD:A. Of course it’s not! With all of the different stats in Dungeon Defenders, it can be hard to gain a good understanding of what each stat does, what’s best for you, and what challenge your ready to take on. It’s very important for us to make sure that gear is easy to understand, feels good to get, and allows you to know what challenges your equipped for. Our designers are up for the challenge, and they’ve got the tools to take it on!

Inventory (How Are My Bags Full?!)

Making gear better to understand is one piece of a big puzzle. Inventory is another very large piece of that puzzle. Dungeon Defenders had an inventory system that could definitely use some improvements. DD2 made some improvements to that system, but there were some things that were lacking. Inventory in DD:A is setup to cover those gaps and more. We’ve poured through feedback to make sure it was easy to manage the items in your inventory, locking items, selling items, sorting items based on their type and stats that are important to you. Some things, less is more, but in regards to inventory tools, more is more!

Dungeon Defenders II Update!

We’re currently working on a DD2 update that is coming in August. We’ve had multiple weeks of playtesting with our RQA and RPG groups (shout out to all the hard work you fine people have put in) to help sculpt this content into a great experience. We’re preparing a challenge for tested Defenders, setup to be a blast and give awesome rewards. There’s still some things these testers haven’t seen yet, so there’s going to be nice surprises for everyone! Also our small studio is working on TWO games at once… it’s pretty insane how pizza fuels such amazing work.

Recently we sent out rewards for DD2 that our Kickstarter backers should have received (Corrupted Gunwitch, Golden Costumes, and Crystalline Costumes). If you haven’t received them, please reach out to preorder@chromatic.games (make sure you know what you’re supposed to get at the tier you backed).

What’s Next?

We’re thinking that another update should come in August. What do you think? Well TOO BAD, we’re going to do one regardless of what you think! It’s been an absolute blast to work on DD:A and DD2, and we can’t wait to show all of you more. A very hearty thank you for your support, there’s only more and more coming your way!

For August, internally we’ve got a build milestone that sets us up for success. Maybe more polished gameplay can be shown afterwards… maybe! Taking the systems we’ve setup so far, and giving them a nice layer of polish so that we can continue to create an awesome experience for new and veteran Defenders.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


A Very Trendy Halloween

From what Ive gathered around the office in the month of October, I think its safe to say that Halloween is one of Trendys favorite holidays, filled with pumpkin flavored treats, bags full of candy, and spooky costumes. Oh my!
This year we held our first pumpkin carving contest! There were supposed to be two categories, artist and non-artist, but only Rodrigo and Laura entered. The rules didnt mention that the pumpkin had to be real, so it became a battle between the two of them for the gift card.


Lets not forget about the best part of Halloween, the costumes! With all the excitement of Dungeon Defenders II taking up most of our time, some of us opted for more simple costumes like our Associate Producer Ben Craven who dressed up as Ben Craven from 2011. Then there were other people like our Lead 3D artist, Jordan Kerbow, who just didnt have enough time to make his Khal Drogo this awesome.

Halloween group

Last year we added a new Spooktacular challenge to Dungeon Defenders along with a whole bunch of spooky goodies. What would you like to see us make for Halloween next year in Dungeon Defenders II? Let us know in the comments below!


In the original Dungeon Defenders, we used different colors to designate enemy difficulties. This was a clear way to show that one enemy was harder than another, but it didn’t allow for variety in the way enemies were presented during each wave.

In Dungeon Defenders II, we've thrown out the color system, and we're now using a tier system. A tier is basically an “upgraded” version of an enemy. We’ve shown you different enemy tiers in previous blogs from Javelin Throwers to the nightmare-inducing Ogres. These enemies and almost every other enemy in the game will come at your defenses in different tiers. Below, you can see a Tier 1 Orc, a Tier 2 Orc and a Tier 3 Orc.


As you can see, each tier is not a new enemy, but there is a visible progression between the three Orcs. The first Orc can be pretty threatening when first encountered, but then you meet the second tier of Orc. He’s stronger, hits harder and can withstand more damage from towers and heroes. Then you move on to fight the Tier 3 Orc. Basically a walking tank, this armored foe is no joke. If he’s not dealt with, a Tier 3 Orc can do some serious damage to your defenses.

Using this system, level designers will have more fine-tune control on how the difficulty of the game ramps up. We’re able to introduce enemies early on in the game like the Orc and the Kobold for players to learn how to respond to that type of threat. The higher-tier versions of those enemies allow the level designers to generate harder difficulty late game without needing to send out hundreds of Orcs and Ogres.


New Tiers, New Fears

Some tiers aren’t just stronger versions of an enemy. Many Dungeon Defenders fans are familiar with the tower-busting enemy known as the Kobold. He’s back in DD2, and by utilizing the tier system, we can vary the gameplay of the Kobolds to generate different difficulty from one enemy type.

The tiers of Kobolds progress not from the front, but from the middle. We have a standard Kobold or Tier 2 Kobold in the center. This run-of-the-mill exploding menace makes his return as he was in DD1. But his tier setup goes down to a smaller and faster version, the speedy Kobold. Upon setting off his wick, this Kobold skates his way at high speeds towards his target. His speed comes at a cost, though, as he does a smaller damage amount than his medium-sized compadre.


On the other side of the scale, we have our Heavy Kobold. This third tier of the Kobold is the heavy hitter. He packs a harder punch than the regular Kobold but at the cost of speed. He moves much slower, making it easier to take out before he is able to blast through the towers.

This new tier progression is a way to generate a much smoother and enjoyable ramp in difficulty for players. It also allows a variety of enemies to challenge the players without creating too much confusion when trying to learn new enemy types.

Do you have an idea for an enemy tier? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next Tuesday! Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community! Also, there’s still time to enter The Concept Art Process blog giveaway, where we'll also select two random winners!

Instead of our usual two blogs per week, we're going to post one dev blog a week moving forward. Don't worry: We'll still giveaway four pre-alpha codes per week -- two on each blog and two on each Facebook post!


With our Kickstarter now over, we wanted to make sure that we provided a way for people who were unable to back, or unaware of the Kickstarter, to get in on early savings and some sweet swag!

Click here to check out the Pre-order Store, and get in while the gettin's good. One of the most awesome advantages is the LIMITED Awakened bundle that includes:

  • Beta Access
  • Dungeon Defenders 2012 Collection
  • Dungeon Defenders: Awakened
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Digital Strategy Guide
  • Digital Artbook

You can also get some cool swag, like a Dungeon Defenders: Awakened T-Shirt or Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Joy-con Vinyl Covers! All purchases go towards supporting the development of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, helping us ensure we put out the best product possible. <3 

To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


Dev Log 1: Nov. 12, 2014

Greetings Defenders,

With more and more players getting their hands on Dungeon Defenders II, we’d like to start a new weekly series where we share what we’re working on each week! 

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director ([[48971,users]])

Working on some heavy redesigns for two major systems: Loot (relics, armor, weapons) and Special Stats.

Danny Araya, Creative Director (@DannyAraya)

I’m working with our writer on super secret lore things!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (@javo)

I'm solely working on end-of-match awards, making sure it matches what the designers want. Other than that, I'm helping programmers on systems designs and consultations.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer ([[57155,users]])

Smoothing out the matchmaking flow and adding messaging to make the progression between level ranges clearer. Improving our metrics functionality so we can get better statistics about what players are doing in the game. Adding cool new functionality for our artists and designers. SMASHING PUNY BUGS.

Chris James, Lead Level Designer ([[63955,users]])

We are creating new maps! There are some really fun experiences coming down the pipeline, and we cannot wait to share them with the community. Stay tuned fellow Etherians.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator ([[59787,users]])

Costume embellishments test. Trying to setup and implement embellishments with independent animation sets. Fixing a bunch of animation related tasks. All our flying enemies were calling the wrong death animation. And organizing our Content Repository Concept Art folders.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]])

Finalizing a first pass of our new end-of-match reward loop. Being sick, too.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

QA has been spending time reviewing the bugs the Defense Council has been reporting. Trying to repro them and then input them into Jira if needed. We’ve also been doing some Tech Support for some users and trying figure out why the game won’t work for them. Finally, we’ve been keeping up with the new content/features that have been/will be coming in and getting those verified. 

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

We’re hard at work on writing the Steam description for Dungeon Defenders II Early Access and sorting through all your feedback on our last blog to determine the awards and pricing for Steam Early Access. Special shoutout to [[59367,users]] for helping aggregate the information!

We’re also hard at work creating scripts for a few new Dungeon Defenders II Developer Diaries and getting together all the media for our special reveal at The Game Awards on December 5th!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

I’m working with our two wonderful wiki admins, [[63276,users]] and @eonswrath, on getting the DD2 wiki setup! They’ve been doing a wonderful job so far. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the wiki so far. If you’d like to help out with editing or creating content for the wiki, head over to the wiki and edit away! If you need help or would like a task, send a private message to [[63276,users]].

I’m also getting the ball rolling on more community content like this blog post. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, please let us know in the comments!

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