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Greetings Defenders,

Cannon fodder: Its a staple of the genre. But with Dungeon Defenders II, were shaking things up a bit. Weve added several unique, specialized enemies to the Old Ones armies. This month Id like to introduce you to one of those enemies: The Lightning Bug.

The Lightning Bug is an airborne enemy. Its a tiny creature--hard to see and even harder to hit. Dont let it catch you unaware, though. It still packs quite a punch! When a Lightning Bug approaches, it begins to charge an attack. Once fully charged, it unleashes a bolt of lightning that devastates multiple targets.


Like all of our enemies, the Lightning Bug has three tiers of progression. It starts its life as a tiny flying grub and eventually becomes a fearsome wasp-like creature. Advanced tiers are faster, stronger, and harder to kill. Theyre capable of inflicting massive, widespread damage with their charge attack.

While they prefer to wreak havoc on defenses and objectives, Lightning Bugs also have an element of unpredictability. Theyve been known to focus their attention on players when provoked.


The Lightning Bug isnt ready to come out of its cocoon just yet, but there are plenty of fearsome new enemies waiting in the wings. Well share another with you next month. Until then, keep an eye on the forums as well as Facebook and Twitter for more information on when you can see them in action.

That's all for now, Defenders! What do you think of our temporary name for this little fellow? Leave a comment below with an electrifying name for our newest enemy!
Greetings Defenders, and welcome to our first monthly lore column!

My name is Courtney, and I, along with our Creative Directors, am in charge of Dungeon Defenders lore. This month Im excited to share the story of Siphon Site D, one of our newest maps and one that Defense Council members will get to try out very soon!


Etheria At War

When the threat of the Old Ones was but a distant memory, Etheria suffered its worst possible fate: The Eternia Crystals shattered. Foul creatures spread like a plague through the land. The Old Ones amassed such an army that even the largest cities crumbled beneath them. Etheria was in ruin.

Champions were immediately summoned to the front lines. The men and women who answered the call became the Sunderguard, and they stood toe to toe with the armies of the Old Ones. But the enemy's number was too great. Etheria was overwhelmed, and the Sunderguard had no choice but to fall back to the northern territories.


The Sunderguards Discovery

Resources were at an all-time low, and miners were forced to delve into previously unexplored sites. In a system of caves far from the larger cities, they discovered a thick slab of decorated stone. They dug further. After three days of hard labor, the slab was revealed to be only one small part of an ancient temple.

The Sunderguard was called to investigate. They descended through the labyrinth, their torches illuminating massive pillars and intricate reliefs. The sound of rushing water grew deafening, and after hours of descent, they discovered the source: An underground spring with a faint light billowing from its surface.

The Ancient Springs

Convinced the temple was built to guard the spring, the Sunderguard drew some of the water into a phial and sent it to the Magic Academy for analysis. Their hunch paid off. The spring was imbued with some sort of magic. The nature of the enchantment was unclear, but the Sunderguard was willing to take any advantage they could get. Once the site was fully excavated, they made the difficult decision to build pipes and tanks directly into the temple.


Several other sites were discovered with the same mystical springs. It was the first glimmer of hope since the war began. But the enemy was closer than the Sunderguard suspected. Drawn to the springs, they quickly overwhelmed workers. Orcs smashed through pipes. Kobolds forced devastating cave-ins. Many sites were lost in a fraction of the time it took to find them.

Siphon Site D is one of the few that remain, and one of the last hopes for recovering a key asset that could give Etheria a fighting chance.

Want to win a seat on the Defense Council? Leave a comment in the comment section below, and well choose one lucky winner!

I am Isom, and...


Thought you could get rid of me so easily? Think again, Defenders.

Starting today, Im back at Trendy Entertainment! Ive rejoined the community team as their fearless (and oh-so-humble) leader. My job is more behind-the-scenes now, but rest assured that youll still find me in the various realms of our community.

I am stunned by how much Trendy has changed in the past six months. When I visited the studio last week, the atmosphere was incredibly positive. During a company-wide presentation, various designers, artists and programmers stood before the team and shared what they were working on. There is now a clear passion and attachment to Dungeon Defenders II. I could tell that this was the Dungeon Defenders sequel the team and I want to be working on.

This reinvigorated spirit has spread through every department, including the community team. Our biggest goal is to help rekindle the strong developer/community interactions that made the DD1 community so memorable. Expect to see more of that in the coming months.

If you need me, you can contact me several ways:

Forum PM: Iamisom
Twitter: Iamisom
Email: [email]josh.isom@trendyent.com[/email]

I cant wait to take back Etheria. You have my sword, Defenders.

Until next time,

P.S. Answer the following question in the comments below for your chance to win a Defense Council seat: What community issues would you like to see fixed or improved?
Greetings Defenders, and welcome to this month’s QA Column: QA Bugstravaganza![working title]
We’ve got an exciting and hilarious bug for you today!

The Apprentress and Friends

When we discovered this bug, one of my personal favorites, we’d just finished a test for the Council members. As soon as we booted up the game and prepared to start on our normal daily tasks, we spawned into the map and were met with quite possibly one of the silliest bugs we’ve ever seen:

When choosing the Apprentice, everyone was met with what could only be called a “monstrosity,” or more accurately, a fusion of the Huntress and Apprentice now lovingly known as the “Apprentress.” This model combination led to some hilarious results as you can see from the video above, with the Apprentress firing off her awesome Cyclone and Mana Bomb. The Huntress and Apprentice weren’t alone in this strange splicing treatment, however, as the “Monktress” had his/her day in the sun, too. This Monk had all of the Huntress’ abilities and, as if that wasn’t enough, had also stolen the Squire’s sword and managed to make it float beside him.

After everyone in the office had a good laugh, a fix was quickly found and our Heroes were fused no longer. Many screenshots were taken, though, so whenever someone needs a pick-me-up, this bug never disappoints.

So there you have it: This month’s best bug. Let us know what you think about our weird Hero fusions in the comments, and what you believe would be the funniest accidental combination of Heroes! Also, if you think you can create a better title than QA Bugstravaganza, we’re taking suggestions!

Player and Enemy Paths

Pathing is one of the fundamental elements of gameplay in Dungeon Defenders II. It has a significant impact on how a level feels and plays, and the process of building these paths is an important part of any Dungeon Defenders II level. Because this is a complex topic, there's a lot I can't cover in one post, so if you want to hear more, be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Planning Paths

When creating paths, I typically start with a global concept: What sort of place am I building? A sewer? A town? An interdimensional fortress? The type of setting has a big influence on how I visualize the space.


In many cases, I make a bullet list of visual or geometric components I'd like to include, such as a large pipe system traversing the map. Then I create a lane flow diagram. This is just a quick sketch of squiggly arrows leading from the spawn point to the objective. This sketch lets me experiment with various configurations until I get something interesting, like a way for lanes to cross each other vertically.

After I'm happy with the lane flow graph, I plot out how the space actually fits together. At this point I've done some work in the editor to visualize the space in three dimensions.

Creating a Solid Pathing Layout

Before I block out the geometry of a level, I run my sketches through the following checklist:

  • Each lane has to have a smooth and easily understandable flow from its spawn location to its final destination.

  • Players fighting in a lane should have a clear line of visibility to one or more separate lanes.

  • Players can move laterally between lanes with ease.

  • Lanes have vertical contrast, making it easier to understand how enemies will move.

  • Lanes flow in a monodirectional way, meaning they start far away and move toward the objective.


There are also elements I try to avoid:

  • Lanes that change between major vertical levels, as the brain sees this as two separate lanes. (Ex: Enemies spawn in a dried out riverbed and climb a huge staircase to the rooftops before pursuing the objective.)

  • Lanes that are indistinguishable from directly adjacent pathways.

  • Lanes that have limited entry points from other areas of the map.

  • Lanes that have massive reverse folds. (Ex: Hairpin turns that guide a lane away from its objective.)

Constructing the Level

Once that's done, I move on to the full construction of the geometry, after which I'll run around the space for a couple of hours and visualize the gameplay. This leads to lots of smaller changes where I double check jump distances, visibility, and movement times. I also do a pass to ensure that the spatial relationships between lanes are clear.


When I'm done, I have a space that I feel is fun to move through, even before any gameplay is put into it.

Which maps do you feel had the best pathing in DD1? Let us know what you think in the comments below for your chance to win a Defense Council seat!

The Sunderguard Unites

$16,000+ Raised for Child's Play

Thanks for the turnout yesterday Dungeon Defenders fans! So many of you came to donate to Childs Play that our site crashed after 10 minutes. Despite that, you all still raised over $15,615.61 in less than an hour! And thats not even including the 10 Defense Council seats available at the Trendy eBay page, that are raising over $744.50 and counting for Childs play.

Having Issues?

If you are having issues logging into the Dungeon Defenders II site with your playverse account, please bear with us. We are currently working on fixing access issues for the Council exclusive forum and blogs. We will keep you updated here, but if you have any other questions or issues, please contact Council@trendyent.com and we will help as soon as we can! You can also find answers to common questions in our FAQ.

A Few More Ways to Join

Finally, PaPaZeuS from the comments yesterday is now our newest Council member! Sometimes you just cant help but sleep. Comment here and stay tuned tomorrow for a chance to win one of the last Defense Council seats!

Giveaway #1- Tell Daniel Haddad, our Lead Content Designer, your thoughts on Ranged Combat in DD!

Giveaway #2- Design your own Dungeon Defenders II hero!

Defense Council

Etheria Needs a Hero

Only a handful of Eternia Crystals remain. The rest have shattered, and the Old Ones--a threat believed to be contained--are now free. In a brief period of time, theyve organized armies and conquered much of Etheria. We need the most valiant heroes to band together and form Etherias first Defense Council--the Sunderguard--to prepare for the fight against the relentless hordes!

Your Feedback Influences the Game

Next week, starting Monday, November 11th, 500 of you will have the opportunity to join this Defense Council. As Council members, you will gain access to bi-weekly sessions where youll get to play the game and give feedback on systems, maps, heroes, and more. Youll also be granted access to an exclusive forum and blog, where you can deliver your feedback directly to the development team.

As we get closer to alpha, your responsibilities will grow and you will have more opportunities to play the game and impact development in exciting new ways (sorry, we cant reveal what they are just yet!). Then, when the game launches, youll serve the first term of the in-game Defense Council, influencing decisions that shape the war against the Old Ones!


One of the maps Council members will be the first to play later this year!

Council Seats Are Available November 11th

Were proud to announce that were partnering with Humble Bundle and Childs Play to bring you the Defense Council. There are three ways you can obtain a place in the Council:

    1. Donate $30 or more to Childs Play by using the Humble Widget above starting at 6pm EST on Monday, November 11th. There are only 500 of these slots available, so act quickly!

    2. Bid on additional seats on our Trendy eBay page found HERE.

Once again, all proceeds will go to Childs Play, an organization that provides video games to improve the lives of hospitalized children around the world.


Our heroes receiving their Council emblems.

Miss Your Chance? Theres One More Way to Join

The final slots will be given through the community itself, so stay tuned to these forums over the next week to find out more ways you can get a spot on the council. Who knows, maybe a comment on this thread will earn you a seat!

If you have any questions about the Defense Council or how to enter, ask in the comments below. You can also find more questions answered here, in our FAQ. Were excited to see our Defenders come through for Childs Play and we cant wait to get you playing Dungeon Defenders II!


A Very Trendy Halloween

From what Ive gathered around the office in the month of October, I think its safe to say that Halloween is one of Trendys favorite holidays, filled with pumpkin flavored treats, bags full of candy, and spooky costumes. Oh my!
This year we held our first pumpkin carving contest! There were supposed to be two categories, artist and non-artist, but only Rodrigo and Laura entered. The rules didnt mention that the pumpkin had to be real, so it became a battle between the two of them for the gift card.


Lets not forget about the best part of Halloween, the costumes! With all the excitement of Dungeon Defenders II taking up most of our time, some of us opted for more simple costumes like our Associate Producer Ben Craven who dressed up as Ben Craven from 2011. Then there were other people like our Lead 3D artist, Jordan Kerbow, who just didnt have enough time to make his Khal Drogo this awesome.

Halloween group

Last year we added a new Spooktacular challenge to Dungeon Defenders along with a whole bunch of spooky goodies. What would you like to see us make for Halloween next year in Dungeon Defenders II? Let us know in the comments below!


Enemies are a big part of Dungeon Defenders. As we began to develop Dungeon Defenders II one of the areas we thought needed some attention was enemies and how they think, behave, and react to both players and the environments around them. One of the first things we decided to add is a little something called Cluster Targeting.

Cluster Targeting is a means by which certain enemies can pick their targets a little more intelligently. Remember those little Kobalds from DD1? Well picture this scenario, imagine you were a Kobald, you wake up in the morning, have your blend of coffee, pick up your explosives and head to the nearest spawner. After you spawn in the level you have three options:

  1. Explode near two towers perched alongside a path?

  2. Explode near 3 tower and 2 barricades clustered nicely together blocking the way to the objective?

  3. Explode near a single idle tower?


What would you pick? Well ideally if you wanted to do the most damage, youd charge towards the largest cluster (option 2) because:

  1. It is blocking the armys way forward

  2. Thats where you are guaranteed to do the most damage


Cluster Targeting in Dungeon Defenders II allows enemies to think along those lines. It is a system by which defenses are clustered into groups and each group has a score or targeting desirability based on certain factors like:

  1. Cluster Composition

    1. what type of Defenses are in this cluster

    2. are there any high priority targets?

  2. Which cluster is more relevant?

    1. Is a cluster obstructing the main path towards the objectives?

    2. Can the enemy reach the objective?

    3. Is the cluster too far away?

  3. Enemy Damage Type

    1. Does the enemy do splash damage?

      1. How big of a radius?

      2. Whats the range?

    2. Does the enemy have a chain attack that bounces from target to target?

      1. How many bounces?

      2. Can it target the same target more than once?

      3. How large of a gap can the projectile jump?

  4. Etc...


Each enemy that does some sort of area/chaining damage or effect can then pick the cluster based on what is more relevant to it, him, or even her(yes there are some lady enemies on the horizon more on that in a future post!).

Now that enemies have a bit more thought behind some of their actions they will immediately appear to be more threatening which will encourage players to plan their defenses a little more carefully or react to certain enemies as they enter the battlefield. This will also allow us to use less enemies to achieve the same goals.

Some of the most exciting moments in Dungeon Defenders happen when your defenses are failing and you and your friends fall back and work together to make your last stand. Those sort of clutch moments are something we are really keeping an eye on and we are doing a lot of interesting things to replicate such moments as often as possible But that is a conversation for another day.

Thats all I have for you this time Defenders of Etheria! I would like to hear what our fans think of this and which enemy could definitely use this mechanic. Who knows, your suggestion could send one of our enemies back to school in order to make them smarter and deadlier.
Luska Arco

Meet The QA Crew

Hello Defenders! Welcome to a new segment from Trendy's own Quality Assurance department entitled "QA 2: Electric Bugaloo[working title]". We pick our favorite bugs and post a screenshot or a video to reminisce about squashed bugs that really left an impression on us. First off, I'd like to introduce our department:

From left to right; Jason Yu, Levi Fink, Chris Flores, Patrick Scanlan, Corinne Maloy

From left to right; Jason Yu, Levi Fink, Chris Flores, Patrick Scanlan, Corinne Maloy

As Quality Assurance, we will strive to help make Dungeon Defenders II the best game that we possibly can! Now on to the bug!

One fateful day during the summer, we came into our room and sat down at our desks. We were just finding our bearings, ready to begin a new day and see if there were any new changes that were implemented the night before. What I saw when I loaded a testmap was this...

I was somewhat disarmed while my brain tried to process exactly what my eyes were seeing. Everything the heroes did was functioning but they looked like they were made of rubber bands. Oh, and they walked like funky chickens where they puffed out their chests and and held their arms to their sides like wings. Our Associate Producer Ben Craven walked in with a grin on his face and asks if wed seen the heroes.

For an explanation of exactly what caused this supreme funkiness we turn to our Technical Animator Abraham Abdala: This happens when there is a difference in scale with the animations and the skeletal mesh. If the skeletal mesh was exported, lets say at 1.0 scale, the animations have to be exported with the same scale. If they're not, the bones will try to adjust... and fail badly.

The funk didnt last long, however. As soon as word had spread, we updated our clients and the funk ceased. All heroes were back to normal. Alas. A few hours later tons of screenshots were circulating the office. Patrick made one his wallpaper for a while so we and anyone who passed by our door could continue to enjoy it.

Chime in on the comments to let us know if you like this post and what other posts you would like to see from us. If you have a better name for our segment than QA 2: Electric Bugaloo let us know, we might pick one for the next column!

Watch live video from TrendyEnt on TwitchTV


We wouldnt have made it this far without our fans. As a special treat we will be bringing back live-streaming on our Twitch.tv page. This isnt your regular Trendy Friday Fun. First of all, itll take place this Monday after our birthday and secondly, it will be 2 hours long. From 5 to 7 p.m. EST we will jump on Dungeon Defenders and play with any fan who wants to join the fun. We will also be having some special guests from Trendy getting on and answering your questions. What are we working on now? What do we plan on releasing next? Did the squire bake that cake? Will Laura ever get her cow?! You know, the important hard hitting questions.

If enough people show up, we might have an extra surprise for you. But thats on Monday, right now we are so excited about our upcoming anniversary that we had to show you a sneak peek on something were working on.


Thats our early birthday present to our fans. Hope you like it! Dont forget to visit our media pageto get wallpapers on each or our heroes and our official Dungeon Defenders II wallpaper. Try not to stare at it too long or it will temporarily blind you with awesomeness!

Let us know in the comments who you would like to see on our live-stream and what you think our extra surprise is. We also encourage you to leave us any questions you want to ask our development team or just comment on the new art!

Hero survey


Will you be my hero?

For some reason I always imagine Enrique Iglesias' singing that to me whenever I have to chose which hero to play with. It doesn't help that I only know that one line from the song. One day I'll look up the rest of the song, but in the mean time I'll be here working hard to make Dungeon Defenders 2 even better with your help! We would like to know all about how you chose to play the heroes. Who do you bring out before the battle begins? Who is always brought out to face the waves of enemies? Take this Hero Survey and let us know!
When it comes to choosing a hero, there's a lot of things we look forward to. How do they look, what towers they have, and what abilities they have are some things that may affect your choices. Some people find it very handy to have their hero to go into a Blood Rage in the middle of battle, cutting through foes like butter. Other people want the satisfaction of being able to conjure up projectiles that go pew pew.

This is your chance to tell us what abilities you use and how often. Just take this Hero Ability Survey and tell us what you think. Let us know why you voted that way in the comments. You can even suggest some new abilities and let us know who should have it and why. I'll be sending these results to the Dungeon Defenders 2 design team sometime next week so hurry up and let us know what you think!
It's time for us to reach out to our fans and learn more about how you play Dungeon Defenders. This time we want to know about towers. Each one of our four main heroes has 4 awesome towers to assist them in holding back the enemy forces. With so much to chose from, we started wondering how often our fans each tower and why. Help us out by taking this survey. Sign into our forums and go into detail or let us know what you think in the comments!

The more we know the better we can make Dungeon Defenders 2!

Our last survey was super effective!

We got to know what our fans liked about our campaignmaps, what they didn't like, and why. It was great to hear from you and we want to hear more. Go take this survey and let us know what you think of the Eternia Shards campaign maps. Let us know what you think in the comments!

You can also contribute by posting your thoughts inCrzyRndm's thread: "Level design and Gameplay. What makes a map fun to play (or not)?"
Help us make DD2 better


We know we've been quiet, but we're hard at work. We need your help in making Dungeon Defenders great! All you have to do is fill out this survey!*We'll peek our heads out and say more as soon as we can.

In the meantime, here's some concept art from what we have been working on and no, the little running stick figure guy is not a hero. Sorry. Let us know what you think in the comments!
Its that wonderful time of the year where we are all glued to our computer screens enthusiasticallyawaiting everything E3 has to offer.

This year, we thought we should do something special for our fans who wait eagerly every week to learn more about the Cooperative part of our game through our Co-op Confidential blogs. Thats why we have partnered up with our good friends at Twitch TV to bring you some exclusive first looks at our Dungeon Defenders II Cooperative mode.


After an intense battle of rock, paper, scissors, our very own Philip Asher was chosen to go to Los Angeles and share a very early, pre-alpha build of the game. Want to see new towers, a new level and a whole new take on Etheria? Tune in to Twitch TV at 12:20 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:20 p.m. Eastern time.


Whatre your thoughts? What would you like to see during the livestream? Have any questions you want to ask us regarding the game? Want us to continue this sneak peaks into the development of DD2? Let us know in the comments below. Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be chosen on June 17.


We have an exciting new announcement. After some conversation with Valve, we are happy to let everyone know that Dungeon Defenders II will be coming to Steam. Well have a lot more delicious details (and an official announcement for fans who dont check our site everyday) in the near future so stay tuned.

As for the competitive closed beta, we are hard at work taking everyones feedback and implementing it. Some of changes already made include several bug fixes, more UI capabilities, and adjusted camera angles. There will be even more coming in the future weeks. If you didnt get to sign up when we opened registrations last Friday, dont fret. Well be sending out another batch of beta codes via email soon! Remember, once you play jump on the beta forums and let us know what you think!

So... what Steam features do you want to see most in Dungeon Defenders II? Sound off in the comments below. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen June 13.

Meet the Kobold King
Kobold King Wallpaper


Emerging from the sewers of Etheria is...

The Kobold King!

On his hero page, you can learn about his tyrannical rule of fellow kobolds and the shady business that keeps him afloat.




Claim royalty among your minions with the Kobold King™s wallpaper. You can download the 1920x1080 wallpaper on the Media Page.

How do you feel about the Kobold King? Let us know in the comments section. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on June 11.


For this issue of Co-op Confidential, we'd like to present.... the Fiend Fire Tower!

Many of you may think, 'Hey, we've seen this before! This is the new Fireball Tower!', but you'd only be half-right. The Fiend Fire Tower does shoot fireballs, but ones which bounce from minion to minion instead of fizzling out on their first foe. But want to know the really exciting secret... this tower also sets the enemies aflame!


Yes that's right, Dungeon Defenders II's co-op now has elemental effects. After causing it's initial damage, this Fiend Fire Tower will light enemies ablaze causing additional damage over time. Here's an even closer look at the (in-progress) tower:


What're your thoughts? What towers would you like to see return for the Apprentice? Have any great ideas for new ones? Want us to continue this sneak peaks into the development of DD2? Let us know in the comments below. Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be chosen on June 10th.


Meet the Countess

Meet the Countess

Yar har yar har, a pirate’s life for...

The Countess!

On her hero page, read about her newfound life on the high seas and the rivalry that drove her to the tournament.


Stop and smell the flowers with the Countess’s wallpaper. You can download the 1920x1080 wallpaper on the Media page.

How do you feel about the Countess? Let us know in the comments section. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on June 17.
Dungeon Defenders II PvP beta registration is now open. Go to www.playverse.com now to sign-up! Registration is limited, so get in while you can.

Once you're registered, download the bootstrapper to get started. Both Windows and Mac clients are available. If you get in, make sure to post your feedback and issues in the Beta Forums here. You must be logged into the forums via your playverse account to access the beta forums.

Keep in mind, the beta is still under NDA and some parts are very rough around the edges. We look forward to hearing your thoughts (in the beta forums).
Meet the Spirit Warrior

Rising from the underworld, prepare yourself for...

The Spirit Warrior!

On his hero page, learn about the origin of this amoral force of vengeance.


Vengeance will glow bright on your desktop with the Spirit Warrior’s wallpaper. You can download the 1920x1080 wallpaper on the Media page.

How do you feel about the Spirit Warrior? Let us know in the comments section. Our favorite comments will win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on June 6.

Drumroll, please. *ahem*

The winners of the Dungeon Defenders II Prize Pack contest have been chosen! Check your email to see if youve won.

The grand-prize winner will receive 4 DD2 T-shirts, 4 DD2 in-game Hero Pets, DD2 iPhone 4 case, limited edition DD2 mousepad (of your choice!), instant access to the DD2 beta, Black Widow Razer keyboard and a Naga Hex Razer mouse. The second- and third-place winners will receive instant access to the DD2 beta and a DD2 hero T-shirt of his/her choice.

Plus, all of our forum/Facebook post winners have been revealed. Be sure to check all of those posts to see if youve won!
Co-op Confidential -- Level Teaser

You might be asking, “Why didn’t we get a Co-op Confidential yesterday?” The answer is that we were in strict observance of Memorial Day. The real answer is that we were all drunk, sitting by the poolside and eating ribs. Delicious, fresh-from-the-smoker ribs. In all seriousness, we’d like to say thank you to our troops for protecting our country.

This week is a short blog as we’re going to let our teaser do the talking for us. (Also, we feel like Phil, Stu and Alan today.) Above, you can see concept art for the first level of the cooperative campaign. Isn't it pretty?

“So is that it? All we get is glimpse of the first level?” Who knows, you might see more of the levels in motion, perhaps even sooner than you might think. Also, if you look through the DD2 co-op reveal trailer, you might see a few more levels. Wink wink nudge nudge.

What do you think is going on in this first level? Where is it in Etheria? What would you like to see in a future reveal? Let us know in the comments below! Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be revealed on June 4.
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