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We’ve released a minor backend update that will help us diagnose some of the crashes we’re seeing in the game. This update also includes a new in-game Bug Reporting Form for the Tavernkeep. This form has been crafted to help us obtain more information on bugs, crashes and other errors, which we can use to help solve these issues in a more timely manner.

If you are experiencing a launcher issue or any other technical issue, please go to this form and follow the instructions. Thank you!


Dev Log 6: Jan. 14, 2015

Greetings, Defenders! While most of us are creating exciting new things for you to enjoy, some of us are preparing for PAX South 2015, which begins next Friday. Here's what we're working on this week:

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Jay and I are hard at work rebalancing heroes, enemies, and defenses. I’m also looking at Melee enemy ranges and making sure those are updated so that they don’t necessarily need to get up close and personal with a Defense to attack it. Having a lot of productive chats with Jay, Ed, Phil, and other people about how we’re going to fix our Matchmaking system and excited to reveal some of that in the future. Preparing a presentation pitch for Pets in DD2 (we are still in the very early stages of developing these guys) and preparing for the PAX South panel! 

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Lots of meetings about lighting in upcoming maps, and conversations about awesome animations for the guards asleep in the Tavern. Mapping out the narrative flow of the first few regions and solidifying some world lore. Also spending a lot of time OD-ing on coffee.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Blacksmith and I have been rebalancing heroes, defenses, and enemies. How exciting! We’re targeting problem level ranges, specific defenses, green defense mana and some combos. Our target to release these changes is this month! In addition I’m supporting Daily Missions! I’m super excited to finally get to show you guys this system. You guys spoke up with influence votes and showing you guys the fruits of that labor is hopefully coming later this month! In my free time, playing through Warlords of Draenor and jamming to Mark Ronson’s new track Uptown Funk!

Chris James, Lead Level Designer (ceejeh)

Back from eating bacon and pancakes smothered in maple syrup! The team has been working on Demos for PAX South 2015 and also a PS4 Kiosk demo level. There were a lot of design changes that were made before the break that are planned for the upcoming patch, and the level designers have been hard at work balancing each of the campaign maps. We have two maps that are going through the World Building process, and they’re looking quite excellent. We are also putting finishing touches on a map that has nothing to-do with anything Javaheri’s team is working on, I swear with my fingers crossed! Wait...

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Features and more features and … “What? Who submitted this!? What? !@#$% …. Oh! … I see… ok .. it’s fine.” Back to features.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Last minute adjustments on new end-of-match reward visual feedback, some Codex work, and working with our talented VFX team to develop some spider web FX strategies.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Testing for the next update should be in full swing this week. We also might get a jump on the PAX South demo build.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Training a pupil, lots of training in different fields, dynamic simulations, rigging, scripting, etc. Putting together the final bits for the spooky traps, subcores and main cores.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Big push on server performance, and polishing our metrics and matchmaking flow.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Working on implementing and displaying rewards for collecting Codexes. Also working on a UI for displaying Challenges. And last but not least, working on some level-up feedback enhancements.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Do you guys like armor? I hope you like armor. We’re making more armor. Armor armor armor. It won’t show up on your character, but rest assured there will be something coming that does. :) Playing Stronghold HD and wanting to put spike barricades on top of spike barricades in DD2. Alas, my Castle Defense will have to wait.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on the creepy level. At this point I've already started to deco most areas of the level, adding bushes, rocks, grass, spooky trees, big trees, small trees, medium-sized trees, tree stumps, thin trees, thick trees, did I say I’m adding trees?

Daniel Diaz, World Builder 

Polishing and doing a full collision pass on our last rocky environment level, which will feature some amazing secrets!

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Setting up our new office space. Getting a sneak peek at all the awesome balance stuff the Design team has been doing. Planning for the new year. Crafting the best weapons in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Preparing for our “Future of Tower Defense” panel at PAX South. Training I_PASS_BUTTER in the ways of community kung-fu. Setting up this week’s Devstream. In my free time, I’m leveling my Tower App (24) and Boost Monk (20) to complement my DPS Squire (25). Once the new update lands, I’m going to work on my Traptress and Ability App. I'm so ready for the update. 


Influence Report 3

Senior Producer Brad Logston and Creative Director Danny Araya discuss the balance/progression changes coming in the next content update, which is tentatively scheduled for the end of this month. They also discuss potential Commander Incursion ideas and the results of our Lore Initiative! 


Greetings Defenders! A lot of us just got back from Winter Break (and some of us are still filtering in). Here's what we're working on this week:

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Working closely with the design team on a big update for DD2 that introduces a sampling of Incursions (challenge modes), new weapons and special stats, new special enemies, and a large balance pass on the game. Also working with Danny on Region 2 map outline with some discussion on Region 3.

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Working on the worldmap for Region 2! Also revising some exciting new music.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

I’m currently working on multiple targets for the next patch. I’m having a great time working with engineering on Daily Missions and new level up feedback. The former is exciting because I’m getting to work directly on the Influence votes casted by YOU! The latter is exciting as it’s one of the first steps in a much larger focus on DD2’s meta. Finally, I’m spending my spare cycles working with Blacksmith and the design team on overall game balance.

Chris James, Lead Level Designer (ceejeh)

Sorry eh, I'm in Canada, eh!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (@javo)

Just returned from my holidays in Argentina. Back to features development! Bigger team, new offices, live product… booting up anew.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Working on getting more specific information from Steam crash dumps, so we can focus on fixing the most frequent crashes.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Working with my team on finalizing the environmental FX pass on 3 of our new maps, as well as finalizing a first pass on pet FX. 

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

We are currently working with the customer support team to re-organize how we handle the Customer Support tickets and the bugs reported by users. We’re in the process of revamping the in-game bug report form as well as starting QA work on the next Content Update.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Finalizing some spooky forest simulations. Testing with some programmers animation-driven embellishments. Training two new additions to the team!

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

The office move has some small things to wrap up still, and making sure everyone’s comfy and happy with their new environment is one of my top priorities. When I’m not doing that, I’m making sure everything’s in alignment for our next patch date as far as having all of the content ready.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on a new level, a creepy one ;) 

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Currently setting up my office space and making sure that my Iron Man statue is in the exact right place. Just got back from holidays, and I’m going to get back into the swing of things right after finishing setting up the marketing room!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Our team is catching up on the loads of feedback and support tickets sent to us over the holidays. For those of you waiting on a reply from our support team, help is on the way!

Speaking of our team, I’d like to introduce a new member to our community squad: I_PASS_BUTTER! He’s moved from the QA department to our team to help us out with our support and to make our community efforts more kickass. Expect to see his name ‘round these parts more often!

Finally, the community wiki team is looking for volunteers to help add new content and information to the Dungeon Defenders II Wiki. If you see something that needs more information, edit away! Want to get more involved with the wiki? Send a forum PM to Wiki Administrator Lanie on our official forums!


Devstream 2 and Dev Log 4

It's our last Devstream and Dev Log of the year! Watch the Devstream below, then read on to see what we worked on this week. Happy holidays, and we'll see you in January!

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer ([[67667,users]])

We recently completed a huge initiative that addresses and changes the entire experience from level 1 through our new Incursions modes. Specifically I was addressing how frequently and what type of loot heroes get in every map. This week and through January is implementing the Daily Mission system and our next iteration of Matchmaking flow. Finally we’re iterating on our combat balance. Happy Holidays, Defenders! I’ll see you in the New Year!

Chris James, Lead Level Designer ([[63955,users]])

I’ve been focusing on a few different areas of our production: Looking at current maps and how to improve them, providing feedback on the new maps that we have been making, and developing some of our internal level design documentation about how we can better approach building our spaces. Something I mentioned in the Devstream with Isom is that I am currently reviewing our Environment Traps and am planning on providing the community a design breakdown of them sometime early in the new year. Speaking of which, Happy Holidays!

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]])

I just read that Hearthstone was released on Android tablets, so that’s a thing for me right now. Also making DD2 look awesome, with a focus on early 2015 content...

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

In addition to continuing to research user reported bugs, we’re testing some potential changes to the game. Plus, we’ve started prepping the next update, which will come in January sometime after we get back from our break.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator ([[59787,users]])

Working on the traps and cores for a new spooky map.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Creating a plan for a lot of progress on a set of new legendary weapons! We want to make loot more interesting per some of the design Dev Logs and videos you have seen, and that wouldn’t be possible unless we made some kick-ass visuals to go along with it, now would it?

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Working on the same level as the last Dev Log, but at this point I've already started elaborating on the level, placing small deco assets made by the art team.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

Playing Hearthstone at work in between meetings, wrapping up my last day before break. Have a call with the fantastic PlayStation team about our PS4 SKU, and then I’ll see all of you on our second Devstream!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Wrapping up the end to this beautiful, wonderful, exhausting year. I honestly don’t know how to spend two weeks off. I feel like a child who’s left home alone and can’t decide which forbidden rule to break first. Except my rules are related to spending my time wisely. Am I going to stay up all night playing video games? (Yes.) Am I going to lay in the sun and read all day? (Most likely.) 

I’m really looking forward to playing the games I purchased this year but didn’t play -- Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Transistor, The Last of Us Remastered, Far Cry 4, Civilization V (I picked it up during the Summer Steam Sale and haven’t tried it!) -- and, of course, I’m still working on my lifesteal Squire build. By the way, if you haven’t played Shovel Knight, go out and get that game. It’s my personal Game of the Year. 

I’ll be off the grid for the next two weeks, but I can’t wait to see everyone again in January. Happy Holidays! Stay safe, Defenders.


Influence Report 2

In our second Influence Report, Senior Producer Brad Logston (via Skype!) and Creative Director Daniel Haddad talk about the latest patch, discuss some of your biggest feedback and go over the latest Influence Initiative. 


Update 1.2 Released

We wanted to ease players into our early game by making hero-specific loot drop more frequently on early maps. We like ramping our loot system to the player. As such we want early players to very frequently find immediate rewards. Later on when we’ve introduced more game concepts, we drop more variety of loot to show players the possibility space. There are a lot of options in the DD2 loot system for you to play with. We found a bug that was preventing hero-targeted loot from dropping on certain maps (mainly Town Entrance and Market) As a result, you’ll see more loot drop for your hero across the board:

  • Resolved an issue where items were not dropping at the intended frequency for the selected Hero.

Many of you have been pointing at easy mode Monk for awhile. We listened. What we found is that the Monk’s Lightning Damage Spec Node was adding an additional 100% damage every time the Spec Node activated. We’ve fixed the issue and Monks are fitting better into our hero balance paradigm:

  • Resolved an issue where the Monk’s Lightning Damage Spec Node did significantly more damage than intended.

Clarity is critically important. We identified certain stats and tooltips that were unclear or had bugs and cleaned them up:

  • The Apprentice’s Reduce Cooldown Spec now displays the correct percentage in the Spec Node page. There were some additional edge cases that were fixed in this patch.
  • The special stat “% chance to drench on hit for # seconds” was displaying different number of seconds depending on if the item was equipped or in the inventory. The tooltip should now display the correct number in all places.
  • Physical and Magical Armor have been renamed to Physical and Magical Resist for items.

General Bug Fixing:

  • Switching between characters with an item that has the lifesteal special stat no longer breaks the functionality of lifesteal. 
  • Resolved an issue where the “Chance on Damage Taken for Fire Explosion” special stat on items would never trigger. 
  • The special stat "% chance to stun a target for # seconds" no longer applies to the Monk's Lightning Aura.[/list] 

Devstream 1

In our first Devstream, I spoke with Senior Producer Brad Logston about the current state of the game and asked him some of your burning questions. Then, I spoke with Lead Level Designer Chris James about our upcoming maps and the process of making a map!


In our first-ever Influence Report, we talk about some of your biggest topics so far. We'll talk about more topics in future videos! Keep your feedback coming! Plus, read our new Dev Log after the jump.

Here's what we're working on this week:

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Recovering from the Game Awards and PSX. Taking a look at the community feedback since EA release and reassessing some of the aesthetic decisions we’ve made. Thinking of some of the next steps steps to take with codexes, environmental easter eggs, and other small narrative elements. 

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

We’re testing improvements to the long-term health of our progression and combat balance. We have lots of plans to make the leveling, itemization and end-game experiences super engaging. I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got up our sleeve! Here’s a hint: expect leveling from 1 to 25 to be a much better experience very, very soon. 

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Catching up a bit after PSX and the Game Awards. Prioritizing milestone tasks and working alongside our talented VFX team to art up one of our newer creepy maps in production.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Now that the hotfix is released, we’re continuing to look into the issues being reported by the community and helping to resolve those issues. Also, we have some lingering issue that have been sitting on the shelf for a bit now so we’ll go back to those and try to figure the out. Finally, we’re doing another sweep over the Special Stats as some of them are still causing issues or need some balancing tweaks.

Some of the issues we’re looking at right now (as in right now right now):

  • Players loading into a Black Tavern with no collision. We now have 100% repro for it and a fix will be in the works soon.
  • Much like you guys, we are also eagerly awaiting a fix for the Inventory bug in which it appears as if items are disappearing from the inventory when swapping out equipment. We know what’s causing it and just waiting for a fix to come down the pipeline.
  • We are actively investigating the numerous crash reports involving the game crashing after pressing Play on the launcher. These are machine specific-crashes so our programmers are working out ways to get better crash reports to help narrow this down. Stay tuned!

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

Working on new traps and subcores for the spooky maps… eight-legged freaks and stuff.

Eduardo Lev Guerra, Engine Programmer (EdLev)

Trying to solve the most commonly reported crashes, and starting work on some cool new matchmaking functionality.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Sadly cannot rest after PSX! Making sure the new map’s trap design is communicated and vision clear as it goes into art, and making sure that the newly announced (You did know that, right?) PS4 version is humming along.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on a new level, currently creating the large pieces such as grounds and walls and making sure that these pieces are close to the original blockout.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

At home recovering from post PlayStation Experience and The Game Awards flu. Approving all sorts of awesome stuff our community and marketing teams are creating for you guys these next few weeks.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

The feedback. Oh god, the feedback! We’ve gathered up every single Steam forum post, official forum post, Tweet, Facebook comment, review, article and article comment since we dropped the Steam Early Access version (and the PS4 announcement!) on Friday. Phew! My brain hurts. 

There’s so much ridiculously amazing feedback, and we’re diving in to tackle the biggest points of feedback. Brad and Daniel mentioned a few of the biggest points in the video above. We’ll talk about more points in our developer livestreams (every Friday at 5 PM EST on our Twitch channel) and in future Influence Report videos!


Update 1.1 Released

Thanks for all of your feedback and bug reports! We will be addressing some of your biggest feedback in a video later this week. We’re incredibly excited to work with you to build the best Action Tower Defense game possible. 

This patch primarily addresses bugs that have been sent to us through our forums and our bug reporting form. Keep sending those bugs in to the Tavernkeep! 


  • Several actions have been added to the controls in the Options menu. Activate, Alt. Activate, Ready Up, and Suicide can now be rebound to any key. Additionally, this implementation fixed a bug where rebinding other keys to the ‘e’, ‘f’, ‘g’, and ‘l’ key would prevent these actions. 
  • Pressing left-shift with the item comparison tooltip will now display the currently equipped item.
  • The AutoReporter has been added to help us debug crashes.

Bug Fixes

  • Several users were reporting that transitioning from a gameplay map to the entry tavern would occasionally delete their profiles. This issue should now be resolved.
  • Resolved a UI-related crash. 
  • The ‘Right Arrow’ key can now be bound.
  • Combo Feats no longer reward currency and experience due to an exploit. These rewards will be re-added when the Combo Feats are reworked in an upcoming patch.
  • Skyguard Towers will now attack enemies that are close to the ground.
  • The Squire's Powerful Spears Spec was not dealing the full damage to subsequent targets. This should now be working as intended. 
  • The Huntress’ Long Range Spec no longer affects her Oil Flask and Concussive Shots abilities.
  • The Apprentice’s Reduce Cooldown Spec now displays the correct percentage in the Spec page.
  • Special Stat Procs, such as Drenched, now only apply to hero attacks and not defense attacks.
  • Mana Nodes no longer start out in the activated state if a player joins the match after the build phase started.
  • The item comparison tooltips with special stats no longer clips off the screen.
  • The scroll bar for the Codexes page now functions properly when the arrows are pressed and the scroll bar is dragged.
  • Removed the green glow from the War Table in the Group Tavern.
  • The Crystal Cores in the Gates of Dragonfall and The Throne Room are no longer brighter than the sun.
  • Resolved an issue in The Ramparts where the air lanes would fail to spawn. This was preventing the players from finishing the match. 

Known Issues

  • We are still investigating several known launcher crashes and issues. If you’re experiencing launcher issues, please go to this page, try the possible solutions listed, and if you’re still having issues, follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the page.
  • If you’re experiencing lag, please go to this page and follow the instructions listed.
  • If you’re getting stuck on the Searching for Session screen, please wait a few minutes and try again. If you’re unable to get past this screen, please email supporttrendyent.com!
  • Players have reported entering a black tavern and falling through the game world. This is hilarious, but we’ll fix it.
  • We’re aware that players’ in-game name is different from their Steam name. We’re looking into this issue. For the time being, we can change your name for you! Email supporttrendyent.com with the name you’d like and a link to your Steam profile page.
  • Some players are reporting that items purchased in the tavern are not appearing in their inventory. Be sure to check every bag that you own. Sometimes, leaving the tavern or entering a map will make the item appear. We’re investigating the issue.

Greetings Defenders,

We've had a bunch of players from the Oceanic region join DD2 in the last few days, so we've just spun up a new set of Oceanic servers for you to play on. These servers are located in Sydney, Australia. If you're an Oceanic player, you can now test the servers by simply launching DD2. The game will automatically select the new servers for you. Please let us know in the comments and on the forums how your experience differs on these new servers!

We've also just pushed out an update to our online services. This update fixes a rare edge case with profiles not saving at the end of a match. This update does not require an additional download. If you experience this issue after this update, please email support[at]trendyent[dot]com.

Every time we expand access to Dungeon Defenders II, we gain a wealth of new information about the game. We thank everyone who's submitted bugs to the Tavernkeep since launch. We've combed through these reports over the weekend and will have a patch addressing some of them later this week! We've also been compiling all of your feedback on the Steam and Official forums. We will have a video response addressing some of the most popular feedback later this week. 


Hey all! We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Sony to bring Dungeon Defenders II exclusively to the PlayStation 4! In fact, you’ll be able to play the game tomorrow on PS4 at the PlayStation Experience. If you’re going, be sure to stop by Sony’s booth to say hi. We’ll have various people at their booth all day showing off the game.

Stay tuned to our blog for more details on the PS4 version in the future. We still have a ton of work to do, but we’re excited to finally be bringing Dungeon Defenders back to a console. We’ve just completed our first controller pass (it needs a bunch of work!) and are exciting to dig into some other features, like local co-op and a controller-based UI. And yes, all of those features will also be coming to the PC version!


Dungeon Defenders II is available now on Steam Early Access! Get it here!

We can’t wait to dive into all of your new feedback. After you’ve played, please let us know what you think on our forums! And remember, after you’ve played, use your Influence Points to vote on the upcoming Daily Mission system here. If you didn’t catch our forum post about Influence and what it is, check it out on this thread. We’ll be posting more about this system (and possibly re-posting that thread!) to this blog as we continue development on it.

If you aren’t still busy playing Dungeon Defenders II later tonight, be sure to tune into The Game Awards tonight at 9 PM EST for a special announcement! 


Dev Log 2: Dec. 3, 2014

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Working on Pets! Also working on adding some retention mechanics to Dungeon Defenders II.

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Working on sketching out the needs of our Intro cinematic!  

Chris James, Lead Level Designer (ceejeh)

Working on new maps! Looking forward to sharing what will be some very exciting Dungeon Defenders II experiences.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Setting up some documentation on standardizing UI Icons and streamlining some simple UI shader functionality.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Helping to verify the next bug-fix update and research some of the performance issues that have popped up since the release of the last update.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator (Broham)

On vacation!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (@javo)

The end of the year is time of reflection… and release. =)

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

All sorts of trailer, website, PR, asset fun getting ready for Early Access this Friday (and The Game Awards!). Also reviewing the Defense Council’s suggestions for our Steam Early Access description to see what changes we should make before launch.

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Like Phil, I’m getting everything ready for Early Access -- making sure our community support processes are in place, answering tons of great questions and gearing up to help out the newbies in Etheria throughout the weekend. It has been an exhausting week so far, but we’re almost there. I can see the light. It’s so beautiful.


Greetings Defenders,

This Friday, Dungeon Defenders II will be available on Steam Early Access! We’re excited to welcome all of our new players into the game and continue to make the best Action Tower Defense experience possible!

Steam Early Access will be available for $24.99. This will include access to Dungeon Defenders II, $30 of in-game currency and a set of 4 exclusive hero embellishments (currency and embellishments will be given to players as they are created/implemented into the game). We expect Dungeon Defenders II to remain in Early Access for at least a year. All of our Defense Councillors will also receive these new embellishments for free.

We will also have an upgrade pack available. This upgrade will be $49.99 and will include $100 additional currency, 4 exclusive Hero Skins, an exclusive title, the 4 Tower Skins our Defense Councillors are designing, and an exclusive tavern decoration (goodies will be given to players as they are created/implemented into the game). All current Co-Op pack Defense Councillors will also get these new goodies. The rest of you will be able to upgrade to this pack on Steam to get all of those in-game extras and the new ones. For an updated list of what your Defense Council packages include (we’ve added a lot!), click here.

Both of these will be 20% off for the first week Early Access is available on Steam!

We want to thank all of you for your feedback in our last survey and blog post about our Steam release. This feedback really helped us decide the pricing and awards in these new bundles. We’re excited to be able to provide new goodies for all of our new and old players, while keeping the Defense Council exclusives… exclusive. :)

We look forward to seeing you in Etheria on Friday! And remember: Tune into the The Game Awards on Friday at 9 p.m. EST for a world-premiere DD2 announcement!

Edited 12/4/14:  Clarified that some of the goodies will not be made immediately available upon purchase. They will be given to people as they are created/implemented into the game. Sorry for the confusion!


Regarding the Website

Dear Defenders,

As many of you are aware, there was an outage of the Dungeon Defenders Community Site from 11/14 to 11/25. While we have been able to recover from the outage, unfortunately there has been data loss suffered. This was data corruption, not a data breach. No information was compromised to any outside parties. We’ve been working closely with our website partners, Duxter, to determine what happened.

What Happened:

  • There was a website outage from 11/14 to 11/25.
  • We were able to restore a forum backup from 10/14.
  • We were able to reassociate Defense Council forum access with information from our payment processors and Steam.

What This Means For You:

  • If you created a Community account before 10/14, simply login! You will have to relink your Steam account and remake any changes to your account since then. If you created an account before 10/14 and are having trouble logging in, please reset your password.
  • If you created a Community account after 10/14 you will have to recreate it.
  • Anyone who recreates an account or logs in to the site for the next two weeks will automatically receive +500 forum posts to their account's forum post count. In the future, we will also be rewarding all pre-existing members and users who register over this time a code for an exclusive in-game title (help us create that here!)

How to Regain Access to the Defense Council:

  • Please use the email address you purchased to recreate your Community account. This will automatically reassociate access for most of you.
  • Relink your Steam Account to your profile. If your profile is set to public and DD2 is in your recently played games you will receive access.
  • If all else fails email support[at]trendyent.com with your account name, Steam ID, and purchase confirmation and we’ll get you relinked up right away! 

We’re terribly sorry for this inconvenience. Community is our life at Trendy and we find this loss of data unacceptable. We have been working closely with Duxter to discover why this happened and to ensure it never happens again. For those of you interested, I’ve included very detailed information of what happened below and the steps we have taken to ensure it never happens again:

Root Cause Analysis:

  • There was systematic filesystem level data corruption on the primary database server.
  • This scrambled data was replicated to the secondary database server and into offsite backups.
  • This data corruption was not detected until the system outage.

Future Prevention:

  • We’ve created multiple offsite backup locations to store forum data.
  • These data snapshots are now taken several times per day.
  • Full backups are retained indefinitely on different storage media.
  • Backups are tested for data integrity and verified through successful restores in a staging environment.

If you have any outstanding issues, please send an email to support[at]trendyent.com or send me a private message. We’ll help you as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, I’ll be working closely with all of you to help rebuild what was lost. If you lost a guide, suggestion, feedback thread or a sticky thread and do not have a local copy, please email josh.isom[at]trendyent[dot]com, and I will work with you to rewrite it. If you would like to help the community with the rebuilding process, reach out to those who lost something and give a helping hand. We’ve created a thread here for players to offer their support. 


Update 1 Patch Notes

After weeks of hard work, our team is ready to release the first major content update for DD2 since the Council Expansion. This update contains some huge changes thanks to your feedback, so let’s break it down:

Armor and Relics


Armor is back! Helms, chest plates, gauntlets and boots -- these familiar treasures will drop from the bodies of your fallen foes. Players can equip one of each armor piece, along with one weapon and one relic (and one shield if you’re a Squire). There are six rarities of armor to discover, ranging from the raggedy Worn pieces to the awe-inspiring Legendary gear.

As for relics, these have been delegated to a single slot, and their purpose has changed dramatically. Relics are now used to amplify a specific playstyle. Each relic type has a specific primary stat:  

  • Totems: Defense Health
  • Medallions: Defense Power
  • Rings: Ability Power

Relics offer a significant stat bonus to their respective primary stat, similar to how weapons offer a significant Hero Damage bonus. We’re sure there will be many more changes to the loot system in the future, and look forward to your feedback on this new system!

Victory Chests


We still have a ton of work that we want to do to make victories in Dungeon Defenders II satisfying and meaningful. We’ve just completed the first phase of that work -- Victory Chests. These chests appear at the end of a map and reward you with awesome loot.

There are four different rarities of chests: Powerful, Epic, Mythical and Legendary. Each chest contains one piece of loot associated with its rarity and a TON of gold. There’s also a small chance something awesome will happen when you open one!

Stats and Special Stats Changes


Stats now roll in weighted combinations to help you get sets of stats that make sense for your hero. This means that Defense stats and Hero stats are more likely to roll together! This also reduces the amount of totally useless gear that drops, making it more likely that you’ll find the gear that you want to find.

We’ve also made a bunch of changes to special stats. These special stats now scale with rarity and item level. In addition, some of these stats are now tied to specific slots. For example, only boots can roll the special stat which has a chance on hit to double your movement speed!

We’ve added 9 new special stats and 3 legendary special stats to the game. Please note: Balance for these new stats is absolutely not final :). Have fun!

Mana Nodes


This is our long-awaited change to the Chest & Keys system. In the same four spots where chests were located before, you’ll now find mana nodes. Unlike chests and keys, mana nodes are linked together via magic that lets you know when and if mana is available for your hero! You only have to activate one mana node to get your portion of mana from a map. Once you get your mana, the remaining nodes on the map will deactivate. If a player drops or leaves the game, the mana nodes will reactivate to distribute the remaining mana to your team.

There are also some HUD changes associated with this new system. Most notably, you’ll now be able to see how much mana other players are holding on their portrait on the HUD!


You may have noticed that tomes were absent from the relics list above. That’s because tomes are now being used as… Codexes! These are unique lore items scattered throughout the world, containing stories and key information about the world of Etheria. We’ll be creating more of these stories in the future and some of the ones in the game right now are placeholders. Let us know what you think!

Part of this change has also affected the inventory. You’ll notice there is no longer a Costume tab on the inventory. This tab will be making a reappearance when we widen the inventory screen.


It’s our long term goal to create an awesome summary screen and score system that will let you know how you do in a match and incentivize you to play better (or differently) next time. There a lot of features needed to get this score system in, and we’ve just implemented the first--Feats!

Feats are awards you can earn during a match for performing specific actions like setting off environmental traps or repairing a bunch of Defenses in a row. Successful completion of these Feats will help you score bonus currency and XP in your matches, and will eventually become an important part in how we measure your performance in-game!


You can now earn player titles in Dungeon Defenders II. Check out the Collections tab to select these titles. In the future, we will be giving all of our Defense Councillors a code to redeem for a Defense Council title!

Full patch notes below:

Major Features

Armor System and Loot Changes

  • Weapons & Relics can only have 2 stats:
  1. 1 Primary 
  2. 1 Secondary
  • Armor was added to the game
  • Four additional equipment slots were added:
  1. Head Slot
  2. Chest Slot
  3. Hand Slot
  4. Foot Slot
  • Armor now carries your physical and magical resistance stats as its primary stat
  • Armor has two secondary stats that it will pick from
  • The number of Special Stats per item tier was adjusted
  • The number of Stats on items also was slightly adjusted
  • Players now have only one Relic slot
  • There are three types of Relics:
  1. Totems
  2. Medallions
  3. Rings
  • Each Relic has will spawn with a specific primary stat
  1. Totem: Defense Health
  2. Medallion: Defense Power
  3. Rings: Ability Power
  • Tomes are no longer used as Relics they are instead used as Codexes 

Victory Chests

  • When you win a map, a victory chest will now spawn
  • Each player will get one victory chest
  • There are four tiers of victory chests
  1. Powerful
  2. Epic
  3. Mythic
  4. Legendary
  • When you activate your chest it has a chance to upgrade to the next tier
  • Each tier of chest will guarantee one item of that tier and a lot of gold based on the level range you are in

Mana Nodes

  • Chests & Keys are now replaced with the new Mana Nodes
  • Mana nodes will occupy the same positions in all the maps
  • Players now need to activate only one mana node to get all their mana
  • Once you get your mana, all the remaining mana nodes deactivate. If a player disconnects or leaves without opening the node, the mana will be split among the remaining players and an additional node will activate


  • Feats are a new addition to Dungeon Defenders II
  • Feats are small repeatable challenges you can acquire while you play a map
  • Example: 8 enemies defeated with your hero in a 3 second window
  • There are a total of 24 feats in game right now
  • Some feats have minor rewards tied to them 

Player Titles

  • Titles are a new reward system for Dungeon Defenders 2. They are a great way to show off your accomplishments to other players! We’re looking very closely at how players are playing our game and designing rewards around those play styles. We hope you like them as much as we liked designing them.
  • Completing challenges unlocks titles. Titles display in front or following your name.
  • We provided an initial set of 6 titles. What titles can you earn? What titles would you like to see in the future?
  • Titles are accessed through the Collections menu. Goto your local forge, select Collections, next to your Hero Deck, and look through the list!
  • Select your title from the list then click Set Title.


  • Tomes are now used as Codexes
  • Codexes are small snippets of lore that we intend to use to provide some backstory on different characters and locations in Etheria
  • We have four volumes of codexes each having a variable number of them to collect
  • The four volumes will drop across the entire game at different level ranges
  • Note: some of the text is still a work in progress
  • Codexes can be picked up like ordinary loot and can be read under the new collections menu in the Forge

Loot Tier Feedback

  • We added additional feedback for different tiers of loot
  • This includes:
  1. Spawn In Sounds and Ambient Sound Effects
  2. HUD Indicators 
  3. Minimap icons
  4. Light
  5. Camera Shake
  • The intensity of the feedback varies based what tier of loot it is

More Features

  • Inventory items can now be moved to different slots within the same bag. This gives the player more control over where items are placed in bags.
  • Added functionality to support variable death animations for enemies. Enemies can now play different animations when slain.
  • Added a 1360x768 resolution for users on older HDTVs.
  • The Group Finder now notifies the player when a hero in the Hero Deck is not the appropriate level for the bracket. After displaying the popup, the Group Finder will automatically remove any restricted heroes from the Deck prior to entering the queue.
  • Added notifications about new level ranges when joining the Entry Tavern.
  • Added a button to transition the next level range on the summary screen after a completed game match.
  • The end-game timer has been increased by 25 seconds to accommodate the new end-game chests feature, 
  • Added a 250 denomination for currency in game.
  • The Weapon Shop is now a Blacksmith who sells weapons and Armor.
  • The Relic Shop sells relics only.
  • Updated loot profiles for relic drops.


  • Added a 1 second cooldown to the Heal ability.
  • Reduced the max number of Orc Skeletons per Dark Mage from 5 down to 2.



  • Updated the Huntress’ terrain impact sound for bows.
  • Updated lighting on the Huntress’ bows.
  • Tweaked the Huntress’ secondary attack animation.
  • Adjusted idle ground impact VFX for the Monk’s Lightning Aura.
  • Updated VFX for the Monk’s Lightning aura.
  • Updated VFX for the Monk’s Boost aura.
  • Tweaked art assets to prevent the Napalm Balloon's decal from popping out and fading properly as intended.
  • Slightly tweaked the Squire’s hand textures.
  • Tweaked the total frame count on run animations.
  • Tweaked the Apprentice’s secondary attack animation.


  • Updated the Skeleton Goblin’s SFX.
  • Updated the WarBoar’s SFX.
  • The Warboar’s VFX is now disabled when at full health. All regenerative VFX should function in this manner.
  • Revised the SFX for attack, death, and hurt animations for the Lady Orc.
  • Updated Ranged Goblin’s animations. 
  • Tweaked the Dark Mage’s various death animations.


  • Optimized graphic assets throughout the Entry and Group Taverns.
  • Updated the new SFX to the Forge.
  • Increased the volume of idle Forge sounds in Dragonfall Bazaar to match normal levels in other maps.
  • Updated the placement of the Forge in Nimbus Reach.
  • Updated the placement of certain chests in Nimbus Reach.
  • Adjusted fade-out times for combat and build phase music tracks in Nimbus Reach.
  • Repaired a wall in Nimbus Reach that was missing collision. 
  • Tweaked VFX in Nimbus Reach to resolve a few minor graphic bugs.
  • Resolved various issues with lighting in The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Tweaked fade-out time of in-game music in The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Tweaked ambient sounds in the Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Updated map music in Greystone Plaza.
  • Updated fadeouts of map music for the build phase and combat phase in Little-Horn Valley.
  • Updated shadow and lighting in Little-Horn Valley.
  • Resolved an issue where various ambient SFX were not playing correctly in Little-Horn Valley.
  • Tweaked minimap brightness to increase contrast, improving readability.
  • Updated shadow and lighting in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Tweaked fade-out times for map music in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Updated shadow and lighting in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Tweaked fade-out times for map music in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Increased the fade-out of build phase and combat phase music tracks on Siphon Site D.
  • Updated environment assets to improve lane readability in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Updated textures and lighting in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Tweak various VFX in the Forgotten Ruins to make them more consistent with DD2’s overall aesthetic.
  • Updated art assets in the Forgotten Ruins to increase lane readability. These changes affected lane decoration assets and color.
  • Updated lighting on trees in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Updated map lighting on the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Tweaked the fade-out times of build and combat phase music tracks in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Tweaked fade out times of combat and build phase music tracks in Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Resolved an issue where the East Dock spawn point lane wisp was missing in The Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Slightly reduced the volume of ambient SFX in Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Cleaned up collision on the War Table in the Group Tavern.
  • Optimized art assets in the Group and Entry Taverns.
  • Updated names of certain characters in the Entry Tavern.
  • Updated VFX for the core cart in Dragon’s Fall.


  • Updated lighting for all fire and storm elemental weapons.
  • Tweaked staves that have gems attached to them. Gems now light up to match their elemental attribute.
  • Tweaked art asset colors on elemental earth and ice staves.
  • Updated SFX for tier 3 and 4 items.
  • Tier 6 items now have a camera shake effect when dropped.
  • Updated the large piggy’s art assets.
  • Inventory bags names now have a max character limit of 40. 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where playing in maximized windowed mode severely lowered the game resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where dying while viewing an item comparison tooltip caused the tooltip to linger on the player's death screen until respawn.
  • Removed the word "bigger" from the profanity filter.
  • Resolved an issue where shop items were not being refreshed.
  • Resolved an issue where Hero walk animations would continue while tutorial videos were being played. Players should no longer hear Heros walking during the tutorial videos.
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented tutorial videos from being cancelled.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred while interacting with tooltips. Players would see this the most in the Item Enhancement Shop.
  • Fixed a bug where, while in tower placement mode, scrolling the camera upward while facing a spawn point resulted in the tower preview appearing behind your character.
  • Resolved an issue where enemy units would trigger the red targeting reticle through walls or when otherwise invisible.
  • Resolved an issue where exiting the Hero Creation UI while still spawning in a new Hero would cause the controller to get stuck.
  • Resolved an issue where players on steam were not consistently being placed in the correct Tavern after being invited to play with friends.
  • Resolved an issue where non-widescreen resolutions were being displayed incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue where logging out with a full inventory allowed players to buy more things than they could hold.
  • Resolved an issue that caused sell costs to be calculated incorrectly when changing the premium bag's icon while selling.
  • Resolved an issue where selling a tower that was built by a disconnected teammate displayed an incorrect message.
  • Resolved an issue with the inventory UI that prevented clicking and dragging of the scroll bar.
  • Resolved an issue where the Apprentice's projectiles were colliding with dropped loot.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the Dark Mages from summoning the proper amount of skeletons.
  • Resolved an issue where Goblin skeletons had no collision and were invulnerable.
  • Resolved an issue where air lane wisps would change from blue to red when sub objectives are lost in The Ramparts.
  • Resolved an issue where the Monk’s Boost Aura would sometimes lose health during the build phase.
  • Resolved an issue where the Monk's Pole Smash ability when used while standing on certain edges resulted in a momentary slowfall effect.
  • Resolved an issue which doubled the VFX on the flameburst tower and arcane barrier when upgrading. 
  • Resolved an issue where using Seismic Slam directly after using the Squire's Provoke would cancel the Provoke buff's effects.
  • Fixed an issue with destroyed subcores not playing idle spark sounds if a player joined the match after the subcore was destroyed
  • Increased fade out time of build and combat music tracks by 1 second
  • Resolved an issue with the lightning spec node which prevented it from correctly scaling player damage stats.
  • Resolved an issue which caused players to receive extra mana when a teammate left the game session.
  • Resolved a bug that allow players to fall outside of the Nimbus Reach map.
  • Resolved an issue where allowing a sub core to be destroyed triggered the defeat music theme in Nimbus Reach.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the main core's idle sounds from playing in Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Fixed an issue with core barriers not playing idle sounds in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sentry Crystal was no playing idle sounds in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Resolved an issue where endgame music and text messaging was missing from Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Resolved an issue where the Water trap wasn't working as intended in Dragonfall Sewers. Players should now always slide and (eventually) die if they fall or jump into the water.
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to climb a lantern in front of the Echoing Tunnel spawn point in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to build defenses in unreachable areas of The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Resolved an issue where the "New Level Range" popups were showing up every time the player changed heroes.
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to get behind spawn points in Battle for the Ramparts. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented subobjective SFX from playing after the subobjective was destroyed.
  • Resolved an issue where player counts in the Summary Screen were incorrect after a player left a match.
  • Resolved an issue where a leader selection warning was appearing in gameplay maps.
  • Resolved an issue where incorrect billboards were being displayed in Greystone Plaza.
  • Resolved an issue with certain old one eyes layering their sounds incorrectly in Dragon's Fall.
  • Resolved an issue where players would receive no game options if the group leader left the game during the summary phase of a private session.
  • Fixed a typo on the Monk's Serenity Spec.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented items from being deposited into the temporary item bag (TIB).
  • Resolved an issue where new players who had never played a game or created a character were unable to confirm their invitation to a game currently in progress.
  • Resolved an issue where upgrading the Boost Aura did not properly increase the damager per upgrade on nearby towers.
  • Resolved an issue where relic slot icons were not appearing in the appropriate place in the Inventory UI.
  • Resolved an issue where the clear button on the item upgrade UI was not clearing all items.
  • Resolved an issue where the ""Retry Map"" button was not working as intended.
  • Updated the "continuing in" message on the summary screen to read, "Returning to Entry Tavern in."
  • Resolved an issue where players who were invited to maps with a hero that did not meet level requiremnts failed to transition back to their Entry Tavern.
  • Resolved an issue where special stats would stop working when a player swapped heroes.
  • Resolved an issue where attempting to join a map during seamless travel would crash the game.
  • Resolved an issue with the forge idle SFX across all maps.
  • Resolved SFX issue in Siphon Site D that prevented subcore waterfalls from playing.
  • Resolved an issue where idle gas trap sounds were not playing in Siphon Site D.
  • Resolved an issue with the Old Man idle voice over not playing before he leaps onto the cart in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Wyverns in the center lane of Greystone Plaza from remaining in the correct lane.
  • Resolved an issue with Bell toll sounds not playing in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Fixed an issue with creepy monster sounds not playing in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Fixed an issue with forge idle sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue with Twisted Metal ambient sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Main Core Water Tank idle sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue with Subcore Waterfall sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Resolved an issue where the Yak's SFX were not playing as intended in The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Resolved a bug that unintentionally produced a light beam in the Tavern.

Dev Log 1: Nov. 12, 2014

Greetings Defenders,

With more and more players getting their hands on Dungeon Defenders II, we’d like to start a new weekly series where we share what we’re working on each week! 

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director ([[48971,users]])

Working on some heavy redesigns for two major systems: Loot (relics, armor, weapons) and Special Stats.

Danny Araya, Creative Director (@DannyAraya)

I’m working with our writer on super secret lore things!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (@javo)

I'm solely working on end-of-match awards, making sure it matches what the designers want. Other than that, I'm helping programmers on systems designs and consultations.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer ([[57155,users]])

Smoothing out the matchmaking flow and adding messaging to make the progression between level ranges clearer. Improving our metrics functionality so we can get better statistics about what players are doing in the game. Adding cool new functionality for our artists and designers. SMASHING PUNY BUGS.

Chris James, Lead Level Designer ([[63955,users]])

We are creating new maps! There are some really fun experiences coming down the pipeline, and we cannot wait to share them with the community. Stay tuned fellow Etherians.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator ([[59787,users]])

Costume embellishments test. Trying to setup and implement embellishments with independent animation sets. Fixing a bunch of animation related tasks. All our flying enemies were calling the wrong death animation. And organizing our Content Repository Concept Art folders.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]])

Finalizing a first pass of our new end-of-match reward loop. Being sick, too.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

QA has been spending time reviewing the bugs the Defense Council has been reporting. Trying to repro them and then input them into Jira if needed. We’ve also been doing some Tech Support for some users and trying figure out why the game won’t work for them. Finally, we’ve been keeping up with the new content/features that have been/will be coming in and getting those verified. 

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

We’re hard at work on writing the Steam description for Dungeon Defenders II Early Access and sorting through all your feedback on our last blog to determine the awards and pricing for Steam Early Access. Special shoutout to [[59367,users]] for helping aggregate the information!

We’re also hard at work creating scripts for a few new Dungeon Defenders II Developer Diaries and getting together all the media for our special reveal at The Game Awards on December 5th!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

I’m working with our two wonderful wiki admins, [[63276,users]] and @eonswrath, on getting the DD2 wiki setup! They’ve been doing a wonderful job so far. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the wiki so far. If you’d like to help out with editing or creating content for the wiki, head over to the wiki and edit away! If you need help or would like a task, send a private message to [[63276,users]].

I’m also getting the ball rolling on more community content like this blog post. If you enjoyed this post and want to see more, please let us know in the comments!


One of the biggest questions we’ve heard from you since the Defense Council expansion is, “When will Early Access be available on Steam?” Today, we’re proud to announce that DD2 Early Access will be available on Steam on December 5th!

UPDATE 1: Armor and More!

Before we release Early Access on Steam, we will be releasing our first major update for DD2. This update will include a number of exciting new features, but today we wanted to highlight one important feature that our Councillors had a direct, major impact in deciding -- Armor! 

We have been debating Armor and its role in DD2 for a long time internally, and the recent Councillor feedback has helped us make our choice. With this next update, we’ll be introducing our first phase of stat-based armor. 

This will include a major revamp for how the current relic system works, as well as the beginnings of armor loot dropping in the world. While this armor will not visually change your hero, we’re still hard at work on our costumes feature that will be released in a future update. We’re really excited to share more information with you about costumes, which will not only give you choices in how you look, but will also allow your look to evolve as you progress through the game. 

A special thanks to Gutu and benjamminlaner for their threads on the subject and to everyone who spoke up there and in the survey. You all were a huge help in influencing this path, and we can’t wait to get even more feedback on everything we’re cooking up for you in this first update. We’ll have more information as we get closer to its release, which is currently slated for the end of November.

A Question For You!

And finally, we have a question for you: When we bring Early Access to Steam, should we extend the benefits of the Defense Council (forums, exclusive goodies) to the Steam audience, or should those remain something limited to our site? 


Greetings Defenders,

The response to the Defense Council has been amazing! Defense Council access is selling quickly, and the sheer quantity and quality of feedback we’ve gotten so far has been incredible! We’re buckling down in the studio now to focus on some of the feedback we’ve received and will have a blog on some of our learnings next week.

In the meantime, we want to know: What can we do to make the Defense Council even better? So far our largest requests have been:

  1. Add PayPal
  2. Add Premium Currency Rewards
  3. Add an Upgrade Option
  4. Sell Dungeon Defenders II on Steam

So, without further ado.

  1. PayPal support is here! You can purchase Defense Council access using PayPal here!
  2. We’ve added premium currency rewards to the packages! Everyone who has already purchased access will receive this retroactively. Of course, it may be a while until we implement cosmetics and premium currency into the game, since we’re focusing on gameplay first! Shoutout to Reddit users Fliksan, Jarstult, Momochichi, & MrSmeeb for making us realize the importance of bundling these with the packages sooner rather than later.
  3. We’re looking into an upgrade option and want to provide this option for you in the future.
  4. We hear you! For now, even though the Dungeon Defenders II Pre-Alpha is played on Steam, our limited access Pre-Alpha is only available from our site.


Greetings Defenders,

Our weekly livestream series is back in action! Join a variety of developers from Trendy each week as we talk about and play Dungeon Defenders II. This week, join Community Manager Josh Isom, Senior Producer Brad Logston and more as we show off the game and answer your questions! We’re also giving away signed DD2 poster packs throughout the stream! 

Today’s show will run from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EDT on our Twitch channel. We’ll see you there!


Our Commitment To You


As we get closer to expanding our Defense Council (which you’ll hear more about very soon!), we wanted to reiterate our commitment to you: Dungeon Defenders II will never offer gameplay advantages for real money. You will never be able to purchase shortcuts using real money. You will never be able to pay for power or stats in the game.

We will be working closely with all of you as we develop the kinds of microtransactions that will be available. We want our F2P model to be spoken in the same breath as other praised models, and with your help, we will achieve this.

What games do you think do F2P right? What types of monetization would you like to see in DD2? What types should we avoid at all costs? Please let us know! We’ll have more info on the Defense Council expansion for all of you next week!



The winners of our last blog are mblitzp and Scellow! Winners, keep an eye on your forum PMs for more information.

Answer the questions above about F2P monetization, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next week. You have a full week to leave a comment. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!

Dev Blog: Our Online Future


Greetings, Defenders! With the upcoming Defense Council expansion, we wanted to kick off a series of blogs highlighting our vision of the future of this community and Dungeon Defenders II. So without further adieu...

A New Community Site

First, in the coming weeks we will be launching a new community site! This site will help prepare us for the future -- complete integration between Community and Game accounts for Dungeon Defenders II. And that future is on...


Steam! Starting soon, Dungeon Defenders II will be accessible only through Steam. There will be no additional login required for the game. In fact, you’ll even be able to log into the new Community site directly with your Steam credentials. If you already have a community account (I hope I’m looking at all of you), you’ll be able to directly link your Steam account to your existing Community account when the new site launches!

This new community site will also help facilitate better communication between you and us. We have a ton of exciting features in the pipeline for you to influence Dungeon Defenders II directly through the Community (and soon, the game itself!).


Here are a few of the new site features:

  • Steam Integration
  • Twitch & Youtube Integration
  • Dedicated Community Guides Section
  • Mobile-Friendly Scaling
  • ...and a ton more!

To accommodate this switch, at some point in the next few weeks, all of the Dungeon Defenders sites we’ll be down for maintenance to migrate all of your data and make the switch.

An Online Experience

As all of you know, Dungeon Defenders II has been built from the ground up as a free to play, online experience. This is a growing space, and there are very right and very wrong ways to approach it. We recognize this and are working night and day to do this the right way. We’re developing Dungeon Defenders II with a gameplay-first approach, and as we get deeper into some of these elements we will be including all of you to make sure we do it right. We will not compromise the gameplay experience for anything.


To that end, there will be no alternate overlay present in Dungeon Defenders II on Steam. Social interactions will be done through Steam. How you interact with other players is essential to your enjoyment of Dungeon Defenders, and you will be able to do that in the way most comfortable for you. At a later date, if we bring Dungeon Defenders II to other platforms, we will be assessing very carefully how you can interact with these other players.

We’re planning to distribute content for Dungeon Defenders II directly through Steam. Additionally, we will be testing multiple region support to improve the experience of players from various regions around the world. This is a feature that we will be testing throughout the Defense Council and Early Access periods of the game to see how well it works with our early matchmaking pools.

Just The Start

As always, all of this is just the start. We will be iterating on each of these features with your help. We’re sure there will be plenty of room for improvement once we go live, and we’re excited to work with you on all of these features as we work on Dungeon Defenders II.

Are you excited for the new Community site? Do you like the idea of logging in with your Steam account? Let us know what you think below!

The DD2 pre-alpha code winners from our previous blogs are:

  • DD2 Tavern Blog: Venaien
  • DD2 Tavern Blog: panqz
  • Spec Nodes Blog: Mashka (Idea: Tesla Stance -- While the monk is in the field of an electric aura, he inflicts extra electrical damage.)
  • Spec Nodes Blog: Arkoonius (Idea: Martial Foresight -- The Monk's experience in martial arts have trained the reflexes of his body and reaction time of his mind. He has a chance to dodge attacks that are done to his front (he has no chance at dodging attacks that he is not facing). More points will result in a high chance of dodging.)
  • Spec Nodes Blog: DrFruitsalad (Idea: Flameburst Crowd Control -- Each time it hits an enemy, the projectile splits in two and hits two nearby enemies for reduced damage. Higher levels of this spec would increase the secondary projectile damage and/or allow the secondary projectiles to split.)
  • We’ll explore the potential of adding these spec node ideas into the game, but no promises!

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